His True Colors Chapter 327-328


His True Colors Chapter 327

He Ting opened the door and was greeted by a strong smell of alcohol, making her cover her nose, her level vision was empty, and slightly lowered her head, only then did she see Han Qianxiang who was slumped on the floor.

    "Three thousand, why did you drink so much wine."He Ting hurriedly squatted down, fortunately having done quite a bit of physical work on a regular basis, and was barely able to hold up Han Three Thousand's weight, helping him into the living room.

    The pungent smell of wine instantly spread throughout the living room, and He Ting hurried to the kitchen to boil some honey water to help Han 3000 relieve the wine.

    At this time, Jiang Sheng happened to come to the living room and saw Han Qianqian, who was as drunk as mud, and his eyes widened.

    Walking over to the sofa, Jiang Sheng said softly, "Han Three Thousand, what's wrong with you?"

    Seeing Han Qianqian's lack of reaction, Jiang Sheng's face flashed with a hint of viciousness, this was a great opportunity for revenge, while he was drunk and didn't know anything, beat him, he should not be able to react.

    Jiang Sheng tentatively hit Han Qianqian's face, very carefully, didn't dare to use too much force, seeing that Han Qianqian still didn't react, then this increased some force.

    "Grass Nima, finally I caught the opportunity, you soft eating wimp, you won't be drowning your sorrows because you haven't gotten Su Yingxia yet, that's why you're borrowing alcohol."After saying that, Jiang Sheng punched Han Qianli's chest.

    Han 3,000 frowned slightly, but he had no idea what was happening and didn't even have the awareness to open his eyes.

    Tasting the sweetness, Jiang Sheng went even further and intensified, as if the fist wasn't enough, he kicked Han Three Thousand again.

    "Cool, it's so damn cool, I can finally get my revenge."Jiang Sheng said happily.

    "What are you doing?"At this moment, He Ting, who was at the kitchen door, saw this scene and said to Jiang Sheng in a cold voice.

    Jiang Sheng was stirred, he dared to hit Han 3000 while she was drunk, but never dared to let Han 3000 know after she sobered up, but He Ting saw this matter, she would definitely tell on him!

    Jiang Sheng walked in front of He Ting with a hostile face, directly choked He Ting's neck and pinned her dead against the wall, threatening, "I'm warning you, this has nothing to do with you, you're just a maid, you'd better not mind your own business."

    Looking at the fierceness on Jiang Sheng's face, He Ting was fearless, she could apologize to the unreasonable Jiang Sheng because she didn't want to ruin the relationship between Han Giang and Jiang Lan because of herself.

    But how could He Ting turn a blind eye to the fact that Jiang Sheng had beaten Han Third Thousand while she was drunk?

    "I'll tell him,"He Ting said.

    Jiang Sheng's expression was fierce as he grabbed He Ting by the neck with one hand, pulled at her hair with the other, banged her head against the wall, and said, "Do you have to be against me, dead b*t*h?Believe it or not, I'll make you lose this job."

    He Ting's expression was painful as she tried to push Jiang Sheng away, but her hair was tugged dead, and the harder she pushed, the more painful her scalp became.

    "Jiang Sheng, let go of me."He Ting said.

    "Let go of you?"Instead of letting go, Jiang Sheng hit He Ting's head against the wall with an even harder thud and continued fiercely, "As long as you don't open your mouth and talk nonsense, I'll let you go, how about it?"

    He Ting was dizzy, and the crash felt dizzying.

    "Jiang Sheng, what are you doing?"There was a sudden snapping sound from behind Jiang Hong's back.

    Now that he was living under someone else's roof, Jiang Hong didn't want Jiang Sheng to mess around here, and although He Ting was just a maid, there was no need to hit anyone.

    "Grandpa."Jiang Sheng shrank his neck and quickly let go of He Ting.

    "What's going on?"Jiang Hong questioned.

    Jiang Sheng was only thinking of revenge on a whim, that's why he hit Han 3,000, he would never have done that if he had known that he would be found out by He Ting.

    "Grandpa, I just saw that Han 3000 was drunk, so I struck Han 3000, but I didn't expect her to find out."Jiang Sheng said.

    Jiang Hong looked at Jiang Sheng angrily, what was the point of hitting him for revenge, they could now count on Su Yingxia to arrange a job before they had a chance to stay in Cloud City.

