His True Colors Chapter 264-266


His True Colors Chapter 264

One billion.

    Shen Weng really thought highly of Su Haichao, one shot was one billion, but what could a trash like Su Haichao do even if he had one billion, could he make waves in Cloud City?

    "One billion will soon be lost by Su Haichao, he has nothing to worry about, as for the company's employees, I'll recruit a group of talents to move in."Han Marchiang said.

    "Do you know anyone from the headhunters?"Su Yingxia wondered, Han Qianqian's connections seem to be all over the world, there is no friend he doesn't know, universal husband?

    "There are a few friends in this area, but you have to promise me that after this is over, we'll have to go to a make-up wedding photo shoot, or the walls of our house will be empty."Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Yingxia wasn't repulsed by Han Qianli deliberately making a deal out of this matter, as she had also wanted to do it for a long time, but had just never been able to find the free time.

    "Fine, but for the next few days, you'll have to rest in the hospital, and since you're so strong, a few more days of delay isn't a problem, right?"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli smiled, "Of course there's no problem, let these jumping clowns have their way for a few days."

    Tian family villa area.

    Tian Changsheng was cooking tea, opposite doing an anxious looking Wang Mao, one of them was in a calm mood, the other was anxious with a grin on his face, a stark contrast.

    "God, is your information wrong, if Han 3000 is not what you think, this time the Su Family will be finished, you said your words too early, how can you ignore this matter, if not for your words, Jiang Fu would not be so messed up ah."Wang Mao said, the matter of the Su family company has spread, Jiang Fu personally sent out the message, whoever cooperates with the Su family company is against him, this kind of speech, those companies have fallen back to stand with Jiang Fu, in Wang Mao's opinion, the Su family is on the verge of doom.

    "Look at how anxious you are, even if the Su Family Company goes bankrupt, it has nothing to do with you ah, why are you so concerned about Han 3000?"Tian Changsheng smiled and asked.

    "Han Qianqian is the most talented young man I've ever seen, if he's willing to work hard at it, he's bound to be a world class master in the future, of course I can't just stand by and watch this kind of talent get destroyed by Jiang Fu."Wang Mao explained.

    "I advise you to give up on this idea, to Han Qianqiang, Go is just an entertainment to pass the time, he won't take Go as a profession."Tian Changsheng said, how could the son of the Yanjing Han family abandon business, his talent was indeed surprising, but I'm afraid that to Han 3000, he was just bored to play.

    "Why?If he becomes famous, several can get rid of his reputation as a wimp, and wouldn't he want such a good opportunity?"Wang Mao said.

    "Wimps?"Tian Changsheng shook his head and said, "These three words used on him are the biggest joke under the heavens."

    "You're going to puzzle me out and satisfy my curiosity, who exactly is he and why do you think so highly of him?"Wang Mao was so anxious that he sat beside Tianchang Sheng, the curiosity in his heart was like a cat scratching, it itched like hell.

    Han Qianqian's identity was too powerful, even Tianchang Sheng didn't dare to say anything, but seeing Wang Mao's impatient appearance, Tianchang Sheng also couldn't hold back the desire to say something.

    "God, we've known each other for so many years, don't you still trust me?What kind of a tight-lipped person am I?"Wang Mao continued.

    Tian Changsheng stood up, took a deep breath, moved his muscles and bones, and said, "It's not impossible to tell you, but you must remember that this matter can't be known by other people, if you have the habit of talking in your sleep, you'd better take duct tape and seal your mouth before you go to sleep at night, otherwise, I can't guarantee what kind of consequences it will cause."

    "Just blow it, see if you can blow it to the sky, can it be that serious?"Wang Mao said disdainfully.

    Tianchang Sheng laughed and said, "Don't believe it yet, it's really that serious, otherwise how could I be afraid?"

    "Okay, okay, I'll listen to you, just seal your mouth and sleep, okay."Wang Mao's mouth said so, but his expression clearly didn't believe in this matter, in his opinion, even if Han 3000 had a hidden identity, it couldn't be so high as to be this outrageous, it was most likely that Tianchang Sheng was just playing a mysterious trick.

