His True Colors 21-25


Chapter 21

"No, it is indeed the top floor."The receiving woman said.

    This statement made Shen Lingyao's eyes go straight.

    How could that be!How could that wimp Han Qianqian celebrate his wedding anniversary at the Crystal Restaurant.

    And today, the Crystal Restaurant was clearly booked.


    A crazy idea exploded like spring thunder in Shen Lingyao's head.

    Could it be ...... that Han Qianqian was the mysterious person who had bagged the Crystal Restaurant?

    At this time, Su Yingxia was also dumbfounded, the top floor Crystal Restaurant, had been booked half a month ago, even if Shen Ling Yao had the face of heaven, there was no way she could hold a party in the Crystal Restaurant ah.

    "Yaoyao, is this matter related to Han Qianli?"Su Yingxia thought of a possibility, and her breathing inexplicably became quicker.

    Shen Lingyao's brain had lost the ability to think, and although she didn't think it was realistic, was there any other possibility besides this explanation?

    "Yingxia, it was indeed Han Qianli who asked me to bring you here."Shen Lingyao admitted, an inexplicable feeling of envy born in her heart, if it was true that Han Qianqiang had prepared this heavenly surprise for Su Yingxia, wouldn't Su Yingxia be the happiest woman in the entire Cloud City today?

    At that moment, the elevator reached the top floor and the two were led into the restaurant.

    In front of the piano in the center of the restaurant sat a man dressed in black, only the back could be seen.

    But this back was too familiar to Shen Ling Yao, and the strong visual impact made Shen Ling Yao grow her mouth!

    The little piano prince, Han Chang-heung!

    As the melodious piano sounded, the amplification effect of the Crystal Restaurant almost silenced all the people watching the show, the crowd of thousands of people at this moment is strangely quiet, everyone's eyes focused on the Flying Saucer building, even if they can't see, they can feel the happiness of tonight's heroine.

    The surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows rippled with red rose petal effects, dancing to the sound of the piano.

    Su Yingxia's mouth raised a happy smile, but the tears were like pearls that broke the thread and kept sliding down her cheeks.

    Shen Lingyao also cried along with her, if this backdrop belonged to her, it would be such a happy thing.

    The song finished.

    Han Qianli turned around and did a gentleman's salute to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia had already pearled and walked step by step towards Han Qianli.

    With each step, a gaudy rose was born beneath her feet, a scene that made the spectators gawk.

    They couldn't see the heroine's face, but they were able to see special effects that were as beautiful as a scroll.

    At this moment, uncontrollable envy arose in the hearts of all the women, and those in the rooms of the major hotels who could see the scene more clearly were even more insanely jealous.

    Su Yehan frowned, the room she was in was the best place to see, but due to the distance, she couldn't fully see the faces of the two people in the crystal restaurant, but she had a familiar feeling, especially that woman, as if she knew her.

    "Su Yingxia!"Su Yeh Han suddenly flashed an image in her mind and couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

    "No, how could it be her, I must have been blinded."Su Yehan shook her head, Su Yingxia married that trash Han Qianqian, just Han Qianqian is also qualified to bag the entire Crystal Restaurant, isn't this a joke?

    It was similar, but just like that.

    "You prepared this?"Crystal Restaurant, Su Yingxia, who walked up to Han Giang, asked.

    "I thought you lied to me when you said you couldn't play the piano?"It should have been a warm scene, but Su Yingxia suddenly looked at Han Marchant with a cold face.

    "For three years, I've made you suffer a lot, from today onwards, you're my woman, no one can bully you anymore."Han Qianqian's gaze was sincere as she looked at Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia's rising expression was filled with tears, as if all her grievances had erupted at this moment.

    "Do you know that they all say you're a wimp."

    "Do you know how hard it was for me to hear those words."

    Han Giangli hugged Su Yingxia tightly in his arms and said softly, "I know."

    Shen Lingyao on the side had already been moved to the point of tears, only at this moment did she feel that the aggravation her best friend had suffered was worth it, no matter how Han Qianqian had done this, at least now, Su Yingxia was happy and could be envied by all the women in Cloud City.

    Just why, why is it that you're the little piano prince?

    Shen Ling Yao knew that her beautiful dream had been completely shattered.

    This night, the rose petals of the Crystal Restaurant floated throughout the night, and compared to the sensational courtship two years ago, the only beauty was that until the end, the people watching didn't know who the main character actually was.

    That night, Han Qianqiang slept on the floor bunk, and Su Yingxia on the bed suddenly asked, "Are you cold?"

    It was already the early summer season, and the women with big white legs on the street were like bamboo shoots after the rain, so how could it be cold.

    Han Qianli subconsciously got out, "It's not cold."

    After saying these two words, Han Three Thousand was stunned, and only then did he regret pounding his chest, wishing he could give himself two slaps, a giveaway question, hard to answer, stupid beyond belief.

    Han Giangli's heart ached so much that he couldn't breathe, this opportunity missed, I don't know how long I'll have to wait.

    "What did you just say, I didn't hear you clearly, why don't you ask again?"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia's face with her back to Han Qianli had already gritted her teeth, and it was hard to muster up the courage to ask this question, but she didn't expect Han Qianli, the stupid pig, to answer her like this.

