Secret Identity 1391-1400


Chapter 1391

Thinking of the old memories, Tang Sihai sobbed.

    Ye Chen's heart also cringed as he listened to the sound of his sobbing.

    Although many years had passed, the thought of his parents dying back then not in an accident, but in an accident, Ye Chen's heart was also incomparably painful and resentful.

    As a human son, the revenge of his parents was unforgivable!

    This revenge, without Tang Sihai having to say anything, he would definitely do his best to avenge it!

    Otherwise, you're a wasted son!

    So, his voice was indifferent as he said, "Butler Tang, don't worry about this matter, I, Ye Chen, swear to heaven that I will avenge my parents' hatred with my own hands!All the people who were involved in the murder of my parents back then, one by one, I won't let them go!"

    "That's good!"Tang Sihai was excited, but said seriously, "Young Master, you must not be impulsive in this matter, there are many clues behind this that I have yet to sort out, so it's better to take the long view and not expose yourself too early."

    Ye Chen gave a hmmm, "I know this, don't worry."

    After saying that, Ye Chen said, "I still have one more question that I hope you will answer truthfully."

    Tang Sihai immediately said, "Young Master, you may ask!"

    Ye Chen intoned for a moment and asked, "Is my wife, Xiao Churan, also arranged by you?"

    Tang Sihai was busy saying, "This really isn't your wife's grandfather I also know, I really didn't expect that he could meet you at the construction site where you work, knowing that he wanted to marry his granddaughter to you, although I knew that his granddaughter wasn't worthy of you, I didn't stop her at that time, because I just wanted to protect your safety and didn't want to interfere with your life."

    Ye Chen was relieved in his heart.

    He knew that it was Tang Sihai's arrangement that he had spent his childhood in the welfare institution, so he was afraid that he would meet Xiao Choran.

    So, he said to Tang Sihai, "Butler Tang, let's go here first, I have an appointment in the evening, you help me comb through the clues you have on hand in the next few days, and if I have the chance, I'll talk to you in person."

    "Okay young master!"

    Ye Chen hung up the phone, and realized that two hot tears had unconsciously flowed out on his cheeks.

    He knows today, the original, more than 10 years ago, his parents were murdered by criminals.Genius MANBA

    Only today did he realize that more than a decade ago, the welfare institution he was living in was completely carefully arranged by Tang Sihai, in order to completely hide all the information about himself.

    Today's world had changed drastically again in his eyes, as if the entire world had become strange.

    The last time he had felt this way was the moment he had accidentally obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures .

    And the last time he felt this way again was the moment when he was eight years old and learned that his parents had died.

    As he was losing his mind, Wei Liang called and said, "Master Ye, approximately when will you come over?Would you like me to pick you up in my car?"

    "No need."Ye Chen said, "I'm going to pick up my wife now and then I'll be over, you guys wait for me for a while."

    After saying that, he hung up the phone, rode a small electric donkey, and headed to Xiao Churan's studio.

    At the same time, the office of the director of the Jinling Orphanage.


The Dean saw Tang Sihai finish his call and respectfully asked, "Butler Tang, what should I do on my side now?"

    Tang Sihai sighed and said, "Since Young Master already knows about it, there's no need for you to remain in the orphanage, you should return to your post in the Ye family from now on, I'll settle you down properly, it's been hard for you for so many years."

    The dean immediately bowed and said, "Butler Tang, the Second Prince treated us with great kindness before his death, and we will serve Young Master Ye Chen to the death!"

    Tang Sihai nodded and said, "You are all elites that Second Master has worked hard to cultivate for many years, condescending to a small orphanage for more than a decade is not only hard for you, but also aggravating, take a good rest during this time."

    "When Young Master inherits the Ye family one day, you'll all be Young Master's brave servants, and then you'll do your best to serve Young Master then!"

    "Young Master has grown up under your watch, he is good-natured, upright in his conduct, and honest, if one day he is able to take charge of the Ye family, I believe he will never treat you badly."

    The dean immediately nodded and said, "This is also because the young master has suffered many hardships since he was a child, so he has this valuable quality, which I can't see in all the rich second generation."

    Tang Sihai smiled slightly, "So, making Young Master suffer in the welfare institution back then is not necessarily a bad thing now, Young Master is after all the only son of the Second Gentleman, as the saying goes, dragons beget dragons and phoenixes beget phoenixes, I believe that Young Master's future attainments will never be worse than the Second Gentleman!"

