His True Colors 144-146


His True Colors Chapter 144

Su Yingxia didn't sleep through the night, and after dawn, she decided to go find Lin Yong, because this Han 3,000 was not Han 3,000 at all, and Lin Yong had been in contact with Han 3,000 before, so maybe he could help in this matter.

    Throughout the night, Su Yingxia's heart was in turmoil, trying to think of all sorts of unknown situations, and even thinking that Han 3,000 yuan is likely to have an accident, which made her more and more afraid and worried.

    After asking around, Su Yingxia knew that Lin Yong in the Magic City nightclub, but early in the morning to the Magic City, the doors are closed, after all, it is a nightclub, which has the reason to open the door early in the morning.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are looking for.

    Soon, the person inside was alarmed and opened the door with a disgruntled face: "What's the noise, early in the morning, pushing for life?"

    "I want to see Lin Yong."Su Yingxia didn't often come into contact with such occasions, much less deal with people in the grey area, so she looked a little scared in the face of the menacing Lin Yong's men.

    When that underling saw that Su Yingxia was a beautiful woman, he came to his senses and said, "Beauty, you don't have to be so impatient to find a man, how about I satisfy you?"

    Su Yingxia waved her hand repeatedly and said, "I'm looking for Lin Yong, not a man."

    Looking for Brother Yong?

    This woman, is she Yong's lover?

    The boss's woman, where else would he dare to flirt, he quickly straightened his face and said, "Beauty, take me as if I didn't say anything just now, I'll go and call Brother Yong for you."

    If it were anyone else who wanted to see Lin Yong, they would have been chased away, but Su Yingxia was a beautiful woman, where would my little brother dare to slack off.

    Lin Yong this early in the morning was also snoozing, and being disturbed from his beautiful dreams, he directly kicked that little brother a few times.

    "Brother Yong, it's a big beautiful woman who came to see you, I see that she can't wait, maybe it's a delivery ah."The little brother said with a bitter face.

    A big beautiful woman?

    There was no shortage of women around Lin Yong, and there were quite a few beautiful women too, but why had they suddenly come to him?


    Lin Yong's heart was shocked, it shouldn't be that the protective measures weren't done properly, playing with fire.

    Originally Lin Yong wanted his little brother to casually give some money to get rid of it, but didn't know who the other party was, that's why he couldn't help but be curious to see for himself.

    At the entrance of the Magic City, when Lin Yong saw Su Yingxia, he was so frightened that he drew cold air, where the f*ck is this his woman, this is his sister-in-law ah!

    "Miss Sue, what are you doing here?"Lin Yong said with a chill in his heart, if Han Qianqian knew about this misunderstanding, he wouldn't be able to eat his way out of it.

    Seeing Lin Yong treating himself so respectfully, Su Yingxia was even more sure of her previous thoughts, Han Three Thousand simply wasn't giving money to find Lin Yong's help, these two, there must be some kind of relationship.

    "I'd like to ask, about Han Three Thousand, do you have time?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Yes, yes, of course, Miss Su, please come in."After Lin Yong brought Su Yingxia into the Magic Capital, he sent his little brother to inform Mo Yang, after all, it was about Han 3,000 years, he didn't dare to say anything, and the real boss of the Magic Capital now was Mo Yang, he didn't have the chance to speak.

    Soon, Mo Yang appeared in the hall, he was familiar with Su Yingxia, after all, he had watched Han 3000 transport for three years.

    "Aren't you ...... the owner of our company's downstairs, kiosk?"Su Yingxia mistakenly looked at Mo Yang, Han Qianqiang often stay in the kiosk, so Su Yingxia also remembered Mo Yang's face, but a kiosk owner only, how could he appear here?

    Mo Yang didn't expect Su Yingxia to know him, accosted him with a smile and said, "I didn't expect Miss Su to know me, it's really my honor, I don't know what you're here for."

    Su Yingxia couldn't sort out the relationship, but she wasn't here for Mo Yang either, so it didn't matter who Mo Yang was, and said, "I want to know something about Han 3000, do you know what he's been doing lately?"

    Didn't Han Qianxiang leave Cloud City and not come back yet?