    "Scram."Su Yingxia coldly said.

    Hearing this word, Han Qianli covered her face in despair, worse than missing out on tens of billions of dollars of business.

    The next day, when Su Yingxia arrived at the company, everyone looked at her with strange eyes.

    "She's not crazy, why is she so happy."

    "Probably, yesterday's incident must have stimulated her quite a bit, also all twenty-two, look at her, then look at others, worlds apart ah."

    "Who let her be so unlucky as to marry a door-to-door wimp."

    Last night's incident had already stirred the entire Cloud City, the various social software went crazy with roses floating in the Crystal Restaurant, some people were envious and making fun of Su Yingxia at the same time.

    Most of the people in the company even thought that Su Yingxia would probably find an excuse not to come to work today, but she didn't expect that she would not only come, but also look very happy.

    Su Yehan had documents to give to Su Yingxia, came to Su Yingxia's office, and looked at the corners of Su Yingxia's unconsciously upturned mouth and despised it.

    "You can still laugh out, do you know how humiliating our Su family was yesterday."Su Yehan said in a cold voice, now look at Su Yingxia again, indeed and last night in the crystal restaurant that woman figure very similar, but unfortunately, this kind of good thing can never fall on Su Yingxia, because her man is a waste, is the joke of the whole Yun City.

    Su Yingxia was in a very good mood today, so she didn't bother to bother with Su Yehan and said, "Today, you go to the west side of the city to inspect the situation, see what's going on, and come back to report to me."

    Hearing this, Su Yehan's face was very ugly, before running the construction site this kind of hard work can be Su Yingxia to do, when is it her turn?And with the ultraviolet rays so poisonous now, she didn't want to get a tan on her skin.

    "You're going to go by yourself, do you really think you can order me around just because you're the project manager?"Su Yeh Han said.

    "It's fine if I don't go, I'll ask my grandmother to give me a new assistant, you can go home and rest."Su Yingxia said indifferently.

    "You ......" Su Yehan pointed at Su Yingxia with a livid face, go home and rest!Although the Su family is rich, but everyone is working in the company, the higher position is to fish for oil, the less high position depends on the salary, Su Yehan is the latter.

    In the eyes of outsiders, they are Miss Su family, but the old lady of the Su family will not give them any opportunity to be idle.

    If this really spreads to grandmother's ears, Su Yehan don't want to have any goodwill in front of grandmother in the future.

    "Su Yingxia, do you really want to do this to me?"Su Yehan said through gritted teeth.

    Su Yingxia wasn't directed at Su Yehan, but this matter did need someone to do it.

    "Just running the construction site, it's not very tiring, I used to run a lot, except for the heat, my feet hurt and I'm tired like a dog, it's nothing more."Su Yingxia smiled.

    "Su Yingxia, remember this, when I marry into the Han family, there's something you'll suffer."Su Yehan said and left the office angrily, she believed that she could ride on Su Yingxia's head one day, just wait for that man from the Han family to appear.


Magic City Nightclub.

    It was the middle of the day, and there were a few gangster-looking people standing at the entrance, smoking cigarettes and chatting, until the sunset, this kind of place usually wouldn't be open, but at this time an Audi stopped at the entrance.

    Han Marchiang walked down from the car.

    A few thugs saw Han 3,000 and stood up one by one.

    "What for, it's not even business time yet."One of them said to Han 3,000.

    "I'm looking for Lin Yong."Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

    Hearing this, a few thugs sneered and sized up Han Three Thousand.

    Lin Yong was the boss of the Devil's Capital and a big figure in the grey area of Cloud City, and he just said he'd see him?

    "What the hell are you, opening your mouth to see our boss."

    "If you want to get into trouble, you don't even ask your brother about his fists."

    Several people began to lift their cuffs and acted like they were going to hit someone.

    "Tell him that Han Qianqian is here."

    A few people were stunned, this guy looked like a bull, so it was hard to believe he was still a person, but it didn't look like he was a friend of the boss.

    One of them dug his ears and said with a face full of doubt, "Han Three Thousand, why does this name sound so familiar?"

    Someone immediately answered, "Isn't that trashy son-in-law of the Su family Han Qianli, it can't be you, right?"

    "F**k, a celebrity from Cloud City is here?Disrespectful disrespectful ah."

    "Can't ah, eat soft food can also drive an Audi, on your looks, brother is not bad you, what method did you use to marry Su Yingxia?"

    Several people laughed loudly, completely treating Han Qianli as a joke, and the phrase marrying Su Yingxia was even more full of mockery.

    Han Three Thousand's gaze gazed, and the corners of his mouth turned up towards the door.

    "Stop, if you're f**king sensible, get the f**k out of here, don't let the brothers take action."

    "Can't understand human language isn't it, told you to stop."

    "F**k, you don't know how hard a brother's fists are if I don't give you something to look at."

    Several people swarmed up, intending to teach Han Qianqiang a lesson.

    At this moment, Lin Yong ran out with a panicked face.

    "Stop it, stop it!"

    "What are you guys doing, trying to die?"

    Lin Yong scolded a few of his men, looking frightened and even more so with a deep fear in his eyes.