    Saying that, Tang Sihai waved his hand and said in a cheerful mood, "Alright, I'm going back to Yanjing, you have a meeting with everyone in the next few days, then just hand over the orphanage to the local authorities in Jinling, I'll give you a sum of money tomorrow, you go back first to meet your family, then go find a comfortable resort to rest and have a good rest."

    The dean bowed again, "Thank you, Butler Tang!"

    After saying that, this then asked, "By the way Butler Tang, what about Little Li?She didn't know anything before, but now she already knows quite a bit of the inside story."

    Tang Sihai said, "She hasn't bothered to take care of Young Master for so many years, she's not young, it's time to retire and take care of herself, I have an estate in Canada, let's give it to her for old age, it's better not to let her see Young Master again in the future, we'll talk about it after Young Master successfully inherits the Ye family."

    Dean said, "Little Li also has an adopted daughter, who also works in the orphanage, an orphan who grew up with Young Master, she still knows nothing about this, I'm afraid Little Li won't be able to leave her behind."

    Adverse things to come."


    This night, the Jinling orphanage suddenly completed a major turnover.

    Everyone is moping, packing their belongings, the city staff also rushed over to do the handover with the original team.

    No one knew why the management team of an orphanage suddenly had to replace all the staff from the director to the chef, including the chef, was it because these people had made some big mistake?

    But they couldn't imagine that these people, like a well-disciplined army, had finished fighting this protracted war, and now, it was time to immediately exit the battlefield in an orderly manner.

    Although Auntie Li was extremely reluctant, she was also clear that she was just as ignorant of these things as Ye Chen before, but now, she had learned some insider knowledge and knew that Ye Chen's true identity was the young master of the Yanjing Ye family.

    Therefore, she was also clear that it was impossible for her to remain here.

    Since she knew this information, she couldn't say that she was being dragged into the water, but at least she couldn't be left alone anymore.

    Now that she had been brought into the group, she had to do what the Ye family told her to do.

    Thus, she had also made the decision to listen to the dean's orders and go to Canada to recuperate for the time being.

    As for Li Xiaofen, Auntie Li didn't tell her the truth, only telling her that the great benefactor who had sponsored her to see a doctor and sponsored her to go abroad to recuperate for a period of time, she didn't have any relatives, so she wanted Li Xiaofen to accompany her.

    Li Xiaofen regarded Auntie Li as her own mother, so she naturally agreed without hesitation, and began to pack her bags and prepare to go abroad with her.

    Aunt Li thought that she would tell Li Xiaofen these things after she waited until she was in Canada.


Ye Chen rode his electric bicycle to his wife's studio, and as soon as he entered, Xiao Choran was surprised and asked, "Honey, why are your eyes red?"


    Ye Chen said, stretched out his hands and rubbed his eyes, smiling, "The sandstorm on the way here just now blinded my eyes."

    Xiao Choran said sadly, "Don't always ride an electric bike out, you bought two cars for your family and ended up making you ride an electric bike every day, I'm really too sorry in my heart."

    "It's fine."Ye Chen laughed and said casually, "I like riding electric bikes, it's convenient, simple and hassle-free, and environmentally friendly."

    Xiao Churan smiled helplessly, "You ah, everything that comes out of your mouth seems to be indifferent."

    Saying that, she closed her own computer, stood up and said, "Today just completed an Imperial Group case, Wang Dongxue Wang's side, very quick to let the finance pay for it, how about I buy you a car, so that you will also have a means of transportation."

    "No no, if I really wanted to drive, the two supercars that Mr. Wang and Mr. Qin have, I would have already brought them over to drive."

    Xiao Churan saw that he wasn't joking, so she had no choice but to say, "Alright, let me know when you've had enough electric bikes."

    Ye Chen said, "Wife, we have to leave quickly, I have a dinner date tonight."

    Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, "Who did you have a date with tonight, anyway?You won't say anything even if I ask you, you're mysterious."

    Ye Chen smiled, "I have an appointment with a distinguished guest, you'll know when you arrive."

    "A noble guest?"Xiao Choran was puzzled and asked, "Is it another one of your clients who reads feng shui?"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "This ah, it's going to be a secret for now, you'll know when you go with me."