    "Miss Su, you're his wife, you don't even know what he's doing, so how would we know."Mo Yang said.

    Su Yingxia knew that if she simply wanted to ask them about Han Qianxiang, she definitely couldn't, so she could only tell them everything about last night first.

    When Mo Yang heard this, his expression instantly became serious.

    Previously Han 3000 had said something inexplicable to him, I'm not like me, I'm not me, at that time Mo Yang was so confused that he couldn't understand it at all.

    But now Mo Yang somewhat understood why Han Qianqian said such words.

    Cloud City, there would actually be a person exactly like him appearing!

    "Miss Su, are you sure that he's not Han Qianli?"Mo Yang asked, although he also felt that Han Giang would not force Su Yingxia, but man, that stuff is on the brain, there's no telling.

    "En."Su Yingxia nodded her head heavily, she could be 100% sure of this, and said, "He said that I haven't slept with him yet, and the him on his lips should be referring to Han 3000."

    Mo Yang took a deep breath, what kind of f*cking drama was this.

    "By the way, Han 3000 once gave me a saying, I have no place on earth, a bottle comes to be the master of Heng Shan.This sentence can be used to verify his identity, you say the first half of the sentence, if he can't pick up the second half, he's definitely not Han Three Thousand."Mo Yang said.

    Su Yingxia asked in confusion, "Did he deliberately give you that before he left?"

    Mo Yang nodded his head, it seemed that Han Qianqiang had already predicted that something like this would happen, that's why he had mentioned him before, this brat, however, had a bit of an unpredictable ability.

    But he knew it would happen, so why wouldn't he want to find a way to avoid it?

    Su Yingxia immediately pulled out her phone and dialed Han Qianqian's number.

    Han Jun came to Cloud City in order to completely change his identity to Han Qianqian, so naturally, he took Han Qianqian's phone.

    When the phone was connected, Su Yingxia thumbed down the amplified build and said, "I have no place on earth."

    "Have you figured out that you plan to sleep with me?"How could Han Jun understand what this meant, was enjoying the personal service of the two women around him, but these vulgarities were still a bit different compared to Su Yingxia, so he was more willing to use his energy on Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia, Mo Yang, Lin Yong three faces changed dramatically, he could not answer, definitely not Han 3000.

    Su Yingxia seemed scared and hung up the phone in a panic, saying to Mo Yang, "He's not Han 3000, what should we do now?"

    Mo Yang also found it tricky to face this question, who is this person, where did Han Marchant go, why did he pretend to be Han Marchant, this series of questions instantly turned Mo Yang's entire brain into a paste.

    "Boss Mo, how about just arresting and torturing him?"Lin Yong suggested.

    Mo Yang shook his head without hesitation, it was simple to catch, but if Han 3,000 was in the other party's hands, it was very likely that it would be fatal to Han 3,000 if they were caught off guard, and now that they didn't know the other party's purpose, how could they act easily?

    "Since Han 3000 had foreseen this happening long ago, he should still have a secret arrangement, we'd better do nothing to avoid ruining Han 3000's plan."Mo Yang said.

    Lin Yong nodded, the fact that Han 3,000 was able to leave those people behind for Mo Yang did show that he had foreseen something, and since he had foreseen it, there would definitely be measures to deal with it.

    "It seems that we can only wait and see what happens now."Lin Yong said.

    Mo Yang looked at Su Yingxia, after last night's incident, it was a very dangerous thing for Su Yingxia to continue to stay with the fake Han Giang, but he treated Su Yingxia as his brother-in-law, he must not let anything happen to her.

    "Miss Su, this person is very dangerous for you, if you trust us, you can stay here."Mo Yang said.

    Su Yingxia knew that living in the villa would be dangerous, but after all, Mordor was a less than glamorous occasion, and she was a woman, living with a group of grown men was definitely not a good idea.

    "No need, I have a good sister, I can go stay at her house recently."Su Yingxia said.

    Mo Yang nodded and said, "That's fine, but I'll have someone protect you during this time, I hope Miss Su will agree."

    Su Yingxia was faintly appalled inside, it was as she thought, Han Giang had an extraordinary relationship with these people, and it looked like he was lying to her when he said he would spend money to get Lin Yong's help.

