His True Colors Chapter 371-373

His True Colors Chapter 371

Shi Jing froze in the small courtyard for a long time.

    Those words of Yan Jun's had a very strong impact on her and even faintly shook her inner determination.

    But after a long time, Shi Jing's eyes became even more resolute.

    "He is a member of the Han family, this is what he should do, I am selfish also for the Han family, not me."Shi Jing gritted her teeth as she spoke to herself, she couldn't admit that it was all for herself, she could only find a grandiose reason.

    The Han family, the Han family soul!

    If he can't take responsibility for the Han family, what right does he have to have the surname Han?

    "Dad, whether you're dead or not, I hope you can bless 3000, the future of our Han family can rest on his shoulders alone."Shi Jing said these words before leaving the small courtyard.

    She knew that this trip wasn't going to change Yan Jun's attitude, and now she could only hope that Yan Jun wouldn't interfere too much.

    When Shi Jing appeared at the airport and was about to return to Yanjing, she was suddenly stopped by a group of people.

    "Who are you guys?"Shi Jing asked.

    "Miss wants to see you, come with us."


    Shi Jing frowned, who could the lady among these people be?

    When Shi Jing saw Han Yan at the Peninsula Hotel, she was very surprised.

    She had left Yanjing alone this time without anyone knowing, but she didn't want Han Yan to know that she had come.

    Han Yan looked at Shi Jing with a light smile and said, "In a sense, you should be considered my elder, but it's a pity that this branch of your family has long been unrecognized, so I'd better just call you by your first name, Shi Jing?"

    "What do you want?"Shi Jing asked.

    "Did you come to Cloud City because you wanted to help Han Qianqian, or to persuade him to quickly change his surname?"Han Yan asked.

    "My coming to Cloud City has nothing to do with him, and since you even know about my coming, you should know that I didn't meet with him."Shi Jing said.

    "I only received this news, so you'll need to be honest with me about who you've met."Han Yan stood up from the couch and walked over to Shi Jing.

    Han Yan only stopped when there was only one step away, and she was taller than Shi Jing, so it was condescending to look at Shi Jing at an angle at this time.

    "I advise you, it's best not to lie to me, although you are the wife of Yan Yan's Han family, in my eyes, you are nothing."Han Yan said in a cold voice.

    Shi Jing was shocked at the strong momentum that came at her, even Nangong Qianqiu didn't have this level of strength, Shi Jing thought that the pressure that Nangong Qianqiu brought to her was enough, but she only knew the difference when she faced Han Yan.

    Moreover, Han Yan was only in her twenties now and didn't have the momentum that Nangong Qianqiu had deposited over time.

    Was this the powerful aura possessed by someone from a truly lofty family?

    "I've never met him,"Shi Jing said.

    Han Qing suddenly walked up to Shi Jing and slapped Shi Jing in the face with a loud slap, saying in a cold voice, "Tell the truth to Miss, or else I'll ruin your old face."

    Shi Jing took a deep breath, but she was a member of the Yanjing Han family, and although she had often been scolded by Nangong Qianqiu in the past, she had never been beaten before.

    This little girl before her dared to attack her.

    "Who are you?"Shi Jing asked Han Qing in a cold voice.

    "I'm a maid of the Han family, but even if I'm just a maid, I'm qualified to teach you a lesson."After saying that, Han Qing raised his hand again.

    Shi Jing was on guard this time and directly grabbed Han Qing's wrist.

    "What are you doing, quickly let go of me."Han Qing said with an angry face.

    "A mere servant girl, how could you be so defiant, is this the Han family's upbringing?"Shi Jing said in a cold voice.

    What Shi Jing never expected was that Han Yan suddenly raised her hand and slapped her at this time.

    "What kind of a thing are you that you're qualified to mention Han's upbringing?"Han Yan scoffed disdainfully.

    Shi Jing's heart soared with hostility, but when she looked at the few other men in the room, she had to suppress the hostility.

    "I've never met Han Qianli, and you should know very well that Han Qianli is just the family's abandoned son."Shi Jing said through clenched teeth.

