His True Colors 151-152


His True Colors Chapter 151

"Han Qianqian, grandmother is here and you're still not kneeling down to apologize to me."After a display of grandmother-grandson love, Han Jun's eyes were dark and venomous as he said to Han Qianqiu.

    With Nangong Qianqiu, Han Jun was confident because as long as his grandmother was there, he wasn't afraid even if the sky fell.

    And Han Jun didn't believe that in front of Nangong Qianqiu, Han Qianqiang would dare to act recklessly.

    After all, a wimp is a wimp, so how could he have a hard backbone?

    "Han Qianqian, you even dare to beat your own brother, if you don't die, the heavens won't allow it."Nangong Qianqiu said angrily.


    God forbid?

    Han Qianqiang sneered with a face full of laughter, if he didn't resist, he would have died at the hands of Nangong Qianqiu's men, did he have to accept his fate and die before Heaven would tolerate him?

    If so, what is the use of God?

    "Nangong Qianqiu, what if Heaven forbids me, so I'll go against it?"Han 3,000 said, walking towards Han Jun.

    The bodyguards that Nangong Qianqiu had brought had all been beaten down by Han Giang, so Nangong Qianqiu had to protect Han Jun by himself, but Han Jun hadn't understood the situation yet, and only felt sure that Han Giang would kneel down, instead he was in front of Nangong Qianqiu.

    "Kneel down and kowtow to me, I might be able to spare your life, by the way, you're a woman, I'll take care of her for you,"Han Jun said.

    "I don't know how to die."Once again, Mo Yang was speechless for Han Jun's intelligence, it was impossible to connect him to Han 3000, between his own brothers, one was an idiot while the other clearly had the posture of a baron, the same bloodline, but two very different people were born.

    With a cold smile, Han Qianqian clasped Han Jun's neck with one hand and picked it up with one hand, saying coldly, "Han Jun, when will you understand that Nangong Qianqiu can no longer keep you?"

    As the words trailed off, Han Qianqian stretched out his other hand and struck Han Jun at his shoulder blade.

    A pig-killing scream resounded throughout the villa.

    In a rush, Nangong Qianqiu moved forward and pulled Han Third Thousand, cursing angrily as she did so, "Let go of him, Han Third Thousand, he's my precious grandson, let go of him or I'll have you killed without a funeral."

    Han 3000 pushed Nangong Qianqiu away, Nangong Qianqiu didn't give up and raised his cane, striking at Han 3000's back.

    Without even furrowing his brow, Han Qianqiu said to Nangong Qianqiu, "The pain of the flesh is less than one ten thousandth of the pain of the heart, do you know that my heart, back at the age of twelve over there, shattered into a piece of dregs."

    "You let him go, let him go."Nangong Qianqiu didn't care what Han Qianqiang said, she only wanted to save Han Jun now.

    Han Qianqiang smiled faintly, and the moment she let go of Han Jun, she kicked Han Jun in the abdomen.

    After falling down, Han Jun curled up on the ground, the pain causing cold sweat to run down his body, and he felt like the hand that was hit by Han Qianqian was senseless, as if it was useless.

    Nangong Qianqiu ran to Han Jun's side in panic and asked in distress, "Han Jun, Han Jun, how are you, are you alright."

    "Grandma, help me kill him, help me kill him."Han Jun cried out.

    Nangong Qianqiu hated to kill Han Jun ten thousand times for daring to hurt his precious grandson, but now that there was no one under her command, how could she alone be Han Jun's opponent?

    "Han Qianqiu, your father's body is still cold, if you do this, he won't let you off even if he's in the spring."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    Han Qianqian let out a loud laugh at the words, the bones of his corpse are not yet cold?

    "What a corpse, you're going to kill his son, does he know that?"Han Qianqiang's laughter stopped abruptly and filled with coldness, he said to Nangong Qianqiu.

    Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth and said, "I'm his mother, who am I going to kill, can he still control me?"

    Han Giangli took a deep breath, what does it mean to be overbearing and barbaric?The dead old woman embodied this to the fullest.

    Jiang Lan's unreasonable behavior was nothing compared to her.

    At this time, another person came from the villa.

    "Master."Han Giangli shouted.

    "Yan Jun, you are my Han bodyguard, and now that he has threatened my life, I order you to kill him."Nangong Qianqiu said to Yanjun, as long as he was willing to take action, Han Three Thousand would die.

