The Unknown Heir 940-941


Chapter 940

It seemed that the Ghost Cave Clan territory was still equipped with many mechanisms, just to prevent outsiders from invading.

    It was only after about a few minutes until there was no more movement inside the door that Chen Hao and Lei Lie dared to poke their heads out and look inside.

    "Damn it, Brother Chen, it's a good thing you're quick to react, otherwise so many crossbow arrows would be enough to shoot us into a sieve!"

    Lei Lie took a look at those crossbow arrows stuck all over the ground and exclaimed with a palpable feeling.

    "It seems that there are many organs present in the Ghost Cave Clan territory, we have to be more careful, you follow me and don't move around!"

    Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and reminded him.

    "Well, don't worry brother Chen, I won't mess around!"

    Lei Lie certainly understood and nodded in response.

    Joking aside, Lei Lie wouldn't dare to mess around at a time like this, he knew that he only had to follow Chen Hao.

    After saying that, Chen Hao walked into the gate with Lei Lie.

    However, at this moment, outside in the real world.

    Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo followed Zhang Lao back to where he was staying, and they didn't know exactly when Chen Hao and the two of them would come out, so they should go back and wait first.

    "Zhang Lao, about how long will it take for them to come out?"

    Zhen Ji asked towards Zhang Lao.

    "I don't know, no one knows what kind of a situation is in there, the only thing they can do is to rely on their own creation!"

    Zhang Lao also gave a very vague answer to the question, which was the same as not saying anything.

    Zhen Ji was still worried about the two of them, and she just wanted Chen Hao to return safely.

    Just at this moment, a loud human voice could be heard coming from the woods not far away.

    The human voices instantly caught the attention of Zhen Ji's three men.

    Looking from afar, Zhen Ji's face changed greatly, because the person who appeared was none other than someone from the Hunters Organization.

    Zhen Ji didn't think that the people from the Hunter Organization were still alive, and it seemed that the situation over the wooden bridge hadn't caused much damage to them all.

    However, Zhen Ji knew that the two of them must not be discovered by the Hunters Organization, or else the situation would be bad.

    "Zhang Lao, those people are from the Hunters Organization!"

    Zhen Ji immediately hurried towards Zhang Lao and said.

    "Heh, I didn't think they would give up yet!"

    After Zhang Lao heard this, he also snorted.

    Hearing Zhang Lao say that, Zhen Ji and Zhou No were both slightly stunned at the same time, they knew that it seemed like Zhang Lao knew something about the situation.

    "You guys quickly leave from the back and find a place to hide, I'll face them, don't come out without me!"

    At that moment, only Zhang Lao instructed the two of them towards Zhen Ji.

    "Well, thank you very much, then, Zhang Lao, be careful yourself!"

    Zhen Ji thanked Zhang Lao.

    Then, Zhen Ji left with Zhou Nuo from behind.

    No sooner had the front foot left than the man in the back cloak rushed into the courtyard with the hunter organization.

    Zhang Lao came out and stood there looking at the cloaked man.

    "Zhang Lao, long time no see!"

    The cloaked man looked at Zhang Lao and greeted him with a smile.

    "Zhao Ling, aren't you giving up yet?"

    Zhang Lao looked at the man in the cloak and narrowed his eyes and asked.

    The cloaked man's name was Zhao Ling, and his identity was the leader of the Hunters' organization.


    Hearing Zhang Lao's words, Zhao Ling burst out laughing loudly.

    "Zhang Lao, I, Zhao Ling, am bound to obtain the Ghost Cave Rune of the Ghost Cave Clan, only then will I be able to rule the entire Ghost Spirit Realm and have the Ghost Spirit Realm work for me."

    Zhao Ling spoke with great bravado.

    "Heh, Zhao Ling, you're too presumptuous, there's no way you'll get it!"

    Zhang Lao sneered with disdain.

    Hearing Zhang Lao's words, a flash of killing intent flashed in Zhao Ling's eyes before he moved directly in front of Zhang Lao in an instant.

    Zhao Ling blasted out with a palm towards Zhang Lao.

    When Zhang Lao saw this, he also blasted out with a palm.


    The two of them faced each other with their palms.

    A violent shaking and dust wind was set off throughout the surrounding area, enough to see how powerful the duel between the two was.

    Zhao Ling and Zhang Lao then engaged in a fierce battle.

    Zhen Ji, who was hiding not far away, was also surprised to see this scene.

    Zhen Ji didn't expect Zhang Lao to have such a powerful skill, but he was able to fight with Zhao Ling.

    At that moment, only one mistake was made and Zhang Lao was caught by Zhao Ling.


    Zhao Ling slammed his palm into Zhang Lao's body.


    Zhang Lao puked out a mouthful of old blood in no time.

