His True Colors Chapter 1061-1063


His True Colors Chapter 1061

Does Ferrington need to please someone?

        If an outsider heard such words, they would definitely be taken as a joke.

        As the number one strongest person in the imperial court, even the emperors had to give a few slivers of face, so how could Fei Lingsheng be trying to please someone else?

        But just because you don't believe it doesn't mean that the truth doesn't exist, and the news that you have time to hear is not necessarily false.

        The current Fei Lingsheng was indeed trying to please Han Qianli, because she had to find a way to stay by Han Qianli's side when she needed more sacred chestnuts.

        Originally, she had a very good chance to even gain Han Three Thousand's trust, but because of a little hesitation, she missed her chance.

        Fei Lingsheng had to find a way to find an opportunity to make up for this.

        After Jiang Ying Ying's body recovered unharmed, Han Ganshi met Fei Lingsheng on her way to see Yan Qing Hua.

        It was by no means a coincidence, but Fei Lingsheng had been waiting for him for quite some time.

        "I've already told you to leave the Three Thousand Year Sect." Han 3000 said in an icy tone, a person who was not trustworthy, Han 3000 would never be soft on her in any way.

        The old man had always taught that one couldn't easily trust anyone in a foreign land, not to mention that Han 3000 was not simply in a foreign land at this point, but in another world, so he would naturally become more cautious.

        No matter which way one looked at it, Fei Lingsheng was a member of the emperor's family, and sooner or later, Han Qianxiang would become an enemy with the emperor, and an enemy's friend was naturally an enemy.

        "What can I do to make amends?" Fei Lingsheng's direct question, uttering the words, had shown that Fei Lingsheng had put himself in a low position in front of Han Qianli.

        When had an Extreme Master realm powerhouse ever lowered his voice?

        But Fei Lingsheng had no choice.

        The first point was that Han 3000 easily killed Yi Qingshan, which meant that he was far above the Extreme Master Realm, which was able to make Fei Lingsheng respect as well as scrupulous.

        The second point was that Fei Lingsheng's only hope of breaking through the Extreme Mastery Realm and reaching the God Realm was on Han Qianqian, so in her opinion, it was the right thing to do to whisper to Han Qianqian.

        "Fei Lingsheng, you're an Extreme Master Realm powerhouse, how can you forget your identity, it's not good to be so low to me, an ordinary sect master," Han Giangli said.

        "I've been pursuing the legendary divine Realm, I used to think that this goal was ethereal to me because no one even knew if this realm existed, but you, you've made me firm in my desire to know that the divine Realm really exists, and only you can help me break through the Extreme Mastery Realm." Fei Lingsheng didn't shy away from saying that she didn't need to deliberately hide her intentions, after all, Han 3000 wasn't an idiot, how could she not know what she wanted?

        "Why would I want to help you become a God Realm powerhouse, why would I create a rival for myself when I'm the only one in this world?" Han Qianli said indifferently, now he was definitely strong enough to hold up to the four words of dominating the world, of course, the premise was to ignore the Dark Forest's Lin Long, so Han Qianli had no need to help Fei Lingsheng break the boundary.

        What kind of person would think twice about creating a powerful opponent for themselves?

        Even a fool would not do such a stupid thing.

        What's more, the current Han 3000 was not a true God Realm powerhouse, and he relied entirely on the ability of his bones to increase his strength.

        If he really let Fei Ling Sheng become a God Realm powerhouse, whether his own strength would still be above hers, Han 3000 couldn't guarantee it.

        Fei Ling Sheng couldn't refute Han 3000's words, as she had no way to prove that she could always be loyal to Han 3000, and it was only natural for Han 3000 to have such scruples.

        But Fei Lingsheng was willing to pay any price in order to be able to feel the true divine realm, after all, this was her only goal to pursue, and without it, life would become meaningless.

        "Don't you have a self-created contract that you can use on people?" Fei Lingsheng lowered his head and said.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows curled, and he never would have expected Fei Lingsheng to say such words.

        Contracts were originally used for foreign beasts, allowing them to be absolutely loyal to their masters and obey their orders.

