His True Colors Chapter 237-238


His True Colors Chapter 237

Han 3,000 yuan returned to the villa area of Genting Mountain, and waited until evening before the three Su Yingxia returned home with their loot, and the harvest was quite rich, with each of them almost carrying several large bags in their hands.

    When I got home, the three of them were spread out on the sofa, like a pile of mud.

    Women shopping innately has a strong fighting power, which is why men are afraid of this thing, in the mall, they never know fatigue, but back home all the fatigue will break out.

    When Shen Lingyao saw Su Yingxia put her leg on Han Marchant's thigh and Han Marchant massaged Su Yingxia to soothe her, the envy in her eyes was not concealed at all.

    "It's so good to have a husband, when can I have one too, Yi Yun."Shen Lingyao said.

    Yi Yun was also exhausted and said weakly, "What for?"

    "Help me call Elder Moon and ask him if he's forgotten about me already."Shen Lingyao said with dissatisfaction.

    Chi Yi Yun smiled helplessly and said to Su Ying Xia, "Do you have to spread dog food and go back to your room, do you have to make us envious?"

    Su Yingxia took a look at Han Qianqian, her eyebrows all smiles, carefully retracted her leg and said: "I'm not spilling yet?Who asked you to not have a husband, and can I be blamed?"

    Shen Lingyao gritted her teeth and looked at Su Yingxia, weakly waving her fist and warning, "Yingxia, if you rub your nose in it again, be careful that my fist won't let you off the hook."

    "I have people to help, can you beat me?"Su Yingxia said without fear of threat.

    Shen Ling Yao was stunned, sighed heavily, closed her eyes and said, "You have a husband you are divine, I admit defeat okay, God is really unfair, I am such a beautiful woman, but no one will like me."

    "Yao Yao, there are quite a few people pursuing you, what can you do if you don't look good."Su Yingxia said.

    "The husbands that Yao Yao is looking for are very demanding, such as Han Qianqian, right?"Chi Yi Yun smiled.

    Listening to the trio's ridiculing conversation, Han 3000 couldn't get in on the conversation from the side and could only smile gently.

    When it was time to finish eating, Han Three Thousand told Su Yingxia about going out tonight, Su Yingxia was very nervous after hearing that because the last time Han Three Thousand was injured, it was because she came home very late, and she was worried that there would be another accident this time.

    "Will it be dangerous?"Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian.

    "No, just going to a friend's house to check it out."Han Three Thousand said with a relaxed and cozy face, the more dangerous something was, the less he would let Su Yingxia know.

    Su Yingxia knew that even if something was wrong, Han Qianli wouldn't tell her, so she could only say, "Be careful and go home early."


    After eating, Han Giangli drove on the A6 towards the underground boxing arena.

    Now that the boxing ring had become more and more lively, Blade Twelve would have some challengers almost every night after setting up a bonus challenge, and this situation undoubtedly added more uncertainty, and it was these factors that made the audience's passions high.

    The sets are used to watching, and no matter how fervent the fighter is in the ring, it will always lack some interest for the older audience.

    To the boxing arena, the manager was accompanied by Han Three Thousand with trepidation, although Han Three Thousand last time smashed the field with a mask, but the manager has been authorized by the knife twelve, knowing that the town tonight is a big person, which also dare to have the slightest slack.

    "Brother Three Thousand, you can tell me if you need anything, Blade has already instructed me to take care of you."The manager said to Han Three Thousand.

    "When that guy showed up last night, you tell me.If not, I'll just be a spectator tonight."Han Three Thousand said.

    "Yes."The manager echoed.

    The first match at the boxing ring started at nine o'clock, when almost all the spectators had entered, the four sides of the stands were packed, seeing this kind of pomp and circumstance, Han Three Thousand had to admire Knife Twelve's brains, if there was no bonus challenge, there wouldn't be so many spectators.

    After the first match started, the two fighters in the ring fought very fiercely, but the audience put in not much passion, and many of them even chatted with each other instead of watching the match.

