The King of Kungfu in school 2301-2305


Chapter 2301

"Cui'er, I've called you here today to arrange a marriage for you."

"What, father, are you kidding, I've been a widow for many years, and, I swear, I would never force my late husband."The woman was busy.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed once he heard her say widowhood.

Leng Tianling said, "Tang Zichen, Li Jiudao, not that I am insincere, out of all my daughters, only one of them is unmarried, and I don't want to marry my granddaughter to him, so that my generation is another layer lower.So, I married my ninth daughter to him, my ninth daughter, she did marry once, but her ex-husband died many years ago, moreover, ninth daughter is also among my several children, the more talented several, you can see, she is already a golden immortal at the moment, so, definitely worthy, unless dislike she once married someone, in that case, I can go to the granddaughter generation, to find out if there is unmarried, if not.Look further down the generation."

Tang Zichen said, "Tian Ling War God, I remember, you have a granddaughter, Leng Gu Yue, isn't she unmarried?"

Hearing this, Leng Tianling snorted, "Tang Zichen, your appetite is too big, my granddaughter, Lone Moon, is my most favored granddaughter, and she is one of the top ten genius beauties in the Immortal Realm, and I won't hide it from you, she has already been promised to someone."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't pursue whether it was really a betrothal or not, it must be that people were unwilling, and Leng Lone Moon's card would definitely not go out to Li Jiu Dao so easily.

"Jiu Dao, what do you mean?"Leng Tian Ling asked.

Li Jiu Dao looked at that Leng Cui and nodded, "Good."

However, that Li Jiu Dao said, "I don't want to, father, how can you let me marry a weak man, only mid-Dao Immortal, are you crazy?"

Leng Tian Ling said, "Cui'er, you've been widowed for so many years, it's time to find out, and because you've married someone, but anyone who's a genius doesn't want to marry you, and someone who's not nearly as good enough for my Leng family, high or low, when will it be head.This time, I've decided to let Li Jiudao enter the family to you." Remember the website

"I'm not willing."

At this time, Li Jiu Dao said, "What do you need to do before you are willing to marry me, I won't force you anyway, if I don't deserve you, I won't marry you."

Leng Cui snorted: "Count you as a bit self-aware, let's say, my ex-husband is a genius, he is very hopeful to assess into the Sky Wolf Battle Team, if you can assess into the Sky Wolf Battle Team, then I will willingly marry you as my wife."

"Good, it's a deal."Li Jiu Dao nodded his head firmly.

Li Jiu Dao was also a man of iron bones, not a soft eater, if he couldn't make the other party willing, he wouldn't marry either.

Leng Tian Ling smiled with satisfaction, "Very good, Jiu Dao, I'm not wrong about you, go for it, and try to make my daughter like you willingly as soon as possible.I've already had someone prepare a courtyard of your own for you, from now on it will be your house, only you can enter.You go back and take the Fetal Pill, I believe you can become a Xuanxian."


Leng Tianling ordered his servant to take Li Jiudao.

Tang Zichen said, "Then I'll be leaving first, big brother, cheer up, I hope to see you in the Sky Wolf Battle Team soon."

"Definitely will."Li Jiu Dao said with confidence.

Tang Zichen was also full of confidence in Li Jiu Dao, a person with such a strong Immortal Consciousness must not be an ordinary person.

Just like Tang Zichen's creation of a human superhuman, it wasn't ordinary either.

It was just a matter of what this average could reach.

Tang Zichen had just walked out of the gate of the Leng Family when he saw a woman outside walking towards the door of his home, that woman was very beautiful, but her face seemed like it was covered in a layer of cold ice.

"En?That person, could it be Leng Leng Yue, really beautiful, unfortunately, with an expression like someone else owes her tens of millions, this kind of woman would probably lie cold and motionless in bed, boring."Tang Zi.

The minister took one look and stopped looking, Tang had no interest in this kind of woman, this kind of woman was not interesting even if she married, imagine what was the point of lying still and not interacting at all.

