Secret Identity 2151-2160


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2151 

That captain only wanted to live at this moment, so he shivered and asked Ye Chen, "Brother, if I listen to you all, can you spare my dog's life?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and promised, "As long as you cooperate, I can spare your life.I can even arrange a new identity for you when the time comes, so you can start a new life."Updated fastest.

      As soon as the other party heard this, he immediately said gratefully, "Brother, with your words, I'll listen to anything you say!"

      Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "Good, then you'll do everything according to what I've told you!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen thought about it and said, "Since that old dog Su Chengfeng has set up a contingency plan, then you can simply tell him that Su Ruorui was killed by his contingency plan."

      He then immediately whispered a few words in the other's ear.

      After hearing that, the captain nodded repeatedly while immediately getting up his satellite phone, pulling out a long antenna, and calling Su Chengfeng, the old man.

      At this moment, Su Chengfeng was at his home in Yanjing, waiting for his feedback.

      As soon as the call was connected, Su Chengfeng immediately asked, "How is the situation now?"

      Just now, after Su Ruo Li was subdued by Ye Chen, the captain had called to report the situation, so Master Su was now very worried that things would rampage.

      The captain followed Ye Chen's explanation and spoke up, "Master, just now Miss Ruo Li was pierced through the heart by Old Xu's crossbow and is now dead"

      Su Chengfeng pursued, "Are you sure that Su Ruo Li is dead?"

      The captain was busy, "OK!We all saw with our own eyes that Miss Ruo Li died of poison within seconds after being hit by the crossbow bolt."

      Su Chengfeng hurriedly followed up with another question, "What about her corpse?Is it still in that man's hands?"

      The captain replied, "The body had been thrown into the sea by that man, and we were afraid he would come after us, so we evacuated first."

      "Evacuated?!"Su Chengfeng angrily roared, "How dare you!Why did you evacuate before we got Su Ruorui's body?Who told you to evacuate?The Japanese are still waiting, how do you want me to explain to the Japanese?!"

      The captain said awkwardly, "Master, that man is simply too strong, we are no match for him ah, if we don't evacuate as soon as possible, he will definitely kill us all."

      Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and cursed, "I don't care about those, you need to go back and find them now!Even if we dive to the bottom of the sea, we have to find Su Ruorui's body, if the Japanese can't get Su Ruorui's body, I'll only ask you!"

      The captain hurriedly said, "Master, Miss Ruo Li is already dead anyway, what's the point of the Japanese wanting her body?"

      Su Chengfeng bellowed angrily, "I had already made a deal with the Japanese Police Department, and what I'm doing tonight isn't helping Su Ruorui escape at all, it's just to make a show for some people!Whether Su Ruo Li is dead or alive, the Japanese must take her back to give their citizens an explanation!"

      Said Su Chengfeng, "You must find Su Ruo Li's body and then go to the predetermined location to deliver it to the Japanese!I'll fucking kill you if you ruin this for me!"

      By the time Su Ruoli heard this, her entire body had been struck by lightning!

      Not only was her face incomparably pale, but her tears had become completely connected.

      Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her own grandfather would want her life!

      If it wasn't for this man in front of me just now, I would have been killed by that poisoned crossbow arrow!

Chapter 2152

At that moment, the captain hurriedly said, "Master, I'm setting out, I'll find the body and send it to the Japanese self-defense force!"

      Su Chengfeng spoke up, "If you can't handle this, you don't have to fucking come back!"

      "Good lord!"

      The ship's captain promised evenly before hanging up the phone, looking at Ye Chen and saying with a pleading face, "Sir, if Su Chengfeng knew that I had lied to him, he would definitely cut me into pieces"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Don't worry, since you've done what I told you to do, then I will naturally fulfill my promise!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "You guys will come with me to Jinling first tonight, and when we get there, I'll settle you in an absolutely safe place, and then you'll live incognito for a while, and after I settle the Su family you can resume your free status and live a free life openly and honestly!"