    "This trash was abandoned by you, naturally I know, but Han Jun is now crippled and in jail, and the only person left in the Han family who can preside over the situation is Han 3000, so how do I know that you won't put your hope in Han 3000 now?"Han Yan said faintly.

    "His matter has nothing to do with the Han family,"Shi Jing said.

    The smile on Han Yan's face became even more intense, not expecting this trash to be so ruthlessly abandoned by her own family.

    "I really don't know why my father has to deal with this kind of trash, so just get lost."Han Yan said disdainfully.

    Shi Jing left the hotel, the red and swollen fingerprints on her face very obvious, but it was less than one ten thousandth of the anger inside her.

    The arrogance of the MiG Han family was something she had never seen before.

    Going back to her roots, she was Han Yan's elder after all, but Han Yan didn't take her seriously at all, even daring to beat her with even a maid!

    "Han 3,000, I don't deserve to be your mother, and if you can't help me take revenge, how can you deserve to be my son."

    The room.

    Han Yan was increasingly puzzled by her father's arrangement this time, wouldn't it be better for trash to be left to his own devices, why did she have to make a trip to Warsaw to waste time.

    "Miss, the master must have a purpose for doing this, you don't need to be too troubled."Han Qing said to Han Yan.

    Han Yan shook her head, in fact, the most crucial problem in this matter was on Shen Weng, because he was the one who contacted Han Yan's father and added to the problem by saying many of Han Qianli's bad deeds, and even said that Han Qianli would talk about the MiG Han family, which was why Han Yan's father thought that Han Qianli might disgrace the MiG Han family, and that was why he asked Han Yan to curb the situation.

    "This woman would definitely want her son to help her take revenge now,"Han Yan said.

    When Han Qing heard this, a disdainful smile appeared on his face and said, "Miss, she will definitely feel that way in her heart, but Han Qianli, the trash, is destined to disappoint her."

    "What a pitiful woman, giving birth to such a useless son."Han Yan exclaimed.

    "By the way, how's the matter I asked them to investigate?"Han Yan continued to ask.

    "Miss, our people have paid off the boxing gym staff, but I heard that even when Han Qianqian checked the surveillance himself, he didn't see any problems, so we still don't know what the identity of the person who did this to Wu Feng is."

    "Wu Feng is a piece of trash, it looks like I can't count on him, I'll have to get someone from Earth to come."Han Yan said.

    Han Qing's expression became very shocked when she heard the three words Earth Character.

    "Miss, do you need to use the Earth Character Generation?"Han Qing said incredulously.

    In the Mickey Han family, there were a total of five classifications of bodyguards, one was the most ordinary janitor, the higher ones were those who dealt with matters that could not be seen, and further up was the thugs who possessed great abilities.

    As for Wu Feng, he belonged to the Martial Generation, and was the second strongest among the five classifications.

    As for the Earth Character Generation, this was the strongest among the bodyguards of the Han family in Mi, and even Han Yan didn't know how powerful these people were, and the Earth Character Generation would only follow his father's orders, and only her father knew how many there were in total.

    "Go be petty with my father, otherwise, if I get hurt, I'll have to die of heartache for his old man."After saying that, Han Yan went to bed with a smile on her face.

    Han Qing swallowed her throat, she couldn't imagine how miserable Han 3000 would have to die, but once the earth character arrived, I'm afraid it would be his doom ah, when he was told to change his surname, did he still have a choice?

    Wu Feng was nothing more than trash in front of the earth characters.

    While Han Yan called, Han Qing left the room of his own accord.

    Not long after, Wu Feng came.

    "Han Qing, where's Miss?"Wu Feng asked to Han Qing.

    "Miss is on the phone with the Master, what do you want with Miss, I can relay it on your behalf."Han Qing asked.

    "I'm worried about the danger Miss might be in, so I want to protect at Miss' side."Wu Feng said, the appearance of that strong enemy last night made Wu Feng's heart palpitate, and if anything happened to Han Yan, he would have only one way to die.

    Even if he knew that he wasn't a match for the opponent, Wu Feng had to take his own life to protect Han Yan.

