His True Colors Chapter 1071-1073


His True Colors Chapter 1071

On the western outskirts of the Royal Dragon Palace city was the Royal Court's exotic beast army, the strongest group of the Royal Court's power, but right now, those exotic beasts were all lying on the ground, because the red-eyed jade python's deterrent power was so strong that it had covered the entire Royal Dragon Palace, and the posture of the weak facing the strong was to crawl on the ground as a gesture of respect, and it could be said that because of the red-eyed jade python's appearance, the main exotic beast army had all been scrapped.

        Fei Lingsheng looked up at the sky with a mixed expression, she had thought that she had understood Han Qianli well enough, after all, Han Qianli had also been honest with her about her own realm, but she had never expected that Han Qianli would still have such a card.

        The Red-Eyed Jade Python!

        Other than the Lin Long, this was probably the most powerful exotic beast in Xuanyuan World!

        No wonder he didn't fear the emperor in the slightest, with such an exotic beast existing, even if the emperor was able to take a step into the divine realm, he would have complete power to counteract it.

        "I never thought that my master would be a beast master." Most people were afraid at the moment, but Huang Snapdragon looked very excited, even if the winged tiger beside him was already creeping on the ground and trembling, he was happy.

        The stronger his master was, the more respectable he was as a disciple.

        "How about it, surprise?" Han Qianli suddenly turned his head and said to Fei Lingsheng with a smile.

        Fei Lingsheng sucked in a deep breath of cold air, more than a surprise, it was simply frightening.

        A powerful exotic beast like the Red-Eyed Jade Python was unimaginable to anyone.

        "This is your card, that's why you're not afraid of the Emperor in the slightest?" Fei Lingsheng asked.

        Han Giangli frowned and said something that made Fei Lingsheng really powerless, "I made the Red-Eyed Jade Python appear in order to ensure that I could deal with the Emperor, but even without it, the Emperor might not be a match for me."

        This made Fei Lingsheng couldn't help but roll his eyes, he was also underestimating the emperor too much.

        After absorbing the residual abilities of previous emperors, the emperor was now in an almost divine state, and he was just a pseudo-divine realm, but he dared to speak so boldly.

        In fact, Han Qianli was not exaggerating his strength when he said that, his Pseudo-God realm was not a Pseudo-God realm in the usual sense, the power that the two skeletons provided for him was by no means understandable to ordinary people, and so far, Han Qianli hadn't tried to see where his limits were.

        The emperor, who was originally very confident that he could deal with Han Three Thousand, was also a little fearful after seeing the red-eyed jade python, the red-eyed jade python was, after all, an ancient exotic beast, the most powerful exotic beast under the legendary Lin Long, devouring Extreme Mastery was like a game, and although he was now able to temporarily maintain his God Realm state, it wasn't that simple to deal with the red-eyed jade python.

        Most importantly, in addition to the red-eyed jade python, he also had to deal with Han Qianqian, which made it even more difficult.

        It wasn't until this moment that the emperor understood why Han Qianxiang dared to be so arrogant, and his capital was completely unexpected.

        It was a pity that things had come to this point, there was no way to regret it anymore, the emperor could only solve the two troubles in front of him as quickly as possible, otherwise he wouldn't be able to maintain his divine state once his abilities were depleted.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, do you want a beast to stand up for you?" The emperor said to Han Sanqiang, he wanted to use this to provoke Han Sanqiang into making a move in order to avoid a one-two situation for himself.

        But Han Qianxiang wasn't a fool, how could he fall for such a trick that wasn't on the stage?

        "Are you afraid? If you're willing to leave the Imperial Dragon Hall and unload your emperor status, I can spare your life." Han Giangli said.

        The emperor's expression was fierce, unloading his emperor identity, such a loss of dignity was worse than death for him.

        "Bold words, today I'll make you pay the price." With a cold snort, the emperor appeared beside Han Qianqian with a flash of his body.

