His True Colors Chapter 494-496


Chapter 494

Hillside Villa.

        The first thing Han li asked him to do when he appeared was to kneel.

        "In this world, except for my grandfather and master, no one is qualified to make me kneel." Han Three Thousand looked at Han Li without being humble, he knew that Han Li deliberately wanted to humiliate him, but this humiliation, Han Three Thousand didn't accept it.

        Han Li smiled lightly and said, "Why do you need to act so bone-headed? It's not a matter of choice, I want someone to do what he can only do."

        As soon as Han Li's voice fell, without needing to be told, Han Long walked over to Su Yingxia, grabbed Su Yingxia's neck with one hand, and lifted her up in the air.

        Seeing this scene, Han Qianli fiercely clenched his fist.

        "You have thirty seconds to think about this, this will be the longest thirty seconds of your life." Han said.

        Su Yingxia grabbed Han Ling's hands with both hands and kept struggling, but she didn't cast a pleading look at Han 3000, and the look in her eyes that didn't fear death was a clear indication that she wasn't willing to let Han 3000 kneel for her.

        "You let her go." Han Three Thousand gritted his teeth and said, "Doing it to a woman, are you still a man."

        "To achieve the end, why care about the means, all people see is success, no one cares how you succeed, haven't you heard the saying, success or failure." Han Li said.

        A little bit of time passed, Su Yingxia's face was getting redder and redder, and her lips were slightly purple, apparently to the point of oxygen deprivation.




        Han Giangli kneeled on the floor with a thud and buried her head, saying, "Let her go."

        With a cold smile, Han raised his hand and Han Long directly shook off Su Yingxia.

        Such an outcome was not surprising to Han in the slightest, as he was used to being in control of everything and everything would go according to his original plan, which had never been unexpected.

        Falling to the ground Su Yingxia breathed heavily, but there was no hint of celebration after the robbery, two lines of tears were like pearls breaking the thread.

        She knew how serious kneeling was for Han Three Thousand.

        In the Su family, Han 3,000 had suffered many humiliations, even beaten without fighting back, but every time Su Hechao made him kneel down and beg for forgiveness, Han 3,000's body was as hard as steel, never compromised to such a point.

        Today, however, he was kneeling down for himself.

        "Three thousand." Su Yingxia's voice was hoarse and powerless as she shouted.

        "Whenever I see a person of two loves dying at my hands, I will have a little pity, this bad habit, I really can't change it." Han Li sighed and said with self-pity.

        "But this kind of pity, endure it for a while and it will pass."

        Han Li stood up, ashtray in hand, and walked over to Han Qianli.

        "If it weren't for you, my son wouldn't have died!" After saying that, Han Li directly smashed the ashtray on Han Qianli's head.

        A clang.

        The blood that overflowed from Han Giang's head instantly covered his entire face.

        "Han Feng was killed by Han Yan, what does it have to do with me." Han Three Thousand said.

        Han Li kicked Han Qianli in the chest and said, "If it wasn't because of you, why would he come to this shitty place in Cloud City."

        "Han Li, I didn't send the invitation to the door, to get to the bottom of it, the matter of Han Yan killing Han Feng was also brought about by you, even if you want to find someone to take the blame, it shouldn't be me." Han 3000 fell to the ground, his face covered in blood looking particularly oozing.

        Han Li was even more annoyed when he heard this, he knew what the triggers were that caused Han Yan to kill Han Feng, if he hadn't suddenly given Han Feng the task of dealing with Han Three Thousand, Han Yan wouldn't have been able to kill him.

        But he wouldn't admit that it was his own fault, and all the factors and responsibilities would have to be borne by Han 3000.

        "Do you know that living in the world like you waste sidekicks is nothing more than discrediting the Han character, you should just die yourself, you shouldn't take my son's life." Han Li became more and more agitated as he walked up to Han Qianli, grabbed Han Qianli's collar and looked down, "Why can't you recognize your own wasteful nature, why are you still implicating my son."