    But why was he so powerful?Why did even Lin Yong have to give him face?

His True Colors Chapter 145

When Shen Lingyao learns that Su Yingxia is coming to stay at her home for a few days, she is very surprised, because she has only been earnestly persuading Su Yingxia to satisfy Han Marchant's needs in that area, and she even wants to move out of the villa, isn't that even colder to Han Marchant?

    After pursuing the question on the phone also didn't get any results, Shen Ling Yao could only clean the house.

    It wasn't long before Su Yingxia appeared with her luggage, large bags and small bags, looking desperate at Shen Ling Yao's face.

    It's not that she's afraid of being disturbed by Su Yingxia, but Su Yingxia is doing this, doesn't she care at all about the relationship between her and Han Qianqian?

    "Ying Xia, are you planning to stay with me for a long time?What happened?"Shen Lingyao asked.

    Su Yingxia knew a lot about this sister's temper, and if she didn't give her the truth, she would definitely break the casserole to the end.

    "Do you believe that in this world, there are people who look exactly the same?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Twins ah, what's not to believe."Shen Lingyao said.

    Su Yingxia's heart was shaken, whether it was her, or Mo Yang Lin Yong, they were only guessing who this person who suddenly appeared was, but completely ignored the reason for looking the same, being told so by Shen Lingyao, Su Yingxia was enlightened.


    Could it be that Han Sangsan had an older or younger brother!

    Seeing Su Yingxia suddenly stunned, Shen Lingyao said in confusion, "What are you doing, why are you suddenly stunned."

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said, "The Han 3000 at home now, not Han 3000."

    "Not Han 3000, what do you mean."Shen Lingyao was puzzled.

    "Perhaps, he could be Han Three Thousand's twin brother or younger brother."Su Yingxia said.

    Shen Lingyao was stunned, not Han 3000, but his twin brother?

    Considering yesterday's situation, Shen Ling Yao could indeed sense a huge change in Han Marchant, especially since it wasn't at all Han Marchant's fault for letting her go to her room!

    No wonder, they're not even the same person!

    "Damn, what's going on, how come Han 3000 suddenly has an identical brother, and he's pretending to be Han 3000?"Shen Ling Yao was completely overturned in her perception, having twin brothers was not surprising, but why did he appear in Cloud City using Han Qianqian's name?And he even used Han Giang's name to try to have sex with her.

    Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "I don't know, but he should have a way to be able to solve it."

    As Mo Yang said, he predicted in advance that there would definitely be another plan, and for the sake of Han Three Thousand's safety, he couldn't be caught off guard.

    "How do I feel, like something big is about to happen?"Shen Lingyao's heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

    Su Yingxia also thought so, who exactly was Han 3,000, no one in the Su family knew, what kind of background he used, why did his grandfather insist on letting him join the Su family in the first place, all were mysteries, Su Yingxia had a hidden feeling that through this incident, perhaps some secrets about Han 3,000 could be known.

    Yanjing Qin City.

    The third day of Earth Rat's imprisonment was also the deadline given to him by Han Third Thousand.

    Out of his knowledge of Qin City, the gopher gave Han 3000 two plans, but since he was famous, he couldn't participate in this plan or the chances of being discovered would become much higher, so he only gave Han 3000 a detailed description of how to get out of here.

    "That's all I can do, if you can't get out, you can't blame me, this is Qin City after all, and with countless pairs of eyes watching me every day, there's no other good way for me to do it."Gopher said.

    "What about you?"Han Giangli asked.

    The gopher laughed and said, "It's a rare visit, and I'd like to stay a little longer, after all, this is the highest spec prison."

    There was probably no one else other than the gopher who could make prison a fun thing to do.

    Han Giangli kept every word the gopher said in mind, and when he returned to the big room after the release was over, he began to think seriously about it.

    As the boss of the big room, Guan Yong used to be the part of people giving him massages, but now, every time the release was over, he was the one who personally gave Han 3000 a massage.

    In Guan Yong's heart there had always been a doubt, how could Han Jun have suddenly undergone a drastic change, a complete change of person, different temperament, different skills, even he also suspected that the original Han Jun had been switched.

