His True Colors Chapter 341-343

His True Colors Chapter 341

A frightened Xie Yunpeng ran to Tian Ling'er in a panic and quickly explained, "Ling'er, I'm sorry, I was blunt just now, I didn't think it was you."

    "Don't shout so affectionately, am I familiar with you?"Tian Ling'er said disdainfully.

    Xie Yunpeng was very self-conscious in order to be closer to the Celestial Family, so he was very self-conscious and treated anyone in the Celestial Family as close as he could call them, but he had never been disliked by Tian Ling'er when he called her that before, so he didn't understand why Tian Ling'er would say that.

    "Ling'er, if you're angry, I can make it up to you, anything you want."Xie Yunpeng said.

    "Compensation?"Tian Ling'er smiled faintly and said, "Do I need to have someone else buy something I like for me?Are you looking down on me, or on the Celestial Family?"

    This made Xie Yunpeng's scalp go numb, how could he have the guts to look down on the Heavenly Family, although they were in a mutual partnership with the Heavenly Family, the Xie Family didn't even have the qualifications to straighten up in front of the Heavenly Family, it was just a matter of saying that the Heavenly Family wanted to change their partner.

    "No no no, I didn't mean that, I just wanted to make amends for what I said earlier."Xie Yunpeng said.

    "If you want to make amends, kneel down and make amends."Tian Ling'er said, but Xie Yunpeng had just kicked Han Giang, and she would have to take revenge for Han Giang if she didn't take revenge for this.

    When Xie Yunpeng heard this, his face was extremely ugly, no matter what, today was also his wedding, in this kind of occasion, he was the protagonist, if he knelt down, wouldn't this wedding really become a joke.

    He used to take Han Qianqian's wedding as a joke, but he didn't want this to happen to him.

    "Uncle Hong Hui, is there anything that can wait until the wedding is over?"Xie Yunpeng asked to Tian Honghui.

    Tian Honghui took a look at Han Qianli and said indifferently, "No, Han Qianli is Ling'er's brother, you just kicked him, can we let this go like this?"

    "What!"Xie Yunpeng looked at Tian Honghui in shock.

    How was it possible that Han Qianqian could be Tian Ling'er's brother, how was that possible!

    Tian Ling'er walked up to Han Qianli, raising a bright smile and said, "Brother, you really know how to spread dog food, I'm almost envious."

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, it happened suddenly, he hadn't thought of it, the reason why he did it was also out of love, suddenly thinking of the grievances he had subjected Su Yingxia to for so many years, as well as the three words Su Yingxia said after he knelt down on one knee in Keystone Island, that's why Han Qianli felt that he should make up a marriage proposal ceremony for Su Yingxia.

    For them who were already married, this kind of ceremony was superfluous in the eyes of outsiders, but in Han Giang's opinion, it was something he should make up for to Su Yingxia.

    "Why are you guys here?"Han Qianli asked.

    Tian Ling'er deflated her mouth in disdain and said, "This Xie family has some cooperation with the Tian family, that's why my father is attending, it's a way to give them some face."

    Han Qianli nodded in sudden realization, no wonder Xie Yunpeng was looking for trouble, he had the Tian family as his backstage.

    After Tian Ling'er finished speaking, she walked over to Su Yingxia and took Su Yingxia's hand and continued, "Sister-in-law, what does it feel like to be proposed to?Happiness?"

    Su Yingxia's face was embarrassed, just now she was very moved and cried a lot, but now that she thought about it, it was somewhat humiliating, after all, she shed tears in public.

    "En."Embarrassment was one thing, but the happiness in her heart, Su Yingxia also had to admit, and proposing at someone else's wedding, this kind of crazy thing, probably only Han Qianqian could do it.

    Looking at the intimate appearance of Tian Ling'er and Han Qianqian's couple, Xie Yunpeng felt a wave of despair.

    At Tian Chang Sheng's birthday banquet, Tian Chang Sheng had shown the importance he attached to Han 3000, but this importance was seen by many as Tian Chang Sheng wanting to use Han 3000, who was just a puppet character and shouldn't have any weight in the old man's mind.