"Stop."Tang Zichen was just about to leave when an indifferent voice was heard.

Upon turning back, it was the woman who called.

"Something wrong?"

"What are you?Why haven't I seen you before?"

"My name is Tang Zichen, and I'm here as a guest at your home."

"You're Tang Zichen?"

"Yeah, looks like I'm famous, even you know me."

"Huh."The woman turned around and walked away.

"Hey, are you Leng Lone Moon?"Don Zichen asked.

But the woman didn't answer.

"Psycho."Tang Zichen cursed and walked away.

Leng Lone Moon came back today because she heard the news that her ninth aunt might be promised to someone, so she purposely came back to take a look, and she also heard that the person who had joined the family was quite a genius and had created her own magic door to aid in the cultivation of immortality.

After Tang Zichen left the Leng family, he didn't go home, Tang Zichen had to go to Princess Nian Tides, who had just saved Tang Zichen a few days ago, so she had to go to the door to thank him anyway.

Originally, she could have not saved Tang Zichen, after all, Tang Zichen is not who she is, although I do not know why, Princess Nianxie was forcibly wired and Tang Zichen.

I don't know who it was, who could have wired Princess Nianxie to Tang Zichen without going through the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, what was the purpose of this person, exactly.

Princess Nian Shi thought that it was her father who did it, and thought that her father saw Tang Zichen's potential and wanted to set them up.Little did she know that the Immortal Emperor didn't even want Princess Tides to marry someone.

However, Princess Tides' destiny was above the three realms, making the Immortal Emperor unable to see anything about her.However, Tang Zichen was also a bit strange, the Immortal Emperor obviously saw Tang Zichen's future and wasn't very awesome, so why, then, did the Three-Eyed War God and the others feel that Tang Zichen was still displaying strong talent at the moment?Could it be that the Don will quickly become mediocre in the future?Or is it a misreading?Normally, the Immortal Emperor couldn't be wrong about anyone.

"Pay your respects to Princess."Tang Zichen bowed to Princess Nianzhi.

"Level yourself."

"Thank you for your kindness in rescuing me a few days ago, if it wasn't for Princess Nianzhi's rescue, I would have been dead at the moment."

"There's no need to be so polite, what else did you talk to Leng Tian Ling about that day."

"Oh, now, the bad has turned into good, my brother, Li Jiudao, has joined the Leng family and become the fiancé of Leng Tianling's ninth daughter."

"Leng Cui?"


"Oh, I suppose that's what you've done."

"The princess is overpraised."

"You still haven't told me why the Leng family arrested you."

"This."Tang Zichen didn't know if he should say anything about the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, what if the princess wanted it too?That give or don't give, and in case it does, wouldn't it be a breach of contract.

"Any hard feelings?"

"Back to the princess, no, it's my brother who has mastered a method to aid cultivation, they want it, my brother is afraid of saying it's lifeless, and has not been saying it, so deadlocked.So, I broke the stalemate from it, that's all."

"Oh."Princess Nian Shi didn't ask about the Dharma Gate, perhaps she wasn't interested at all, after all, with her eyes and family, the best Dharma Gate in the world was in her family.

"Does the princess want to know about that Dharma Gate?I can tell the princess."

"No need, though I know that what even the Leng want is certainly not bad, but I'm not interested."


"Oh, okay."

"That's fine you can go back first."Princess Nianzhi was busy, the reason why she was in such a hurry to let Tang Zichen go was because her body had a feeling of control and wanted to jump into Tang Zichen's arms, she knew that it must be related to that problem she had with her body.

Princess Nianzhi was confused, was this secretly set up by his father or not?

However, it was too embarrassing to ask.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, do you have something difficult to say?"


"Then why are you in such a hurry to drive me away, when honestly, I don't want to leave every time I come to you, and you, you want to drive me away."


"Princess, can we talk in private?"Don Zichen said.