    "Then listen carefully."Even though Tianchang Sheng was in his own home, he looked left and right a bit to make sure that no one was there before saying in Wang Mao's ear, "He's from the Yanjing Han family."

    "The Yanjing Han family?"Wang Mao muttered these four words, his expression changing from confusion, gradually changing to surprise, until he was stunned with shock.

    Mischievously, Wang Mao stood up and said incredulously, "You mean, he is ......"

    Tian Changsheng covered Wang Mao's mouth in panic and gritted his teeth, "Old thing, what are you doing so loudly, afraid that others won't hear you?"

    Wang Mao felt his heart and liver trembling, the Han family in Yanjing was almost supreme to most people, although their position had been shaken by Han Cheng's death some time ago, the Han family had deep roots and their influence was almost negligible.

    How could such a wimp who had been spat upon by Yun Cheng be a member of the Han family?

    This huge contrast made Wang Mao unable to believe and unbelievable.

    It was extremely unbelievable for someone born into such a noble family to enter a family and be cursed, and to have endured a full three years of secrecy.

    "Why did he ...... he do that?To put it bluntly, with his position, you would be willing to let the Heavenly Family be his underling, wouldn't you."Wang Mao said.

    Tian Changsheng glared at Wang Mao with dissatisfaction but didn't refute his words because it was the truth, the Tian family was at the pinnacle in Cloud City but that also meant that there was no possibility of the Tian family going further, but if they could be used for the Han family, although there would be some restrictions, the benefits that could be brought to the Tian family were even more unimaginable.

    "If I knew, I wouldn't have to be so careful, it's because I don't know what he wants that I don't dare to reveal his identity casually."Tian Changsheng said, in his opinion, Su Yingxia was only one of the purposes, and it shouldn't be possible for Han 3000 to make such a big sacrifice just for a woman.

    How could there be a lack of women around a noble family?

    Although Su Yingxia was beautiful, she was by no means the gorgeous kind, and as long as Han Giang was willing, he was able to get many more beautiful women than Su Yingxia.

    "This time, wouldn't Jiang Fu and the others be finished?"Wang Mao exclaimed.

    Tian Changsheng laughed disdainfully and said, "You know the answer by heart, so why do you need to ask me?These old things, I've long been displeased with them, do you really think I don't know that they are plotting against the Heavenly Family behind the scenes?This time, by sending yourself to death, you've also helped the Heavenly Family solve a problem."

    "You old thing, you've already thought of using Han 3000 to deal with them, that's why you said you don't care about Han 3000, what an old fox."Wang Mao suddenly came to his senses and looked at Tian Changsheng with a disdainful look.

    "Don't you talk nonsense, how dare I use him, it's just a matter of going along with it, Jiang Fu is just looking for his own death."Tian Changsheng said proudly.

    These calculations were nothing as far as the mall was concerned, it was true that Tianchang Sheng hadn't done anything to make use of Han Qianqian, and he didn't have the guts to do so either.

    "Right now those old things are still proud of themselves, let them know who Han 3,000 is, I don't know if they can cry."Wang Mao shook his head, although he didn't have any sympathy for those people in Jiang Fu, but guessing what would happen to them, it was hard to avoid some feelings.

    Jiang Fu's group of people, now they were indeed very proud, within a day, all the external cooperation of the Su family company, all of them collapsed, and this was only because of Jiang Fu's words, in their opinion, the Su family had no chance to turn back completely, Su Yingxia also paid a bitter price for favoring Han Marchant's actions.

    "A woman is a woman, long hair, short insight, does not know at all for their own prospects, what is the use of harboring this kind of wimp, now even the company is gone, after Han three thousand to eat soft food can not find a place ah."

    In a certain private club, Jiang Fu and his gang pushed the cup.

    "Old Jiang, you're still a treasure knife, you've been retired for so long, those people still want to give you face as usual."

