His True Colors 31-35


Chapter 31

Dragon Gate Leisure Club, under the banner of massage and foot massage, but in fact the entire Dragon Gate Leisure Club is a front, people who know the trade call this place the Dragon Gate underground casino.

    In the clubhouse negative first floor, has a venue large casino, all parties gamblers immersed in here inescapable, some face haggard, some red, but most people are the former, after all, nine out of ten bets lost, want to win money in the casino probability, not much higher than buying a lottery ticket.

    At this time, the baccarat table in front of the boiling sound of people, a young man won ten in a row, in front of the chips piled up like a mountain, many people watching the fun are helping him shout.

    The young man was Han Qianqian, accompanied by an already cold sweating Lin Yong.

    If they continued to win this way, they would definitely attract the attention of the casino, and if Han Qianxiang was found out to be cheating, their lives would be on the line.

    Lin Yong didn't know where Han 3,000 had the nerve to come to the casino without his little brother, but if something happened to the two of them, it would be heaven forbid.

    At that moment, a surveillance officer hurriedly walked to Chang Bin's office.

    "Brother Bin, there's a situation."

    Changbin was smoking a cigar, and in front of him knelt a man with a bloody face and serious injuries, so he could barely see his face.

    "What's the situation?"Changbin asked.

    The surveillance officer showed Chang Bin a section of the surveillance he had brought up.

    After looking at it, Changbin locked his eyebrows and said, "Winning quite a bit, is there such good luck?"

    "There's definitely something wrong."The surveillance officer said without hesitation.

    Changbin pinned his cigarette on the kneeling man's shoulder, making a zipping sound, then kicked the man away and said to the surveillance officer, "Please go to the VIP room, I'll see what he can do."


    After the monitor left, Changbin stood up, straightened his clothes, stretched out his legs and said to the man, "Lick my shoes clean or your wife's life will be gone."

    The man crawled to Changbin with all his might, and just stuck out his tongue, Changbin lifted his foot to his face and said disdainfully, "When I was with you back then, you didn't think about today's situation, so many brothers, you said to leave, all because of this eight women, do you really think I will spare her?"

    The man raised his head, vaguely able to see that he was Mo Yang, the owner of the commissary, and said with a panicked look, "Chang Bin, I used to treat you badly, you let her go, any grievances come at me."

    Back then, when Chang Bin was with Mo Yang, he was also a second-in-command, like the sun, but because Mo Yang left without a word, causing his men to scatter the monkeys, Chang Bin was unwilling to have his efforts destroyed by Mo Yang, and from then on, he vowed to set up his own business, to be even more powerful than Mo Yang back then.

    In the past few years, Changbin's development was indeed good, relying on the underground casino to start out, and now he is the most powerful underground casino owner in the entire Yun City.

    After having money and power, Chang Bin didn't forget to find Mo Yang, and dug three feet in Yun City, and finally found him.

    He didn't just want to get back at Mo Yang, he also wanted to show Mo Yang that he had more power than Mo Yang.

    "Unfortunately for you, she's already dead."Changbin said mockingly.

    "Changbin, how could you do that."Mo Yang's eyes were red as he looked at Changbin and roared, "If she dies, I will let you be buried with her."

    Chang Bin didn't fear Mo Yang's threat in the slightest, and said indifferently, "With this trash of yours, what are you fighting me with, you're like an ant in my eyes, I can just crush you at will.But don't worry, I haven't had enough, it's too cheap to let you die now."

    After saying that, Changbin left the office and Mo Yang was beaten up again by his men.

    After Han 3,000 yuan was invited into the VIP room, soon afterwards Changbin appeared.

    When Changbin saw Lin Yong, he laughed and said, "I thought who is it, it's Brother Yong who has made a big visit, how come you have time to come to my small place to relax."

    Lin Yong didn't dare to speak because this was Changbin's territory, and if he annoyed Changbin, no one would know if he died here.

    Han Qianqiang had great expectations for Lin Yong, but his performance was so disappointing, how could he achieve great things with such a boldness?

    "Who are you again, sitting in front of Brother Yong, you're not a small person,"Changbin looked to Han Qianqian and asked.

    "Han Qianqian."

    "Brother, you're not a pleasant name, why do you share the same name as that trash from Yun Cheng, you've never been misunderstood, right?"Chang Bin couldn't help but smile, although he hadn't met Han Three Thousand, his reputation was too strong, he couldn't even think about not knowing.

    "I'm the trash you're talking about."Han Qianli looked calm.

    "You ...... are Han Three Thousand's original self?"Chang Bin looked at Han Qianqian in dismay and tsked, "Oh my gosh, I didn't expect it, it really is a little white face's face, cheating skills are good, do you know what will happen if you cheat at my place?"

    Chang Bin raised his hand, and the little brother behind him said, "Brother Bin, the last person who cheated left from the field, not a single finger is left."

    "Heard that, not a finger left, didn't think you're a pretty brave piece of trash."Chang Bin said.

    "You arrested Mo Yang?"Han Qianli didn't bother to talk nonsense with him and asked directly.

    Upon hearing this, Changbin frowned and said with an unhappy face, "Who the hell are you, do I have to give you an explanation for who I've arrested?"

    "I just want to know if Mo Yang is with you."Han Giangli said.

