His True Colors Chapter 1037-1038


His True Colors Chapter 1037

"Misty Sect." Zhantai Liuyue said without changing her face, she didn't want to k*ll anyone, so she directly gave her name, hoping that this would scare off the gang of hooligans.

        The gang was stunned for a moment, then laughed, clearly not believing Zhantai Liuyue's words.

        "Beautiful Lady, you really know how to joke, if you're the Patriarch of the Misty Sect, I'm still the Emperor."

        "Meijiao Niang can't even lie and deceive people, if you had told us about a sect that wasn't so powerful, maybe we would have believed it, how could the Sovereign of the Misty Sect appear in this small place of ours."

        "Brother, stop talking nonsense, tie up this beautiful woman and let the brothers enjoy themselves, I can't stand it anymore."

        Hearing these words, Han Qianliang sighed helplessly, Zhantai Liuyue had obviously planned to let these guys off the hook, but they had no comprehension at all, it looked like the fight was set, otherwise it wouldn't have pacified.

        "Just in time, I'll have another cup of tea to catch up." After Han Giangli said that to Zhantai Liuyue, he did it again, and by the looks of him, he wasn't going to make a move.

        Zhantai Liuyue shook his back groove teeth, as a man, he didn't even help, he looked like he was watching a good show.

        Although with Zhantai Liuyue's strength to deal with this gang, he didn't need Han Qianli's help, but he didn't have any manly responsibility at all?

        "Patriarch Han is thirsty for timing." Zhantai Liuyue said in dissatisfaction.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said to the group, "When you kneel down later to beg for forgiveness, you'll have to kowtow harder, or else this beautiful lady won't spare you."

        After saying that, Han Qianli really started drinking tea.

        The gang of big men looked like they were rubbing their fists, already eager to get intimate with Zhantai Liuyue, and at this time Han Qianqian acted like it was none of their business, undoubtedly giving them the opportunity to do so.

        "Give it to me, whoever can rip off this pussy's clothes will be the first to enjoy it."

        As soon as these words were spoken, the gang of big men became as excited as chicken blood, howling forward and backward.

        As Han Qianli drank his tea, he couldn't even bear to see what happened to the gang of big men, and the painful cries that came from time to time in his ears made Han Qianli couldn't help but reveal an expression of pity.

        "Hey, a bunch of poor muscle monsters, it's not good to mess with anyone, they dared to mess with the Misty Sect's Patriarch, they died really unjustly." Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face.

        The sounds of fighting came and went quickly.

        With Zhantai Liuyue's strength at the Eight Lantern Realm, dealing with these hooligans was naturally a breeze.

        When the sounds of fighting stopped and Han Three Thousand couldn't help but turn around to look, the scene was so miserable that there wasn't a single person who could continue to stand, with the exception of a few who had passed out, all of them were rolling around on the ground in pain.

        "When it's really a simple mind with developed limbs ah, I've told you all that she's the Patriarch of the Misty Sect, why don't you believe my words." Han Qianli said helplessly.

        Zhantai Liuyue glared at Han Giang, this guy had caught the timing of his sarcastic remark well.

        "I'm Zhantai Liuyue, do you guys believe me now!" Zhantai Liuyue said to the group of people.

        The leader nodded his head like garlic, he never thought he would lose so badly, now even if Zhantai Liuyue said he was an emperor, he had to believe it.

        "Zhantai Sovereign, we have eyes to see, and we deserve to die for disturbing your tranquility." The leader knelt on the ground and looked like he was begging for mercy.

        Han Qianli sighed again, he had seen the same scene countless times, but what was the point? Such people are everywhere, and it's likely that this will still happen countless times in the future.

        "I'm really tired of this." Han Giangli said to himself.

        "Tired of what?" Zhantai Liuyue was puzzled and asked Han Giangli.

        "It's nothing, if you're not going to kill these guys, let's continue on our way." Han Marchian said.

        Hearing this, the gang all tensed up and quickly knelt to Zhantai Liuyue, hoping that Zhantai Liuyue would let them off the hook.

        Zhantai Liuyue wasn't a homicidal person, and this gang of small characters wasn't worth the pain she was feeling.

        "Get lost." Zhantai Liuyue said in a cold voice.

        "Thank you, Sovereign Zhantai."

        A gang of seemingly powerful men fled with their heads in their hands, not at all having the imposing air they had before.

        The two of them continued to make their way towards the Imperial Dragon Hall.