    "I don't know if that guy will show up last night, but he even beat Blade 12, it's a treat to watch him fight."

    "Took half a million, should get away with it, now watch these fists and gloves, it's really meaningless, fighting is also all those tricks, if not for the bonus challenge, might as well watch TV at home."

    "Who says it isn't, these sets of moves are already boring to watch, it's really meaningless."

    A few people around Han Giangli were bored and chatting, looking like they were in a lack of interest, and their mentality was almost representative of the majority of the audience in the arena, Han Giangli was able to understand why Blade 12 had to make such a change from these words.

    If the boxing gym continued to operate in the same way as before, it would sooner or later close down, and the bonus challenge, although it would bring certain dangers, such as last night's injury to Knife Twelve, was able to provoke the audience's desire to watch, and this was a change that had to be made.

    "I'm looking pretty good, why are you guys getting tired of it?"Han Qianli said with a smile.

    The few people who spoke had a light laughing expression on their faces when they heard Han Marchant's words.

    "Dude, it's your first time here, what's the point of coming here as often as we do, you can see the ring fighter's moves at a glance and even guess what the next move is."

    "You're such a little white guy, you don't know anything, it's better not to open your mouth to talk, or you'll make a joke."

    "The tastes of the audience nowadays are very high, so isn't paying money to watch a boxing match just for the excitement?If these fighters can't bring excitement to the audience, what's the point of watching."

    The reasoning behind these words couldn't be refuted by Han Giangli, and it looked like another job would have to be arranged for Knife Twelve, the bonus challenge could bring excitement to the spectators for a while, but they would still find it tedious over time.

    Of course, if Knife Twelve could think of another way to improve the situation, that would be a different story.

    "I've heard that spectators can go up there and compete, and if they win, they'll get a bonus, so why don't you guys give it a try?"Han Marchiang asked.

    A few people looked at Han Marchant like he was an idiot and said, "Dude, we're paying to see a fight, not to get beaten up, these fighters are set moves, but they're not ordinary people."

    "I see that you're not only a white guy, but you're also not right in the head, look at the big guy on stage, is that something an ordinary person can beat?"

    "You're not going to challenge it, are you?There's no more $500,000, but there's still $300,000 left, do you want to try?"

    A few people laughed as they sized up Han Marchand with a contemptuous look in their eyes.

    "Don't make jokes about this novice, look at this sub of his, how dare he go to the competition."

    "Also, with your small body, you won't be able to go up there and break your arms and legs, just watch honestly, someone might come and challenge you later."

    "A word of advice, if you don't know anything, speak less, or you'll be treated as an idiot."

    A few people's words were harsh, but they also carried a hint of irritation, as if they were deliberately trying to squeeze Han Marchand to see if he had the guts to go on stage.

    At this time, the manager hadn't yet come to inform Han 3,000, which meant that the person from last night shouldn't have shown up yet, in that case, let's just play it off.

    "Three hundred thousand is a lot of money, so I'll give it a go,"Han Marchian said.

    "Pfft, and you're bragging about it?"

    "Dude, I'll call you grandpa if you've got the balls to get on stage."

    "Count me in, if you have the guts to go on stage, win or lose, I'll call you."

    Han Qianli nodded seriously and said, "That's what you guys said, but don't forget, I wouldn't mind having a few more grandchildren."

    "Hmph, let's talk about it up there, what's the use of just bragging."

    "But I'm warning you, the boxing ring won't be responsible for getting hit in the hospital after you go up there."

    "Don't steal the chicken, although 300,000 is a lot, you have to be able to take it."

    After the first match, Han Giangli left the audience, but from those people's perspective, he must have taken the opportunity to bolt, how could he really want to go on stage and compete.

    "Hey, run away, the young people nowadays can really f*cking blow their brains out."

    "Is it hard to believe that you still believe that he dared to go on stage?With that little guy of his, we can easily take care of him too."

    "Look guys, he ...... he's not gone!"

His True Colors Chapter 238

"F*ck, is that guy still going?"