    "Yes, I'm the one who captured him, how about it, are you the only loser who wants to save him?"Chang Bin looked at Han Qianqian with contempt, thinking that this waste wasn't as bad as the legends said, at least not now, daring to cheat in his venue, and it was for Mo Yang's sake, the waste wouldn't have the guts to do that.

    What's more, he was winning money in the casino and intentionally drawing attention to himself, this boldness was not small either.

    "Make a condition, how can we let him go."Han Giangli said.

    Chang Bin's eyes glazed over, what a big mouth to come to him and ask for someone.

    "Han Qianqian, do you see if I look like someone who lacks money?And you're an onion that I, Changbin, didn't put in my eyes, if you want to use the Su Family to crush me, go ahead and try."Chang Bin sneered, he didn't put the Su family in his eyes, a second-rate family, if he wanted to, he could play down in less than a week.

    "The Su Family is naturally no deterrent to you, but I, Han Three Thousand, am sufficient alone."Han Qianli said.

    "Pfft, hahahahaha.I'm sorry, I really couldn't hold back, you're so damn good at telling jokes."Chang Bin held his belly and laughed for a while before he calmed down and continued, "Your reputation as a loser is indeed quite frightening, no one in the entire Cloud City knows about it ah."

    "Brother Bin, I heard that he was in the Su family, and he even rubbed his father-in-law's back and served footwashing water to his mother-in-law."Chang Bin's men scoffed.

    "Tsk tsk, what a glorious deed, I, Chang Bin, admire.But I really want to ask you, are you still a f**king man, a wimp like this, is it still meaningful to live?"Changbin said.

    Han Giangli stood up, and at the same time, several of Changbin's men took a few steps forward to stand in front of him.

    "Want to hit me?You're not just useless, you're not right in the head, don't you know whose place this is?"Chang Bin looked at Han Qianxiang like he was an idiot.

    Lin Yong had broken out in a cold sweat, if Han Qianxiang really dared to mess around here, the two of them wouldn't get out alive today.

    "Brother Three Thousand, calm down, this is Changbin's field."Lin Yong reminded Han 3,000.

    This call to Brother 3000 made Changbin look surprised, exactly the same as Cheng Gang's reaction after hearing it.

    "Lin Yong, you actually called him Brother Three Thousand?I heard you right."

    "You heard me right, I'll give you one more chance to let Mo Yang go."Han Qianli coldly said.

    "Go to hell what a stinker, I don't have time to waste with you, break your arms and legs and throw them out."Chang Bin said impatiently, then stood up and prepared to leave.

    The sounds of fighting came from behind him, but it soon stopped, Changbin didn't even bother to look at it, he didn't think that Han Three Thousand could beat his men.

    In the Han family, after the age of twelve, Han Three Thousand started to amass money for himself, and he also learned from the family's bodyguards, because he knew that money was merely an external object, and to truly secure his position and safety, in addition to money, there was also strength.

    Changbin, who had just taken a step, was suddenly strangled from behind!


Changbin didn't know what was going on, but Lin Yong looked really dumbfounded and completely terrified.

    Changbin's thugs were like paper mache in front of Han Giangli, completely devoid of any fighting power, and were put down by Han Giangli in three strikes.

    Was this ...... still human?

    "Did I let you go?"The icy, bone-chilling voice came from his ears.

    Chang Bin was terrified and skimmed his head, his remaining light seeing that it was Han Qianqian was even more unbelievable.

    "Han Qianqian, what the hell do you want, if you mess with me, the Su family will be finished, let alone you."Chang Bin said.

    "Take me to see Mo Yang, or I'll kill you."Han Qianqian said coldly.

    "You dare!"

    The force of Han Giangli's hands gradually increased, and Changbin found it increasingly difficult to breathe, panic finally appearing in his eyes.

    "You ...... let go of me first, I'll take you there!"Changbin said.


    The group of three left the VIP room, and when Changbin's men saw the scene, they gathered around.

    "Han Qianqian, you're looking for death, I won't let you go, and the entire Su family."Chang Bin threatened.

    Han Three Thousand Year's Hands pushed so hard that Changbin felt like he was about to snap his neck.

    "Your life is in my hands, one more word of nonsense and I'll make sure you can't see tomorrow's sun."Han Giangli said.

    "No more, no more."

    Arriving at Changbin's office, Han 3,000 told all of Changbin's men to roll out.

    When he saw the flesh and blood blurred Mo Yang, he shook off Chang Bin.

    "How's it going?"Han Giang walked to Mo Yang's side and asked.

    Mo Yang raised his head forcefully and looked puzzled when he saw Han 3,000, "What are you doing here."

    "Seeing that you didn't open the door, I'm afraid I'll go somewhere else to buy fake cigarettes."Han Marchiang smiled.

    Mo Yang smiled ugly and said, "You should go, I don't want to get you into trouble, Changbin is not something you can mess with."

    "I'm a person who doesn't like to smoke fake cigarettes, if you don't open a shop, wouldn't I have to quit smoking, what's the difference between that and killing me."Han Qianqiang assisted Mo Yang.

    Only then did Mo Yang see the subdued Changbin, and thinking of his wife, he became nervous.

    Trembling, he walked up to Changbin and asked, "Changbin, where is my wife?"

