His True Colors Chapter 291-293


His True Colors Chapter 291

When Lu Xun received a call, his expression was startled, no one was at the hotel, how could no one be found, the address information he investigated was absolutely correct.

    The only reason was that Han Qianqiang must have already guessed that he would make a move on Su Yingxia, so he arranged for Su Yingxia to leave in advance.

    "I didn't think you're pretty smart for a loser, you actually arranged for her to hide early on, but did it work?"Lu Xun waved his hand, and more than twenty burly men, all of them came towards Han Three Thousand.

    Han 3,000 was very capable of fighting, but there was an old saying that it was hard to beat four hands with two fists, and with so many opponents, the chances of Han 3,000 succeeding in resisting was very small, which was one thing that he hadn't expected, but Lu Xun had prepared so many men.

    Probably this was what Shen Weng had revealed to Wen Liang, who had reminded the Lu family of the arrangement.

    "Will you hand over the phone of your own accord, or will I get it myself after being beaten up by my men."Lu Xun said with a smile, now Han 3,000 was like an ant in his hand, able to be teased by him, and the thrill of revenge made Lu Xun feel good.

    "It's no use, there's no message on my phone."Han Marchiang said.

    "You're teasing me like a three-year-old, he's your woman, how could you not save her phone number."Lu Xun sneered.

    Han Three Thousand took out her phone and threw it at Lu Hoon.

    After Lu Hoon opened the phone, there was indeed no information on it, there wasn't a list of contacts, not even call records, which made Lu Hoon furious.

    "You actually deleted all the numbers."Lu Xun gritted his teeth and said, he wanted to get Su Yingxia so badly that he had even long since figured out how to play Su Yingxia in front of Han Qianqiang, and how Han Qianqiang would kneel down and beg him, but now, he couldn't find Su Yingxia, and all his plans were foiled.

    "If I couldn't guess this little trick of yours, wouldn't it be just as stupid as you."Han Qianli laughed.

    "Stupid?What right do you have to call me stupid, you're in my hands now, I can teach you whatever I want."Lu Xun was gloomy, after saying that, he said to those thugs, "Hit me, when will you ask for the phone number, when will you stop, this woman, I, Lu Xun, will eat it."

    There were more than twenty people, and although Han 3,000 tried to resist, he couldn't withstand their attacks and quickly fell to the ground.

    Lu Xun walked in front of Han Three Thousand in an arrogant manner and sneered, "Look at you now, what's the difference between you and a dead dog, why don't you take out the arrogance you had at the auction."

    After Lu Xun finished speaking, he squatted down and pulled Han Qianli's hair, continuing to mock, "Do you still have the arrogance right now?"

    As soon as Han Qianli opened his mouth, blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth and said, "Play me to death, if I don't die, you'll die a miserable death."

    After saying that, Han Three Thousand Thousand actually laughed to the point of shuddering.

    Lu Xun slammed Han 3,000's head towards the floor with a thud, stood up and put his foot on Han 3,000's head, "What the f*ck do you really think you are, this is Keystone Island, it's my territory, so what if I kill you."

    "Lu Hoon, I suggest you better kill him or he'll get his revenge."Wen Liang advised on the side, this was what the mysterious man on the phone explained, it would be best if you could borrow Lu Hoon's hand to do it.

    Lu Feng had said before that he could help Lu Xun take revenge, but he must not make a scene, this was also his bottom line, the Lu family would still have to rely on Lu Xun's legacy in the future, if he got a human life in his hands, this would be a time bomb after all, maybe he could hide this matter right now, but who could guarantee that it wouldn't happen in the east window?And with the financial power Han Qianqian had shown at the auction, he must have a family with good power behind him, and if he died here and the family behind him investigated this matter, this hot potato could harm the entire Lu family.

    "Wen Liang, you don't have a say here, get out while you can or you'll end up just like this trash."Lu Feng said to Wen Liang.

    Wen Liang took a look at Han Qianqian, how could he feel at ease without seeing Han Qianqian die with his own eyes, but with Lu Feng's current attitude, he might not really be able to leave if he didn't.

