His True Colors Chapter 221-223


His True Colors Chapter 221

"Sir, please show your invitation."The security chief said to Han Marchand.

    "No."Han Marchant said with his hands spread out.

    "No?"The security chief frowned seriously, Lu Hongguang's invitation card even if it was used had a collector's value, because this invitation card was equivalent to an honor in Rong City, being able to attend a party held by Lu Hongguang was a talking point in itself, so many people would carefully put the invitation card away, and this person in front of him actually said that he didn't have one, which meant that he hadn't gotten one at all.

    "He's mixed in, blast him out."Qiu Fan sneered.

    The security chief took a look at Qiu Tao, if it wasn't for this woman yelling, how could all those people in the arena now look over at him, if this matter was known to Lu Hongguang, not only would he lose his job, it would be difficult for him to move an inch in Rong City in the future.

    "Both of you, don't make trouble here, honestly follow me out, otherwise I can't guarantee that you will be hurt."The security chief said.

    Han Qianqian was as steady as a rock and said, "Although I don't have an invitation, but I came to the party, Lu Hongguang personally invited me, why don't you go and ask him for permission before you drive me out?"

    "I didn't think you're quite good at bragging as a driver, Lu Hongguang personally hired you, what kind of a thing are you to be so proud of yourself?"Qiu Yao laughed disdainfully.

    "It's none of your business here, shut up."The security captain snapped at Qiu Xuan.

    Qiu Xuan was full of displeasure, she felt that she was breaking down Han Qianxiang for the good of the party, but how could she understand how the security captain felt right now, he was in charge of the current security, and being mixed in by unknown characters and being known to the top brass, he wouldn't be able to eat his way out.

    "Please."The security captain made a gesture of invitation.

    Han Qianli remained unmoving and said, "If I leave, you'll end up worse off, so why don't you go and ask for permission to see if I'm qualified to attend."

    The security chief took a deep breath, according to the usual practice in previous years, at this time of the day, Lu Hongguang should be coming soon, if this person wasn't cleared out, the paper wouldn't be able to cover the fire.

    "I'll say it one last time, I hope you don't embarrass me or yourself."The security chief said.

    "I say why are you such a deadbeat?Just go and ask, and kick us out, I'm afraid you won't be able to regret it."Qing Yun stood up and said arrogantly.

    Qiu Fan was quite happy to see the two of them not leaving, the bigger this matter was, the more humiliated Han 3000 would be, which was a situation she was happy to see.

    In the crowd, Qiu Fan spotted Ning Yu who was watching the fun, to break down the identities of the two Han 3,000, as long as Ning Yu came out, the security chief would definitely not suspect anymore and would use direct methods to drive the two out.

    "Don't believe their words, Ning knows these two, Ning knows exactly what kind of trash they are,"Qiu Tao said.

    Ning Yu, as a melon eater, only wanted to see what was going on, and today's attendance at this party was to help Ning Xingpeng find out the truth, to see what kind of connections Lu Hongguang had, to put it bluntly, he was playing the role of a spy, and now being pulled out by Qiu Xiaoxiao made him gnash his teeth in hatred.

    "Ning Yu, do you know these two as well?Who are they, if they're mixed in with the trash, you'll help testify and drive them out."

    "Ning Yu, this is your Uncle Lu's territory, help out and take a look."

    "These two, they can't be your friends, right."

    Ning Yu listened to these words and had to appear with a hard scalp, after glaring hard at Qiu Wei, he came out and said, "Fellow elders, I do know these two, but they are not my friends, and I, Ning Yu, never befriend such trash."

    At this time, no one noticed that Lu Hongguang had already entered the venue.

    When his assistant found out about this matter, he asked, "Mr. Lu, it seems that some misunderstanding has arisen, I'll go and clarify."

    Lu Hongguang pulled his assistant by the hand, his eyes dark with thought before saying, "Don't worry about it, wait until the situation is out of control before you step in."

    The assistant looked puzzled, didn't Lu Hongguang treat this young man as a VIP?Why don't you help him when he's in trouble?

    Naturally, Lu Hongguang's mind was not something that someone like an assistant could understand.

    Having fought with Ning Xingpeng for so many years with mixed success, he had never been able to occupy an absolute advantage, and Lu Hongguang had never seen a breakthrough.

