His True Colors Chapter 1181-1183


His True Colors Chapter 1181

The reason why Shi Jing thought this way was because she didn't know how much the Yang family actually valued Han 3,000, in her opinion, once the Mo family and the Wang family joined hands, the Yang family would definitely be greatly impacted, the only way to avoid being targeted by the two families together was to give up Han 3,000 and leave out the relationship between herself and Han 3,000.

        But Shi Jing wouldn't have thought that Yang Bin was more excited than worried when facing this matter, and even in Yang Bin's opinion, whether or not the Yang family could override the other two families, Han Three Thousand Thousand was the absolute key factor.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand told Shi Jing everything that had happened in the Mo family, leaving Shi Jing stunned to hear it.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand, who had made such an earth-shattering noise in the Mo Family and had managed to leave the Mo Family unharmed, was too incredible.

        One had to know that Mo Yanmoth was known as a ruthless character, so how could he possibly bow his head and compromise with Han Three Thousand?

        And who exactly was this Chi family that was worth Han Qianli's time to offend the Mo family.

        "You're not kidding mom, did Mo Yanmou really agree to you?" Shi Jing couldn't believe the question.

        Han Qianqian smiled, Shi Jing's reaction like this was normal, after all, Mo Yanmoth's status and reputation in the Jianghu was too prominent, I'm afraid no one would believe that he would compromise on a fourteen year old child.

        But that was the truth, Mo Yanmoth did make a promise right now.

        Whether or not he would be able to fulfill his promise within this week's time was a matter for another day.

        "He really did promise, but according to his character, this matter shouldn't be over yet." Han 3,000 said, he didn't expect Mo Yanmou to be able to fulfill his promise so simply, so Han 3,000 was prepared.

        Shi Jing nodded her head rightfully, if Mo Yanmoth did that, then his name wouldn't be Mo Yanmoth anymore.

        "This Chi family, what exactly is the relationship with you, you wouldn't really be interested in someone else's little girl, would you." Shi Jing asked curiously.

        Han Giang helplessly rolled her eyes, Shi Jing could always get into such things no matter what.

        But in his heart, Han three thousand never denied his affection for Qi yun , after all, this woman had given too much for him, to say that she wasn't moved at all, how could this be possible, Han three thousand wasn't a person with a heart of stone.

        "Mom, I'm fourteen and she's ten, do you think I'd think that?" Han Giangli said.

        "That's true, a ten year old child, who hasn't developed yet, is not a bit behind Wu Xin." Shi Jing said.

        Han Qianli cried and laughed, what's this with what, for no reason, it's pulled on Wu Xin again.

        "Mom, if you have these thoughts, you might as well study the matter of cooking." Han Qianli reminded.

        Speaking of cooking, Shi Jing screamed and hurried back into the kitchen, she was still making soup and almost forgot about it.

        Han Three Thousand sat on the couch with his eyes closed, speculating on what Mo Yanmoth might target him next.

        Mo Yanmoth was from the Dao, so there was a big difference between his style of acting and normal people, which was something Han Qianli needed to guard against.

        The Mo family villa at this time.

        Mo Yanmoth was alone in his study, the anger in his heart was self-evident, Han Qianli dared to act so recklessly in the Mo family, he would like to kill Han Qianli.

        But from the performance of Han Three Thousand's strength, he had to be careful.

        "Tomorrow is the second round of the Martial Extreme Summit, Han Three Thousand Year, let me see how powerful you really are." Mo Yanmou took out his phone as he spoke to himself.

        As the head of the Mo Family, one of the three great families, although Mo Yanmoth couldn't fully control the Martial Extreme Summit, it was easy for him to make a small change.

        "I want to change the list of Han Qianli's matchups tomorrow and find the strongest person to be his opponent." After the call was dialed, Mo Yanmoth said.

        The person on the other end of the phone didn't dare to be lenient about Mo Yanmoth's call, although it was a violation of the rules of the tournament, Mo Yanmoth's position was enough to qualify him to operate undercover.

        "Master Mo, I'll try my best to arrange it."