    Yan Jun walked step by step towards Han Three Thousand, it seemed that Han Jun saw what had happened to Han Three Thousand and couldn't help but smile even though it was still painful.

    "Han Three Thousand, how f*cking powerful are you, let me see, can you beat Yan Jun?"Monarch Han called out.

    Even Shi Jing was nervous at this time, although Han Marchun was now comprehensively suppressing and Nangong Qianqiu, Yan Jun's action would definitely turn the tide, his power was simply beyond what ordinary people could imagine.

    "Awakened?"Yan Jun walked up to Han Qianli and said with a smile.

    Han Giang was sweating, he could not put anyone from the Han family in his eyes, but his respect for Yan Jun was deep in his bones, because without Yan Jun, he would never have been where he was today.

    "Master, I can't sleep even if I wanted to,"Han Giangli said.

    "Since you're awake, it's time for the world to get to know you."Yan Jun said, then stepped aside, acting as if he wasn't even going to be in charge.

    Seeing this, Nangong Qianqiu fell like an ice cave, if Yan Jun didn't do anything, who else could stop Han Qianqiang?

    "Yan-kun, have you forgotten what he said to you before he died?"Nangong Qianqiu gritted his teeth and said.

    "Of course I remember, he wanted me to watch out for the Han Clan for the rest of my life so that the Han Clan could continue its legacy."Yan Jun said.

    "If that's the case, why didn't you kill him?The Han family can only flourish in the hands of Han Jun."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "Him?"Yan Jun looked at Jun Han with disdain and said, "He's not even as good as a piece of trash in my eyes."

    When Han Jun heard this, he immediately broke into a rant, "Yan Jun, you're f*cking farting, I'm trash, what are you, you're just a bodyguard for our family, a dog for our family, what makes you say I'm trash."

    "Nangong Qianqiu, do you hear me?He only treats me as a dog."Yan Jun smiled with a contemptuous face.

    Nangong Qianqiu's heart sank, the Han Clan could be where it is today, and Yan Jun had a great deal to do with it, even if Han Jun's grandfather was alive, he would never dare to treat Yan Jun as an underling.

    But what Han Jun said, Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't refute, and his grandson said that he was a dog.

    "Han Qianqiu, if you're capable, you kill me."Nangong Qianqiu said coldly to Han 3,000, she didn't believe that Han 3,000 really dared to do that, when she left here, she would definitely be able to find a way to deal with Han 3,000.

    "I won't kill you, after all, I'm also afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven, but if you want Han Jun to live, there's only one way to choose."After saying that, Han Third Thousand looked at Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang was in a fog, he wasn't sure what was going on right now, but this old lady was obviously Han Three Thousand's grandmother, as to why she was treating Han Three Thousand this way, Mo Yang wasn't sure at all.

    "Why are you looking at me?Do you want me to do it?"Mo Yang asked in puzzlement.

    "What about the things I gave you?"Han Three Thousand Years said.

    This made Mo Yang come back to his senses and quickly raised his hand, a little brother ran to his side.

    A very delicate wooden box, this was handed over to Mo Yang by Han Qianqiang, but Mo Yang hadn't seen what was inside.

    "What is this?"Mo Yang asked softly after handing the wooden box to Han Third Thousand.

    Han Qianqian received the wooden box and threw it at Nangong Qianqiu.

    The wooden box fell to the ground and cracked in response, a white damask spread out.

    Mo Yang's jaw dropped, and then a chill ran straight from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

    Wasn't this thing ...... used to suspend itself!

    Shi Jing almost fainted when she saw the white damask.

    Jiang Lan and Su Yingxia He Ting were so scared that they didn't even dare to raise their heads.

    Especially Jiang Lan, she had never failed to humiliate Han Qianqian before, and had even tried every possible way to force Han Qianqian out of the Su family, but now the powerful methods Han Qianqian showed were so frightening that she was almost scared out of her wits.

    For the past three years, she had been so high and mighty in front of such people!Just thinking about it makes Jiang Lan feel scared!

    In the entire villa, only Yan Jun had a faint smile on his face.


    Not cruel!

    For the injustice that Han Three Thousand Years had suffered, it was reasonable for Nangong Qianqiu to have such an end, after all, she was going to have Han Three Thousand Years killed.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, what do you mean?"Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth and said.