    But today's situation was a breakthrough for Lu Hongguang.

    He didn't know Han Qianqian's identity, but he knew clearly that the energy Han Qianqian possessed was amazing, and if Ning Yu offended him, wouldn't it be the same as Ning Xingpeng offending this big man?

    This was an opportunity that had fallen from the sky, so how could someone with Lu Hongguang's meticulous mind miss it?

    "With Ning testifying, I'm sure I don't need to verify the identities of the two of you, do you want to leave on your own, or do you want me to do it?"The security chief said to Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian looked at Ning Yu and said with a calm demeanor, "Ning Yu, there is no connection between me and you, and this matter today has nothing to do with you."

    "Of course it has nothing to do with me, I just don't want trash like you to ruin Uncle Lu's party, just look at the people present."After pointing around, Ning continued, "These people can be celebrities and big names in Rong City, what kind of a thing are you, what qualifications do you have to appear at the same party as them?

    These words, in addition to belittling Han Qianqian, also touted the others, which could be considered Ning Yu's kindness released to these people, disguised as a rallying cry.

    When those people heard Ning Yu's words, they all laughed complacently, although they were all Lu Hongguang's people, being able to be valued by Ning Yu was a way to prove their value.

    "Ning Yu, outsiders say that you're young and arrogant, but today, it seems that it's not all true."

    "Yeah, it seems that the outside world has too much prejudice against you, a rich son."

    "Those are just rumors, a young man as sensible as Ning Yu is a rare sight nowadays."

    Bragging had always been a courtesy, and they naturally had to give Ning Yu some candy when he gave them candy to eat.

    Ning Yu didn't expect that there would be such an unexpected reward today, making them feel good about themselves, and it would be even easier to pull them together in the future, if Ning Xingpeng knew about this, he would definitely reward him with millions of dollars in pocket money.

    "Fellow elders, you are all worthy of my Ning Yu's respect, so today, let me drive this trash out for you."After Ning Yu finished speaking, he turned to look at Han Qianqian and snapped coldly, "Get out, do trash like you deserve to be here as well?"

    "What are you going to do to us if we don't leave?"Qing Yun shouted.

    Ning Yu smiled coldly and sneered, "Not leaving?Then let's see how much you can do."

    Seeing Ning Yu coming towards him, Qing Yun hurriedly hid behind Han Qianqian and said, "Boss, you have to protect me, I'm such a fragile flower and grass, if I'm injured by him, I won't be able to get up without lying in the hospital for ten or eight years."

    Ning Yu saw that Qing Yun was hiding, and put a hand on Han Qianqian's shoulder, pulling heavily, ready to pull Han Qianqian out.

    But despite the fact that Ning Yu had used his full strength, he still couldn't shake Han 3000 by a single bit, giving him the feeling that Han 3000 was like a stone pillar stuck in the ground.

    "You're not going to shed a tear until you see the coffin, are you?"Ning Yu gritted his teeth and said.

    "That applies even more to you."Han Giangli said.

    Ning Yu's anger flared and he waved his fist at Han Three Thousand and cursed, "Go to hell, something that doesn't know good from bad, you're asking for it."

    The people watching the scene sighed and shook their heads, in their eyes, Han Three Thousand Thousand was indeed too ignorant of good and bad, could there be any good consequences for having to offend Ning Yu?If you honestly accept your fate and leave, there will be nothing left, but if you have to force Ning Yu to do something, not only will you be ashamed to get out, but you will also be beaten, why is this bitter?

    The fist swung, and Han Giangli lightly skirted it, having dodged it by a hair's breadth, before kicking Ning Yu in the abdomen.

    Ning Yu yelled in pain as he practiced retreating, then fell to the ground.

    "You ...... you f*cking dare to hit me!"Ning Yu looked angrily at Han Qianqian, since he was a child, he was the only one who bullied others, when had anyone ever dared to move on his head and beat him!

    Trembling, Ning Yu stood up and said viciously, "No matter who you are today, I'm going to waste you."

His True Colors Chapter 222

Qiu Tao was so excited that she was rubbing her palms under her breath, being able to stir up the conflict between Ning Yu and Han Giang, Han Giang's end would be even worse, this was something she was very happy to see, she had to let this driver know how miserable it would be to offend her.

