His True Colors 41-45


Chapter 41

"Here's your chance, call someone."Han Qianli looked at Lei Chuan with a torch-like gaze and said coldly.

    Lei Chuan clenched his teeth, he had never seen such an arrogant person before and he was giving him a chance!

    Although Lei Chuan admitted that the person in front of him did have some strength, and his personal bodyguard was not an ordinary person after all, it didn't mean that no one in the entire Cloud City was a match for him.

    "Good, arrogant enough, I, Lei Chuan, will open your eyes to what a true expert is today!"

    With a phone call made, Lei Chuan's men soon arrived.

    But come one down, none were spared, and the entire Jun Yueting restaurant went into a howl of woe.

    Lei Chuan's back went cold, who the hell was this person, so strong and powerful to this extent.

    "Old ...... Boss, why don't you ask Brother Yong to bring two people, he must have quite a few experts around him."The manager whispered to Lei Chuan and reminded him that this was Lei Chuan's face and Jun Yueting's face, although he was the manager, he didn't want to lose this person, and he really wasn't used to Han Qianqian being so arrogant.

    Lei Chuan said in a deep voice, "This is the only way."

    Looking at Han Qianqian, Lei Chuan felt so humiliated for the first time in his life and said angrily, "Little brother, your path has come to an end, don't blame me."

    Letting Lin Yong step in, this was not as simple as making amends, Lei Chuan was already up to killing.

    Su Yingxia now did not have the slightest worry and had a fan girl's face looking at Han Qianqian, this is my man, so that's so powerful.

    Not long after, Lin Yong brought his people to Junyue Ting, two muscle-bursting strapping men, tall and big, not easy to deal with at a glance.

    But when Lin Yong saw Han 3,000, his body was stirred, and he instantly had the urge to trample Lei Chuan to death, this pervert had him deal with Han 3,000!

    "III ......"

    As soon as Lin Yong's words reached his lips, Han Giangli interrupted, "Is this the person you brought?"

    Lin Yong said honestly, "Yes."

    "Let them fight me."Han Qianqian said.

    Lin Yong was baffled, but since Han Qianqian had spoken, how could he dare to have the courage to refuse.

    The two burly men went into battle together and fought with Han Three Thousand and fiercely tangled with each other, but in the end, they didn't escape falling down.

    Lei Chuan was completely confused, even the people Lin Yong had brought with him were no match for him, who else could stop him in this Cloud City?

    "Do we need to call anyone else?"Han Giangli turned to Lei Chuan and asked.

    It was only then that Lei Chuan suddenly realized that this young man wasn't arrogant, but had real strength.

    Looking at Lin Yong with cold sweat on his forehead, his men were just beaten up and he didn't even say a word.

    Han Giangli saw Lei Chuan stunned, walked up to Lei Chuan and kicked Lei Chuan in the chest.

    Lei Chuan suffered a heavy blow to his chest and almost had two eyes, falling to the ground with his mouth growing open, clearly having trouble breathing.

    "Are you still satisfied with such unreasonable behavior?"Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

    Lei Chuan turned pale and said to Lin Yong, "Brother Yong, save me."

    Lin Yong stood where he was, not daring to move a muscle, thinking I'll save a target, I'm just a little brother in front of him ah.

    Han 3,000 yuan looked at the manager, who was paralyzed by the murderous eyes, "Don't hit me, don't hit me."

    "Are there still seats available now?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "There, there's a place, there's a place."The manager said with a frightened look on his face.

    The cashier at the bar had already been too scared to speak, but Han Qianli didn't let her go and said, "Apologize to my wife."

    "Right...... sorry."The cashier lowered her head and stammered.

    Lei Chuan was still looking at Lin Yong, hoping that Lin Yong would step in and say something for him, but if he couldn't fight, how could he suppress this guy's anger with Lin Yong's status, right?

    But to Lei Chuan's dismay, Lin Yong stood there with his hands on his thighs in awe.

    Even Lin Yong ...... didn't seem to dare to mess with him!

    This young man, what kind of person is he.

    After Han Giangli brought Su Yingxia and sat down at a window seat, Lei Chuan quietly approached Lin Yong and asked, "Brother Yong, who is this person?"

    Lin Yong snorted coldly and said, "Lei Chuan, find your own f**king death, don't pull my back, I will never let you off the hook if this matter is harmed by you."

    After that incident with Chang Bin, Lin Yong knew that his position in Han Qianqian's heart had been devalued, and if he displeased Han Qianqian again this time, it was questionable whether he could even keep his current position.

    While the manager and cashier were still wondering in their hearts how Lei Chuan would take revenge on Han Three Thousand, Lei Chuan did something that horrified them to no end.

    Kneeling down on both knees towards Han Qianqian!

    The manager and the cashier looked incredulously at the kneeling Lei Chuan.

    The owner of Jun Yueting was actually kneeling to someone!

    "Manager, this ...... our boss."

    The cashier was scared silly, the manager was no better, and then looked at Han Qianli's eyes, filled with fear.

    "Shut up, don't talk."The manager coldly said.