    "I'm also doing this for your own good."After Wen Liang said that, he turned around and left the villa.

    When Wen Liang left, Lu Feng reminded Lu Xun, "Don't forget what grandpa told you, you can make as much noise as you want, but there must be no deaths."

    It was true that Lu Xun's heart wanted to kill Han Qianqian, but he wouldn't do so yet, at least until he found Su Yingxia, he would settle the impulse.

    "I won't satisfy you even if you want to die, I want you to watch how that woman is being played with by me, do you really think I won't find her if you hide her?You're underestimating my abilities on Keystone,"Lu Xun said.

    Han Giang was thrown into the wine cellar of Lu's villa, injured badly, and this incident taught him a profound lesson about never trusting someone you don't know well.

    "Wen Liang, Wen Liang, you really taught me a good lesson."

    After Wen Liang left the villa, he didn't leave, but sat in the car and made a phone call to Shen Weng.

    Shen Weng wasn't surprised when he learned that Han Qianqiang had been beaten up, because in his opinion, that's how things should have been.

    "What's so surprising about this punk getting beaten up?You don't have to report to me for such a natural thing, so let's think about how we can let him die on Keystone."Shen Weng said.

    "Lu Xun is a young man with an impulsive personality, but Lu Feng is more sensible, so I'm afraid it won't be easy to want him to kill Han Qianqian."Wen Liang said.

    "Since it won't be easy, you have to think of a way to start with Lu Hoon, who said killing must be known to Lu Feng."Shen Weng said.

    "I understand, just wait for my good news."Wen Liang said and hung up the phone, Shen Weng wanted Han three thousand to die, and so did he, because if Han three thousand didn't die, he couldn't be stable inside.

    Han three thousand did not return home all night, Su Yingxia was confused and did not sleep well all night, the next morning when she woke up, she could not help but want to call Han three thousand, but Han three thousand left before he gave her said, until he did not come back, never to contact him by phone, this made Su Yingxia very annoyed.

    While eating breakfast, Su Yingxia mentioned this to Yang Chen.

    "Yang Chen, do you know what 3000 went to do, he didn't come back all night, I'm worried about him now."Su Yingxia said.

    Yang Chen hadn't rested well last night either, he had been waiting for Han 3,000 to come back, and when he heard Su Yingxia ask, he said, "He should have gone to the Lu family, it's very likely that he's in Lu Xun's hands now."

    Having not returned all night, Yang Chen could not think of any other reason other than this possibility.

    "In the hands of Lu Xun!"Su Yingxia's expression was dull and said, "Then what should we do now."

    Yang Chen shook his head and said, "Maybe he already expected this consequence and that's why he let us leave the hotel, but I think he should have some other solution, otherwise he wouldn't have gone."

    "But ...... but it's been a whole night, if he had a solution, he should have come back, how come he hasn't seen anyone yet now."Su Yingxia was so anxious that she was pale, afraid that something had happened to Han Qianxiang.

    "How about I call and ask?"Yang Chen said.


    Yang Chen took out his phone and dialed Han Qianqian's number.

    When the call was connected, it wasn't Han Qianqian's voice that came through, but Lu Xun's.

    "Great beauty, I knew you'd be worried about him and would take the initiative to call, so if you want to see him, come to my house."Lu Xun said.

    Yang Chen didn't reply, but just hung up the phone.

    "How was it, what did he say?"Su Yingxia couldn't wait to ask.

    "It was Lu Xun who answered the phone."Yang Chen said.

    Su Yingxia lost her mind for a moment, Han 3,000's phone was in Lu Xun's hands, which meant that Han 3,000 had now met with an accident, which made it impossible for Su Yingxia to calm down.

    "I'm going to look for 3000, I'm going to look for 3000."Su Yingxia stood up and headed out of the B&B.

    When Yang Chen saw this, he quickly pulled Su Yingxia and said, "It's useless for you to go now, 3000 let you stay here because he wants to protect you, if you take the initiative to come to his door, you might disrupt his plans."

