His True Colors Chapter 1149-1150


His True Colors Chapter 1149

Han 3000's meaning was easy to comprehend, Yang Wanlin was no fool and immediately greeted the Yang family's thugs, and gave Han Jun another beating.

        Han Jun now wanted to die, he had hardly ever been wronged since he was a child, when had he ever received such a severe beating, whether it was to his body or mind, it was a very serious injury.

        Yang Bin then said to Han 3,000, "3,000, I didn't ruin your plan, did I."

        This kind of inquiry seemed a bit cautious, after all, Yang Bin still didn't know if his guess was correct, he would be worried that he had interfered with Han Three Thousand's original plan.

        Han Third Thousand smiled and said, "Old Ancestor, this is better than I thought it would be."

        Originally, Han Qianqian had planned to use the Yao family to deter Nangong Qianqiu, but he didn't expect the Yang family to be involved in this matter, and it was clear that the Yang family's presence was a stronger deterrent than the Yao family's.

        Hearing the word Old Ancestor, Yang Bin laughed openly, this was probably the first time in his life that he was so happy to be called Old Ancestor.

        "That's good, that's good." Yang Bin said repeatedly.

        "I'll keep this matter in mind, if there's anything Old Ancestor wants to help in the future, feel free to ask, I, Han Qianli, will definitely be obliged." Han Three Thousand Thousand said, after all, the Yang family was one of the three great families of Yanjing, and Feng Qian's development could not be escorted without the Yang family, so Han Three Thousand's polite words could be considered to establish a deeper relationship with Yang Bin, so that the Yang family would definitely take out more resources to help Feng Qian.

        "It's enough to have you say that, from now on, your matter is my Yang family's matter." Yang Bin was a smart man, and he responded to Han Qianqian in an almost perfect manner.

        An old fox and a young fox, each with their own heart.

        Han 3000 took a look at the wailing Han Jun and said, "It's really noisy, let's almost throw him out."

        Yang Wanlin immediately told his men to stop, then threw Han Jun out of the Yang family villa.

        Before that, however, Yang Wanlin gave Han Jun two more punches as a way to vent his anger.

        Seeing this scene, Han Giangli smiled and asked Yang Wanlin, "Looking at you, you seem to hate him especially, what's going on?"

        Yang Wanlin told Han 3000 about last night's incident and gritted his teeth as he spoke, looking as if he would love to skin Han Jun alive.

        "Find a chance and I'll help you get the field back." Han Third Thousand said.

        Upon hearing this, Yang Wanlin was in a much better mood, as long as Han Qianli was willing to help him out, then he would have the chance to return the humiliation he had suffered in front of Wang Li.

        "Old Han, this is what you said, I'll take note of it, don't think of fooling me." Yang Wanlin said with a smile.

        "Am I the kind of person who would just bluff you, I'll definitely help you out when I get a chance." Han Giangli said.

        Yang Wanlin accosted and said, "Old Han, finding an opportunity won't be necessary, there's really an opportunity in front of you right now."

        After saying that, Yang Wanlin raised an eyebrow at Han Giangli.

        "Just say what you have to say, don't sell out." Han Qianqiang said.

        Yang Wanlin looked at Yang Bin until he nodded, then he said, "Have you ever heard of the Wuji Summit."

        Han Qianli shook his head and said, "I haven't, but from the name, it should be related to martial arts, right?"

        Han Qianqiang had attended the Martial Dao Conference, an event that many business tycoons, in addition to those in the martial arts world, would participate in, as it involved huge profits and was an excellent opportunity for those businessmen to amass wealth.

        And for a big family like the Yang family, it was also an opportunity to prove themselves.

        "That's right, the Martial Arts Summit is a competition that the martial arts world and the business world jointly hold every year, and the martial arts world uses this to prove their strength, while the business world uses this opportunity to make money, and the open and secret deals reach a terrifying figure of billions almost every year." Yang Wanlin explained.


        Han Giang was slightly shocked, although the amount of money was no longer surprising to him, it was still a bit surprising that such a huge amount of money was involved in a mere martial arts tournament.

        "The three great Yanjing families should all have their own controlled martial arts schools, right?" Han Qianqian said, back then in Cloud City, Tianchang Sheng also had his own martial arts school, and although his martial arts school was created out of interest, it was actually a means for Tianchang Sheng to solidify the power of the Heavenly Family.