    Su Yingxia's eyes were strangely sizing up Han Qianli, making Han Qianli look a little hairy inside.

    "Why are you staring at me like that?"Han Giangli couldn't help but ask.

    "Lei Chuan actually kneeled down, you didn't spend money this time, even if you did, Lei Chuan couldn't have done something so humiliating ah."Su Yingxia said, in the past, Han Giangxi said that she spent money to let Lin Yong solve the matter, at that time Su Yingxia didn't think much of it and believed it, but right now this matter told her that it was never as simple as money.

    Who was Lin Yong?A grey area figure in Cloud City with an unknown number of thugs under his command, but he didn't even dare to say a word now, was this something money could do?

    "Isn't it normal to admit defeat when you can't beat me?"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "If you can't beat him, Lei Chuan will have to kneel down and apologize to you, will he still have face if this matter spreads out?You don't want me to treat you like a three-year-old."

    About the current situation in Cloud City, Han Giangli couldn't tell Su Yingxia yet, especially about the grey area, or else she, a proper lady's daughter, would definitely be worried and scared.

    "You'll know later,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia saw that Han 3000 was reluctant to talk, so she had to stop, but she was still curious about one more thing and asked, "Have you always been this powerful, or have you just recently become powerful?What are those people in the Su family to you?"

    "Always, Gryphon."Han Giangli replied succinctly.

    Su Yingxia raised a happy smile and continued, "Why are you so angry today?"

    "They want to see what an unreasonable request is, and for that, how can I not meet it?"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia knew that it was because they said she was unreasonable, that's why Han Qianli was angry, everything she did today was because of her, the happiness that grew in her heart was self-evident, and this feeling of being protected was even more difficult for Su Yingxia to describe.

    "If I become very headstrong one day, will you still stay with me?"Su Yingxia suddenly asked.

    "Will."Han Qianqian cut off the nail and said, "No matter how capricious you are, I'll protect you."

    Su Yingxia deflated and said, "I'm not going to be capricious, I just want to impress those who look down on our family."

    Han Qianqiang knew Su Yingxia's heart very well, she was never the capricious type of person, instead she was very sensible and would think twice before doing anything.

    After so many years in the Su family, Su Yingxia had suffered too much unfair treatment, if she really wanted to be capricious, she would have disassociated herself from the Su family long ago.Isn't holding her breath just to prove herself to the Su family?

    After eating, Lei Chuan kneeled down to welcome him, and Lin Yong was finally relieved to see that Han Three Thousand hadn't pursued the matter.

    Han 3,000 wasn't the type of person to look up old scores, and since he didn't pursue the matter now, it meant that it was over.

    "Count yourself lucky this time, grow some eyes in the future.Also, you'd better keep your mouth shut on this matter, or else I can't guarantee what kind of outcome you'll have."Lin Yong said to Lei Chuan in a cold tone.

    Lei Chuan nodded repeatedly and touched the cold sweat on his forehead, not daring to be the least bit curious about Han Qianqian's identity, because Lin Yong's words were already a clear reminder that if he had to die, it would be too late for him to regret it.

    "You guys remember, nothing that happens today will be allowed to leak out."Lei Chuan said to the store's employees.


When I returned home, Jiang Lan was paralyzed on the sofa, Su Guoyao watched the TV with a depressed face, and there were two bowls of uneaten white porridge and a plate of pickled vegetables on the coffee table.

    Su Yingxia is furious when she sees this scene, without Han Qianxiang, they can't even take care of themselves?Do you expect Han Gongqiang to cook at home for the rest of her life?

    "Mom, you're not going to starve to death if you don't cook for a few years, are you, if Han 3000 doesn't cook from now on?"Su Yingxia complained as she cleaned up the dishes.

    When Jiang Lan didn't say anything, Su Guoyao sighed and said, "Your mother is starting to feel bad about that 200,000, and said that the family's living expenses will be cut in half from now on."

    Speaking of money, Jiang Lan immediately came to her senses and said in a commanding tone to Han Qianqian, "From today onwards, the future living expenses will only give you five hundred yuan."

    "Five hundred pieces?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available.

    "Mom, don't go too far, how can five hundred dollars sustain you for a month."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan said indifferently, "How is it not enough, as long as it is properly arranged, it can still starve people to death?And after so many years, he hasn't spent a penny at home, so he should pay out his own private money to subsidize the family."

    Su Yingxia was so angry that she was livid, the money was lent out by her, but now she came to embarrass Han Qianqian instead, what's going on.

    "Okay, you're so good at arranging, make your own arrangements, he won't be cooking at home in the future."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan looked at Su Yingxia with an angry face and said, "I'm in a bad mood right now, don't mess with me, let me be agreeable, okay?He doesn't cook, does he want to be a rice worm at home."

    Su Yingxia still wanted to retort, but was pulled by Han Qianqian.

    Seeing the way Han Qianxiang shook her head, Su Yingxia was even more suffocated for Han Qianxiang.

    "Three thousand, you ......"

    "Mom's still heartbroken, so cut the crap."Han Giangli pulled Su Yingxia back into the room.

    Su Yingxia sat on the bed, her heart not feeling good.