        "Remember, it's the strongest, if you don't arrange it properly, I'll never make it easy for you." Mo Yanmou threatened.

        "Yes, yes, Master Mo, I know what I should do."

        Mo Yanmoth hung up the phone and let out a long sigh.

        Han Qianli left a week's time, and Mo Yanmoth had to consider what exactly he should do in the shortest possible time, whether or not he should break his promise, depending on Han Qianli's performance at the Wuji Summit tomorrow.

        If even the strongest participants in the Martial Arts Summit this time were not Han Three Thousand's opponents, Mo Yanmou would have to consider doing as Han Three Thousand requested.

        The Mo family had someone within the Martial Extremes Summit, and the same was true for the other two families.

        So when there was a change in the schedule, the Wang family also received the news at the first time.

        After Wang Li learned about this, he immediately found Wang Lin Qi.

        "Grandpa, oddly enough, Mo Yanmou just moved the schedule and arranged for Han Qianqiang to be the most promising champion of this Martial Extreme Summit, what's going on?" Wang Li was filled with puzzlement and asked, reasonably speaking, the Mo family should be across the river at this time, how could Mo Yanmou have made such an arrangement?

        The most promising candidate to win the title this time would be Yan Bingfeng of the Heaven and Earth Martial Dojo, who was also the most vociferous candidate to win the title this entire year.

        But why would Mo Yanmou do that?

        "Is there any other known information?" Wang Lin Qi asked.

        Wang Li shook his head, he didn't know anything, and only felt strange about such an arrangement for Mo Yanmoth.

        "No, it's only reasonable that there shouldn't be any conflicts between Han Qianqian and Mo Yanmoth," Wang Li said.

        Wang Lin Qi shook his head, there was no contradiction, how could Mo Yanmoth do that.

        He knew Mo Yanmoth very well, now that Yang Wang and Wang were fighting, it was a very good thing for Mo Yanmoth, he could have watched the tiger fight from across the mountain, but now he was coming down personally, this already showed that this matter was not simple.

        And the movement of the schedule also showed Mo Yanmoth's purpose, if he wasn't testing Han Qianqiang, then he wanted Han Qianqiang to end his trip to the Wuji Summit.

        It would be fine if it was the latter, but if it was the former, I'm afraid this matter would be troublesome.

        The fact that it was worthwhile for Mo Yanmou to test it out meant that Mo Yanmou had already begun to scruple Han Qianqian, and the reason for scrupling became the key to the entire matter.

        "Get some people to go out and ask around to see if there's any recent interaction between the Mo Family and Han Qianqian." Wang Lin Qi instructed.

        "Yes, I'll go do it right away." Wang Li said.

        "Mo Yan Gotham, what exactly do you want to do, you old thing?" Wang Lin Qi said to himself.

His True Colors Chapter 1182

At the same time, the Yang Family had also received news.

        However, unlike the Wang family, the Yang family knew the inside story, so Yang Bin was more aware of Mo Yanmou's reasons for doing so.

        He was thinking of using this matter to get rid of the Mo Family, but unfortunately, it seemed unlikely now.

        The fact that Mo Yan Gotham had adjusted the schedule and arranged a new opponent for Han Qianyang showed that Mo Yan Gotham was testing Han Qianyang's strength, and while the results of the test hadn't happened yet, Yang Bin was almost able to foresee it.

        As a Heavenly Character of the Apocalypse, how could Yan Bingfeng be Han Qianli's opponent?

        The reason why he was the favorite to win the title at this year's Wuji Summit was because there were many more people who simply didn't cognize how powerful the dark horse, Han 3,000, was, and by the time those people learned of Han 3,000's strength, they were afraid that they wouldn't be able to accommodate Yan Bingfeng in their eyes.

        "Hey, I didn't think that ah, the all-powerful Mo Yanmoth back then would be afraid of a fourteen year old child." Yang Bin said with a sigh.

        Song Yun knew what was on Yang Bin's mind, it would be best for Mo Yanmoth to not keep his promise and completely explode the conflict between him and Han Qianqian, then there was a high possibility that the Mo family would be removed from Yan Bingfeng's name.

