The King of Kungfu in school 2476-2480


Chapter 2476

"Even if it's hard, it has to be fixed, those powerful gods, are they born that powerful?"

"That's not true, but any powerful god has been cultivated through thousands of hardships.If I have the life to escape this time, I'm ready to struggle, hiding in my own world every day is really not a productive act.When the future comes, if I can really become a powerful god, what world will I want there will be none, and I'll just rob someone else's great world."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Then we're together."

"Yeah, the key is, can we escape, otherwise it's pointless to say anything."

"Let's try our best."

Tang Zichen sat at the entrance of the prison, and now, the only way to get information about the outside world was through the conversations of those guards.

One month later.

"This sacrifice to the heavens, I don't think it's so simple, the sound is so huge."One of the guards said.

"Nonsense, you just felt it."The other guard rolled his eyes.

"What, do you have any news?"

"A niece of mine works in the Witchbang God King's house, so I heard some rumors.I heard that the Wubang God King, is refining some kind of divine pill that requires the use of hundreds of divine grains." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Oh my God, what divine pills?"

"I don't understand, and now, I've heard it's just about the last step in training."

"Why did the Wubang God King keep the news so deadly?It's not like he hasn't refined divine pills in the past."

"Shh, keep your voice down, this time is different, the Wubang Godking has been in the Godking Third Realm for a long time, he desperately wants to become a strong member of the Godking Fourth Realm, this time, he's also open to the idea, taking his own original essence to come, before the Dan was made, the Wubang Godking was very weak, so just in case, the Wubang Godking blocked the news.In case it's known that he's very weak right now, that's a disaster, you mustn't tell anyone about this, otherwise, it will kill us."

"Of course, even if the Wubang God King is very weak, that's not something we can deal with, that would at least require someone from the same God King realm to pick up the advantage."

Tang Zichen's expression did not move as he heard the guards' conversation.

This information, Tang Zichen thought that it was useless, he couldn't hit the attention of that what-if Dan, and besides, that what-if Dan, hadn't been trained yet.

What mattered most now was to find a chance to escape.

Another month passed.

The two guards seemed a little bored.

"Fuck, a bunch of tied up gods, do we really need to be guarded day and night every day?"

"Yeah, I'm tired of guarding like this every day."

"Fuck, I really want to stop guarding, why should we be assigned to guard, the last time we went to the March World, we won't have made less merit than others."

"Oh, what's the point of us complaining here, let's keep guarding."

"How about tonight, let's live in a different way?"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"The dead guys can't get away with it anyway, so we'll have a night, go find a woman and have fun?"

"Gulp."The other guard gulped.

Tang Zichen's eyes lit up, this was an opportunity.

However, that guard refused, "It's better not to, anyway, it's only eight or nine months from the ceremony, it won't matter if we boil it, if the higher-ups find out, it'll be enough for us to drink."

"Colored heart and no guts, we don't have to go for a long time, we'll be back after the cool, ten minutes at most."One of the guards said.

The other guard heard about the ten minutes and said, "Oh shit, ten minutes?It's been too long for you, too.


"Khan."At this moment, Tang Zichen almost didn't laugh, what the hell were the creatures of the Wubang world.

Another guard said, "When I say ten minutes, I'm including the time spent on the way back and forth, and then including the time spent flirting with the ladies over a little drink."

"That's more like it."

"Come on, let's go."

"Fine, nothing can happen in a little while anyway."

So, the two guards, acting like they were walking to the door of the prison, shouted, "Behave yourselves."

That night, in the middle of the night, the two guards slipped away.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and found his chance.

Tang Zichen immediately broke free of the binding rope.

Tang Zichen walked over and whispered to Cloud Fox, "When you find your chance, come with me immediately."

"Ah, what about the others?"

"The others don't know,, let's drill away from the ground, don't show any traces, I believe that in this situation, two less people won't attract attention."

Tang Zichen immediately disarmed Cloud Fox's binding rope.

"Go."Tang Zichen said.