    "Heh, old thing, do you still think you can compete with young people when you're a year old?"

    Zhao Ling snorted full of disdain.

    After saying that, Zhao Ling kicked Zhang Lao in the stomach again, sending him flying out.

    Zhang Lao heavily fell out a distance of more than ten meters and fell to the ground unable to get up at all.

    As old as Zhang Lao was, it was already good enough for him to last a few rounds with Zhao Ling.

    After all, Zhao Ling was young, so he was still much stronger than Zhang Lao in terms of speed, which was why he was able to defeat Zhang Lao so easily.

    Seeing this scene, Zhen Ji felt a surge of anger in her heart, she wanted to go out and save Zhang Lao, but she knew that if she went out, she would really let down Zhang Lao's protection of them, and she would completely expose them.

    Therefore, the two of them could only watch as Zhang Lao was beaten to death by Zhao Ling.

    A purple-clothed hunter came running in at that moment.

    "Chief, we found many footprints on the other side of the forest!"

    The purple-clothed hunter reported towards Zhao Ling.


    After Zhao Ling heard this, he understood something.

    Zhao Ling immediately went to Zhang Lao's side and dragged him up.

    "Old thing, say, did four people come looking for you, did you bring them to open the passage?"

    Zhao Ling glared at Zhang Lao and questioned.


    Zhang Lao spat at Zhao Ling.

    "Even if I die, I won't tell you!"

    Zhang Lao was very ambitious and said.

    "Mudd, old thing, then you can go to hell!"

    Zhao Ling shouted furiously, and then he just snapped Zhang Lao's neck.

    Seeing that Zhang Lao was killed, Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo both closed their own eyes tightly and tears came out of their eyes.

    They knew that Zhang Lao had died this way to protect them.

    "Take this old man's corpse and advance along the footsteps!"

    Zhao Ling looked around and then ordered all of the people underneath.

    Zhao Ling and the others then took Zhang Lao's corpse and followed the footsteps they found towards the stone formation.

    Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo, on the other hand, carefully followed Zhao Ling and the others along the way.

    After a while, Zhao Ling and the others smoothly arrived at the location of the stone formation.

    Zhao Ling knew that this must be the place to open the passage to the Land of Extreme Yin.

    All it took was for Zhao Ling to walk up to the stone pillar in the middle and take a glance at the bloodstains left on it and he came to his senses.Immediately, he walked back to Zhang Lao's corpse, took a look at his hand, and indeed found a knife wound.


Very quickly, the two purple-clothed hunters sliced open Zhang Lao's neck.

    The blood in Zhang Lao's body was released.

    It really was a person who had died, but they all still had to toss it, and they wouldn't let Zhang Lao go at ease.

    It was simply miserable, so inhumane.

    This was why Zhang Lao was reluctant to help Zhao Ling and the others.

    It was because Zhang Lao knew what kind of person Zhao Ling was, so he wouldn't compromise even if he would rather die.

    But everything wouldn't go as smoothly as Zhao Ling thought it would.

    Zhao Ling had someone pour Zhang Lao's blood onto the stone pillar in the middle.

    There wasn't any change after the blood was poured on it.


    Zhao Ling saw the situation and cursed angrily again.

    He could no longer endure the rage and picked up a knife and walked over to Zhang Lao's corpse.

    Several times, he swung out the knife and instantly divided Zhang Lao's corpse into several sections.

    Such a cruel picture was truly unbearable to see.

    The other hunters around them also had great fear in their hearts at the sight of it, and no one dared to utter a word for fear that Zhao Ling would take out his anger on them.

    "Build a campsite here and we'll wait here for them to come out!"

    After calming down, Zhao Ling just ordered towards his men.

    Since they couldn't go inside, Zhao Ling could only choose to wait for the rabbits and wait outside for Chen Hao and his two men to return.

    According to Zhao Ling's orders, the hunters went into action and got busy, building a campground around the entire stone formation and surrounding it.

    As soon as Chen Hao came out of it, the two of them would be immediately controlled.

    What a sinister trick.

    At this time, the two of them, Chen Hao, had arrived at the territory of the Ghost Cave Clan.

    The two of them were still completely unaware of what was happening outside, let alone the result of Zhang Lao having been cut into pieces to preserve them.

    If Chen Hao were to find out, Chen Hao would be furious and would definitely not let Zhao Ling and the others go, and would definitely seek justice for Zhang Lao and make Zhao Ling and the others pay a painful price.

    But it would also be something that would have to wait until after Chen Hao obtained the Ghost Cave Rune.

    Chen Hao and Lei Lie slowly walked into the middle of the Ghost Cave Clan territory.

    The two of them were very careful with every step they took, not daring to make any movement for fear of triggering some sort of mechanism again.