    "Still not afraid to die, the bonus challenge, but a boxer never shows mercy."

    "Sh*t, I'm not really going to call him Grandpa."

    "Call him a chickensh*t, we'll all be home long before he's in the hospital."

    A few people were surprised, but they weren't going to make good on their promise, and it sure didn't look to them like Han 3,000 was going to walk out of the ring and into an ambulance, so who knew who else?

    "Tonight, the boxing ring has a special spectator match to reward the audience, you can come up to the stage as many times as you like, and whoever gets to the end will win the hundred thousand dollars the ring offers."The manager walked up to the stage and took the microphone and said.

    That caused quite a commotion, a hundred thousand dollars was not much, but it was a lot, and it was available to everyone.

    But in the spirit of the idea that the enemy doesn't move and I don't move, there was no audience willing to enter the stage yet.

    At this time, Han Giangli, who was under the ring, walked up.

    "The first challenging spectator has appeared, who is willing to come up and fight?"The manager asked.

    Looking at the fact that Han 3,000 wasn't incredibly large, nor did he have exaggerated muscles, many people started to get stupid, this kind of opponent had a very high chance of winning in their eyes.

    But when a silhouette walked towards the ring, those who were foolishly thinking about it, immediately dispelled their thoughts.

    "It's him!He's here again."

    "Knife Twelve was the one who lost to him last night, I didn't expect him to show up today."

    "The guy in the ring didn't sink his teeth in, can he end up better than Knife Twelve when he fights this guy?I heard that Blade Twelve is still in the hospital right now."

    The people who were talking to Han Giang earlier had smiles on their faces when they saw this situation.

    "Don't worry about calling grandpa now, this guy will be disabled if he doesn't die."

    "He probably didn't watch last night's match, and he doesn't even know how he's going to die."

    "It's a shame, Blade Twelve fought him last night and it was a bit of a spectacle, but this guy, I don't know how many moves he can carry."

    "How many more moves?In my opinion, one move is enough to take care of him."

    After the man entered the ring, the manager's eyelids jumped straight, and although this was Han Sangsan's initiative, he wouldn't be able to explain to Knife Twelve if something happened.

    "Brother Three Thousand, be careful."Before stepping down from the ring, the manager approached Han Three Thousand's side and softly warned.

    Han 3,000 nodded, standing opposite him, but a young man in his early twenties, he was able to beat Knife Twelve into the hospital, which made Han 3,000 very surprised.

    Yan Jun had once said that for Han 3000 to have such strength at this age, he was already considered to be exceptionally talented, but the young man standing in front of him now was clearly even more talented than him, otherwise, how could he even lose to Blade Twelve?

    "Can I know your distinguished name?"Han Giangli asked to the man.

    The man smiled and said, "Come to help avenge that man last night?Since it's revenge, why are we talking so much nonsense."

    Han Giangli smiled, just through one sentence, he could feel this young man's arrogance, but he did have arrogant capital, to be able to beat Knife Twelve into the hospital, I'm afraid the entire Cloud City wouldn't be able to find a single person.

    The two of them very tacitly fought together, and to the spectators in the stands, it was a very exciting stalking match, with both sides fighting back and forth.

    But for Han Qianli, from the very beginning, he felt overwhelming pressure, a pressure that was as strong as if he were fighting Yan Jun.

    The shock in Han Giang's heart grew stronger and stronger, and he even felt that this young man would be very hard pressed to win even against Yan Jun.

    What kind of monster was this, to be able to possess such amazing skills at such a young age!

    "Nothing interesting."In the middle of the encounter, Han Marchionne suddenly heard the man say.

    Just as his heart was overflowing with a hint of foreboding, Han Giangli felt that the hand he was punching appeared phantom-like, a situation that only occurred due to the speed being too fast for people to see.

    Both hands subconsciously rested against his chest, but in an instant, a huge force was transmitted from the palms to the entire body, and then the body flew backwards out of control until it hit the side rope, and only then did Han Giangli stop.

