Secret Identity 1431-1440


Chapter 1431

Itachi's powerful thoughts supported her as she died with the pain of her injuries, bursting forth in an instant!

    Immediately afterwards, only to see Itochi suddenly jump and turn in place, her body turning 270 degrees, her slender right leg had lifted high and smacked Michelle across the face with a kick!

    Michelle was still wondering about Itachi's antics today, not expecting at all that she could suddenly attack her in an instant!

    Moreover, Michelle couldn't even imagine that at this time, the whole vegetable was being brought to its powerful potential because of Ye Chen!

    Cabbage's strength from this strike was far beyond her usual peak!

    By the time Michelle came back to her senses and rushed to fend it off, the window of time Itachi had left her had passed!

    She was about to dodge when she felt the force of a black shadow wrapped around her face as it came straight towards the side of her face, she was so shocked that she felt it had already hit her!


    She felt as if her brain had been knocked offline by the kick, her brain was so muddled that she instantly lost consciousness and fell straight down!


    The scene was horrified!

    No one expected that Itoh Cabbage was in extreme passivity just now, almost being pressured by Michelle, how come all of a sudden she exploded with such a powerful killing force and smacked Michelle unconscious with a kick!

    After a moment's silence, a thunderous round of applause erupted!

    Today's game was amazing for them!

    Two rings, two matches, and the winners are even one-trick ponies!

    Needless to say, Qin Ao Xue has broken both of his opponent's arms with a single kick, simply as sharp as a devastating typhoon!

    And Itoh Cabbage, although he had been pressured by his opponent, he hadn't been able to make a move, so it was true that if you didn't make a move, you were deadly!Just catch your opponent with a lapse of concentration and defeat them immediately, cleanly!

    Ye Chen saw this scene offstage and couldn't help but be secretly shocked!

    I thought that Itoh Nana-chan was being controlled at every turn, but I never thought that this girl, after taking so many punches, would be able to seize the opportunity to reverse all the disadvantages and win with one move, this stealth and boldness is indeed admirable!

    At this time, the referee went up to check on Michelle's condition, and after discovering that Michelle was already unconscious, he immediately called the tournament team's doctor, and after the doctor came to inquire, he found that she was indeed unconscious and needed to be sent to the hospital for treatment, so he came to a few staff members and directly moved the unconscious Michelle onto a stretcher and sent her to the hospital at fire speed.

    Itoh Cabbage in the ring, her eyes fell straight on Ye Chen's face through the excited and cheering crowd, seeing Ye Chen's face full of shock, she was also very excited.

    "Ye Chen!I've achieved my goal of winning with one move after all!Have I, ever impressed you?"

    Ye Chen was now eye to eye with her, a little surprised for a moment at the perseverance in this Japanese girl's eyes and the hint of stubbornness in her expression.

    A moment later, he gave her a thumbs up from a long distance away.

    A few seconds later, he spread his hand that was crossed with his thumb and waved it at Itochi before turning away.

    Looking at Ye Chen's back, Itoh Cabbage's heart was listless.

    But remembering the thumb Ye Chen had just crossed at her, she felt a sweet feeling in her heart again.


The referee then took the microphone and spoke, "I now declare the winner of this match, the Japanese fighter, Nana Ito!"

    "Today's match was really too exciting, no one thought that the two winners on both sides of the ring would be able to get a direct qualification to the finals by winning with a single move!"

    "Among them, Ms. Qin Ao Xue, a Chinese player, repeated the shocking performance of a one-stroke victory over Brazil's Joanna, after defeating her in the last tournament with a single move, and her performance was really amazing!"

    "In addition, Ms. Qin Ao Xue, a Chinese player, will also face off against Ms. Ito Nanaako of Japan in the final round the day after tomorrow at the summit!"

    "And the losers of the two races, Ms. Victoria of Australia and Ms. Michelle of the United States, will be battling for third place, so stay tuned!"

    The crowd was so excited!

    I didn't expect the Chinese player to make it all the way to the final, and he performed impeccably in both matches, simply the biggest dark horse in the tournament!

    And interestingly enough, the two women who made it to the finals were both Asian contestants, and both very beautiful stunning women at that!

