His True Colors Chapter 177-178


Chapter 177 

Hillside Villa. 

    As the Dragon Boat Festival approached, Jiang Lan received many calls from her hometown, asking when she would go back this year, and those relatives didn't say a word about Han Marchant, because they all thought that Jiang Lan would probably not take Han Marchant with her.

    The company's first and foremost member of the family is the CEO of the company.

    Su Yingxia also received a call from her cousin, Jiang Wan, who is slightly older than her.

    The reason for this is because of this, she will often show off in front of Su Yingxia and compare her boyfriend with Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia was well aware of Jiang Wan's personality, so when she mentioned these topics every time, Su Yingxia would be very perfunctory.

    "Right, when will you guys arrive home on the Dragon Boat Festival, I'll let Liu Zhijie drive to pick you up, he just bought a new car this year, you guys can just try it out, even the seats are leather, you might not be too sure what it feels like to sit in these nice cars, it's really comfortable."Jiang Wan said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia smiled helplessly and said, "We'll probably drive back, so we won't need your boyfriend to pick us up."

    "Hey, it's so far, how tiring it is to drive, and that car of yours, what if it breaks down in the middle of the road."Jiang Wan pretended to be worried, actually saying that the old car at Su Yingxia's house was too worn out.

    "Cousin, don't worry, we've only just replaced the car, how could it break down."Su Yingxia said.

    Changed the car?

    Jiang Wan was a bit disgruntled in her heart, she had heard that Su Yingxia was doing well in the Su company, and it looked like it was true, but even if she changed her car, what good car could she change?

    "So ah, that's fine, when you guys come, I'll take you to Liu Zhijie's house to see it, they fixed up a foreign house villa in the countryside, spent two million, and it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it's even better than the resorts in those spots."

    The words were all about showing off, Su Yingxia felt doubly helpless, at this time, Han Qianli came back, Su Yingxia was a little appalled, didn't he go to Kongwu's party?How come you're back so soon.

    "Cousin, I'm not going to talk to you anymore, let's talk again when I go back home."Su Yingxia said.

    "Okay, you guys come back early and have two more days of fun, Bin County is different now, there are a lot of fun places."Jiang Wan smiled proudly, she guessed that Su Yingxia must have been envious, so she didn't want to talk to her more.

    But after Su Yingxia went to Bin County, she still had plenty of opportunities to show off, so Jiang Wan was in no hurry.

    After hanging up the phone, Jiang Wan said to Liu Zhijie, who was beside her, "Since I was little, I've always liked to compete with Su Yingxia to win or lose, and now that I've found you, she can't compete with me for the rest of her life."

    After saying that, Jiang Wan Wan birdie snuggled into Liu Zhijie's arms.

    About the Su family, Liu Zhijie had heard Jiang Wan mention a lot of things, especially that wimp named Han Qianqian, and every time he was mentioned Liu Zhijie would laugh so hard that his stomach hurt.

    "How else can your cousin compete with you if she's married to this kind of loser, don't worry, when she comes this time, I'll definitely give you a face lift and let her know the difference between her and you."Liu Zhijie smiled.

    "En, but well, she is my cousin after all, I still have to give her some face, I don't know if that wimp will come, if he does, you don't need to give him face, and this kind of trash doesn't need face."Jiang Wan said.

    Liu Zhijie nodded proudly, but he was a young and handsome man, now he started his own business and also became the boss, the company is not big, but the annual profit is also quite a lot, enough to step on the wimp who eats soft food.

    Jiang Wan's mind, Su Yingxia can probably guess, and can also predict what will happen after returning to Bin County, but she does not care.

    Walking over to Han Giang, she asked, "Why are you back so early, didn't you go to the party?"

    "Go, but it's no fun, so come back early."Han 3,000 didn't dare to give Su Yingxia the chance to tell him what happened at the party, because Su Yingxia was asking him to make friends, but the result was obviously no friends, and not to mention a few more enemies.

    "How would it be meaningless, a party of a rich guy like Kong Wu must be attended by rich dudes, there are quite a few beauties right."Su Yingxia said.

    This is women!

    Han Giangli distinctly heard a hint of sarcasm among her tone, but this party was clearly what Su Yingxia had asked him to go to.

    "I'm not sure about this ......."Han Giangli said.

    At this time, Jiang Lan hung up the phone and said with a disgruntled face, "All the relatives have called, but your uncle's family, they don't even have any news, it's so infuriating."

    Jiang Fengfeng's family had borrowed 200,000 yuan in the first place and lost the money before they got home, so angry that the family hadn't slowed down so far, so of course they couldn't call to care.

    Although they had never intended to pay back the money in the first place, they were afraid that Jiang Lan would mention it.

    "Mom, aren't you clear on what uncle and the others are?He's dying for you not to go back now, he must be afraid that you'll make him pay back the money ah."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan also knew this, although the family is now rich and not lacking the 200,000, but now thinking about spending 200,000 for a single breath, her heart is still blocked.

    "No, this time back, there's a chance to definitely make them pay back the money before they can, it's 200,000."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Giangli laughed, Jiang Fengfeng's family of three were all scoundrels, making them pay back the money was a fool's errand, wasn't it?