    "Alright."Xiao Choran nodded and said, "Then I'll follow you to scrounge up dinner tonight."

    After that, the couple left the studio and came to the parking lot, where Ye Chen put his folding small electric donkey, into the trunk of Xiao Churan's BMW, then they took a ride to Shangri-La together.

    At this moment, Wei Liang was accompanying Gu Qiuyi and Chen Duo Duo, who had settled down to chat in the top luxury compartment.

    Chen Zekai heard Wei Liang say that Master Ye was going to host a banquet here today, he had already made all preparations, and heard that the guests had already arrived, so he personally came to the box.

    After buttoning the door and entering the compartment, Richard Chen was stunned.

    He had never dreamed that the one sitting in the box would be Miss Yanjing's Gu family and the most popular actress in China, Gu Qiuyi.

    After all, Chen Zekai was the Ye family's spokesman in Jinling, and was considered a middle to high ranking member of the Ye family's servants, so he knew the big families in Yanjing very well, and naturally knew Gu Qiuyi's background.

    Seeing that she was even here, Chen Zekai's heart thumped.

    Could it be that the young master was the one who was going to entertain the noble guest tonight was her?

    The entire capital knew that Gu Qiu Yi was the childhood sweetheart of the young master, and also knew that Gu Qiu Yi's family had been looking for the young master's whereabouts.

    Judging from this situation, the young master should have been found by her.

    However, the young master has obviously been married, isn't this matter a bit awkward?


Just embarrassed, Gu Qiu Yi looked at him with a black face and asked off the top of her head, "Richard Chen!Did you already know that my brother Ye Chen was in Jinling?"

    "Huh?Uh this" Chen Zai Kai did not know how to reply at once, fidgeting and unable to say anything.

    Gu Qiuyi bit a mouthful of small white teeth, and said in an exasperated voice, "You're too dishonest, I've asked you so many times before and after to find out about brother Ye Chen's whereabouts, and you don't have a word of truth!"

    Chen Zekai said awkwardly, "Miss Gu, you've really misunderstood me, I only found out not long ago that the young master was even in Jinling, I've been in Jinling for so long on behalf of the Ye family, I've never heard of it before."

    Chen Duo Duo on the side was surprised and asked, "What the hell?!Qiu Yi, you said that Ye Chen Ye is the brother Ye Chen you've been looking for?"

    Gu Qiuyi nodded her head and said seriously, "That's right it's him!This villain made me look for him so hard!"

    Chen Duo was pleasantly surprised and said, "Oops!That would be awesome!You've finally found him, so you'll get married soon, won't you?I remember you have always said that as soon as you find your brother Yechen, you will immediately quit the entertainment industry and then marry him and have children."

    Gu Qiuyi's face turned red and blushed as she said, "I I do want to but but that bad guy he got married."

    "Holy shit!"Chen Duoduo exploded and spoke out, "What is going on with this deflated calf surnamed Ye?Didn't he know he was engaged to be married?Doesn't he know that he has a gorgeous fiancĂ©e who's been looking for him?How dare you marry another woman? When he comes, I'll scold him!What a contemporary Chen Shi Mei!"

    Wei Liang and Chen Zekai looked at each other, both of their expressions were very embarrassed.

    It was only at this time that Wei Liang knew about the relationship between Gu Qiuyi and Master Ye, and he was naturally horrified.

    At this time, only Gu Qiu Yi said, "Duo Duo, later brother Ye Chen's wife will also come, I promised brother Ye Chen that I won't reveal the relationship between the two of us at the dinner table, so you mustn't speak nonsense at that time."

    "How can that be!"Chen Duo Duo said with righteous indignation, "While that bastard's wife is also here, we should seize the opportunity to talk about this matter directly in front of his wife, and also make his wife able to consciously know the difficulties and retreat, I still don't believe it, which woman would dare to steal her husband from you Gu Qiu Yi!"

    "Oh no!"

    Gu Qiu Yi said very solemnly, "I've already promised brother Ye Chen about this matter, if you dare to cause me to break my promise, I will definitely not spare you later!"

    Chen Duo Duo blurted out, "Hey, Gu Qiuyi, are you stupid?This meal is the best chance for you to force him away from his original mate, so you must grasp it, or you will definitely regret it in the future!"