His True Colors Chapter 292

"So what am I supposed to do now, do nothing?"Su Yingxia cried anxiously.

    At this time, Yang Chen's phone rang, it was Han Qianqian's number to call back, Yang Chen immediately made a silent movement to Su Yingxia.

    Only after Su Yingxia suppressed her cries did Yang Chen pressed the answer button and turned on the PA.

    "Great beauty, if you want to save your man, you'd better hurry over to my house, otherwise I can't guarantee how I'll treat him, he's lying in front of me right now, like a dead dog, do you want to hear his voice?"

    After Lu Xun said those words, he started punching and kicking Han 3,000, the sound of the beating could be heard, but not half of Han 3,000's howls of pain came out.

    "Grass mud horse, you're tough-mouthed aren't you, I'll see how tough you are."Lu Xun had intended for Han Three Thousand to make some noise to make Su Yingxia even more worried, and then show up of his own accord, but he hadn't expected that Han Three Thousand would actually be able to bite even with all his strength.

    "Bring me a toothpick, I want to see how long this trash can endure."

    "Big beauty, want to know how I'm treating your man now?Let me describe it to you, now that the toothpick is under his fingernails and I have a hammer in my hand, guess what I'm going to do now?"Lu Xun said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia covered her mouth, not daring to imagine the picture Lu Xun said, two lines of tears kept sliding down her cheeks.

    Scalp numb Yang Chen quickly hung up the phone and turned it off.

    "Yingxia, he's just scaring you, he doesn't dare to do that."Yang Chen said to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia burst into tears like a fountain and said, "I'm going to find him, only I can save 3000."

    Yang Chen tugged on Su Yingxia's hand and didn't dare to let go, Lu Xun was the kind of person that even if Su Yingxia went there, he wouldn't be able to save Han 3,000 and would still put Su Yingxia in danger.

    Han Qianqiang had instructed when he left that he must take care of Su Yingxia, and if he let Su Yingxia go, the consequences would be unthinkable.

    "Calm down first, if you go, there's really no one who can save him, think of someone who can help us."Yang Chen said.

    What kind of person?

    When Su Yingxia heard this, the first thing that came to her mind was the word Mo Yang, but Mo Yang was still in Cloud City, and even if she boarded the plane right away, she wouldn't be able to arrive until night, and Su Yingxia was afraid that Han Giang simply wouldn't be able to last this long.

    "Mo Yang, Mo Yang can help him, but is it too late?"Su Yingxia said.

    Yang Chen's pupils were startled, although he was just an insignificant little person in Cloud City, but he knew about Mo Yang's great name, Han Qianqian was even related to Mo Yang, what kind of ability did he possess in Cloud City!

    "Useful, of course it's useful, you'd better contact him quickly."Yang Chen said.

    Hearing this, Su Yingxia took out her phone.

    Mo Yang lived in the Devil's Capital, and this Mo Yang couldn't even afford to buy himself a suite, so he was resting only after closing every night, and when Su Yingxia called him, he was still sleeping.

    "Sister-in-law, it's so early in the morning, why don't you rest more."Mo Yang picked up the phone and said.

    "Brother Yang, something happened to 3000, can you help him?"Su Yingxia said.

    Mo Yang miserably sat up, instantly sobering up and asked, "What's going on?"

    "We're in Keystone, you come first and I'll explain when we get here."Su Yingxia said.

    "Okay, siblings, you mustn't do anything, wait until I arrive."Mo Yang said.

    Then, Mo Yang called Knife Twelve, without bringing this guy who can fight, things probably won't be so easy to solve.

    Mo Yang Lin Yong Knife Twelve, the three of them met up at the airport, just in time to catch a flight to Keystone Island.

    At this time, in the wine cellar of the Lu family villa, can not get through to the phone Lu Xun angry gnashing of teeth, Han three thousand ten fingers all stapled to the toothpick, blood flowing non-stop.