    "Boss, this kid is looking for trouble."

    "F**k, a waste son-in-law of the Su family, he dares to cause trouble in Brother Yong's territory."

    "Boss, leave it to me, I'll let this kid lie in the hospital for at least half a month."

    Lin Yong looked at the few men in anger and punched each of them, directly blinding them.

    Walking up to Han Giang, he said full of respect, "Brother Giang, what are you doing here?"

    Three years ago, Lin Yong was nothing more than a rogue gangster who suddenly made his fortune and became the owner of the Devil's Capital nightclub, and even got a lot of thugs, gradually developing his power in these three years and becoming a not insignificant figure in the grey area of Cloud City.

    Lin Yong's sudden rise to power aroused the suspicion of many people, after all, Lin Yong's rise to power was too fast and full of weirdness, there were also many people who secretly investigated Lin Yong, but they couldn't find out any facts.

    A few of his men were scared silly when they saw Lin Yong's attitude towards Han Qianqian.

    Lin Yong, Brother Yong!

    This was one of the top figures in the grey area of Cloud City, how could he be so respectful to the Su family's wasteful son-in-law.

    "All of you, you still haven't apologized to Brother 3000!"Lin Yong gritted his teeth and looked at his men.

    "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry."

    "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry."

    "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry."

    Seeing Han 3,000's silence, Lin Yong was scared white and continued, "Kneel down and apologize."

    As the saying goes, hitting a dog still depends on the master, a few of his men were completely confused, isn't kneeling down to him a disgrace to Lin Yong?Doesn't he care at all about his pride?

    Face was very important to someone like Lin Yong, and there were even times when he would fight over a little bit of verbal conflict, but in front of Han Qianqian, face was just a cloud to Lin Yong, and his life was the most important thing.

    Three years ago, Lin Yong was living on the streets and it was Han Qianqian who found him, and because of Han Qianqian, he was where he was today.

    The whole of Yun City regarded Han Qianxiang as trash, but Lin Yong knew that Han Qianxiang was a fierce tiger sleeping soundly, and once he woke up, he was bound to make a splash.

    And now, this fierce tiger was clearly awake!

    "Do I have to break your legs to know how to kneel?"Seeing that a few of his men were stunned, Lin Yong continued.

    As soon as this was said, those men panicked and quickly knelt on the ground to beg for mercy.

    Han Qianli didn't even look at a few people and walked straight into the nightclub.

    "You guys, I'll settle the score with you later."

    Lin Yong's words scared a few people to the point of trembling, but they couldn't understand why Han Three Thousand could be treated this way, he was a known loser, how could he let Brother Yong treat him so nicely?

    In Lin Yong's office, the exclusive seat was reserved for Lin Yong, but Han Qianqiang sat on it while Lin Yong stood respectfully at the side.

    "I heard that someone is trying to cause trouble recently in the project in the west of the city?"Han Qianli asked faintly.

    Lin Yong nodded his head and said, "I know of a few other big names besides me who are very interested in this matter and should be trying to take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit."

    Cloud City wasn't Lin Yong's world alone, although he was a big man in the grey area, he wasn't a powerful man with only one hand to cover the sky, besides him, there were a few other people to call his name.

    There were too many eyes watching this big fat piece of meat in the dark, and if the Su family wasn't related to the west side of the city project, even Lin Yong would want a piece of it.

    "You've been given three years to prepare, I hope you don't disappoint me, those few people, their lives are up."Han Qianqian said.

    Lin Yong's eyes gazed and asked excitedly, "Brother 3000, what do you mean ......"

    "Didn't you want Cloud City for a long time?Being on equal footing with those people, you've long been unhappy, right?"Han Qianqian smiled and looked at Lin Yong.

    Lin Yong felt the hairs on his body stand on end, he had been waiting for this opportunity, those guys he had long been uncomfortable with, but without Han Three Thousand's orders, he was slow to act, he didn't expect this day to finally come.

    "Brother Three Thousand, don't worry, I won't let you down."Lin Yong said.

    When Han Three thousand left the Magic City nightclub, he coincidentally met Yang Peng at the entrance.

    Yang Peng was also a bit appalled when he saw Han Three Thousand, but more disdain and hatred.

    "What bloody bad luck today, seeing a pile of garbage when I go out, it's really bad luck."Yang Peng said with a sigh.

    Han Giangli laughed and didn't pay any attention to Yang Peng, but just got into the car.

    Yang Peng left his mouth and said with a sneer on his face, "Rubbish, not even daring to talk back, it's really meaningless.But your good days have come to an end, wait for me to give you a cuckold."

    Walking into the nightclub, Yang Peng went straight to Lin Yong's office, the two of them had already made an appointment yesterday, so Lin Yong wasn't surprised to see Yang Peng.

    "Young Master Yang, I'm really sorry, there was a bit of a delay yesterday, so I can only see you today."Lin Yong said with a smile, he had always treated rich kids like Yang Peng generously because a place like a nightclub wouldn't be able to hold up a month's worth of running water without a rich person like Yang Peng spending it.

    "Brother Yong, I've come to find you today to trouble you and do me a favor."Yang Peng said.

    "The word help would be too polite, with a word from Young Master Yang, I'll help you immediately."Lin Yong said with a pat on his chest.