        In the beginning, in order to be able to better control Zhong Qishan, Han Qianqian had slightly modified this contract to be able to use it on humans.

        However, he never expected that Fei Lingsheng would be willing to be controlled by him.

        One had to know that once the contract was signed, Fei Lingsheng was just a puppet, and anything she did would require Han Qianli's consent, and with the contract signed, Han Qianli was able to make Fei Lingsheng die with a single thought, in this situation, what was the use of her becoming stronger?

        "Fellows, you're not kidding me, are you willing to be my puppet?" Han Giangli looked at Fei Lingsheng with a questioning face, and if he hadn't heard him so clearly, he might have even suspected that he was hallucinating.

        "No, I'm being absolutely sincere," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Qianli took a deep breath, was this woman insane?

        Puppet of the Extreme Mastery!

        It was something Han Giang hadn't even thought about, but now, it seemed like he could have it if he nodded his head.

        "Why are you doing this?" Han Jiangli asked, Fei Lingsheng was willing to pay such a high price, she definitely had a purpose, and in Han Jiangli's opinion, her purpose was probably more than just breaking the realm, so Han Jiangli had to be careful with this matter.

        "Breaking the realm, that's my only purpose, I want to feel the world of the God Realm, I want to know what it's like to be a strong person in the God Realm." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Giang still had doubts, but on second thought, once Fei Lingsheng became her puppet, everything she did would be under her control, and she was absolutely incapable of resistance, so even if she had other purposes, Han Giang didn't really need to worry too much.

        It was just that this matter had come too suddenly, and for a moment, it was somewhat unacceptable to Han Three Thousand.

        "You should know that no matter how strong you are, it's impossible for the contract to be unilaterally interrupted, so don't think that you'll be able to break away from my control once you become stronger." Han Three Thousand said, this was the last time he would confirm Fei Lingsheng's attitude, and he wanted to make Fei Lingsheng clear on the cost of the contract.

        "I know." Fei Lingsheng said without hesitation.

        Han Giangli heaved out a heavy breath of bad luck and said, "I'm going to check on Yan Qing Hua now, so go back to your room and I'll come find you."

        "Yes." Fei Lingsheng lowered his head and walked straight away, acting like he was taking orders from a servant.

        Han Giangli had to sigh that this world was so crazy that even someone like Fei Lingsheng was willing to be his puppet, was the divine realm really so powerfully attractive?

His True Colors Chapter 1062

It was normal that Han Qianxiang couldn't understand Fei Lingsheng's thoughts, as he didn't have any obsessions in this area, but for Fei Lingsheng, this choice was actually understandable, reaching the divine Realm was an almost impossible thing, but now that the opportunity was in front of Fei Lingsheng, she naturally wanted to grasp it ruthlessly.

        And what Fei Lingsheng was doing now was not just as simple as Sacred Chestnut, she also wanted to help herself through Han Qianli's own strength, after all, in Fei Lingsheng's eyes, the current Han Qianli was already a strong player in the divine Realm.

        Arriving in front of Yan Qing Hua's room, Han Three Thousand knocked on the door.

        Since Yan Qing Hua was still resting, it was fellow disciple's sister who opened the door.

        When fellow disciple sister saw Han Three Thousand, her pretty face turned red as she lowered her head and shouted, "Sect Master Han, what are you doing here."

        Nowadays, in the Piao Miao Sect, there were a lot of people who had a crush on Han Kuang, and the small album of Han Kuang's battle against the twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Clan was almost a handful, and many people had a silent crush on Han Kuang.

        "How's Old Extension doing?" Han Giangli asked.

        "Extension Lao is still resting." The fellow disciple said.

        As soon as the words fell, Yan Qing Hua's voice came from inside the house, "Please come in, Sect Master Han, I'm no longer in any serious trouble."

        Yan Qing Hua was indeed resting, but when she heard Han Qianli's voice, half of her vitality was directly restored, and resting or anything else wasn't important at all, being able to see Han Qianli was the cure.