"Just for a minute, I think, we should talk." One second to remember to read the book

"Well, let's talk then."

The princess led the tang to an empty hall.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

Tang Zichen felt that he had to take the initiative.

Previously, Tang Zichen thought that the Immortal Emperor saw that his future wasn't good, so Tang Zichen was a bit frustrated that he hadn't even taken the initiative to soak the princess, thinking that there was no point in tossing it around anymore, the end was already known.

However, Tang Zichen is now disobeying this fate, he will be brave enough to try and make it, he wants to change the future.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, have you still looked down on me until now?Am I that impossible for you to like?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know why, but I'm so blind to the fact that I always feel like there are no men I can see within the three realms, and you are no exception.However, I don't know why, is it that whoever meditated to connect me to you is always forced inside to be involved with you."

Tang Zichen said, "Maybe the Immortal Emperor secretly set it up, why can't we just follow the will of God."

"It's because it was most likely my father who secretly set it up, that's why I didn't resist, that's why I tried to accept this arrangement, and that's why I met with you repeatedly."

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, do you dare to take a risk with me?"


Don said boldly, "We are, at this moment, playing an adventurous game in this great hall."


"We will undress together, and for each article of clothing, we will say: father or immortal emperor, if you do not appear, I will take it that you support us in continuing to undress.Then we'll keep stripping until we're naked with each other."

"Bastard, you dare to abuse me."Princess Nian Shi was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "No, it's not abuse, it's depending on the will of God, if we don't show up until we're naked and your father doesn't show up, then it's just obvious that he wants us to do anything.Don't say that your father doesn't know, it's impossible for her to not know that she controls the three realms, maybe he's already watching us play this game when we speak up right now."


"Princess, I'll go first."After saying that, Tang Zichen took off his upper jacket, then said to the sky, "Xiandi, if you don't show up, I'll continue.Alright, Princess, it's your turn."

Princess Nianzhi hesitated, then took off one jacket as well and said, "Father, if you don't appear to stop me, I'll continue."

Tang Zichen took off his second one, then said, "Xiandi, won't you appear yet?"

It was the princess' turn again.

"Father, is this really what you want to see?"Princess Nianzhi has also taken off her second one, already showing her tender white arms.


Tzu-Chen continued again, already naked.

"Immortal Emperor, it's reached this point and you're still not showing up?You mean, you really want to see us bare each other?"

After waiting for a while, no response.

Princess Nianzhi was also a bit depressed, could it be that her father really didn't stop it?

"Go on, Princess, it's not over yet."


"There's no buts, if your father doesn't show up, it's obvious that he wants us to be that kind of relationship.You've been suffering inside from the torment of being underworldly strings, haven't you had enough?Why not just do it and save yourself the torture inside."

"Good."Princess Nianzhi thought about it, she didn't want to be tormented every day either, so why not just do it, if she didn't come out to stop her when her clothes were off, that said it all.

"Father, on the count of three, if I don't show up, I'm going to take this one off.One, two, three."

Princess Nianzhi took a deep breath and took that one off, and suddenly, there was only one intimate garment left.

Princess Nianzhi closed her eyes, not looking at Tang Zichen or herself, she hoped to hear her father's sudden shout in her ears to make her stop.

Tang Zichen continued again.

"Immortal Emperor, I'm continuing again, so come out and give a quick word of pain."

Right now, that Immortal Emperor, however, was still in his temple, completely insensitive.

Princess Nianzhi's destiny was above the three realms, he couldn't sense it, while Tang Zichen's destiny, for some reason, couldn't sense it whenever it was related to Princess Nianzhi, perhaps because Princess Nianzhi's destiny covered up the information about Tang Zichen's destiny.

"Father, come out and say a word ah, even if, send me a message ah, do you really want to see us like this?"Princess Nianxie finished, and then slowly the next piece.Tang Zichen couldn't help but swallow his saliva, now there was only that little bit of cover left, and as for Tang Zichen, he was already a ball of light.