However, that Cloud Fox hesitated and said, "Why don't you take my clan members with you."

"You're insane, you agreed not to bring it, if you bring your clan members with you, where's the trouble."

"Brother Light Cloud, give me half a minute, I promise not to let anyone unrelated know, my clan members and I promise to sneak away quietly."

"Forbidden, it's not a question of quietly, more than thirty people left at once, you heck when the Wubang God King is stupid enough to see it."Tang Zichen firmly refused to allow him to take anyone with him.

However, Yun Fox would not be at Tang Zichen's mercy now that he was free.

"Brother Light Cloud, give me half a minute, just half a minute."Saying that, Yun Huo disobeyed the advice and went to untie the binding rope for his clan.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to him and disappeared in a flash, burrowing away from the ground or running himself, otherwise he would definitely be implicated.

Tang Zichen quickly emerged from another place.

Without the binding rope, it wouldn't be possible to trap any of the gods.

The Cloud Fox, who was still rescuing his clan, half a minute was not a short time, and it took Tang Zichen less than half a second to escape.

After Tang Zichen escaped from the prison, he had another feeling of not knowing where to go, and now if he rashly rushed out of the Witch State World, he would definitely alert some gods.

Therefore, the best thing to do now was to find a safe place to hide.

Just then, Tang Zichen saw a human figure in front of him.

"Hey, is that a human?There are creatures of a similar species to me here?"Inwardly, Tang Zichen was worried that his appearance, which was completely different from the creatures here, could easily be seen, but he never expected to see a creature that looked no different from them.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed towards the person in front of him, it was a woman, but only an immortal level woman.

The woman was startled when she saw Tang Zichen, then pulled her legs out and ran.

"Hey, wait for me."

"What are you following me for."

Tang Zichen said, "Girl."Tang Zichen was about to explain and ask for her help, but at that moment, several top gods in the sky rushed towards the prison and shouted, "Everyone within 10,000 kilometers of the Annex is not allowed to move, or else, die."

This sentence made everyone in the Annex not dare to move a muscle, including the running woman in front of Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen didn't move a muscle either.

At this time, on the ground not far behind Tang Zichen, more than thirty gods appeared on the ground one after another, it was Cloud Fox and his clan.

Unfortunately, they were too late, the gods flying in the sky locked onto the ground in the first place, and when they saw the people popping out of the ground, it was needless to say that they must have just escaped.

Therefore, the god of Ton Ton suppressed down, and Cloud Fox and his clan were immediately unable to move.

As for Tang Zichen, he wasn't suppressed, and it seemed that they didn't know that Tang Zichen had just come out as well, Tang Zichen was a step faster.

Tang Zichen quickly used the disguise technique, his own face changed, this move might not necessarily fool the people of the Sorcerer God King, however, it was also likely that it would not attract their attention, because, the Sorcerer God King's people were of a different race than Tang Zichen.It was like, a rabbit that had changed its face in front of a human, could the human see it?To humans, all rabbits look the same.It was as if Tang Zichen looked at the Witchbond God King's people and they all looked the same.

Tang Zichen sent a message to the woman in front of him and said, "Save me, will you?I also escaped from a prison, I was captured by them from another world for sacrifice, I didn't realize that you and I looked so similar, I don't know if you're human or not, but I know that I can definitely impersonate you.Can you help me?"

The woman hesitated and said, "Then you can pretend to be my boyfriend, your name is Win Steal."

"Okay, thanks.I've just disguised myself, will they be able to tell?"

"Not usually, the Wobblies look at us, and all of us look alike, unless they've specifically gone out of their way to remember some of your features."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen's heart was happy, it was impossible for them to purposely remember Tang Zichen's features. First URL

However, for the sake of safety, Tang Zichen had to find a way to hide his realm to the Xian level.

But, how to hide?Tang Zichen's lowest, he could only allow himself to display one lower god ah.

At this time, Tang Zichen thought of an idea, his godhood was a synthesis of ten wills, wills, to put it bluntly, were memories, if he took the ten wills and briefly forgot them?