    "Don't you dare!"Gu Qiuyi seriously said, "I'm a person who is always heavy on promises and keeping my word, you can't mess me up."

    "Alright, alright."Chen Duo Duo said helplessly, "You've made up your mind, don't regret it in the future."

    At this time, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had also arrived outside the door of the box.

    Before entering the door, Xiao Churan was still asking him, "Who exactly is the VIP you want to meet, making it so mysterious."

    Ye Chen smiled, "Don't worry, it's definitely one of the people you want to see the most."

    "The person I want to see the most?"Xiao Choran's pretty brows knitted, "I myself can't even think of who I want to see the most right now."

    Ye Chen smiled, "Just go inside and we'll know."

    Saying that, he knocked lightly on the door, then pushed the compartment door inwards.

    Xiao Churan saw at a glance that inside the luxurious compartment, sitting facing the door, was Gu Qiuyi, who was dumbfounded in shock at this moment!

    "Mum, is that Gu Qiuyi?Is it really Gu Qiu Yi?"


Xiao Churan couldn't believe in her dreams that the stunning beauty in front of her was her favorite actress, Gu Qiu Yi.

    Gu Qiu Yi can now be said to be the hottest actress in China, and also the most influential actress, even many stars are her fans, openly on Weibo and other social media, to express their love for her.

    This is mainly because Gu Qiu Yi is not only beautiful and has great external conditions, but more importantly, she is a very good actress and very confident in front of the camera, which has a lot to do with the aristocratic temperament she has cultivated since childhood.

    What makes her even more sought after by her fans is that she has a cold and arrogant personality and never gets used to the stink of the entertainment industry, nor does she share the same fate as the entertainment industry.

    This was also mainly because of the Gu family's extraordinary strength, and the entire Huaxia entertainment circle had yet to have a person or company that could hold her down.

    Her entry into the entertainment circle was like the ancient times when she went out of the palace, whether it was her identity, status, or strength, she was far above the entertainment circle, so no one could do anything to her at all, and she was naturally able to keep her true colors unpolluted in the entertainment circle.

    Gu Qiuyi was actually shocked when she saw Xiao Churan.

    She really didn't expect that Ye Chen's wife was so beautiful.

    Of course, it was true that the brother Ye Chen whom she had been thinking about for so many years was handsome and naturally more than enough to match a woman like Xiao Churan, but he hadn't disclosed his identity as the young master of the Ye family after all.

    And a perfect woman like Xiao Choran might not be able to marry even many magnificent young men in Yanjing.

    It seemed that this competitor of his was not badly strong!

    Xiao Churan was still a little nervous at this point, she asked Ye Chen in a low voice, "Hubby, do we really want to have dinner with Gu Qiuyi tonight?!"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "How is it, is it a surprise?"

    Xiao Chu Ran was incoherent with excitement and asked in a low voice, "Then can I take a picture with her later and ask for an autograph?"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Of course, you can sit directly next to her."

    Xiao Churan was so happy and clenched her fists with excitement.

    At this time, Gu Qiuyi stood up, although she was a little annoyed in her heart, she still smiled very politely on her face and said, "This is Mrs. Ye, right?Come on, come on in!"

    Xiao Churan did not expect Gu Qiuyi to take the initiative to talk to her, and was even more excited, not knowing what to do.

    Still, Ye Chen gave her a gentle push behind her and said with a smile, "What are you waiting for, your idol has invited you, go in quickly."

    "Ohhhhh!"Only then did Xiao Choran regain her senses, stepped into the box and said nervously to Gu Qiuyi, "Miss Gu, I never thought I'd have the chance to meet you in person I'm a fan of yours!"

    Gu Qiu Yi smiled generously and said, "Mrs. Ye is too polite, please sit down."

    Ye Chen at the side saw that Gu Qiu Yi was not acting out of the ordinary, and he was relieved.

    He wasn't afraid that his wife would know that he had booked a doll's wedding before, but he was afraid that she would know his true identity.

    Originally, he had been worried that after the Ye family had found him, besides bringing him the Diagonal Group and tens of billions of dollars, it was very likely that he would also bring himself, unimaginable trouble and threats.

    Everything Tang Sihai and Aunt Li told him today confirmed this suspicion of his.

    The Ye family's situation was really deep and dark, and even the enemy who killed his parents was in the Ye family.