    Han Giangli smiled and said, "It's okay if you don't get money, I can pay for living expenses."

    "It's not a matter of money, I don't want you cooking at home anymore."Su Yingxia said.

    "The home is too small, and you can't hire a cooking aunt, so it'll be a while."The home's current environment doesn't allow for hiring maids yet, but it will be fine after the villa in Genting Mountain is redecorated and moved in.

    "Will the home get bigger after a while?And how much does it cost to hire a cooking aunt, our family isn't rich."Su Yingxia was helpless, shook her head and continued, "Forget it, I don't want to worry about these troubles, are you going to buy food tomorrow?I happen to be on vacation, so I'll keep you company."

    "Okay."In three years, Su Yingxia had never appeared at the market with Han Giang, and this was a new experience for Han Giang, inevitably making him look forward to it.

    The next day, after the usual morning run and breakfast, they went to the vegetable market near their home.

    This was a place Han Three Thousand was very familiar with, coming here almost every day for three whole years, and the owner of the stall here was also familiar with Han Three Thousand, with many people greeting him.

    Seeing this scene, Su Yingxia really couldn't understand, yesterday was still domineering Han Three Thousand, but today, he is in good company with these vendors, and it has been three whole years.

    Su Yingxia felt more and more that she couldn't see through Han Marchant, but she had a feeling that Han Marchant would bring her unimaginable surprises.

    After buying the groceries, they returned home, Jiang Lan looked at the fish and ribs, and counted Han 3000 out again, Su Yingxia helped to say a few words, Jiang Lan almost died in a scene, and in the end it was Su Guoyao who dragged Jiang Lan back to her room alive to calm down.

    During the evening meal, Su Guoyao received a phone call, what was said on the other side of the phone is not known, but his expression was not too good.

    After hanging up the phone and looking like he was about to stop talking, Jiang Lan saw the situation and directly said, "If it's a matter of spending money, our family will never go."

    "It's a call from Old Tang, saying that he changed his house and invited us over to play."Su Guoyao said, moving to a new house means giving gifts, but Jiang Lan is in this state, taking money is like killing her, but Tang Chengye personally called, so we can't go even if we don't go.

    "Did Uncle Tang's family get a new house?"Su Yingxia asked.

    Tang Chengye was an old classmate of Su Guoyao's, the two families used to be very close, Tang Chengye even wanted to kiss up to Su Yingxia to be his daughter-in-law, then after Han Qianqian entered the Su family, the relationship between the two families only faded a bit.

    "En, I heard that it was replaced with a big house, a building within a building."Su Guoyao said.

    "It's not like you're going to be counted out by going."Jiang Lan said in a bad mood.

    In the past, Tang Chengye had a close relationship with their family because his son was interested in Su Yingxia, but contact had been minimal in recent years, and now that he suddenly called, Jiang Lan couldn't think of any other reason than to show off.

    Su Guoyao also knew that this possibility existed, but the phone call is at your door, how can you not go without going, and this time there will be many old classmates will be present, Tang Chengye said, let's treat it as a class reunion, if he doesn't go, where can he hang his face.

    "Dad, I paid for the gift for you, how can I not go."Su Yingxia said.

    Su Guoyao looked at Su Yingxia gratefully, Jiang Lan grumbled twice and didn't say anything, she herself knew that going would at most be just to see Tang Chengye show off, but if she didn't go, she didn't know how many bad words she would be said behind her back.

    Three days later, Han Qianli drove to the neighborhood where Tang Chengye's new house was located.

    The environment of the neighborhood was very good, and it was the recent high-end property in Cloud City, with prices pushing straight to twenty thousand, which was already very high class for Cloud City, except for the Genting Mountain villa area.

    By the time Han Qianqian's few people arrived at Tang Chengye's house, there were already quite a few guests, all of whom were fresh faces.

    "Old Su, you're late ah, I've finished showing my old classmates around, why don't you go see for yourself, the home is small, there's really nothing to take."Tang Chengye said modestly.

    The duplex duplex, the ground floor alone is over a hundred square feet, this is really not small, hearing Su Guoyao look embarrassed, he could only compensate with a smile and said, "Old Tang, you're really having a good time now."

    "Hey."Tang Chengye sighed and said, "I'm also enjoying a good life along with it, it was only a while ago that my son gave me a new car, our family can rely on him now."

    As he said this, Tang Chengye took a special look at Han Qianqian, thinking that his son was very fond of Su Yingxia, it was this wimp who was the third party.

    "Old Su, you're regretting it now, but at first, Old Tang's son wanted to marry your daughter."

    "Old Su can't help it, he said it at home and didn't keep his word, otherwise, Yingxia wouldn't have suffered ah."

    "By the way, your door-to-door son-in-law, he's not still washing and cooking at home right now."

    A few people a handful of years old, ridiculing the younger generation mercilessly, coaxing laughter.

    Su Guoyao's face is like a pig's liver, Jiang Lan ruthlessly twisted on Su Guoyao's waist.