    Yang Peng shook his head and said, "It's just a small matter, there's no need for Brother Yong to personally do it, just lend me a few people, the kind that can fight with guts."

    It was just a matter of dealing with Han Qianqian, how could you need a big man like Lin Yong, Yang Peng didn't think so highly of Han Qianqian.

    "No problem, the people I have here, you can pick and choose at will."Lin Yong said.

    "Then thank you, Brother Yong, I'll invite Brother Yong for a drink after it's done."Yang Peng said.

    "A drink won't be necessary, I might be very busy lately."Lin Yong's excitement at the thought of taking all of Cloud City soon was uncontrollable, and with Han Qianqian secretly helping him, Lin Yong wasn't worried at all.

    Back then, Lin Yong also thought that Han Qianqian saying that he would be the owner of the Devil's Capital nightclub was a fantasy, but didn't Han Qianqian do it just as easily?

    "Oh, what's Yong's big move lately?"Yang Peng was curious.

    This couldn't be revealed casually, so Lin Yong could only say, "Go pick someone."


Yang Peng sat in the car for a long time after picking people to leave the Magic City.

    Lin Yong had just said that he would be very busy lately, so there was obviously some big action going on, and he wouldn't reveal anything, so this matter must not be small.

    Yang Peng received the news that there were many people from the grey area who wanted to get involved in the west project, and someone had even organized a wave of workers who were ready to intervene as foremen, but Lin Yong was the only one who hadn't made a move.

    Before, Yang Peng felt that Lin Yong had no ambition and didn't want to get involved to avoid injury, but now it seems that Lin Yong obviously has other plans.

    Could it be ......

    Yang Peng was shocked, if Lin Yong really dared to deal with the others and pocket all of Cloud City's grey areas, then Lin Yong was someone he should take seriously.

    "It seems like I'll have to get on good terms with Lin Yong in the future, once this thing is done, Lin Yong's power in Cloud City is unimaginable ah."

    Meanwhile, a certain clubhouse.

    Su Hachao was holding two hot women left and right, and a rough big man was sitting in the same compartment.

    "Brother Gang, how well have you considered what I've told you."Su Hachao said to Cheng Gang.

    Cheng Gang was also a figure in the grey area of Cloud City, and his power was between him and Lin Yong.

    Cheng Gang looked at Su Haichao with a smiling face and asked, "Su Haichao, you won't play me, will you?You're a member of the Su family, but now you want me to deal with the Su family in secret, how can I trust you?"

    Su Haichao smiled coldly and said, "Brother Gang, you've misunderstood me, although I'm a member of the Su family, I'm not in charge of the west of the city project.That woman Su Yingxia wants to rise to the top in the Su family, if she really did it, she would definitely threaten my position, how could I let the Chengxi project go smoothly?"

    "Su Yingxia is your sister,"Cheng Gang said.

    "Sister?"Su Hachao's expression became gloomy, and said, "I would hate to kick her out of the Su family, what kind of fart sister, how much disgrace has that wimp in her family made our Su family lose face, if it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't find an excuse, she should have gotten out of the Su family long ago."

    Cheng Gang faintly smiled, the Crystal Restaurant incident had turned up the Su family's scandal from three years ago again, it was indeed quite humiliating for the Su family, but Cheng Gang didn't expect that Su Hachao would even disregard the blood relationship.

    "This wimp is also really amazing, he has endured in the Su family for three whole years, and I heard that he does household chores every day, he has really disgraced our men."Cheng Gang shook his head with a face full of disdain.

    Having the opportunity to speak ill of Han Marchant, Su Hachao never missed it, and Cheng Gang taking the initiative to mention Han Marchant undoubtedly gave him the opportunity.

    "Brother Gang, what you know is just some surface, but I know very well how much of a wimp Han Three Thousand really is, he's at home, he still has to serve Su Yingxia foot washing water to wipe his feet, what man's dignity, he's a soft bone doesn't even understand.And he doesn't even have a place to eat at home, he doesn't have the qualifications to go to the table, he can only hide in the kitchen."Su Haichao laughed.

    "Bah, what a fucking softy, if I bumped into this kind of person, I could kill him with one punch."Cheng Gang cursed and said.

    "Hey."Su Haichao sighed and said, "He's not even worthy of being a man, I can't find another person in the whole world who's as wimpy as him."

    "Right."Cheng Gang suddenly looked at Su Hachao with a smiling face and said, "Do you think that after three years of marriage, Su Yingxia can let him touch it?"

    "How is that possible."Su Haichao shook his head with certainty and said, "Although Su Yingxia has resigned herself to her fate, but her relationship with Han Giang has always been cold, there's no way she would let Han Giang touch her."

    Cheng Gang stroked his chin, obviously pondering over something, and a lascivious smile gradually appeared on the corner of his mouth, saying, "Not being touched, it's kind of interesting."

    Su Hachao's eyebrows furrowed and instantly stretched out again, everyone was a man, what was going on in Cheng Gang's head, he knew very well.

    Although Su Haichao was very disgusted with Su Yingxia, but from a man's standpoint, she was a beautiful woman and had an excellent body, definitely a special creature on the bed, Su Haichao and Su Yingxia had a blood relationship, he didn't dare to do such a thing, but it was different if it was Cheng Gang.