Looking at it this way, it was still very wise to keep her decision to hide Xiao Churan, otherwise it was very likely to bring danger to her.

    At this time, the way Chen Duo Duo looked at Ye Chen's eyes had been somewhat vicious, in her eyes, Ye Chen was the negative man who had failed Gu Qiuyi, naturally he was a thorn in her side.

    She even had the impulse to tell the truth directly at the dinner table, but when she thought that Gu Qiu Yi had explained herself, so she could only stop for now.

    At the table, Xiao Choran sat down next to Gu Qiuyi, while Ye Chen sat down next to Xiao Choran.

    Gu Qiu Yi looked at him and asked Xiao Churan with a deliberate smile, "Mrs. Ye, may I ask how many years have you been married to Mr. Ye?"

    Xiao Churan was busy replying, "More than three years, almost four years."

    Gu Qiuyi nodded gently and asked again, "Do you have children?"

    Xiao Chu Ran shook his head and said, "Not yet."

    Gu Qiuyi deliberately acted surprised and asked her, "Married for four years and still don't want children, are you and Mr. Ye a dink family?"

    Xiao Churan said with some embarrassment: "Actually, it's not counted as dinky, it's just how to put it, the two of us, the two of us."

    Ye Chen saw that Xiao Churan didn't know how to answer, so he hurriedly leaned in and said, "The two of us aren't ready to have a child yet."

    Gu Qiu Yi was naturally intelligent, and at the sight of Xiao Churan's shy appearance and Ye Chen's hasty approach to save the day, she knew that there must be something else going on.

    So she nodded her head slightly and said with a smile, "It's actually quite good not to have a child."

    Ye Chen suddenly thought of Gu Qiuyi's comment about not wanting to be a stepmother at a young age, his heart was awkward, but he wasn't angry, after all, he was the one who was sorry, not Gu Qiuyi, for being sorry.

    Xiao Choran was very surprised at this time and asked, "Miss Gu, you are a big star and have been developing in Yanjing and overseas, so why did you come to Jinling?And how do you know my husband?"

    Gu Qiuyi smiled and said, "I'm actually here to be the spokesperson for Mr. Wei."

    Wei Liang was busy introducing himself at this time, "Hello Mrs. Ye, I'm Wei Liang, the general manager of Wei's Pharmaceuticals."

    Xiao Churan nodded very politely to Wei Liang and said hello before asking Ye Chen beside her in a low voice, "Did you give someone a feng shui reading again?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Right!Mr. Wei asked me to check the feng shui fortune for his pharmacy, and it just so happens that he has hired Miss Gu to come over for endorsement, and I know that you've always liked Miss Gu very much, so I brought you over to meet with her."

    Xiao Churan just suddenly realized.

    It turned out that it wasn't her own husband, who knew this big star, Gu Qiuyi, but rather her own husband helped Wei Liang read feng shui, and Wei Liang happened to have hired Gu Qiuyi as an endorsement again.

    In this way, the logical relationship made perfect sense.

    At this time, Gu Qiu Yi on the side said very seriously, "Mrs. Ye, Mr. Ye is really very accomplished in the art of feng shui, it is very admirable, so I am going to invite him, to go to my home in Yanjing in a few days to help my family read the feng shui, maybe for three to five days, Mrs. Ye, is there no problem on your side?"

    Xiao Choran immediately smiled and said, "No problem, no problem, as long as Miss Gu doesn't dislike his average ability and limited level."

    Gu Qiu Yi was relieved in her heart, and with a wan smile on her lips, she spoke, "How so Mrs. Ye, I believe Mr. Ye is a dragon and phoenix among men, and his strength is certainly extraordinary!"


At this time, Xiao Churan was completely unguarded against the fairy-like Gu Qiuyi.

    In her eyes, Gu Qiu Yi was the most perfect display of contemporary women, a woman like her who was extremely good in every aspect, no longer had the smoky atmosphere of the mortal world on her body.

    Therefore, she had also never thought that such a woman would be her potential rival at all.

    Ye Chen could be considered to be relieved at this time, he planned to go to Yanjing after Qin Ao Xue finished the final match and quietly meet Gu Qiu Yi's father, Gu Yanzhong.

    Meeting Gu Yanzhong was not the goal, going to cure his advanced pancreatic cancer was his real goal.