    Just when the old couple was feeling so embarrassed that they couldn't feel ashamed, Han Qianqian opened his mouth and said, "Uncle Tang, we have recently changed our house and are in the process of renovating it, so in a while, we'll invite you to our house as well."

    Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan both froze at these words, Su Yingxia also did not expect Han Marchian to boast such a sea of bragging for the sake of face, bragging for a moment, what to cash in at the time?

    Although Su Yingxia is now in charge of the project in the west of the city, but this is not a gold cave ah, two cars plus 200,000, is already a large sum of money, and then go fishing for money to buy a house, the old lady to find out, the consequences are unthinkable.

    More importantly, to fight for face, at least better than Tang Chengye this house, right?Even if Su Yingxia could get money from the company to round up this lie, she wouldn't dare to change such a nice house ah.

    Jiang Lan glared at Han Qianli and said, "Han Qianli, no one will treat you as dumb if you don't talk."

    "Mom, I've already bought the house, but I planned to give you a surprise, that's why I didn't tell you, next month, I'll invite Uncle Tang to the house next month."Han Giangli said.

    Tang Chengye smirked, looking at Su Guoyao's expression, he knew that Han Three Thousand was bragging, he also happened to look at this matter as a joke and should say, "Good, don't forget about me then, I'll definitely go to see it."


"Since we're all together today, let's all go, just to also see what Old Su's new home is like."Tang Chengye didn't mind and called everyone up.

    "Yes, yes, yes, we'll also get our hands dirty, I wonder if this house is as big as Old Tang's."

    "Old Su, your new house, which building did you buy it in."

    "You're a member of the Su family anyway, it's not going to be worse than Old Tang, right?"

    Su Guoyao awkwardly nodded his head, not knowing what to say, what new house, the family is now almost uncovered, which has the money to buy a house.

    Tang Chengye's son didn't come back today, which is considered one less trouble, otherwise it definitely wouldn't make Han 3000 feel better.

    After lunch, Su Guoyao excused himself and left, and on his way out, Tang Chengye said he remembered to call him, and the other students also looked like they were wishing him well.

    Han Three Thousand simply set the time as well, telling them that the fifteenth of next month, and as for the address, it would be announced at that time, which again made Jiang Lan angry.

    After Han Qiangli and the others left, Tang Chengye said to the other students with a face full of disdain, "I didn't expect Su Guoyao, the son-in-law, to be bragging in front of me, did you see Su Guoyao's expression?It's almost embarrassing."

    "Hahahaha, Su Guoyao never dreamed that he would be generalized by his own son-in-law, right, if he had bought a new house, he would have hated to inform us long ago, so why would he hide it until now?"

    "On the fifteenth of next month, I can wait to see the joke."

    Downstairs, after the party of four people got into the car, Jiang Lan said to Han Qianli in a cold voice, "Han Qianli, are you crazy, you still think we are not humiliated enough, where are you going to change a new room out on the fifteenth of next month?"

    "I did buy the house, it's second-hand, but it's in good condition,"Han Giangli said.

    Jiang Lan was stunned, this guy really bought a house?Although it was a second-hand house, it shouldn't be worth much, but it was a lot of money.

    He had been in the Su family for three years and didn't work, so how could he have so much money?

    "Han Three Thousand Years, it seems that you haven't missed out on fishing for oil in our family for so many years."Jiang Lan's tone was full of sarcasm, but she hadn't thought that for three years, with two thousand yuan a month to live on, even if Han Qianqian could hide private money, how much could she hide?

    Su Yingxia took a look at Han Qianli, she knew that Han Qianli was not to brag like this, before in the Tang family, just didn't reflect it, after all, the family's two cars were bought by him, now to buy a suite is nothing.

    But out of two Audis, but now he bought a second-hand house, the private money in his hand should not be much.

    "Mom, how much money do you get for him every month, aren't you clear on that yourself?"Su Yingxia said helping Han 3000.

    Jiang Lan couldn't argue, two thousand a month, three years even if it was all accounted for was only a few tens of thousands, to rely on these tens of thousands to buy a house, it was obviously unrealistic.

    "Even if you buy a house, you can't talk about it in the Tang family, look at the duplexes in the Tang family, can they be compared to a second-hand house?When the time comes to let them go, it will still be a disgrace."Lan Jiang said.

    Su Guoyao sighed at this time and said to Han Qianqian, "You've really found a big trouble for us this time, Tang Chengye is worried about not having the chance to see our family joke, but you're good, you have to stick your face out for him to beat."

    "It's really no good, go rent a house, you can't lose face this time anyway."Jiang Lan was planted on the matter of face in her life, and borrowed two hundred thousand out for a breath of fresh air.Now for the sake of a breath of air, she even wanted to go rent a house to muddle through.

    Su Guoyao also said, "It really can't be helped, it can only be like this, otherwise I don't know what kind of situation I will be counted into by Tang Chengye, and that son of his, a little bit of ability would hate the whole world to know, is our family Yingxia now mixed up worse than him?"

    Back home, Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan said to do it, and began to check the room on the Internet, Su Yingxia wanted to stop can not even stop, can only let them go.