        Zhantai Liuyue was dissatisfied with Han Qianlian's lack of action just now, but he didn't show it, although it was common sense that Han Qianlian should have been the one to take action and heroically save the day, but Han Qianlian wasn't an everyman, so the strange things he did weren't that unusual in Zhantai Liuyue's opinion.

        "We'll be arriving at the Royal Dragon Hall soon, have you thought about it?" Zhantai Liuyue asked Han Marchant.

        "Think of what?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        "When you enter the Royal Dragon Hall, your life and death are in the hands of the Emperor, aren't you really afraid that he will kill you? Someone like you is a great threat to the Royal Dragon Hall." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, if he was going to worry about this, he would never have made a decision to come to the Imperial Dragon Hall, and since he had already decided to come, it meant that Han Qianli didn't take this matter seriously at all.

        Even if the emperor really had the ability to kill him, Han Three Thousand wasn't shy about fighting with all his might.

        "Are you thanking me for being able to let you see how powerful the Emperor is in the Imperial Dragon Hall?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Zhantai Liuyue was speechless for a while, Han Giangli still had the heart to joke, wasn't he afraid of death at all?

        "What kind of person are you." Zhantai Liuyue couldn't help but ask, this was her curiosity for many days, ever since she came into contact with Han Giang, she had noticed that Han Giang was different from normal people, whether it was in his speech or his style of acting, it was something she had never seen before.

        Now that he was likely to face life or death, he could say this as a joke.

        "Man, can't you see that?" Han Giangli said as if he was taking it for granted.

        Zhantai Liuyue sighed helplessly and said, "If the emperor really wants to deal with you, you can't expect me to help you."

        "With your eight-light realm strength, you won't be of much help," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "You ...... "Zhantai Liuyue was furious, as the Patriarch of the Piao Miao Sect, she had never been ignored like this before, but Han Qianli didn't take her seriously at all.

        However, in terms of the realm of strength, Han Three Thousand Thousand indeed had such qualifications.

        Twenty-eight guests in a battle, this was something that had shocked the entire Imperial Court, so how could Zhantai Liuyue dare to have any disagreement.

        "Don't worry, I'll watch with wide eyes to see how you die at the hands of the emperor." Zhantai Liuyue said through gritted teeth.

        Han Giangli laughed, women really couldn't be offended, and this was starting to curse him.

His True Colors Chapter 1038

The Imperial Dragon Hall wasn't as grand and magnificent as Han Qianqian had imagined, instead it was like a small town, even places like the Feng Mall couldn't compare, but the realm of those who entered and left the Hall was not comparable to other places.

        And there were countless strong people and beast masters that could be seen here, and that alone was something that other places couldn't catch up with.

        "This place, it's different from what I imagined," Han Giangli said.

        "The Imperial Dragon Hall is a small town, but it's the center of the entire Imperial Court, and the Qi of Heaven and Earth is gathered here, which is more conducive to cultivation, which is why so many people choose to join the Imperial Court." Zhantai Liuyue explained to Han Qianlian.

        "Being able to facilitate cultivation this is indeed able to attract many cultivators, but why are there still many people unwilling to join the imperial court?" Han Qianli questioned.

        Not every strong man would choose to join the imperial court, such as Zhong Qishan who had once been at Ximen Chang's side, Han Qianli had also tried to think about this matter, a powerful family like the Ximen family could definitely give those strong men more benefits, but already they were strong men, would they really look at mundane mundane things?

        Compared to the natural conditions of the Royal Dragon Hall, which could be beneficial to enhancing one's cultivation, those mundane objects appeared to have no value at all.

        "Pursuing different pursuits naturally leads to different choices, and joining the Imperial Court means that one must serve and obey the emperor, which then makes those who don't like to be bound feel rejected." Zhantai Liuyue explained.

        Han Giangli nodded.

        At that moment, a familiar figure appeared at the city gate, causing Han Three Thousand to feel very surprised.

        Fei Ling'er!

        When she had suddenly left West Wing City, Han Qianxiang felt very strange.

        Now that they met again in the Royal Dragon Hall, Han Qianxiang was even more confused.

        How could she, how could she appear here?

        With a smile on her face, Fei Ling'er walked over to Han Qianli and said, "Are you surprised to see me?"

        "Indeed, how can I not be surprised that a little beggar can appear in the Imperial Dragon Hall." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Since you already had a guess about my identity, why do you need to deliberately sarcasm me." Fei Ling'er said.