    Once rooted in Cloud City, it wouldn't be too late to take revenge later when they had the money.

    "Success is not enough to defeat something, I already warned you before coming here, don't you understand human language?"Jiang Hong was furious.

    Jiang Sheng didn't want to take revenge, nor did he have the guts to do so, but he just happened to have the opportunity to deliver it to his doorstep, that's why he couldn't help it.

    "Grandpa, I'm sorry, I didn't control it, but ...... but now that the man has been beaten, what should we do?"Jiang Sheng said as he looked at Jiang Hong for help.

    Jiang Hong sighed, the matter had already happened, he could only find a way to hide it.

    Walking up to He Ting, Jiang Hong looked condescendingly at He Ting who was squatting on the ground and said, "This matter is an internal matter in our family, it has nothing to do with you, an outsider, if you want to keep your job, you'd better pretend you didn't see anything, I want Jiang Lan to fire you, you won't be able to stay here."

    He Ting covered her head with her hands, she didn't know if she had a concussion from that bump just now, she was dizzy anyway, but even so, she wouldn't compromise.

    The job was given to her by Han Marchand and Han Marchand had helped her so much, even if she would really lose the job, He Ting would let Han Marchand know what Jiang Sheng had done to him.

    "Do you think I care about this job?"He Ting said indifferently.

    Jiang Hong's expression curled and said, "You're just a maid, just do your job, why do you need to mind your own business."

    He Ting laughed and said, "If it wasn't for Han Qianqian, how would I have this job, to me, his kindness, I can never repay it in my lifetime, I ......"

    Before He Ting had finished speaking, Jiang Hong slapped He Ting heavily in the face with a hideous expression and said, "Since you don't want this job, get out now!"

    He Ting was beaten and her ears were buzzing, covering her red and swollen face, her attitude was still strong and said, "What right do you have to tell me to get lost."

    Jiang Hong was so angry that his body was shaking, a mere servant, why should he disobey him, although he was also a parasite, but at least he was Jiang Lan's father!

    "Go get your Aunt Lan to come here."Jiang Hong said to Jiang Sheng.

    Jiang Sheng obeyed and went up to the second floor.

    When Jiang Lan came to the living room in a breeze, after quite the story, very angry, now Su Yingxia and Han Marchant's relationship is very good, and they can have today, Han Marchant's credit, the Jiang family wants to stay in Cloud City, in addition to Su Yingxia promised, Han Marchant also needs to nod to do, and this critical moment, Jiang Sheng actually did this kind of thing.

    If Su Yingxia knew about this, would it still be okay?

    "Jiang Lan, you can't blame Jiang Sheng for this, Liu Hua is dead, it's understandable that he has anger in his heart, please help him find a way."Jiang Hong said to Jiang Lan, his tone was not a discussion but firm, as if he was ordering Jiang Lan.

    "Dad, how else can I help him, how can I hide this from him."Jiang Lan said angrily, Jiang Sheng should take the blame for the stupid things he did.

    When Jiang Sheng heard this, he knelt directly in front of Jiang Lan, he didn't want to ruin the future, this was the only chance he had in his life to make a name for himself.

    "Aunt Lan, please, help me, I know I was wrong, I will never do such a stupid thing again."Jiang Sheng said.

    "He's your nephew anyway, and he knows it's wrong now, so give him a chance."Jiang Hong said.

    Jiang Lan frowned and took a deep breath, sighing out heavily, she knew that if she didn't help, the Jiang family would definitely be driven away, after all, they were family members, and her feelings for the Jiang family would ultimately be deeper than Han Qianqian.

    "He Ting, go pack your things, I'll give you this month's salary in advance, from now on, you don't have to work at home."Lan Jiang said to He Ting.

    "3000 but your son-in-law, he's being beaten up now, are you just going to let it go?"He Ting said.

    Jiang Lan's expression was cold and said, "This is our family's matter, what does it have to do with you, besides, I've already looked at you in a bad light, get out of here or I won't give you a penny."

    "Aunt Lan, I'm going to help her pack her things, otherwise Ying Xia should be back."Jiang Sheng stood up and said.

    Lan nodded and Jiang Sheng ran off to the room where He Ting was staying.