    In the room, Su Yingxia although she guessed that the house Han 3000 bought was not as good as Tang Chengye's, but her heart was still curious about where the new home actually was, now this home on the sixth floor, every day to climb the stairs, can put people to exhaustion, even if the environment is not as good as Tang Chengye's home, as long as there is an elevator is satisfied.

    "You wouldn't still want to be mysterious with me, would you?"Su Yingxia said to Han Giangli.

    "You can actually see it every day."Han Three Thousand smiled.

    "Can see?"Su Yingxia frowned, feeling a little disappointed that she could see, could it be that it was in this neighborhood, so that the dream of staying away from the climbing building would be shattered.

    "By the way, tomorrow Sunday, what are your plans?"Han Qianli asked.

    "Make a deal with Shen Lingyao to accompany her on her shopping trip, I'm the one who's suffering all the pain you've caused her now."Su Yingxia said as she glared at Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianli couldn't laugh or cry, could it be that Shen Lingyao hadn't pulled out of that incident yet?

    The next day, as soon as Han Qianli and Su Yingxia woke up, they heard noises coming from the living room, and Jiang Lan cursed her mother early in the morning, not knowing who had messed with her.

    "Mom, what are you doing, who messed with you this early in the morning?"Su Yingxia walked to the living room with fluffy hair and looked at the time, it was not even six o'clock yet.

    Jiang Lan's hideous expression had been twisted and said angrily, "Your aunt has gone crazy."

    "Mad?"Su Yingxia instantly sobered up and asked, "What's going on, how can a good person go crazy?"

    Su Yingxia subconsciously thought that they could be using this excuse to not return the money, but thinking about it was unlikely, the words crazy were too absurd.

    "They lost the money and called me to ask if I asked someone to steal it, do you think it's crazy."Jiang Lan was so angry that her teeth itched, already heartbroken that 200,000 lent out, has been tossing and turning for several days, thinking of 200,000 heart dripped blood, did not expect them to lose the money not to say, but also to question her!

    "Neurotic."Su Yingxia was considered to have a pretty good temper, but at this time, she couldn't help but curse and said, "Mom, she wouldn't intentionally lie to you, would she?"

    "The police have already filed a case, so it shouldn't be fake."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia was stunned, her heart was actually a little happy, this is the God's open eyes, this family wants to take advantage, the God can't even look at it.

    "Mom, you'd better go to sleep, what's the use of being angry, anyway, this money has already been lent out, even if you lose it, it has nothing to do with you."Su Yingxia consoled.

    Jiang Lan returned to her room in a rage, and soon the sound of Su Guoyao's pig squealing was heard, presumably becoming Jiang Lan's venting bucket again.

    When Han Giang was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, Su Yingxia told him about it, and Han Giang said with a blank expression, "Maybe the heavens don't like their family either."

    Su Yingxia patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder in surprise and said, "Heroes see eye to eye, I didn't expect you and I to think the same."

    Han Three Thousand smiled and said, "Hurry up and wash your face and brush your teeth, it's almost time to go out."

    Su Yingxia twisted her body and buttocks, knocking Han 3,000 away and said, "You're in my way, and you're rushing me."

    Han three thousand just finished washing and returned to the room, found that Su Yingxia forgot to fold the blanket, so she helped her tidy up.

    As Han Giangxi was arranging the pillows, she noticed that the scissors were gone, and the corners of her mouth unconsciously lifted up in an arc.

    For the past three years, Su Yingxia thought she hid the scissors, a thing Han Qianli didn't know about, but she had forgotten who changed the sheets at home.

    "Isn't it, next time we can try to get into bed?"Han Giangli whispered to himself, then quickly shook his head, putting this crazy idea out of his mind, he had only slept on the couch two days before, he didn't want to be thrown out of the house straight away.

    Morning run, same route, same resting place.

    After Su Yingxia stopped, he looked at the hillside villa that was already under construction and said strangely, "Why did the renovation start so early today."

    "Probably in a hurry to move in,"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia nodded, such a luxurious villa area, the buyers must have been eager to move in already, legend has it that when you live in a mountainside villa, you can see the sea of clouds when you open the door in cloudy weather, it must be beautiful to the extreme.

    "Didn't you ask me yesterday where the second-hand house I bought was?"Han Giangli suddenly said to Su Yingxia.


Su Yingxia didn't hold out much hope on this matter because Han Giangxi had said last night that she could see it every day.

    Since it's a place where she can see, it should be near her own neighborhood.

    But since Han Giangxi had mentioned it, Su Yingxia still wanted to be sure about this matter and asked, "Where is it?"

    Han Giangli stretched out his hand and pointed to the villa halfway up the mountain and said, "That."

    Su Yingxia was stunned for a long time before she puffed out a smile and looked at Han Qianli speechlessly and said, "Do you still have to brag in front of me?Hurry home, Shen Lingyao is still waiting for me to go shopping."

    Han Qianli hadn't had time to explain, Su Yingxia had already run far away.

    But it was only reasonable that she didn't believe it, the hillside villa, with an auction price of close to hundreds of millions of dollars, who would have thought that the buyer behind it would be the Su family's wasteful son-in-law?