    Needless to say, Qin Ao Xue's hot and fit body was simply a super pole in the eyes of men.

    Itoh Cabbage, on the other hand, was gentle as water, soft and beautiful to the extreme, a great contrast to her strength, and even more of an object that made all men's hearts yearn for her!

    With these two gorgeous women battling for the title, that championship match is going to be a sight to behold!

    Offstage, Jiro Kobayashi was thrilled!

    Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that both matches would be this good.

    There was no doubt that this Top 4 match had pushed the heat of this match, again, to a new pinnacle.

    And that Kobayashi Stomach San would follow suit with flying colors!

    When Ye Chen walked out of the gym, Qin Aoxue also changed into casual clothes and followed her father as well as her brother.

    She was so excited to see Ye Chen that she wanted to go forward to talk to him, but suddenly she found that a large number of reporters had appeared around her and surrounded her.

    Now Qin Ao Xue, is the most popular object in the whole Jinling, of course, the reporters can't wait to conduct an in-depth interview with her.

    Qin Ao Xue was surrounded by reporters and all of a sudden, she was a little anxious, so she was also a little distracted by the reporters' questions.

    At this time, when Ye Chen saw this scene, he sent her a WeChat and said to her, "Aoxue, you should give a good interview to the TV station, it will be good for you in the future, I still have some things to do, so I will leave first."

    Qin Ao Xue saw this WeChat, padded her feet to look out of the crowd, only to see that Ye Chen had gone far away, and her heart was inevitably a little lost.

    But once she thought of what Ye Chen had just told her on the WeChat, she obediently collected her thoughts and patiently answered the reporter's questions.

    At this time, Ye Chen had just arrived at the parking lot, and saw Chen Zekai's Rolls Royce, parked right in front of his father-in-law's BMW.

    Seeing Ye Chen coming over, Richard Chen hurriedly got out of the car and respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, I've brought the make-up you want, it's in the trunk, so open your trunk and I'll just help you put it in."

    "Okay, you can help me put it in the car by the way."

    Ye Chen said, pulling out the BMW's car key and directly opened the trunk.

    Richard Chen also hurriedly opened the trunk of the Rolls-Royce and took out three large, luxurious gift boxes from it, the gift boxes were worth a lot at a glance, even the luxury brand Hermes that started at over 100,000, the packaging might not be able to compare to it.


Each of these gift boxes was comparable in size to a business suitcase, and the overall black and gold hue was gorgeous yet understated and calm.

    Ye Chen was not curious "Why is one set so big?"

    Chen Zhai Kai was busy explaining "Young Master, the gift set I chose is one of the most complete and expensive in their family, priced at 388888, it contains a full range of their products, and their most classic face and eye creams are all in extra-large portions."

    Ye Chen nodded his head "hard work."

    Chen Zekai was busy "Young Master, it's all due!"

    Ye Chen hmmm, said "right old Chen, I'm going to go to Yanjing next week.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure that I'm going to be able to do that, and I'm sure that I'm going to be able to do that.

    Chen Zekai exclaimed in alarm "Young Master, you are going to Yanjing?Is it back to Ye?"

    Ye Chen shook his head "I'm not planning to go back yet."

    I was surprised and asked "Young Master, forgive me for being nosy, but what is the purpose of your visit to Yanjing?If you don't return to the Ye family, then you must be careful of that Kong Delong of the Kong family ah!I heard that he was on bed rest at home for half a month after his surgery and is hating your guts."

    "Hate me to the bone?"I've been to Yanjing this time because I have some serious business to attend to. If he doesn't have eyes for me and dares to mess with me, then I won't let him have a good time.".

    Chen Zhaiqi also asked "Young Master, then should I inform my family, so that they can receive you there and also provide you with some convenience."

    "No need."Ye Chen said "I don't want the Ye family to know if I go this time, so you have to keep it a secret for me."

    "Okay young master."

    Ye Chen nodded and said "Old Chen, I'll ask you one thing."

    Chen Zekai hurriedly said "Young Master you may ask."

    Ye Chen asked "Do you know what happened to my parents' death back then?"

    The details of it."

    Ye Chen furrowed his brows and nodded lightly.

