His True Colors 6-10


Chapter 6

The next day, Su Haichao was sitting in his office, and a phone call made him laugh so hard that he even had tears in his eyes.

    There were also a few Su family peers there, looking at Su Haichao's inexplicable laughter, puzzled.

    "Haichao, what happened, is it so funny?"

    "Don't laugh at yourself, hurry up and tell us too."

    "It can't be that Su Yingxia is running away, right?"

    Su Haichao covered his stomach, "Damn, making me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, Su Yingxia is really a damn fury."

    "What's going on, you're quick to say."Several of the Su family's peers were anxious like ants on a hot pan.

    "This crazy bitch, she actually let that waste, Han Qianqian, drive her to Weakwater Real Estate with a battery-operated car, she's got a brain fart."Su Haichao said.

    Hearing this, the office erupted with a hearty laugh, none of them could hold back, and all of them laughed so hard that they tumbled over each other.

    "Hahahahaha, she went to talk about cooperation like this, can Weak Water Real Estate take care of her?"

    "I think she has already given up on it, also, we haven't even talked about the cooperation, how can she do it."

    "Hai Chao, you've used this move but it's a good one, Su Yingxia is dead this time, she'll be kicked out of the Su family, she won't be able to get her share when it comes to dividing the property in the future."

    Several young people were complicit, none of them believed that Su Yingxia could do this, even they were ready to see the joke.

    "What if she goes back on her word in a deadly manner?"Someone was worried.

    Su Haichao smiled coldly, it was hard to find an opportunity to kick Su Yingxia out of the Su family, how could he give Su Yingxia the chance to go back on his word?

    "Don't worry guys, I have a way to make her get out of the Su family, you just have to side with me then."Su Haichao said.

    "Don't worry, of course we're on the same side as you."

    "But Su Yingxia has never failed to embarrass our Su Family, this time, if we drive her out of the Su Family, we won't have to be laughed at by outsiders in the future."

    "Yeah, how many times has that trash Han Qianqian made me hold my head up, and now I can finally get rid of him."

    Weak Water Property.

    After Han Three thousand put the car away, he looked at Su Yingxia, who looked nervous, and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I've already spoken to my classmate, just sign the contract directly."

    Su Yingxia didn't ask much about Han 3000's classmates, and this time there were many competitors, the Su family didn't have any advantages, could a classmate friendship alone really result in such a great cooperation?

    "Your classmates, they're not messing with you, are they?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Of course not, I'm buddies with him,"Han Giangli said.

    Seeing Han Giangli's confident look, Su Yingxia also lifted a sigh of relief.

    Last night's conversation, although it didn't make the two of them warm up rapidly, some barriers had been removed, and Su Yingxia also knew that no matter what her mindset was, this matter must be faced.

    Walking into the company, before Su Yingxia even opened her mouth, the front desk staff walked up to her.

    "May I ask if you are Miss Su?"Professional baggy skirt, a tall woman with a professional smile.

    Su Yingxia looked flattered and said, "Yes, it's me."

    "Please follow me."

    The elevator went straight to the top floor of Weak Water Real Estate, Su Yingxia felt her heart was about to jump out, although she hadn't signed the contract yet, this kind of treatment had already made her see the light of day.

    When the elevator door opened, a middle-aged man had been waiting for a long time.

    "Hello Miss Su, my name is Zhong Liang, I'm in charge of the west side of the city project, and I'm also responsible for the cooperation with your company."Zhong Liang introduced himself.

    Su Yingxia was stunned in place at a loss for words.

    Zhong Liang smiled and continued, "The boss socializes a lot, so he usually doesn't show up, if Miss Su has any questions, feel free to tell me."

    Su Yingxia shook her head repeatedly and said in a panic, "No, no, no, I don't have any problem, it's just that ...... we haven't started talking about cooperation ah."

    "According to the boss's instructions, the contract is ready, I've already signed it, after Miss Su has read it, if you think it's okay, just sign it."Zhong Liang said.

    "Ah!"Su Yingxia looked at Zhongliang in amazement, although the owner of the Weak Water Real Estate is Han Qianqian's classmate, but Su Yingxia never dreamed it would go so smoothly, Weak Water Real Estate has even prepared the contract!

    "Chung, you ...... you're not kidding me, right?"Su Yingxia asked incredulously.

    "Of course not, this is all ordered by the boss himself, please follow me."Zhong Liang said.

    Following Zhong Liang into the office, Su Yingxia looked at the contract, there was no problem, and this contract was very profitable for the Su family, no real estate company in the market could make such a large concession.

    "Brother Zhong, are you sure you're not joking with me?"Su Yingxia felt like she was dreaming, if she could bring this contract back to the Su family, who else would dare to underestimate her, who else would have the right to call her useless?

    Zhong Liang handed his pen to Su Yingxia and said, "Of course it's not a joke, if Miss Su feels it's okay, just sign it."

    Su Yingxia's mouth was dry, this all came too smoothly, it seems Han Qianliang and him as a classmate when the relationship is really not shallow ah.

    But he, how could he know such a powerful person.

    The contract in hand, Su Yingxia out of the weak water real estate, like a lost soul.