    Han Qianli smiled faintly and said to herself as she looked at Su Yingxia's back, "You'll know on the fifteenth of next month, I hope you'll be satisfied with this surprise."

    After breakfast, shortly after they returned home Su Yingxia received a call from Shen Lingyao and was specifically instructed not to let Han Giangxi appear, otherwise she would be cut off from Su Yingxia.

    This threat really makes Su Yingxia laugh and cry, can only not bring Han Qiangli.

    But after they met downstairs, Shen Lingyao looked like she was looking openly with a faint sense of loss, apparently because she hadn't seen Han Qianqian.

    "Should I let him go downstairs?"Su Yingxia smiled.

    Shen Lingyao glared at Su Yingxia and said, "What can I do if I go downstairs, he's married to you and loves you so much, it's hard for me to snatch him away?"

    Looking at Shen Ling Yao's pursed lips, Su Ying Xia said, "If you have the ability, you can snatch it away, I'd love to."

    Shen Lingyao deliberately pinched the tender flesh of Su Yingxia's waist and said, "You're so angry when you get an advantage, and he loves you so much, can I snatch it away?Besides, the way you talk has betrayed you."

    In the past, Shen Ling Yao had fought for Su Yingxia because Han Qianqiang's reputation as a loser was just too loud and it was like a stain to Su Yingxia.

    But now, Shen Lingyao understood that no matter what rumors were out there, Su Yingxia's happiness was simply something they couldn't imagine.

    No one knew if Han 3000 was a loser or not, but Shen Ling Yao felt that he wasn't that simple.

    "Right, what kind of person is Han 3000?"Shen Ling Yao asked Su Ying Xia with a curious face, so three years, he has been silent, this time in the Crystal Restaurant made such a big noise, Shen Ling Yao had a strange feeling, Han 3000 is like a sleeping tiger, in a state of gradual awakening.

    This question was also a great disturbance to Su Yingxia, and she was also pondering this matter over and over again.

    What kind of person was Han 3000, and why did he suddenly feel completely different lately.

    Crystal restaurant, buying a car and a house, that wasn't something that a wasteful son-in-law had the ability to do.

    And he had said that he would make a change for himself, what that change meant and what it would look like, Su Yingxia didn't know at all.

    "Actually, I don't know either, but I can tell you a secret."Su Yingxia said in a mysterious manner.

    This statement aroused Shen Lingyao's great curiosity, and she even asked, "What secret?"

    "The two cars in the family were bought by him, and he also recently bought a house, although it's a second-hand house, but it's also very good."Su Yingxia hadn't told anyone about this, and Shen Lingyao was the first to know, and the one she had wanted to share for a long time.

    Shen Ling Yao grew her mouth wide open in surprise, she had also thought that the car was bought by Su Ying Xia who was raking in money from the company, but she didn't expect that it was all thanks to Han Qianqian, two cars worth millions and a second-hand house, this guy was so rich!

    "Su Yingxia, how can you let a man have private money?Don't you know it's a taboo?It's the capital for him to cheat in the future."Shen Lingyao said with anger as she looked at Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia shook her head indifferently, she had never worried about this matter, if Han 3000 was going to cheat on her, it would have happened long ago, why would she wait until now?For three whole years, his position in the Su family was well known, how many humiliations he had suffered, this situation hadn't made him feel differently about himself, and now even less so.

    "You're overthinking it, you didn't cheat before, do you have to wait until now?"Su Yingxia said.

    Looking at Su Yingxia's confident look, Shen Lingyao couldn't find a rebuttal yet, and could only sigh in envy.

    "Hey, it's still you, having a husband who loves you so much, I'm miserable, I fell in love with the wrong person, and I'm still lost in the future."Shen Lingyao said with a look like she had no love for him.

    "How about, splitting it in half for you?"Su Yingxia said jokingly.

    Shen Lingyao glared at Su Yingxia and said, "Don't tease me, or I really can't help it, don't underestimate my charm, all you need to conquer him is a pair of legs."

    Su Yingxia didn't take this to heart because Shen Lingyao wouldn't do that, and even if she did, Han Qianqiang would be able to keep her true heart.

    While they were shopping, Han Three Thousand drove to the Genting Mountain villa area.

    The high-class villa area generally didn't allow unregistered vehicles to enter at will, and even visiting friends and relatives required registration or the owner contacting the property before they could enter.

    As the owner of the hillside villa, Han Qianqian was stopped at the entrance due to his unregistered vehicle.

    A convertible Lamborghini, uncommon in Cloud City, stopped in front of the villa's main gate, and the security guard who had just stopped Han Three Thousand came forward to greet him warmly with a pleasing appearance.

    In the car sat a man and a woman, the man one-handed open Lamborghini look very charming, the woman also wore a very seductive, suspender belt navel outfit, small body tall and majestic.

    "Kong Shao, you're back."

    Kong Wu looked at the Audi, eyes scornful, faintly asked: "What kind of broken car, what's blocking the road?"