        The Heavenly Character of the Apocalypse was no joke when it came to words.

        However, the current Mo Yan was still old after all, and when people were old, they would be afraid and anxious, so naturally, they wouldn't act like the young and energetic one who didn't care about the consequences.

        Han Qianli had already shown remarkable strength in the Mo Family, and with Han Qianli's initial competition being so amazing, it was reasonable for Mo Yanmoth to be concerned about Han Qianli.

        "Mo Yan Gotham is old after all, but not as spirited as he was back then," Song Yun said.

        "Yeah, I'm afraid he'll really have to compromise this time." Yang Bin said.

        In Yang Bin's opinion, there was no suspense in tomorrow's match, so the results of Mo Yanmou's test were already in front of him.

        When Han Qianqiang defeated Yan Bingfeng in the ring, I'm afraid that Mo Yanmou will make good on his promise at the first opportunity.

        "This isn't a bad thing, at least the relationship between the Yang family and Han 3,000 is not something that anyone else can compare to," Song Yun said.

        Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Yang Bin's face, although he couldn't get rid of the Mo Family immediately, with the Han 3000 relationship, the Yang Family wasn't something that the other two families could compare to.

        "Yeah, who would have thought that because of the conflict, the Yang family and Han Qianqian would become friends." Yang Bin said with a smile.

        "Maybe it's the heavens blessing them."

        Yang Bin nodded his head, not denying Song Yun's words.

        The next day, the Heaven and Earth Martial Dojo exploded.

        As the hot favourite to win the championship, Yan Binghong originally didn't have to participate in the first few rounds at all, but it was only the second round and Yan Binghong was about to go down, something the Heaven and Earth Martial Dojo hadn't expected at all.

        "Pavilion Master, what's going on, why are you letting Bingfeng on so soon?"

        "Yeah, Bing Feng is the favorite to win the championship, he's perfectly qualified to not participate in the preliminary round."

        "Could it be that someone is stirring up trouble and deliberately trying to cause trouble for the Heaven and Earth Martial Dojo?"

        In the face of the crowd's questions, the Pavilion Master was actually confused, he had received the news in the interim and didn't understand what was going on, but the aspect of the Wuji Summit was indeed arranged like this again.

        "Pavilion Master, I actually want to go and warm up, since the competition is here, I'll just go and participate, he can't be my opponent anyway." Yan Bingfeng was tall and didn't have that kind of explosive muscles, he belonged to the kind of body that was thin in clothes and fleshy in clothes, and he was also good looking, which also made Yan Bingfeng have many little fan girls who were after him.

        For a young man, being sought after was a very honorable thing, although he wasn't a star, he could still feel the treatment of a star, and Yan Bingfeng was already eager to get into the ring, only by getting into the ring could he show those who were after him how great he was.

        The museum owner's expression was somewhat serious, if it was just an ordinary opponent, he definitely wouldn't worry, with Yan Bingfeng's strength, he could crush most of the participants this time.

        But the opponent was Han Qianqian, which made the pavilion master not so relieved.

        In the first round of the preliminary round, Han Qiangiang ended the match with an astonishing KO, something that had never happened before in the entire history of the Martial Arts Summit.

        The pavilion master hadn't seen it with his own eyes, but he had heard many people mention that Han Three Thousand's opponent had been blown right out of the ring, which was enough to show that Han Three Thousand's opponent wasn't simple.

        "Bingfeng, your opponent is Han 3,000, you can't take it so lightly." The museum master reminded Yan Bingfeng.

        Yan Bingfeng smiled contemptuously, as the favorite to win the championship, how could Yan Bingfeng's heart swell to such an extent that he would take a person of no reputation to heart?

        There were no more than three opponents who could be taken seriously by Yan Bingfeng in the entire competition, and among the three lists, there was no one named Han Three Thousand Years.

        "Pavilion Master, I've heard of this Han Qianxiang, just a kid, you don't think I'll lose, do you?" Yan Bingfeng smiled.