    "How dare you even hit Ning Yu, don't you know who Ning Yu is?"Qiu Fan said adding fuel to the fire, then ran to Ning Yu's side, acting concerned.

    Ning Yu's brain was now incapable of thinking, filled with rage, and he wanted to kill Han Qianqian on the spot.

    Those security guards didn't expect Han Qianqian to dare to attack Ning Yu, although the Ning family was a rival to Lu Hongguang, but how could they explain to Ning Xingpeng for letting Ning Yu get injured in the Lufeng Hotel?

    A few security guards swarmed in, how to subdue Han 3,000, but then a very stern voice came out.

    "What are you guys doing!"Lu Hongguang seized the right moment to make an appearance, Ning Yu could offend Han Qianqian but never involve his people.

    "Mr. Lu."

    "General Manager Lu."

    "General Manager Lu."

    Respectful shouts rose and fell as Lu Hongguang walked up to the security chief and asked in a stern voice, "What's the situation?"

    The security captain was frightened, not expecting this to be hidden, he bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Lu, I was negligent in letting in someone who didn't have an invitation card."

    The assistant looked at Lu Hongguang and said to the security captain, "Mr. Han is an honored guest invited by Mr. Lu, I put away his invitation card for him, how could there be no invitation card."

    After saying that, the assistant took out the invitation card.

    When the others saw the invitation card, they were taken aback.

    There were three styles of Lu Hongguang's invitations, each style represented the rank of a different guest, and the invitation the assistant was holding was a black hot gold border, it was Lu Hongguang's highest specification invitation and it hadn't been used for several years.

    "Black gold invitations!"

    "It's actually a black and gold invitation!"

    "Mr. Lu hasn't used this invitation card for many years."

    This young man was actually able to get this invitation card!

    The security chief was dumbfounded, this invitation, he had only heard of it, never seen it before, it was hard for anyone to get because of the high rank.

    "Lu ...... Lu, I'm sorry, I didn't know, it's my fault."The security chief lowered his head and said in a panic.

    Qiu Tao had been confused, she had decided that Han Qianli was in the mix, but now the fact in front of her was that Han Qianli had gotten an invitation of the highest caliber!

    Wasn't he the driver?Why was it so important to Lu Hongguang.

    At this time, Ning Yu gritted his teeth and walked over to Lu Hongguang's side.

    The invitation was of a high level, but it would only surprise others, as the young master of the Ning family and the son of Ning Xingpeng, he wouldn't take this invitation seriously.

    "Uncle Lu, your VIP has a lot of guts, even daring to hit me, you have to give me an explanation,"Ning Yu said in a cold voice.

    Lu Hongguang gave Ning Yu a contemptuous glance and said, "Ning Yu, you come to my party every year, what is your purpose, I know very well, I turn a blind eye and forget all about it.But today, you've offended my VIPs and you want me to give you an explanation, it's too arrogant."

    "Uncle Lu, what do you mean?"Ning Yu was gloomy, he didn't believe that Lu Hongguang dared to tear Ning Xingpeng apart from him.

    "I'll call your father, this matter is not something you can resolve, fend for yourself."After saying that, Lu Hongguang pulled out his phone and dialed Ning Xingpeng's number.

    "Ning Xingpeng, your son is causing trouble in my place, come over and solve it yourself."Lu Hongguang said.

    When Ning Xingpeng heard this, he smiled faintly and said, "This kid, how can he cause trouble in your territory, not giving you any face at all, help me teach him a lesson, as an elder, does he still dare to disobey you."

    "Ning Xingpeng, you probably don't quite understand the seriousness of the situation, I suggest you better come over here."Lu Hongguang said in a cold voice.

    Ning Xingpeng frowned, in his opinion, even if Ning Yu had gotten into trouble, it was all just a few trivial matters, how much of a mark was his son, could he still not be clear?Lu Hongguang is so upfront, could it be that he wants to use this matter to deliberately cause trouble?

    "Lu Hongguang, you don't have to be so highbrow. You wouldn't be so lowbrow as to embarrass me with this, would you?Is there a point to it, don't you know?"Ning Xingpeng said disdainfully.