        In response to this desire to add to the crime, Han Third Thousand smiled contemptuously and said, "Han Li, you're the one who killed Han Feng, and I, too, am not trash."

        "The person closest to me is dead, do you know how much pain I'm in right now!" Han Li roared.

        Han Giangli looked straight at Han Li and said, "Think of how much more painful it would be for you if you killed your own son with your own hands."

        Han Li suddenly laughed up at the sky and said, "You will soon understand my pain, I will let Su Yingxia die in front of you, I will torture her to death slowly so that you can watch it all but do nothing about it."

        "Han Long, it's been a long time since I've seen your killing methods, I want to see how long a person can live when her entire body is broken to the bone." Han Li said to Han Long.

        "I also want to know if the sound of a woman's bones breaking would be more crisp." Han Long said with a smile, walking towards Su Yingxia.

        Han Giangli stood up and said to Han Long, "If you dare to touch a hair on her head, I want you to die without a burial place."

        "You?" Han Long smiled contemptuously and said, "Before threatening me, let's see if you're capable of shaking the heavens and earth with just a mouth?"

        As Han Long got closer and closer to Su Yingxia, Han Giang knew that there was no way out for him.

        Whether he was Han Long's opponent or not, he had to give it a try, he must not stand by and watch Su Yingxia get hurt by him!

        At this moment, a figure suddenly sprang out from Han Giangli's side.

        It was Qi Hu, who was the first to take action against Han Long.

        "A piece of trash, looks like I haven't taught you enough lessons." Han Long laughed contemptuously, at the entrance of the villa area, he had only knocked down Qi Hu, he hadn't laid a death blow, the lesson this guy had received was clearly not enough.

        Qi Hu was very strong in terms of strength and speed, moving like a rabbit and pulling up mountains, but he went fast and retreated even faster, and not voluntarily, but was beaten back by Han Long.

        After a loud bang, Qi Hu's massive body flew backwards and smashed into the ground, landing just in front of Han Qianqian.

        It seemed that Han Long had deliberately controlled his strength, and he was able to pinpoint where Qi Hu landed.

        This kind of strong man was no longer a realm that Han Qianli could imagine.

        "Do you know how much difference a rabbit makes when facing a tiger?" Han Long chuckled lightly.

        As Qi Hu spurted out two mouthfuls of blood, Han Qianqian made sure he wasn't dead, so he didn't care much.

        "Do you dare to fight me?" Han 3,000 said to Han Long.

        Han Long was happy, this kind of trash dared to challenge him?

        "Do you have any idea how many trash like you I have to kill every year." Han Long laughed contemptuously.

        "Do you shake the heavens and earth with just a mouth?" Han Qianli returned Han Long's words, as they were, which caused Han Long's expression to instantly freeze.

        No one had ever dared to belittle him like this, but Han Li hadn't spoken, and Han Long wouldn't accept Han Qianqian's challenge without permission.

        "Since he's not convinced, you can beat him into submission." Han Li sat on the couch and said to Han Long, to torment Han 3000 and make him suffer, he had to be convinced.

        Although it was late, Han was in no hurry to rest, he wanted to vent all of his anger over Han Feng's death on Han Qianqiang, to show Han Qianqiang what true despair was.

        It was only when he was lying on the ground like a dead dog, watching Su Yingxia being tortured, that Han Li would feel pleasure.

        He needed Han Qianli to beg for mercy, to show the helplessness of a weak man.

        After Han Long heard Han Li's words, he turned around and walked up to Han Three Thousand.

        "You should feel honored that the family master has given you the opportunity, but it would be ridiculous for you to think that you have a chance to defeat me." Han Long said indifferently.

        "How do you know you won't lose until you've actually fought!" Han 3000 said.

        "Ignorant trash." Han Long snapped coldly, suddenly lashing out.

        Han Third Thousand only felt a flicker in front of his eyes, and when he couldn't see Han Long at all, he was punched hard in the chest, and his entire body instantly lost weight and flew backwards towards the rear.