    If Cheng Gang really had a relationship with Su Yingxia, wouldn't he be able to drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family in the name of corrupting the family culture?

    With a plan in mind, Su Haichao said to Cheng Gang, "Brother Gang, if you are interested in her, I can help you."

    "Not bad, upstanding enough, hahahahahaha, don't worry, I will help you with what you said."Cheng Gang laughed loudly.

    The project in the west of the city had officially started, and the Su family, as a supplier of building materials, had to ensure the safety of the building materials while at the site, in addition to the materials used.

    Three days later, a group of people stormed into the construction site to make a scene and smash, and they were very arrogant when they saw someone.And the Su family building materials delivery was also forcibly blocked, although the police temporarily solve the problem, but those people are like fighting guerrilla warfare, may be the next intersection to see, Su family for this brain injury.

    On this day, the Su family urgently held an internal meeting of the family, even the old lady attended, because it was about the west side of the city project, and the old lady didn't want to make half a mistake.

    "Do you know who the other party is?These people are making trouble, it must be for money."At the meeting, the old lady asked Su Yingxia, who was the head of the project, and now that there was a problem, the responsibility naturally fell on Su Yingxia's head.

    Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "Grandmother, I've asked someone to help me investigate, but there's still no news yet."

    "It hasn't been found out yet, Su Yingxia, you're not simply incapable of investigating it, are you?"Su Haichao said in a yin and yang manner.

    Su Yehan this period of time has long looked at Su Yingxia displeased, now out of trouble, it is the opportunity to fall into the well, said: "Su Yingxia, you are now the head of the project, it has been several days, you have not yet resolved, all day with your girlfriend in the office to waste time?"

    In the last few days, Shen Ling Yao often went to look for Su Ying Xia, after learning that the little piano prince is Han 3000, although Shen Ling Yao gave up the idea of taking Han 3000 as her husband, but after all she thought about it day and night for so long, she couldn't let go for a while, and could only find Su Ying Xia to complain.

    Hearing Su Yehan's words, the old lady asked with a glazed brow, "Su Yingxia, what's going on?Do you do anything else during office hours?"

    Su Yingxia was very responsible for her work, and Shen Lingyao was also very sensible, never bothering her during office hours, Su Yehan's words were a slander.

    "Grandmother, I receive friends, it's the lunch break, you can ask your colleagues in the company about this."Su Yingxia said.

    Su Yehan was not convinced, this matter can not seriously hurt Su Yingxia, can only change other topics.

    "You've only been in charge for how long, the family has already changed the car, but other than negotiating the contract, what else have you done, and now that there's such a big problem, have you thought about how to solve it?"Su Yehan said.

    Su Yingxia's change of car had already spread in the Su family, but there were a lot of people who were jealous behind the scenes, and when they heard Su Yehan say that, each of them got yin and yang.

    "That car is not cheap, hundreds of thousands, it's really rich."

    "A few days to change the car, it looks like it's soon to change the house."

    "When are you going to invite us to congratulate the new house ah."

    The old lady's face was as heavy as water, she had always felt that although Su Yingxia was not a great success, she was still considered honest, after knowing that Su Yingxia had changed cars, the old lady was also shocked, but thinking of the benefits that Su Yingxia could bring to the Su family, this little bit of profit was nothing, so she didn't bother.

    But if Su Yingxia couldn't solve this matter, it would be a different story.

    "Su Yingxia, I don't care how many benefits you've made in the company, whether it's changing cars or houses, it's fine, but the premise is that you have to do a good job at your current job, and all the trouble, you have to find a way to solve it."The old lady said.

    Su Yingxia was anxious when she heard this, she wasn't greedy for a penny of the company's money, the car was bought by Han Qianqian, but it was obvious that no one would believe her when she said such words.

    "Grandmother, don't worry, I'll take care of it as soon as possible."Su Yingxia slumped her head and said.

    At this time, Su Haichao stood up and said proudly, "Grandmother, I've long expected that Su Yingxia couldn't handle this matter, so I've already asked people to look into it, and I know who started this, but since Su Yingxia is the project manager, I'm not good at stepping in on her behalf, so let her talk."


Listening to Su Hachao's words, each of the Su family relatives looked at him with an appreciative face.

    "It's still Hai Chao who is capable of finding out who did it so quickly."

    "As expected, it's still Hai Chao who has to do it, if this Su family doesn't have Hai Chao, its future future is at risk ah."

    "Ying Xia, you have to learn more from Hai Chao, the west side of the city project has nothing to do with him, but he still cares about this matter, you have to thank him."

    The old lady nodded her head in affirmation and said, "Hai Chao, you've done a good job on this matter."

    "Grandmother, although I'm not the person in charge of the project, I'm your grandson, the Su family's matter is my matter, how could I not care."After Su Haichao received the praise, he pretended to be humble and said to the old lady.

    "Ying Xia, since Hai Chao has already helped you find out, you should come out and talk, if he is seeking money, he can agree to anything within a million."The old lady said.

    Su Yingxia echoed, "Grandmother don't worry, I will handle it properly."