    The corners of Lu Hongguang's mouth rose slightly, Ning Xingpeng would be this kind of attitude, he had expected it, even if Ning Yu directly smashed his Lufeng Hotel, Ning Xingpeng would mostly not care too much about it, maybe he would even go home and praise Ning Yu, but today's matter involved a different level.

    "Ning Xingpeng, I'm just being nice, I had a hard time inviting Brother Han today, and your son had a conflict with Brother Han, I can't make the decision on this."Lu Hongguang said.

    "Brother Han?Who are you talking about!"Ning Xingpeng on the other end of the phone miserably stood up, his face frightened.

    "Who else did you say there was?Hang up."After Lu Hongguang finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

    Ning Xingpeng lost his mind for a moment, Brother Han, Han 3000!

    Who else could it be but Han Qianqian.

    Ning Yu, the adversary, had actually offended Han Qianqian!

    Ning Xingpeng felt his hands couldn't help but tremble, he didn't know who Han Qianli was, but this young man's energy was unmatched in Rong City, not to mention the Ning family, even if the Ning family and Lu family joined forces, it was still a scum ah.

    "Drive, to the Lu Feng Hotel."Ning Xingpeng said to the driver.

    After hanging up the phone, Lu Hongguang said to Ning Yu, "Your father should be here soon, so think about how you're going to explain to him."

    Ning Yu smiled fiercely, when his father came, it would be Lu Hongguang who would give him an explanation.

    Qiu Yao, who was in shock, was relieved after hearing Lu Hongguang's words, as long as Ning Xingpeng came out, could there still be something he couldn't handle?So what if he's Lu Hongguang's VIP?There was no way that Lu Hongguang would tear his face off with Ning Xingpeng for him.

    This meeting between the two giants of the business world filled the people watching with anticipation, and they even felt that whether or not the two could be separated would depend on today.

    Lu Hongguang walked up to Han Qianli and said with an apologetic face, "Brother Han, I'm sorry, I was late, that's why you were misunderstood."

    Han Qianli's eyes glittered with a brilliant light and said in a flat tone, "Did you come late, or did you come at a pinch?Lu Hongguang, how could someone as smart as you not be able to bring down Ning Xingpeng?"

    Hearing this, Lu Hongguang was shocked and said in a row, "It's true that I've been delayed by some things, don't misunderstand brother Han."

    Han Qianli smiled coldly, from the time Lu Hongguang called Ning Xingpeng, Han Qianli understood the wishful thinking in this guy's heart, and also guessed that he must have known about this matter, but just deliberately didn't show up.

    The idea of Lu Hongguang wanting to fake his hand against the Ning family was a good one.

    "Your idea is good, but using me as a tool is your biggest mistake,"Han Giangli coldly said.

    These words caused cold sweat to instantly seep out of Lu Hongguang's forehead, but as things stood, he could only bite his tongue and refuse to admit it, or else the two business giants of Rong City might fall overnight.

    In less than ten minutes, Ning Xingpeng finally arrived, and it also heralded the beginning of this great drama.

    On the way here, Ning Xingpeng's heart was still a little flustered, hoping that the Brother Han in Lu Hongguang's mouth would never be Han 3,000, although he knew that this possibility was almost non-existent, but if he thought otherwise, he would be very desperate.

    But despair would be late, never less.

    The moment Ning Xingpeng saw Han 3,000, it was as if his heart had been hollowed out.

    "Dad, you've finally come, Lu Hongguang's guest beat me up, and he's even holding me responsible, you must help me take revenge."Ning Yu said.

    Ning Xingpeng took a trembling glance at Han Qianqian, took a deep breath, and hit Ning Yu in the face with a fist, snapping, "Bastard, are you going to destroy my Ning family?"

    Never in his wildest dreams had Ning Yu imagined that Ning Xingpeng would punch him first after arriving on the scene, as if he had done something wrong.

    Not only was Ning Yu puzzled, the others were also very confused.

    Ning Xingpeng was well known in Rong City for protecting calves, and there were quite a few people who had fallen into Ning Yu's hands, and regardless of whether it was right or wrong, Ning Xingpeng would keep Ning Yu, and in the worst case, Ning Yu had even offended someone from the province, and Ning Xingpeng had spent a lot of money to settle the matter, but this time Ning Xingpeng's attitude was completely different.