    Han Qing laughed coldly and said, "No need, Miss will have the Master send over the Earth characters."

    "What!"Wu Feng stayed on the spot.

His True Colors Chapter 372

The two of them, Mi Feier and Yang Meng, have not officially joined the company, so there are still two days of leisure time, and for women, shopping when bored is the best pastime.

    This kind of strange creature woman, even if strolling to major shopping malls without buying anything, they will not feel the slightest bit tired in the state of shopping, unless after returning home, the decadence will only reveal.

    Hand in hand, the intimate duo strolled from store to store, trying on many clothes, but there was no loot in their hands, and the two of them were not in the least aware that someone was following them.

    The person who was in the nightclub last night was temporarily scared off by Qin Zhao, but he asked his acquaintances in the Tianjia Company to find out, Qin Zhao was just a very small department head, not much different from a transparent figure in the Tianjia Company, which made him more and more angry in his heart, and that's why he decided to seek revenge on Mi Feier.

    Face, something invisible and untouchable, but it was the very foundation for these thugs to establish themselves.

    If they didn't take revenge, they would be treated as a joke.

    "Brother Dog, these two women are not bad looking, after capturing them, you have to let your brothers play with them as well."A guy with a nasty expression said to Tang Gou.

    Brother Dog was Tang Gou's nickname, being able to get such a respectful title meant that Tang Gou had a certain status among this group of people.

    "Don't worry, when have I Tang Gou ever treated you guys badly, this b*tçh is acting white lotus talk with me, I want her to know how powerful I am Tang Gou."Tang Gou said.

    "Being a wh∅re and still setting up a sign in front of Dog, I really don't know what's good for you."The man scorned.

    "Is the car ready?There are few people here, wait for them to come out and just pull the car."Tang Gou asked.

    "Prepare them, do you need to worry about this little thing?"

    The two of them, Mi Feier and Yang Meng, were in a shoe store.

    When Mi Feier wore a pair of red high heels, the straight line of her legs was the envy of even the other women in the shop, while a few men who accompanied their girlfriends to buy shoes were even looking at her with straight eyes.

    Standing in front of the mirror, Mi Feier deliberately put her slender legs in a seductive pose, and when she found those men looking at her with fascination, the satisfaction in her heart burst.

    "Sister Fei'er, with this body, you could be a famous model."Yang Meng didn't hide her envy of Mi Feier's figure.

    "Is a famous model good enough to have my figure?"Miffy smiled.

    "Of course not, how can they compare to Sister Feier."Yang Meng said without hesitation.

    "It's still you who speaks well."Mi Fei'er said cheerfully.

    This smile made those men hate to pay for Mi Fei'er, but they still had their girlfriends with them, so they didn't dare to do such a thing.

    "Pretty girl, these shoes fit you so well, shall I bag them for you?"The guide walked up to Miffy's side and said.

    Mi Feier was very satisfied with the shoes inside, but with a hint of regret on her expression, she said, "Although it's not bad, but it's not as good as my ideal, I'll take another look."

    Yang Meng knew that it wasn't that Mi Fei'er didn't think the shoes were bad, it was just that she didn't have the money to buy them.

    This was something that Yang Meng admired Mi Fei'er for, many rich people pursued her, but Mi Fei'er always kept a self-reliant heart, and her words were something that Yang Meng always remembered.

    A man's charity is for your body.

    "Sister Feier, there's another shop nearby, there must be something suitable for you, so let's go."Yang Meng said at the right time.

    "Okay, if there's no suitable one, we'll come back."Mi Fei'er said.

    The two men sang together, experienced and experienced, and would not lose face.

    But as soon as they stepped out of the shoe store, the two men approached them and, indiscriminately, forcibly abducted them directly into a van.

    "Who are you guys!"Mi Feier was much calmer compared to Yang Meng who was full of shock and asked the people in the car.

    At this time, Tang Gou, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned back and said with a smile, "Big beauty, you wouldn't have forgotten me, would you?"

    "It's you!"Miffy was surprised and at the same time, she was starting to get scared.