    "You and Han Jun, only one of you can leave from here alive."Han Qianqiu said coldly.

His True Colors Chapter 152

After hearing Han Qianqian's words, Han Jun was like hearing an international joke and let out a loud laugh, when did this trash learn to act like this and dare to scare him like this?

    "Han 3,000, do you think I'm scared?Don't you have a f*cking clue what you're like, you can scare me?"Han Jun said.

    Han Qianqiu looked at Nangong Qianqiu, her eyes didn't have half the emotion of a loved one, her pupils were more like deep, bottomless ponds, capable of swallowing people up at any moment.

    Nangong Qianqiu's heart was trembling, how could she have never thought that Han Third Thousand, who had always been the image of a wimp in her heart, would be able to do such a vicious thing.

    "Han Qianqian, if you're capable of killing me directly, I'd like to see if you have the guts to do so."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    Although Han Third Thousand said that only one of the two of them could leave, what he wanted was for Nangong Qianqiu to die.

    Because only if Nangong Qianqiu died would the threat be truly removed, and Han Jun, a trash, had never looked at him.

    More importantly, Han Jun would have to return to Qin City to remain in prison, and he couldn't die.

    "Aren't you heartbroken for Han Jun?Let's see how long you can last."After Han Qianqiu finished speaking, she walked towards Han Jun.

    Han Jun panicked and actually dug into Nangong Qianqiu's bosom, saying to Han Three Thousand, "Rubbish, what the hell do you want, don't come near me."

    Nangong Qianqiu held Han Jun in a death hug as Han Marchun approached and snapped at Han Marchun, "Han Marchun, I suggest you better give yourself a way out or I'll give everything I have and kill you too."

    Han Qianqiu smiled coldly and said, "Nangong Qianqiu, do you still not understand your situation?"

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Giangli dragged Han Jun by the hand, dragging him nearly three meters before he stopped and punched Han Jun's other arm.

    Han Jun unsurprisingly cried out in pain, for a soft bone like him, even a cut on his finger could shed a few tears, how could he endure this level of injury?

    "Right now his hands aren't useless, but soon, he'll be a complete waste of limbs."Han Third Thousand said to Nangong Qianqiu.

    Nangong Qianqiu was shaking with anger, heartbroken for Han Jun, and hateful for Han 3000's anger at a thousand cuts.

    Seeing that Nangong Qianqiu was indifferent, Han Three Thousand Thousand strokes stomped on Han Jun's right leg with almost all her might.

    Han Jun kept rolling on the ground in pain, and finally stopped treating Han Qianqian so condescendingly and started begging for mercy, "Han Qianqian, I'm the one who's trash, I'm the one who's trash, please let me go, let me go."

    "The first leg."Han Third Thousand was indifferent to Han Jun's pleas for mercy and said to Nangong Qianqiu.

    Nangong Qianqiu's eyelids jumped straight, and this was the moment she truly saw Han Third Thousand's vicious methods.

    "Second leg."Han Qianqian attacked Han Jun's other leg again, and in less than a minute, Han Jun was doomed to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

    "Ah ......."

    The murderous screams of pigs echoed in the villa for a long time.

    Jiang Lan felt limp and his soul was scattered.

    Han Qianqian, was he originally like this?Turns out he's so scary when he's ruthless.

    Jiang Lan was all too eager to kneel down to Han Qianqiu in order to forgive her for her previous excessive actions.

    "Nangong Qianqiu, he'll only be a wheelchair for the rest of his life, can you bear to see him have to be fed even for meals from now on?Isn't this your most precious grandson?"Han Qianqiu coldly said.

    Nangong Qianqiu's face was filled with pain, she indeed couldn't bear to see Han Jun being tortured anymore, this was a precious baby she had grown up holding in her hands, even if she held it in her mouth, she was afraid of melting it.

    "Han Qianqiu, how can you treat your brother like this, how can you treat me like this?"Nangong Qianqiu roared.

    "You're the one who wants to kill me, but if I don't resist, do I have to stick my neck out for you to cut it off?Nangong Qianqiu, you're not the only one in charge of things in this world, and you don't have the qualifications to be a dictator."Han Qianqiu said flatly.

    "Grandmother, you're already so old, please let me live, please, please let me die."Han Jun knew that he would only be able to live if Nangong Qianqiu died, so how could he care if Nangong Qianqiu lived or died when his own life was at stake?