    A sneaky guy in the distance saw this scene, quickly took out his phone and reported the news to Su Hachao.

    Su Hachao received this news and was overjoyed and plotted to immediately hold an internal meeting where he would drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family.

    "What's wrong?"Han Qianqian walked up to Su Yingxia and saw how she was losing her mind, wondering if Zhongliang was not treating her well.

    "Sign the contract."Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian and said in a wooden tone.

    Han Qianli smiled and said, "Since the contract has been signed, why are you looking like you've lost your mind?"

    Su Yingxia wasn't losing her mind, but this feeling made her too unreal, like a dream.

    At this time, Su Yingxia's phone rang, and after seeing the three words Su Haichao, she said helplessly, "Su Haichao really can't wait."

    "But he's definitely going to be disappointed this time,"Han Giangli said.

    "It's all thanks to you, if it wasn't for you, our family would be finished."Su Yingxia looked at Han Marchian gratefully.

    "Don't let anyone but you know about this matter."

    "Why?"Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli with puzzlement, this matter was enough to change Han Qianli's position in the Su family, why did he hide it?

    "You'll know later,"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia nodded.

    Riding a small electric donkey, Han Three Thousand dropped Su Yingxia off at the office, then came to the kiosk.

    Smiling at each other with the boss, though he didn't speak, the boss knew that the time, as Han Three Thousand said, had arrived.

    In the meeting room of Su's company, all the relatives were present.

    "I didn't expect that the bragged about yesterday would be revealed today as it was, I really thought she had something to offer."

    "What can Su Yingxia be capable of, we can't even talk about the cooperation, how could she do it."

    "Hai Chao, while your grandmother is still here, I have to remind you that you must make Su Yingxia pay the price, never let her play a trick."

    "Good, we must take this opportunity to drive Su Yingxia's family out of the Su family."

    There were seven mouths among the relatives, and they all shut their mouths after the Su family's old lady arrived.

    The door to the meeting room opened and Su Yingxia walked in.

    "Su Yingxia, you probably haven't forgotten what you said yesterday, right?"Before Su Yingxia sat down, Su Hachao couldn't wait to say.

    Su Yingxia, with a calm face, looked at Su Hachao and said, "You haven't forgotten what you said, have you?"

    "Hahahahaha, of course I haven't forgotten, but what does it matter?You didn't talk about cooperation, what I said doesn't matter at all."Su Haichao said proudly, the news received from the eyewitness was enough to show that Su Yingxia had failed, if she had succeeded, how could she lose her soul?

    "Grandmother, I've already negotiated and signed the contract for cooperation, you can go through it."Su Yingxia handed the contract to the old lady.

    The Su family's group of relatives suddenly revealed an incredulous expression.

    The Su family's old lady also lifted her eyelids and said, "You've already signed the contract?"


The old lady finally faced Su Yingxia squarely and had her assistant bring in all the presbyopic glasses.

    The Su family relatives stretched their necks, wanting to see the content of the contract, because they did not believe that Su Yingxia could really negotiate the cooperation, the presence of almost everyone, even the weak water property owners did not see the face, Su Yingxia on what basis?

    She was lowly in the Su family and had never been treated well, so no one really treated Su Yingxia as a relative, but if she negotiated the cooperation, what if she was valued by the old lady?

    One of the most reluctant to believe is Su Haichao, because Su Yingxia talked about cooperation, it means that he will have to serve tea to Su Yingxia in the future, and he also has to call out to Sister Xia, which is a shame.

    "Su Yingxia, you casually drew up a contract by yourself, who believes ah, I see that you have not even seen the face of the weak water real estate boss."Su Haichao said with sarcasm.

    "That's right, I indeed haven't met the owner of Weak Water Real Estate."The west city project was under Zhong Liang's full responsibility, and he had also said that the boss was very busy, which Su Yingxia could also understand.

    When Su Yingxia said this, the Su family relatives fidgeted and looked at each other furiously.

    "Su Yingxia, you actually dared to make false contracts yourself to cheat us."

    "I never thought that ah, you would even do such a thing in order not to be kicked out of the Su family."

    "Do you take us for idiots?Taking a fake contract to cheat us."

    The group of individuals were outraged, as if they were treating Su Yingxia as an enemy, and everyone hated each other with gritted teeth.

    Su Haichao's tense look instantly relaxed, as if looking at Su Yingxia like an idiot, and said, "This kind of tactic you can also use, are you very worried about being driven out of the Su family.It's also true that your family of three, plus a useless son-in-law, if you don't have the Su family, it will be difficult to eat.But don't worry, I won't be too desperate, and if I'm really hungry, I'll also give you a meal."

    When the others heard this, they laughed out loud and followed suit, "Not bad, we can still give a meal."

    Su Yingxia, instead of being angry, showed a smile and said, "The authenticity of the contract is not up to you guys, although I haven't met the owner of Weak Water Real Estate, but the person in charge of the west side of the city project is Zhong Liang, and on this contract, it is also signed by him."

    "I'm not a fool, and I won't treat my grandmother as a fool, falsifying such things as contracts, do you think I would do it?"

    Su Haichao's heart thudded, his face pale as paper.