        The emperor's appearance was something to look forward to, and countless onlookers hoped that the emperor would kill Han Qianxiang to establish his authority, but after the red-eyed jade python appeared, their attitudes changed a bit.

        At first, they thought that Han Three thousand would die, but this thought became wavering with the appearance of the red-eyed jade python.

        With the powerful Ancient Exotic Beast added to the mix, it had become an unknown whether or not the Emperor would have the strength to deal with Han Qianxiang.

        "Today's battle is afraid that it will completely change the imperial court ah."

        "A powerful exotic beast like the Red-Eyed Jade Python is not easy to deal with even for an emperor, no ...... won't really be successful in usurping the throne by this guy!"

        "I didn't expect, I really didn't expect that we would be able to witness such a great war."

        Just as the crowd was speculating, the great war began.

        The black clouds in the sky above the Imperial Dragon Palace were suddenly overwhelming, and the powerful pressure caused some people who were at a slightly weaker realm to be unable to stand and had to sit crouched on the ground, while Huang Snap Yong was now simply lying on his back, as the pressure was too great for him to resist, he might as well bear it silently.

        Moreover, such a posture would also allow Snapdragon Huang to see the Sky War more clearly.

        "Hey, the action is too fast to see, am I just going to have to miss Master's great display of strength?" Huang Snapdragon said with a grumbling face.

        Most of the people present were like Huang Snap Yong, unable to see the scenes of the Emperor and Han Third Thousand fighting each other at all, and only Fei Lingsheng, who was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, was able to barely capture some of the images.

        Despite not being able to see too clearly, Han Three Thousand's effortless handling of the situation, coupled with the trouble the red-eyed jade python had caused the emperor, had put Han Three Thousand in the upper hand.

        "It looks like the seat of the emperor is really going to be replaced." Fei Lingsheng couldn't help but exclaim that the war wasn't over yet, but with the current situation, the chances of Han Three Thousand's victory were very high.

        Hearing this, Zhantai Liuyue couldn't help but ask, "Senior Fei, are you saying that Han 3,000 will definitely win?"

        "Although the emperor hasn't erupted at his greatest strength yet, the same goes for Han Qianli, who has restrained each other, but with the red-eyed jade python, even if the emperor all erupted, it's likely that he wouldn't be Han Qianli's opponent." Fei Lingsheng said, this was something she once dared not imagine, but now, having seen it with her own eyes, she had to believe it even if she didn't.

        Zhantai Liuyue unconsciously swallowed her saliva, in her mind, Han Qianli had always been the image of a strong man, but it wasn't until today that the word strong had a clear position in her heart.

        Strong, to what extent was it strong?

        So strong that not even an emperor could match him!

        "This is my master, how could the emperor be his opponent, you guys, you just think too much of the emperor, you don't have any vision at all, in my eyes, only my master is the strongest, everyone else, they're all trash." Huang Snapdragon said with a smile on the side, although he had never thought that Han Qianqian was that powerful, but there was an opportunity to brag, Huang Snapdragon would never miss it.

His True Colors Chapter 1072


        Jingwu Mountain.

        This place had become the focus of almost everyone's attention in the entire Xia Kingdom, because a woman who had never revealed her name had almost made the strongest person in the entire Xia Kingdom taste defeat, and under the outcry of a large number of people, the number one expert of the Xia Kingdom, Yi Qingshan, had not shown up late, which would inevitably make people suspect that Yi Qingshan was deliberately hiding, and there were even rumors that Yi Qingshan was not her opponent, and that was why he was a shrinking turtle, which undoubtedly made the unknown woman of the Jingwu Mountain, climb to the top of her status.

        Even the Lord of Xia was helpless to do anything about it.

        And in recent times, because too many experts had lost face in front of her, very few people dared to challenge her anymore.

        It could be said that she had created an unprecedented achievement in Jingwu Mountain, almost dominating it.

        For a cultivator, winning fame was tantamount to winning status, which was something to be very happy about, but there was not a single smile on her face.