        The speed and strength were all beyond what Han Three Thousand could resist, and it was almost impossible to defeat Han Long.

        But Han Three Thousand knew that he still had a chance, as long as he could find a flaw and hit Han Long with a punch, it would be enough.

Chapter 495

Han Three Thousand's cards and hope lay in his strength, and he believed that even Han Long couldn't resist if he was given the chance.

        But to find a chance on someone like Han Long was undoubtedly difficult.

        After the first blow, Han 3000 fell to the ground and didn't move, he didn't want to waste a bit of his strength, and since it was the only chance he had, he made sure to give Han Long a fatal blow before he could.

        "It's only one punch, and you fell to the ground and couldn't get up?" Han Long walked up to Han Qianqian, the disdainful expression on his face not disguised at all.

        "Are you tickling me?" Han 3,000 gritted his teeth and stood up shakily.

        Only just standing, Han Long kicked out.

        In the same position, with the same force, and with the same ending, Han Giangli flew out again, this time smashing into the wall with a crashing sound, giving the illusion that the entire villa was trembling.

        Seeing this scene, Su Yingxia, who had already cried into tears, suddenly walked up to Han Li and knelt on her knees, "Please, let us go and don't hurt him anymore."

        Han Li smiled faintly and said, "Is even this kind of trash worthy of your heartache?"

        Su Yingxia shook her head in a pearly whisper and said, "He's not trash, he's my husband, please, if you want to kill me, kill me now, I'm willing to do anything as long as you can let him go."

        "You're willing to die for him, a piece of trash like him is worth it?" Han Li frowned and asked, he was very clear about the situation in Cloud City, although the Su family wasn't a big family, but Su Yingxia was the former number one beauty in Cloud City, she could casually marry into a big family if she wanted to.

        However, she ended up choosing to marry a trash like Han Qianqian.

        Han Li originally thought that Su Yingxia had some compelling reason, but now Su Yingxia was willing to die for Han Qianqian.

        In the past, Su Yingxia was indeed forced to marry Han Qian, but now, Su Yingxia treated Han Qian as her husband and lover, her love for Han Qian was not mixed with any falsehood, as long as she could leave Han Qian unharmed, even if it meant dying, Su Yingxia was willing to do so.

        "I love him, and doing anything for him is worth it." Su Yingxia kowtowed deeply and said, "Please, kill me, let him go, don't hurt him anymore."

        This kind of sincere love was something to be envied by ordinary people, but Han Li hated it so much, because how could anyone else have the right to have something he never had, especially a loser like Han Qianli.

        Han Li looked at Su Yingxia in disgust, kicked her away and said in a cold voice, "Is it useful to beg for mercy? You will die, he will die, and I will make your death very painful."

        Su Yingxia sprawled on the ground in despair, she didn't want Han Qianxiang to get hurt, but she was powerless to stop Han, so she could only watch it happen.

        Su Yingxia's heart was broken when she saw Han Third Thousand spitting blood from her mouth after being beaten again.

        After all these years, she didn't even have the chance to repay what Han Giang had done for her, and she didn't even have a true conjugal relationship with Han Giang.

        At this moment, Su Yingxia's heart was filled with regret, she hated herself for not being more proactive, if she was more proactive, even if she died, she would have no regrets.

        Su Yingxia had actually been proactive enough, but Han Qianli was too careful, but at this moment, Su Yingxia didn't half blame Han Qianli, but rather blamed herself, enough to see, how deep her feelings for Han Qianli were.

        No matter who the fault lay with, she was more than willing to take the blame herself.

        "Three thousand, if we survive, I will definitely give all of myself to you and will never let myself have any regrets in this regard again." Su Yingxia looked towards Han Three Thousand, her crystal clear tears sliding down nonstop.

        When Han Qianli's remaining light saw Han Li kick Su Yingxia down, the hostility in his heart suddenly soared.