    "That's of course, I Jiang Fu was famous for my ruthlessness when I fought in the world, how could they offend me for the sake of a mere Su family, but it's not over yet, the Su company has to collapse, Han 3000 still has to kneel down and apologize, this trash has disgraced us, this can't be let go easily, I want him to know what real social cruelty is like."Jiang Fu said grimly.

His True Colors Chapter 265

"By the way, did you guys watch the video of the game?"A certain person asked the crowd.

    As soon as this topic came up, the discussion seemed very heated, and after Han Saniang lost the match, they had already seen the video through various channels, but no one was willing to mention this humiliating incident.

    "Strange to say, Han 3000 holds such a big advantage, but after going to the bathroom, he suddenly looks like a different person."

    "I've also replayed the mid-term situation, even if it was handed to me, I could still win, but he actually lost."

    "Could it be that something shady happened during his bathroom break?"

    "Are you saying that Shangguan Black and White is secretly making a little move?"

    While the crowd was discussing, Jiang Fu impatiently knocked his hand on the table and said, "Even if there really is something shameful, this wimp is too useless, he can lose the tournament just by being intimidated, he didn't consider our face at all."

    From Jiang Fu's point of view, since Han 3000 was forced by them to participate in the tournament, the primary consideration for everything should be their face, no matter what happened, he should take back this championship and make the members of the Cloud City Go Association long face.

    "Good, even if he dies there, he has to give us the championship back ah, even if Shangguan Black and White threatens him, he shouldn't compromise."

    "Hey, we shouldn't believe that this punk can accomplish anything, in these three years in Cloud City, although I haven't seen this punk thing, I've heard a lot of talk about him, his wimpiness is in the bones."

    "It's better not to think about the competition, the more you think about it, the angrier you get, only by venting your grievances on him now will you be able to vent your anger."

    The crowd wore extremely strong discontent on their faces, as if Han Qianxiang had to treat them like grandpas and must care about everything.

    "By the way, Tian Changsheng had Han Qianxiang sit next to him during the birthday banquet, but this time, why would he not care about Han Qianxiang?"A certain person's confused question was also a matter of curiosity in the hearts of many people.

    To think that at the birthday banquet, everyone felt that Han Qianli was the next person Tianchang Sheng would cultivate, but now that Han Qianli was at the point of such a crisis, Tianchang Sheng was leaving it alone, making it incomprehensible.

    "Hmph."Jiang Fu coldly snorted and said, "Tian Chang Sheng is a lean man, how could he be nice to people without a reason, in my opinion, Han 3000 must have some kind of use value to him before, that's why he deliberately raised Han 3000's status, but now well, the use value of this wimp has probably been drained, it's understandable that Tian Chang Sheng abandoned him."

    Listening to Jiang Fu's words, the crowd nodded their heads in sudden realization, Tian Chang Sheng since handing over the company to his son, it had been many years since he didn't ask about the shopping mall, guarding his boxing gym to pass the time, suddenly supporting Han 3000, a superfluous son-in-law of the Su family, how could it be possible if he didn't have a use for it.

    "This wimp is also really pitiful, after being used by Tianchang Sheng, he was kicked out again."

    "I think Su Yingxia dared to protect him just because Han Qianli was valued by Tianchang Sheng, but where does this poor woman know that Han Qianli is now useless to Tianchang Sheng."

    "Maybe she's still counting on Han Qianxiang to step in and settle this matter, I wonder how she'll feel when she learns the truth."

    The crowd ridiculed with smiles on their faces, as if they had already completely stomped the Su Family to death.

    As things stood now, there was indeed no possibility of the Su Family turning over a new leaf, because not only had all the cooperation been unilaterally broken, even all the employees in the company had been taken away by Su Haichao, and this kind of shell company could not be saved even if the Great Luo Jinxian was present.

    On the other hand, Su Haichao could be said to be complacent, recruiting Su family relatives as the core of the new company, he once again became the treasure held in the hands of all the relatives, this feeling of being valued has made Su Haichao float, he even had the illusion that in the near future, the three words Su Haichao would replace the Heavenly Family and become the supreme big figure in Cloud City.