        Moreover, the energy that had been emptied from her body after Yan Qinghua had eaten the Sacred Chestnut had quickly recovered, she was now merely adapting to absorbing the energy brought by the Sacred Chestnut, as long as she used it properly, she would be able to take this opportunity to break through.

        Han Giangli smiled and entered the room.

        The woman's room carried a faint aroma, and although Han Qianxiang wouldn't be tempted by other women, the smell still made him secretly take a deep breath.

        "Yan Yan Lao, you're alright." When Han 3,000 walked to the bedside, Yan Qing Hua's face had recovered a lot, and her red face was still more or less inviting.

        For an ordinary man, Yan Qing Hua's posture was definitely attractive enough, but unfortunately for someone like Han Qianli, who was knowledgeable and had been thrown into the arms of countless women, the allure would invariably be much less.

        Yan Qing Hua half sat up and said, "I'm already much better, thank you, Patriarch Han, for the Sacred Chestnut, but such a precious thing, Yan Qing Hua is still ashamed of it."

        "To me, Jiang Yingying's life is more important than anything else, you brought her back safely, a sacred chestnut is just a sacred chestnut, why bother." Han Qianli said indifferently, in his eyes, the Sacred Chestnut was indeed nothing, Yi Qingshan's use of Jiang Ying Ying as a blackmail was a complete death sentence.

        "Patriarch Han, perhaps to you, Sacred Chestnut is nothing, but to me, it is an honor to even take a glance at such a precious object, let alone be able to eat it in my own stomach." Yan Qing Hua said.

        "It's my due, no need to say thank you, if you don't want to waste the Sacred Chestnut, you can close the door now, the energy of the Sacred Chestnut will definitely help you break the border." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Qing Hua also had the same plan, after all, the Sacred Chestnut had already been eaten, so it couldn't be wasted.

        But compared to Han Qianqian, Yan Qing Hua directly threw the shutdown to the wind.

        How could she possibly not see Han Three Thousand because of the closure?

        "Sect Master Han, the matter of seclusion will be carried out after I return to the Piao Miao Sect, Yan Qing Hua will never let down Sect Master Han's good intentions." Yan Qing Hua said, she knew that when Zhantai Liuyue returned to the Three Thousand Year Sect, it would be the time for them to leave, so Yan Qing Hua naturally didn't want to spend her time on this matter of retreat.

        "Don't worry, even if Zhantai Sect Master returns, I won't drive you away, the Three Thousand Year Sect and the Misty Sect are one family, you can stay as long as you want, the matter of the retreat should be carried out as soon as possible so that the value of the Sacred Chestnut can be maximized." Han Third Thousand said.

        A family?

        These three words touched Yan Qing Hua's heart, and although she knew that Han Giang's so-called family wasn't what she had imagined in her mind, Yan Qing Hua was content to be so close.

        "Patriarch Han, is it really possible?" Yan Qing Hua asked.

        "Of course I can, and I still have to go to the Imperial Dragon Hall, so Elder Yangshen can feel at ease to close up in the Three Thousand Year Sect." Han Sanchi said, now that Zhantai Liuyue and Huang Snap Yong were confined by the Emperor in the Imperial Dragon Hall, if Han Sanchi didn't go, these two wouldn't be able to leave, so Han Sanchi had to make a trip.

        "Patriarch Han, you're still going to the Imperial Dragon Hall?" Yan Qing Hua was confused.

        "There are still some things I need to take care of, I'll be leaving soon, so Elder Yan Qing Hua can close the door at ease." After saying that, Han Three Thousand Year made a farewell gesture.

        Although Yan Qing Hua still wanted to keep Han Three Thousand, after all, this kind of time together was invaluable to Yan Qing Hua, but she couldn't find an excuse and could only watch Han Three Thousand walk out of the room.

        When the door closed, Yan Qing Hua couldn't help but sigh.

        "Yan Yan Lao, what's wrong with you?" The same door saw Yan Qing Hua's expression change all of a sudden and couldn't help but ask.

        "I like Sect Master Han." Yan Qing Hua said straightforwardly, such was her personality, she wouldn't hide herself in front of Zhantai Liuyue and was frank and straightforward in front of her fellow disciples.