        He had said that he would protect Su Yingxia from any harm, and if he couldn't even make that promise, how could he call himself a man!

        "I haven't even put out half my strength, and you still think you have a chance of winning?" Han Long said to Han 3000.

        "Can't you see that I haven't made my move yet?" Han Giangli grimaced, the pain in his body was like his flesh being torn apart, but he knew he couldn't fall, or else not only would he die, but Su Yingxia would die as well.

        "You don't even have a chance to fight, how about I give you a chance to try what you can do?" Han Long scoffed, the two of them were several notches apart in strength, and if he wanted to, Han 3000 wouldn't even touch a hair.

        "I'm afraid you'll be killed by my fist, do you dare?" Han 3000 deliberately provoked, it was nearly impossible for him to get close to Han Long and make an effective attack with only his own abilities, so he needed Han Long to stand his ground and take a beating, only then would he be able to bring out his full strength.

        Only by staging the same situation as when he fought against Shan Keong again could Han 3000 have a chance to win.

        "Punch me to death?" Han Long couldn't help but sneer, as if he had heard an international joke, and said, "Kid, where did you get the courage to say such a thing? But I'm able to kill you with one punch, want to try?"

        "You're afraid to let me fight?" Han Giangli sneered, his eyes showing disdain.

        Han Long had his hands negative behind his back, he looked like a master, and said, "Today I want you to be convinced, come on, just use your full strength, I want you to clearly and clearly feel the difference between you and me."

        Seeing that Han Long had fallen for it, Han Giang was delighted inside, this was an opportunity, a chance to reverse the current situation, as long as he killed Han Long, Han Li would not be enough to fear.

        The reason why Han Giangli was still not a match for Han Long after possessing great strength was because what he had enhanced was only a single aspect of strength, he didn't have time to adapt and strengthen his body, if he was given some time, it wasn't impossible for him to counter Han Long even head on.

        Han Giangli crouched down slightly, like a cheetah poised to strike.

        Han Long laughed contemptuously and said, "Don't pretend to be an ant, an ant's strength is still an ant no matter how long it has been stored up, do you still want to bring down an elephant?"

        "We'll know soon enough if we can bring it down." Han Giang gritted his teeth, he had to exert the limits of his power, after this punch, if Han Long didn't fall, then he and Su Yingxia would be dead today.

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Giangxi nervously, this was the only chance he could make a move, if he could really defeat Han Long, today's outcome would be different.

        Han Li saw what Su Yingxia was thinking and said with a smile on his face, "Putting your hopes on this kind of trash, the only thing you can get back is despair, and his punch isn't even a scratch for Han Long."

        Han Li was very confident in Han Long, as he was well aware of Han Long's strength, this was a true war general, even though he had been retired from the army for many years, he still maintained his daily high-intensity training, his muscle strength, had almost surpassed the limits of humans, unless it was a thermal weapon, it was impossible for an ordinary person to injure him.

        Su Yingxia didn't say anything, compared to Han Li's disdain for Han Qianli, she was more willing to trust Han Qianli, because Han Qianli never let her down, everything he promised to do, Han Qianli was able to do.

        On the other hand, Qi Hu, although he wasn't willing to accept the fact that he was defeated, he knew that he would definitely die today, and even if Han Long gave Han 3000 the opportunity to attack, Han 3000 couldn't really deal a fatal blow to Han Long.

        Even his strength couldn't necessarily hurt Han Long, so how could Han Qianxiang do it?

        "Brother 3000, I don't regret going down the mountain with you, even if it means death, I Qi Hu will endure it." Qi Hu said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian grinned and said, "I didn't let you die, do you dare to die?"

        As soon as the words fell, Han Giangli stomped his legs on the ground, his body sprang out like lightning, his speed exerted to his limit, all his strength, brewing in his right fist waiting to explode.

        Han Long laughed contemptuously and said, "A speed like yours is like an old woman on crutches in my eyes, slow, can you go any faster, I'm tired of waiting."