    But he didn't dare to say such things casually, he didn't know how many people he had used to do this, and if outsiders knew of his suspicions, he probably wouldn't live long.

    "Boss Han, how's the force?"Off Yong asked shyly.

    "I'll probably miss your massage when I get out."Han Giangli smiled.

    Get out!

    A cold sweat instantly appeared on Guan Yong's forehead, his sentence was ten years, wouldn't it be a little too early to tell?

    "Guan Yong, I still don't know what you've committed to clear in here, you haven't done much harm, have you?"Han Giangli asked with interest.

    Guan Yong accosted with a smile and said, "It's not really that big of a deal, I started a gang myself, grey in nature."

    Han Qianli's eyebrows raised, not realizing that Guan Yong was still a boss-level figure, but it looked like the eventfulness had faded after quite a few years off.

    It would be a good pawn to have the chance to fish him out.

    As night fell and the people in the large room slept, Han Qianxiang quietly rose to his feet.

    At the same time, within the Han family compound, Nangong Qianqiu also had some plans against Han Qianqiang.

    In the past few days, Nangong Qianqiu had severe insomnia, and when she closed her eyes, she would see the miserable state of the Han family after the deeds were revealed, which made her more and more disturbed, and it could be said that as long as Han Three Thousand Year didn't die, she wouldn't be able to feel at ease for a day.

    Nangong Qianqiu was already making plans to arrange for someone to enter Qin City and directly kill Han Third Thousand because she couldn't wait any longer and couldn't bear the torment any longer.

    For the sake of Han Jun, she would do anything, because in her eyes, the only way to hold up the future of the Han family was to rely on Han Jun.

    The face of the emperor, this was a sign from the heavens, and no one could change it.

    The door pushed open and a man dressed in corseted black clothes entered the room.

    Nangong Qianqiu looked calm and said, "Murder, Han 3000, within two days."

    The black-clothed man didn't say much, nodded and left.

    Killing her own grandson, Nangong Qianqiu didn't hesitate in the slightest, iron-hearted to the extreme, enough to see how low Han Qianqiang's status was in her heart.

    After the black-clothed man left, a person that Nangong Qianqiu had never expected appeared.

    Yan Jun.

    Nangong Qianqiu knew that Yan Jun had been secretly helping Han Qianqian, but after all these years, that loser still hadn't accomplished anything and was still a well-known wimp in Cloud City.

    "Do you still want to speak for him?"Nangong Qianqiu said coldly.

    Yan Jun shook his head and said indifferently, "I said that I won't interfere with any side, but are you so convinced that Han Jun is the one who possesses the face of an emperor?"

    Nangong Qianqiu sneered out and said, "Is there anything to question, as long as you have eyes, you can see that Han Jun is even better than that trash Han Qianqiang."

    "You're only willing to look at Han Jun, never resting your eyes on Han Qianxiang, so what if you have eyes?"Yan Jun said.

    Nangong Qianqiu's face changed, filled with coldness, and said, "Are you cornering me to scold me for being blind and opening my eyes?"

    "Have you ever wondered what if that priest, who was paid off in the first place, what if someone was secretly trying to destroy the Han family?"Yanjun said.

    "Hahahahahaha."Nangong Qianqiu suddenly laughed and said, "There are indeed many enemies of the Han family, but who has the leisure to use more than a decade to frame the Han family in such a ridiculous way?I know you value Han 3,000 more, but don't forget that you're just the Han family's bodyguard, and the fact that you do, means nothing."

    "I have to admit, the Han family is a big tree, it's not easy to bring it down, more than ten years is nothing, I hope you won't regret your decision."Yan Jun said.

    "Yan Jun, you can watch, the Han family will go to the next level in Han Jun's hands, my decision can never be wrong."Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth, even if it was wrong, how could this stubborn old lady admit her mistake?So the best way to kill Han Qianqiu was no longer right or wrong, and the Han family would no longer be threatened by this matter.

    At that moment, the door was opened once again, and Nangong Qianqiu instantly looked terrified!

His True Colors Chapter 146

"Han ...... Han 3000!"Nangong Qianqiu looked at Han Qianqiang in horror, why was he here, wasn't he in jail in Qincheng instead of Han Jun?How did it get out!