    He was his father's good brother, and over the years, not only did he go to pay respects to his parents every New Year's Eve, he also never relaxed and never gave up looking for his whereabouts, a kindness he must repay.

    It is also a good opportunity for me to go to Yanjing to meet Tang Sihai and find out more information about him.

    So if you go to Yanjing this time, you will need at least a day.

    To be away from home for a day, and not to let his wife have any suspicions, the best excuse would be to be invited by Gu Qiu Yi and go to Yanjing to read feng shui for her family.

    Gu Qiu Yi said the invitation herself in front of his wife, so that his wife would no longer be suspicious.

    When Gu Qiu Yi saw that Xiao Churan had readily agreed, she happily nodded her head and said with a smile, "I didn't expect Mrs. Ye to be so forthcoming, I was worried that your side would disagree."

    Xiao Choran busy said "Miss Gu, you can approve my husband's ability, I'm not happy enough, how could I disagree, just in case my husband where not good enough, then please be more responsible."

    "How could it be!"Gu Qiu Yi smiled and said "I'm very impressed with Mr. Ye's ability, and I believe my father and my family are as well, so I have to thank Mrs. Ye for making this happen!"

    Xiao Churan was a little flattered and hurriedly said "Miss Gu, you are too kind."

    Ye Chen saw that Gu Qiu Yi had been using this kind of ulterior motive words to secretly release some kind of signal, and his heart could not help but feel helpless and depressed.

    He knew that this was what Gu Qiu Yi was saying to herself and also implicitly to Xiao Choran, and it could even be interpreted as a demonstration from her in front of herself and to Xiao Choran.

    However, there was nothing you could do about it.

    After all, it was all because she owed Gu Qiuyi and betrayed the marriage contract made by both parents back then, and she didn't have the face to accuse her no matter what.

    Moreover, what made Ye Chen even more depressed was that he couldn't simply reject Gu Qiuyi like he had rejected Dong Ruolin.

    Because although Dong Ruolin liked him, but not only did he not owe Dong Ruolin any affection, but also repeatedly saved her life, so even if he rejected her outright every time, Ye Chen would not have any psychological burden again.

    But Gu Qiuyi is different after all.

    She was her own baby brother, she had been looking for herself, waiting for herself, expecting herself for so many years, and yet she had failed her, this kind of thing, no matter how you look at it, it was her own fault.

    At this time, Xiao Choran, who was in the dark, summoned the courage to say to Gu Qiu Yi, "Miss Gu, can I take a picture with you?"

    Gu Qiuyi very readily agreed and said with a smile, "Yes!Shoot now?"

    Xiao Choran was busy nodding "If it's convenient for you, then shoot now!"

    Gu Qiuyi nodded her head, took the initiative to move her chair, leaned a little closer to Xiao Churan and said with a smile "Mrs. Ye is so beautiful, it's still stressful to take a picture with you."

    "How can that be" said Xiao Churan, a little short "I'm the one who's under pressure, Miss Gu is not only beautiful, she's also one of the top stars in China, and I'm inevitably ashamed of myself in front of you."


Gu Qiuyi smiled slightly "Come, I'll be a bit in front, so it will look smaller and better on your face."

    The two women took a selfie together, as intimate as sisters.

    After the photo was taken, Xiao Churan held her phone and asked excitedly "Miss Gu, can I send this photo to my friends?"

    Xiao Churan herself was a woman with little vanity.

    Ye Chen had bought her a BMW in the first place, and she hadn't sent her friend circle .

    Ye Chen had given her a make-up wedding at Shangri-La's Sky Garden, and she had not sent her friends.

    Ye Chen taking her to experience tens of millions of supercars and she still hadn't sent her friends.

    Even though she lives in a top-notch mansion like Thomson One, she still hasn't sent out a circle of friends.

    The only thing that has been sent to the circle of friends to "show off" is the vegetable garden that her husband, Ye Chen, built for her in one night.

    But this time, she was really a bit unable to hold back.

    After all, Gu Qiuyi is her favorite actress and her idol, how many times in her life can she have dinner with her idol, and even take pictures with her idol?

    Gu Qiu Yi also very generously nodded her head and smiled "Of course, Mrs. Ye, go ahead."

    Xiao Churan got Gu Qiuyi's consent, immediately thanked happily, then opened her WeChat and sent this photo to her friends.