      As soon as the captain heard this, he was overjoyed and knelt down, kowtowing to Ye Chen as he said excitedly, "Sir, then we, the brothers, will be counting on you for everything from now on!"

      The other people also kneeled down.

      The fact that Ye Chen was willing to spare their lives made them incomparably fortunate and very grateful, in this situation, they naturally followed Ye Chen's orders and arrangements in everything.

      Ye Chen then looked at Su Ruo Li and said indifferently, "How about little beauty?Am I right?This old thing Su Chengfeng was never going to save you back to China, everything was just a play to show you."

      Su Ruo Li's eyes were red and puffy, she was no longer as stubborn as she was just now, but with a few doubts she asked, "But I still haven't figured out one thing, why would he want to put on a show for me?He wasn't going to save me anyway, whether I died at sea or was captured alive by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, I wasn't going to make it out of Japan alive, so what's the point of him acting so thoughtfully for me?"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "Since it's a play, there's definitely no way that there's only one audience, other than you, there might be other audience members who also need to see this big play, such as your mother's family."

      At this point, Ye Chen said indifferently, "Although I don't know what your mother's family's identity is, but I thought that since you are the illegitimate daughter of Su Shou Dao, then your mother's family should be somewhat capable!"

      "If the Su family didn't save you, your mother's family would definitely feel cold; however, if the Su family went to great lengths to save you, but in the end didn't bring you back alive, your mother's family would be heartbroken, but at least they would be grateful that the Su family did enough to try!"

      "You've also served in the Su family for some time, you should know very well what it means to be a part of the show and a hypocrite, right?"

      Su Ruo Li understood almost instantly!

      Ye Chen's words instantly woke her up.

      She now surmised in her heart, "Although the Su Family is the most economically powerful family in the country, they have been relying heavily on the He Family for their fighting strength!"

      "After all, the He family is one of the four major martial arts families in China, and because of that relationship between my mother and father, and the fact that I'm an illegitimate daughter, the He family is very close to the Su family!"

      "Almost all of the entire Nether Family's experts are serving the Su Family!"

      "So, Su Chengfeng must have wanted to do this show to show the Nether Family that the Su Family did their best to save me!"

      "This will also definitely be able to greatly win the favor of the Nether Family and make the Nether Family more deadly to the Su Family!"

      Just as she was trying to figure out the reason for this layer, Ye Chen spoke again with a smile on the side, "Little beauty, I don't know if you've heard a very interesting story."

      Su Ruorui asked out of the blue, "What kind of story?"

Chapter 2153

Seeing that Su Ruorui was full of curiosity, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "The story is that ah, there was a rich second generation who wanted to pursue a beautiful woman, but then, this rich second generation was rather stingy and didn't want to spend too much money for this beautiful woman, so he falsely told this beautiful woman that he was going to buy her a Ferrari"

      "The rich kid then bribed the Ferrari sales to accompany him for a show."

      "When he took the beautiful girl to see the car, this sales told them that there is no existing car, so they can only reserve it first, then this rich second generation, in front of the beautiful girl, falsely paid a million deposit and got the contract to order the car."

      "The beautiful girl thought that the Ferrari that the rich second generation bought for herself was already a sure thing, so that night she climbed into the bed of the rich second generation and was successfully won by the rich second generation."

      "After the rich second generation got his way, he immediately went to the sale of that Ferrari, refunded the one million dollar deposit, and then gave that sale twenty thousand dollars for his benefit."

      "And that beautiful woman had no idea, she didn't know that the contract that the rich second generation signed was not a regular contract with the 4s store at all, but a fake contract with that sale, the rich second generation didn't order her a Ferrari at all, he went through all the trouble to do this show, but it was just to trick her into sleeping."

      "The price of a Ferrari is easily over four or five million, but this rich second generation, from start to finish, actually only spent twenty thousand dollars, and managed to sleep with this beauty, twenty thousand versus five million, not even one percent!"

      Su Ruoyi asked off the cuff, "What do you mean you're telling me this story?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and sighed helplessly, "You, you're really pretty looking, but this brain, ah, is also really surprisingly stupid!"