    When this kind of statement was widely spread among the high society of Cloud City, almost everyone believed it, Xie Yunpeng was no exception, that's why he dared to make things difficult for Han Qianxiang.

    But now, it was clear that the truth of the matter was not as rumored.

    If Han Qianqiang was truly a puppet being used, how could he become Tian Ling'er's brother?

    Other than Xie Yunpeng, the others present were also very surprised, if Tian Ling'er had truly recognized Han Giang as her brother, then his status was something that no one present could compare to.

    Many people's eyes changed a bit when they looked at Han Qianqian, and when they thought about the incident at the People's Square, it made it even more uncomplicated.

    "Honghui, these are all trivial matters, you should let Yunpeng finish the wedding first."Xie Yunpeng's father Xie Haoran approached Tian Honghui, he was very close to Tian Honghui, so he felt that he should be able to solve this trouble by stepping in.

    "Xie Haoran, you're probably not quite sure what the situation is right now, but I can't give this face."Tian Honghui said disdainfully.

    Xie Haoran's expression stiffened for a moment, he couldn't understand why Tian Honghui would be so helpful to Han Qianqian, looking at this situation, even if it meant tearing his face off with their family, he would be willing to do so.

    "I'll call Master Tian immediately and let him make the decision,"Xie Haoran said.

    "You go ahead and call."Tian Honghui smiled and let the old man know that the Xie family's situation would only get worse.

    In the eyes of others, the Tian family was helping Han 3000, but who could know that the Tian family was actually trying to please Han 3000?

    When the phone call was made, Tian Changsheng was playing chess with Wang Mao at home, now Cloud City Go Association only Wang Mao this single tree support, all he has nothing to do, like to look for Tian Changsheng cut some, otherwise the days are too boring.

    When Tianchang Sheng received the call, he didn't care about the context, just heard the three words Han 3,000, and said directly, "Xie Haoran, do you want to follow in the footsteps of Jiang Fu, or do you want to be safe?"

    That scared Xie Haoran so much that cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

    Jiang Fu's gang were now almost beggars, there was no room for survival at all in Cloud City, how could he want to become the second Jiang Fu?

    "If you don't want to, kneel down."Tian Changsheng said and directly hung up the phone.

    Wang Mao dropped a sub and asked curiously, "What's going on?"

    "Xie Haoran's son is getting married today, and for some reason, he's involved in Han 3000 again and called me to give him the go-ahead,"Tianchang Sheng said.

    Wang Mao smiled helplessly and said, "The Xie family is so unsightly, hasn't the matter of Jiang Fu given these people enough warning?"

    "It's still to blame for Han Third Thousand's low profile, there's always someone who thinks they can toy with him."Tian Changsheng smiled.

    Wang Mao nodded his head, Han Three Thousand was indeed too low-key, that's why he was constantly in trouble.

    "Why doesn't he keep a high profile?"Wang Mao was confused.

    Tian Changsheng held a chess piece in his hand and was slow to set the plate, he was silent for a long time before saying, "The tree attracts the wind, perhaps, he is plotting something big, or maybe, he is used to keeping a low profile."

    "A gentleman hiding a weapon, this kind of talent is the most frightening, Jiang Fu's gang, not innocent."Wang Mao said.

    "No matter how scary he is, now that he's Tian Ling'er's brother, there's only good and no harm to the Tian family."Tianchang Sheng said proudly, in the last few days, as long as he thought about this matter, Tianchang Sheng's heart would blossom with joy.

    Nongjia, holding the phone Xie Haoran's soul traveled to the ninth heaven, he did not expect Tianchang Sheng to face this matter was actually such an attitude, not at all helpful, but also with a sense of threat.

    Just thinking about what happened to Jiang Fu's gang now, Xie Haoran began to weaken his legs, after decades of thick and thin, the Xie family had found a firm footing in Cloud City with difficulty, he didn't want all his efforts to go down the drain because of such a simple little thing.

    "Dad, what did the old man say?"Xie Yunpeng asked nervously, now only with the help of Master Tian could they defuse this situation, if they really had to kneel down, the Xie family's reputation would be finished.

    Xie Haoran didn't say anything, but presented it with actual actions.

    With a bang, Xie Haoran kneeled down on both knees.