    How could this guy suddenly find her!And it didn't look like the visitor was good.

    "What do you want, my friend is a member of the Celestial Company, you wouldn't forget that, would you?"Mi Feier threatened.

    Tang Gou laughed disdainfully and said, "I was really intimidated by him last night, but I've already investigated him, a small team leader is nothing."

    This statement made Mi Fei'er's face very ugly, if he wasn't even afraid of Qin Zhao, Mi Fei'er wouldn't be able to deal with him.

    "What are you arresting us for, it's against the law."Mi Fei'er said.

    "Beautiful girl, introduce yourself, I, as for me, I'm a gangster, I can't do anything, I just like to do something illegal, you mention breaking the law to me, isn't this a joke?"Tangou laughed in amusement, as did everyone else in the car.

    It was indeed laughable to mention breaking the law with a bunch of thugs.

    The car drove to the village in the city, which was where Zhang Ling Hua used to live.

    After the car came to a halt, Mi Feier and Yang Meng got off and saw the surroundings and became even more scared.

    Cloud City's urban village was notoriously chaotic, it was a place where fish and dragons mixed with all sorts of people, and it was often a place where big news would come out of the social pages.

    The two of them were brought into a house full of stench, full of trash, with cockroaches everywhere making the two girls' scalp go numb.

    "It's not a very nice environment, but you're going to enjoy the next few days so much that you might love this place."Looking at Miffy's tall figure, Tang Gou couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

    When Miffy noticed Tang Gou's hot gaze, she knew what was going on in his head and calculated that there was some way to be able to leave.

    But with so many people and a complex environment like a city village, it was hard to run.

    "I'm going to take a shower first, surely the fragrant ones will come to play with you."Tang Gou said with a lecherous smile.

    At this time, a panicked-looking person ran to Tang Gou's side and said upbeat, "Brother Dog, Boss Yang asked you to come over."

    Tang Gouton frowned in dissatisfaction, Boss Yang was Yang Xing, his son had been severely taught a lesson by Han Qianqian after bullying Zhang Tianxin, when Yang Xing, including his men and son, had all knelt before Han Qianqian.

    It was applaudable at the time, but after it was over, no one dared to mention it anymore, after all, Yang Xing was the leader of the village in the city, and no one was willing to offend him.

    "When will you not come, but it's such a crucial time, f**k!"Tang Gou gritted his teeth in dissatisfaction, and although he was very reluctant, he couldn't go without seeing it.

    "You guys, keep an eye on my men, no one is to move until I return."Tang Gou ordered to a few of his men, just turned around and continued, "Collect the cell phones."

    After handing over their phones, Mi Fei'er and Yang Meng were thrown into a small bedroom, and although the environment was a little cleaner, the stench still permeated the sky, giving people a sickening feeling.

    "Sister Feier, what should we do now?"Yang Meng looked scared and said to Mi Feier.

    Mi Fei'er was actually afraid, if she fell into the hands of someone like Tang Gou, it could be a stain on her life, but in front of Yang Meng, she had to force her composure to do so.

    "Don't worry, I can think of a way."Mi Fei'er consoled.

    "Sister Fei'er, do you think Old Han will come to save us?"Yang Meng suddenly said.

    Mi Fei'er looked at Yang Meng puzzled, why would she mention this wimp?

    "Sister Feier, I just sent an address location to Old Han when they weren't paying attention, but before I could send a message, my phone was taken away."Yang Meng explained.

    Mi Fei'er laughed disdainfully and said, "If you had sent it to someone else, maybe we would have been saved, but how could a cowardly wimp like him come and save us."

    Listening to Mi Fei'er's words, Yang Meng looked a little desperate, she had just clicked on a random person in WeChat, off to the side of Han Qianqian, if it was as Mi Fei'er said, no one would be able to save them.

    "How did you get old Han's WeChat, didn't I warn you not to get too close to him?"In this situation, with no ability to defend herself, Mi Fei'er still didn't forget to accuse Yang Meng, which was enough to see how strongly she hated Han Qianqian.

    "Sister Fei'er, I secretly added him on the first day."Yang Meng lowered her head and said.