    But it was good that the two hundred thousand hadn't been spent by them, and Han 3,000 was still able to accept it.

    "I'm going back to my room to rest first."Su Yingxia didn't want to worry about this crap, she'd been busy enough lately.

    Han Three Thousand saw a hint of exhaustion between Su Yingxia's brows and asked, "What's wrong?Did Suhai Chao give you a hard time?"

    "It has nothing to do with him, and he doesn't dare to embarrass me now, the manufacturers that work with our company have had some headaches recently, but it's not a big deal, I can fix it."Su Yingxia said.

    Hearing Su Yingxia say this, Han Qianli stopped asking questions, after all, Su Yingxia himself also needed to grow, he couldn't rely on him to accomplish every single thing.

    The next morning, after their morning run, Su Yingxia didn't let Han Qianli send her to the office, so Han Qianli returned home by herself.

    Although He Ting was doing all the cooking and laundry now, Han 3000 would do some of it when she was bored.

    When she went to her room and saw that it was almost time to change the sheets, Han Three Thousand realized that the red line on the sheets was gone!

    Is this a changed sheet?

    Han Qianli wasn't quite sure, but he did something that was enough to make Su Yingxia cringe.

    In order to avoid Su Yingxia thinking too much, Han Qianqian manipulated the needle and thread himself and actually sewed the red thread back on!

    I wonder how Su Yingxia will feel when she returns home and sees this situation.

    Su Family Company.

    Soon after Su Yingxia arrived at the office, Su Haichao, the chairman of the board, came and entered the office directly without knocking on the door.

    "Su Yingxia, haven't you solved the manufacturer's troubles yet?What time is this, the west side of the city is still waiting for building materials, do you know how much a day's delay in construction is costing us?"Su Haichao said to Su Yingxia with a questioning attitude.

    Trouble, in fact, is the problem of money, several manufacturers feel that the Su family can make a big profit on the west of the city project, they naturally also want to take the opportunity to make more money, but the maintenance of the west of the city project requires a large amount of money, if the manufacturers raise the price, for the Su family is a very large expenditure, and the first time to satisfy them, there will be a second and third time in the future, so this matter makes Su Yingxia very annoyed.

    "I've already made an appointment with a few manufacturers' owners to meet this afternoon, so I hope things will go well."Su Yingxia said.

    "Hopefully?"Su Haichao smiled coldly and said, "Su Yingxia, how can you talk things out with such an attitude, I'm warning you, this is a bunch of wolves that can't be fed, not a penny more can be given to them, you can see for yourself."

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said, "You're the director of the company, of course you're in charge, but if they no longer work with us, you'll have to figure it out on your own."

Chapter 178

Su Yingxia's words infuriated Su Haichao, but he was originally planning to use this matter to make things difficult for Su Yingxia, that's why he reacted so violently.

    Fury said to Su Yingxia, "Su Yingxia, you have always been in charge of the west side of the city project, are you worthy of your current status if you say such words now?"

    "Suhaichao, are you hoping I'll leave my post, or are you hoping I'll step down?"Su Yingxia calmly asked, she had already expected Su Hachao would try to target her, so she was not surprised at all.

    Mentioning this question, Su Hachao even more gritted her teeth, if she didn't rely on her cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate, how could she have such a position in the company.

    "Su Yingxia, don't be complacent, it's impossible for Weak Water Real Estate to keep looking up to you, when they know you're not capable enough to do the job, they'll naturally tell you to get lost."Su Haichao said.

    "You can go and try and try to get Zhong Liang to replace me, do you dare?"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, if he had the guts to try, he would have tried already, so why would he talk so much nonsense with Su Yingxia?

    From the experience of the previous two times, Zhong Liang's attitude was resolute, which was why Su Haichao did not dare to act rashly.

    "Su Yingxia, you wait and see, to the day you regret, even if you kneel down to me, it will be useless."Su Haichao said.

    Su Yingxia tidied up the information in her hand, looked at Su Hachao with full care, and said: "There is nothing else, please go out, don't disturb my work."

    Su Hachao angrily turned around and left, slamming the door with a loud bang.

    Su Yingxia sighed, there was no point in fighting a win or lose with Su Hachao, what was in front of her now was the problem of several manufacturers.

    Although Su Haichao has the suspicion of making things difficult for her, but Su Haichao's words are not unreasonable, so easily to the manufacturers to raise prices, if this kind of thing happens again in the future, can they still raise prices every time?

    In the afternoon, Su Yingxia left the company and headed towards the teahouse where she had agreed to meet with the manufacturer.

    After arriving at the place, no one from the promised box appeared, Su Yingxia knew that they were deliberately putting up a show, so she ordered a cup of tea and waited quietly.

    It wasn't until more than two hours later that the manufacturer's boss arrived late and together, so it was clear that they had a joint appointment.

    "Miss Su, I'm really sorry to be late."

    "There's been a lot of cooperation lately, many companies want to sign with us, it's really a bit hard to pull away ah."

    "Now that the construction industry is getting better and better, we, the manufacturers, are finally able to follow suit and make a profit."