        Yang Wanlin nodded, not surprised that Han Qianli had guessed some of the insides.

        "Yes, it's a matter that the great families know all too well among themselves, it's just that no one is trying to poke holes in it, so in plain sight, it's something that doesn't exist." Yang Wanlin said.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, wasn't Yang Wanlin's words just a reminder to him that this matter couldn't be exposed on the surface?

        "This is the secret fight between the three big families, without poking and prodding, but also leaving room for each other, I understand." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        The simple conversation made Yang Bin's appreciation for Han Qianli go up another notch, he was young but he was able to understand many things, the three great families were indeed using the Martial Hall to secretly fight, and without poking holes in this matter, it was also true that they were leaving room for each other, after all, no one wanted to really fight to the death, and with the three-legged situation, once a big fight broke out between the two sides, the remaining side would be able to obtain the fisherman's profit, which was a result that none of the three parties wanted to see.

        "It's really no trouble at all to talk to you." Yang Wanlin said with a bitter smile, thinking that when Yang Bin had explained the situation to him, Yang Wanlin had thought hard for a long time before he understood the reasoning, but Han Qianli understood it right away.

        "You want me to participate in the Martial Arts Summit?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Yang Wanlin didn't say anything, but Yang Bin stood up at that moment and said to Han Qianli, "If you're interested, you can give it a try, your presence will definitely benefit my Yang family in many ways, but I won't ask you to participate in any way."

        This was a cautious test, Yang Bin did not want to make Han Qianqian feel like he was using him, after all, it was already not easy for a Heavenly Apocalypse character to come to this kind of relationship, Yang Bin did not want to ruin the relationship between Han Qianqian's hungry Yang family because of this matter.

        "Old Ancestor, since the Yang Family can get a lot of benefits, can Feng Qian get a share of these benefits?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Yang Bin nodded his head without hesitation and said, "Don't worry, my Yang Family will definitely do its best to help Feng Qian develop in Yanjing."

        "In three months' time, I want Feng Qian to surpass the Han family, it's not hard, right?" Han Three Thousand asked.

        Although the Han family was now showing decadence, the position that had been solid for so many years could not be disintegrated overnight, while Feng Qian, a new company, was just in its infancy, and the recognition was definitely not comparable to the Han family.

His True Colors Chapter 1150

From all the data, it was unrealistic for Feng Qian to be compared to the Han family in a short period of time, but the Wuji Summit was a very important event for the Yang family, so after consideration, Yang Bin answered Han Qian cautiously.

        "For three months, my Yang Family will do its best to use all of its resources to help Feng Qian develop." Yang Bin said.

        Although Yang Bin didn't give a positive answer, having this statement was enough for Han Three Thousand, after all, three months was really too short, even though the Yang family had enough influence in Yanjing, Yanjing wasn't the only place where the Yang family was dominant after all, so this matter was still filled with all sorts of uncertainties, and there was no 100% guarantee that within three months, Feng Qian would be able to surpass the Han family.

        "In that case, I'll represent the Yang Family at the Martial Arts Summit," Han Qianqian said.

        Hearing such words, Yang Bin had an undisguised smile on his face, and with Han Qianli's Heavenly Character strength, Yang Bin had almost seen his big kill at the Martial Extreme Summit, and the first place throne had almost been pocketed by the Yang family in advance.

        Yang Bin gave Yang Wanlin a wink, then said to Han Qianqian, "I'm going to take a rest first, you young people can exchange ideas."

        "Old Han, there's a party tonight, there are beauties of all styles, are you interested?" Yang Wanlin asked Han Qianli with a cheap smile on his face.

        Han 3000 shook his head directly, he had no interest in this aspect of women at all, after all, he had a future wife waiting for him, and although generating some stories with other women in the meantime wasn't a betrayal of Su Yingxia, Han 3000, who was already used to loyal feelings, couldn't really bring up any interest.

        "I'm not interested, if there's nothing else, I'll go home first." Han Qianqian said.

        Yang Wanlin had thought that Han Qianli would definitely agree and that he had thought of how he would make arrangements for Han Qianli, but never would he have expected Han Qianli to refuse.

        Looking at Yang Wanlin's stunned expression, Han Three Thousand Thousand continued, "I'm not Han Jun, and female lust is a meaningless game to me."

        Yang Wanlin didn't quite agree with this point of view, a man, where is there a man who doesn't like women and lust?