    The caption she wrote to her friends was "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the opportunity to meet my idol and take a picture with her!".

    This photo had already been sent out, and it had received countless complimentary comments.

    Xiao Choran's social circle had never left Jinling, and for a second-tier city like Jinling, there weren't many opportunities to meet top-tier big stars.

    In particular, it was extremely difficult to meet a super first-tier top-tier big star like Gu Quyi.

    This was why Xiao Churan's circle of friends had triggered countless people's wonder and envy.

    There were even many people who chatted with her privately, asking her after the details of her meeting with Gu Qiu Yi, such as where she was now, whether or not Gu Qiu Yi had come to Jinling, whether or not they could help ask for an autographed photo of Gu Qiu Yi, and so on.

    Gu Qiu Yi on the side smiled and said "Mrs. Ye, this visit to Jinling didn't let the outside world know, so if anyone asks, you mustn't say that I'm in Jinling."

    Xiao Churan nodded hurriedly "I know Miss Gu, don't worry, I will never reveal it to the outside world!"

    Gu Qiu Yi nodded her head and said with a smile, "Right Mrs. Ye, why don't the two of us also add a WeChat friend, so we can directly contact each other on WeChat if we have anything to do in the future."

    "Add a friend?!"Xiao Choran exclaimed "You want to add my WeChat friend?"

    Xiao Churan dared to believe that her idol had taken the initiative to add her WeChat friend, and it wasn't that she hadn't thought about it before.

    However, when she thought about it later, she and Gu Qiuyi were already very different in status, and it was already a great fortune to have a meal together, so how could she have the nerve to add someone else's WeChat friend?

    But she had never expected that Gu Qiu Yi would take the initiative to add her as a friend, to be able to become WeChat buddies with her idol, this was something she never dared to dream of!


After Gu Qiuyi and Xiao Churan added their WeChat friends, they immediately looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile, "Right Master Ye, let's add a friend as well."

    Saying that, she handed her WeChat QR code to Ye Chen's face.

    Ye Chen had to pull out his phone, scan it, and add her as a friend.

    Gu Qiuyi winked at him for a while with a triumphant look on her face, before asking him squarely "Master Ye, when will you probably be able to leave for Yanjing?Can you roughly tell me a time, so I can prepare for it."

    Ye Chen said "Next week, but I can't set a specific time yet."

    Gu Qiuyi nodded and said with a smile "Master Ye, then I'll be waiting for you with my father in Yanjing!"

    Ye Chen suddenly thought of what Gu Qiuyi had said before, saying that after arriving in Yanjing and meeting his father, he would see if his father wouldn't beat himself up.

    Hey, the more he thought about it, the more he was ashamed to go see her father, Gu Yanzhong.

    While Ye Chen was having a headache over the Gu family's father and daughter, in the intensive care ward of the First People's Hospital of Jinling, Itoh Cabbage and her assistant, Tanaka Koichi, as well as Kobayashi Jiro of the Kobayashi family, were standing motionless on either side of the bed of Itoh Cabbage's coach, Yamamoto Kazuki.

    On the hospital bed, Yamamoto Kazuki looked extremely emaciated.

    The doctor had just given him his third full body checkup, once again confirming that his entire nervous system had suffered severe damage, and it was almost impossible for him to recover.

    As for the bloody East Asian sick man's 4 big words on his forehead.It was still prominently visible.

    Ito Nashiko very much hoped that the doctor would use gauze, to cover Yamamoto Kazuki's forehead, so that it would not further irritate his mentor.

    However, Yamamoto Kazuki adamantly refused the offer.

    What Hongwu left on his forehead and these four ugly characters could be said to be the greatest humiliation in his life, but it was also the most profound lesson he had learned in his life.

    Before Ye Chen's slap that crippled him, Yamamoto Kazuki still thought he was a world-class martial arts expert.

    It wasn't until after Ye Chen's slap that he realized that he was just an insignificant insect on the way to the martial arts.

    But everyone who was dedicated to martial arts had a kind of temperament, even if they lost, most of them were willing to accept defeat, and even more so, even if they were killed in a tournament by mistake, they could face it calmly before they died.

    Although Yamamoto Kazuki's magnanimity was not so broad, but when he thought of Ye Chen's terrifyingly great strength, he was also ten thousand times more convinced.