    Su Haichao's gloomy eyes of birds of prey had a smile in them, unless he washed up and lay on Cheng Gang's bed, this matter was not something that could be resolved so easily.

    "I'll make an appointment for you tomorrow, and I'll let you know the exact time and place."Su Hachao said.

    After the meeting ended, Su Yingxia returned to the office, full of grievances and nowhere to tell, the money to buy the car, she did not take half a hair from the company, but this matter can not be explained in any way, and even if it is said, they will only treat it as a joke.

    Who could believe that Han Qianqian, who had joined the family, would be able to afford an Audi A6?

    And about the recent trouble encountered, Su Yingxia also felt a little strange, how could Su Hachao be kind enough to help her, there must be something fishy about it.

    After work, Han Qianli still came to pick up Su Yingxia as usual.

    When Han Giangxi noticed Su Yingxia's sullen appearance, she asked curiously, "Who made you angry?"

    "In today's meeting, Su Yehan said that I bought a car within a few days of being in charge, making it clear that I embezzled money from the company, and even my grandmother thinks so, so I can't even explain it if I want to."Su Yingxia said helplessly.

    "What's the point of wasting words with these people, just treat them as if they're farting."Han Giangli said.

    Although Su Yingxia understood the reasoning, how could she when harsh words entered her ears and wanted to pretend she hadn't heard anything.

    "You didn't hear what those relatives said, saying that I'll be changing cars in a few days, and soon I'll be changing houses, and asking when I'll invite them to congratulate the new house."Su Yingxia said the more angry, innocent and upright, did not take a penny of money that should not be taken, but was slandered but can not explain.

    "Soon."Han Qianli faintly said.

    "What's fast?"Su Yingxia turned to look at Han Qianli in confusion.

    "Ahem, I mean, be happy."Han Qianqian said.

    Su Yingxia rolled her eyes, how else to be happy if you're misunderstood, you've been suffocated to death.

    "By the way, recently a group of people brought a lot of trouble to the Su family and made a big scene at the construction site, I asked my friend to help me investigate, but nothing came out, off to the side, Su Haichao pretended to be kind and said at the meeting that he had found out who did it and asked me to talk about it tomorrow, do you think there will be something fishy about this matter?"Su Yingxia asked, her intuition told her that something was definitely wrong, with Su Hai Chao's attitude towards her, it would be a blessing if he didn't harm her, how could he help her.

    Han Giangli frowned, he had heard about this, and had Lin Yong go and ask around, and even arrested two people for harsh questioning, but nothing came out, the other party had obviously done a full job of hiding it, how could Su Haichao know about it.

    "When will we talk tomorrow?"Han Giangli asked, something was obviously wrong with this, so he wasn't too sure that Su Yingxia was alone.

    "I don't know yet, Su Hai Chao will inform me tomorrow."

    "Let me be your assistant with you tomorrow,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Back home, Han Three Thousand cooked as usual, but in the past, Han Three Thousand was usually the only one in the kitchen, recently Su Yingxia would help out a bit and would try to fry a dish, except that Su Yingxia's dishes usually didn't make it to the table because they were really unbearable, a black mess, and you couldn't see the dish itself at all.

    In the living room, Jiang Lan asked Su Guoyao, "Guoyao, have you noticed that your daughter is not quite the same lately?"

    Su Guoyao could also see that Su Yingxia used to never go to the kitchen, and her relationship with Han Qianli was like a stranger, but now, she would learn to help Han Qianli, and there were more topics between her and Han Qianli.

    "It might be that his daughter is starting to slowly accept him,"Su Guoyao said.

    This was the last answer Jiang Lan wanted to hear, screwing Su Guoyao and saying, "Acceptance my ass, is it hard to really let her daughter stay with this wimp for the rest of her life?"

    Su Guoyao himself was also a wimp, so he really wasn't qualified to critique Han 3,000, and now this situation was a good thing in Su Guoyao's opinion, he didn't have to divorce, so the old lady wouldn't be upset about it.

    "What does it matter, anyway, now that our daughter is successful, it doesn't matter even if we raise a wimp at home."Su Guoyao said indifferently.

    Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao and said, "It's not enough to have a wimp like you at home, there's also another one, do you know how my mother's family has been saying bad things about me behind my back?"

    Su Guoyao moved his buttocks awkwardly and said: "Your mother's family are all long-tongued women, what they say you just don't listen to, and now Yingxia is rising, do you want to force her to divorce?Can the old lady spare us if she knows about this?"

    Jiang Lan sighed, the biggest obstacle to this matter was the old lady, if she didn't agree, no one would dare to make a decision without permission.

    Moreover, Su Yingxia had a hard time getting a position in the company, so divorce at this juncture was obviously impossible.

    "One year, I'll see what he can do after one year."Jiang Lan said.

    "What one year?"Su Guoyao looked at Jiang Lan in confusion.

    "It's nothing, it's not a big deal."Jiang Lan disdain, she didn't think that a year's time Han 3000 could be any good, now it's still not doing housework at home, it's just more things to transport Jiang Lan to and from work every day, can't it be that being a driver can still backfire, Jiang Lan doesn't believe it.