        There were even opponents who lost to her who even called her an iceberg beauty.

        Of course, she wasn't completely without a smile, and her gentleness when facing her own daughter was something that could make people swoon.

        "Mom, why hasn't dad come yet, didn't you say he would come to us himself?" The little girl snuggled up to the adult, her face a little tired, as if she was tired.

        Another expert from the entire Xia Kingdom who was dreadfully scared, she gently stroked the little girl's head and said, "Nian'er, Daddy doesn't seem to be here, but we can't go anywhere else yet."

        "Why?" The little girl raised her head with a confused face, as if she didn't understand her mother's words.

        The woman looked towards the direction of the Dark Forest, a very powerful energy had erupted there some time ago, she knew that it was from a very high level exotic beast, and to leave the Summer Kingdom to another country, she had to go through the Dark Forest.

        If she was alone, she could have risked trying something, but with her daughter by her side, she couldn't do that, if something happened, what would happen to the woman in this unknown world was beyond her imagination, and she couldn't let that man lose his beloved daughter.

        "It's very dangerous there, and mother is not strong enough to fight those fierce monsters on her own." The woman said.

        The little girl waved her pink fist and said, "Mama, are there any monsters you can't beat?"

        "Of course, it's not like mom is invincible." The woman said as if it was a matter of course.

        The little girl, however, shook her head, because during this time, she had witnessed many experts lose to her mother, and to her, her mother was invincible, so what's the difference between a district monster.

        "Mama, is daddy better than you?" The little girl was curious.

        The woman was stunned, her attitude seemed hesitant, and said, "Right now Daddy shouldn't be as powerful as me, but he'll definitely be strong in the future, and no matter how powerful the monster is, he won't be a match for Daddy."

        "Yay." The little girl perked up and danced with joy, chanting, "Daddy is the greatest, Daddy is the greatest."

        At this time, the woman suddenly looked towards the direction of the imperial court, although she was located very far away from the imperial court, she could faintly feel the confrontation between the two forces, this was a duel between two experts, this level of confrontation had even surpassed the confrontation between the Extreme Mastery realm powerhouses.

        The woman couldn't help but smile and said to the little girl, "Nian'er, I know where daddy is."

        When the little girl heard this, she immediately began to look left and right and said, "Where, where, has daddy come to pick us up?"

        "There's no rush, dad is fighting the monster right now, and when he wins, he'll come get us soon." The woman said with an expectant face.

        The little girl immediately restrained her eager expression, took a deep breath and said, "Daddy, you have to work hard, you have to win the monster and pick me and mommy up."

        "Three thousand, I can finally feel your presence, and the fact that you're not dead is the greatest news for me." The woman said quietly, the breeze from the mountain tops, blowing tears from her eyes, but she wasn't sad, she was happy.

        At this moment, a familiar man appeared in front of the mother and son.

        It wasn't the first time he had come here, the Lord of the Xia Kingdom, but unfortunately he had touched a snag every time he came, but he wasn't discouraged, because such an expert was worth any way he could pull it together.

        "You've come again." The woman said faintly.

        The State Lord smiled slightly and said, "Even if you reject me a million times, I'll come again."

        "I won't join the Summer Kingdom because I've already found the person I'm looking for." The woman said.

        The State Lord's face visibly changed, hearing her say that meant that she was already going to prepare to leave the Xia Kingdom, which wasn't good news for him, because once this kind of strong person was stationed in another country, it would be a devastating blow to the Xia Kingdom.

        Moreover, the Xia Country's number one strongman, Yi Qingshan, had already fallen to the Imperial Court, which added to the Xia Country's strength.

        "Where is he?" The Country Lord couldn't help but ask.

        Normally, she would have already kicked the country lord off the mountain, but she was in a good mood today and didn't mind wasting a little more time.

        "There." The woman pointed in the direction of the imperial court.