        "Go to hell!" Han Giangli shouted violently, bullying his way in and swinging his right fist towards Han Long's chest with a whistling wind.

Chapter 496

Qi Hu and Su Yingxia's nervousness was in stark contrast to Han Long's.

        Han Long was still in a posture with his hands behind his back, there was no Han 3000 in his eyes, and he wouldn't even lift an eyelid for a weakling like this.

        Han Li, on the other hand, was sitting on the sofa with a faint smile on his face, soon Su Yingxia would despair and Han 3000 would know the difference between him and Han Long, but this toughness of Han 3000 still made Han Li feel very surprised.

        When he couldn't help but compare Han Feng and Han Qianli, he had to admit that Han Qianli was far too much better than Han Feng, and if Han Feng could have half of Han Qianli's abilities and let him inherit the position of head of the family, he would definitely be able to make the Han family grow even stronger.

        "It's just a pity that you're just a branch outcast, even if you have true abilities, you were born lowly and will be a servant for the rest of your life, that's life, you have no choice but to accept your fate." Han Li said indifferently.

        Su Yingxia's heart raised to her throat and unconsciously clenched her fist, cheering for Han Qianli in her heart.

        "Kid, is this all the strength you have?" Before his fist arrived, Han Long struck Han Giang with contempt.

        Han Giang's grin grew wider and wider, this guy would soon pay the price for his arrogance, even though he was more resilient to blows than Shan Heng, he wasn't invincible after all, his heart was everyone's weakest point, and he definitely couldn't withstand a strong attack from gravity.

        "Today next year will be the anniversary of your death!" Han Qianli exploded.


        Due to his fist, Han Long didn't avoid it and carried Han Qianqian's punch.

        In an instant, time seemed to freeze.

        Han Long's eyes grew wider and wider, his pupils overflowing with incredible shock.

        "Han Giangli, now you know how useless you are, the punch you've been saving up for so long won't hurt Han Long at all." Han Li was eagerly mocking the side.

        At that moment, Han Long's figure receded violently, withdrawing a distance of ten meters or so, almost approaching the corner before stopping.

        "I'm surprised that you're still standing." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        Seeing this scene, Han Long's eyes glazed over, Han Long was actually forced back so far by his strength, which was enough to show how strong Han Qianli's punch was.

        This loser was really that fierce! Even Han Long couldn't take his strength?

        "Hanlon, how are you doing?" Han Li's breathing was a bit quick, nervously asked Han Long, this was the strongest person in the Han family, if he was injured because of this, this would not only be a huge blow to Han Li, but also the entire Mi Kingdom Han family.

        For a big family, apart from having money and status, there was another point to having strong people, money status and force were the three indispensable things, and although the earthly generation that the MiG Han Family possessed was strong and ruthless, Han Long was the one who held up the Han Family's force value!

        Han Long was about to speak, but the moment he opened his mouth, an overwhelmingly fishy taste forced its way down his throat.

        Puff ......

        The blood mist was like a rose in full bloom, blooming in front of Han Long.

        Han Li's face turned pale, how was it possible that this waste had actually injured Han Long! How could a trash like him compare to Han Long!

        "Han Three Thousand Years, what dirty tricks did you pull!" Han Li gritted his teeth and asked Han Qianli.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "I didn't make any negative moves, but he just couldn't handle my power and had to pretend, so that was the price."

        "Hmph." Han Li snorted coldly and said, "You did surprise me by being able to injure Han Long, but then you will never have the chance to do anything again."

        Han Giangli looked at Han Long's eyes that were slowly filling with blood, he couldn't estimate how much damage the force of that punch had done to Han Long just now, but it was definitely not good for him right now.

        "Do you think that there's still a next?" Han 3,000 faintly said.

        As soon as the words fell, Han Long fell to the ground with a thud, his ears, nose, mouth, and eyes all overflowing with blood.

        Han Li panicked and ran to Han Long's side.

        He had thought that Han Long had suffered just a small injury, but he didn't dare to believe that Han Long had suddenly collapsed.