"If you don't say anything, I really won't have a single bit left, Father."

No response.

"Father, I know you sense that I'm calling you at the moment, why are you silent, are you really trying to set us up?"

"Father, I'll count to three, I really will.One, two, three."

Princess Nianxie was desperate, and with a pull of her hand, she yanked off the last ribbon tied to it.

Tang Zichen swallowed hard, at this moment, Tang Zichen felt like he had a feeling that it was worth dying, the divine, honorable princess, but he had been seen by him.

Tang Zichen slowly walked up to see if he could go any further while Princess Nianzhi's eyes were still closed right now.

At the moment, Princess Nianzhi's attention was not on Tang Zichen at all, but wanted to wait silently for whether her father would appear.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from beside her, "Don't wait, it's come to this point and your father hasn't shown up, which means he tacitly approves of us doing everything."

"Ah."Princess Nian Shi busily opened her eyes and saw Tang Zichen all at once.

"Ah."Princess Nianxie screamed and covered her eyes in panic.

Tang Zichen suddenly walked up and hugged Princess Nianzhi's waist tightly, fitting each other's bodies seamlessly together.

Princess Nianxie's body trembled.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing."

"Ah."Before he finished speaking, Tang Zichen kissed the princess.

After that, Princess Nianxie tried to struggle every time, but as a result, she was powerless to struggle, because, her body felt soft and with that feeling in the meditation, it was almost hard for her to resist Tang Zichen.Just like that, Princess Nianxiao was won over by Tang Zichen.


More than an hour later, Tang Zichen and Princess Nianzhi were both lying on the floor of the palace.

Both of them had a feeling of stupidity, or incredulity.

What was unbelievable in Tang Zichen's mind was that he had actually had sex with the noble princess, while inside the princess, it was hard to believe that she had sex with someone she didn't like inside.

They both lay there for a long time without speaking, wondering if it was hard to accept the reality.

Only after a long time did Tang Zichen get up and put his clothes back on.

Tang Zichen said to Princess Nianzhi, "My subordinate should be damned for offending the princess."

"You get out."Princess Nian Tides said.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, accept your fate, we are officially together, your father wants us to be together anyway, otherwise, why didn't your father say anything now that we're all done happening."

"You don't say anything."

"Princess, I'll love you like I just did."

"Don't say it."Princess Nenshu shouted. First URL

However, I'm afraid that the feeling that Princess Nianxie had just felt would really never be forgotten in her life.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Hehe, let's see if you like me or not."

Tang Zichen was very confident that Princess Nianxie would definitely come to him often in the future.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, I'll leave first then."

"Mm."The princess hmmed casually, Tang Zichen heard that she would even respond, it seemed that the princess wasn't really angry.

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall, however, as soon as he reached the main hall, the princess's voice came out, "Tang Zichen."

"Princess, what else is there to order?"Tang Zichen asked back.

Princess Nenshi said, "Together."

"Ah, what do you mean?"Tang Zichen rushed in in a panic and excitedly stood in front of Princess Nian Tide.

Princess Nian Tide gave Tang Zichen a glance and said, "Do you want me to say it a second time."

"Mmhmm, I want to hear it a second time."

Princess Nianzhi looked at Tang Zichen and sighed, "Just, together."

"Yay."Tang Zichen picked up Princess Nianzhi and spun her around.

"Hey, put me down, don't do that."Princess Nianxie was shy.

"I'm not putting it down."Tang Zichen held on for dear life.

"Alright, someone will be here later, you go back first, since I've decided to stay with you, even though my father must know all about it, I still have to go and report to him as a sign of respect."

"Uh-huh, then you should go quickly."


Tang Zichen happily left the princess's residence.

Princess Nianxie, however, went straight to the Immortal Emperor's immortal palace.

In a large palace, Princess Nianxie met her mother.

"Mother, where did Father go?"