Tang Zichen immediately forced himself to forget.

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen turned into a middle-ranked Immortal, not even a high-ranked Immortal, Tang Zichen had previously skipped the level of high-ranked Immortal directly after obtaining the Heart of the Hong Meng.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, whether he could live or not depended on the will of God.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked not far away, the Cloud Fox and the others who were suppressed by the divine power were unable to move like a toad that had been stepped on.

At that moment, that cloud fox looked towards Tang Zichen, and the cloud fox transmitted a message, "Brother Light Cloud, it's still you who's lucky."

"Brother Cloud Fox, I told you not to save your clan, but you didn't listen."

"Oh, it's too late to say anything now, by the way, you must find a way to save me."Cloud Fox said.

"I simply can't think of a way."Tang Zichen was depressed.

Cloud Fox said, "I don't care what method you use, you must rescue me within a month, otherwise, I'll tell them about you, after that they'll definitely find out that there's still one missing, and when that happens, they'll definitely blockade the world, you won't be able to escape.Remember, you only have one month world.Don't think that no one will know if you change your face and hide your realm."

Tang Zichen was furious, "You white-eyed wolf, I didn't think you were this kind of person."

"I can't help it, who let you escape while I couldn't."That Cloud Fox said.

Tang Zichen really wanted to squeeze him to death right now, what a heart to heart.

At that moment, a few top gods came down and said angrily, "Who told you to run away?"

That cloud fox looked at Tang Zichen with a hint of warning in his eyes.


p; One of the gods, looking over at Tang Zichen, came over, "What do you do?"

Tang Zichen hadn't spoken yet, but the girl in front of him was busy saying, "Praise the Witchbonds, he's my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend?What's his name?"

"He called."

"Didn't ask you, you said yourself, what's the name?"

"Praise the Witchbonds, my name is Win Steal, I was out with my girlfriend tonight and I heard you guys yelling at anyone in the sky not to move so I didn't dare move a muscle."

"You really don't know what's going on?"

"Praise the Witchbonds, I don't know."

"Alright, get out."That Wubang Clan god saw that Tang Zichen was a middle-ranked immortal and didn't even want to interrogate more.

Tang Zichen hurriedly ran to the girl in front of him and immediately pulled up her hand and left.

Yun Fox looked at Tang Zichen's departing back, his heart was very complicated, at this moment, he actually regretted inside that he didn't listen to Tang Zichen, it's such a time, what's the point of caring about the clan, he's not going to be able to save his own little life."

"Light Cloud, I hope you remember, one month, otherwise, I will have to divulge you, I can remember that woman's appearance deeply."

Tang Zichen was safely away.

"Who are you?"The woman asked.

"Hello, my name is Don Zichen."


"Girl, thank you for saving my life."

"You're welcome, I was just raising my hand."

"No, it wasn't a show of hands, you risked your life doing it too, thanks again."

"Oh, well, you can run now."

"I can't run, it's more moving to rush out of the world, especially now, I can't even go up into the sky."

"I see, so when can you leave?"

"I don't know about that, but I don't dare take any chances, and I have to be absolutely sure before I choose to break out of the Wuban world."


"So, I still need your help, is that okay?"

"Will that be discovered?And I don't know if my family would want to help you, but your family, have you seen your boyfriend, Win Steal?"

The girl blushed and said, "I don't have a boyfriend, there was a guy named Wen Stealing who was pursuing me, but my family heard that he was ordinary and didn't allow me to contact him.In fact, my family has never met Wen Stealing."

"You mean, I can continue to impersonate Wen Stealing?Follow you home?"

"If you don't have anywhere to go, just try."

"Thank you, girl, that's very kind of you, what's your name?"Tang Zichen asked.

The girl said, "My name is Jumei."

"Oh, that's beautiful."

In fact, this woman was average looking and didn't match beauty, perhaps her parents named her so because they wanted her to look beautiful.