    Han Qianqiu stretched out her hand, and the black-clothed man who had just left was already too dead to die.

    Nangong Qianqiu's face was even more pale when she saw this scene.

    This was an expert she had found to go into Qin City to kill Han Qianli, how could, how could he die in the hands of this trash Han Qianli!

    If Yan Jun wasn't in her room, Nangong Qianqiu would definitely think that this was Yan Jun's doing, but ...... but Yan Jun was right next to her.

    "Nangong Qianqiu, with this kind of trash, you want him to kill me too?"Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

    Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth as she looked at Han Qianqiang and said in a cold voice, "I don't care how you kill him, do you know what kind of disaster your jailbreak will bring to the Han family."

    "Disaster?"Han Qianqiu laughed coldly and said, "Nangong Qianqiu, you caused this, what makes you think that I, Han Qianqiu, would willingly go to jail in place of Han Jun?And in order to completely keep this matter from being discovered, you're going to kill me to silence me, do you really take me, Han 3000, as a dumb dog?"

    It was indeed too ruthless for Nangong Qianqiu to do so, but she herself didn't think it was too much in the slightest, Han Jun was able to hold up the Han family, so naturally he shouldn't go to jail, even if he made a mistake that led to this result, in Nangong Qianqiu's opinion, he shouldn't be the one to suffer.

    Since Han 3000 was trash, wasn't it only right that this matter should be replaced by him?

    "Han Three Thousand Years, are you to blame for your lack of success?It's your honor to be imprisoned on Han Jun's behalf."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "Honor?"Han Qianqiang let out a loud laugh when he heard this, his laughter filled with helplessness and bitterness, he couldn't imagine how low he was in Nangong Qianqiu's heart, it was even an honor to be the scapegoat.

    "Nangong Qianqiu, open your eyes properly and see who is the scapegoat."Saying that, Han Qianqiu turned around to walk out of the room.

    Nangong Qianqiu was anxious at the sight, if Han Qianqiang didn't return to Qin City, tomorrow would definitely alert the big names in Qin City, and then the Han family would pay a painful price for this matter!

    "Han Qianqiu, I can stop killing you, but you must go back immediately."Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "What makes you think you can order me around?Do I have to treat you like a grandmother when you have never treated me like a grandson, and I have to accept it as if I were honored when you ask me to die?Nangong Qianqiu, where do you get your arrogance, your confidence, and your impudence!"Han Qianqiu didn't turn back, and her tone also seemed flat, but icy cold to the core.

    Nangong Qianqiu's face was like porcine liver, she didn't think she was being brazen, doing all this was just for the Han family to continue to be glorious, it was for the Han family to be able to better stand in Yanjing.

    For the sake of the Han family, what was it to sacrifice a mere Han 3000?

    "You have the blood of the Han family in your veins, so what's a little sacrifice for the Han family?"Nangong Qianqiu said.

    "The sacrifice should not be me, but him!"Han Qianqian finished speaking and strode away.

    Nangong Qianqiu roared in panic, "Han Qianqiang, where are you going, come back here."

    "Yun Cheng, let that real trash know, and let you know who is the Emperor's Prime Minister."

    Nangong Qianqiu drew a breath of cold air, Han Qianqiang's momentum was so strong that even she felt an incomparably great pressure.

    She knew that she couldn't let Han Qianqian return to Cloud City, otherwise, the Han family's matter would be revealed, and the consequences would be even worse if Han Jun fell into Han Qianqian's hands.

    "Yan Jun, I order you to kill Han Qianxiang immediately."Nangong Qianqiu's eyes were cold as she said to Yan Jun.

    Yan Monarch looked at Nangong Qianqiu indifferently and said, "I said that I won't interfere with the two of them."

    "Yan Jun, you are my Han Family's bodyguard, you have an obligation to protect the safety of the Han Family, and now that the Han Family is in danger, do you want to sit idly by?"Nangong Qianqiu said angrily.

    "The one who put the Han Family in crisis is you, let's wait and see who is the true Emperor of the Han Family next."Yan Jun said.

    Nangong Qianqiu was so angry, how could Han Qianqiang, a trash thing, be the face of an emperor.