    Faking a contract was indeed meaningless, but would also anger the grandmother, how could Su Yingxia do that?

    Did she really talk about a partnership?

    "Su Yingxia, we didn't even do what we did, what makes you ......"

    Su Haichao's words had not yet spoken, the old lady raised her hand.

    Looking up at Su Yingxia, she asked, "This contract, was it really signed by you and Zhong Liang, the project in the west of the city, we are all material suppliers?"

    "Grandmother, I've invited Zhong Liang to our company tomorrow, so we'll naturally know if it's true or not then."Su Yingxia said.

    The old lady revealed a smile and said three good words in a row.

    These three good words to the ears of the Su family relatives, it was like a bell hitting their chests, making them very uncomfortable.

    Su Yingxia actually received Mrs. Lai's appreciation, not to mention driving Su Yingxia out of the Su family, in the future, Su Yingxia would most likely be reused, they didn't want Su Yingxia to step on their heads.

    "Su Yingxia, I didn't expect you to be quite lucky, but you were actually allowed to do it."Su Hachao had to admit this fact, tomorrow the people from Weak Water Real Estate would arrive at the company, even if he didn't want to believe it, he didn't think Su Yingxia would say such meaningless lies.

    "You haven't forgotten what you said, right?"Su Yingxia said.

    Su Haichao gritted his teeth and said, "Su Yingxia, you're just lucky this time, even if I go, I can still do it, do you really want me to serve you tea?"

    This humiliating thing, Su Hachao would never want to do, because he was the most powerful person in the Su family, and also the most promising to inherit the chairman position, serving tea to Su Yingxia, how could he.

    "Su Yingxia, don't go too far, thinking that you can ride on Su Hachao's head just because you got a little lucky."

    "That's right, really think of yourself as a meritorious minister, maybe I'll go I'll be fine."

    "Su Yingxia, I'll say this as an elder, let's forget about this matter, you're also indeed just lucky."

    Several Su family relatives have come out to speak for Su Hachao, looking at their leaning on the old man, Su Yingxia laughs furiously, what a bunch of shameless people, obviously Su Hachao himself agreed on the matter, and now it is her fault instead.

    If there was no talk of cooperation, when Su Hachao was going to kick her out of the Su family, would these people still stand up and speak up?

    "Willing to bet."The old lady spoke softly.

    As soon as this was said, the relatives who were fighting for Su Hachao were all like frosty eggplants, not daring to say another word of nonsense.

    Su Hachao's expression is as uncomfortable as eating shit, although his heart has ten thousand unwillingness, but grandmother has spoken, where he still dare not do.

    Honestly bringing a cup of tea to Su Yingxia, extremely reluctantly shouted, "Sister Xia."

    The head lowered Su Haichao eyes malevolent, heart thought: this time let you get your way, don't want to have a good time in the future, I am the most powerful person in the company, want to play dead, there are many ways, sooner or later will return this shame to you.

    Su Yingxia took the tea, but did not drink it, but placed it on the conference table, and said to the old lady, "Grandmother, I'll go back to prepare the information first, I still have to talk to Zhong Liang tomorrow."

    After the meeting ended and Su Yingxia and the old lady left the conference room, the other relatives were still reluctant to leave.

    "Su Haichao, you must find a way to end Su Yingxia's sharpness, but you can't let her get heavy use ah."

    "Good, if you really put her in charge of cooperating with Weak Water Real Estate, it might even affect your position."

    Su Haichao's face was gloomy, as these relatives said, if he really let Su Yingxia work with Weak Water Real Estate, his position in the company would definitely be affected.

    "Don't worry guys, I'll never let this b*tch have her way."

    Su Yingxia and Han Qianqiang returned home.

    Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan were sitting nervously in the living room, as their family would face the key to their survival, Su Guoyao didn't even have the courage to go to the meeting for fear of seeing with his own eyes that he would be kicked out of the Su family.

    "Ying Xia, how's it going?"Jiang Lan asked with a guilty conscience.

    Looking at her parents' frightened appearance, Su Yingxia smiled and said, "Don't worry guys, we won't be kicked out of the Su family."

    Su Guoyao looked at Su Yingxia in astonishment, stood up and asked incredulously, "You ...... really talked the cooperation down?"

    "Welcome Summer, you did it?"Jiang Lan also had a stunned expression.

    Su Yingxia nodded her head and took a glance at Han Qianqian, who was the only one bystanders believed to have contributed to this, but only she knew that Han Qianqian was the one who made this happen.

    "Yeah, it's a done deal, even the contract was signed."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan excitedly walked over to Su Yingxia, pushed Han Giang away and said excitedly, "Yingxia, my good girl, it's all mom's fault, mom should have believed you."

    "Yingxia, what did your grandmother say, did Su Hechao serve you tea?"Su Guoyao suddenly regretted very much that he did not attend the meeting, but missed witnessing the scene where Su Hachao called out to Sister Xia.

    "Grandmother said three good words, and Su Hachao also served me tea."Seeing her parents happy, Su Yingxia was also very happy.

    When Su Yingxia was happy, Han Qianli was naturally happy as well.