    So it seemed that there must be something hidden about what happened to his parents back then, it was just that it was probably highly confidential in the Ye family, and it was still difficult to touch it with Chen Zekai's identity.

    So he didn't ask any further questions, he just instructed him, "Old Chen, remember not to speak of our conversation just now to anyone, and if the Ye family asks, it must not be revealed either."

    Chen Zekai looked in awe and said offhandedly "Young Master, don't worry!I will never reveal a single word to the public!"

    If this matter was placed before Ye Chen executed the Eight Heavenly Kings at the bottom of Changbai Mountain, then Chen Zekai's heart would naturally be more inclined to the Ye family, Ye Chen was only a young master of the Ye family in exile.

    But after he saw Ye Chen's powerful prowess with his own eyes at the bottom of Changbai Mountain, he made up his mind in his heart to bow down and worship Ye Chen in this life!

    In other words, in the eyes of the current Richard Chen, he only had one master, namely Ye Chen.

    If someday Ye Chen asked him to draw swords with the Ye family, he would not hesitate to do so.

    After bidding farewell to Richard Chen, Ye Chen drove away from the Jinling Stadium alone.

    Instead of going home immediately, he called his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, and asked him, "Dad, where are you?"

    Xiao Changkun smiled and said "good son-in-law, I'm in the University of the elderly ah, we made this lecture very successful, now we are eagerly discussing, you do not know, the atmosphere is really good!"


Ye Chen nodded and smiled, asking him "Is Aunt Han here?"

    "Of course!"Xiao Changkun smiled and whispered, "Your Aunt Han is sitting next to me, and I'm teaching her how to identify Yan Zhenqing's words!"

    "Yes Dad!"Ye Chen smiled and said "You've studied Yan Zhenqing all this?"

    "Harm."Xiao Changkun said cheerfully "I study more than Yan Zhenqing?What Wang Xizhi, Huang Tingjian, Liu Gongquan, Ouyang Qiu, your father I have studied each!"

    Ye Chen smiled "Good, I'll have to learn more from you some other day."

    Saying that, he also said "right dad, I've got the skin care you want, why don't I send it over to you now and bring it home, in case mom finds an extra set, it's not going to be easy."

    The reason why Ye Chen Chen Zhai Kai had Chen Zhai Kai prepare three sets of skin care was because he felt that, in addition to rewarding Ma Lan with one set, he would naturally have to prepare a set for his wife Xiao Churan, and in addition, this Xiao Chang Kun also wanted to send a set to Han Mei Qing.

    However, if you bring all three sets home, in case Ma Lan sees that except for the one for Xiao Churan, the remaining two sets, she will definitely find a way to keep them for herself.

    So, it was better to take out the set that the old father-in-law was going to give to Han Meiqing first, so as not to have a long night's sleep.

    It just so happened that the old father-in-law was with Han Meiqing right now, so this opportunity couldn't be better.

    As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he also immediately said excitedly, "Oh my good son-in-law, you're really capable!I just told you about this this morning, and you've done it so quickly, that's an amazing efficiency!"

    Ye Chen smiled lightly "just a little thing, it's nothing, wait for me for a moment, I'll be right over."

    Xiao Changkun was busy "then later on, give me a call at the entrance of the Senior University, I'll go down there."


    Ten minutes later, Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of Jinling Senior University.

    The car pulled over to the side and parked, he gave his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, a phone call.

    Soon, Xiao Changkun ran out with his buttocks up, leaned in front of the window and asked with a smile, "Good son-in-law, where is that skin care?"

    Ye Chen got out of the car, opened the trunk and took out a gift box from it and handed it to him "Dad, this is it, take it."

    Xiao Changkun took the gift box and exclaimed in alarm "ouch, so big and heavy?How much stuff is in here?"

    Ye Chen said "There are about a dozen kinds of products, all in one series, everything."

    Xiao Changkun nodded "To say that the weight is so large, selling it for over 100,000 isn't too expensive."

    Ye Chen smiled "This isn't a hundred thousand, this is the most expensive set in their family, selling for three hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight!"