His True Colors Chapter 223

In the eyes of an outsider, this was a fairy fight, after all, the conflict originated from the two giants of Rong City, the Lu family was not to be messed with, and the Ning family was also not to be messed with.

    Ning Xingpeng gave Ning Yu a punch, most likely just a ploy to chastise Ning Yu and then chastise Lu Hongguang in a higher stance.

    This tactic of pre-emptively restraining oneself before restraining others was admired by the others, only someone like Ning Xingpeng would come up with such a method, right?

    But when they noticed that Ning Xingpeng was walking towards Han Giangli and not Lu Hongguang, their hearts overflowed with mutterings.

    Did he intend to teach this young man a lesson before chastising Lu Hongguang?

    "Ning Xingpeng is worthy of being someone who plays all the mind tricks, I really can't figure out what he's thinking."

    "If you were able to figure out his thoughts, would you still be in the position you are now?"

    "It's not without reason that Ning Xingpeng has been able to grow the Ning family to such a size, watch, I also want to see what tricks he has up his sleeve, it's hard to say that Lu Hongguang will have to give him an apology today."

    While the crowd was speculating, Ning Xingpeng had walked up to Han Giang, but his performance was not as responsible as the others thought, instead he bent down and lowered his head.

    "Mr. Han, this matter is my son's fault, I'll make amends on his behalf."Ning Xingpeng said.

    This action instantly caused the venue to explode!

    Instead of chastising the young man, Ning Xingpeng gave him an apology, what was going on!

    Those present, one by one, all rolled their eyes, believing that what was happening in front of them was an illusion, but no matter how soft it was, it couldn't change the fact that it was happening.

    Ning Xingpeng did indeed make amends and bowed low!

    "What is this ...... situation."

    "Ning Xingpeng apologizes!That's never been heard of before, he's not out of his mind!"

    "You guys, can't you see that Ning Xingpeng is afraid of this young man?"

    "Who the hell is he that he can be Lu Hongguang's VIP and still make Ning Xingpeng afraid, is there such a ruthless character in Rong City?"

    Countless whispers of amazement rang out in the crowd, and besides being incredulous, they were even more curious about Han Qianli's status.

    The two giants seemed to be inferior to him, a status that was no longer something they could imagine.

    "Yesterday, your son asked me to kneel down and apologize, I didn't bother with him for your sake, but I didn't expect him to come and trouble me today, you don't know how to raise a man, do you want me to teach you?"Han Qianqian asked faintly.

    Ning Xingpeng's scalp went numb, this beast, had he already provoked Han Qianqian yesterday?Why is he so eager to put a gun to his head when he's already been given a chance?

    "Mr. Han, I'm the one who has failed to discipline him, please give me a chance and I'll definitely make him change his ways."Ning Xingpeng said.

    Ning Yu was already confused at the side, he had never seen Ning Xingpeng whisper like this before, what could this young man, what could he do to make his father apologize?

    "Dad, what are you doing, why are you apologizing to him, do you need to be afraid of him with our Ning family's strength?"Ning Yu walked up to Ning Xingpeng's side and said unconvincingly.

    In Rong City, the Ning family had an extraordinary status, there was no one to provoke, since childhood, Ning Yu's arrogance had never been restrained in the slightest, during his school days, he had the courage to storm into the principal's office and beat him up, and he was safe and sound afterwards, instead the principal retired early, all of this proved the strength of the Ning family, and made Ning Yu understand more and more that he could put no one in his eyes, a rich second generation from out of town, and still not a mole?

    Hearing Ning Yu's words, Ning Xingpeng's lungs were about to explode, he was trying to find a way to resolve this matter, but Ning Yu was adding insult to injury.

    This young man in front of him, holding up the forces of Rong City, was not necessarily a match for him.

    "Adversary, what are you babbling about, quickly apologize to Han Gongzi."Ning Xingpeng gritted his teeth and said.

    "No, no way, there's no way I'm going to apologize to this trash, Dad, since when are you afraid of offending Lu Hongguang?"Ning said disdainfully, to this day, he still believed that it was because of Lu Hongguang that Ning Xingpeng behaved this way.