Tang Zichen followed Jumei back to her home.

The gods in the Wubang Clan had already found out that one had run away, so, they launched hundreds of gods to arrest them.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much to be gained, which was mainly because Tang Zichen had hidden his realm, otherwise it wouldn't have been hard to find him at all.

"Father, mother, I'm back."

"You still know how to come back, say, what did you go for?"A man who looked almost human asked angrily, this man was Jemmy's father.


"Hello, Uncle."Tang Zichen took the initiative to greet him.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Wen Steal."

"What? You're the Win kid who seduced my daughter?"

"Yes, it's nice to meet you."

"Get out of here."

"Uh, uncle, why is that."

"If you don't get out of here, don't blame me for being rude."

"I'm afraid uncle has misunderstood me, I, Wen Someone, am handsome and a genius, I shouldn't be treated like this ah."

"Hey, how did your realm turn into a middle-grade immortal?"At that moment, Jemmy's father was busy asking.

"Oh, just practiced up." Remember the URL

"Yeah, I asked someone about it earlier, didn't I. You're stupid."

"You could be mistaken for someone with the same name as me."

Jemmy said, "Father, Wen Stealing just came to our house to pick up for a few days, no other meaning."

Tang Zichen stayed at Jumei's house for half a month.

It was getting closer and closer to the date when Yun Fox told Tang Zichen.

And Tang Zichen, not to mention helping him escape, couldn't even escape himself.

One day, Tang Zichen suddenly discovered that Jumei and her father, were preparing a barrel of wine.

"What are you guys doing?"Tang Zichen asked.

Jemmy said, "We Lilliputians, for generations, have been good at making wine, and my father, who is the head of the Lilliputian clan, sends wine to the Wubang Shrine every year."

"Sending wine to the Wubang Shrine?What is the Temple of Wuban?"

"Of course it's the chambers of the Wubang God King, and we brew all the wine that the Wubang God King drinks."

"Oh oh, so."

Tang Zichen stroked his chin.

"Can I come along?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Yes, but, aren't you?"

"The most dangerous place is the safest place, and if I can hide in the Wubang Temple, I might find a chance to escape this world.But I don't know, I'll get you guys involved."

Jemmy said, "We've been sending wine to the Wubang Shrine for countless years, there are probably hundreds of people who have been sending wine to the Wubang Shrine for countless years, and normally it wouldn't be noticed, but when you get to the Wubang Shrine, it's up to you."

"Okay, thank you."

The next day, Tang Zichen also dressed up as a Lilliputian and followed the same hundreds of other people who had given away wine, and entered the Wubang Shrine without any problems.

"Put the wine here, and then, you can leave."One of the gods of the Wubang Shrine said.


Tang Zichen, however, didn't leave and entered the wine cellar and hid in the wine cellar.

In the end, the wine cellar closed its doors.

The people of the Wubang Shrine didn't think that there would be someone hiding in the wine cellar, after all, there was no point in hiding in the wine cellar.

It was only late at night that Tang Zichen ran out of the wine cellar.

However, the door to the wine cellar was locked.

Tang Zichen couldn't get out through the front door, so he had to find another way out from inside the wine cellar.

The wine cellar was huge, completely like a dungeon.

Tang Zichen walked along the wine cellar all the way inside.

Although he might not be able to find a way out, but at least, it was safer to hide here than outside.

"Hey, there's a light ahead."Tang Zichen suddenly noticed light emitting from the depths of the wine cellar.

Tang Zichen didn't immediately jump on it, but hid it, in case there was someone there, wouldn't it be a self-destruct target.

Tang Zichen hid.

After a long time, there was no one to be found, which was why he quietly dived up.

Tang Zichen saw that the light was not from the wine cellar, but from a stone wall in front of the wine cellar that shone out.

"Why is there a bright light from the stone wall?"

Tang Zichen touched his hand on the stone wall, feeling that this stone wall was thick, at least hundreds of meters thick, and the bright light was coming from hundreds of meters thick beyond.