        "Old Han, you're not afraid of performing poorly the first time, that's why you're timid, men are like that the first time, as long as you take this step, you'll be more like a fish in the future, don't worry, I'll find you two inexperienced ones, I won't laugh at you." Yang Wanlin said.

        Han Giangli turned green at the sound, and kicked Yang Wanlin's ass, saying, "This time it's the ass, next time I can't guarantee that you'll still be standing."

        Yang Wanlin took a few steps back in fright, Han Qianli's skills were no joke, he said he couldn't stand, he would probably have to rely on a wheelchair to move for the rest of his life.

        "I'll give you a lift." Yang Wanlin asked from a distance.

        "No need." Han Giangli waved his hand without looking back.

        Yang Bin said he was going to rest, but he was back in the study.

        "Song Yun, how sure do you think Han Third Thousand will be able to stand at the end of this Wuji Summit?" Yang Bin asked curiously, the Wuji Summit had already arranged for candidates, and they had been carefully selected by Yang Bin and Song Yun together, but Han Qianqiang's appearance had caused Yang Bin to directly ignore the previously determined candidates.

        "You don't have to worry about that at all, in my opinion, no one can be his opponent." Song Yun said indifferently, unless other families were also capable of inviting someone from the Heavenly Apocalypse, otherwise, Han Three Thousand was definitely an unstoppable situation.

        Everyone in the martial dao knew that the apocalypse that was a man of the mountain was qualitatively different from an ordinary person, no matter what kind of experts in the world, they couldn't possibly be on par with the strong man of the apocalypse, and the truly strong men in the world had already joined the apocalypse, so there simply wasn't anyone in the world who would be more powerful than the strong man of the apocalypse's heavenly character.

        "Do you believe in him that much? But he didn't have much to show in front of you," Yang Bin said.

        Song Yun laughed and said, "You wouldn't have forgotten about the Yao family, would you."

        Yang Bin patted his head and said, "What an old fool, I can't even remember such an important matter, it seems that I'm overthinking."

        "Unless there's someone else who can invite the strongest of the apocalypse, otherwise, you have no need to worry about this matter." Song Yun said.

        Yang Bin let out a long sigh and said, "The Yang family, it's been many years since they've had a face at Martial Peak, and this time, they can finally rise to the occasion, but the issue we discussed before still makes me a little worried ah."

        Hearing this, Song Yun's expression became slightly more serious.

        They had previously discussed why Han Qianli, as a Heavenly Character, had left the apocalypse, whether it was because he had made a mistake, or if it was some other reason that forced him to leave the apocalypse.

        If there were some more complicated reasons mixed in, then the Yang family befriending Han 3,000 would most likely be digging their own graves, after all, Song Yun was well aware of the rules of the apocalypse, and people on the mountain were not allowed to come down from the mountain as they pleased.

        Of course, these were all speculations of the two of them, and it was unknown what kind of reason was hidden in this.

        "You don't need to be mediocre, after all, this matter is no longer within our ability to investigate, so we can only leave it to fate." Song Yun said.

        Yang Bin nodded helplessly, but whenever there was half a possibility of anything else, Yang Bin would try to look into this matter, but unfortunately, he was really powerless in the face of the existence of a mysterious organization like the Apocalypse.

        After Han Giang left the Yang family, he went back to the place Qin Lin had arranged for him.

        He knew that Shi Jing had been living in his house since she was kicked out of the Han family, and Han 3000 originally didn't know how to face Shi Jing and didn't plan to go home.

        But after thinking about Shi Jing's life after she moved to Cloud City in the past, she didn't maliciously prejudice him from her bones, and mother and son got along quite well during that time, so Han 3000 still came back.

        Pulling out the key and opening the door, the aroma of rice overflowed.

        This made Han Three Thousand feel a little strange.

        He was well aware that Shi Jing wasn't a good cook, as the Han family had servants who specialized in cooking.

        What was up with the aroma of the food?

        Could it be that Shi Jing was deliberately saving something?

        "Mom." Han Giangli attempted to shout.

        The sound of bowls shattering on the floor came from the kitchen.

        By the time Shi Jing walked out of the kitchen, her eyes were already filled with tears.

        This call of mom held a very special meaning for her.

        "Three thousand, you're back." Shi Jing asked.

        "You're in, cooking?" Han Qianli asked in dismay.


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