    However, when Jiang Lan saw Han Qianli's smile, she brewed discontent and said in a cold voice, "What are you laughing at, this is our family's contribution, what does it have to do with you."

    Su Yingxia was about to speak up for Han Qianli, but when she saw Han Qianli shake her head, she could only sigh.

    "You can rest assured now, no one can kick us out of the Su family."

    "Don't worry, I didn't expect my daughter to be so promising, mom is so happy."

    The family was in harmony, but Han Qianli was excluded and could only go to the kitchen in silence.

    That night, Su Haichao and his father, went to the Su family villa, he did not allow Su Yingxia to have a chance to turn over a new leaf, he had to curb Su Yingxia's momentum.


"Grandmother, do you really want to put Su Yingxia in charge of this matter?"In the living room of the Su villa, Su Haichao said to the old lady of the Su family.

    The old lady acted as if it was a matter of course and said, "Since this contract was negotiated by Yingxia, it will naturally be given to her, what's the problem?"

    "Mom, you have to think carefully about this matter ah, Su Yingxia is a woman after all, once she establishes her authority in the company, it won't be a good thing for Hai Chao ah."Su Guolin said.

    The Su family's old lady looked at the two with a dissatisfied face and said, "Say what you have to say straight, don't play dumb with me."

    "Grandmother, although Han Qianqian has joined our Su family, in the end, he's a person with a foreign name, and it's been three whole years, and this trash hasn't accomplished anything.If Su Yingxia takes charge of the company, aren't you afraid that our Su family's industry will fall into the hands of this person with a foreign name?"Su Haichao said.

    "Ying Xia and this trash have no feelings at all, if I didn't care about the Su family's face, I would have had them divorced long ago, the situation you guys are worried about, can't happen."The old lady said.

    Su Haichao bit his teeth and continued, "Grandmother, who can say what will happen in the future, we have to take precautions, and since the contract has already been signed, changing the person in charge will have no effect, do you want to use the Su family's future to gamble on the relationship between Su Yingxia and Han Qianqiang?"

    Hearing this, the old lady's expression became serious.

    Although Su Yingxia and Han Qianqiang were now famous but not real, no one dared to guarantee what would happen in the future, what if the pillow wind blew and they suddenly became good again?

    The west city project was crucial to the Su family, and could raise the Su family's status in Cloud City greatly, which meant that the person in charge of this project could also see his status in the company rise in the future.

    If Su Yingxia was allowed to cage people's hearts, there was a real possibility that the Su family could fall into the hands of Han Qianxiang, a person with a foreign name.

    "Grandmother, Han Qianxiang has been holding back for so many years, I suspect that he simply has a purpose, perhaps, just waiting for this day."Su Haichao continued to add fuel to the fire.

    The old lady gave a cold snort and said, "With this piece of trash, even he dares to covet my Su family's property, a fool's dream.How about this, the project is in your charge, I will call Su Yingxia right away."

    Hearing this, Su Haichao was stealing joy, but on the surface, he still pretended to be calm and said, "Grandmother, I'm not trying to steal credit from Su Yingxia, I'm just doing it for the good of the Su family."

    The old lady was almost alive at an age, how could she not know what Su Haichao was thinking.

    "There's no need for you to say such painting words, I know very well what you're thinking.Also, don't make falsehoods in front of me in the future, that cake pu-er is too kinky to feed to pigs."The old lady sternly.

    Su Haichao nodded his head repeatedly and said, "Grandma is right, in the future, Haichao will definitely work in a practical way."

    Su Yingxia was preparing the information, and the call from the grandmother made her like a thunderbolt.

    Although this cooperation was easy to talk about, she was the one who went to negotiate it down, so how could it be handed over to Su Hachao for no reason at all?

    "Grandma, I ......"

    "Alright, I've already decided, you should give yourself a vacation tomorrow."

    Listening to the busy voice on the phone, Su Yingxia hated it so much that she gritted her teeth, she knew that it must be Su Hachao behind the scenes again to make Grandma change the person in charge.

    Not long after, the phone rang again, and it was from Su Hachao.

    When he picked up the phone, he heard Su Hachao's proud voice: "Su Yingxia, you won't think that the opportunity for salty fish to turn over a new leaf has come, I tell you, you will live under my feet for the rest of your life."

    "Su Haichao, you despicable and shameless villain, this cooperation is what I talked down."Su Yingxia said reluctantly.

    "So what, grandmother has put me in charge, do you dare to have an opinion?Normally, I should say thank you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in charge of this project.However, who let us be enemies, you are doomed to spend your life with that wimp.It's actually quite good, muddling through and not having to ......"

    Without hearing Su Hachao finish his sentence, Su Yingxia hung up the phone, so angry that her body sweat hairs stood up.

    This matter was the grandmother's decision, Su Yingxia knew she couldn't change anything, Su Hachao was flaunting in front of her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    "Ah!"Su Yingxia held back a roar of frustration.

    The movement alerted Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan, who ran from the room to the living room.

    "Yingxia, what's going on, did Han Qianli bully you."Jiang Lan said with a tense face, although Han 3000 and Su Yingxia had been married for three years, Jiang Lan knew that Su Yingxia hadn't let Han 3000 touch her in those three years, and she didn't want her precious daughter to spoil in the hands of Han 3000, a loser.