        "Pavilion Master, you're underestimating Big Brother, how could he lose?"

        "Yeah, Bing Feng is the favorite to win the championship, but a mere Han 3000 is just a baby with experience."

        "I really don't understand how the Martial Arts Summit could arrange such a rubbish opponent for Bingfeng."

        Hearing these words, the Pavilion Master looked a bit helpless, Yan Bingfeng was very strong, which he admitted, but Han 3000 was the only candidate to fight for the Yang Family, this was definitely not someone who could be taken lightly, and in the first battle, Han 3000 had also shown his strength.

        The museum master didn't want Yan Bingfeng to capsize in the gutter.

        "It's better to be cautious, we can't lose Jingzhou carelessly." The pavilion master said.

        Although Yan Bingfeng nodded his head, he actually didn't care at all, in his mind, he was only thinking about how many people would be there today to support him, and having the dream of an idol, he couldn't wait to hear what the audience would say to him.

        At this time, Han Qianli's house.

        Mother and son were eating breakfast when a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

        Han Three Thousand was friendless, so it was a bit strange for someone to come to the door at this time of the day.

        "What are you waiting for, hurry up and open the door." Shi Jing said to Han Three Thousand.

        "Mom, it's not Wu Xin, is it?" Han 3,000 guessed.

        "How would I know, just go open the door and see." Shi Jing said.

        Han 3,000 walked to the door, and when the door opened, there was someone standing outside it, and it was indeed Wu Xin.

        "What do you want?" Han Giangli asked faintly.

        "Are you going to participate in the second round today?" Wu Xin asked.

        "Yeah, what do you want?" Han 3000 said.

        "I want to go with you guys." Wu Xin said with her head down.

His True Colors Chapter 1183

The main reason why Wu Xin wanted to get together was that she had already been conquered by Han Qianqian's spontaneity last time in the ring, and the kind of good feeling she had for Han Qianqian inside led to her desperate desire to see Han Qianqian perform better.

        Wu Xin didn't admit in her heart that she liked Han 3000, after all, Han 3000 was just a child, but the basis of this good feeling did come from the love between a man and a woman, which made Wu Xin herself confused.

        "No." Han Three Thousand refused decisively, he had long wanted to draw the line at Wu Xin, naturally he didn't want to be involved with her in any way, and it would be dangerous for Wu Xin to get too close to her.

        After all, now that Han Three Thousand and the Mo Family already had a grudge, Wu Xin would definitely be a chosen target if the Mo Family wanted to use inferior means against him.

        "Why?" Wu Xin didn't expect Han Qianyan to refuse so directly, so she felt strange why Han Qianyan wouldn't even agree to it when it was just a visit.

        "There's no reason why, from today onwards, you'd better not come to see me, and I'll move out as soon as possible." After saying that, Han Marchan directly closed the door.

        Wu Xin who was standing outside the door was completely stunned, don't come looking for him, move out as soon as possible.

        What did this mean!

        At this moment, Wu Xin's heart seemed to have been hollowed out.

        "Hey." Shi Jing sighed, a good girl was so ruthlessly rejected by Han Qianqian, but in her opinion, Wu Xin was a good study partner for Han Qianqian on her love journey.

        Han Qianqiang didn't pay any attention to Shi Jing because he knew what Shi Jing had in mind.

        "You're too desperate, Wu Xin is considered a pretty girl, is it really good that you're breaking her heart like this?" Shi Jing said.

        "Mom, it would be dangerous for her to get too close to me, and nothing can happen between her and me." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        There would be danger in getting too close?

        This sentence Shi Jing could understand what it meant.

        After all, the current Han 3000 had too many potential enemies in Yanjing, and if these people knew that Wu Xin was close to Han 3000, it would indeed put her in a dangerous place.

        But nothing could happen.

        This made Shi Jing incomprehensible.

        How could nothing happen to a single couple?

        "Three thousand, tell me honestly, do you not like girls?" Shi Jing asked cautiously.

        Han Qianli's face instantly darkened.