    Xie Yunpeng was stunned.

    Countless people at the scene drew a breath of cold air.

    Ji Chun's figure shifted and fell to the ground.

    She was merely trying to squash Jiang Lan's popularity and solidify her position among the sisterhood, but she never expected things to turn out like this.

His True Colors Chapter 342


    The sounds of the scene drawing cold air continued, and the visual impact Xie Haoran's kneeling brought to the crowd was like waves of shock.

    The expression on everyone's face was filled with incredulity.

    Who could believe that Xie Haoran had actually kneeled down!

    Han Giangli held Su Yingxia's hand and walked over to Xie Yunpeng.

    Xie Yunpeng lowered his head, not daring to look at Han Three Thousand.

    This matter had started because of Han Three Thousand, and the Heavenly Family had made them kneel, in no way just because he had berated the Heavenly Spirit for clapping his hands, but it was even more of a sign that Han Three Thousand was different.

    At this point, Xie Yunpeng couldn't help but blame Ji Chun in his heart, if Ji Chun hadn't had to make things difficult for Han Three Thousand, how could this have happened?

    "Afraid?"Two simple words came out of Han Qianli's mouth.

    Xie Yunpeng cold sweat, how could he not be afraid, he was so afraid now that he wished this had never happened, otherwise the situation wouldn't have been so ugly by now.

    "Han 3,000, today is my wedding, please give me some face."Xie Yunpeng said to Han Qianxiang in a begging tone.

    "Don't worry, I don't intend to make things difficult for you, and I have to thank you."Han Qianqian said.

    How could Xie Yunpeng dare to believe that Han Qianxiang would thank him?He must have something else to say later, this kind of person could never let him off easily.

    "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the chance to propose to Ying Xia, but since your father has already knelt down, you're exempt."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    Xie Yunpeng looked up incredulously at Han Giang, would he really let it go like that?He's the one who's being mean to you?

    This was equally unbelievable to those watching, because no matter if it was any one of them, they would never let Xie Yunpeng off easily, this was a good opportunity to make themselves look good, the Heavenly Family was willing to help, who wouldn't want to vent their anger?What's more, it was someone like Han Qianxiang who had been humiliated for over three years.

    In his heart, didn't he have any grievances to vent?

    "No way, is he really going to let Xie Yunpeng go?"

    "This Han Three thousand is a real wimp, the Heavenly Family has stepped in on his behalf, but he let Xie Yunpeng off so easily."

    "What do you guys know, this is called an adult who doesn't care about the little guy, it's not forbidden to say that Han Three Thousand Thousand doesn't even have Xie Yunpeng in his sights, and to bother with Xie Yunpeng will only cause him to drop his price."

    As the crowd whispered, the unmarried lady present was even more deeply impressed by Han Qianli's charm.

    The tender side that Han Qianqian had shown when he proposed to Su Yingxia before was already enough to make people envious, but now, the atmosphere that Han Qianqian displayed was another mesmerizing quality.

    "So eager to marry a man like this, this is the real Prince Charming."

    "I used to think that Su Yingxia was wronged for marrying him, but now it seems that Su Yingxia is the happiest person."

    "Why am I not Su Yingxia, why can't I find a man like this?"

    Su Yingxia, who had been laughed at, now greeted countless envious eyes, but she didn't care about that and held Han Marchant's hand tightly.

    The eyes of the others, the sarcasm, the gossip, all vanished after Han Qianqian's sentence of "Will you marry me?".

    "Xie, thank you."Xie Yunpeng stammered to Han Marchant, although he couldn't believe it a bit, but now it seemed that Han Marchant indeed had no intention of continuing to dwell on this matter, so he didn't know what to say other than to say thank you.

    Jiang Lan, who had been holding a sigh of relief in her heart, walked up to Ji Chun and said condescendingly, "Ji Chun, I came to your son's wedding today with a blessing, but I didn't expect you to make such an arrangement and make things difficult for Han Qian and Su Yingxia, he's willing to let you go, but I don't agree."

    Han 3000 smiled helplessly, although he had guessed that Jiang Lan wouldn't let up, he still had a bit of a brainache when it actually happened.