        After leaving Yan Qing Hua's room, Han Qianli hesitated to go find Fei Lingsheng, although Fei Lingsheng had already made it clear, Han Qianli still felt that it was a bit unrealistic to have an Extreme Master realm powerhouse sign a contract with him.

        To put it bluntly, Han 3000 had concerns that he couldn't see through Fei Lingsheng, so naturally he wouldn't dare to do this.

        But in reality, signing the contract didn't have any disadvantages for Han Three thousand, and he didn't need to worry about Fei Lingsheng's evil intentions at all.

        Once the contract came into effect, Fei Lingsheng's life would be in his hands, and he would be able to contain whatever evil thoughts Fei Lingsheng had.

        After pondering for a long time, Han Qianqian eventually headed towards Fei Lingsheng's room.

        The door to Fei Lingsheng's room was wide open and had been waiting for Han Three Thousand.

        When Fei Lingsheng saw Han 3,000, he directly asked, "Have you thought about it, a puppet of the Extreme Mastery Realm may even break through the God Realm later, such a servant is not that easy to find."

        "Fei Lingsheng, the price you'll have to pay for the divine Realm will be too great." Han Giangli didn't understand Fei Lingsheng's thinking, in his opinion, what was the point of losing his freedom, even if he became a God Realm powerhouse?

        "If I can't become a strong God Realm, it's like living in the world, it's not what I want, and this price is nothing to me." Fei Lingsheng said stubbornly.

His True Colors Chapter 1063

From Fei Lingsheng's persistent eyes, Han Giang could tell that she had made up her mind, perhaps for someone like her, breaking through the divine Realm had become the only ultimate goal.

        Although it wasn't something that Han Three Thousand could understand, he couldn't deny Fei Lingsheng's persistence, after all, everyone pursued different goals.

        In his case, what he wanted was to solve all the troubles and then find a paradise and live in peace with Su Yingxia Han Nian, but the prerequisite to obtaining this peace was to solve the troubles, and solving the troubles would inevitably require him to have great strength.

        So on some level, although the goals of Han Qianli and Fei Lingsheng were not the same, what they both did was different and similar.

        When Han 3,000 walked up to Fei Lingsheng, Fei Lingsheng had to bend down slightly, she didn't mind laying down her dignity as an Extreme Master Realm powerhouse in front of Han 3,000, after all, Han 3,000 was already a God Realm powerhouse in her eyes, and God Realm powerhouses were capable of gaining respect from everyone.

        When Han 3000 crossed out the contract mark on Fei Lingsheng's forehead, Fei Lingsheng had one last chance to regret it, but she didn't do so and accepted the contract smoothly, so far, Fei Lingsheng had become Han 3000's puppet, a genuine Extreme Master Realm puppet, which was much better than Zhong Qishan.

        Ximen Family.

        Zhong Qishan was discussing with Ximen Embers about the matter between Han Three Thousand and the Royal Dragon Hall, when Zhong Qishan looked up abruptly at Phoenix Mountain.

        "What's wrong with you?" Ximen Embers asked with puzzlement.

        Zhong Qishan also had some confusion between his brows and said, "I don't know, I suddenly had a strange feeling just now, but it quickly disappeared."

        "It's related to the Three Thousand Clans?" Ximen Embers asked, since he had looked in the direction of Phoenix Mountain in the first place, then things must be related to the Three Thousand Clans.

        Zhong Qishan shook his head, the feeling came so suddenly and also disappeared so quickly that he didn't have time to sense what was going on, and whether it was related to the Three Thousand Sect or not, he wasn't sure himself.

        "I don't know, maybe." Zhong Qishan said, although he didn't know what was going on, but in his heart, a hint of worry appeared.

        "Han Three Thousand Clans and the Royal Dragon Hall, will they really become enemies?" Ximen Embers asked, just now they were discussing this issue, this was what Ximen Embers had been speculating about, of course, he wasn't afraid, but rather had some expectations, now that the Ximen Family was a subsidiary of Han 3000, no matter what Han 3000 did, the Ximen Family would have to follow Han 3000's footsteps.