    "Holy shit!"Xiao Changkun's eyes are about to fall out of the ground, "Just one gift box, nearly 400,000?That's enough for a fucking BMW, and it's a 5-series BMW!It's enough to buy an Audi A-six!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "It's indeed enough."

    Xiao Changkun smacked his lips and said "Oh my, such an expensive make-up, how could that bitch Ma Lan deserve to use it!Hey I say good son-in-law, why don't you take this set to her for a 100,000-plus set, and save you 200,000 or so!"

    After a pause, Xiao Changkun advised, "This 200,000 or so, use it for anything, it's better than spending it on Ma Lan.More than two hundred thousand we buy a few antique calligraphy and paintings to hang in our home, not only can set off our family's fragrance compelling, but also can continue to rise in value, it does not smell good?"

    Ye Chen jokingly said, "Then why not return this set and spend a few thousand yuan to buy a high-fashion set, which can save 380,000 yuan."

    As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he fiercely slapped his thighs and said offhandedly "Good son-in-law, this is a good idea!Return this set and get her a fake one, do her justice!"


Ye Chen knew that the father-in-law was eleven thousand dissatisfied with Ma Lan.

    These dissatisfactions were accumulated over the years, in the life of the couple.

    Especially after Han Meiqing returned to China, the father-in-law saw that Han Meiqing was a hundred and eighty thousand miles better than Ma Lan, and his dissatisfaction was even stronger.

    He even wanted to divorce his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, but Ma Lan refused to give him that chance, so he naturally couldn't take kindly to Ma Lan now.

    However, this little thought of his was really a bit too upstage in Ye Chen's opinion.

    Just a set of make-up, it would be a bit too humiliating for him to make a fake one to fool Ma Lan.

    It doesn't matter if it's discovered by Ma Lan, if his wife Xiao Churan knows that he made a fake skin care set for her mother, then she will be somewhat dissatisfied in her heart.

    So he said to Xiao Changkun, "Dad, don't worry about this, and hurry up and send this skin care set to Auntie Han."

    Xiao Changkun nodded and said, "Right Ye Chen, I'm not going back for dinner tonight, I just happen to have a get-together with the senior college side."

    Ye Chen echoed, "Good, then I'll go back first."

    Then, Ye Chen drove back to Tang Chen Yi's home alone.

    As soon as he drove the car into the courtyard, he saw his wife Xiao Churan's car already parked at the house.

    It seemed that his wife had also finished her shift.

    Ye Chen parked the car and walked into the house with two sets of skin care, Ma Lan was sitting cross-legged on the living room sofa watching TV, and Xiao Churan had just washed some strawberries picked from her own vegetable garden and brought them out from the kitchen.

    Seeing Ye Chen, Xiao Churan asked him: "Honey what are you doing?Out so early in the morning and back so late."Computer End :

    Ye Chen [Pencil Fiction] raised the two gift boxes in his hands and said with a smile, "Didn't I get skincare for you and mom to go, and I also stopped by to check the feng shui for others."

    Actually, Ye Chen didn't want to lie and deceive Xiao Churan.

    It's just that he has too many secrets hidden on himself, and he can't tell her yet.

    Therefore, he would have to have a reasonable reason to explain the origin of the two sets of makeup.

    Now that he had already established himself in front of his family as someone who would show others feng shui, so he simply had to use this persona to the end.

    Xiao Choran saw that he really did come back with two sets of caviar skincare and took off in shock, "You really went to read feng shui for other people's make-up?"

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't get a new pair of caviar for your skin, but you can get a new pair for your skin," he said.Up?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and handed her a gift box in passing.

    As soon as Ma Lan received the gift box, without saying a word, she sat down on the ground and opened the gift box with excitement.

    After opening it, seeing the huge gift box filled with all kinds of makeup, she became ecstatic and said, "Mom!So many things?This would be the most expensive luxury set in their house, right?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Mom is quite discerning, this is indeed the most expensive set in their family."

    Ma Lan's eyes were all shining with excited stars, and she even said with some trembling, "Oh my gosh, my dropping boy, this is really that top of the line platinum set ah!Oh, my God!This set is nearly four hundred thousand, right?"

    Xiao Choran on the side was stunned and asked, "Four hundred thousand?!Why is this thing so expensive?!"