    When they reached the middle of the territory, instantly, the torches around them lit up automatically.

    Seeing this scene made Chen Hao and the two of them immediately become wary.

    "Who is the visitor!"

    Then a thick voice rang out from all around.

    This voice made one feel like goosebumps instantly rose all over one's body.

    Not to mention Lei Lie, even Chen Hao felt a great sense of fear and pressure arise from his heart.

    Lei Lie was even gasping for air, his face pale and looking very uncomfortable.

    "Senior Soul Cultivator Chen Hao!"

    Chen Hao quickly shouted out loud.

    It was only after Chen Hao's shout that Lei Lie and Chen Hao's state of mind and state of mind recovered.

    "I'll go.Brother Chen, what just happened?"

    After Lei Lie eased over, he looked at Chen Hao with a frightened face and asked.

    "Don't speak!"

    Chen Hao reminded towards Lei Lie.

    After Lei Lie heard it, he immediately shut his mouth and didn't dare to breathe a word.


    At that moment, a shadow flashed in front of the two of Chen Hao's men.

    Immediately after, a person holding a scepter stood in front of Chen Hao's two men.

    This person wore a skull crown, held a scepter, and even wore a fang mask on his face, giving him a very frightening feeling.

    But he was the ruler of the Ghost Cave Clan, Ghost Seeing Sorrow.

    "I am the Ghost Cave Clan Ruler, Ghost Seeing Sorrow, what brings you two to my Ghost Cave Clan territory?"

    Ghost Seeing Sorrow stared at Chen Hao and asked word by word, every word was so strong and powerful, with an irresistible momentum, so that Chen Hao was unable to block and resist.

    Chen Hao knew that if he were to fight with Guizhen, he would not be a match for him at all.

    The strength of the Ghost Seeing Sorrow was greatly beyond Chen Hao's imagination and had already surpassed the All Souls Realm.

    "Senior Ghost Seeing Sorrow, I am a half-human, half-ghost spirit cultivator, I came here to borrow your Ghost Cave Rune, in order to go and save all the creatures in the world, the Great Python has died and the gate of the Ghost Spirit World has been opened."

    Chen Hao looked at the ghost and narrated respectfully.

    "Heh, all of this has already been decided, even if you come to take my scepter now, it's useless, the gate of the Ghost Spirit Realm has opened, it means that the world has changed greatly, perhaps when you go back, everything will already not be the way you think."

    Ghost Seeing Sorrow sneered before looking at Chen Hao as he narrated.

    "Nevertheless, senior still wants to give it a try to at least make the human and ghost realms live in peace, or else the world will be in ruins!"

    Chen Hao spoke with a firm tone towards Ghost Seeing Sorrow.

    After hearing this, Ghost Seeing Sorrow also gazed at Chen Hao, he did not expect Chen Hao to think like this, completely for the sake of the living creatures of the world.

    "Fine, if that's the case, then you can take it!"

    After hearing this, Ghost Seeing Sorrow had no choice but to directly agree.

    Hearing that Ghost Seeing Sorrow would so, it suddenly made Chen Hao and Lei Li be pleasantly surprised.

    They originally thought that getting the Ghost Hole Rune would be a very difficult task.

    But now, they didn't expect it to be so simple, and people agreed to it so easily.

    Then, the Ghost Seeing Sorrow handed the Ghost Hole Rune to Chen Hao.

    Without saying a word, Chen Hao quickly accepted the Ghost Hole Rune and took it in his hand.

    Holding it in his hand, Chen Hao felt incomparably excited, completely unable to believe what was happening in front of him.

    "Thank you, Senior Ghost Seeing Sorrow!"

    Chen Hao immediately thanked the ghosts.

    "There's no need to be polite, I also hope that you can really save all the creatures in the world, so that you can live up to my trust in you!"

    Ghostly Sorrow also spoke lightly.

    "Of course, I will not disappoint you!"

    Chen Hao nodded in understanding as well.

    He knew that the reason why Ghost Seeing Sorrow had agreed to himself so easily was because Ghost Seeing Sorrow trusted him very much.

    Gaining such great trust, of course, Chen Hao could not let the Ghost Seeing Sorrow down, and must do his best to save the entire world and all living creatures.

    After saying that, Chen Hao thanked the ghosts again, and then prepared to leave with Lei Lie.

    "And slow!"

    Just as Chen Hao and the two of them took a step, they only heard the Ghost Seeing Sorrow call out to them again.

    The two of them turned to look at the ghosts again.

    "What else does Senior have to command?"

    Chen Hao asked curiously, thinking in his mind that it wouldn't be possible for the ghost to go back on his word.

    But soon this thought was dispelled from Chen Hao's mind, how could a senior in the hall go back on his word, it must be that he was thinking too much.


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