    "If you don't listen to me, you'll suffer sooner or later."Mi Fei'er said in anger.

His True Colors Chapter 373

In addition to being angry at Yang Meng's behavior, Mi Fei'er was also very helpless, because in her opinion, Yang Meng had no idea what kind of person Han Marchant was, and it was even more wrong to have hopes for Han Marchant.

    I'm afraid that a cowardly wimp like him wouldn't even dare to come to a place like the City Village, so how could he come to save them?

    "Sister Phil, is it true that Old Han won't be here?"Yang Meng asked, she was very scared right now, and the only person she had contacted was Han Qianqian, so she had pinned all her hopes on Han Qianqian, and if it was like what Miffy said, she would be desperate.

    Tang Gou was not a good person at a glance and he acted very straightforward, Yang Meng didn't want to fall into the hands of such a person.

    "You can pray for the immortal to reveal himself, but don't expect him to come and save us."Mi Fei'er said disdainfully, after two incidents, she thought she knew enough about Han 3000 to know that Han would never appear.

    "Why?"Yang Meng was puzzled and asked.

    Mi Feier sighed helplessly as she saw that Yang Meng was even holding out hope, and said: "Last time I was running in the neighborhood in the morning and got into a quarrel with a dog walker, he saw it, but ran faster than anyone else, and I was taken advantage of by that guy in the nightclub, he ran faster than anyone else after he saw it, although these two things have nothing to do with him, but isn't this a sign of his cowardice and weakness??"

    Yang Meng leaned her back against the wall, if that was the case, Han Giangli could not be relied on, then that message of hers would seem meaningless.

    Seeing Yang Meng's reaction, Mi Fei'er consoled, "I already told you that he's not a good thing, you don't need to be disappointed in him, it's just that you're looking away."

    Yang Meng weakly hung her head, maybe it was really like what Mi Fei'er had said, she shouldn't have any good feelings towards Han Giang, let alone trust him.

    On the other hand, when Tang Gou saw Yang Xing, he didn't show the same disgusted expression he had before, but rather, he looked like he was being obedient.

    In this realm of the city village, Yang Xing possessed a very high status, even if Tang Gou wasn't hanging out with him, he had to give him face and call him Brother Xing.

    "Brother Xing, what are you looking for me for?"Tang Gou asked cautiously.

    "Tang Gou, I recently received news that someone wants to develop the city village, it's a good opportunity to make money."Yang Xing said to Tang Gou.

    Tang Gou looked puzzled, how could it be possible that he hadn't heard of such important news at all?

    And this kind of good thing, Yang Xing would tell him of his own accord?

    With Yang Xing's character of eating alone, he would never be able to share this benefit with others.

    "Brother Xing, who did you hear it from, it can't be a rumor, right?"Tang Gou asked.

    "That recently boisterous Han Clan, I heard that they're the ones who want to redevelop the city village, there shouldn't be any falsehoods."Yang Xing said.

    The capital power that the Han Clan had recently shown had a huge influence in Cloud City, so if this was something the Han Clan wanted to do, then it was really possible.

    But Tang Gou didn't understand why Yang Xing had to tell him about it.

    "Brother Xing, if you have any orders, just say so, I, Tang Gou, will guarantee to do it for you."Tang Gou said.

    Yang Xing was very satisfied with Tang Gou's performance, nodding his head and said, "I do want your help, go gather all the landlords and warn them, don't agree to demolish the house without my consent."

    Tang Gou's mind was racing, looking at Yang Xing's meaning, he wanted to control the right of demolition in his hands, using it as capital to negotiate with Han's group and gain profit from it, this was a big piece of fat meat, if it really worked, Yang Xing would make a fortune.

    "Brother Xing, this is a bit troublesome ah, there are quite a few landlords in this city village."Tang Gou said with a face of difficulty.

    Yang Xing smiled faintly, with Tang Gou's methods, what was this a difficult matter, didn't he deliberately act like this, just to make a profit himself as well?

    "Don't worry, after it's done, the benefits will definitely not be less than you."Yang Xing promised.