    The security guard was shocked, but this is the young master of the Kong family in Cloud City, if he was upset, he would end up in a disaster, and quickly said, "I don't know what kind of person, it shouldn't be one of our residents here, I'm waiting for news from the top to see if we should let him go."

    "Waiting?You mean I'm going to have to wait here too?"Kong Wu was dissatisfied and looked at the security guard.

    "No, no, no, I'll ask him to make room for you, how can I make Kong Shao wait."After the security guard said that, he turned to Han Qianqian and said, "You, quickly move your car, don't block Kong Shao's path."

    Han 3,000 got into the car and moved it a bit, although he was the owner of the hillside villa, he still had to follow the rules for these things.

    Kong Wu took a look at Han 3,000 and shook his head, saying, "What kind of a thing also runs to the Genting Mountain villa area, and this stupid car is not too shameful."

    The Lamborghini sailed away, and the security side soon got a sign from the top management to let it go, and Han Three Thousand entered the villa area smoothly.

    Kong Wu didn't take this matter to heart, and after returning home, he couldn't wait to bring his new hookup beauty back to his room.

    After a tumble, the petite girl lay on Kong Wu's chest and said tenderly, "I've never been to such a high-class villa area before, so take me out to open my eyes."

    "What's there to see, it's just some shabby houses."Kong Wu said with a smile, he was used to living here, what was out of reach in the eyes of others was worthless to him, and the people living in the Genting Mountain villa area were not simple people, apart from a few healthy trails, Kong Wu didn't dare to go to other people's territory easily, it would be hard to say if he caused any trouble.

    "I want to go to the mountainside to have a look, I heard that that house was auctioned some time ago, but the transaction price was eighty-nine million, I really don't know what such an expensive villa is like."The petite sister said with an expectant face.

    Kong Wu's expression was a little unnatural, that place was not something you could go to casually, and it was still unknown who the mysterious buyer was, and the entire area of the mountainside was private territory, so if the owner found out, it could be a private intrusion, and the blame could not be borne by Kong Wu.

    "You're not going to be unable to go, are you?"The petite girl said with a disappointed face.

    Kong Wu hesitated, how could he lose face in front of a beautiful woman, and the mountainside villa was being renovated, the owner should not be there, so it probably wouldn't be a problem to go check it out.


"Go, can there be a place I can't go to, Kong Wu."Kong Wu patted his chest and assured.

    The two of them dressed and headed towards the mountainside villa.

    Along the way, Kong Wu was a little apprehensive, mulling over the idea of never running into the owner of the mountainside villa, or else it would be hard to explain.

    The reason why Genting Mountain villa area is a luxury residential area, in addition to the environmental configuration, the most important point is not to be disturbed by anyone, each villa has its own private area, bystanders trespassing is to break the rules, since the Genting Mountain villa area put into use, only once to break the rules, after all, the people who live here are not ordinary people, the Jingwei distinct rules or understand.

    Before reaching the mountainside, the petite woman already looked impatient, while Kong Wu was getting more and more uneasy, always feeling a bit of an ominous sign.

    "This villa is the largest in the entire Genting Mountain villa area, right?"The petite woman said with a sigh on her face.

    Kong Wu stretched his neck, observing whether there were other people in the villa besides the workers, listening to the words of the petite woman, absent-mindedly nodded his head and said: "Not only is it the biggest, Genting Mountain has a mountain spring leading to the moat, it is from the ditch on the right side of the villa downstream, I heard that the mountain spring can be drunk directly, sweet and cool, otherwise why do you think this villa is the highest price!The?"

    "And the mountain springs?"The petite woman obviously didn't know enough about the Genting Mountain villa area and grew her mouth in surprise.

    "Of course, this spring is heard to be underground water, with no source but a constant stream, which is considered an extraordinary natural phenomenon of Genting Mountain."Kong Wu explained.

    The petite woman looked yearning, as if wanting to be the one to live here, how wonderful it would be.

    "Huh."Kong Wu suddenly looked at the parking lot in the villa courtyard in amazement, wasn't this car, the Audi that had just blocked the entrance?

    The petite woman also found out about this matter, she had previously despised Han Qianli, and now seeing Han Qianli's car at the mountainside villa, she was inevitably filled with doubts.

    "That person just now, is it hard to fall for the owner of the mountainside villa?"The petite woman asked incredulously.

    Kong Wu shook his head, how could it be him, an 80 million plus villa, driving an Audi A6, that's too pricey, and looking at his youth, it's not like he's so rich.

    "Shouldn't be."Kong Wu laughed contemptuously and said, "It's mostly the renovation company coming to inspect the work, how could he live in such a luxurious place with just him."

    At this time, Han Qianli inspected a circle of the villa and walked to the courtyard, ordering the workers to redo the garden in the small courtyard.

    "What are you guys doing here?"At that moment, a force yawn came.

    Kong Wu turned his head and cringed, a few property security guards came over towards them.

    These were the people who maintained order in the villa area, no matter who you were and how big you were, if you were trespassing on someone else's property in the Genting Mountain Villa Area, they could teach them a lesson.

    The property of the Genting Mountain Villa Area was hosted by the Heavenly Family in Cloud City, and the Heavenly Family was the richest and largest family in Cloud City, and no one dared to provoke them.