    At that moment, Jiang Hong snatched the cell phone from He Ting and threw it on the floor, shattering it, even breaking the phone card in half to avoid Han Qianqiang being able to contact her by phone.

His True Colors Chapter 328

When Su Yingxia returned home, He Ting had already been kicked out of the villa, and only saw Han Qianli lying on the sofa, and Jiang Lan who was pretending to take care of Han Qianli.

    "You can be considered to be back, you have to take care of him, in broad daylight, drinking so much wine, it's really becoming more and more lawless."Lan Jiang said with a disgusted face.

    Su Yingxia smelled Han Qianqian's body full of wine and looked puzzled, "How could he drink so much wine."

    After knowing Han Qianqian for more than three years, although he occasionally drank, he was always shallow and never drunk, let alone drunk to the point of being drunk.

    "If you ask me, how would I know, taking him back to his room, the house was made to stink."Lan Jiang said.

    Su Yingxia was struggling to support Han Qianqian by herself, and Jiang Lan didn't mean to help and looked on with indifference.

    Although He Ting had been kicked out, but whether this matter would be exposed or not, Jiang Lan was still a little worried, in case the east window came out and angered Su Yingxia, Jiang Lan couldn't think of any solution that could be solved, after all, she now had deep feelings for Han 3000, which Jiang Lan could clearly feel.

    After returning to the room, Su Yingxia put Han 3,000 on the bed, there was no blame on her face, she knew Han 3,000 wouldn't get drunk for no reason, something must have happened.

    But whether things are good or bad, we can only know when Han 3,000 is sober.

    Sleepless all night, Su Yingxia silently guarded Han Three Thousand's side, until the sky lit up with the whites of fish bellies, Han Three Thousand opened his eyes in a daze.

    The headache could not be pleasant, and frowning tightly, Han Three Thousand saw a red-eyed Su Yingxia, looking haggard and clearly not resting.

    "What time is it?"Han Qianli covered her head and asked.

    Su Yingxia glared at Han Qianli and said, "You drank yesterday and today it's just dawn, guess what time."

    Han Three Thousand completely forgot about the drunkenness, he didn't even know how he got home.

    But when he saw Su Yingxia's haggard look, he probably guessed that she hadn't slept all night and said, "You didn't sleep, did you?"

    "I'm afraid that if you die next to me from alcohol poisoning, I'll have a shadow for the rest of my life, and I'll dare to marry someone."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli smiled bitterly, knowing that Su Yingxia was deliberately angry with him, and said, "Yesterday, I met someone who is very important to me, and I drank two cups with him, but I didn't expect to drink too much, so you'd better get some rest."

    Su Yingxia was relieved, as long as it wasn't a bad thing, what was this bit of tiredness for her.

    "I still have to go to the office today, you can rest well at home."Su Yingxia said as she stood up.

    Han Giangli thought that Su Yingxia was going to leave, quickly pulled, a night without sleep, how could she have the spirit to go to work today, but did not expect this pull, Su Yingxia directly fell on the bed.

    For Su Yingxia, staying up the entire night was something that was hard to keep up with, not only was she mentally weak, but now she was exhausted, that's why she fell with a gentle pull.

    "In this state now, how can I still go to work?"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia was too tired to move and said, "What if I don't go to work, the company still has so many things to deal with."

    "Take a nap, I'll stay with you."Han Qianli softly said.

    Su Yingxia turned her face sideways, not daring to look at Han Giang, and said, "Aren't you afraid of being kicked out of bed by me?"

    "Don't we still have a bet?"Han Giangli said with a hard scalp, he wasn't sure how Su Yingxia would react if he said it at a time like this, but since it was a bet, it was only natural to bring it up.

    Without saying a word, Su Yingxia took off her shoes and lay on the bed.

    Although she didn't say anything, her actions had clearly expressed her meaning.

    Han Giangli excitedly lay on her side and gently embraced Su Yingxia in her arms.

    The two of them were nervous and their bodies were shaking slightly, after all, this was the first time they had been so close and it was a breakthrough for both of them.

    In a state of physical and mental exhaustion, Su Yingxia quickly fell asleep.

    But Han Jiangliang couldn't bear to close his eyes, quietly enjoying the feeling, recalling the sorrows and bitterness of these three years, at this moment, he felt that everything was worth it, those insults and blank stares were nothing at all.