"There's a chamber next door, this light, it's coming from the next chamber, because the wine cellar is dark and that chamber is bright, so that light is coming through the thick stone wall.What kind of light is this that can penetrate such a thick stone wall?"Tang Zichen said in his heart.

"I don't know, is there anyone in that secret room."Tang Zichen really wanted to go through the stone wall to see, but in case there was someone, he was afraid that it would be very dangerous.

At this moment, in the next chamber hundreds of meters thick.

There was a box in the middle of the chamber, and inside the box was a pill that emitted a radiant light, this light was not an ordinary light, it was probably a radioactive light that could pass through the stone wall.

A powerful god was frowning at the pill, divine power in his hands refining the pill.

"There's still a little bit left, and I don't know if adding three hundred more gods will make it."That powerful god suddenly said.

Right now, he was fully focused on that pill, so he didn't care about the surrounding area, which was directly above this secret room, was his chambers.

That powerful god was the most powerful person in the world of Wubang, the Wubang God King.

When the Wubang God King stopped refining the pills, the light that the pills gave off was instantly gone, and the pills only glowed when he was refining them.

The Wubang God King sighed and leapt out of the chamber to hundreds of meters above the ground, it was getting closer and closer to the so-called Heaven Sacrificing Ceremony, he had to come out to see if the things he needed were ready.

In the wine cellar, Tang Zichen was still hesitant to drill through.Suddenly, the light on the stone wall went out.

"Huh?How did it go out?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

Tang Zichen didn't know what was going on next door, hundreds of meters thick, and wanted to go over there, but was afraid of what if.

Just like that, hesitating.

Finally, Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "Damn, fear of death is not a good man, since I want to go there so strongly within me, this means that there is great promise after going over there.I've heard that that Wubang God King is refining some kind of pill, so maybe I'll just come across it crookedly."Tang Zichen kept convincing himself internally.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "Fight it out."

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately drilled through the thick stone wall.

The stone wall was very hard, and after drilling for a long time, he finally drilled through, but never expected that there would be a restriction around that secret room.

The restraint blocked Tang Zichen.

The thick stone wall couldn't block it, but a thin layer of restraint couldn't break through no matter what.

"Damn it, should have thought of that."Tang Zichen gas a curse, now this drill is good, not only did not enter the secret room, but also exposed his own tracks.

"I don't know what it takes to enter the secret room, this restriction, it's the God King's restriction, what method do I have to use to break this restriction?"

Tang Zichen tried to poke it with his finger, the ban was solid.

Tang Zichen was about to give up, but suddenly, the ground trembled.

"Bang."The restraining system, receiving a strong hit, broke.

"Ah, no."Tang Zichen was startled.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that right now, on the ground, there was a war going on.

"Wubang God King, I heard, you're refining some kind of divine pill, hand him over."A God King who was stronger than the Wubang God King threatened.The Wubang God King was a God King of the Third Realm, and the God King who came to ask for the divine Pill was a God King of the Fourth Realm, this God King of the Fourth Realm was the next door neighbor of the Wubang World, called the Wotto World, and throughout the ages, the Wubang World and the Wotto World, these two neighbors had been fighting.


The main race of the Wubang World was the Wubang Clan, while the next door neighbor, the Wubo World, was the Wubo Tor, this two races were almost similar, just different skin color.

At this moment, the Wubang God King was very angry: "Wotto God King, what do you mean?"

"It's nothing interesting, I just heard that you're refining some kind of divine pills, and you're going to use hundreds of divine compartments to join in, attempting to go from being a Third Realm Godking to a Fourth Realm Godking, I can only say, delusional."The Wotto God King said.

"Don't you bully others too much."The Wubang God King gritted his teeth.

"You didn't deny it, so you're really refining some kind of pill."That Wotto God King laughed.

"I'm not."The Wubang God King denied.

The fight on the ground, let's forget about it for now, right now in the secret room, Tang Zichen was a bit dumbfounded.

This was the heavens all helping him.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen immediately entered that secret room.