      Su Ruorui was a little annoyed in her heart, but she didn't dare to show it in front of Ye Chen.

      So she could only act like a frustrated bag and asked Ye Chen back, "Then can't you make it clearer?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, "Actually, this story of the rich second generation pretending to buy a car is the same as the Su family pretending to save you!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Look, if the Su family really wants to buy off the entire Tokyo Police Department as well as the Japanese Self-Defense Force to get you out alive, it's actually not impossible, but that price could be very high!"

      "After all, the implications of this matter are extremely significant, everyone has to weigh the weight of it, and no one dares to take the risk unless the money is paid extraordinarily well."

      "I reckon that if we really want to get you out of here alive, we won't be able to get through so many layers of the Japanese judiciary, customs department, and the Self-Defense Force without a billion dollars!"

      At this point, Ye Chen changed his words and smiled, "But!What if I pretend to save your life, but I can't get you out of Japan alive?That's certainly not going to cost that much, and it's probably just like that story about buying a car that actually cost less than one percent of what it was expected to cost!"

      When Su Ruorui heard this, deep inside, she felt extremely devastated, and all of her entire three outlooks completely collapsed at this moment.

      Although she didn't want to believe that everything Ye Chen had said was true, she wasn't a fool either.

      Su Chengfeng's intention to get himself killed was something he himself had indirectly admitted to over the phone, and this matter was completely set in stone.

      Therefore, the story that Ye Chen told and his speculation about the Su family could be said to have hit the nail on the head.

      In her opinion, this story and speculation also perfectly fit the overall context of this matter.

      At this moment, her entire heart was as good as dead and she had just shed too many tears, so at this moment, she didn't even have any tears left.

      When Ye Chen saw that she was basically dead, he smiled slightly and spoke, "We can't stay here for long, we need to leave Japan as soon as possible before the Japanese Self-Defense Force comes back to their senses."

      After saying that, he called out all the crew members of his ship, pointed at the captain of the Su family's ship as well as the crew, and instructed, "You guys, take these crew members of theirs to the bottom cabin and clean the deck."

Chapter 2154

Ito Yuhiko's crew hurriedly did so.

      At this time, Song Wanting also came up to the deck and asked Ye Chen in surprise, "Master Ye, are these people coming for me?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "No, they're coming for me."

      Song Wanting was even more surprised inside when she saw Su Ruorui who had a crossbow bolt in her leg and her entire body unmoving, and hurriedly asked him, "Master Ye, this woman is"

      Ye Chen looked at Su Ruorui and smiled slightly, "This little beauty, she was an enemy before, but now she should no longer be considered an enemy."

      After saying that, he raised his eyebrows at Su Ruorui again and asked with a smile, "Little beauty, am I right?"

      Su Ruorui felt a moment of shame.

      Although she had seen the true face of the Su family and although Ye Chen had indeed saved her life, she still couldn't bring up much goodwill towards Ye Chen.

      After all, it was Ye Chen who had reported her and her companions to the Japanese Self-Defense Force in the first place.

      And many of those companions of hers were from the Nether Family just like her, many were even her brothers and sisters as well as her cousins.

      However, even though she didn't have much affection for Ye Chen, her hatred for Ye Chen had dissipated quite a bit with the truth of the whole incident.

      Therefore, she didn't know how to answer Ye Chen's question for a while and could only stubbornly turn her face to the side.

      When Ye Chen saw this grudging look of hers, he couldn't help but laugh a few times and spoke, "Little beauty, the Su family doesn't know that you're still alive, let alone that you're in my hands, so next you'll have to listen to my orders and return to Jinling with me first like everyone else."(first post)

      Su Ruo Li subconsciously said, "I'm not going back to Jinling with you!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "You're on my ship and you don't want to come with me, do you want to get off the ship now?"

      Su Ruoyu was in a state of flux.

      In her heart she thought sadly, "I have nowhere to go, if I don't follow this guy, I'll have to wait here for the Japanese to catch me In the eyes of the Japanese, I'm an evil criminal, once I fall into their hands, I'm bound to die."