    Chang Bin was caught by Lin Yong and couldn't move, he took a vicious look at Han 3,000 before saying, "Die, get you here and I'll let someone kill you."

    Mo Yang went crazy and grabbed Chang Bin by the hair and kept bumping his head with his own, yelling, "Where is she, where is she."

    "You calm down first."Han Marchiang grabbed Mo Yang's hand and kicked Chang Bin away, he didn't care if Chang Bin was dead or alive, but Mo Yang was already seriously injured, and if he kept knocking like this, he himself wouldn't feel good.

    Changbin squatted on the ground with his abdomen covered, gritted his teeth and said to Han Qianqian, "I'll kill you, and none of the Su family will be left behind."

    Mo Yang took a few deep breaths and said to Han Qianqian, "Let me go."

    Looking at Mo Yang's eyes like a mad demon, Han Qianqian loosened his grip.

    In his place, if it were him, he wouldn't have been able to calm down if Su Yingxia had been arrested.

    "Changbin, I'll ask you one last time, where's my wife?"Mo Yang's voice was icy cold to the extreme, and his flesh and blood blurred face was like a devil.

    Chang Bin still looked like he didn't know what to do, because in his opinion, no matter whether it was Mo Yang or Han Qianqiang, he didn't dare to do anything to him.

    "Haven't I made it clear yet, dead, she's been dead since the time you were arrested."Changbin said.

    Mo Yang wasn't as crazy as before, but unusually calm, but Han Giang could feel that Mo Yang's entire body was already wrapped in killing intent.

    "Call up as many of your men as you can."Han Qianqian instructed Lin Yong, if Mo Yang really did kill Changbin here, it would be impossible for the few of them alone to get back in one piece.

    Lin Yong panicked and took out his phone and quickly dialed the number of his men.

    "Since she's dead, you go to the Yellow Spring Road and walk with her, she's afraid of the dark."Mo Yang said.

    Chang Bin looked at Mo Yang with disdain and said, "You dare to kill me?Do you have any idea what a chain reaction my death would cause?It won't just be you then, all three of you will be buried with me, as well as the Su family."

    Lin Yong secretly wiped a cold sweat on himself, he knew that Changbin wasn't half bragging in this statement, unlike Cheng Gang, although Cheng Gang also had a backstage, but compared to Changbin, it was small in comparison.Chang Bin's underground casino had a staggering yearly income and bought off an unknown number of people, or else, with so many venues, he would have sat through the jail, once something happened to him, affecting the interests of too many people, would there still be a place for them in Cloud City?

    "Mo Yang, calm down, it won't do us any good if he dies."Lin Yong advised to the model.

    "Or does Lin Yong know what he's doing, Mo Yang, do you have the fucking guts?"Chang Bin looked at Mo Yang with disdain.

    "Mo Yang, you can do whatever you want, it doesn't matter how strong his background is."Han Qianqian spoke up.

    Lin Yong was shocked, Han Qianqian didn't even look at Changbin at all, so wouldn't his words just now seem like he was cowardly?

    "Bah."Chang Bin mocked and looked at Han Qianqian, saying, "You're quite good at bragging, you know who's behind me?"

    Without even looking at Changbin, Han Qianli said to Mo Yang, "I'll wait for you outside."

    Before leaving, Han Three Thousand Years called out to Lin Yong.

    The outside of the office was already filled with Changbin's men, seeing Han Three Thousand and Lin Yong walk out, but none of them dared to act rashly.

    "You've disappointed me."Han Three Thousand was completely oblivious to the danger he was in, and the clouds on his face were not an act.

    Lin Yong lowered his head, he did show cowardice in this matter, but in his opinion, Chang Bin was worthy of scruples, the people behind him were even more not to be underestimated, and with one thing leading to another, who could guess what kind of turmoil would be caused after Chang Bin's death?

    "Brother 3000, are you really fearless?"Lin Yong couldn't believe it, he didn't know how Han Qianqian could be so fearless.

    Han Qianqiang smiled faintly, how could a mere Cloud City make him fearful?

    Before Mo Yang came out of the office, Lin Yong's men arrived first, all the gamblers were kicked out, and the casino was packed to the brim with over two hundred of Lin Yong's men.

    That was when Lin Yong got some of his confidence back, no matter what would happen afterwards, at least it was safe now.

    It took a full half hour for Mo Yang to walk out of the office, covered in blood, his eyes dull.

    Han Giangli knew that there was a good chance that his wife had actually died in Changbin's hands.

    "Can you do me a favor?"Mo Yang said with a hoarse voice.

    "No problem."

    "I need to take her back to Pingyang Village, I need a car."Mo Yang said.

    In the casino interrogation room, which was a torture room set up for swindlers, Mo Yang found his wife's corpse.

    When Mo Yang carried the corpse to the casino lobby, he suddenly stopped and silently said, "Yun Cheng, I'm back."

    At this moment, Mo Yang, with his upright posture, was no longer the marketable image of the commissary owner, as if he had returned to the unstoppable baron from five years ago.

    Han Qianli personally drove Mo Yang back to Pingyang Village without cremation, and in the backyard of Mo Yang's old house, Han Qianli and Mo Yang dug a dirt pit together.