    Hands burning pain, has reached the numbness to the point of losing consciousness, Han three thousand clenched teeth also can not stop the hand slightly trembling.


    Very strong!

    This young man brought pressure to Han 3,000 as if Yan Jun was standing in front of him.

    "You're such a piece of trash that you dare to help him take revenge?"The man was so disdainful that he said to Han Marchant.

    "Can you make a friend?"Such a strong enemy, if as an opponent, it was not good news for Han Giangli, being able to pull together is the best situation.

    But he didn't seem to have such a plan, smiled contemptuously and said, "Making friends with trash like you?Sorry, I'm not interested."

    After saying that, he looked to the quadrangle stands and said, "Anyone else want to grab the hundred thousand dollars from me?"

    Most of the audience was there last night against Blade Twelve and saw how powerful he was, so who would dare to go down at this point?

    "Since there's no one there, I should have the money, right?"The man said to the manager.

    The manager looked at Han 3,000 and saw Han 3,000 nodding his head, then he said, "I'll go get you the money right away."

    Han 3,000 returned backstage to the boxer's lounge, the hand apparently could not see any difference, but the burning pain did not disappear at all, fortunately with the palm of the hand to withstand the force, if it was a fist to the words, I'm afraid that another week to the plaster.

    "Brother Three Thousand, he's already gone after taking the money."In a short while, the manager came to the restroom and said to Han 3,000.

    Han 3,000 nodded, a man like him was never just seeking money, he must have another purpose.

    "Did you send someone to follow him?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "I sent someone to follow him last night, but he's so aware of anti-tracking that I don't think we'll get anything tonight."The manager said.

    Han Marchiang said with a face as heavy as water, "Just do your best, I hope he's not coming for us, otherwise it'll be a big trouble."

    After a short break, Han 3,000 left the boxing ring and went to the hospital to explain the situation to Knife Twelve.

    Knife Twelve wasn't surprised that Han Three Thousand would lose, as there was not much difference in strength between him and Han Three Thousand, and since he had lost so easily, how could Han Three Thousand win?

    "Brother Three Thousand, do you think that someone like him would lack money?"Blade Twelve asked.

    "I understand what you mean, I'll try to find out his identity as soon as possible."Han Giangli said.

    Knife Twelve nodded his head and exclaimed, "Where did he mess with an expert that's so perverted."

    Han Qianli smiled bitterly, if someone was taking revenge on him, the probability was that it would be Luo Bin, but on second thought it seemed unlikely, with Luo Bin's flamboyant personality, if he really had found such an expert, how could he not show himself?

    And the conflict between him and Luo Bin was because of Tianchang Sheng, even if he wanted to find trouble, he should go to Tianchang Sheng to the martial arts hall.

    On the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel, in the presidential suite, there were two people standing by the window, a man and a woman, very young judging from their backs, one of the women was wearing glasses, if Han Qianli saw it, she would be very shocked because she was Chi Yi Yun, while the man beside her was the young man who fought with Han Qianli in the boxing ring.

    "Dong Hao, is there anything about this place, Cloud City, that's worth keeping for you?"Chi Yi Yun pushed the mirror frame and asked.

    The name Dong Hao to the man's eyes obsessively looked at Chi Yi Yun, obviously with a strong sense of love.

    "What's there to stay in a place where garbage piles up, but as long as you're here, it's heaven for me."Dong Hao unabashedly expressed his love.

    Chi Yi Yun didn't feel any emotion from Dong Hao's words, and her eyes said indifferently, "You're not qualified to change my preferences yet."

    After saying this, Chi Yi Yun turned her head, took off her glasses to look at Dong Hao, and continued, "Don't forget your position, you're just a servant."

    Dong Hao lowered his head, and although his eyes were very unwilling, he didn't dare to resist in the slightest and said, "Miss, I know."

    "Han Giangli is a very interesting person, can you find out what exactly his origin is?"Chiyun asked.

    "I've already met him, a mere trash."Dong Hao scowled.


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