    Even if he was thrown out by the security personnel for trespassing on someone else's territory like Kong Wu, Kong Wu wouldn't dare to complain even a little, after all, the Tian family was behind these security personnel as the backstage.

    "A few big brothers, we're just passing by, sorry, this is going to go, this is going to go."Kong Wu said with a series of apologies.

    "Which family are you from, it's hard to believe that you still don't understand the rules of the Genting Mountain villa area?"The security chief asked Kong Wu.

    Kong Wu was stirred, if he told these security what his name was, this matter would most likely reach the ears of the Heavenly Family, if his father found out, he wouldn't be scolded?

    "Sorry, I'll leave right away, a few big brothers, I'm really just passing by."Kong Wu nodded his head and waisted again.

    The petite woman felt baffled, she didn't understand the rules of the Genting Mountain villa area, so she found it strange, but Kong Wu was the young master of the Kong family, how could he whisper to these security guards?Isn't it hard to believe that a domineering young master like him should tell these security guards to get lost?

    Last night at the bar, he was the one who wrapped up the whole place with a single word, and I don't know how many girls he charmed.

    "Kongwu, what are you doing, these people ......"

    "Cut the f**king crap and shut up."Kong Wu said in a stern voice.

    The petite woman was shocked, could it be that all the security guards in the Genting Mountain villa area were big shots?Why else would he have reacted so violently.

    "You ...... look familiar, you're from the Kong family, right?"The captain walked up to Kong Wu and said in a cold voice.

    A cold sweat broke out on Kong Wu's back and he quickly said, "Big brother, give it a chance, I was just curious, it will never happen again."

    "Hmph."The security guard snorted coldly and said, "Come with me, the Kong family has lived here for several years, you won't be ignorant of the rules here, since you're trespassing on someone else's place, you should know what price to pay."

    Kong Wu's legs weakened in fear, take a trip?He had heard that the property department had a special small room for dealing with rule breakers, a few years ago a rich man's son went in and broke his leg before coming out, afterwards the family didn't even dare to say a word and lifted their family and left Cloud City.

    "Big brother, this is my first time, be merciful, give me some face, let me go once."Kong Wu begged for mercy.

    The captain's duty was to maintain the rules of the Genting Mountain Villa District and not let anyone break them, this was a rich district after all, these rich people liked privacy, once this matter was known by others, the reputation of the Genting Mountain Villa District would definitely be affected, and then even the Tian family's reputation would be damaged, this kind of responsibility he couldn't afford.

    "It's useless to say anything, come with me."The captain stretched out his hand and grabbed Kong Wu's shoulder.

    Kong Wu was dying of remorse in his heart, blaming this stinky b*tch, if it wasn't for her, would this situation have happened?

    "What's going on?"Han Giangli came over at this time and asked the captain.

    The captain had received the news that the person in front of him was the new owner of the mountainside villa, his attitude was immediately much more respectful and said, "Mr. Han, this person is good at your area, I'm about to arrest him back, don't worry, the person who broke the rules of the Genting Mountain villa area, I'll definitely give you an explanation."

    Kong Wu looked at Han Qianqian with a dazed face, the captain's attitude towards him was so respectful, wasn't he just someone from the decoration company?Hard to say ......

    How is it possible that someone who drives a piece of crap like an Audi qualifies to live in a hillside villa?

    "He's my friend, nothing more, you guys ...... right, I need two buses from the property department on the fifteenth of next month."Han Marchiang said.However, whenever a large number of outsiders wanted to enter the Genting Mountain Villa Area, in addition to informing the property department of the villa area in advance, they had to use the property department's cars to avoid too many private cars from blocking the mountain roads of the villa area.

    It had to be said that there were many rules in the Genting Mountain Villa Area, but the starting point of each of them was to protect the rights and privacy of the owners here.

    The captain took a look at Kong Wu, Han Qianli was clearly helping him out, if he was really a friend, why wouldn't he go in, but since Han Qianli didn't mind, he couldn't say anything more.

    "Don't worry Mr. Han, I'll prepare it for you in advance."The captain said.

    "Thank you for your trouble, there's nothing else, you can go now."Han Giangli said.

    It was only after a few security guards left that Kong Wu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, he wasn't an idiot and naturally understood that Han Three Thousand was the owner of the mountainside villa, otherwise, how could he have let those people leave with a single word.

    Thinking about what would happen if he was taken to the property department, Kong Wu walked up to Han Qianli with a grateful face and said, "Brother Han, thank you, if it wasn't for you, I would have been miserable today."

    Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said, "Since you know the rules of Genting Mountain Villa District, don't break them at will, you won't have such good luck next time."

    "Yes yes yes."Kong Wu nodded repeatedly, when he ran into Han Qianqian at the entrance of the villa area, Kong Wu definitely didn't expect him to be such a low-key person, living in a mountainside villa and driving an Audi A6, but crucially, he also helped him solve such a tricky problem.

    "Brother Han, my name is Kong Wu, if there's anything I can use in the future, just ask."


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