Tang Zichen immediately ate that pill.

Tang Zichen didn't care what kind of pills it was, there was definitely no harm in eating it. One second to remember to read the book

After Tang Zichen finished eating, he immediately slipped away and drilled through the underground of the wine cellar.

There was no ban around the wine cellar, it was easy.

Only after Tang Zichen had escaped far away did the battle on the ground almost end.

That Witchbang God King, was beaten and bruised.

"Wubang God King, next time if I find out what kind of pills you're secretly refining, don't blame me for being rude."After saying that, the Wubang God King walked away.

The Wubang God King gritted his teeth and immediately returned to the secret room.

This time, he decided not to wait for that pill to be refined, but to take it directly and enhance it as much as he could.

However, what the Witchbang God King didn't expect was that once he entered the secret room, his pills were gone.

"Ah, how did this happen?"

At that moment, the Wubang God King saw the hole that came in from the wine cellar next door and said angrily, "This must be the work of someone sent by the Wubang God King, yada yada."

The Wubang God King didn't go after it, but if this was premeditated, it definitely couldn't be recovered.

Tang Zichen came to a very isolated place.

"Phew."Here, it shouldn't be possible to be chased.

Tang Zichen felt his body heating up, it seemed, the pills were working.

Tang Zichen immediately proceeded to close the door.

In Tang Zichen's divine Gri, ten wills were expanding.

Previously, each will had only one divine power, but right now, each will had reached three divine powers.

Three horses of divine power per will, how much did those ten add up to?

Thirty horses.

Tang Zichen combined the ten wills together, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's divine form emitted an aura that was the realm of thirty horses of the lower gods.

"Wow."Tang Zichen himself didn't expect that he had turned into a thirty-horsepower Lower God.

It was a full twenty horses stronger than before.

Tang Zichen tried to fly into the sky, ready to break out of the universe, maybe if he didn't run now, it would be hard to have a chance or even get caught.

Tang Zichen could only fight.

The result was lucky, Tang Zichen managed to run out of the Wubang World.

After Tang Zichen ran out of the Wubang World, he ran as hard as he could.

At this moment, it was better to recapture the Sky World first.

After several days of running, Tang Zichen returned to the Sky World.

And in the Wubang World, it was because

The Wubang God King concluded that the Wotto God King had sent someone to steal that pill, so he didn't track it down, as long as he couldn't defeat the Wotto God King, so what if he chased it down.

Tang Zichen was lucky this time.

"Wubang God King, just wait for me, one day, I want your entire Wubang World to become my colony."Tang Zichen secretly gnashed his teeth in his heart.

In the Wubang World Lilliput, a woman looked at the sky and muttered, "Tang Zichen, I hope you can escape."

Tang Zichen returned to his home.

"Immortal Emperor, didn't you say you were going on an adventure?Why did you return so soon?"Nian Tian saw Don Zichen ask.

"Uh, soon?"

"Yeah, it's only been out a few months, not even six months."

"Oh."Tang Zichen thought about it, he had been caught as soon as he went out before, and then imprisoned in the Witchbond World for several months, but now he had a hard time escaping.

Only, Tang Zichen felt that it had been quite a long time since he had gone out, perhaps it had something to do with the life and death experiences of these months.

"Alright, leave me alone, you guys go about your business, I might still get out."


Tang Zichen stayed at home for another ten days, everyone was in seclusion, including Tang Zichen's relatives, as well as Nian Shi, Blue Emperor, Qin Zhong, and other parahumans.

Tang Zichen had only stayed for ten days, and he found it so boring.

"It seems that I still have to go out, although if I go out there, I'm likely to encounter a calamity, but where is the gain without calamity, like this time, I almost died in the Witch State World, but as a result, I reached thirty horses in strength, this gain, is greater than the sky."

"But, where should I go next to hang out?"

Tang Zichen opened the map, the universe was so big, he wanted to go for a walk, but he didn't know where to go.