    "Rubbish, look at this woman, she doesn't care if you live or die."Lu Xun said to Han Third Thousand.

    Han Qianqian's ten fingers were in excruciating pain, cold sweat had wet his clothes, he had paid the price not only for trusting Wen Liang, but also for being too confident in himself, he thought that even if Lu Xun made things difficult, he would have the capital to leave the villa, but he didn't expect that Lu Xun had prepared so many people to deal with him.

    "Don't let me live, or you'll beg to die."Han Qianqiang said through gritted teeth.

    Lu Xun slapped Han Three Thousand's face and said disdainfully, "Look at your pitiful face now, you actually have the nerve to threaten me, the truth is that I'm the only one who can make you beg for death."

    "Give me a beating."

    Leaving the wine cellar, Lu Xun sat in the living room, full of Su Yingxia's appearance, the more he couldn't get, the more he wanted to get, the inner turmoil of the negatives couldn't be calmed down at all, but now the people sent out to find out the news, there was no movement until now.

    "B*t*h, I don't believe you can hide in Kiyan Island forever."Lu Xun had already been greeted by the airport, as long as Su Yingxia showed up, he would be detained, so he wasn't worried that Su Yingxia would leave Keystone Island.

    At that moment, Lu Xun's phone rang.

    "Wenliang, if you want to apologize to me, you don't have to."Lu Xun said as he picked up the phone.

    "Do you have time, I want to meet with you in relation to that woman."Wenliang said.

    As soon as he heard that, Lu Hoon got interested and said, "I have nothing but money and time, where to meet."

    "Your clubhouse, I'm already there."Wen Liang said.

    Lu Xun drove out, before the car came to a stop, the clubhouse manager was already waiting on the side.

    "Young Master Lu, what brings you here today."The manager said with a respectful face.

    "Is there any good stuff lately, hurry up and order two for me, I'll be cool first and then go see Wenliang."Lu Xun said.

    "Yes, yes, I'll arrange it for you right away."

    Wen Liang waited in the box for a long time before Lu Xun appeared in his club pajamas, clearly having just gone to do something.

    "Wen Liang, if you dare to play with me, you won't be able to walk out of here today."Lu Xun said arrogantly, Lu Feng had told him not to offend Wen Liang in the past, but now that Lu Feng had torn his face from Wen Liang, he had nothing to worry about.

    "I know where she is."Wen Liang said.

    Lu Feng raised his eyebrows and said, "If you don't tell me directly, that means you have a condition, so tell me, what do you want."

    "Han 3,000 deaths."Wen Liang said.

    Lu Xun's expression became heavy, he could come up with all sorts of tricks to torture Han 3,000, but Lu Feng would never let him kill Han 3,000, and Lu Xun himself wasn't quite brave enough to do it.

    It wasn't a worthwhile thing to get into a murderous mess over a woman.

    "Why did you have to have him killed, do you still have a grudge?"Lu Xun was curious.

    "You don't need to know that, and I can tell you that if he doesn't die, you'll be very dangerous in the future, and if he takes revenge, he'll cause you a lot of trouble."Wen Liang said.

    "Scare me?Do you think I would be afraid of him?"Lu Xun said disdainfully.

    "He can take out three hundred million to bid on the Eternal Necklace, do you think he can be a simple rich man?"Wen Liang said.

    This was indeed not simple, and Lu Feng had also said that it was precisely for this reason that he didn't dare to kill Han Qianli easily.

    "He's not simple, if I killed him, wouldn't it be even more trouble."Lu Feng said.

    "Have you forgotten where you live?You have your own yacht, and there are sharks in the sea to help you dispose of your body, does the grand young master of the Lu family even have the guts to do that?"Wen Liang deliberately provoked.

    It was indeed a good idea to kill and destroy the corpse, and when Han Three Thousand Years' worth of corpses became a meal in the belly of a shark, it would be impossible for anyone who wanted to investigate the matter to find out.

    It would also avoid Han Three Thousand Year's retaliation, so it could be said to be a permanent solution.