    "Hai Chao, you're really amazing, you actually managed to find a billion dollar investment."Su Yehan finally didn't have to work under Su Yingxia's hands, it was a great thing for her, it was all given to her by Su Hachao, she naturally wanted to brag about Su Hachao.

    "My ability, a mere one billion is nothing, he will invest more money for me in the future, it's only a matter of time before the Su family's status will surpass the Tian family."Su Haichao said in an inflated voice.

    Su Yehan nodded her head without hesitation, convinced of this.

    In fact, Su Yeh Han knew very well how capable Su Hai Chao was, unless he directly used the money to raise Su Hai Chao's status high, hoping that he could use the billion to develop and thus surpass the Heavenly Family, that was simply impossible, but based on his disgust for Su Ying Xia, Su Yeh Han preferred to trust Su Hai Chao.

    "That's of course, the Su family can only go further in your hands, if it wasn't for that b*tch playing small tricks, how could you lose your position as chairman of the board, but she has learned her lesson now, the Su family company will soon be finished, surely she will become a lost dog, then we can watch the joke."Su Yehan laughed freely, being able to see Su Yingxia fall from grace was her greatest wish in this life, because Su Yingxia not only took those bridal gifts from her, but also had a higher position in the company than her, which was something she had long been unable to endure.

    So many years, Su Yehan although in the company also high and low, but at least higher than Su Yingxia this run site status, can appear in front of her in a high posture, but this period of time, Su Yingxia's status promoted too quickly, became the head of the west project, and even became the chairman of the company, watching Su Yingxia step on their heads, Su Yehan has long been eager to be able to destroy Su Yingxia everything.

    "Su Yehan, the matter of choosing the location of the new company, I'll leave it to you, I hope you won't let me down."Su Haichao said.

    "Haichao, really?You're willing to leave such an important matter to me."Su Yehan said with a flattered look.

    Su Haichao smiled, he liked this feeling very much, he could be grateful to him just by giving a little sweetness, this was the superiority that power brought to him.

    "Of course, the one I trust the most is you, who else can I give it to you, I'm not like that blind Su Yingxia, I don't know how to use people at all."Su Haichao said.

    "Haichao, thank you, thank you for being willing to trust me, don't worry, I will get this done."Su Yehan said.

    Su Haichao's eyes flashed with a cold smile, and said, "The address of the company, it's best to be a place we are familiar with, I think, the current Su family company, just change the signboard."

    Su Yeh Han looked confused, although the Su Family Company was in a precarious situation, it hadn't fallen down after all, it wasn't an easy thing to take the Su Family's office building now, and Su Ying Xia would never compromise easily.

    "Hai Chao, what do you mean ......" Su Yeh Han was confused.

    "Isn't the company loaned a billion dollars, since it can be sold once, naturally it can be sold a second time, you think of a way to contact Du Hong."Su Haichao said.

    Du Hong was the president of the bank, if he was there to put pressure on Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia would definitely not last long, but how to get Du Hong to agree, this would have to be left to Su Yehan to figure out.

    As an adult, how could Su Yehan not understand Su Hachao's meaning?

    Su Yehan secretly bit her teeth and said, "Okay, I'll do it, as long as I can make Su Yingxia finish playing quickly, I'll do anything."

    Su Haichao was very satisfied with this answer and said, "As long as the Su family itself grows strong in the future, it doesn't matter if you can marry into a gentry or not, because you are a gentry yourself."

    Su Yehan smiled, if that was the case, she indeed didn't have to think about marrying into a gentry, she could even find a little fresh meat to raise and become a queen herself.

    Once a beautiful dream scroll was formed in one's mind, it was able to create many fantasies, and Su Yehan felt that her status as a luxury family was even within reach.

    "I just need to have a better life than Su Yingxia and let her know that she can't compare to me for the rest of her life, that's all."Su Yehan smiled.