    "What's going on?"Su Guoyao was also nervous and asked.

    Su Yingxia was just venting because the fact had already been set, saying, "Nothing, I'm just depressed and want to vent."

    "What are you depressed about, you have even negotiated the contract of the Weak Water Property, in the future you are in charge of this project, our family's position in the company can definitely grow higher and higher, should be happy ah."Su Guoyao smiled.

    "Dad, grandmother changed the person in charge, not allowing me to be in charge, Su Haichao replaced me."Su Yingxia said dejectedly.

    "What!"Su Guoyao said, startled, the contract is obviously Su Yingxia negotiated down, how could Su Hachao be responsible for it?

    Jiang Lan was so angry that she jumped to her feet, and broke into cursing, "Su Haichao, this bastard, must have gone to your grandmother's place to splash your dirty water again, no, I'm going to go find him for theory."

    Seeing that Jiang Lan was about to rush out of the house, Su Guoyao quickly pulled her back and said, "This matter was decided by mom, what's the use of you going to find Su Hachao now?"

    "What's the point?Every time it's a compromise, do we deserve to be ridden over his head.Su Guoyao, are you so wimpy that you still have a bottom line."Jiang Lan hissed and roared.

    Su Guoyao was too wimpy to speak again, so Su Yingxia could only say, "Mom, Dad is right, it's useless for you to make a scene."

    "Are you just going to let it go?The cooperation you've worked so hard to negotiate is a graft for Su Haichao, are you willing?"Jiang Lan said.

    How could Su Yingxia be willing?But the company was Grandma's decision, and even if she wasn't happy about it, she could only swallow her anger.

    At that moment, Han Qianqian appeared at the door of the room and said to Su Yingxia, "Don't worry, no one can be in charge of this project except you."

    Jiang Lan was already angry, and seeing Han Qianli was even more furious, coldly saying, "This is our family's business, what does it have to do with you, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak."

    Su Yingxia was anxious, cooperation was only done with Han Qianqian's help, but Jiang Lan's attitude towards him was so bad.

    "Mom, go to bed quickly, I'll think of something to do about this."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan was upset, where she had no desire to sleep, and was dragged back to her room by Su Guoyao.

    Su Yingxia returned to his room, after closing the door said to Han Qianqian, "I'm sorry for Mom, she doesn't know anything, that's why ......"

    "If I had minded, I would have left home a long time ago."Han Giangli said with a carefree face.

    Run away from home?

    These four words to Su Yingxia, straight to the heart, he actually consider this place as his home?

    "You really don't care at all about the daily white-eyed mockery and snide remarks?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "You've endured more than me, who am I to care."

    Hearing this, Su Yingxia stayed on the spot and covered her face with her hands, tears streaming down her face.

    You ...... endured all of this because of me?

    The next day, Su Haichao, wearing the most expensive suit in his wardrobe, stood in front of the company in human form to greet Zhong Liang's arrival.

    Although the contract has been signed, but today's meeting is just as important, the most important thing is to make Zhong Liang accept the person in charge to change this matter.

    Su Hachao was very confident that he could replace Su Yingxia, because his position in the Su family company was higher than Su Yingxia, more vocal, and could definitely make Zhong Liang feel the importance of the Su family for this cooperation.

    When he saw Zhong Liang from afar, Su Hachao couldn't wait to walk up.

    "Hello Brother Zhong, my name is Su Hachao, I'm the head of the Su family for this project."Su Hachao extended his hand and introduced himself as a gentleman.

    Zhong Liang stretched out his hand and shook it, Su Hachao's heart was delighted, it seems that Zhong Liang has accepted the change of the person in charge of this matter, Su Yingxia really only talked about this cooperation by luck, with or without her, it doesn't matter at all.


"Where's Miss Sue?"Zhong Liang asked seemingly carelessly.

    Su Hachao thought that Zhong Liang was just asking casually, and would be able to make up any excuse to get past it, and said, "When I'm sick, I'll be in charge of the follow-up cooperation with your company in the future."

    Zhong Liang nodded and said, "In that case, let's talk about it after Miss Su has recovered from her illness."

    After saying that, Zhong Liang turned around and left.

    Su Haichao was stunned in place, quickly caught up with Zhong Liang and said, "Brother Zhong, it's just as well that I'm in charge of this matter, don't worry, I'm more capable than Su Yingxia, and the cooperation with your company ......"

    Su Haichao hadn't finished speaking, Zhong Liang stopped beside the car, "There are many people who want to cooperate with the Weak Water Property, since the Su family is so insincere, I will reconsider this matter."

    Watching Zhong Liang's car sail away, Su Hachao was dumbstruck on the spot, thinking that Zhong Liang didn't care about this matter at all, but I didn't expect his attitude to be so tough.


    This sentence made Su Haichao's scalp numb, the Su family was originally a medium strength company among many competitors, to get this cooperation, is already very rare, if destroyed in his hands, the old lady will not kill him?

    What to do?

    Do you really want that bitch Su Ying Xia to show up?

    Su Haichao is not happy, he only flaunted his power to Su Yingxia last night, if he begs her to clean up this mess, what face does he have?