    Seeing that Lu Xun was still hesitating, Wen Liang continued, "Young Master Lu, have you forgotten how he embarrassed you at the auction?Now many people in Keystone Island can be laughing at you in private, saying that your Lu family's eldest young master is now a soft egg and can't even deal with an outsider, you can't really be a soft egg, can you."

    Lu Xun's face turned cold and shot up in anger, "Wen Liang, believe it or not I'll rip your mouth off, how can I, Lu Xun, be a soft egg."

    "If you're not, then why don't you dare to kill him?"Wen Liang smiled.

    "Who said I wouldn't dare, don't worry, I'll want him dead."

    Wen Liang stood up contentedly, threw down a business card, and said, "Here's the address where she lives, remember the warning I gave you, if he doesn't die, you'll have more trouble."

His True Colors Chapter 293

With his business card in hand, Lu Xun was like a treasure, his thirst for Su Yingxia had reached the point of madness, as he knew that only this woman could make Han Qianqiang submit before him.

    "You actually found a B&B to hide in, no wonder it's so hard to find, but now, you can't escape me."Lu Xun's expression wore an obscene smile, and his eyes were filled with pity as he continued to speak to himself, "Han Qianli, do you still dare to talk tough this time, I'll soon bring this woman to you and let you watch me ravage her."

    Leaving the clubhouse, Lu Xun called a few of his men and drove towards the B&B.

    Su Yingxia sat in the living room of the B&B, her expression in a trance, when she thought of what Lu Xun had said on the phone about torturing Han Giang, her heart couldn't calm down, luckily she had figured out the most important point, which was that it was useless for her to go to the Lu family, instead it would increase her own danger, so now she no longer had any thoughts about that, instead she waited quietly in the living room for Mo Yang and the others to arrive.

    "Yingxia, you can drink some water."Xu Tong said to Su Yingxia, she hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch, and Xu Tong was worried that her body would not be able to take it if she went on like this.

    A pale Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "I'm not in the mood for water right now, thank you, I know you're doing this for my own good, but I really can't drink it."

    Xu Tong helplessly put the water on the coffee table and sat beside Su Yingxia to comfort her, "Don't worry, he will definitely be fine, he will be able to save him once Mo Yang arrives."

    Su Yingxia nodded her head and said with a resolute expression, "En, Brother Yang will definitely be able to save him."

    Looking at the not at all fake worry on Su Yingxia's face, it showed that her concern for Han Giang was very genuine, although these days Xu Tong could also feel the pure affection between Han Giang and Su Yingxia, but there was one thing she was very strange about.

    The entire Yun City knew that Han Qianli had married into the Su family, and this matter had become the laughingstock of the Su family, and it was even said that Han Qianli was not treated well by Su Yingxia, and had no status in the family.

    Before meeting these two people, Xu Tong had always thought that the two people who were forced together must not have any half-hearted feelings, and would even hate each other, but this time she saw that they were like close lovers, and this feeling was much deeper than that of a normal couple, which made her puzzled.

    "Ying Xia, can I ask you something?"Xu Tong couldn't help but speak curiously.

    "Are you trying to ask why Han 3000 and I aren't enemies like outsiders say?"Su Yingxia said.

    "En."Xu Tong said bluntly, "I've heard a lot about you guys over these three years, and I've heard that you don't like Han 3000 at all, but I feel that your feelings for him are very sincere, and it's not like you're pretending to show it."

    Su Yingxia thought back to three years ago, when Han Qianli first appeared in the Su family, when Su Yingxia first learned that Han Qianli was going to join their family, Su Yingxia's feelings were desperate, because such a loser who fell from the sky would become her husband overnight, she didn't even know Han Qianli's name at the time, her heart was like death at that moment, but she couldn't refuse.

    In less than three days, from the time Han Qianqian appeared to the day she was confirmed to be married, Su Yingxia's life's trajectory changed completely.

    At that time, she really hated Han Qianxiang, because if not for Han Qianxiang's appearance, she would have more choices in life, and might even have married a rich man to improve her family's situation.