    A simple tombstone was erected to hold the grief of Mo Yang's life.

    Sitting in front of the grave, a shallow smile hung on the corner of Mo Yang's mouth.

    "Eight years ago, she said she wanted to see how beautiful Cloud City was, and it took me three years between to walk up to the peak of Cloud City.Five years ago, she said she was tired and wanted to rest, I dropped everything and spent a peaceful day with her."

    If you want the clouds to rise, I'll give you the clouds.

    If you want the tide to fall, I'll calm the tide!

    This was Mo Yang's boldness, willing to rise and fall for the red tide.

    "F**k, you're so f**king capricious."Even with Han Qianqian's heart, after hearing Mo Yang's words, he couldn't help but curse.

    Mo Yang smiled bitterly and looked at Han Qianqian and said, "If it were you, you'd do the same."

    The question made Han Qianqian ponder deeply, but he quickly shook his head and said, "No, only if you're strong enough can you protect her."

    "If I had thought this through earlier, things might not have come to this point."Mo Yang's hands became claws and plunged into the mud.



    After Han Qianli left, Su Yingxia appeared a little distracted, time passed a little bit, lying on the bed Su Yingxia is even more sleepless.

    Pinch the phone, looking at the passage of time second after second, but it was soon to eleven.

    Usually this time Su Yingxia has already gone to bed, because the next day there is still a morning run, but today she could not close her eyes.

    Until then, Su Yingxia only found that the original life of Han Qianli, has been an indispensable part of her, even if he only sleeps under the bed, it turns out that also occupies such an important place in her heart.

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're not going to have to worry about your own health.

    So a night of time simmered past, the day dawned Su Yingxia heard the sound of the door open, quickly closed eyes and feigned sleep.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do.

    But seeing that Su Yingxia's eyelashes were slightly quivering, and that the bags under her eyes were significantly heavier, with dark circles also hanging on her face, Han Three Thousand smiled bitterly and said, "You wouldn't have been up all night, would you?"

    Su Yingxia was shocked when she heard Han Marchant's words, she didn't want Han Marchant to know about it and continue pretending to sleep.

    Han Qianli knew that she was deliberately pretending, but didn't break it up, lying on the floor and saying to herself, "A friend had something happen, that's why I was delayed."

    Su Yingxia couldn't help but want to ask curiously what had happened, but she was still pretending to be asleep, so if she asked, wouldn't it be a broken record.

    "Some people are worth guarding with their lives.He taught me a lesson, and I won't allow that to happen to me."Han Qianli faded, Mo Yang's most foolish decision was to retire from the rivers and lakes, he thought he could get a peaceful life in return, but he didn't know that being in the rivers and lakes for a day would be unpredictable.

    Su Yingxia couldn't help it, pretending to be lazy as if he had just woken up and grumbled, "I'm still sleeping, you keep talking, do you want to be thrown out of the room by me?"

    Han Giangli pillowed his hands, looked at Su Yingxia on the bed, and said gently, "Take the day off to rest at home."

    Su Yingxia was guilty, had he already been able to see through it?How embarrassing is this.

    "No reason, why do you need to take the day off, and there's an important meeting today, I can't do it without me, but no morning run today."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli laughed and stopped talking, if she really took Su Yingxia apart, she might have to sleep on the couch for the next few days.

    Waking up at eight o'clock, Han three thousand boiled porridge and let it cool before waking up Su Yingxia, trying to let her sleep for a while longer.

    Last night, she wanted to question Han Qianqian about buying a car, but the old couple had a little passion, so she delayed the opportunity.

    "Yingxia, today your uncle and his family are coming to Yuncheng, ask him to pick them up at the station at three in the afternoon."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan helplessly, it's not like Han Qianli wasn't there, why did she have to send her a message?

    "Mom, what are you doing."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Lan took a glance at Han Qianqian, her anger was unbearable, and said, "I won't bother with you about the car purchase, after all, it happened, but if the old lady finds out about this, you should take the initiative to admit your mistake yourself, and tell her that you let Yingxia buy it, and it has nothing to do with Yingxia, so that the old lady won't chastise Yingxia."

    "No problem."Han Qianli should say.

    After breakfast, Han 3,000 yuan sent Su Yingxia to the office, the kiosk was open for business normally, but the customers who didn't come and go were significantly more, and not like ordinary people.

    "What are you going to do?"Han Giangli asked to Mo Yang.

    "Changbin is dead, and someone has to clean up the mess he left behind,"Mo Yang said.

    Han Three Thousand nodded, it seemed that Mo Yang had already made plans to reappear in the world, which was a good thing, because Lin Yong's boldness couldn't do great things, and Han Three Thousand no longer had Lin Yong in mind as an object to cultivate.

    "If there's anything you need, just ask."Han Three Thousand said.

    Mo Yang smiled and said, "Chang Bin is dead, and up to now, Cloud City hasn't moved, so the help you've given is enough.Instead, if there's anything you want me to help you with in the future, feel free to ask."

    "I can remember that, a man's word can count."Han Qianli smiled.

    Mo Yang took out a cigarette and handed it to Han Three Thousand and asked, "You've been hibernating for three years, what are your plans?"

    Han Giangli waved his hand and said, "There's still a mission to be done, so I'll leave first."