    For so many years, what has Han 3000 accomplished, what is he capable of, he doesn't even have the ability to say a kind word, what great things can he still accomplish?

    "If you don't kill him, I'll find someone to kill him myself."Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth.

    "I advise you to better give up such thoughts, you might still be able to save Han Jun's life, if you push him to a desperate situation, not only Han Jun, but also you, will die."Yan Jun finished speaking and left the room.

    Nangong Qianqiu laughed in anger, it was simply a fantasy that Han 3000 would dare to kill her.

    "Waste thing, I will never allow you to destroy the Han family."

    That night, Han Qianqian returned to Cloud City by plane, the time being early morning.

    Anxiously, he arrived at his home in the hillside villa, hoping that Su Yingxia hadn't mistaken Han Jun for himself, or else the consequences would be something Han 3000 didn't dare to imagine.

    Jiang Lan and the others were still sleeping, Han three thousand in Su Yingxia's room did not see anyone, and there was no Han Jun, which made Han three thousand heart cold to the extreme.

    These two were not at home, where would they have gone?

    The noise of the door opening disturbed He Ting, and He Ting walked to the living room in a daze, and when she found Han Qianqian, she directly said, "You don't need to look for Yingxia, she's not home."

    He Ting's tone was very cold and there was a hint of blame, and Han Qian knew that it must have been Han Jun who had done something to upset He Ting.

    "Auntie He, where did Yingxia go?"Han Giangli asked.

    In He Ting's eyes, Han Giang and Han Jun were the same person, so she naturally wouldn't tell Han Giang where Su Yingxia was.

    "Han Three Thousand, why are you like this now?"He Ting had some anger in her puzzlement.

    At this time, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao also came downstairs, and when they saw Han Three Thousand, their anger was naturally needless to say.

    "Han Three Thousand, you beast, you still have the face to come back, you get out."Jiang Lan stood on the stairs and said, Su Guoyao also didn't dare to go downstairs because both of them had been beaten up by Han Jun and didn't dare to get too close to him.

    It couldn't be that something really happened.

    Han Jun, you damned thing!

    Han Qianqian took a deep breath, his clenched fists trembled more than a little, he only had one thought now, kill Han Jun.

    Leaving the villa, Han three thousand went to the Magic City nightclub again, he had to ask Mo Yang and Lin Yong to mobilize their manpower to find Han Jun at the first time.

    The Magic City had just recently closed, it hadn't closed yet, and Mo Yang and Lin Yong hadn't rested, because of Han 3000's matter, the two of them were now hurting their brains.

    "Mo Yang, Lin Yong."

    Hearing the voice, Mo Yang and Lin Yong turned their heads at the same time, but clearly with a wary expression.

    "Who are you?"Mo Yang asked.

    "I have no place on earth, a bottle to be the master of Yokoyama.If you don't open the door, I'm afraid to buy fake cigarettes."Han Three thousand said.

    After hearing this, after being stunned, Mo Yang quickened his pace and walked over to Han Three Thousand, hit Han Three Thousand's shoulder with a punch and said, "F*ck, you're back!Who exactly is that person, from what Su Yingxia said, he looks exactly like you."


    Is she aware of this?

    If that was the case, perhaps the worst hadn't happened yet.

    "What's going on?Where is Welcome Summer now?"Han 3000 asked.

    Mo Yang told Han 3000 about the matter and also about Su Yingxia's stay at Shen Ling Yao's house.

    After learning that Han Jun had forced Su Yingxia, Han 3000's surging killing intent couldn't be contained, and it was good that it hadn't really happened.

    "Who the hell is he?"Mo Yang asked.

    "My brother, Han Jun."Han Marchand said.

    "That's true, Ying Xia called me and said it's likely that he's your twin brother.But why would he borrow your identity to come to Cloud City, and ...... and even his own brother's wife."Mo Yang was puzzled.

    Regarding the Yanjing Han family, Han 3000 didn't want to reveal anything yet, after all, it was about his true identity, and for this heavy identity, Han 3000 already didn't care, and he didn't continue to think of himself as a member of the Han family.

    "Help me find him."Han Three Thousand said.


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