His True Colors Chapter 1029-1030


His True Colors Chapter 1029

Three Thousand Ancestors.

        Today was the official opening day of the sect, and Han Qianli, the shirking master, had finally appeared at Phoenix Mountain.

        Hundreds of disciples within the sect also finally saw their sect master, and all of these children from poor families looked at Han Qianli with admiration.

        To them, although Han Qianli was young, he was the one who gave them the chance to change their fate, like a god, and every disciple kneeled down, expressing the most devout respect to Han Qianli.

        Although Han Three Thousand wasn't quite used to the feeling of being kneeled down by hundreds of people, he didn't stop it, after all, he was the sect master and these people were his disciples, so it was only reasonable to be worshiped.

        "Brother Three Thousand, someone from the Misty Sect is here." Jiang Ying Ying walked up to the side and said to Han Qianqian.

        This was the first sect to visit the door, and Han Three Thousand was a bit surprised, as he had thought that the existing sects within the Imperial Court would not come to the door to congratulate him.

        "Master, this Misty Sect is very famous in the Imperial Court, and it's said that this sect is full of stunning beauties and doesn't accept male disciples." Huang Snap Yong looked like he was salivating as he explained to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqian never had much interest in women and said indifferently, "Wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth, don't embarrass me."

        Under Phoenix Mountain, Zhantai Liuyue and the others prepared a great gift to come, and in addition to Elder Yan Qinghua who was following her, there were more than a dozen sect disciples behind her.

        It had to be said that Huang Snapdragon's statement was correct, more than ten people could indeed be called stunning, and any man might not be able to avoid being tempted when he saw so many beauties gathered together.

        But other than a moment of amazement when Han Qianqian appeared, there was no other feeling.

        To him, these women were indeed beautiful, and the visual impact of standing together was strong, as if he was seeing a group of the world's top models, but the feeling was limited to that, and would not cause Han 3000 to think otherwise.

        "Patriarch, this Han Qianli is even more handsome than the picture book, I really didn't expect it." Yan Qing Hua suppressed her stirring heart, she had already fantasized about meeting Han Qianli countless times in her mind, and she even felt that her expectations for Han Qianli might turn into disappointment, but from the first moment she saw Han Qianli, she knew that she wouldn't be disappointed.

        Zhantai Liuyue was also somewhat appalled inside, this Han Qianlian's looks were indeed somewhat unexpected, the painter hadn't even deliberately embellished his looks, instead, the character in the pen hadn't even fully shown Han Qianlian's posture.

        "Don't look like you're about to eat someone, you're an elder of the Piao Miao Sect anyway, don't disgrace the Piao Miao Sect." Zhantai Liuyue warned in a low voice, she didn't want to disgrace the Piao Miao Sect because of Yan Qing Hua.

        "Don't worry, how could I lose face in front of him." Yan Qing Hua said.

        At this time, Han Qianqian walked up to Zhantai Liuyue and unconsciously stretched out her hand and said, "Zhantai Sect Master, I didn't expect you to make a big visit, I'm really flattered."

        On the way here, Huang Snap Yong had already roughly introduced Han Qianqian to the Piao Miao Sect, and he naturally knew Zhantai Liuyue's name.

        But his handshake was a bit abrupt for Zhantai Liuyue, Earth etiquette didn't apply in the Xuanyuan World.

        And Zhantai Liuyue didn't even understand what Han Qianqian wanted to do.

        "Brother Three Thousand, there's no handshake ceremony here." Zhan Ying Yue whispered a reminder to Han three thousand.

        Han Three Thousand came back to his senses and quickly retracted his hand, saying, "Zhantai Sovereign, let me show you around."

        Zhantai Liuyue nodded and said softly, "The environment of the Three Thousand Year Sect is like a fairyland, Patriarch Han really knows how to choose a place, so I naturally want to enjoy such a beautiful place more."

        This kind of polite talk Han Qianli didn't take it to heart, Phoenix Mountain was indeed a beautiful place, but it wasn't considered top notch for the Xuanyuan World.

        At the top of Phoenix Mountain, this place could overlook almost all of the beautiful scenery near Phoenix Mountain, and as Han Qianli and Zhantai Liuyue stood together, they inevitably thought of Genting Mountain.

        The beautiful scenery here wasn't something that could be compared to Genting Mountain, but the feeling it brought to Han Three Thousand was not comparable to Genting Mountain, after all, the person standing beside him at that time was Su Yingxia.

        For Han Three Thousand, as long as Su Yingxia was by his side, it was a unique beauty that could not be compared to any scenery.