        What did Shi Jing mean by that, he naturally understood, wasn't it just beating around the bush to say that he liked men?

        But how could Han 3000 have this particular fetish, of course he liked women, but the only woman he liked was Su Yingxia.

        "Whatever you think, no matter what I say, you think there's something wrong with me anyway, so I won't bother explaining." Han Qianqian said.

        Shi Jing's eyes flickered, Han Giang had actually given up on even explaining, it seemed like he might actually have a tendency towards this!

        Shi Jing won't allow this to happen, and thought to herself, she must let Han 3,000 know the benefits of girls before she can do so, she must let him out of this misunderstanding of special feelings as soon as possible.

        The two of them went out after breakfast and took a taxi towards the competition venue of the Martial Arts Summit.

        Han 3,000 was not yet an adult and didn't have a driver's license, which was a very inconvenient thing to do, after all, a means of transportation was still a pretty important thing for modern society.

        "Mom, why don't we go buy a car, don't you know how to drive?" Han Qianqiang asked Shi Jing in the car.

        Shi Jing nodded when she felt it was fine, she wouldn't be foolish enough to ask Han 3000 a question like if she had money to buy a car.

        After arriving at the competition venue, Han 3000 found that the second round of the preliminary round was a lot more lively than the first round, which made him a bit confused.

        According to his understanding, the Wuji Summit only had more spectators at the main event after the preliminary round, which was almost the norm every year at the Wuji Summit.

        What was going on today, did it mean that all these people were bored out of their minds?

        Soon, Han Qianli also discovered another situation, that is, the spectators who came to watch the match were mostly women, and judging by their dress, they were also from privileged families, so they should be the thousand-year-old girls from those large and small families.

        Since when did these girls who liked to go shopping also like to watch this kind of battling match?

        "Three-thousand, these girls, they're not all after you, are they?" Shi Jing said with a smile to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand's fame was now considered to have spread in Yanjing's high society, so Shi Jing had to think that these girls were here for her son.

        However, Han Three thousand did not think so, after all, those who really paid attention to him were still mostly people from the martial world.

        "I didn't expect to see Yan Bingfeng take the stage for the match so soon, it's great."

        "I thought I would need the main competition to see Yan Bingfeng make an appearance, how could he participate in the preliminary competition."

        "That's good too, we'll be able to see him much sooner."

        "I heard that his opponent is a kid named Han Qianqian, I don't know who he is, but he's qualified to fight Yan Bingfeng."

        "No matter who it is, it can't be Bingfeng's opponent."

        Listening to all the discussion from the mouths of the girls coming and going, Han 3,000 finally knew what was going on.

        It turned out that the reason for being able to attract so many girls to the venue was a person named Yan Bingfeng, and it was his opponent.

        However, Han 3,000 was still a bit strange, what was this Yan Bingfeng's origin, he was actually able to attract the attention of so many thousand girls, could it be that he had stepped out of the path of an idol in the martial arts world?

        "Hey." Shi Jing suddenly sighed, feeling a little lost, she had been expecting these girls' to come for Han Qianli, but she hadn't expected to be thrown cold water so soon.

        Han 3000 couldn't laugh or cry, he really couldn't understand Shi Jing's mentality, this mother, like she was afraid that he didn't have a woman to want, couldn't wait for him to fall in love at the age of fourteen.

        "Three thousand, it seems that this Yan Bingfeng is not simple." Shi Jing said to Han Three Thousand.

        It was naturally impossible for him to be a simple person to have such a great reputation, and someone had just said that Yan Bingfeng didn't need to take part in the preliminary rounds.

        But for a person who didn't need to participate in the preliminary round to appear in the second round of the preliminary round, that was a bit strange.

        "It seems like some people have deliberately arranged an opponent for me in order to eliminate me from the tournament." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Shi Jing immediately associated them with the Mo family.

        The Wang family had already suffered a loss in this matter, and they would never dare to act rashly again, but other than that, there was only the Mo family and Han Three Gorges left to have a grudge.

        At this time, Yang Wanlin trotted over from afar, looking upbeat.


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