    At this time, Ito Naija looked at him with a sorrowful expression and spoke, "Master, I have already communicated with my father, he will contact the best hospitals and doctors in Tokyo to help you with your treatment and recovery, and a special plane will come over tomorrow to take you back to Japan!"


"No, I'm not leaving!"Yamamoto Kazuki was unable to move his body, except for a slight shake of the head.

    At this time, he said hoarsely "My injury, it is impossible for a doctor to cure it, and going back to Japan is not any better than here, I, as your master, can't leave you here alone, I will accompany you after the competition, and then return to Japan with you."

    Ito Naija was busy "Master, I may not be able to get the championship this time, I watched the video of Qin Ao Xue's match after today's competition, she is much stronger than the last time, even I met a talented player like Joanna, it is possible that I will have to fight hard for a long time to win, but Qin Ao Xue faced Joanna and defeated her with just one move, this kind of strength is far beyond me"

    Yamamoto Kazuki sighed "I watched the live stream of Qin Ao Xue's match in the hospital as well as on the mobile video in China, and she is now very strong indeed, more than several times stronger than she was in the last match!I really can't imagine that one person could make such great strides in such a short period of time!It's just upside down!"

    Itachi said seriously "I think this should have something to do with her coach, Ye Chen, Ye Chen just started coaching her during the last tournament."

    Yamamoto Kazuki thought of Ye Chen and couldn't help but lament "This Ye Chen, is truly the world's martial arts master!Looks like that's the legendary Chinese martial arts disciple who can cultivate internal strength!I used to think those were all lies, but today I kind of really get it!"

    The side of Kobayashi Jiro opened his mouth and said "I am quite knowledgeable about the ancient Chinese medical texts, in the earliest Chinese book "Huang Di Nei", there was a mention of internal energy, and a special article on how to carry out internal energy movement in the body, from this it can be seen that the Chinese have been practicing internal energy since thousands of years ago."

    Yamamoto Kazuki said with a fascinated look on his face "I really didn't think that there was such a thing as internal force in the world, if I had known this 10 or 20 years earlier, then I would have come to China, visited all the famous mountains in China, and learned from a true master and studied internal force with all my heart"

    At this point, Yamamoto Kazuki sighed again "Unfortunately, I saw it too late."

    As the words trailed off, two hot tears rolled down the deeply wrinkled face.

    Ito Nanae, seeing her mentor come to such a miserable end, couldn't help but shed tears as well.

    At this time, Yamamoto Kazuki looked at her and said with a bit of heat in his eyes, "Nana-chan!To this day, I am no longer qualified to be your instructing master, so if you wish to have a greater breakthrough and progress in the path of martial arts, then you must find a way to worship Ye Chen as your master!"

    "What?!"Ito Nabiki blurted out "Befriend him?!I shouldn't!Nanako had only one mentor in her life, and that was you.Cabbage will never be a teacher to anyone else but you!"

    "Foolish!"Yamamoto Kazuki snapped, "What can I teach you now that I'm in this state?Don't tell me that I'm already an invalid now, even if I wasn't an invalid, what I can teach you has long since been passed on to you, and what's left is nothing more than some so-called actual combat experience."

    "But if you look at where I've ended up now, you'll know that actual combat experience, in front of a true expert and in front of absolute power, means nothing at all, a Gryphon, even if it has the experience of tearing and fighting, that's only effective against other Gryphons, but in front of a human, it still can't resist a single finger!"

    "And then Ye Chen made me realize that I was a complete and utter insect in the path of martial arts, and the fact that you, as the disciple that I taught out of my own pocket, have yet to turn blue is proof that you, like me, are nothing more than an insect in the path of martial arts!"

    At this point, Yamamoto Kazuki, with burning eyes, excitedly asked Ito Nana-chan "Nana-chan, you've also been obsessed with martial arts for almost twenty years, are you willing to be a mole on the path of martial arts?"

    When Ito Naija heard this, she bit her lower lip and said word for word, "Master, Naija is not willing to be a Gryphon!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki immediately shouted "Then go and worship Ye Chen as your master!Let him teach you the true martial dao, only then will you have a chance to grow into a truly strong person, otherwise, I advise you to give up on the so-called martial dao now, because the so-called martial dao we're pursuing is just trash among trash compared to Ye Chen!"


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