    At this time, Su Haichao's phone rang.

    "Haichao, your grandmother has arrived at the office, hasn't Zhongliang arrived yet?"Su Guolin asked, the old man's heart was also very proud now, this opportunity he had snatched from Su Yingxia's hands could establish Su Haichao's position in the company, Su Haichao just had to make this thing happen, becoming the chairman of the Su family was basically an ironclad matter.

    "I'll come to the conference room right away."Su Hachao said in a deep voice.

    In the conference room, all the Su family relatives were present, after all, it was such an important cooperation, in order to reflect the Su family's sincerity, not a single person dared to be absent.

    The Su family old lady sat on the board seat, seeing that it was Su Hachao alone to the conference room, she asked, "Has Zhong Liang not arrived yet?"

    "Grandma."Su Haichao said with his head lowered.

    The Su family's old lady's eyebrows curled and asked, "What happened, you didn't offend Zhong Liang, did you?"

    As soon as this was said, the Su family relatives each cast worried looks at Su Hachao, especially Su Guolin, he was still proud of Su Hachao getting this opportunity, if Su Hachao screwed up, he would have little hope of sitting on the board in the future ah.

    "Haichao, what's going on, is Zhong Liang unavailable today and changed the time?"Su Guolin said.

    "Because Su Yingxia didn't show up, Zhongliang was very angry and he said ...... he said ......."

    Seeing Su Haichao fidgeting, the old lady slapped her palm on the conference table and said sternly, "What did he say."

    Su Hachao silenced, busy saying, "He said he would reconsider the cooperation with the Su family."

    The old lady was so angry that she blew her beard, if it wasn't for Su Hachao looking for her last night, the person in charge of this project wouldn't have changed at all, and Zhong Liang wouldn't have been angry.

    How many companies coveted this cooperation, and how many people wanted to gouge on this fat sheep, the Su family had already gotten this opportunity, but was in danger of missing out because of Su Guolin and his sons.

    "Su Hachao, Su Guolin, if the Su family can't cooperate with Weakwater Real Estate this time, you father and son will get out of the Su family."The old lady gritted her teeth and said.

    The father and son turned pale at this statement, never expecting it to trigger such serious consequences.

    And the old lady had always been true to her word, she would never stay if she let him roll.

    "Grandmother, the contract has already been signed, can he still go back on his word?"Su Haichao said unwillingly.

    The old lady sneered, "Who is the backstage of Weak Water Real Estate, aren't you clear on that?What can you do to Weak Water Properties with this kind of power?Even if he sends you the default money, do you dare reach out and take it?"

    The old lady's words made the Su family's relatives not even dare to breathe, just like she said, who would dare to take the default money when it was delivered to their door?Behind the Weak Water property, it's the Yanjing Han family!

    "Only Su Yingxia has a chance to salvage the situation in this matter, you guys can see for yourselves."The old lady left this sentence and left angrily.

    There was a slight change in the eyes of the other Su family relatives looking at Su Hachao, they knew clearly that after this matter, Su Yingxia's status in the company would soon rise, and might threaten Su Hachao.

    In the past, they were sucking up to Su Hachao because Su Hachao had the most hope of becoming the chairman of the company, but now, Su Hachao had made a mistake in this matter, and his image in the old lady's heart was bound to plummet, and the chairman's matter could not be said.

    "Haichao ah, this matter, you can only think of your own way, we can't help you."

    "Yes, we can't help, the old lady is in a rage, you'd better hurry up and think of a solution."

    "We have other things to do, so we'll leave first."

    The group of relatives birds and beasts scattered.

    Su Guolin and Su Hechao were the only two fathers left in the meeting room.

    Su Guolin hated him so much that he said viciously, "I don't know what kind of drug this Su Yingxia has given Zhong Liang, with your position in the company to talk to him, he's still not even giving face."

    Su Haichao almost almost clenched his back groove teeth, then raised a sneer and said, "Su Yingxia most likely gave that trash a cuckold, didn't expect ah, Su Yingxia is really a b*tch."

    "No matter what, this matter, only let her come forward.Your grandmother never breaks her word."Su Guolin sighed.

    Thinking about it gave Su Hachao a headache, had he known that he wouldn't have made that call to Su Yingxia last night, and now he had to personally make Su Yingxia appear, the slap was a little too quick.

    "Only I can call her."

    Su Hachao pulled out his phone and dialed Su Yingxia's number.

    This matter didn't dare to delay, in case Zhong Liang really chose another partner, there would be no room for salvation.

    Su Yingxia was ordered to rest at home today, a belly of anger made depressed mood, is watching TV at home, the phone rang.

    Just got up to go get it, but Han Giangli reached out and got the phone.

    "Su Haichao called, I'll answer it for you."Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia didn't know what Han Qianqian wanted, but since he had said so, Su Yingxia naturally wouldn't have an opinion.

    "Yingxia, come over to the office right away."Han Three Thousand turned on the PA, and Su Hachao's voice came from the phone.

    When she heard Su Hachao's voice, Su Yingxia was furious, wasn't it enough for this guy to show off last night and have her go to the company to humiliate her?