"Shior, you're here, you, Father has gone on an errand."Fairy Mother said a bit hesitantly.

"Erm, Father has gone on some business, I just happened to come to find him on something."

"Oh, no, nothing much."

"What's the matter, Mother, there's nothing you're hiding from me, is there?"

"No, no."

"Mother, there must be something you're hiding from me, so tell me."

"This, hey."

"Mother Mother, say it."

Only then did the Fairy Mother ask, "Shi'er, what exactly is your relationship with that grandson of You Fuhai, You Sky?"


"Ah, swimming in the sky?I'm not related to him, am I?"Princess Nian Shi was puzzled.

"Then how come someone came to report to your father that yesterday you and You Fuhai went to the Five Flower Divine Sea and played all day, and I heard that you had a great time.Also, someone also secretly reported that you and You Fu Hai spent several hours alone together while you were playing, you guys aren't really secretly together as the secret report said, are you?"

"Mother, where is this with ah, You Fu Hai and I are really just friends, you guys are thinking too much."

"But, that You Fu Hai, quite a genius."

"Ugh, where is this pulling, I don't even know, why are you suddenly saying You Fu Hai."

"Shi'er, I'm also telling you the truth, after your father heard the secret report, he ordered people to go and arrest You Fuhai, if it's confirmed your relationship, You Fuhai will have more bad luck."

Princess Nian Shi was shocked, "Why is that?I don't understand?"

The Fairy Mother said, "As it is, I'll be honest with you, in fact, your destiny is higher than the Three Realms, you are the only one within the Three Realms that cannot be controlled by your father, your father cannot know your past present future, nor can he sense what you do every day, also, as long as the people who are related to you, they may also cover up each other's information, making your father alsoCan't sense each other.So, your father is very jealous of you, but you are his daughter after all, but he doesn't want anyone else besides you to be able to sense him, so your father doesn't want to see you in a loving relationship with any man, understand?"

"Ah."Princess Nian Shi was shocked.

"So, after you played with You Fu Hai for so long yesterday and someone reported it, your father arrested You Fu Hai, and if it's proven that You Fu Hai does have an unusual relationship with you, I'm afraid that your entire family will be exterminated.Shi'er, I hope you don't blame your father, after all, being in his position, but whenever there is a place where you can't control it, you will be very scared inside.The high places are not cold na."

Princess Nian Shi was dumbfounded.

She had wanted to report to the Immortal Emperor today that she and Tang Zichen were ready to try being together.

However, she suddenly received such a bolt from the blue, a person who was under suspicion had been arrested and might even have to wipe out her entire family.What if the Immortal Emperor knew that she and Tang Zichen were not only having an ambiguous relationship, but also had circled the wagons.

Princess Nian Shi asked with a pale face, "Mother, so, no matter what I do, Father can't sense me?"


"Even if I call out to Father from somewhere else and he doesn't know?Even the man who is with me will have his information masked by my destiny, so that Father cannot sense him either?"

"Yes. Why else would your father be scrupulous about you liking men.He can believe that you're his daughter, but he doesn't believe anyone else ah."

Princess Nianxie was completely oblivious to what the Fairy Mother was saying.

She finally understood now, and even she wanted to laugh, her relationship with Tang Zichen, she thought her father already knew, but he? who knew, the father couldn't sense it at all.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Princess Nian Shi burst into a bitter laugh, feeling very ironic, and even more so, how ridiculous her behavior with Tang Zichen yesterday was.As a result, she'd had it with Tang Zichen for nothing, and now it was beyond redemption.

"Shior, are you alright?"The Fairy Mother was busy comforting.

Princess Nian Shi asked, "Mother, why didn't you say so earlier?Why didn't you tell me earlier that Father couldn't sense me?"If she had told you earlier, then she and Tang Zichen would never have something that shouldn't have happened because of the misunderstanding.

The Fairy Mother sighed, "Your father didn't want you to know, and I'm not sure if I'll be blamed by your father for being soft and telling you today."