    Mo Yang laughed helplessly and said to himself, "I'm afraid the surprise you can bring me is not small."

    Han 3,000 yuan casually ate a little at the roadside stall at noon, driving an Audi to eat roadside stalls also attracted a lot of attention, and after eating, he went to the station early.

    For the past three years, every year, he would return to Jiang Lan's mother's house once, and Han 3,000 was very familiar with Su Yingxia's uncle.

    Jiang Fengfeng, the name is downright glamorous, but in reality, he's a man who only talks and brags, bragging about other people's deeds all day long, a typical dream giant.

    As for his son, his name is Jiang Sheng, and he is just as nasty as Jiang Feng, but he has no real ability other than bragging.

    As for his wife, Liu Hua, she is a real weirdo, meaner than Jiang Lan. Han three thousand remembers that the year before last, Jiang Sheng had a date and asked Liu Hua for money for a date.

    Liu Hua teaches Jiang Sheng what excuses he can use to get the woman to pay for the date, and Han Qiannian is impressed by this family of three.

    Of course, in the end, Jiang Sheng's love affair collapses, and Liu Hua goes so far as to say that the woman is ungrateful.

    At three o'clock, Jiang Feng and his family walked out of the station, and Han Qianqian walked forward to greet them.

    After looking at Han 3,000, Jiang Feng was filled with displeasure and asked, "Where is Jiang Lan, where is Su Guoyao, why didn't they come personally?"

    Han 3,000 heart abdominal row you this is a leadership trip or what, need such a big battle to meet?

    "Mom and Dad are busy today, so they asked me to pick you up."Han Marchiang said.

    Jiang Fengfeng snorted, and Liu Hua said in a gloomy manner, "I heard that Su Yingxia is now the person in charge of something, the frame really is different ah, casually asking someone to pick us up, I see that this sister of yours doesn't put you in her eyes anymore."

    "Han Qianqian, you're not walking to pick us up, are you?"Jiang Sheng opened his mouth to ask.

    "Drive the car, come with me."Han Qianqiang was speechless for a while, this family of three didn't know where they got their sense of superiority, they were so poor that their shelves were really not small.

    Arriving in front of the Audi, Jiang Sheng's eyes glowed.

    "This car, did you drive it here?"Jiang Sheng asked in surprise.

    Jiang Yingxia and Liu Hua were also slightly startled, it hadn't been long since Su Yingxia had been in charge, but she had already changed luxury cars!

    "Yeah, get in the car."Han Giangli said.

    Jiang Sheng was stunned and walked directly to the driver's side, saying to Han 3,000, "Give me the keys, I'll drive, what qualifications do you have to drive such a nice car."

    "Do you know the road?"Han Marchand was helpless.

    "What does it have to do with you, hurry up and bring the keys, don't talk nonsense."Jiang Sheng's discontented cold voice said.

    "Are you the one who can make decisions about this car?It's not like you bought it, so what if you drive it for my son."Jiang Fengfeng.

    "That's right, you're in the limelight too, if you hadn't come to pick us up, would Jiang Lan have given you such a nice car to drive?"Liu Hua echoed.

    Han Marchant could only throw the keys to Jiang Sheng.

    Jiang Sheng excitedly sat in the car, didn't start it, but took out his phone, took pictures, and sent it to his friends.

    Jiang Fengfeng and Liu Hua also tsked as they sat in the car, even exclaiming that the feeling of sitting in a luxury car was different.

    The moment Jiang Sheng stepped on the accelerator, it felt like he had reached the peak of his life, and his whole body was light.

    It was also safe all the way to the neighborhood, but when parking, Jiang Sheng was unfamiliar with the car distance, scraped on the flower bed, the right front lip dented a chunk.

    The three of them got off the car with a pale face, this car is not cheap, if the car is repaired, I don't know how much it will cost!

    Liu Hua looked at Jiang Sheng and said through clenched teeth, "Why are you so careless."


"Mom, what now, I'm not going to have to pay for it, am I?"Jiang Sheng said cautiously.

    Liu Hua looked at Han Qianqian, she couldn't let her son take the blame for this, Han Qianqian was looked down upon in the Su family anyway, so it was definitely fine to let him take the blame.

    "I still have to pick up Ying Xia from work, so you guys can go upstairs by yourselves."Han Three Thousand said at this time.

    Jiang Fengfeng looked furious, was this a courtesy for receiving guests?Just wanted to speak, but didn't expect to be pre-empted by Liu Hua and said, "You should go quickly, don't be late."

    Jiang Yingying looked at Liu Hua suspiciously, why did she suddenly change her nature and come to the door to be a guest, how could she be thrown downstairs.

    "Liu Hua, what are you doing, why don't you let this wimp lead us upstairs?"After Han Marchand drove away, Jiang Fengfeng asked Liu Hua.

    "If he doesn't leave, how are we going to pin the blame on him?"Liu Hua smiled, "You all don't talk when we go up later, let me do the talking."

    A family of three went upstairs, Jiang Lan was already waiting at home.

    "Brother, sister-in-law, you have finally arrived."Jiang Lan enthusiastically welcomed the three of them into the door.

    Liu Hua sighed and said with a deliberate grumbling face, "Jiang Lan, tell me about you, how can you give such a nice car to Han 3000 to drive."