    "Brother Xing, then it's settled, I'll take care of these landlords, and you take care of Han's group."Tang Gou said excitedly.

    At this time, one of his men ran to Yang Xing's side to whisper something, only to see Yang Xing's face change drastically, even with some panic.

    "Brother Xing, what's going on?"Tang Gou was puzzled.

    "You go first, I have a friend to greet."After saying that, Yang Xing left the house in a hurry.

    "Why did this devil come again."Yang Xing hurried on his feet, asking his men as he walked.

    "I don't know, Brother Xing, he's not coming for us again, is he?But several people were hospitalized last time."Hand worried.

    Thinking about what happened last time, Yang Xing had a numbing feeling, he was not afraid of anything in the city village, but since that incident, he would even have nightmares at night.

    It couldn't be helped, he was too fierce, all of Yang Xing's men were dried up, this kind of person, Yang Xing had never even seen before, let alone touched.

    Finally, Yang Xing saw that familiar face from afar and unconsciously shivered, then trotted over towards him.

    "Brother Han, why are you free to come to the city village today."Yang Xing asked cautiously.

    Han Giangli drove over immediately after receiving Yang Meng's message, this place was mixed with fish and dragons, Yang Meng had somehow positioned this address for him, something must have happened.

    If it were Mi Feier, Han Qianqiang would definitely not take care of it.

    "Yang Xing, the people here, have you been restless again lately?"Han Qianli asked faintly.

    "No no, absolutely not."Yang Xing waved his hands in fright when he heard this, and even those few men were inexplicably frightened.

    "No?"Han Qianqian looked at Yang Xing suspiciously.

    Yang Xing's heart was bitter, he really hadn't done anything excessive recently, he hurriedly said, "Brother Han, please believe me, I really haven't done anything, I recently received news that Han's group might rectify the place, although I have plans to unite the landlords, but this hasn't started yet."

    Yang Xing's heart was bitter, seeing that this piece of fat meat was likely to fall into his hands, but if Han Marchant interfered, the cooked duck would fly.

    "Han's group?"Han Giangli frowned, the Han Clan was trying to make a move on the city village!

    It is true that the village is a developable place with great commercial value, and over the years, it is not that there are no developers who are interested in this place, but many times the regulation could not make everyone here satisfied, and the landlords' asking price is getting higher and higher, which can only discourage those developers.

    Money became the biggest problem in the redevelopment of the urban village.

    The Han Clan, on the other hand, was not short of money, but if this project fell into their hands, it would not be a good thing for Han Three Thousand.

    "Brother Han, this is confidential information, and I had to put in a lot of effort to find out about it, and now there are very few people other than you and me who can know about it."Yang Xing said.

    Han 3000 wanted to talk to Yang Xing about this matter, but Yang Meng was still waiting for him to save the day, looking at his phone, he said to Yang Xing, "I'll let talk to you in detail about this later, I'll find my friend first, she was forcibly kidnapped here."

    Forcibly abducted?

    These four words made Yang Xing feel like he was standing on the edge of a cliff, if it was his men who did this, he would be spared from suffering again today.

    "Brother Han, who is the other party, it shouldn't be my people, right?"Yang Xing asked.

    "Whether it's you or not, you'll know when you go."Han Qianli said, speeding up his pace slightly to avoid delaying too much time and causing an irreversible end.

    The more Han Qianqian walked, the more Yang Xing felt familiar with this road.

    Wasn't this exactly the route to Tang Gou's house?Did Tangou do this?

    Thinking about it this way, Yang Xing felt a little more relaxed, although he knew Tang Gou, and Tang Gou was afraid of him and would work for him, but Tang Gou was not his subordinate.

    As expected, in front of Tang Gou's home, Han Giang stopped in his tracks, his phone locating exactly where the shabby house in front of him was.

    "Han, this is Tang Gou's house, I know this guy, he's not a good guy, do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?"In order to clear the relationship with Tang Gou, Yang Xing planned to teach Tang Gou a lesson himself.

    "Do I need your help?"Han Giangli faintly finished speaking and walked towards Tang Gou's house.


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