        "Sarcasm? I wouldn't dare, but in case you're an imperial relative, wouldn't I end up with a head turn?" Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        Fei Ling'er smiled helplessly, exposing her identity in this way was something Fei Ling'er hadn't expected, but now it was impossible for her to continue hiding herself.

        "If you want to know who I am, I can tell you." Fei Ling'er said.

        "No need." Han Qianqian immediately interrupted Fei Ling'er and said, "I'm not very interested in you, and as for who you are, it's even less important and meaningless to me."

        "Han Three Thousand Year, you're now the Patriarch of the Three Thousand Year Sect, and you're not afraid of being laughed at for being so petty?" Fei Ling'er said coldly.

        "Sovereign Zhantai, am I stingy?" Han Giangli turned to Zhantai Liuyue and asked.

        Although Zhantai Liuyue didn't know who Fei Ling'er was, it was interesting for her to watch the two of them fight, and Zhantai Liuyue couldn't help but be stunned as she was brought closer to the battlefield in the cold.

        "I don't know, but it's true that you don't look like a man." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        Hearing this, Fei Ling'er laughed, looked at Han Qianli with a raised eyebrow, and said, "I don't know what illusion you've given Zhantai Patriarch to make her think that you don't look like a man."

        Han Qianqian didn't bother with this and said to Fei Ling'er, "Naturally you'll wait for me here, I'm sure the emperor knows I'm coming, so lead the way."

        "You really aren't curious about who I am?" Fei Ling'er asked curiously, how could she not be curious when she appeared in the Imperial Dragon Hall and Han Giang had guessed that she could take him to meet the emperor?

        "Are there many people who can see the Emperor and have the last name of Fei?" Han Qianliang asked back at Fei Ling'er.

        Zhantai Liuyue had been in a state of watching a good show, but her breathing quickened when she heard Han Qianli say those words.

        Surname Fei!

        There were quite a few people in Xuanyuan World with the surname Fei, but there were only a handful of people who could meet the emperor.

        "You really think I'm a relative of Fei Lingsheng?" Fei Lingsheng smiled.

        Han Qianqian laughed coldly and said, "The Extreme Mastery Realm possesses the ability to return to old age, Fei Lingsheng, do you really think that by now, I still can't guess who you are?"

        It was true that Han 3000 had previously mistakenly thought that Fei Ling'er and Fei Lingsheng were related, and even thought that they were blood relatives, but the fact that she was able to go to see the emperor could never be because of blood relatives, plus the fact that she looked young, but the Extreme Master realm was able to return her to her old age, and in combination with the above, Han 3000 had easily guessed Fei Lingsheng's identity.

        Although he was a little surprised, it was not surprising, but Han Qianli would not be able to help but wonder how a hallowed Extreme Master realm powerhouse could appear in front of him in the role of a beggar.

        With his identity pierced, Fei Lingsheng felt a bit bored, thinking that he could still sell out in front of Han Qianli, but he didn't expect Han Qianli to have guessed it himself.

        "You're so smart, why didn't you think of it before?" Fei Lingsheng said disdainfully.

        Looking at Fei Lingsheng's preposterous face, Han Qianli's stomach churned, this was a Heavenly Mountain Child, and I don't know what her true appearance was like, but she was definitely an old woman.

        An old woman, but putting on an arrogant look that only little girls had, it was really too much for Han 3000 to chew on.

        "So much nonsense, when will I meet the emperor, he should already be waiting for me." Han Marchie said.

        Fei Lingsheng was indeed ordered by the emperor to wait for Han Three Thousand, but it was her call if the wave didn't waste time, and even if she went late, the emperor couldn't blame her.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, why did you come to the Imperial Dragon Hall?" Fei Lingsheng asked, this was the biggest question in her mind, as in her opinion, there was no way Han Giangli could know about the Dark Forest.

        "If you want to know why, I'll naturally tell you when I see the emperor," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Can't you tell me first?" Fei Ling Sheng said.

        "Of course, but you must also tell me why you appeared to me in the guise of a beggar, and for what purpose?" Han Marchan said, Fei Lingsheng wanted to solve the puzzle, so naturally he would have to come up with an equal exchange, which was why Han Marchan was always curious about Fei Lingsheng.

        "I don't have any purpose, I just want to see how powerful you are, life is very boring for a strong person of the Extreme Mastery realm like me, it's rare to see an expert, so I'll naturally be curious about you." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "No other purpose?" At this point, Han Qianli felt that there was no need for Fei Lingsheng to lie to her, after all, her identity had already been exposed, but this kind of statement was so unbelievable that Han Qianli couldn't believe it.


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