      "And I can't go home by myself."

      "Let's not talk about the vast ocean, I simply can't go back myself, and even if I did, I'm afraid it would be hard to escape the clutches of the Su family."

      "Just now, when that captain called Su Chengfeng, he clearly told him that I was dead, and if I went back alive and the Su family found out, the Su family would immediately realize that that captain had lied to them."

      "They will also realize that their evil scheme has been completely exposed!"

      "At that point, they'll do everything in their power to kill me to silence me."

      "Right now, my only chance is to follow this man back to Jinling."

      "He's so strong, I'm sure he has a way to bring me back quietly, and he'll be able to hide it from the Su family"

Chapter 2155

Right now, all Su Ruo Li wanted was to survive first and then find out the truth about the whole matter.

      She was filled with hatred for the Su family at the moment, but there was more or less a last illusion.

      She felt that if this matter was only planned by grandfather Su Chengfeng alone, and father Su Shoudao was not involved, and was even kept in the dark, then she would be much more relieved deep inside.

      But if this matter was a joint participation of grandfather Su Chengfeng and father Su Shoudao, then herself and the Su family, would be completely severed from all enmity!

      At that thought, Su Ruorui looked at Ye Chen and pleaded in a low voice, "I can go to Jinling with you, but can you let me call my mother?I need to let her know I'm alive or she'll be very worried."

      Ye Chen unhesitatingly blurted out, "No!"

      Su Ruo Li didn't expect that she had asked Ye Chen painstakingly and only wished to report to her mother for peace, but Ye Chen had very simply rejected her.

      She couldn't help but be a little annoyed and asked, "Why not?Even if the entire Soviet family wanted me dead, my mother would definitely not be a part of it."

      Ye Chen said coldly, "You have to know that a mother, whose daughter is really dead, and whose daughter is not dead, give a very different reaction to outsiders!"

      "If your mother didn't know you were alive, then she would have shown a very natural sadness, and the Soviets would never have found out anything about it;"

      "But if you tell your mother now, and she knows you're not dead, it'll be hard for her to disguise the true loss of her beloved daughter, and then it'll be easy for the Soviet family to find out what's going on!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen said with a pointed sneer, "After all, you surnamed Su do things very desperately, you led people to exterminate the entire Matsumoto family, and Su Chengfeng had you killed in Japan, who knows if he will find trouble with your mother and want to cut off the root of the problem?"

      Su Ruo Li's entire body was ashamed when she heard this.

      She had indeed been brainwashed before, believing that the Su family's interests were above all else and that the Su family's interests could not be desecrated.Updated fastest.

      Therefore, she treated the enemies of the Su family and was consistently very ruthless.

      However, it wasn't actually Su Ruo Li's intention to exterminate the entire Matsumoto family last time, but Su Shoudao's.

      The Matsumoto Family almost killed a pair of Su Shoudao's sons and daughters, which made the then Su Shoudao extremely furious, which was why he ordered Su Ruo Li to bring people to directly exterminate the entire Matsumoto Family.

      Now, at the thought of the Su family being similarly merciless to himself, Su Ruorui was not only angry, but also very ashamed and regretful inside his heart.

      Had she known that the Su family was such a group of people, she would never have said anything to die for them.

      At this moment, she truly realized that she was not only too one-sided in her consideration, but also too one-sided and simple in her view of the Su Family.

      She couldn't help but chide herself in her heart, "Su Ruorui, Su Ruorui, you're so stupid!For all those years you've known and understood almost nothing except murder, and you even almost dragged your mother into it."

      "This man is right, if mom finds out about all this, she will most likely immediately go to confront the Su family, even if she can hold back, once the Su family finds her, it will be hard for her not to find out about the other side, and that will put mom in danger"

      Thinking of this, she immediately looked at Ye Chen, nodded obediently and said in a jar, "Then that's fine I'll do whatever you want."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and spoke, "I'll have someone take you to the cabin to rest first, the bleeding from your wound has stopped, I'll help you pull out the crossbow bolt later and then help you remove the toxins from your body."