    "Mom, let's go."Han Three Thousand said.

    Jiang Lan wasn't a master who liked to keep a low profile, she went out hating to bring all her belongings to show others, this kind of personality was destined to make her unwilling to suffer any loss.

    "What's the point of leaving, things haven't been made clear yet, why did the host deliberately mention your name?Don't you want to find out?"Jiang Lan said.

    The host belonged to the role of watching a good show, after all, he was only following Xie Yunpeng's orders, and from the beginning when he was in the mindset of cracking jokes, to the appearance of the Tian family, his mood changed and became nervous, afraid that he would be implicated, but when Han Qianqian no longer pursued the matter, he was somewhat relieved.

    But now, directly being mentioned by Jiang Lan, the host's heart instantly hung in his throat.

    He was just an employee of a wedding company, and he was from the Xie family and the Tian family, so he didn't even know how cannon fodder like him would die.

    Hearing Jiang Lan's words, the host hurriedly walked over and said, "This matter has nothing to do with me, I just did what Xie Yunpeng told me to do."

    "What did he command you to do?"Jiang Lan asked in a cold voice.

    The host trembled and said, "He, he wants to play with Han 3000 and make Han 3000 lose face at the wedding."

    Jiang Lan looked at Xie Yunpeng and continued to ask, "Who gave you this idea and what is your purpose for doing this?"

    Xie Yunpeng had no quarrel with Han Marchant, in his heart, Han Marchant had always been a joke, and a few words of ordinary amusement and ridicule were just that, no reason to compete with Han Marchant.

    But Ji Chun was his mother, and since Ji Chun had requests in this regard, he naturally had to satisfy Ji Chun.

    "No one is giving me ideas, and I don't have any other agenda,"Xie Yunpeng said.

    Jiang Lan smiled faintly and said, "No other purpose?You wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for your mother, would you?"

    After saying that, Jiang Lan looked at Ji Chun again and continued, "I know that you're dissatisfied with me and feel that I stole your limelight, but I didn't expect that you would do such a thing when I came to your son's wedding with good intentions."

    Ji Chun couldn't even measure how much she regretted it now, she just felt that she shouldn't have done it, and it wouldn't have come to this.

    Even if the wedding could go on, but Xie Haoran had already kneeled down, this was ultimately a disgraceful thing for the Xie family and would be laughed at.

    In the future, in the Sisterhood, she Hugh would not want to raise her head, and would even be laughed at by outsiders.

    "Jiang Lan, it's my fault, if you want to hold me accountable, charge me."Ji Chun resigned herself to her fate, now even the Heavenly Family was going to help Han Qianxiang, she had no other choice but to admit her misfortune.

    "You're envious of me, that's why you're doing this, right?"Jiang Lan said proudly.

    "Yes."Ji Chun nodded her head.

    This statement caused Jiang Lan to spring into action, her vanity greatly satisfied, her eyes sweeping over the other sisters as if declaring that she was the one with the highest status among them.

    Han Qianqian sighed in his heart, Jiang Lan's mentality of seeking superiority was incomprehensible to him for the rest of his life, did the opinions of others really matter that much?

    People live for themselves, not for what others think.

    "What's all the excitement, I'm not going to miss the fun."At this time, an unexpected woman's voice sounded.

    Outside the wedding venue, came two women, one in front and one behind, although they were dressed very simply, their posture, instantly attracted the eyes of all the men.

    "F**k, where did the beautiful women come from, this figure is too good."

    "This temperament, it must be some big miss from some family, our Cloud City, when did this kind of beauty come out."

    "It's even more beautiful than Su Yingxia, she's the only one who qualifies to be the number one beauty in Cloud City."

    Countless sighs due to posture rang out in the crowd.

    When Han Qianli saw the visitor, he frowned tightly.

    Han Yan!

    Why did she appear here for no reason at all.

    "At a young age and still kneeling, it's a disgrace."Han Yan saw Xie Haoran kneeling on the ground and said with a cold face.

    Xie Haoran looked up angrily and said, "Who are you, and what does it matter to you who I kneel for?"

    "I'm your savior, if you're going to kneel, you're going to kneel for me too, not this loser."Han Yan smiled.