His True Colors Chapter 266

In the hospital, Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia no matter how stormy the outside world is, they are like being in the eye of the storm, not affected in the slightest, even if the outside world has now spread rumors about the Su family's impending bankruptcy, Su Yingxia, the new chairman of the Su family caused decades of foundation destroyed once, the Su Yingxia reduced to worthless, and even said that Han 3,000 is a pest, if not for Han 3,000, the Su family would not have ended up in such a state.

    For a while, Han Three Thousand's name was pushed back into the limelight, as everyone knew that the crisis of the Su family's company this time was because of Han Three Thousand, and that it was Su Yingxia who had caused the entire company to fall into crisis in order to shield this wimp.

    "I'm afraid Su Yingxia is insane, actually taking the entire company for a wimp."

    "I don't know how this wimp managed to charm Su Yingxia and actually help him so much."

    "It seems that these days, eating soft food also requires skill ah, Han Qianqian this skill, can open a training course."

    "The days of eating soft food are also coming to an end, Su's company is now being targeted by Jiang Fu, how much longer can he hold on."

    Statements like these were rising up in a big way in Cloud City, being ridiculed by the crowd, recreating the heat of the topic three years ago when Han Marchan joined the Su Family, and there was no one who didn't discuss things about the Su Family after tea and dinner.

    Jiang Lan didn't dare to go out these days, her sister's invitation was pushed by her again and again, because she knew that as soon as she showed up, those people would definitely ask her about the company, and she would inevitably be sneered at, after all, this time she was complacent and bragged a lot and said a lot of big words, and now that the Su family was suffering from this misfortune, her position as chairman's mother was about to be lost.

    "Su Guoyao, go to the hospital again and ask Su Yingxia what she really wants, whether she has to cause our family to live on the streets before she is willing to do so."Jiang Lan said to Su Guoyao with a hostile face.

    Su Guoyao also didn't dare to go out drinking these days, those pigs and friends were about to burst his phone, all wanting to ask what the situation was in their family now, how could Su Yingxia have such a big grudge against Jiang Fu for a wimp.

    "I think Yingxia should have a solution, what are you anxious about, what kind of character is she, aren't you clear yet, she can't possibly see the company collapse."Su Guoyao said.

    "If it was before, of course I believe her, but now, she's already confused, she doesn't even know her own last name for Han 3000, this silly girl, she would actually fall in love with Han 3000."Jiang Lan couldn't comprehend this matter, Han 3000 had indeed given their family some sweetness, but wasn't that the logical thing to do?Han 3000 brought so many curses, three years of nothing in the Su family, no matter how much benefit he brought to the family, in Jiang Lan's opinion, it was all right, but he wanted to affect the Su family, that was an absolute no-go.

    "Emotions are such a thing, who can say for sure, didn't you also marry me before."Su Guoyao said.

    "I was blind, had I known your position in the Su family, how could I have married you."Jiang Lan did not consider Su Guoyao's feelings at all and said straightforwardly.

    Su Guoyao, a soft egg, had no desire to retort at all in the face of these words, he had been oppressed all these years and was a complete wife and disciplinarian, it was absolutely impossible for him to bring up the courage to argue with Jiang Lan without a couple of bottles of white wine.

    "Ying Xia is an adult, she does things in a measured way, maybe she's already thinking of a way."Su Guoyao said.

    "Guarding that wimp in the hospital and doing nothing, that's called thinking of a way?"Jiang Lan coldly said.

    Su Guoyao sat beside Jiang Lan and said with a serious expression, "Don't you think that every time there is trouble, no matter how big it is, she can solve it?Although Ying Xia is our daughter, can you imagine how powerful she is?Why is Weakwater Real Estate only working with her, and on what basis did she acquire the Su Company."

    "Don't play dumb riddles with me, just say what you have to say."Jiang Lan looked at Su Guoyao impatiently.

    "I'm trying to say, I'm afraid that all of this is related to Han Qianqian, and I can't say, it's all because he helped Su Yingxia do it."Su Guoyao said, this suspicion was not unfounded, because Su Yingxia had done too many things recently that Su Guoyao found unbelievable, although he was a useless person, but he also had some understanding of the shopping mall.