      Su Ruorui nodded gently, hesitating again and again before biting her lower lip lightly and whispering, "Thank you."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said to the captain of his ship, "You come with me to the ship next door, set it in the opposite direction and make it travel at full speed, so that it can divert the attention of others."

Chapter 2156

That captain nodded his head in succession.

      At this time, the six people who had been thrown into the sea by Ye Chen had all drowned to death.

      The bodies of several of them had already started to sink into the sea.

      Ye Chen brought that captain to the opposite side of the cruise ship, and after the captain set the course, Ye Chen let him return to the ship first.

      He then turned up the power of the ship's engine to its maximum, and the ship immediately sped off.

      Song Wanting was on the next deck when she saw the ship take off, and she was a little worried and shouted, "Master Ye."

      As soon as the words left her mouth, she saw a figure on that boat suddenly leap into the water with a perfect parabola.

      She then saw Ye Chen peeking out of the water with ease, swimming back to the boat without any delay.

      Song Wanting was worried about Ye Chen and quickly took a bath towel and immediately handed it to him the moment Ye Chen boarded the boat, saying with concern, "Master Ye, quickly wipe the water off your body and then go to the cabin and take a hot bath to avoid catching a cold"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It doesn't matter, just go change into clean clothes later."

      With that, he instructed the captain at the side, "Let's set sail now and enter the high seas as soon as possible."

      "Okay Mr. Ye!"The captain immediately nodded and said, "You go ahead and change, we're setting sail!"

      Ye Chen returned to the cabin and changed into a clean single coat, the crew helped him put the seawater-soaked clothes into the washer-dryer, so that in a few hours, they could be washed and dried.

      At this time, Su Ruo Li was arranged in a big bed room on the first floor.

      Because Ye Chen had previously sealed her meridians, she could only sit on the sofa at this time and couldn't move.

      Ye Chen politely knocked on the door, so he pushed the door in, looked at Su Ruorui and asked, "How are you feeling?"

      Su Ruo Li was a little embarrassed and said, "I'm I'm okay."

      Afterwards, she was very confused and asked, "Can you tell me how you did it?"

      Ye Chen frowned and asked, "How did what work?"

      Su Ruo Li asked, "How did you manage to have the toxins in my body instantly removed?And it helps me stop the bleeding, and what I can't understand more is that my physical mobility seems to be extremely limited."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Since you're a martial daoist, you should have an understanding of internal strength, right?"

      Su Ruo Li nodded and said seriously, "I know about internal strength, but this seems to be completely beyond the scope of internal strength, right?"

      "Martial dao people train their internal force painstakingly in order to enhance their physical quality and strength, this force can only operate in their own body, but that internal force of yours seems to be able to operate in my body this is too amazing" Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      Ye Chen grinned and said with a arrogant face, "My internal force, and your internal force, are completely different things, the ancients said, how can the light of the firefly compete with the sun and moon, if my internal force is the sun and moon, then your internal force, is just firefly!"

Chapter 2157

Since ancient times, Chinese martial arts have emphasized the accumulation, movement and use of internal energy in the body, and the so-called "eight meridians," "qi sinking in the dantian," "big week" and "small week" are all based on this theory.

      The overall logic of qi is more or less the same as internal energy, the most obvious difference is that, in addition to the accumulation, operation and use of qi within the body, qi also has the ability to be released externally.

      No matter how strong the internal force was, it could only rely on one's own body, and a good internal expert could kill a thousand-pound bull or even an elephant with a single punch.

      But even then, he was unable to achieve the ability to kill a mouse through the air.

      The reason for this was because the internal force could not be released externally.

      In the end, internal force was actually an entry-level, low-matched version of aura.

      Spiritual energy, on the other hand, was a hundred and eighty thousand miles higher than internal energy.

      The difference between the two was like the difference between a primate and a human.

      Although the dna between primates and humans had almost 99+ similarities, the difference between the two was still the difference between heaven and earth.

