His True Colors Chapter 1139-1140


His True Colors Chapter 1139

When Han Jun arrived at Mu Lin Si, Yang Wan Lin had been waiting at the door for quite some time, from this it was clear how much importance Yang Wan Lin attached to Han Qian Li, as the young master of the Yang family, and even the most hopeful to become the future head of the Yang family, there was never anyone else waiting for him, so how could it be his turn to wait for someone else?

        But treating Han Qianli, Yang Wanlin was willing to have such an exception, after all, even Yang Bin valued Han Qianli very much, how could he have any reason to treat Han Qianli with any contempt?

        "Old Han, you've finally shown up, it's been almost half a month and there's no news at all, what have you been doing?" Yang Wanlin said enthusiastically.

        Han Jun was a little uncomfortable with Yang Wanlin's attitude, after all, the guy in front of him was so much higher than him, and in the past, he wasn't even qualified to meet Yang Wanlin, but now, Yang Wanlin took the initiative to exchange pleasantries with him.

        This made Han Jun's heart unable to help but wonder what that trash Han Qianqian had done to make Yang Wanlin take the initiative to curry favor.

        "Some personal matters, but they've been taken care of." Han Jun said.

        "You can't disappear somehow in the future, or else I'll be worried, let's go, I've already decided on the location, and I'll definitely make you happy tonight." Yang Wanlin affectionately climbed on Han Jun's shoulders, treating Han Jun as Han 3000, he didn't notice it at all, because the two brothers' looks were so similar that outsiders had no way of distinguishing them.

        Walking into Mu Lin Si, the heavy bass stimulated Han Jun's adrenaline rush, it wasn't Han Jun's first time coming to a nightclub, but he hadn't been this open and aboveboard before and wasn't in the mood to do anything today.

        The way he looked at the women now was all completely different, because after getting Nangong Qianqiu's consent, Han Jun was already qualified to try the forbidden fruit.

        The two of them were directly brought up to the penthouse by the attendant, which was an exclusive VIP location for Mu Lin Si, and those who didn't have a certain spending power didn't even have the qualifications to go upstairs.

        And on the entire second floor, there were only four directions of card seats, this was to allow the VIP guests to have plenty of space and also not offend each other's privacy.

        This also meant that it was possible to do anything you wanted in this place, and it wouldn't be discovered, and the nightclub aspect wouldn't interfere much.

        "Old Han, if you fancy anyone tonight, just tell me, no matter what kind of woman you like, I can help you get your hands on her." Yang Wanlin said to Han Jun.

        Han Jun's heartbeat accelerated, this would be the night he ushered in becoming a man, so he was inevitably a little nervous and excited.

        "One is probably not enough." Han Jun said with a smile.

        Yang Wanlin had a questioning smile on his face and said, "Are you bragging, or are you serious, you're not exactly the right age to overdo it."

        "Do you think I look like a bragger, any good girls, introduce them quickly." Han Jun couldn't wait to say.

        For Yang Wanlin, who often hung out in nightclubs, how could he not meet a bunch of beautiful women.

        If Han Jun had a request in this regard, of course he would meet it.

        "Sit down first, I'll satisfy you right away." After arranging for Han Jun to sit down in the booth, Yang Wanlin went to invite someone.

        The first floor dance floor was full of dancing demons, including many of Yang Wanlin's acquaintances, and it didn't take Yang Wanlin long to open up more than a dozen beauties.

        In terms of figure, they were all superb, and the heavy makeup under the dim light didn't look like a big problem.

        After bringing all the women up to the second floor, Han Jun's restless heart couldn't rest any longer, and these women, under Yang Wanlin's instruction, took the initiative to approach Han Jun.

        When Yang Wanlin saw Han Jun's unclean hands and feet, he thought that he had finally caught Han Qianqian's fancy, and he was a lustful man.

        But Yang Wanlin was still a little surprised, after all he was just a fourteen year old boy, he didn't expect to be mature enough to have such needs.

        Han was embracing left and right, his hands very dishonestly making small movements, while the women were already used to being hairy, not only did they not refuse, but they were also very cooperative in catering.

        "Old Han, if you're that capable, take everyone away tonight and I'll arrange the hotel for you." Yang Wanlin said to Han Jun with a smile.

        "That's what you said, I take it seriously." Han Jun said with a serious face.

        "I'm afraid you won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow."

        The two of them were making dirty jokes, and their relationship with each other was considered to be growing rapidly, Yang Wanlin was very happy inside, as long as he could please Han 3000, he would accept paying any price, not to mention some night women, the worst case scenario was to give them some money afterwards, and money was the least important thing for Yang Wanlin.