    In the living room, Jiang Sheng anxiously sat on the sofa, he also didn't sleep last night, endlessly regretting his impulsiveness, now think about Jiang Sheng's words, wait until the future in Cloud City to stand firm and have money to take revenge is not too late, after all, he still hasn't gotten a job with the Su Company, he doesn't have a penny on his body, he was driven away in this state, I'm afraid he can only beg for a living.

    Seeing that Jiang Hong came to the living room, Jiang Sheng hurriedly came to the side and said, "Grandpa, nothing will happen, right?"

    Jiang Hong nodded his head with a relaxed smile as he said, "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

    Sensing that Jiang Hong's attitude was clearly different from yesterday, Jiang Sheng was somewhat depressed, why was he showing such strong determination, was he already sure that He Ting wouldn't tell Han 3000?

    "Grandpa, are you so sure?"Jiang Sheng said doubtfully.

    "I talked to your Aunt Lan last night, to make sure that this matter is not exposed, she has invited people to He Ting's home, knowing that she will teach that woman a hard lesson, I believe that she will not dare to do anything."Jiang Hong smiled.

    Jiang Sheng was relieved, and a relaxed smile finally appeared on his face, saying, "Still, grandpa is thoughtful."

    He Ting's old home.

    She returned to the countryside last night, and she didn't tell Jiang Ying Ying about being dismissed, fearing that her daughter would be worried, and was going to rest at home for two days before going out for another job.

    He Ting got up early in the morning and was about to go out for a stroll when a van suddenly stopped at the door, and after the door clattered open, a few young and strong people walked down.

    "You're He Ting, right?"The person leading the group looked fierce as he asked He Ting.

    He Ting subconsciously sensed that something wasn't quite right and quickly retreated back into her home, trying to close the door.

    But the visitors were quicker and kicked the door open.

    He Ting was bounced off by the force of the kicked door and fell to the ground after retreating several steps in a row.

    "Who are you guys?"He Ting said in horror.

    "You don't have to worry about what kind of person, someone told you to keep your mouth shut, or else you might not have a good time in the future."The person leading the group said.

    As soon as she heard this, He Ting knew who these people were called, but she didn't expect that even after leaving the villa, Jiang Lan still didn't let her go.

    "I'm not working there anymore, and she still hasn't left me alone?"Ho Ting said.

    "Let you go or not, we don't know, if you take her money, you have to do things for her."After saying that, several large men surrounded He Ting, beating and kicking her.

    He Ting screamed for help, and soon the left and right neighbors gathered at the door, but when they saw the fierce men, they didn't dare to come forward to help, so they could only stand by and watch the show.

    "What are you looking at, haven't you ever seen a beating before?Hurry up and get out."The person leading the group snapped at those neighbors outside the door.

    Although there was no shortage of enthusiastic people in the countryside, most still had the attitude of sweeping the snow off their own doors, and what He Ting had provoked this time was clearly some hooligans who didn't want to cause trouble.

    The people at the door soon dispersed, but many versions of why He Ting was beaten were quickly circulated in the village.

    Some said that He Ting was seducing men outside and was beaten up by the men that Zheng Gong had called in.

    Others say that He Ting had dirty hands and feet, and after being fired by her boss, he was not relieved, so he called someone to clean her up again.

    This is the power of chewing in the countryside, and the things that were not there at all were spread out by them in all sorts of versions, and in no time at all, the whole village was well known.

    After those hooligans beat people up, they quickly left.

    He Ting lay in her own small courtyard, not even having the strength to get up, before leaving the man also said that if she wasn't honest, he would make a move on Jiang Ying Ying, so that He Ting didn't dare to have the slightest bit of revenge.

    Tears kept sliding down her cheeks, He Ting reached out to wipe away the tears, crawled to the door and closed it with her last ounce of strength, she didn't want to be laughed at because those people in the village since her husband's death said that she was an unclean widow who relied on cheating men in order to feed Jiang Ying Ying.

    For so many years, He Ting had been working hard to prove herself, but at this moment she knew that no matter how hard she tried, it would be impossible to cleanse her reputation, because after this incident, there would definitely be a lot of rumors in the village again.


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