      No matter how smart a chimpanzee was, it could never be a human.

      There was an insurmountable gulf between the two.

      Among the martial artists in China, there were at least tens of thousands of people who were skilled in internal qi.

      However, among these tens of thousands of people, there was almost none who could train their inner qi into aura.

      If Ye Chen didn't have the help of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures and the spirit stone from earlier, even if he took more rejuvenation pills, he wouldn't be able to form aura in his body.

      This was a truly great chance, one that ordinary people would not be able to obtain in several lifetimes.

      Naturally, Ye Chen couldn't tell Su Ruorui the actual situation, but a sentence about the light of the firefly and the sun and moon had already caused Su Ruorui to be incomparably horrified deep inside.

      She muttered in her heart, "So his internal strength has reached a higher level no wonder he's so strong that he's a pervert, and he was able to save my life with ease, this is so much more powerful than the martial dao I know"

      Ye Chen said calmly at this time, "Although the toxins in your body have been removed, your wound is still in an open state, so I'll help you remove the crossbow bolt and then clean the wound."

      Su Ruo Li looked at her leg wound, the crossbow bolt was almost from the base of her thigh through her entire thigh, she couldn't help but shamefully surmise, "I'm still wearing black leggings, but if I want him to help me with the wound, he will definitely have to take off my pants or rip them open to do so"

      "But but it's true that this part is a little too private."

      When Ye Chen saw that Su Ruorui was more or less shy, the first thought that came to his mind was, "Or else he could just let her handle it herself, a professionally trained killer like her must be very good at handling something as small as a wound."

      However, another thought popped up in his mind right after, "This woman's personality is as strong as an untamed wild horse, and her means are vicious and ruthless, for such a woman, if you want her to be honest and obedient from tonight onwards, you must first knock her pride out completely!"

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen said with a cold expression, "Come, I'll help you sit on the single recliner, you lie on it and I'll help you with your wounds!"first issue

      Su Ruo Li fidgeted and said, "That or I'll do it myself, please give me a pair of pliers, and just give me a little bit of salve for clearing the wound and some gauze for bandaging"

      Ye Chen said expressionlessly, "It's not impossible for you to deal with it yourself, but the blood vessels in the legs are rich, and when you pull the crossbow bolt out, the wound will definitely bleed heavily, and if the wound has already injured the artery, once you rashly pull the crossbow bolt out and the wound opens, then it's life threatening, and in case it injures a nerve, it might leave a disability in the future."

Chapter 2158

Su Ruo Li was also clear that it was indeed fine for her to deal with ordinary wounds, but if it really injured an artery, it would still be a bit difficult for her to get started.

      Moreover, if a nerve was injured, it would indeed leave some after-effects, and if there were after-effects, the strength would definitely be affected.

      Thinking of this, Su Ruorui's heart hesitated, not knowing if she should let Ye Chen help.

      Ye Chen was, after all, an expert whose strength far surpassed his own, and if he was the one to deal with his injuries, it would definitely be much more reliable than dealing with them on his own.

      When Ye Chen saw her expression struggling, he cut her off and said, "Alright, don't dawdle, life is more important than anything else, and I'm sure you don't want your leg to leave a disability, otherwise a little beauty who walks but a slope, that's too ugly."

      Saying that, he had already extended his hand to Su Ruorui, and said in an unquestionable tone, "Come, I'll help you to the recliner!"

      Su Ruoyi saw this Ye Chen's stance of saying one thing, and suddenly felt a bit shy inside, she even whispered, "I can do it myself."

      After saying that, she tried to use her hands to prop herself up, but after trying a few times, she found that she couldn't make her arms work at all.

      Ye Chen saw her helpless look and said calmly, "Don't bother, your meridians have been temporarily sealed by me, your body can't make it."

      Su Ruoxi was a little horrified underneath, so she had to obediently pass her hand to Ye Chen and whispered, "Then it's troublesome for you."

      Ye Chen stretched out his hand to hold her soft and cold little hand, then he directly assisted her up.