    When a few people entered the box, they boasted with a sense of pride.

    A few people with big bellies, and the secretaries around them were all tall and beautiful women with long legs and proud busts, and the attitude of several secretaries were all high and mighty.

    "Miss Su, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth, if the Su family can't give us a price increase, our several companies, will terminate the cooperation at the same time, if you want to use a breach of contract with us is not afraid of the lawsuit, I have consulted a lawyer, this lawsuit, dragging for three or five years is not a problem, I don't know if the Su family can afford to spend it?"Kang Ling, as the biggest boss in several companies, had a lot of words, so his words basically represented the attitude of the other companies.

    "Mr. Kang, the Su family has been working with you for so many years, you also know that the west side of the city project requires huge investment in the early stages, don't you even want to talk about this?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Affection?"Kang Ling shook his head in disdain, "Now this world, who still talks about love with you, money is the most important thing, money is easy to do, no money and still let me sell my life, do you think I am Kang Ling is a fool?"

    "Yes, but I've heard that the Su family has only loaned us a billion dollars, it's not too much to raise our price, it's the Su family that's making the big money, we're just splitting a dime, if Miss Su can't satisfy us with this small demand, what's the need for cooperation?"

    "I also have the same attitude, I came here today, not to discuss with you, but to ask for a clear answer."

    Su Yingxia's head was as big as a bucket, I thought I could still discuss it, but I didn't expect that these people had already colluded with each other, with such a firm attitude, there was clearly no room for discussion.

    "Several bosses, our chairman has said that raising the price will definitely not work, but I have a solution, I don't know if you can accept it."Su Yingxia said tentatively.

    "Other than money, nothing else is negotiable."

    Kang Ling sized up Su Yingxia, the corner of his mouth showed a hint of a lecherous smile, and said, "Miss Su, your husband is a wimp, I heard that after so many years, he hasn't let him touch you, the taste of being a widow, it's not easy, right."

    Once Su Yingxia heard this, her face sank and asked, "Mr. Kang, what do you mean by that?"

    Kang Ling smiled and said, "You should understand what I mean, after all, we are all adults, if you are willing, this matter can still be discussed."

    Su Yingxia bit her teeth, she was here to talk about cooperation, not to sell her body.

    "Mr. Kang, please show some respect, cooperation is good for both sides, please don't insult me."Su Yingxia said.

    "Insult?"Kang Ling said with cold eyes, "If you think I'm insulting you, then don't talk about it today, do you really think I can't live without the Su Family?There are many companies willing to work with us now, and the Su family is nothing."

    "Kang Ling, back then when there was an economic crisis in your factory, but the Su family pulled you in."

    "The Su family's old lady is dead, and you're still going over old scores?This set is useless to me Kang Ling, businessmen care about, only profits, and you should be clear about the current situation, the west of the city project stopped for a day, the loss is very big, and you are not good with weak water property account, a little money is nothing?"Kang Ling said.

    A little bit of money was indeed nothing, but Su Yingxia knew that these people would definitely get an inch, never just a single price increase request.

    Seeing that Su Yingxia didn't speak, Kang Ling's brain lascivious worms began to act again.

    After all, Su Yingxia is famous for being a beautiful woman in Yun City, and Kang Ling is also curious if she has not been touched by Han Qianqian in the three years she has been married, and he really wants to personally verify this matter.

    If he could use this matter to get Su Yingxia to accompany him to bed, he would earn a lot.

    "Su Yingxia, you can think about sleeping with me, as long as I'm happy, maybe ......"

    Kang Ling hadn't finished his words and a cup of tea was splashed on his face.

    Su Yingxia was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, "Kang Ling, what kind of person do you take me for."


    Su Yingxia's scalp hurt from being dragged, struggling, she said, "Kang Ling, let go of me, let go of me quickly."

    Kang Ling grimly smiled and said, "How about it, tonight I'll go and get a room, you accompany me, don't worry, with your identity, I'll definitely book the best hotel in Cloud City."

    "Don't you dare, let go of me."

    Kang Ling threw his hand away, Su Yingxia fell directly to the ground.

    "Women are just b*tchy, what kind of white lotus flower are you f*cking playing with me, in the end, you're still asking me to work with you."Kang Ling said.

    Su Yingxia touched her aching scalp and said in a deep voice, "I don't believe that in the entire Cloud City, there is no one else but you who can cooperate with me."

    Kang Ling smiled proudly when he heard this, the reason why he dared to be so arrogant was because he had the capital, now in Cloud City, several manufacturers had reached an agreement with him, and he was the largest manufacturer, there was no way for anyone else to compare with him.

    Even if he let Su Yingxia find a small manufacturer, how could he support the entire West City project?

    "Su Yingxia, when you figure out when to come to me, it's not really difficult for you, just one leg at a time.This kind of cheap thing is not that easy to find."Kang Ling said.

    Such words were a great insult to Su Yingxia, and said, "Kang Ling, don't regret it, the Su family can save you, and can also step on you again."

    "I'll wait, you don't want to disappoint me ah, I so want to try what it feels like to be stepped on by the Su family, it's really scary."Kang Ling said in a mocking tone.


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