"Where is my father emperor now?"

"Interrogate You Sky at the Temple of Punishment."

"No, I must save You Sky, I can't just stand by and watch him suffer this unjust injustice."Saying that, Princess Nianxie headed to the Temple of Execution.


Right now, in the Temple of Punishment, that man named You Sky was tied to the Thunder Pillar.After being tied to the thunder pillar, he was always suffering from the pain of the thunder bombardment, so that You Sky was grimacing all the time.

Above the Temple of Punishment, a man full of intimidation looked at the travelling sky.

"You Sky, you still don't admit it, do you?"

"Immortal Emperor, I really didn't."Youkai said painfully.

"If I didn't, why did you go to the Sea of Five Flowers with Nian Tides for a whole day yesterday, and you were alone for several hours, honestly, what exactly did you and Nian Tides do during those hours?"

"Immortal Emperor, let me go, I really don't have any relationship with the princess, I accompanied her to the Sea of Five Flowers because I saw the princess looking melancholy, and as her friend, I went with her to take a walk."

"Ridiculous, taking a walk, hmph, if you don't tell me the truth, don't blame me for being rude."

"Immortal Emperor, you are the supreme of the three realms ah, within the three realms, what else don't you know, whether the princess and I are having an underground affair, you should know."

"You Sky, don't you dare ask, your grandfather You Fu Hai, knowing full well that Princess Nianxie's destiny is higher than the three realms, did he send you to seduce Nianxie, give me an honest answer, or else I will surely kill you all over the family."

"Immortal Emperor, I really didn't."

"Unfortunately, I don't believe you, a lone man or woman alone for a few hours, do you think I'm stupid to believe that?" Remember the URL

You Tian Tian said painfully, "Immortal Emperor, I really didn't, even if you can't trust me, you should trust Princess Nian Shi, Princess Nian Shi is incredibly pure, she would never mess around with me, don't you even trust your own daughter anymore?"

"I believe her, but I don't believe you."

At that moment, a personal servant beside the Immortal Emperor said, "Immortal Emperor, I have a good idea."


"Why don't you bring in Princess Nian Shi and find someone to test whether or not Princess Nian Shi is still pure?"

The Immortal Emperor said, "It's better not to disturb Nian Tides about this."

You Sky was busy saying, "I agree, Immortal Emperor, I request that you find someone to verify to know that Princess Nianxie is still pure."

"Hmph, You Sky, you dared to say that because you heard me say that you didn't want to disturb her, you think you can fool my eyes with this move."

"Immortal Emperor."

Just at this moment, Princess Nian Shi came.

"Father, stop."Nian Tides shouted.

Perhaps it was because she was in a terrible mood, but Nian Tides hadn't paid attention to etiquette for a moment and lost her manners.

The Immortal Emperor looked at Nian Tze and humphed, "Nian Tze, what are you doing here."

"Father, everything is already known to me."Nianxie said in pain, her father, deeply hurt her feelings.

The Immortal Emperor snorted, "Nianxie, you dared to be rude to your father for the sake of swimming in the sky, you don't even have basic manners when you see your father, and you actually asked me to stop, it seems that you really do have a problem."

Nianxie kneeled down and said, "Father Emperor is enlightened, You Sky and I, we are really just friends."

"Hahaha, you are defending him so much, how can I still trust you."

"Father Emperor, I'm not lying to you."

The Immortal Emperor said, "Fine, since you already know the whole story, then I don't have to be afraid that you know, since you said that you are innocent with You Sky, do you dare to verify it, if you are still pure, then this time I will believe that you and You Sky are just friends.How about it, Nian Shi."

"Ah, this."Nianxie was startled, this was too coincidental, she had just lost her pure body, if this was verified, wouldn't this be a crooked move, what wasn't there became there, and even more so, jumping into the Yellow River couldn't be washed away.


"Nenshi, you don't speak?"