        The State Lord's face was ashen, this was probably the last news he wanted to hear, to him, it was equivalent to bad news, because the Royal Court had already had a very powerful person, and it was also the same powerful person who had killed Yi Qingshan, if this woman was also going to the Royal Court, then the strength of the Royal Court would completely crush the other two countries.

        "I heard that a strong person has also appeared in the Imperial Court recently, is he the one you're looking for?" The sovereign asked.

        "Well, we'll have to see what the name of the man you're talking about is." The woman said.

        The State Lord was still very clear about the situation in the Imperial Court, after all, Han Three Thousand's reputation had shocked the entire Imperial Court, and his eyes and ears had already sent this matter back to the Xia Kingdom.

        "His name is Han Three Thousand Years." The State Lord said.

        When the woman heard the three familiar words, her face smiled even more, and even a hint of crow's feet appeared at the corners of her eyes.

        Without her opening her mouth, the State Lord guessed the answer, the person she was looking for was indeed Han Three Thousand, and this was the worst of bad news, these two together would be an unimaginable increase in the power of the Imperial Court, and he could even already foresee the future Xia Kingdom, which would submit to the Imperial Court.

        "Can I know your name? Although I know I can't keep you, I want to know what kind of person is able to challenge the entire Xia Kingdom's strongest man on his own." The State Lord asked reluctantly.

        The woman smiled like a flower and said, "Su Yingxia."

His True Colors Chapter 1073

In the sky above the imperial court, in addition to the black clouds, there was even more lightning and thunder at this time, like a harbinger of an approaching storm.

        However, this was not caused by the weather changes, but rather the unnatural changes caused by the encounter between Han Qianli and the Emperor, and from this point alone, this battle between the two was already earth-shattering.

        And at this stage, even Fei Lingsheng, a strong person in the Extreme Mastery Realm, was unable to see the two's encounter, which made Fei Lingsheng sigh in her heart that this was the world of the strong, compared to what she used to think of as strong, it wasn't even on the same level.

        The God Realm, a realm that was desirable, a realm that could change the color of the heavens and earth, this was the realm of the truly strong.

        "Senior Fei, can you still see Sovereign Han?" Zhantai Liuyue, who was on her back, couldn't catch any trace of Han Marchant now except for seeing a black cloud and the occasional lightning and thunder, which made her a little worried because once Han Marchant lost, they wouldn't be able to leave the Royal Dragon Hall and the entire Misty Sect would be implicated.

        Zhantai Liuyue wasn't someone who was afraid of death, and at this point, she didn't have a choice, even if she really had to face death, Zhantai Liuyue would be able to take it in stride, but she didn't want to implicate so many members of the Misty Sect because of this, so in her heart, she still hoped that Han 3000 would win.

        Fei Lingsheng shook his head and said, "Can't see, but you don't need to worry, the Emperor's strength is already slowly weakening, so I'm sure he's gradually declining now."

        The strength that the emperor possessed, after all, came from external reinforcement, and if he couldn't resolve the battle within a short period of time, his energy would definitely be consumed even faster, which would definitely lead to him getting weaker and weaker.

        But Han 3000 was a pseudo-god realm in his own right, his decline wouldn't show so quickly, and there was also the help of the red-eyed jade python, which could help Han 3000 take a lot of pressure off, so Fei Lingsheng believed that the emperor had already lost the battle from the start, and it was only a matter of time before he waited for the result.

        "Sovereign Zhantai, do you need to worry, my master is so powerful, I'm sure he can win, you should learn from me and relax." Huang Snapdragon, who was lying on the ground, said with a heartless look, from the very beginning, he wasn't worried about Han Giang at all, and never thought that Han Giang would lose.

        Zhantai Liuyue took a look at Huang Snapdragon, she also wished she could have Huang Snapdragon's mentality, but there were still too many Misty Clan members behind her to be so open-minded, it was clearly impossible to be so open-minded.