    When Nangong Qianqiu heard this, she couldn't believe that Han Jun wanted her to die!

    "Han Jun, do you know what you're talking about, I'm your grandmother."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "If you're a grandmother, all the more reason to make sure I live, isn't it?Do you even want to harm your own grandchildren?"Han Jun said.

    Nangong Qianqiu looked desperate, this precious grandson, who had said since childhood that he would take care of her for the rest of her life, would let her die at this time.

    So many years of loving care, even if she used it on a dog, she should use her life to protect her.

    And what about Han Jun?It would only be at a time of crisis that she would be asked to die.

    "Nangong Qianqiu, your precious grandson wants you to die, will you die?"Han Qianqiu said.

    Nangong Qianqiu clenched her back groove teeth, it wasn't like this, this wasn't how this matter was supposed to be.

    Her plan was seamless, why did it turn out this way, why was he able to get out of Qin City!

    "Han Three Thousand Years, how did you leave Qin City and who's helping you?"After saying that, Nangong Qianqiu looked towards Yan Jun and continued with malicious eyes, "Yan Jun, didn't you say that you wouldn't interfere in this matter?Why did you rescue him from Qin City?"

    Yan Jun smiled faintly and said, "I didn't save him, it's just that all along, you underestimated him."

    "From the moment I received your call for me to return to Yanjing, I guessed your plan, Nangong Qianqiu, do you think that you are the only smart person in this world?"At this time, Han Qianqiu came back to Han Jun's side.

    Han Jun was so frightened that he just peed, and a pool of yellow water soaked the floor, kowtowing to Nangong Qianqiu, "Grandmother, I beg you, please die quickly, you old immortal thing, what's the point of living."

    "Do you hear me?He called you an old immortal, but in the eyes of your precious grandson, you're just an old immortal."Han Qianqian said with a mocking face.

    Nangong Qianqiu's face was ashen, her pupils were lifeless, she was truly desperate at this moment.

    After all the effort she put into trying to rescue Han Jun, she had thought that this precious grandson would allow her to take care of herself, but what now?Han Jun only wanted her to die quickly.

    "Han 3000, the Han family will be destroyed in your hands, and if I die, the Han family will be finished."Nangong Qianqiu made her final struggle, hoping to blackmail Han Sanqiang with the survival of the Han family.

    "Do you think I want to be the heir of the Han family?Where there's me, Han Three Thousand Thousand, it's the Han family, Yanjing, that's just a sad place, I never put it in my eyes."Han Three Thousand Thousand said indifferently.

    One punch, crippling Han Jun's left hand.

    Han Jun's eyes were blood red, and he roared at Nangong Qianqiu, "You old fool, don't f*cking harm me, hurry up and die, old thing, I'll give you two more pillars of incense, you hurry up and die, I beg you."

    Nangong Qianqiu's heart was like a knife in her chest, why, why was the person she had always valued so much acting so wimpy at this moment.

    And the wimp she had always thought of as a wimp was this strong!

    Could it be that the Emperor's traitorous appearance was really misjudged by that priest?

    "Was I wrong?Was I wrong?"Nangong Qianqiu muttered to herself and picked up the white damask.

    At this time, Shi Jing walked to Nangong Qianqiu's side and said, "Mom, I've come to give you a last ride."

    Nangong Qianqiu was shaken in her heart and asked Shi Jing, "Did you know this would happen?"

    "Mom, I've advised you, you know very well what kind of person Han Jun is, how can he take on a heavy responsibility?I don't have a problem with you wanting to have Han Qianqian jailed for him, but why do you still want to kill him?"Shi Jing helplessly finished speaking, receiving the white damask and throwing it upwards.

    The white damask hung from the living room's ceiling lamp, Shi Jing had ended Han Cheng's life with her own hands, it was no big deal for her to send Nangong Qianqiu on another ride.

    Nangong Qianqiu shook her head, even up to this moment, she still didn't think Han Qianqiang would be better than Han Jun, even if Han Jun let her die, even if Han Jun's image was no longer that of a well-behaved grandson, but there was still a world of difference between the two of them in terms of their abilities.

    "Han Three Thousand, if I die, the Han family will be ruined, and I'll be watching from below the day you're a dog in a mess."


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