    Mashi immediately said, "You don't understand!The most basic set from this brand costs over a hundred thousand dollars, and the most expensive is this platinum set!No, I have to take a picture of my friends to show off and show off!"

    After saying that, he immediately jumped back to the couch with one foot and took out his phone.


Ye Chen smiled, "Isn't there a special channel for this, you don't have to be too concerned about it."

    Xiao Churan whispered, "I'm afraid that Mom will recognize this in the future, if she keeps asking you to get her such expensive skin care, what are you going to do?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "No, haven't you noticed that Mom is much more restrained now?Think of it as a reward for her being more restrained this time, so she can be more restrained in the future."

    As she was saying that, Ma Lan was already on the sidelines with her phone taking small videos of her friends, and said with a flourish, "All look at the two sets of caviar skin care that my good son-in-law bought me, these are platinum sets, and the two sets add up to at least seven hundred thousand!"

    As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he immediately said, "Mom, these two sets aren't both for you, you and Choron have one set each!"

    "Huh?"Ma Lan said sadly, "Churan is so young, so beautiful, not a single wrinkle can be found on her face, she doesn't need this kind of anti-aging skin care now.Use a moisturizer will actually do!"

    Ye Chen immediately said firmly, "No, it was supposed to be one set for the two of you, and nothing you say can make the Choran set go away as well."

    Ma Lan's heart was still ten thousand times reluctant to let go, but now she didn't dare to scream at Ye Chen.

    Don't tell me to holler, even if she talked back, she wouldn't dare.

    So she could only nod with an angry nod, "Good, Mom will listen to you, these two sets of skin care, one for me and one for Choran!"

    Xiao Chu Ran said, "I can't afford to use something so expensive."

    Ma Lan's eyes lit up, and was about to say you can't let go of it so I can use it, and Ye Chen took over, saying, "Honey, if you can't let go of it, then I'll return both sets."

    "Hey hey hey, don't ah don't ah!"Ma Lan panicked and hurriedly said, "Churan, this is a gift from someone Ye Chen, you can't take good intentions for a donkey's liver and lungs!"

    Xiao Churan still wanted to say something, Ye Chen picked up a set and handed it to her, seriously, "Hubby gave it to you, just feel free to use it!When you run out, your husband will buy it for you!"

    Xiao Choran felt the sweetness of Ye Chen's intense love for her, so she finally nodded her head and agreed.

    When Ma Lan saw this, she said excitedly, "I have to hurry back to my room to wash my face and then I'll just use it first, I can't wait to feel it!"

    After saying that, she held her makeup and took the elevator to the third floor.

    Xiao Chu Ran looked at her back and sighed helplessly.

    It seemed that mom's vain character could not be changed in this life.

    However, the current mother was not without progress, at least she treated Ye Chen much better than before, and she was not as domineering and spirited at home, and the home environment was much more stable as a result.

    Just at this moment, she suddenly received a call on her phone, and the one who called was even her mother, Ma Lan.

    "Hey mom, what's up?"

    Ma Lan's voice said anxiously, "Choran, come to my room quickly!Come on your own, and don't let Ye Chen follow!"

    "What's wrong Mom?"

    "We'll talk when you're here!"

    Xiao Churan had no choice but to say to Ye Chen, "Mom told me to go there."

    Ye Chen didn't think much of it and nodded gently.

    Xiao Churan took the elevator up to the third floor and arrived at Ma Lan's room, as soon as she reached the door, she was pulled in by Ma Lan, then Ma Lan immediately locked the door and said nervously, "Good daughter!I suspect that Ye Chen is cheating on me!"

    "Huh?Cheating?"Xiao Chu Ran frowned, "How come."

    "How?"Lan Ma immediately took out a small shopping ticket and took off, "Look at this!This small ticket showed that Ye Chen had purchased three copies of the same platinum set, so why did he only bring back two!What about the extra share?It must have been given to the foxes out there!"


She felt that Ye Chen was true to himself, so how could he cheat on her?

    So she then said seriously to Marashi, "Mom, you're overthinking it!There's no way Ye Chen would cheat on his wife!"