    Weak water property and acquisition of the company, these two things, everywhere reveals the strange, with Su Guoyao's knowledge of Su Yingxia, she can't do these things.

    Jiang Lan showed a disdainful expression, something to do with Han Qianqian?Subconsciously she still believed that it was her own daughter's ability and that Han Qianxiang was just showing some value in the matter of buying a hillside villa.

    But on second thought, Jiang Lan had to admit that Su Guoyao's words did make sense, and after Shi Jing and Nangong Qianqiu appeared, Jiang Lan wouldn't really be so foolish as to think that Han Qianqiang just had some private money.

    His identity was still unclear, but he definitely wasn't a simple person.

    "If he's so capable, why hasn't he solved this matter, and now even Su Yingxia is implicated in being spurned by the entire city, he can endure this, and he's still saying that he loves Su Yingxia, is that love?"Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guoyao shook his head, he couldn't guess what Han 3000 wanted, if it were him, if he had the ability to solve it, he would have already come out to settle the matter, and how could he stay in the hospital in peace.

    "I think it's better for us to leave this matter alone, although you're not afraid of offending Han Qianlian by virtue of his love for Yingxia, but you also have to think about it, our family, in the future, may rely on him to live a better life, so why bother to offend him."Su Guoyao advised.

    "Even if we have to rely on him, so what, I'm his mother, can't I even teach him a lesson?"Jiang Lan said in a high and mighty manner.

    Su Guoyao sighed, this was Jiang Lan's personality, always able to find reasons to be high and mighty, but wasn't she worried about what would happen when Han Giang got tired of it all?

    One step backward can broaden the sea and sky, but another step backward is an abyss, will Han 3000 retreat again and again?

    It was too late to regret it then when Han Giang couldn't bear to tear his face off.

    "Don't sigh in mourning in front of me, I'm not dead yet."Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao with cold eyes and said.

    Su Guoyao had a deep sense of powerlessness in the face of Jiang Lan's unjustified forcefulness, perhaps it was because she had been too indulgent over the years that she had developed such a strong personality.

    "If you want to go to the hospital, go by yourself, I will never go."Su Guoyao said and got up to go back to his room.

    Jiang Lan hesitated, but ultimately didn't dare to go, Su Guoyao's words she had to admit were very reasonable, and she wasn't willing to offend Han Qianqian if she wasn't forced to do so.

    Of course, if Han 3000 couldn't solve this matter, Jiang Lan would definitely scold him to death.

    "He Ting, wash some fruit for me, can't you find something to do on your own if you're idle all day?"

    He Ting, who was cleaning, wasn't idle, but she was used to Jiang Lan's prickliness.

    Magic Capital.

    Yun Cheng was cursing Han Qianqian, and Mo Yang and the others had naturally heard a lot of gossip.

    "This kind of pomp and circumstance, it was only when Han Qianqian got married back then, right?"Mo Yang said with a smile.

    "That wedding three years ago, it stirred the entire Yun City, because the news came so suddenly, so many people couldn't believe it, and after those people knew that Brother 3000 was a member of the family, they even thought that the Su family was crazy, but they didn't scold Brother 3000."Lin Yong said.

    "It's really a bit interesting, the world's crickets don't know the greatness of giants ah."Mo Yang exclaimed.

    Knife Twelve looked at Mo Yang puzzled and asked, "What is Brother 3000 doing, it's been a few days and he still treats it as if nothing has happened?"

    Mo Yang was still a bit uncomfortable with the matter of Knife Twelve calling Han 3000 brother, after all, in terms of age, Knife Twelve was comparable to Han 3000 mostly, but it was understandable that Knife Twelve would honorably call Han 3000 out of gratitude.

    "A few days is nothing, but he was scolded for three whole years, when did he ever refute it, this guy's hidden patience is the strongest among people I've met, being able to endure what the world can't endure is something no ordinary person can do, but such a person, once he explodes, it's the wind and clouds ah."Mo Yang smiled.


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