        Once Han 3000 really wanted to antagonize the Royal Dragon Palace, then the Ximen Family would also become the enemy of the Royal Dragon Palace.

        But for the Ximen Embers, this was not bad news, after all, the Ximen Family was now so influential that it would gradually touch the Emperor's bottom line, and it was only a matter of time before they would repeat the mistakes of the Bai Ling Family, and the only way to avoid this was to subvert the rights of the Royal Dragon Palace.

        In this world, the only person who could subvert the rights of the Royal Dragon Palace, in Ximen Embers' opinion, was Han Qianqian.

        "Actually, you already have the answer in your heart, so why do you need to ask me again and again." Zhong Qishan said, although the words were not clear, but both of them knew full well that Han Qianli suddenly created the Three Thousand Year Sect, this was by no means a spur of the moment idea, he would definitely have some sort of plan.

        "I just want you to give me more confidence, after all, going against the Imperial Dragon Hall is not something that just anyone would dare to do," Ximen Embers said.

        "You're a crazy person, if it were your grandfather, he would definitely try to get rid of Han Qianli, but you're good, you're afraid that Han Qianli won't do anything against the Emperor." Zhong Qishan shook his head helplessly, grandparents and grandsons were completely different personalities, Ximen Embers was not greedy for peace and comfort at all, instead he was exceptionally belligerent, even though this matter was likely to cause the Ximen family to pay the price of extermination, he still had no intention of backing down.

        "That old thing has long since lost his fighting spirit, the Ximen Family will sooner or later go on the path to extinction in his hands, and only I can lead the family to true light." Ximen Embers said with disdain, he had no respect for Ximen Chang, although there was a blood relationship, but this relationship was meaningless to Ximen Embers, Ximen Chang cultivated him in order to seek a successor for the Ximen Family, but when he got the Sacred Chestnut, the selfishness was all exposed, and Ximen Embers also knew that in many things, Ximen Chang was simply using him, so the apparently good grandson of the In fact, it had already gone belly up long ago.

        "You're right to think so, the Ximen Family will sooner or later cause the Emperor's displeasure, and if they don't have the right time to resist, they'll eventually become the second Bai Ling Family, but I just don't know how much Han Qianli is capable of." Zhong Qishan said, he was also on the same string as Han 3,000 now, if Han 3,000 died in this matter, he would have no way to live, so he could only pray in his heart that Han 3,000 really had the certainty to deal with the emperor.

        On the other hand, Han Three Thousand Thousand and Fei Lingsheng, who had already completed the contract, left the Three Thousand Thousand Sect.

        Now that Huang Snap Yong and Zhantai Liuyue were still trapped in the Imperial Dragon Hall, Han Three thousand had to make another trip to the Imperial Dragon Hall, but I'm afraid this trip wouldn't be as calm as the previous one.

        Han 3,000 killed the people sent by the Emperor to the Three Thousand Sect, and this time when he went, the Emperor was bound to ask about it, and if Han 3,000 couldn't give the Emperor a good explanation, I'm afraid that the battle between the two would break out early.

        "You killed those men of the emperor, have you thought of how to explain to the emperor?" Fei Lingsheng asked Han Qianqian, in her opinion, Han Qianqian was unwise to do so, after all, those people were the Emperor's own faction, he still chose to kill under such circumstances, wasn't it obvious that he didn't put the Emperor in his eyes?

        As the ruler of a country, how could the emperor possibly bear such humiliation, and once he was to pursue this matter, what Han Giang would have to face was a huge problem.

        "You really don't know at all why the emperor is able to be so strong in the Imperial Dragon Hall?" Han Giangli asked rhetorically.

        This matter was something that many Extreme Mastery Realm powerhouses actually wanted to figure out, but unfortunately, up until now, no one knew the secret.

        "If I knew, could I not tell you, we're in the same boat now, and it's not easy for me if you die, but according to my guess, it should be related to the successive emperors, it's some sort of power addition that can raise his realm several times in an instant." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        Several times the realm?

        With the emperor's current realm, if it was raised several times, wouldn't it be able to reach the divine realm?


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