    Tian Honghui looked at Han Yan and wondered in his heart, where did this woman come from, she seemed to know Han Yan, and the words were very targeted, directly calling Han Yan trash!

His True Colors Chapter 343

"Han Yan, what are you doing here?"Han Qianli said with a gloomy face.

    Hearing this name, Tian Honghui was shocked, also surnamed Han, and so unconcerned with Han Three Thousand, could it be that she was also a member of the Han family?

    If this was an internal battle within the Han Clan, the Celestial Family would never be able to get involved in it.

    Han Yan looked at Xie Haoran, ignoring Han Qianqian's words and continued, "Are you afraid of the Heavenly Family?I can give you the capital to confront the Heavenly Family and make you the number one family in Cloud City, do you dare to take it?"

    Xie Haoran never thought that he would one day surpass the Heavenly Family, because just in this part of Cloud City, the Heavenly Family was almost a one-handed existence, and even when Jiang Fu's gang had joined together to plot against the Heavenly Family, they were too slow to act, afraid of failure, afraid that a moment of impulsiveness would lead to nothing.

    But that didn't mean that when an opportunity like this presented itself, Xie Haoran wouldn't be tempted.

    But how could Xie Haoran be easily convinced by a person who somehow appeared and told him that he could give him the capital he needed to fight against the Celestial Family?

    "I don't know you."Xie Haoran said.

    Han Yan smiled faintly and said, "Of course a trash like you doesn't know me, to me, everyone here is trash and doesn't deserve to know me, but I'm willing to give you a chance."

    Arrogant and arrogant.

    Han Yan revealed a strong sense of exuberance within each and every word and didn't put anyone in her eyes, as if the entire Cloud City was like ants in her eyes.

    Tian Honghui should have suppressed Han Yan's arrogance at this moment, after all, the Tian family was the most powerful in Yun City, and the Tian family bore the brunt of Han Yan's insults.

    But without knowing Han Yan's true identity, Tian Honghui didn't dare to do anything.

    Within Cloud City, the Tian family was above the rest, but involving a real big family like the Yan Yan Han family was not something the Tian family could mess with casually.

    Xie Haoran sneaked a glance at Tian Honghui, the fact that Tian Honghui was holding back when this woman was so arrogant showed that he feared this woman's identity!

    If, indeed, she was willing to give him a chance, then this was the only time the Xie Clan could crush the Heavenly Clan.

    Xie Haoran suddenly stood up and bowed respectfully to Han Yan, asking, "What do you want me to do?"

    Han Yan flowed a contemptuous smile, this kind of trash, just give her some sweetness and she'll work for her.

    "What a bummer, doesn't anyone have a problem with what I say?I'm the one who said that the entire Cloud City is trash."Han Yan looked expectant, as if she was eager for someone to stand up and refute her words.

    Tian Ling'er impulsively wanted to speak, but she was stopped by Han Qianqian, and with the Tian family's ability, it would never be a match for Han Yan, even if this was Cloud City.

    This kind of talk of crossing the river and beating the snake in the ground would never apply to the Han family's identity in the Mi Kingdom, they had a hundred years of foundation in the Mi Kingdom, to deal with a small Cloud City, it was still not a matter of faith.

    "Han Yan, don't be too arrogant."Han Three Thousand said.

    Only then did Han Yan looked at Han Qianqian squarely, then she placed her eyes on Su Yingxia and said sympathetically, "How pitiful, actually married to this kind of trash, aren't you a bit unhappy?What does a loser like him get you?"

    Han Yan's aura was so strong that it even made Su Yingxia feel more oppressive when she was facing her than when she was facing her grandmother.

    "I'm happy."Su Yingxia said.

    When Han Yan heard these four words, she let out a loud laugh and said, "You're quite good at self-soothing, this is also called happiness, you really haven't seen the world."

    Between the words, Han Yan was exalted, as if everyone had turned into unseen bumpkins in her eyes.

    "There are many definitions of happiness, and the fact that you can't feel my happiness only means that you've never been truly loved,"Su Yingxia said.