        "Patriarch Han, have you heard about the Dark Forest?" Zhantai Liuyue asked to Han 3000, the recent unrest in the Dark Forest, almost all three countries had received the news, and the Misty Sect was naturally no exception, so this time Zhantai Liuyue came, not only to see what the difference was between Han 3000 and the album, but also to see Han 3000's opinion on the matter.

        "I've heard about it, but I don't know much about the Dark Forest, so I can't speculate on what exactly happened." Han Three Thousand said, although he had a sneaking feeling inside that this matter was related to the Red-Eyed Jade Python, but even if that was true, he couldn't possibly tell Zhantai Liuyue about such an important matter.

        Han Three Thousand wasn't someone who was oblivious at the sight of beauty, and the only person in the world who could make him be frank and honest was Su Yingxia, who would only have secrets from him.

        "Really?" Zhantai Liuyue looked at Han Qianli with a questioning face, clearly having doubts about what Han Qianli had said.

        "Does Sect Master Zhantai have other opinions?" Han Marchant turned to look at Zhantai Liuyue and said.

        "But I heard that Patriarch Han auctioned off Sacred Chestnuts at the Feng Mall, and the Dark Forest is the only source of Sacred Chestnuts, so if Patriarch Han hadn't been to the Dark Forest, how could he have gotten them? In other words, since you've been to the Dark Forest, how could Patriarch Han not know anything about the Dark Forest?" Zhantai Liuyue threw out a series of questions and it was clear that she was very interested in this matter.

        "Zhantai Patriarch's visit seems to be more than just congratulations," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        When Zhantai Liuyue noticed that Han Qianqian's eyes were gradually becoming cold, she was somewhat appalled inside, any man who saw her would show kindness and give special treatment because of her beauty, which even in front of the emperor, Zhantai Liuyue had taken a sweet treat.

        But she never expected that Han Qianli would be like an iceberg, seemingly completely oblivious to her beauty.

        "The unrest in the Dark Forest is a crisis to the entire Xuanyuan World, isn't Sect Master Han concerned about this matter since he's the Sect Master?" Zhantai Liuyue asked.

        "The sect has only just been established, and it's not good for Sect Master Zhantai to put so much pressure on me, is it?" Han Giangli said indifferently.

        "Isn't this the responsibility one should have as a strong man? The Dark Forest has threatened the world of Regulus for thousands of years, and if the world of Regulus had been able to migrate successfully a thousand years ago, perhaps the people here would not have faced this crisis."

His True Colors Chapter 1030


        Hearing these two words, Han Qianlian's face changed, his intuition telling him that this migration was related to the invasion of Earth back then.

        Although the reason why they invaded Earth had become unimportant since Han Qianlian decided to rule the entire Xuanyuan World, Han Qianlian still wished to know about this matter when he had the chance.

        Controlling his changing emotions, Han Three Thousand Thousand asked Zhantai Liuyue as if he was indifferent, "How much do you know about this matter of migration?"

        Zhantai Liuyue shook his head and said, "I only know a little bit about it, the migration back then seems to be related to the Dark Forest, legend has it that there is a divine exotic beast sleeping in the Dark Forest, once when it awakens, it will destroy the entire Xuanyuan World."

        A divine exotic beast!

        Could it be that the movement in the Dark Forest was related to this divine exotic beast?

        "But the world of Xuanyuan was not destroyed without a successful invasion," Han Giangli said.

        Zhantai Liuyue let out a long sigh, revealed a bitter smile, and said, "In order to be able to trap the divine exotic beasts, the major experts back then forged formations in the Dark Forest, and this formation consumed the lives of countless powerful people, and if it weren't for them, the Xuanyuan World would have been gone long ago."

        The lives of countless people?

        The invasion of Earth by the Xuanyuan World back then had similarly caused countless experts to fall.

        Han Qianlian still remembered what the next old man had told him, that once upon a time, the apocalypse had thousands of Heavenly Character powerhouses,[PEN www.avracity.com] whereas now, there were only a handful of Heavenly Character powerhouses, and it was all caused by the Xuanyuan World.

        Unexpectedly, when the invasion failed, Xuanyuan World also paid a huge price for its actions.

        "Other than that, do you know anything else?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        "To know the details, I'm afraid you'll only be able to go to the Imperial Dragon Hall, which houses some secret books that record the Day of Destruction, but these secret books should only be accessible to emperors." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        "You call that time the Day of Destruction?" Han Giangli said.