        Not long ago, a young man broke into Yang Wanlin's booth area, generally speaking, second floor VIPs can't disturb each other, the nightclub side for trespassing on others booths this matter will also be regulated, but this young man, and no nightclub staff to stop, apparently identity is not ordinary.

        "Yang Wanlin, when have you fallen to such a level that you're hanging out with a little kid." The young man scoffed and said to Yang Wanlin.

        Yang Wanlin looked up and his smiling expression instantly froze.

        "Wang Li, what a coincidence that I can meet you here as well." Yang Wanlin said indifferently.

        Wang Li, one of the three great families of Yanjing, the descendant of the Wang family, his position in the Wang family was almost equal to Yang Wanlin's position in the Yang family, both being the next generation with high hopes and the most promising to become the head of the Wang family.

        These three great families of Yanjing were harmonious on the surface, but secretly there was never any less competition, and there would even be many shady tactics, so it could be said that they were all enemies of each other.

        When enemies meet, they are naturally extraordinarily jealous of each other.

        "I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I came here because I heard you were here." Wang Li said.

        Yang Wanlin frowned, Wang Li was so outspoken, like he was looking for trouble.

        But Yang Wanlin wasn't worried at all, with an expert like Han Qianqian present, even if Wang Li really was looking for trouble, he would be the one to suffer.

        "It seems like you're looking for me for something, tell me, what do you want to ask for my help." Yang Wanlin said indifferently.

        Wang Li smiled coldly and said, "Yang Wanlin, what kind of a thing are you to ask me to beg you, you're really big talker."

        "Nothing to beg me for, what are you deliberately coming to me for, is it hard to believe that you still want to fight?" Yang Wanlin provoked.

        "Some time ago, one of my Wang family's projects was meddled with by your Yang family, and your Yang family has yet to give me an explanation for this matter, so let's make things clear today." Wang Li said.

        "An explanation?" Yang Wanlin scowled at Wang Li and said, "My Yang family does things and still needs to answer to you, what are you again?"

His True Colors Chapter 1140

Yang Wanlin's words made Wang Li furious, the two sides were full of gunpowder, it was very likely that they would fight if they didn't agree.

        Wang Li purposely came today, naturally he brought his helpers, so he was not afraid at all in his heart, the worst case scenario was to bring the contradiction between Wang Yang and his family to the stage to resolve it and completely tear their faces apart.

        Yang Wanlin, on the other hand, was even more unafraid, with an expert like Han Qianqian by his side, no matter what kind of people Wang Li brought with him, he would be asking for trouble in his opinion.

        "Yang Wanlin, it's not convenient here, do you dare to change places with me?" Wang Li said in a cold voice.

        Yang Wanlin looked at what he thought was Han 3000, he was still immersed in his beauty, and if he let him go at this point, Yang Wanlin was afraid that he would be displeased.

        "Just wait, this brother of mine hasn't had enough," Yang Wanlin said.

        Wang Li mockingly looked at Han Jun and said, "Yang Wanlin, is it hard to believe that you're going to let this little brat help you?"

        A kid?

        Yang Wanlin used to think so, until he saw how strong Han 3,000 was, even Song Yun at home didn't dare to take a shot at Han 3,000, Wang Li would definitely pay the price for looking down on Han 3,000 like that.

        And Yang Wanlin also found an opportunity, as long as he let Wang Li provoke Han 3,000, at that time, without him deliberately letting Han 3,000 take action, Wang Li might not even end up in a good situation.

        So Yang Wanlin added fuel to the fire and said, "Wang Li, you need to go out and find out who this little brother of mine is, I advise you to be careful what you say, if he deals with you, not even I can save you."

        Such words naturally made Wang Li even more disdainful and laughed, "Little kid, what are you, listen to Yang Wanlin, you're very powerful, do you want to try it with my men?"

        Yang Wanlin's heart was tingling with joy, Wang Li was so provocative, Han 3000 should have been unable to endure it.

        But to Yang Wanlin's surprise, Han Jun didn't react at all, he wasn't the real Han 3000 after all, his looks could be faked, but his strength couldn't be faked at all.

        Moreover, the current Han Jun was completely immersed in female lust, so how could he have the heart to care about anything else.

        "Little kid, I'm talking to you, are you f*cking deaf?" After Wang Li was ignored by Han Jun, his anger grew even more and he directly roared at Han Jun.