        The sky that one couldn't see, at this time, Han 3000 was indeed at an advantage, the existence of the Red-Eyed Jade Python provided him with a very powerful boost, even in dealing with the emperor, it was much easier than he thought, at least so far, Han 3000 hadn't felt too much pressure, and it was clear that the emperor, due to the loss of energy, was about to be unable to hold on.

        "Do you think you still have a chance of winning?" Han Giangli said faintly, his voice reaching the emperor's ears directly through the clouds.

        The emperor was in a bit of a mess, he had never been in such a mess ever since he sat on the throne of God.

        At this moment, his expression was written with a face full of unwillingness, the rights of the emperor, there was no one who could provoke him in the Imperial Dragon Hall, he had never thought that someone would be able to compete with him in the Imperial Dragon Hall, and that was with the added strength of the past emperors.

        If he continued to spend like this, he would definitely lose, but he wouldn't give up so easily.

        "Do you really think that this is already my limit?" The emperor gritted his teeth and said.

        If the emperor was so easy to deal with, would he still be an emperor?

        Naturally, Han Giangli wouldn't feel that this was the limit of his strength.

        "What other cards are left, hurry up and take them out, or else you'll lose the chance to show yourself." Han Qianli responded.

        The emperor's face was fierce, it wasn't that he didn't want to, but the price he had to pay for doing so was too great, using the power of the Imperial Dragon Hall would already make him suffer the cost of a reduced lifespan, and if he forcefully raised his realm again, even if he could win this battle, he would be close to death.

        But being close to death was a little different from dying right now, after all.

        "Han Qianli, you brought this on yourself, I'll show you what it means to be truly powerful." The emperor madly drew power from around his body, which not only caused his strength to increase in a short period of time, but even his entire flesh became expanded.

        The city gates, those strong people who were watching, fell one by one for no reason and in the blink of an eye, they turned into dried corpses, as if they had been drained of their essence blood in an instant.

        Looking at this situation, Fei Lingsheng was shocked, she knew that the reason why these people fell was because the power in their bodies was sucked away by the emperors, and the emperors, who were already showing signs of decay, would gain strength again under this situation.

        "Be careful, come to my side." Fei Lingsheng said to Zhantai Liuyue and Huang Snap Yong.

        Although Huang Snap Yong didn't understand what was happening, looking at the guys who had somehow turned into dried corpses, he knew that something big was definitely wrong, so he quickly listened to Fei Lingsheng's words and crawled to Fei Lingsheng's side with difficulty.

        "What's going on here?" Huang Snap Yong was surprised and asked Fei Ling Sheng.

        "The emperor has absorbed the power of these people, and he's using their lives to increase his strength for a short time, so it looks like he's going to have a final fight with Han 3000." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        "What a vicious tactic, how many people will have to die!" Watching the strong men fall one after another, Snapdragon Huang was trembling with fear, fortunately he had Fei Lingsheng's protection, otherwise he would have become a dried corpse just like those people.

        How many people had to die?

        Fei Lingsheng sighed helplessly, this move of the emperor would definitely cause most of the experts of the Royal Dragon Palace to lose their lives, he had completely disregarded the consequences in order to be able to win against Han Giang, in this situation, even if he could win, the strength of the imperial court would be severely damaged, if the other two countries knew about this, they would definitely carry out a military strike, at that time, the imperial court would most likely become a captive nation.

        "I didn't expect him to have such a tactic, little fellow, it's up to you later, we must strike a blow to kill, we can't waste any more time, otherwise, all the experts of the Royal Dragon Palace will probably die." Han Qianqian said to the red-eyed jade python, he could see the situation at the city gate clearly, although Huang Snap Yong and Zhantai Liuyue were protected by Fei Lingsheng and would be safe for the time being, but the emperor had lost his mind to such an extent, if he was not contained, these three would sooner or later become the source of the emperor's power.

        These people didn't have a deep bond with Han Qianqian, but Han Qianqian was after all a merciful person, and since they had followed him to the Imperial Dragon Hall, Han Qianqian would never let them die here.


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