        "There used to be a lot of strong Extreme Masters in the past, but after so many years, the entire Xuanyuan World has no more than five Extreme Masters, what is it if it's not Destruction Day." Although Zhantai Liuyue hadn't lived in that era, but through these bits and pieces of information, she could also think of how terrifying the Dark Forest had been to the Xuanyuan World back then, the scene was absolutely devastating.

        Countless powerful people had fallen in the Dark Dark Forest, it was a tragic situation that ordinary people could not even imagine.

        "I heard that there are divine realms above the Extreme Division, were there no divine realms back then?" Han Qianliang was curious.

        Zhantai Liuyue directly shook his head and explained, "Whether the divine Realm exists or not is just a guess, but there was once a person who was suspected of being a divine Realm, but it's unknown what the true situation is."

        "Can you tell me more about this divine Realm?" Han Giangli asked.

        "It looks like you're already planning to search for the God Realm?" Zhantai Liuyue asked with a raised eyebrow, her words meant that she was testing Han Qianqian's realm, wasn't someone who could be interested in the divine realm, the Extreme Master realm?

        Although many people speculated that Han Three Thousand was a newly promoted Extreme Master realm powerhouse, this had not been confirmed by anyone, and Zhantai Liuyue had come on this trip to see how Han Three Thousand differed from the picture book, but the main purpose was to try to figure out Han Three Thousand's realm, when the opportunity was right in front of her.

        "You're asking if I've reached the Extreme Mastery Realm," Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Since the words were already so clear, Zhantai Liuyue naturally didn't need to show herself as too hypocritical, and said straightforwardly, "Now the entire imperial court, including even the emperor, is speculating about your realm, of course I'll be curious, the battle of the twenty-eight guests is famous in the imperial court, if it's not an extreme division, how can it be the opponent of the twenty-eight guests, even Zhong Qishan has already submitted to you, it's only Only those who are strong in the Extreme Master Realm can do that."

        Regarding his own realm, Han Three Thousand had never had a clear understanding of the division of realms in the Xuanyuan World, so he didn't know how he should divide his current realm.

        But since Zhantai Liuyue had said so, Han Three Thousand went along with the situation.

        Sometimes it was necessary to keep a low profile, but right now, it didn't matter if Han Three Thousand was even high picking.

        "Do you still need to ask me, since you know that only the strongest of the Extreme Master realms can do it?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Hearing these words, Zhantai Liuyue's pupils widened significantly in an instant.

        Although there were many people speculating that Han Qianli had an Extreme Mastery, the feeling was completely different when Han Qianli himself said such words.

        Over the past few hundred years, the entire Imperial Court had only seen one Fei Ling Sheng, but he didn't expect another Extreme Master Realm powerhouse to be born across the sky.

        "According to legends, in order to reach the divine realm, in addition to a certain amount of strength, one also needs to invoke heavenly punishment to wash the marrow and refine the bones, and after the tempering of heavenly punishment, the mortal body will no longer be mortal, at that time, it can be called a true god, and the reason why that divine realm in the legends is so unsure of his realm is because in the historical records, the Xuanyuan World has never had heavenly punishment appear. " After Zhantai Liuyue got the answer he wanted, he explained it directly to Han 3,000.

        These words reminded Han Qianqian of two words... Tribulation!

        And tribulation has always been a very dangerous thing, once one failed to withstand the Heavenly Punishment hammering, it was feared that he or she would be pulverized, or even ashes and bones would be left.

        "A strong person who has reached the Extreme Mastery realm can extend his life span by up to a thousand years, this person who may have the strength of the God Realm, is he still alive today?" Han Giangli questioned.

        "If he were still alive, I'm afraid he would have proven for the world by now whether the God Realm really exists, and he was seriously injured in the invasion battle, even leaving his head in the other world."

        "When the experts of Xuanyuan World sealed the Dark Forest on that day, thousands of strong men consumed his blood to forge a great formation, but they were countered by the Lin Long, originally establishing the formation had been unattainable, but at that moment, a headless warrior appeared and wrestled with the Lin Long, if he hadn't used the last of his energy to delay the Lin Long, the current Xuanyuan World would have ceased to exist ."

        As Han Giangli listened to these words, he only felt absurd.

        A person who didn't even have a head, yet was able to fight a battle with a Lin Long, how could this sound like bullshit.

        But the head stayed in another world, which made Han Three Thousand feel vaguely that the skeleton he had obtained in the first place wouldn't be related to this person.

        "It's like you're making up mythological stories." Han Three Thousand said speechlessly.


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