    Just as I wanted to speak, I saw Han Giang make a silent motion at her.

    "Ying Xia is sick."Han Qianqian said.

    When she heard Han Marchian's voice, Su Hachao became especially impatient and said, "Give the phone to Su Yingxia, you have no right to talk to me."

    "Oh."Han Qianli responded indifferently, then directly hung up and turned off the phone.

    "What are you doing?"Su Yingxia asked puzzled.

    "Su Haichao is looking for your help here, it must be because Zhongliang doesn't talk to him about cooperation, so he wants you to step in."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia was stunned and asked, "Really?"

    "Of course it's true."

    Su Yingxia stood up and said impatiently, "Let's hurry up."

    "Even if you're in a hurry it's not your turn to be anxious ah, it's him who should be anxious, I'm sure grandmother is very angry right now, Su Haichao is begging you to save his life, he's playing tricks to take away your identity as the person in charge, are you just going to help him so easily?"Han Marchian said.

    Su Yingxia still didn't understand Han Qianqian's meaning, this cooperation was very crucial for the Su family, if she could do it, she would be able to raise her status in the Su family, if the delay went wrong, Su Hachao would definitely be punished, but she wouldn't get any benefit ah.

    "Then what should I do?"Su Yingxia asked.

    "Wait, wait until he comes to beg you, this is your chance for revenge."Han Giangli smiled.

    "But ......"

    "Don't worry, have you forgotten that the owner of the Weakwater property is a classmate of mine?Even if it's a delay of a few days, it's fine."Han Marchian explained.

    Only then did Su Yingxia suddenly come to her senses, her eyes flowing as she looked at Han Qianli, slumped on the couch and said faintly, "Han Qianli, I didn't see that you're still a chicken thief."


Su Haichao who was hung up on was so furious that he threw his phone on the ground and shattered it.

    "This trash, how dare you hang up on me, what qualifications do you have!"Su Haichao said angrily.

    Su Guolin's heart sank, if Su Yingxia didn't step in on this matter, they would all be finished.

    "Haichao, what's going on, isn't Su Yingxia willing to step in?"Su Guolin asked.

    Su Hechao's face was covered in a cold smile and said, "Han Giangli answered the call, saying that Su Yingxia is sick."

    "Sick?"Su Guolin spat a mouthful of spittle, disdainfully saying, "I think she's just pretending to be sick and deliberately putting it off."

    Angry is angry, Su Guolin's IQ is still online, no matter what, they have to let Su Yingxia come out, cooperation is small, being kicked out of the Su family is big.

    "Hai Chao, let's go, Dad will accompany you."Su Guolin said.

    Su Haichao had a cold face, was hung up by Han Qianqian, now his heart is full of anger, of course he has to go to Han Qianqian to settle the score.

    Arriving at the neighborhood where Su Yingxia's house was, Su Guolin looked disgusted.

    "It really is the most useless person in the Su family, but they still live in such a place."

    "Dad, it's good enough for them to have a doghouse to live in, but with a few thousand dollars a month salary, can they still go live in a villa in Genting Mountain?"Su Haichao scoffed.

    Genting Mountain villa area, being able to live there was a reflection of status, and Su's old lady's greatest wish was to be able to have the Su family move into the Genting Mountain villa, because only by living there could she be considered to have truly touched the door bars of a first-tier family.

    When a knock sounded on the door, Han Giangli let Su Yingxia back into the room, and since she had to pretend to be sick, the act needed to be complete.

    Opening the door, Su Haichao looked at Han 3,000 yuan filled with anger.

    "Han Three Thousand, were you the one who hung up on me just now?"Su Haichao said.


    Su Hachao suddenly raised his fist and swung it towards Han Marchant's face.

    "You trash, what right do you have to hang up on me."


    Han Giangli kicked Su Hae Chao's abdomen with a swift thunderbolt.

    Su Haichao's fist hadn't landed yet, and it hit the wall with a thud.

    The sharp pain from his abdomen caused Su Hae Chao's expression to twist and he crouched on the ground.

    "Han Qianlian, you dare to hit my son."Su Guolin was furious when he saw this scene.

    Han Qianqian glared at Su Guolin with cold eyes and rebuked, "If you continue to talk nonsense, even you will be beaten."

    Su Guolin's heart was shaken, and the look in this wimp's eyes actually made him feel afraid.

    Hadn't he always been a weakling who let people bully him?Why are you suddenly strong today.

    "Han Qianqian, you fucking dare to hit me."Su Haichao said through clenched teeth.

    "Since you've come to beg, act like you're begging, didn't grandmother make it clear to you the end of losing your cooperation?"Han Marchiang said.

    The words made Su Guolin and Su Hechao's anger recede instantly, and if cooperation couldn't be salvaged, they could be expelled from the Su family.

    "Han Three Thousand, does this matter have anything to do with you?Let Su Yingxia out."Su Guolin said.

    "How does it have nothing to do with me, Su Yingxia is my wife, she's sick now, and I'm in charge of the family for now."Han Giangli said.


    Su Guolin and Su Hechao sneered at the same time when they heard Han Marchian's words.

    "Han Qianqian, do you still have any manly dignity, a wimp who feeds on women, has you to talk?"Su Guolin said.