    It wasn't until Su Yingxia first discovered that Han Qianqian would silently follow her not far away during her morning jog, protecting her, he was like a guardian angel, never sweet-talking any words, but taking action to do everything well.

    And her commute to and from work is also the same, of course, at that time Su Yingxia did not look directly at her own feelings changed, but found more reasons to hate Han Qiangli.

    One of the things she remembered most vividly was when she casually said that she loved food, and when she came home that night, Han Qianli made it herself.

    Su Yingxia said a long time ago that even a dog raised for three years would generate feelings, not to mention that the other party was still a person who gave in silence.

    In the past three years or so, Han Three Thousand never had any complaints, being scolded by Jiang Lan, he would also smile, willing to endure all the humiliation for Su Yingxia, being humiliated and ridiculed by the rest of the family, he still acted as if he was indifferent, when everyone treated him as trash, but his true identity was above everyone else.

    Su Yingxia knew that Han Three Thousand was not an ordinary person, and the reason he endured so many grievances was because of her.

    Such a man, why not love?

    The actual fact is that the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

    But this also further illustrated that Han Qianqian was extremely affectionate towards Su Yingxia.

    "The entire Cloud City says he's a waste, but the reason he stayed in the Su family silently is actually to protect you,"Xu Tong said.

    Su Yingxia kept nodding her head and said, "So I'm very sorry for him, if I had woken up earlier, he wouldn't have suffered so much."

    "It's never too late to change, the fact that you love him so much now means that his efforts have paid off, he'll be very happy."Xu Tong said, in today's society where scum is everywhere, to have a man who loves her so much is probably what many women dream of, Xu Tong's inner envy can no longer be expressed in words.

    "Have you heard of the little piano prince?"Su Yingxia suddenly said.

    Xu Tong looked at Su Yingxia puzzled, not understanding why she would suddenly mention this matter.

    Although the Little Prince of Piano had only appeared once, his influence on the internet was enormous, even now, there were still voices on the internet discussing him and even hoping that he would appear again, as a fan, how could Xu Tong not know about the Little Prince of Piano?

    "Of course I've heard of him, I'm also a member of his fan club, but unfortunately he only appeared once, and I don't know if I'll have the chance to see him again."Xu Tong said with a regretful face, that back figure made a deep impression on her, as if it was carved in her mind, but his appearance would have been difficult to see him again if it wasn't for the hype of a certain company.

    "You've seen him before, and more than once."Su Yingxia said, her face overflowing with happiness.

    "Seen him?"Xu Tong mistakenly looked at Su Yingxia and said: "When did I ......"

    Having said that, Xu Tong was suddenly startled, and her startled expression became shocked, incredibly alarmed, "You ...... are saying that Han Qianqian, he is the little piano prince!"

    "Yes."Su Yingxia said.

    Xu Tong stared at her and covered her mouth with both hands, unable to believe it.

    The Little Prince of Piano was actually Han Qianqian!

    Who would have thought that the character who caused a storm on the internet would be the most famous wimp in Cloud City!

    "Do you remember anything about the Crystal Restaurant?"Su Yingxia continued to ask.

    Xu Tong had an ominous premonition and said with a trembling voice, "Remember, that day was your wedding anniversary, and many people compared that proposal to your wedding and laughed at you."

    "Actually, this is also the surprise he prepared for me."Su Yingxia's eyes welled up with tears again, and when she thought about it, Han Giang had done a lot for her, but she hadn't done anything for Han Giang, which made the guilt inside her get worse and worse.

    Xu Tong no longer knew how to describe her shocked feelings, the little piano prince was Han Qianli's original self, and the night of the Crystal Restaurant that made the entire Cloud City sensation and the envy of the women of the city, the main character was actually Han Qianli as well.

    Those people said that after Han Qianqian entered the Su family, he ruined Su Yingxia's lifelong happiness, but who could know that Su Yingxia had already become the happiest woman, and was envied by all the women of Cloud City.

    Those people who were watching that night, if they knew about this matter, what kind of mood would this be.


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