    "Love, can it be a meal?"Han Yan curled her lips in disdain, in her world, the meaning of a woman's existence was for marriage, and combining with a stronger family was the only way to reflect her meaning, the word love was a joke in itself.

    "You're pathetic."Su Yingxia said with a sigh.

    Han Yan's expression was cold, she had been just short of being able to marry into the royal family, and even now, there were many sons of the great families of Yonaguni who wanted to marry her, she enjoyed the treatment of a pearl in the palm of her hand, countless people were moths to the flame, and yet someone felt pity for her!

    "What kind of a thing are you that you dare to call me pathetic."Han Yan coldly said.

    "You've never felt love, that's why you can't understand the beauty of love, aren't you pitiful?"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Yan coldly skimmed Han Qianqian and said, "Marrying trash and using so-called love to comfort yourself, you're the pathetic, pitiful one."

    Whether or not Han Qianqian was a loser, Su Yingxia never defined, but the happiness she felt inside was real.

    "People who haven't understood love, it's useless to talk too much, I'm pitiful in your eyes, but you're just as pitiful in mine,"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Yan's hands trembled slightly, if it was in Mi, anyone who dared to say such words to her would have already eaten a slap.

    "Han 3000, if you don't know how to discipline your own woman, I don't mind helping you."Han Yan said.

    "Han Yan, if you dare to hurt a hair on her head, I'll kill you."Han Third Thousand coldly said.

    When Han Yan heard this threat, instead of being afraid, she laughed and said, "There's still time, I'll make you kneel down and admit your mistake, you'll understand what it means to be truly powerful, and I'll only have to raise a dog to make your corpse disappear."

    After saying that, Han Yan turned to look at Xie Haoran and said, "Would you like to be my dog?"

    The word dog was very humiliating, but if a dog could override the heavenly family, Xie Hao Ran would give up his dignity.

    This woman was imposing from her appearance until now.

    Tian Honghui hadn't said a word, and his scruples were obvious.

    After a few seconds of consideration, Xie Haoran said, "I'm willing."

    "You're smart, next, I'll give you the right to play with Cloud City, no matter if it's Han 3000 or the Heavenly Family, they'll all become trash in your eyes."Han Yan said.

    Since he chose to trust Han Yan, Xie Haoran didn't leave any way out for himself, and said to Tian Honghui and Han Qianli, "The humiliation you suffered today, Xie will definitely return it twice as much in the future, and now please leave my son's wedding."

    Han Qianqian's face was as heavy as water as he left with Su Yingxia.

    The two didn't stay long, either.

    In the car, Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli, who had an unusually serious expression, and couldn't help but feel a little worried, in her memory, Han Qianli had never been this serious before, which meant that the woman called Han Yan was very powerful, powerful enough to make Han Qianli scrupulous.

    "Han Qianqian, hurry up and take care of that woman, I don't want to see her in Cloud City in the future."Jiang Lan said in a commanding tone to Han Three Thousand, Han Yan's arrogance just now made her very disgusted, so she didn't want to see Han Yan in Cloud City.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, Han Yan wasn't a three-legged character who could just drive her away from Cloud City, but she had the MiG Han family behind her.

    "Mom, things aren't as simple as you think."Han Marchand said.

    Jiang Lan frowned unhappily and said, "You won't even be able to handle a woman, she stays in Cloud City, she might hurt Ying Xia later, if Ying Xia is missing half a hair, I'll take you as a question."

    "Don't worry, I won't allow anyone to hurt Yingxia."Han Qianqian said in a deep voice.

    "Three Thousand, isn't she amazing?"Su Yingxia asked softly.

    Han Giangli took a deep breath and said in a long-winded voice, "Not only is she very powerful, her position is something you can't imagine."

    When Jiang Lan heard this, she laughed out disdainfully and said, "How powerful can she be, this is Cloud City, this is the Heavenly Family's territory, are you so familiar with the Heavenly Family that you can't even deal with a woman?"

    Su Yingxia turned her head to glare at Jiang Lan, signaling her to be quiet.

    If this matter was really that simple, how could Han Giang be acting so serious.

    "Three-thousand, if there's any trouble, you tell me and I'll think of something with you."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Three Thousand nodded her head and said, "Don't worry, I can handle it myself."


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