    "Sister-in-law, what's wrong?"Jiang Lan was puzzled.

    "He crashed the car into a big hole, it's going to cost a lot of money to fix it again, isn't that a waste of money."Liu Hua said.

    Hearing this, Jiang Lan's face turned pale, Han Giang had actually crashed the car!It's a new car, and he doesn't even know how to be careful.

    "Yeah, Aunt Barbra, how can you give him such a nice car to drive, I think he's just a battery-riding piece of sh*t."Jiang Sheng said righteously, with no sense of shame at all.

    "Jiang Lan, it's not Dang's brother who's talking about you, aren't you clear on what kind of person Han Qianqian is.He's such a wimp, why do you have to give him face."

    A family of three, oddly enough to be silly.

    Jiang Lan took a deep breath, not even suspecting that there was something else fishy going on in this matter, and said in a cold voice, "I'll find him when he comes back, and he won't be able to drive my car ever again."

    Han 3,000 yuan didn't know what was happening at home, when she arrived at the office, the kiosk was already closed, Mo Yang presumably went to do something, so she leaned against the car with nothing to do.

    It wasn't long before a few hoodlum-looking people deliberately walked up to Han 3,000.

    "Dude, I heard that you're that wimp from the Su family, but you've never failed to embarrass us men."

    "Is it good to eat soft food?You wouldn't have been a eunuch in your last life."

    "Su Yingxia is such a beautiful beauty, but she fell into your hands, tell us, have you touched her?Isn't that cool?"

    Han Giangli looked at the red Ferrari parked at the end of the street and said indifferently, "Go tell him, don't look for anything, my patience is limited."

    "Heh, big talk, brothers, fight."

    The three of them lifted up their cuffs and punched and kicked each other, Han Sanliang laughed disdainfully, finding such a few soft-footed characters just to teach me a lesson, you're underestimating me too much.

    A few hooligans were raging, but soon all of them lay down on the ground, while Han Qianli looked as if nothing had happened with a cloud on his face.

    "Get lost, it won't be so easy next time."Han 3,000 said.

    The three of them didn't think Han Three Thousand could fight so well, and with scruples in their eyes, they ran away in a flash.

    After Su Yingxia got off work, she saw that the car had been hit by a dent and didn't complain about Han Three Thousand, but said, "Why are you so careless?"

    "I went to pick up Jiang Sheng today, but he had to drive and accidentally crashed."Han Marchant said.

    "Jiang Sheng?"Su Yingxia frowned, she could almost describe Jiang Sheng as a nuisance, a twenty-something, idle all day long, not doing any business, learning Jiang Fengfeng bragging, but she didn't expect to even crash the car.

    "If my mother finds out, see what he'll do."Su Yingxia said.

    Driving home, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao, as well as Jiang Feng's family of three are downstairs, this battle even Han Marchiang is confused, they can't be waiting for Su Yingxia, right?

    After parking the car, Lan Jiang and Su Guoyao nervously looked at the front of the car, it was a painfully new car.

    "Han Giangli, give me the keys."Jiang Lan walked up to Han three thousand and said in a cold voice.

    Han Qianqian felt baffled, but still handed the car keys to Jiang Lan.

    "Since you don't know how to cherish it, don't drive this car in the future, even if I let it eat dust here, you won't touch it."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guoyao looked at Han Qianqiang with a face as heavy as water and said, "Do you really think that you can mess around just because Yingxia can make money now?Do you know how expensive Audi's repairs are?"

    Watching Han Qianqian being scolded, the three members of Jiang Feng's family actually smiled, especially Jiang Sheng, who looked smug in his appearance.

    "Mom, what are you doing?"Su Yingxia was bewildered, completely unaware of what had happened.

    Jiang Lan pointed to the dented area where the car was hit and said, "Didn't you notice that the car was hit?I told you a long time ago not to let him drive such a nice car, you didn't listen, now you know the consequences."

    Su Yingxia's expression was startled, this car was obviously hit by Jiang Sheng, how could she blame Han Qianqian?

    Looking at the expressions of Jiang Sheng's family of three, Su Yingxia instantly understood, and her anger was unbearable.

    "Mom, this car ......"

    "Ying Xia, if you speak for him again, I'll have you divorce him right now."Jiang Lan interrupted in a cold voice.

    Han Giangli pulled Su Yingxia's hand, indicating that she didn't need to explain.

    Su Yingxia's scalp was about to explode, how could Jiang Sheng's family of three be so brazen and shameless, there had to be a limit to what they could say even if they opened their eyes.

    "Cousin, this man of yours is really not very good at it, having him as a driver is also kind of dangerous for you, so you should think about it."Jiang Sheng said with a smile.

    "That's right, you're making a lot of money now, what if there's a long or shortcoming."Liu Hua picked up the conversation.

    This reminded Jiang Lan that Su Yingxia was now the dependency of their entire family, what if something happened to her.

    "Han 3,000, you don't need to pick Yingxia up from work in the future, you should go where the nest is and stay there."Lan Jiang said.

    After saying that, Jiang Lan pulled up Su Yingxia's hand and continued, "Invite your uncle and the others out to dinner tonight, the irrelevant person doesn't have to go."

    This irrelevant person, naturally, referred to Han Qianqian.