Tang Zichen flipped open that Huo Lun God King's autobiography was a book again, to see how that Huo Lun God King, step by step on the path of the God King.

The following is the content of the autobiography of the Huo Lun God King: Huo Lun God King, originally a small character from a small world of the 20th level, spent 300 million years and eventually became a god.After he became a god, he was only the weakest of the lower gods in his world, but he did not want to be weak.So, he resolutely left his hometown and rushed out of the universe.The Huo Lun God King heard that the main world at the center of the universe was full of opportunities and challenges, so the Huo Lun God King went to the main world.After tens of billions of years, God King Huo Lun went from a one-horse lower god who had just stepped into the divine realm to a three-horse upper god.After that, the Huo Lun God King himself formed a Heavenly God Team, increased the process of plundering the universe, harvested countless treasures of the Hongs, grew stronger day by day, and eventually, became a generation of barons, a Six Realm God King."

Tang Zichen looked at the first page of the Huo Lun God King's autobiography book, which outlined the experiences of the Huo Lun God King.

Tang Zichen said under his breath, "The Heavenly God Team, once upon a time, the ten gods of the Heavenly World were killed by the Heavenly God Team, and they collapsed the Heavenly World."

The term Heavenly God Team was not unfamiliar to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, I'll go to the main world as well."

Tang Zichen saw the rise of the Huo Lun God King and found a hint of inspiration as to why he couldn't emulate that Huo Lun God King.

Thus.Tang Zichen set out once again.

This time, Tang Zichen had only one destination, the Universe Master World.

The so-called Universe Master World was the one at the center, the most massive world on the map.

According to the map's instructions, Tang Zichen would need at least one month world to reach the main world and pass through the three no-space.

"Depart."Tang Zichen stood in the cosmic void and shouted, heading straight for the main world.


A month later, Tang Zichen managed to get to the bottom of the main world, this time, it wasn't as unlucky as the last time, and he didn't encounter any dangers along the way.

Tang Zichen stood outside the main world, surprisingly, he found that the main world was so huge, and, people were coming and going.That's right, the main world was like a city, large numbers of people entered and came out, as if this main world was a public place, Tang Zichen was originally worried that something would happen if he rashly entered the main world, but now it seemed completely unnecessary.

Tang Zichen also flew into the main world, no one noticed him, as if he was an inconspicuous passerby.

After entering the main world, Tang Zichen found that there were really damn many gods here, all the other small worlds only had dozens of hundreds of gods, but this main world, it could almost be said that the ground was full of gods, there was a feeling that the main world was the 'capital'.

The ground of the main world was very flat, as if it was a super-sized city, except for the most central area where no one was allowed to fly, the rest of the sky flew like mosquitoes.

Tang Zichen landed on a street.

On this street, there were also many shops, but what was traded inside was not ordinary things, the monetary unit, the Hong Meng Liquid.

A single drop of the Hong Meng Liquid was the smallest unit.

No wonder before, the people of the Huo Lun God King had demanded that the Heavenly World pay 300 million drops of the Hong Meng Liquid for 100 million years.

Tang Zichen walked into a place with the name 'Per Beast Meat Shop'.

"Hello, do you need some Per Beast Meat?"A man asked, and of course, this man was of fairy level. First published at

Tang Zichen asked casually, "How much?Also, what is Per Animal meat?"

"Uh, you're not so much, you don't even know Per Animal Meat."

"First time out of the universe, sorry."

"Oh, so, you're from the outer world."


In the eyes of the people of the main world, there were only two places, the outer world, the main world.Similar to the outsiders, the locals.

"Well, objective, Per Beast Flesh, is a kind of creature that lives in the universe, this creature has no intelligence, but, the strength is very strong, because it has lived in the universe for a long time, so his flesh is very extraordinary, comparable to ordinary divine pills, taken all year round, the effect is very obvious, equivalent to years of closed-door cultivation."

"Erm, you mean, if I take Per Beast meat all year round, then I don't need to retreat and cultivate."