    "Right, downstairs, we have another Audi downstairs in the past few days, and it's also a new car, do you know who it belongs to?Park with us."Jiang Lan wondered, I've never seen anyone buy a new car before, so how come I just bought one in my own house, and there's another one exactly like it.

    "What's more, I even drove the wrong door one time, both of them are new cars with no license plate, which confused me, but I really don't know who owns them."

    Lan Jiang was just asking casually and didn't delve any further.

    After dinner, Han Qianqiang was the first to take a bath, then filled the bathtub with water, this time Su Yingxia was very fortunate to work, so they would take a bath to relax.

    In less than half an hour on the floor, Su Yingxia returned to her room after her bath.

    The snow-white bath towel wrapped around like a brassiere dress, hinting at a deep ravine.The glittering water droplets on her skin were visible to the naked eye, like a pair of beautiful rolls of water hibiscus.

    Han Qianlian's eyes and nose looked at the season into the middle of summer, and it was another difficult period of time.

    "Shen Lingyao came to see me again today, saying that she wants to steal you from me, what do you think?"Su Yingxia said to Han Qianli after lying on the bed and applying the mask.

    Han Qianqian couldn't laugh or cry, he hadn't thought that an unintentional act would result in such a consequence, but of course, Shen Lingyao was only joking when she said that.

    "She's just joking,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "Of course it's a joke, do you still want it to be true?"Su Yingxia's tone had clearly changed.

    Han Giangli laughed and said, "The weather seems to have turned cooler recently."

    "No ah, I feel quite hot, if you feel cold, go sleep on the couch."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli looked at the beautiful legs that were flat on the bed, knowing that that missed opportunity would have to be brewing for a long time again, changed the topic and said, "I suspect that the Su family's recent troubles are related to Su Hai Chao."

    Even Lin Yong hadn't investigated the matter, but Su Hai Chao would know, which was a flaw in itself, and the only possibility Han Qianqian thought about it was that it was simply Su Hai Chao who had caused it.

    "No way, even though he's dissatisfied with me, he's not going to do anything to damage the Su family ah, if grandmother finds out, won't he be finished."Su Yingxia said in surprise.

    Han Qianli smiled coldly and said, "Isn't it, we'll find out tomorrow."


That night, Su Hachao and Cheng Gang met.

    For Su Yingxia to personally appear to negotiate this matter with himself, Cheng Gang was so excited that he rubbed his fist.

    Three years ago, Han Qianli hadn't yet joined the Su family, and the men pursuing Su Yingxia were like crucian carp in the river, countless people wanted to kiss her, that's why the Su family's wedding would be a sensation all over Cloud City, I don't know how many desperate men were shouting that day, I don't know how many people were scolding Han Qianli behind his back for toad eating swan meat.

    Now that he had the chance to flip clouds with Su Yingxia, and Su Yingxia had never been touched by Han 3000 before, how could Cheng Gang not be excited.

    "You've done a good job with this matter, if you have any trouble in the future, feel free to come to me, I'll definitely help you out."Cheng Gang said.

    Su Hachao's eyes were dark, as long as he solved Su Yingxia, what trouble did he still have, no one in the entire Su family could compete with him for the position of chairman.

    Thinking of Su Yingxia's complacent appearance when he recently became the project leader, Su Hachao's anger is not to be beaten, and also changed the car, he really does not know how to restrain himself at all.

    "Brother Gang, I have an unkind request."Su Hachao said.


    "Do you mind letting other people know about Su Yingxia having sex with you?"Su Hachao asked.

    Cheng Gang was stunned and immediately understood Su Hachao's meaning, saying, "Are you trying to use me to drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family, so that Su Yingxia's reputation will be completely ruined?"

    Seeing that Cheng Gang's expression was somewhat serious, Su Haichao swallowed his saliva and said fearfully, "If Brother Gang doesn't want to, I'll think of another way."

    "Hahahaha."Cheng Gang patted Su Hachao's shoulder and said, "How would I be unwilling, I would like everyone to know that I fucked Su Yingxia, it's a glory ah, and also to show that soft guy Han Qianqiang how slutty a woman he can't even touch with his hands is in my crotch."

    "Don't worry to expose it, Su Yingxia is completely stinky in Cloud City, she may or may not willingly let me keep her as a canary for me."

    Su Haichao smiled faintly and said, "Brother Gang, then I'll do as you wish, after tomorrow, there will definitely be countless men who will envy you, Su Yingxia is a big beauty."

    Cheng Gang licked his lips, clearly already looking as if he couldn't wait.

    The next day, Su Hachao arrived at Su Yingxia's office.

    "The time and place have already been set, I had a hard time contacting the people, you don't want to back out at the last minute, if this doesn't work well, you should know what will happen to grandma."Su Hachao said to Su Yingxia, thinking in his heart that tonight Su Yingxia would be completely ruined, and she could finally be allowed to completely get out of the Su family.

    Su Yingxia was wary of Su Haichao's good intentions, and it was very likely that Han Giang brought up this matter last night in connection with Su Haichao, so in order to avoid exposing the horse's foot, Su Yingxia just responded indifferently, "Don't worry, I'll be there and will solve this trouble.If you want to look at me funny in this matter, you might be disappointed."


    Su Haichao sneered more than a little, he wouldn't be disappointed, there was still a whole lot of goodies waiting to be seen.