    Before Su Yingxia spoke, Han Qianqian spoke up, "I have something to do tonight, you go."

    "Han Three Thousand, you're quite self-aware, knowing that you're not part of our family gathering, you don't have to be so embarrassed if you make your own excuses not to go."Jiang Sheng teased.

    "Three-thousand, you ......" Su Yingxia was full of grievances, fighting for Han Three Thousand.

    "Go on, I really have something to do."Han Three Thousand interrupted.

    The family left in two cars, one for Su Guoyao and one for Jiang Sheng, and Han Three Thousand watched them leave before going upstairs.

    In the car, Jiang Sheng said proudly, "Mom, you're really amazing, that wimp Han 3000 doesn't even dare to refute a word."

    Liu Hua laughed and said, "His position in the Su family, does he have the right to speak, you have to be careful, if you bump into him again, Mom won't be able to find an excuse to help you."

    "Don't worry, it was just carelessness before."Jiang Sheng faintly said.

    Liu Hua got fussy hearted again at this time and said to Jiang Feng, "Jiang Lan's family actually bought two cars, they must have a lot of money, you have to think of some way to borrow some."

    "Jiang Lan is now rich, it's only natural to help me as a brother, I'll borrow it later at the dinner table, not 200,000, at least 100,000."Jiang Fengfeng said.

    "If she wants an IOU, you can give it to her and get the money first, but we're the ones in charge as to whether or not to pay it back later."Liu Hua reminded.

    Jiang Fengfeng said as if it was a matter of course, "She's rich now, but if she still wants me to pay back the money, that would be too ungrateful, I'm her brother anyway."

    In order to save face, Jiang Lan booked a five-star hotel box, the consumption was not low, and deliberately said that she was a familiar guest here and came often.

    When Liu Hua heard her words, she secretly gestured a two to Jiang Fengfeng before entering the hotel, meaning that she would open her mouth to borrow 200,000 later.


Arriving at the box, after three rounds of wine, while Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan were both a bit confused, under Liu Hua's reminder, Jiang Feng Feng said, "Jiang Lan, brother has something he would like to ask you for help."

    Jiang Lan waved his hand and said with an indifferent face, "Brother, say whatever you have to say, as long as I can help, I will definitely be obliged."

    "Recently brother is having a bit of difficulty with his hands, and Ying Xia is so productive, I want to borrow some money."Jiang Fengfeng said.

    Liu Hua quickly echoed, "If we didn't really have no choice, we wouldn't have opened this mouth, Jiang Lan, you're rich now, you won't not help, will you."

    As soon as Jiang Lan heard about borrowing money, her alcoholic intent immediately sobered up two points, she knew very well what kind of person Jiang Feng was, once this money was lent out, there was no possibility of getting it back 99% of the time.

    "Brother, how much do you want to borrow?"Jiang Lan asked.

    Jiang Fengfeng gestured for two.

    Jiang Lan said, "Two thousand?"

    "Lan Jiang, what do you mean, do I need to ask you for two thousand dollars?"Jiang Yingying said with some anger.

    "How much is that?"Jiang Lan's heart was fierce, if she had to borrow twenty thousand, to earn a face, she would bite the bullet, she was having a hard time with the scenery now, but she had to take some strength out, she couldn't let people see the joke.

    "Two hundred thousand."Jiang Fengfeng said without changing his face.

    "Two hundred thousand!"Jiang Lan was like taking a sobering pill, instantly sobering up, her life was a little better now, but she didn't have that much money in her hand, and it was too greedy to ask for 200,000.

    "Your family's two cars are over a million, and you come to the five-star hotel often to eat, so 200,000 is not a little money for you?"Jiang Fengfengdao.

    Liu Hua knew that Jiang Lan was a face-loving person, how at this time she had to brag a few words to improve the chances of borrowing money, and said, "Jiang Lan, you are different now, a mere 200,000 you still can't afford to give up, I see that you, ah, are now living the life of a rich woman, with millions of dollars."

    Jiang Lan was soothed by this, but it was true that she couldn't take out 200,000.

    Seeing that Jiang Lan looked like she was in a difficult situation, Su Yingxia spoke up and said, "Aunt and uncle, you have to borrow so much money, go to the bank and take out a loan, but a bank loan, you have to see if you have the strength to repay it."

    The meaning of this sentence is obvious, showing that there is no strength to repay the money, why should I lend you guys money.

    Liu Hua's face sank and said, "I'm discussing with your mother, what are you, a junior, interrupting."

    "Jiang Lan, you used to be in your mother's family, but we helped you say a lot of good things, how many relatives said that you married into a fake mansion, if you lend us the money and let those relatives know, can they still say that you are useless in the future?"Liu Hua turned her head and continued to speak to Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan wanted to fight for herself in her mother's house, but the price of 200,000 was too big, and she couldn't afford that much money right now.

    Jiang Fengfeng snorted coldly and said, "Jiang Lan, those cars of yours aren't rented, are they, just to strut in front of us?"

    "Don't you want to go back to your mother's house in style this year?"

    A series of sugar-coated bombs hit Jiang Lan, Jiang Lan thought of her scenery back at her mother's house, but actually nodded her head and agreed, "Good."

    Su Yingxia was anxious, where does their family have two hundred thousand to give to Jiang scenery, are they going to steal it?