    "Impossible?"Ma Lan's eyebrows stood on end and asked rhetorically, "Then tell me, why did Ye Chen buy three sets of skin care?And you only got one set back. Where's that one?Where did it go?"

    Xiao Chu Ran said, "Maybe it's for a friend, or maybe it's for a friend."

    "A friend?"Ma Lan said with a hateful look on her face, "Only a brainless person like you would believe that!Such things are obviously bought for women, you say he's an orphan and has no mother and no local relatives, who else would he buy it for but a fox?"

    Xiao Churan's expression was also somewhat unnatural.

    She knew that what her mother said was not unreasonable.

    Ye Chen really didn't have any local relatives or female friends, so who was he buying that extra set of skin care for?

    Could it be the Song family's daughter, Song Wanting?

    The impression was that that woman did seem to treat her husband a bit differently.

    However, Xiao Chu Ran was not quite sure how to believe it, Song Wanting was, after all, the eldest Miss of the Song family, and had just recently become the head of the Song family, her status was incomparably noble, and in Jinling, and even in Jiangnan, it was unlikely that a woman with more power than her could be found.

    Her own husband, on the other hand, was a married, married man, so, from a common sense perspective, there was a high probability that a woman like Song Wanting would not have any special relationship with her husband.

    However, the small ticket in the mother's hand again clearly showed that this order did indeed include three sets of skin care, the other set, who exactly was it for?

    Just as Xiao Choran was deep in thought, Ma Lan on the side hurriedly asked her in a low voice, "Girl, tell mom, how far have you progressed with Ye Chen now?"

    Xiao Chu Ran subconsciously asked, "What which step ah?"

    Ma Lan was busy: "It's just those things between men and women!Mom won't beat around the bush with you, have you given your body to Yechen yet?"

    Xiao Churan's face instantly turned red and fidgeted, "Not yet"

    Marashi exploded, "Huh?!Not yet?Are you stupid?What are you waiting for when you're still holding off on giving it to him?"

    Xiao Choran lowered her head and said shyly, "I I also don't know ah just think that the situation between us is quite delicate, at first it was only at grandfather's request to get married, so it never went that way"

    Ma Lan immediately said with utmost seriousness, "O daughter!You're stupid!Men have needs and you can't always meet them, so what if he turns his head and goes to someone else?Ye Chen is at least a billionaire now, and there's no telling how many voluptuous sluts out there are lining up to fall in love with him!"

    At this point, Ma Lan was busy again and said, "You listen to Mom's advice, quickly find a chance to take Ye Chen down, it's best to quickly conceive a child, otherwise if one day Ye Chen let the fox spirit seduce away, our family will be all finished!"

    "And ah, don't forget, this villa is in Ye Chen's name!If he changes his mind and wants to divorce you, he'll kick us out, won't he?I'm telling you, I'm dying to go back to my old house, but I'm not going to leave this Townsend One villa!"


It wasn't like she hadn't thought about this aspect, but, because of her personality, she had always been a little scared and shy, so she had been even less aggressive.

    However, now that she heard Mom say this, she couldn't help but feel a bit of nervousness in her heart.

    Ma Lan said at the side with a long sigh, "Hey, I used to look down on Ye Chen in all kinds of ways, I always thought he was just a loser, but now look, this guy is still somewhat capable, look at how many big people let him fool around, that's skill!Look at this 100 million-plus villa, it's so refreshing and relaxing to live in it, and if he rises in the future, he might be able to fiddle with a Maldivian island!"

    "This" Xiao Chu Ran said awkwardly, "Mom, just stop daydreaming all day long"

    Marashi said in all seriousness, "This dream thing is still a thing!Because it might suddenly come true someday!"

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, including: a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.If he's already cheated on you, then find a way to get him back first!"

    Although Xiao Choran was a bit nervous, she still said very seriously, "Mom, don't just make wild guesses here, I believe that Ye Chen's character will not be what you think."

    "Hey you child, it's always good to be cautious!"

    Xiao Churan fidgeted and said, "Oh my, I'm not talking to you, I'm going down first."

    Ma Lan hurriedly pulled her, shoved that shopping ticket into her hand and said, "Take the evidence, and make sure to ask Yechen about it when you get a chance!"