"Yes, of course, if you take it all year round and cultivate, then you'll have the equivalent of two 'incomes' and your strength will grow faster than others."

"I see, then give me a taste of it."


Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Wait, what's the price?"

That Objective said, "A small bowl requires 100,000 drops of Hong Meng Liquid."

"Damn, so expensive."

"Oh, objective, our shop's Per Beast Meat is already the most affordable, if you're strapped for cash, then"

"Who says I can't afford it, give me one, in a small bowl."

"Okay Le."

Just like that, Tang Zichen came with a bowl of Per Beast Meat.

After bringing it over, Tang Zichen cursed in anger, "This bowl, it's not as big as my palm, damn."

"Oh, objective, if you feel it's less, then you can have a big bowl, a big bowl of 300,000 drops of Hongshen, or even a super big bowl, a million drops of Hongshen."

"No need."

Tang Zichen ate a few bites and finished it.

Tang Zichen licked his lips.

It was indeed quite delicious, I thought, I've never eaten anything delicious in my life, but I didn't expect it to be this delicious.Compared to the immortal food he had eaten before, it was like the difference between weed and rice cereal.

Tang Zichen was so open-minded that he shouted, "Give me another bowl, a super bowl."

"Okay Le."

This time, the bowl was bigger, and Tang Zichen rinsed and quickly finished it.

As soon as it was eaten into the stomach, it immediately turned into the ability to enter every cell of the body, so it still felt like there wasn't enough to eat.

"How come Super Bowl is also so uneaten."Tang Zichen scolded in anger.

"Guest, you don't know, this thing, as soon as you eat it, it's immediately absorbed away, if you want to warp eat it, you have to let your body suck it up.If you want your body to suck it full, you'll have to have another nine dozen Super Bowls to do it."

"Oh shit, wouldn't that make you poor."

"Oh, so it's not like ordinary people can afford to eat it, it's only for gods, and not just any god, it has to be a bit of a powerful god."

Tang Zichen thought about it, with his possessions, he probably wouldn't be able to eat it for a month, Tang Zichen was the ruler of a world, if he were an ordinary god, he wouldn't have control over a world at all, he wouldn't be able to consume it at all.

Tang Zichen said, "Let me ask, I want to come to the main world to practice, do you have any instructions?"

That point two was startled and smiled, "Come to practice ah, this, I don't understand, but everyone says that the main world is full of opportunities, it depends on who can seize it."

"Damn, saying that is the same as not saying it."

"Guest, why don't I ask our Eldest Miss for you."

"Who is your eldest sister?"

"A god too, she's the one who opened this Per Beast Butcher Shop of ours, and our eldest sister is quite powerful in the main world, otherwise she wouldn't be able to afford to open it."

"Oh oh, well ask then."

"Okay, I'll get back to you later."Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot left.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, he was just saying that casually.

But the dotted second was very serious and really returned shortly after.

"Guest, I asked for you, and it's the first time our eldest miss has met a guest like you, and he said that he wants you to go to the backyard."

"Er, your eldest miss wants to see me?"


Tang Zichen immediately followed the dotter to the backyard.

In the backyard, it was very quiet, far less noisy than the shop.This Per Beast Butcher Shop occupied a large area, and the terrain was rectangular.

"My lady, that customer just came."

"Well, tell him to wait, I'll call him when I'm done."


Tang Zichen waited outside a pavilion.

In the pavilion, a tingling young girl stood there, not knowing what she was doing, constantly rubbing a glowing orb in her hand.

Not long after, the maiden opened her eyes and shouted, "Come in."

Tang Zichen walked in.

This maiden, who had a very strong Qi, was actually an Upper Grade God, but as for how many horses it was, it was unknown.The looks were also quite handsome, with a show of youthfulness.

"Junior pays his respects to Senior."

"There's no need, looking at your age, you may not be younger than me, and I'm not used to being called senior."The young girl said.

Tang Zichen was embarrassed.

What a person compared to others, Tang Zichen was still very slow in cultivating compared to others.


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