        "Han Long, how are you!" Han Li asked.

        Han Long had been able to stand and retreat all thanks to his willpower, he was well aware of the damage that Han Giang's punch had done to him, his entire heart was about to be shattered, the punch was fatal enough!

        He would have been able to kill Han Qianqian like he was squeezing an ant, but it was because he didn't take Han Qianqian seriously and gave him the opportunity to do so that led to this.

        Han Long regretted it so much that he hadn't expected to die in such a humiliating manner!

        But what was the use of regretting when things had come to this?

        Han Long shook his head weakly and finally closed his eyes.

        Han Li stood there as if struck by lightning, how could he have never thought that things would suddenly evolve to such a state.

        He had even never thought that a trash like Han Qianqian would be able to kill Han Long with a single punch!

        At this time, Qi Hu was startled and walked over to Han 3,000 and said, "Brother San ...... 3,000, you, you actually killed him!"

        Qi Hu was well aware of Han Long's strength and the distance between Han Qianqian and Han Long, he didn't have half a hope for Han Qianqian's shot, but now, the facts that happened in front of him were completely different from what he had imagined.

        One punch!

        Han 3,000 had actually killed a strong man like Han Long with just one punch!

        "I told you, I won't let you die, you have no right to die." Han Qianli smiled faintly, he wasn't surprised that this would be the result, as long as Han Long gave him the chance to strike, he was able to ensure that Han Long didn't have the chance to stand up.

        This punch was even more powerful than the one he had taken out when he faced Shan Qing, and Han Qianli had a sneaking feeling that even this was not the limit of the power he possessed right now.

        Where exactly this limit was, he still needed to slowly test it out.

        "Three Thousand, how are you, are you alright." Su Yingxia ran to Han three thousand's side with a pearly blossom, when Han three thousand was beaten just now, her heart ached so much that it was hard to breathe, it felt like someone was holding a razor blade and slicing off her heart one after another.

        Han 3,000 yuan had a gentle smile on her face, hugging Su Yingxia tightly in her arms.

        Just now Su Yingxia knelt down and asked Han Li to let him go, all this Han Qianli saw in his eyes, as long as there was Su Yingxia's concern, all the effort was worth it.

        "I'm fine, it's just a small injury, go back to your room and rest first, I have a few more things to deal with." Han Giangli said to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia stubbornly shook her head and said, "I don't want to avoid these things, I know what you want, I can accept it, I'm your woman, if I don't even have the ability to bear this, how can I still be worthy of being your wife."

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, the words touched him, but something like killing was a heart barrier that was difficult for an ordinary person to overcome, Han Qianli was afraid that Su Yingxia would have nightmares about it.

        "I won't leave, I won't leave even if you drive me away, I won't leave even if you beat me up, I'll stay by your side forever, until the day I die." Su Yingxia didn't give Han 3000 a chance to persuade her, and continued, her attitude very strong and unquestionable.

        Han 3000 could only nod his head and said, "Then you should watch and see what the real me is like."

        "En." Su Yingxia was ready for anything, and she was clear that as long as she had decided that Han Qianli was her husband, she must accept everything he had to say.

        As Han Giang walked towards Han Li, the expression of Han Li who had no one to rely on clearly showed a hint of panic.

        With Han Long's protection, Han Li could do whatever he wanted, but now that Han Long was dead, it was clear that he had no way to compete with Han 3000 just by relying on his personal abilities.

        "What do you want?" Han Li asked Han Qianli.

        "Since you're here, do you think you'll be able to get out alive?" Han Giangiang said without emotion.

        Han gritted his teeth and said, "I'm the head of the MiG Han family, I think you know how much power the MiG Han family possesses, don't you want to leave yourself a way out?"

        "The back way?" Han Giangli smiled contemptuously, these two words were like poison to him, he never dared to think that he had a back way to exist.

        "At the age of twelve, I knew there was no back way in my life, so I had to cut my head to the bone and move forward."


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