    Xiao Churan clutched the small ticket and turned around and ran out.

    Ye Chen was currently sitting on the first floor sofa watching TV.

    On the TV, there was overwhelming coverage of the scrimmage match.

    The dark horse Qin Ao Xue naturally attracted countless attention and made the Chinese audience feel immensely proud.

    But the performance of the Japanese player Ito Nanaako also won the appreciation and admiration of the audience.

    At this time, the TV announcer said: "It is reported that Nanaiko Ito is not only an outstanding young Japanese combat athlete, but also a top student of the University of Tokyo, and her family Ito family is ranked as a super rich white beauty born with a golden key.A strong and hard-working combat athlete!"

    When Ye Chen heard this, he sighed inwardly.

    He really didn't think that Ito Naija was still the eldest sister of a top Japanese family!\Drones

    At this time, Ye Chen saw through the high-definition close-up footage captured by the camera, the image of Ito Nanae being repeatedly attacked by the American athlete Michelle, and felt a tug in his heart when he saw her delicate and cold face being injured by Michelle while her eyes were incomparably hard.

    He had to say that Itachi's character was really appreciated by him.

    Powerful, but not difficult, with a tough character, and very good at hiding and hibernating.

    At a certain moment, he even felt that Itoh Cabbage was somewhat similar to himself!

    This made him lament in his heart, such a good girl, if it wasn't for her Japanese nationality, then he would have been willing to take her as his disciple and let her go further in the martial arts journey.

    It was a pity that Itachi's nationality and bloodline were on display, and Ye Chen firmly believed in the words of his ancestors: if you're not of my race, your heart will be different!


When Ye Chen was watching TV, Xiao Choran stepped forward to follow him.

    Seeing that he was watching TV, he sat down beside him.

    Then, Xiao Churan hesitated for a moment and asked him in a low voice, "Ye Chen, I'm asking you something, you must answer me truthfully and not lie to me."

    Ye Chen nodded, "Wife, you ask."

    Xiao Choran handed the shopping ticket in her hand and handed it to Ye Chen and asked openly, "Why is it written on this that there are three sets of skin care?It's not that I don't trust you, I just hope you can explain the situation to me."

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned when he saw the shopping ticket, but he quickly figured out that it must have been put into one of the gift boxes directly by the way after Chen Zhai Kai bought the skin care.

    He then looked around and saw that Ma Lan wasn't here, so he whispered, "I'll be honest with you wife, that set of makeup is actually what Dad wanted."

    "My dad?"Xiao Churan was stunned and asked, "My dad is an old man, he wants this kind of: "I shouldn't have told you, but after all, you are my wife, I definitely can't lie to you, but you have to promise me that if I tell you, you can never go to confront dad again."

    Xiao Chu Ran gave him a blank look, "You won't let me confront Dad, so what if you want to lie to me?What if you let Dad be your backstabber?"

    Ye Chen was busy saying, "Do you see your husband I'm like that?I've always been a daredevil, so how could I let Dad take the fall for me?"

    Xiao Chu Ran nodded, "Okay, then I promise you, tell me, what's this all about?"

    Ye Chen explained, "In the morning, didn't Mom she said she wanted this brand of skincare, and I agreed to it then.Then when I was driving away with Dad, Dad asked if I could get an extra set, saying that he wanted to give it to Auntie Han."

    "Auntie Han?!"Xiao Choran exclaimed, "Is it his first love, Auntie Han Meiqing Han?"

    "Right."Ye Chen smiled, "Which Aunt Han is there besides this Aunt Han?"

    Xiao Churan was a little angry and said, "My father is still in contact with that Auntie Han!Mom was missing then, and I won't say anything if he meets Auntie Han for dinner, but Mom's back, so how can they still have a lot of love and affection?"

    Ye Chen said, "This kind of thing, it's better for us as sons and daughters not to ask about it, after all, Mom and Dad they are all separated now."

    "Hey," Xiao Churan sighed, "Even if they are separated, they still haven't divorced after all.It's only right that you have to be loyal to your feelings if you're not divorced!"

    Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders, "It's not like you don't know about Dad and Mom's situation, this relationship between the two of them is also different from a normal couple, so"

    Xiao Choran believed that Ye Chen was not lying to himself about this matter, and was helpless to the extreme, and spoke up, "In the future, if Dad asks you for something or gives it to that Auntie Han again, you must never agree to it, even if we don't care about him, we must never aid and abet him."

    Ye Chen instantly promised, "Okay wife, I know!Don't worry about it!"

    At this moment, Jinling People's Hospital.


While visiting her master, Kazuki Yamamoto, Ito Nashiko heard the news that Victoria, the Australian fighter who was defeated by Qin Ao Xue in today's match, was also receiving treatment at Jinling People's Hospital.

    Koichi Tanaka made a special trip to find out more and told her a result that shocked her to her core.

    It turned out that Victoria, who had broken both her arms by a kick from Qin Ao Xue, was now in a cast and had officially announced her withdrawal from the third place competition the day after tomorrow, handing over the third place title of this competition to Michelle, Ito's defeated opponent.

    And Victoria wasn't just pulling out of this tournament.There's also a tremendous chance that she'll have to retire completely.

    Because for a casual athlete, both arms are of great importance, and after breaking both arms, it is very difficult to recover as well if at all.

    The effect on a professional athlete, I'm afraid, is lifelong.

    It is very likely to bury her career.

    Itachi was dumbfounded by the news.

    She knew that Victoria, who had injured both her arms in the competition, had no idea that the injury was so serious.

    Victoria was also a top level scramble fighter, yet she was kicked by Qin Ao Xue and broke both her arms, which proved that Qin Ao Xue's physical strength and power was far beyond what a normal person could match.

    Although Ito Naija was a little stronger than Victoria, what was strong was the skill and experience, but the physical quality, she was even slightly inferior to the tall white man, Victoria.

    Even Victoria couldn't resist a strike from Qin Ao Xue, then she was afraid that it would be dangerous when she faced Qin Ao Xue the day after tomorrow.

    After hearing this, Yamamoto Kazuki couldn't help but sigh and said, "Cabbage Patch, in my opinion, you should abstain from the match the day after tomorrow."

    Ito Cabbage was surprised and asked, "Master, what do you mean by that?Why did you ask me to abstain at this point?Didn't you say that the truly strong never surrender without a fight?"

    Kazuki Yamamoto exclaims, "That's just the norm!But now you've seen that this Qin Ao Xue is extremely strong, if you fight against her, you will most likely get seriously injured, in that case, you're not losing a match, you're losing your entire career!"

    Itachi pursed her lips and chanted in a low voice, "But if I retreat without a fight this time, what face will I have to continue practicing martial arts in the future? Isn't there an old Chinese saying that says, "If you know there's a tiger on the mountain, you'll have to go to Tiger Mountain?"Computer :

    Kazuki Yamamoto said eagerly, "There's another old Chinese saying!Where there's life, there's hope.In case you do get seriously injured, your future career might be ruined!"

    Itoh Cabbage said resolutely, "Master, I had a hard time impressing Ye Chen today, if I give up on the competition, he will definitely look down on me, so I will definitely not run away from the competition, on the contrary, I will do my best in the final, even if I am bound to lose, I will lose with dignity!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki heaved a long, heavy sigh, "Hey!If Ye Chen was willing to take you as his disciple, then everything would still be fine, but Ye Chen's current attitude is clearly not willing to take you, so what can you do even if you behave well in front of him, in his eyes, you are a foreigner, a foreigner!"

    "It doesn't matter."Itachi Nabiki smiled slightly and said softly, "It doesn't matter if he takes me as a disciple or not, I just don't want to be looked down upon or despised by him!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki knew Ito-chan well enough to know that she was now very determined, and there was no way she could change his decision.

    So she then looked at Koichi Tanaka, who was next to her, and spoke, "Tanaka, when the time comes in the arena, if Ito-san is injured, then you must promptly throw a towel at the referee, is that clear?"

    Koichi Tanaka was about to nod his head when Itochi snapped with a cold face, "Tanaka!You'll never throw in the towel then!I can accept being defeated in this match however I want, but I just don't accept actively conceding defeat!"


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