      Su Ruo Li's first time being held by a man's hand like this, and her nervous heart beat like a drum.

      She had grown up with her mother and had always trained hard in martial arts, not to mention falling in love, she didn't even have the chance to get along with a boy.

      Now suddenly being held by a man's hand so intimately, her heart unconsciously panicked.

      Ye Chen assisted her to the recliner and let her gently lie down on it, then locked the recliner's rocking function and said to her, "I'll cut off your trouser legs first."

      When Su Ruorui heard this, she blushed with shame and asked herself in despair, "Do you really want to cut your pants off?In that case, wouldn't the whole thigh be exposed to him?"

      Just when Su Ruorui wasn't quite able to accept Ye Chen's decision, Ye Chen had already picked up a pair of scissors and followed the position where the crossbow bolt had entered, up a few centimeters, and cut off Su Ruorui's entire trouser leg.

      Su Ruorui only felt a sudden coldness in her right leg, and when she looked down, her slender beautiful leg was completely exposed to the air, and she covered her face in a shy manner.

      Ye Chen didn't expect that Su Ruorui's legs would be so good looking, even far beyond all the women he knew.

      It probably had a lot to do with the fact that Su Ruo Li had practiced martial arts since childhood.One Second Remember on your mobile phone provides you with wonderful dusk novels to read.

      Her legs were not only slender, but also very straight and even had hidden muscle lines, they were as good as or even better than those supermodels, they were definitely one in a million superbly beautiful legs.

      Su Ruo Li saw Ye Chen staring at her legs without moving, in her heart, besides being shy, she was more or less annoyed, she felt that although this man was very strong, he didn't seem to be any different from those lustful men.

      So, with a little bit of anger, she asked, "What are you looking at?"

      Ye Chen raised his head, smiled and said frankly, "I'm looking at your legs, and you have beautiful legs."

Chapter 2159

Su Ruorui didn't expect Ye Chen to be so generous in admitting to looking at her legs.

      He acted so open and natural, and it instantly made Su Ruorui's angry mood seem a bit confused.

      Su Ruorui, who was originally still a little accusing of Ye Chen, was suddenly at a loss as to what to do.

      Moreover, the bit of indignation inside her heart also evaporated with his generous admission.

      Thus, she could only look at Ye Chen shamefully, then turned her face and whispered with a bit of shyness, "If you've seen enough, please help me heal."

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Okay, then let's start the treatment now."

      Su Ruo Li subconsciously asked after him, "Have you seen enough so soon?"

      After saying that, he realized that he seemed to have said it inappropriately, and awkwardly found a way to add, "Uh, no I didn't mean it like that I mean, if you've really seen enough, then let's get started."

      When she said this, she was more or less disappointed in her heart.

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said boldly, "Doctor, although your leg is indeed very pretty, I still have to quickly help you treat the wound."

      After saying that, he held Su Ruorui's thigh with one hand and took a pair of pliers with the other, and spoke, "The crossbow bolt is barbed, I can only cut it from the end and pull it from both sides, it might be a bit painful then, you'll have to bear with it."

      Su Ruo Li nodded gently, "Come on, I can endure it."

      Ye Chen mmmed and used his pliers to carefully cut the crossbow, then grabbed the arrow and spoke, "This way, I'll count 123 and then I'll pull it out, so be prepared."

      Su Ruo Li was busy saying, "Good!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, "Come on, let's start, one, two"

      As soon as she said the word "two", Su Ruorui felt a sharp pain in her leg, which caused her to shout out, "Oh my gosh it hurts Didn't you say to count to three?Why did you pull out on the count of two?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I'm a person who likes to be surprised, if you really lose three times, what if you can't control yourself and suddenly close your legs?"

      Su Ruoyi's eyes were teary with pain, and she said in anger, "Then you can't be so surprised, I'm dying of pain, I'm not prepared at all"

      Ye Chen laughed, "You're a tried and tested killer by all accounts, why can't you stand this much pain?"