    He had even imagined that after Su Yingxia's matter was exposed, Cloud City's ten thousand people would spit on her and the Su family would be disgraced.

    At that time, Su Yingxia would be a dog of death, the Su family would not treat her well, and the entire Yun City would treat her as a slut.

    And Han Qianqian, that wimp, would become the object of shame for the entire Yun City.

    The wife who had been married for three years, he hadn't touched her, but he had slept in Cheng Gang's bed, and I don't know if that wimp could accept such an insult.

    "Don't be late, he's an impatient man."

    After Su Haichao left the office, Su Yingxia called Han Qianqian and told her the time and address.

    A suburban farmhouse, discussing matters in such a place was obviously fraudulent, and Han 3000 called Lin Yong to make arrangements.

    No matter who the other party was tonight, Han Qianqian would make him regret doing this.

    Shortly after Su Haichao returned to his office, Su Yeh Han appeared furtively.

    "What are you doing?"Su Haichao was confused.

    Su Yehan didn't quite understand why Su Hachao wanted to help Su Yingxia in this matter, such a good and heavenly opportunity, but he didn't even seize the opportunity to fall into the well.

    "Haichao, are you confused, why do you want to help Su Yingxia?"Su Yeh Han asked.

    Su Haichao smiled and leaned against the back of the chair and said, "You're quite a smart person, how come you're confused on this matter."

    "What do you mean?"Su Yeh Han looked at Su Hae Chao with puzzlement.

    "Do you really think I would truly help her?"

    "You're saying it's a trap?"Su Ye-Han asked.

    Su Haichao thought about it, Su Yehan also regarded Su Yingxia as an enemy, even if she were to know about this, she wouldn't be able to tell anyone else.

    "I'll tell you the truth, the person who found trouble with the Su family is someone I know and I ordered."Su Hachao said.

    When Su Yeh Han heard this, she was surprised and looked at Su Hai Chao, "You ordered it!Grandma won't let you off the hook if she finds out about this."

    "How could grandmother know about it, I trusted you to tell you about it.And after today, Su Yingxia will be completely ruined, without us having to say more, grandmother will drive her out of the Su family."Su Haichao looked gleeful, this bad anger, finally found the opportunity to vent, and when Su Yingxia is kicked out of the Su family, he can legitimately become the head of the west side of the city project, killing two birds with one stone.

    "What's going on, don't sell yourself short, tell me quickly."Su Yeh Han said eagerly.

    "Cheng Gang is a person, you've heard of him, right?"

    "Cheng Kong!Isn't it a character from the grey area of Cloud City?"

    "He has a crush on Su Yingxia, and as long as Su Yingxia appears tonight, he won't be able to escape Cheng Gang's clutches.And I've made a deal with him, after Su Yingxia is f*cked by him, the whole city will expose this matter."

    Su Yehan grew her mouth, jaw-dropping!

    Cheng Gang is going to have s*x with Su Yingxia, and this matter is going to be exposed, that's a big news.

    Su Yingxia is a married woman, but she has slept with Cheng Gang, and this will be a sensation in Cloud City, a thousand accusations!

    "Hahahahahaha."Su Yehan covered her mouth and laughed, saying, "If grandmother knew that Su Yingxia had discredited our Su family, she would only be kicked out of the Su family."

    "Not bad, that's my plan, perfect enough."Su Haichao said proudly.

    Su Yehan nodded in approval, although it was a bit poisonous, but for Su Yingxia, a fatal blow, and she would not only be expelled from the Su family, there would be no place for her in the entire Yun City in the future.

    "Retribution, this is retribution, Su Yingxia actually sent me to inspect the construction site, she really thinks she's a commodity, I'd like to see what she'll do tomorrow."Su Yehan sneered.

    "What I want to see most is still Han Qianqian's face, being a wimp for three years while his own wife is being fucked by someone else, this must not be a good feeling."Su Haichao said with a yearning face.

    Su Yehan disdainfully hooked the corner of his mouth and said, "This wimp, even if he knew about it, so what, would he still dare to find trouble with Cheng Gang."

    "You really think too highly of him, a loser, just the word Cheng Gang can scare him into weak legs, revenge is something only a real man would dare to do, and he, not a man."

    That afternoon, Han Three Thousand came to pick up Su Yingxia from work as usual, but when she arrived at the kiosk, she found that it was actually closed today.

    For three years, Han three thousand rain or shine, the commissary has never been closed, could it be that the boss has something going on today?

    Han Three thousand didn't think much of it, opening the door for business and occasionally closing the door was normal.

    After picking up Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 directly drove towards the suburban farmhouse.

    Su Yingxia was a little worried, and asked Han 3,000, "3,000, there won't be any mistake, right?I never felt right today, like something was going to happen."

    "Don't worry, with me here, no one can hurt you."Han Qianli said faintly, his eyes carrying an imperceptible killing intent.

    After hearing Han Qianqian's words, Su Yingxia was slightly relieved, as if as long as he was there, all the unsettling and dangerous factors would be dissolved.

    After arriving at the farmhouse, there were already people waiting at the door, and at a glance they were not good people, vicious and tattooed dragons and phoenixes.


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