    But in his opinion, what was there to fear from Lu Hongguang?And since when had Ning Xingpeng been afraid of Lu Hongguang?

    In anger, Ning Xingpeng slapped Ning Yu in the face, grabbed Ning Yu's hair, and said angrily, "Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Han."

    At this moment, Ning Xingpeng's state of mind was like walking on thin ice, and beneath the thin ice was the abyss, once he fell, the entire Ning family would be doomed.

    Ning Yu didn't understand Ning Xingpeng's mood, and he didn't even know what Ning Xingpeng was afraid of, but he was a man who wanted to save face, how could he casually kneel down to someone?

    I'd rather die than obey, that's Ning Yu's attitude!

    "Dad, I don't know what's gotten into you today, but to make me kneel to this loser, never!"Ning Yu said in a cold voice.


    Ning Xingpeng laughed furiously, what right did Ning Yu have to curse Han 3,000 trash?In his eyes, everyone here was useless!


    Ning Xingpeng kneeled down on both knees and trembled as he said to Han Giang, "Mr. Han, it's my fault, I'm too spoiled and that's why he's so unattractive, please give me a chance to discipline him."

    The crowd was silent and the whispers came to an abrupt halt as everyone stared at the kneeling Ning Xingpeng with wide eyes, not daring to believe it.

    Just making Ning Yu apologize was barely acceptable to them, but Ning Xingpeng personally kneeling down was beyond what they could comprehend.

    What kind of person could make Ning Xingpeng kneel?

    Even if it was the two of them, Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua, Ning Xingpeng had the qualifications to be on equal footing with them ah.

    Did this also mean that even Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua would have to give this young man face?

    The answer to whether these two gave face or not was quickly resolved as Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua, also arrived at the venue.

    This kind of business gathering, they never attended due to their sensitive status, but today something big had happened and the two had to come.

    When Han Qianqian saw Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua, dissatisfaction was clearly revealed between their brows and they looked at Lu Hongguang.

    The appearance of these two was clearly notified by Lu Hongguang, he was unwilling not to poke a hole in the sky!

    Lu Hongguang felt Han Qianqian's line of sight and lowered his head, not daring to look directly.

    The bigger the matter was, the more the whole of Rong City would know that Ning Xingpeng had offended someone powerful, and only then would the group of businessmen belonging to Ning Xingpeng's system be more decisive in severing ties with the Ning family, to avoid bringing calamity to the fish pond.

    This was Lu Hongguang's goal, he would use this opportunity to ruthlessly trample the Ning family underfoot, even if it would cause Han Qianqiang's discontent, he had to give it a try.

    "Gongshi Han."

    "Gongshi Han."

    Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua shouted respectfully as they walked up to Han Three Thousand.

    The people in the meeting hall had gone numb, their minds losing the ability to think, and they no longer bothered to guess Han Third Thousand's identity, as they were clear that it was impossible for them to guess who Han Third Thousand was with their own patterns.

    Ning finally noticed at this point that something was not right, and that the two of them, Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua, were treating him like he was a servant.

    Looking at Ning Xingpeng who was kneeling on the ground, Ning Yu instantly despaired, although he was arrogant enough, he was no fool, even Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua didn't dare to slack off, it was enough to show the amazing ability of this Han gongzi.

    "Ning Xingpeng, you've got some guts, you even dare to offend Duke Han."Bao Jingzhong chided Ning Xingpeng.

    "It seems that your Ning family doesn't want to hang around in Rong City anymore, in that case, you should think of a way to end it yourself."Chen Kaihua said in a cold voice.

    The desperate expression on Ning Xingpeng's face was tinged with bitterness, he had always been very indulgent of Ning Yu, because he believed that in this place in Rong City, no matter what kind of trouble Ning Yu caused, he was capable of solving it, and Ning Yu was his only son, the only fire in the Ning family, so he spoiled, harbored, and patronized him.

    But the heavens had eyes, Ning Yu had done so many hurtful things, so how could he keep on being lucky?

    The iron that was kicked in this time was enough to doom the Ning family!

    "Mr. Han, the Ning Family was planted in your hands, and I, Ning Xingpeng, have no complaints."Ning Xingpeng said as if he had instantly aged tens of years, his face dark.


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