      Su Ruo Li said in aggravation, "That really hurt just now, being wounded by such a cold weapon, the pain is much worse than being shot by a bullet"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, "The pain was just that one thing, it's fine now, I'll do a little debridement and sterilization on your wound, then put some anti-infection medicine on it and bandage it up, it's basically done."

      Su Ruo Li could only nod her head and asked, "You're not going to sterilize me with alcohol, are you?The one that hurts more." Fastest update.

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Alcohol is not suitable for wound sterilization, I'll give you some iodine volt, don't worry, it's not as painful as alcohol."

      Su Ruo Li was relieved, then she saw Ye Chen bring a bottle full of iodine volt, then using metal tweezers, he added a clean cotton ball, then dipped the cotton ball full of iodine volt and evenly applied it on his wound.

      Iodine Volt was an excellent medicine for clearing and sterilizing wounds, and it did hurt a lot less than alcohol.

Chapter 2160

Seeing Ye Chen holding the tweezers and carefully treating his wounds, Su Ruorui's heart felt a little more favorable towards this strange and once extremely angry man.

      She looked at Ye Chen and asked with a curious voice, "Hey I still don't know what your name is!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Does it matter to you what my name is?"

      Su Ruo Li pretended to be annoyed and said, "I haven't even settled the score with you for the last time you screwed me over!So of course you are very important to me!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Hey yah I pitched you because your actions of exterminating the entire Matsumoto family at that time was indeed a bit over the top, you are also Chinese, naturally you know the style of the Chinese ancestors, don't you understand that misfortune is not as bad as family?"first issue

      Su Ruo Li looked a bit ashamed and said, "Although I did the deed, I was ordered to do it.The family head clearly demanded at that time that the Matsumoto family should pay the most painful price, so I followed his wishes and brought people to exterminate the Matsumoto family."

      Ye Chen asked her, "The family master you're talking about, is it Su Shoudao, or Su Chengfeng?"

      Su Ruo Li said softly, "It's Su Shou Dao"

      Ye Chen sneered, and with a bit of disdain and a bit of self-deprecation, he said, "This old bastard Su Shou Dao is really lucky as hell, I had accidentally saved his son and daughter, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, the two sons of the Su family, because of coincidence, but I didn't expect that I would save his illegitimate daughter today, I'm fucking drunk!"

      Su Ruo Li exclaimed in shock.Did you save Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish?!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said very upset, "Yes, the two of them siblings were indeed saved by me, I didn't know at the time that they were Su Shou Dao's children, if I had known, I definitely wouldn't have saved them both!"

      Su Ruo Li couldn't help but ask, "Do you have any deep hatred with him?"

      Ye Chen looked at Su Ruo Li and said seriously, "I have an unholy grudge against him!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "I said that sooner or later, I will make him kneel in front of me, cry and apologize to me and beg for forgiveness, and when that time comes, I may cut off his head with a single slash, or I may laugh it off, whether he lives or dies depends on his own destiny!"

      Ye Chen still didn't know how much the death of his parents had to do with Su Shou Dao.

      From the information he had so far, back then, Su Shoudao was indeed an enemy of his father in every way, and had even personally formed the then famous Anti-Leaf Alliance.

      However, it was still unknown whether or how much of his parents' deaths had anything to do with the Anti-Leaf Alliance.

      In Ye Chen's speculation, there were three parties to be held responsible for the death of his parents, one was the Ye family, one was the Su family, and the other, the Rothschild family in Europe.

      Only, he had yet to figure out who was most responsible for these three parties.

      Su Ruo Li was shocked to hear this, and asked tentatively, "Can you tell me what kind of hatred you have with him?"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "You don't need to ask this in such detail."

      Su Ruo Li nodded somewhat disappointedly, then asked, "Then, then can you tell me what your name is?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "My surname is Ye, and my name is Ye Chen."

      Su Ruo Li muttered to herself, "Surname Ye called Ye Chen?Murphy Murphy."

      Su Ruo Li said this, her eyes looked straight at Ye Chen and exclaimed, "Could it be that you're a Ye family member?!


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