        Yang Wanlin quietly anticipated Han Jun's outburst, even hoping that Han Jun would just cripple Wang Li, which would help him reduce an opponent.

        But when Han Jun raised his head in a daze, he didn't receive the reaction Yang Wanlin was expecting.

        "I don't like fighting, so you guys can take care of your own business," Han Jun said.

        Yang Wanlin was stunned, what did this mean, wasn't he going to take care of this matter?

        Yang Wanlin but put all his hopes on Han Jun, this was what gave him the strength to clash with Wang Li without bringing any of his men, if Han Jun didn't care, he would have to eat today.

        Hearing Han Jun's words, Wang Li laughed and said to Yang Wanlin, "This is your very powerful friend, but it's just a wimp, Yang Wanlin, are you f*cking stupid for wanting a little kid to help you."

        Yang Wanlin's face was extremely ugly, he didn't understand what Han Jun meant by this and why he was acting as if he was staying out of it.

        Of course, Yang Wanlin wouldn't have thought that the person in front of him who looked exactly like Han Qianli wasn't Han Qianli at all, and he didn't have Han Qianli's strength, so naturally, he couldn't help him with the problem in front of him.

        "Old Han, what's your situation?" Yang Wanlin asked to Han Jun.

        Han Jun looked at Yang Wanlin with a puzzled look on his face, not comprehending Yang Wanlin's meaning at all, and said, "This is a matter between you, how can I, an outsider, interfere, and how do you want me to help you."

        These words were extremely impersonal, and Yang Wanlin couldn't help but wonder if Han Jun's invitation tonight was a deliberate attempt to conspire jointly with Wang Li?

        But then again that makes no sense, so why would he do that?

        "Wang Li, today I admit that I'm a plant, you have the ability to kill me, otherwise, I'll find a chance to take revenge on you." Yang Wanlin said to Wang Li.

        Wang Li wasn't so bold as to dare to kill Yang Wanlin, the Wang and Yang families were equally powerful, and once he did kill Yang Wanlin, the Yang family would definitely go down without a fight, and Wang Li wouldn't be able to get half of the advantage then.

        But wanting Wang Li to easily release Yang Wanlin, that was also impossible.

        "My good deed has been ruined by you, so it's only right that you pay a price." After saying that, Wang Li waved to the men behind him.

        A few of his men walked right up to Yang Wanlin and punched and kicked him.

        When Han Jun saw this, his eyelids jumped in fright, playing well with a woman, why was there a fight?

        Yang Wanlin was quickly beaten to the ground.

        Wang Li squatted beside Yang Wanlin and said condescendingly, "Next time if you dare to ruin my good deed again, I won't let you off so easily, and by the way, I'll remind you that in the future, when you go out, you should never take some powerful people with you, and if you get mixed up with this kind of little brat, you won't know what's going on when you're lying dead on the street."

        After saying that, Wang Li walked away with his men.

        Yang Wanlin sat up with difficulty, as if nothing had happened, today was his carelessness and his too much faith in Han Qianqian, this kind of thing would never happen again for Yang Wanlin.

        "How are you, are you alright." Han Giang asked to Yang Wanlin.

        Yang Wanlin didn't even understand what Han Jun wanted right now, what was the point of caring afterwards?

        "Old Han, I have something else to do, so I'll leave first." Yang Wanlin said as he stood up.

        Han Jun was already beautiful and couldn't wait to go to the hotel, but he just didn't know how to say it, and Yang Wanlin was leaving, so he could use this opportunity to slip away as well.

        "Let's go together, a place like this is giving me a headache from the noise." Han Jun said.

        Yang Wanlin took a deep breath, not having seen him for half a month, he found that the Han 3000 in front of him was completely different from before, a different person.

        But this was probably Han Third Thousand's intentional way of acting like this, and Yang Wanlin didn't dare to test it out easily, so he could only return home and tell his ancestor about it and let him decide.

        After they left the nightclub together, Yang Wanlin got into the car, while Han Jun headed towards the nearest hotel with those women.

        Sitting in the car, Yang Wanlin soon discovered something, there was a group of people tailing Han Jun, like something was going on.

        If Han Qianqiang had been there, he would have recognized a familiar face among that group of tailgaters, Han Qianqiang was the one who had saved Wu Xin from him, it was obvious that this was a premeditated revenge, except that the person they wanted to take revenge on was Han Qianqiang, but they were met by Han Jun, the unlucky one.

        "Drive and follow them slowly." Yang Wanlin said to the driver.


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