    "Mom ......"

    Jiang Lan glared at Su Yingxia, she was going to fight this off no matter what.

    Jiang Sheng saw that the matter of borrowing money was done, and excused himself to go to the toilet and left the box.

    Su Guoyao didn't dare to say a word the whole time because Jiang Lan was the one who made all the big and small things in the family, even if he didn't agree, there was nothing he could do.

    "In fact, the loan is also for Jiang Sheng, he recently fancy an investment project, shortage of start-up capital, don't worry, in the future I have money, I will immediately return to you."Jiang Feng smiled and said, the point of this sentence is to have the money, but whether there is money, but he is in charge.

    Liu Hua poked Jiang Feng, what's the point of saying this unnecessary sentence.

    "We came this time, time is limited, when can you give us the money?"Liu Hua asked.

    Jiang Lan looked at Su Yingxia, to take out two hundred thousand, only Su Yingxia can do it, she is now a bit regretful, but she can never take back what she said, after so many years, it's hard to fight for herself, she must not lose face.

    "Let's do it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it will take time to withdraw the money."Jiang Lan said.

    "Fine fine."Liu Hua was all smiles.

    Jiang Sheng who went to the toilet was late to return, Liu Hua was worried that something had happened and was about to ask Jiang Fengfeng to take a look, when the compartment door was vigorously kicked open with a loud bang.

    Only Jiang Sheng was thrown in with a bruised nose and face, followed by a few brawny men.

    Liu Hua was a woman who protected calves, seeing her son beaten up like this, she quickly ran over.

    "Jiang Sheng, how are you doing, are you alright?"Liu Hua was concerned.

    Jiang Sheng was so scared that he cried like a woman with a snotty nose.

    "Who are you guys, why are you beating my son."Liu Hua yelled and bellowed.

    A fat man with a gold necklace around his neck came out with a big belly, "What's the scream, you faggot woman, you gave birth to a faggot son, you even dare to molest my son's woman, so what if you beat him up?"

    The first thing you need to know is how to get the right amount of money for your business, and how to get the right amount of money for your business.

    Jiang Sheng was so frightened that he cried on the spot and begged on his knees for mercy, but the other party wouldn't let him go, even if Jiang Sheng popped the name of the Su family.

    Hearing the fat man's words, Liu Hua said, not knowing what to do, "Look at what you're wearing as a woman, isn't this an obvious attempt to seduce my son?"

    The fat man got angry at this and smiled sardonicly, "What a shrew, even if my woman doesn't wear it, does your son have the right to f**k her?"

    "This kind of b*tch ......"

    Before he finished speaking, the fat man's men greeted Liu Hua's face with a fist.

    Jiang Fengfeng didn't act half manly and said to Su Yingxia with a pale face, "Su Yingxia, aren't you a member of the Su family?Don't go and scare them yet."

    Su Yingxia looked like she had nothing to do with the matter, Jiang Sheng himself made his own death, and Liu Hua still didn't know whether she was dead or alive, why should she care about this matter?

    After the fat man heard Jiang Sheng's words, he said with a face full of disdain, "What the hell Sujia, even if he came, I wouldn't put it in my eyes."

    "You're the old son of this faggot, right?Come here and kneel down and kowtow to me and admit your mistake, I can stop beating you if I'm in a good mood."The fat man said to Jiang Fengfeng.

    Jiang Fengfeng was even more frightened and shivering, but he was tough on Su Yingxia: "Su Yingxia, don't you care about this matter?I'm your uncle, though."

    Su Yingxia was so full of care that she didn't even bother to say a word.

    Su Guoyao then summoned up the courage to stand up and said to the fatty, "I am Su Guoyao, Su family, give me some face, let's just forget about today's matter."

    The fatty sneered at Su Guoyao and said, "Su family, count it as a ball?If you mind your own business, I don't believe I'll even beat you."

    Seeing how strong the fatty's attitude was, Jiang Lan just wanted to reach out to pull Su Guoyao to sit down, but Su Guoyao's action was even faster and immediately sat down honestly without saying anything.

    "It's fine if you don't kneel down and apologize, I'm also a reasonable person, molesting my woman, how should I compensate a few hundred million?"The fat man laughed.

    Seeing no one speak, the fat man kicked at Jiang Sheng and said angrily, "If you don't have money, I'll waste this kid."

    "Brother, I don't have any money, but ...... but I have a car, take the car, please let me go."Jiang Sheng pulled out the Audi car key.

    "Jiang Sheng, that's my car, why should you give it to him."Su Yingxia saw this scene and angrily stood up and said.

    Only then did the fat man see Su Yingxia clearly, he couldn't help but brighten up, it was a beautiful woman!

    "Su Yingxia, a car is nothing, do you want to watch Jiang Sheng be crippled by him?"It wasn't something that belonged to the family, Jiang Feng Feng didn't care at all.

    "Big beauty, I have plenty of money, just a broken Audi, I didn't put it in my eyes."The fat man threw away the car keys and walked towards Su Yingxia.

    "What do you want?"Su Yingxia said with a wary look at the fat man.

    "How about, you accompany me for one night, and we'll forget about this matter, how about it?"The fat man was measuring Su Yingxia with a lecherous grin on his face.


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