    "Did you say that Su Yingxia agreed?And you don't know that Su Yingxia cuckolded you, do you, how do you think she negotiated the Weakwater property deal?"Su Hachao mocked and looked at Han Giangli.

    Han Qianqian's brows furrowed, how Su Yingxia talked about the next cooperation, of course he knew, Su Haichao's words, clearly malicious slander Su Yingxia.

    Walking in front of Su Hachao, the condescending Han 3000 eyes showed killing intent.

    Su Hachao shrank his neck, inexplicably a burst of fear, stammered, "What do you ...... want."

    "If you dare to say one more bad word about her, I want you to live and die."

    Su Haichao's throat squirmed and swallowed his saliva, surprisingly not having the slightest doubt about Han Qianli's words.

    "What are you guys doing."At this time, Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan both happened to return and bumped into this scene.

    "Guoyao, this son-in-law of yours is so big, he even dared to beat my son."Seeing Su Guoyao, Su Guolin reverted back to his high and mighty appearance, because this younger brother was a wimp since he was young, snatching candy when he was small, grabbing textbooks and girlfriend when he was studying, not once did Su Guolin lose, so he had an innate sense of superiority in front of Su Guoyao.

    And Su Guoyao was bullied as a child, and had a psychological shadow, seeing this big brother was frightening in his heart.

    "Han 3,000 yuan, are you crazy, even ......"

    Su Guoyao hadn't finished his words, but Jiang Lan tugged on him.

    Although Jiang Lan didn't like Han Qianqiang in her heart, but last night Su Hachao stole Su Yingxia's project manager, she was unable to find a place to vent her anger, Su Hachao was beaten, it was too late to be happy.

    "Big brother, your son was beaten, he was asking for it, he did something wrong, he will naturally get his retribution."Jiang Lan said.

    "You ......" Su Guolin was extremely angry and pointed at Jiang Lan with trembling fingertips.

    "What me what me, what are you pointing at me for, what are you doing coming to my house for nothing again, you are not welcome here."Jiang Lan was originally a shrew, how could Su Guolin be an opponent when she spilled her guts and splashed around.

    "Right, big brother, why did you come to my home, but you've never been here before."Su Guoyao was also strange, Su family relatives, never come to their home, could it be that the sun has come out in the west today?

    Su Guolin and Su Hechao were too ashamed to say a word.

    Han Giangli spoke up, "The people at Weakwater Real Estate won't talk to the new person in charge, so they've come to Yingxia for help, so I guess grandmother wasn't too angry."

    Hearing this, Jiang Lan laughed openly.

    "Big brother, you also have today and will come to us for help, what a wheel of feng shui."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guolin's future was now in Su Yingxia's hands, and although he was disgruntled, he didn't dare to refute what Jiang Lan said.

    "Guoyao, we were indeed wrong in this incident, I apologize to you."Su Guolin said.

    Su Guoyao had grown up so much and had never seen only Su Guolin's strong side, when had he ever apologized to him, he was a bit confused for a moment.

    Su Haichao lowered his head, feeling humiliated, but for this situation, he could only accept it.

    "Big brother, the punishment mom gave you isn't small, otherwise you wouldn't be able to give me an apology."Su Guoyao was curious.

    "This time, you must help me, or else I'll be kicked out of the Su family."Su Guolin didn't hide anything, he had already lost face anyway, and as long as he could keep his position in the Su family, he would have a chance to take revenge, but being kicked out of the Su family would mean nothing.

    Han Giangli was a bit appalled at this, although he thought that the old lady would put pressure on Su Guolin, expelling him from the Su family was still far beyond his imagination.

    "No, why should I help you, you didn't make things difficult for us before."Jiang Lan rejected it in one breath.

    "Sister-in-law, why do you need to do something that hurts people and doesn't benefit you, being able to work with Weak Water Real Estate is also good for your family, what else can you get out of me being kicked out of the Su family except to be happy?"Su Guolin said.

    Jiang Lan carefully thought about it, it was the same reasoning, it wasn't like Su Guolin being kicked out would affect her position in the Su family, but being able to put Su Yingxia in charge of this cooperation would have a completely different meaning.

    "What about Yingxia?"Lan Jiang asked Han Qianqiang.

    "Sick, at rest."Han Three Thousand said.

    "Sick, why are you suddenly sick."Jiang Lan nervously ran into the house, shouting as she ran.

    When she reached the room, she saw Su Yingxia who looked as usual and didn't look sick, and asked, "Yingxia, where are you unwell?"

    Su Yingxia smiled at the chicken thief and whispered, "Mom, I'm not uncomfortable, it's Han Giang who deliberately made me pretend to be sick."

    "Deliberately?"Jiang Lan was stunned, then immediately understood Han Qianqian's intentions and said indifferently, "I didn't expect this wimp to be quite careful."

    "Mom, can you stop being a wimp one bite at a time in the future."Su Yingxia said in discontent.

    Jiang Lan glared at Su Yingxia and said, "Although he did a good job on this matter, this kind of small-mindedness isn't a real skill, you can't fall in love with him because he did these things, right?"

    "Mom, I've been married to him for three years."


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