Nian Shi panicked, "Do you have to test it before you believe me?"

"This is the best way for you to prove your innocence to the travelling sky, someone, go and get the pylons."


Nian Shi's body trembled, busy shouting, "No."

"What, what did you say?Not allowed?"

"Father, believe me for once, we really don't have anything."

"If there is none, why are you not allowed to test it?"

"I, I, can't you just trust me?"

"Father only believes in himself, since you're afraid of the test, that means everything is right, come, go and invite the pylons."

Not long after, Lady You came.

"Immortal Emperor, what is your order."

"Lady You, take Nian Shi to test her and see if she is intact."

"Yes, Immortal Emperor."

That phallic grandmother walked up to Nian Tides and said, "Princess, please."

"No, I won't test it, woohoo."Princess Nian Shi cried, the pain inside could be imagined.

"No can't be done."

Suddenly, Princess Nianxiao couldn't move.

Youpo took Princess Nianzhi down and then set up a restraint, the princess couldn't move, so naturally she was left to be verified.

Not long after, the puupa returned to the temple.

"Phou Po, how is it?"

"Back to the Immortal Emperor, it's already out."


Princess Nian Shi cried on the side, as if she already knew the outcome.

Youpo said, "Immortal Emperor, Princess Nianxie is indeed not a pure body, and, just today, or yesterday, had performed male and female acts, in addition, there is still some of the essence of the traveling sky left in her body."

"What."The Immortal Emperor was furious.

"Ah."That travelling sky heard the result stayed.

"Oooh."Princess Nian Shi cried out, she didn't know what to do, should she give up Tang Zichen just to save You Sky.

Unfortunately, Princess Nenshu hadn't thought of what to do, the Immortal Emperor had already slapped the travelling sky to smithereens.

"No."Princess Nian Tides hissed at the shards.

There was no one who knew better than Princess Nian Tides that the You Sky died with much loss.If it was Tang Zichen who died, then he would at least have had a good time, whereas You Sky really didn't even touch the princess's hand ah.

The Immortal Emperor immediately commanded, "Someone, immediately summon the Twelve War Gods and exterminate the entire You Clan, and leave no one behind."


Princess Nianxie didn't know how she got home, it was muddled anyway, she was sorry to You Sky, she and You Sky were just friends who grew up together.

The Immortal Emperor summoned the Twelve Celestial Gods, the Three Eyed War Gods were among them, and surrounded the You Clan, but unfortunately, You Sky's grandfather, You Fu Hai, got the news in advance and ran away to the Earth Immortal Realm.

However, the Immortal Emperor pinched his finger to know where he had run off to and immediately went after him, whether he could escape this disaster or not was unknown.

Tang Zichen, who knew nothing, happily returned home.

Tang Zichen whistled all the way home.

But Tang Zichen didn't whistle, in case the princess didn't like to be known.

"Haha, I, Tang Zichen, actually slept with Princess Nianxie, I really didn't expect ah, it seems that my day of flying to the top is coming."


"Well, theoretically, it's time to fly the coop."

"But alas, I am not so villainous.I thought the Immortal Emperor would definitely come out to stop it, but alas."

"I, Tang, rely on myself without relying on heaven or earth, and whether or not I sleep with the princess today, it has no effect on me."

"Just one thing that I don't understand is why the Immortal Emperor hasn't shown up even though Princess Nianzhi and I are like that, I was just trying it out, but I didn't expect it myself."

"Princess Nianzhi calls the Immortal Emperor's name over and over again, there's no way the Immortal Emperor can't sense it, if it was someone else, you could say that he's being ignored, but Princess Nianzhi is the daughter of the Immortal Emperor.A daughter calling out to him desperately and not even ignoring him?"

"There must be something wrong with this."

Tang Zichen entered the house with doubts.

"Tzu-Chen, where have you been?"

"Oh, send Li Jiudao to the Leng family.Alright, it's time for me to go to the Academy of Immortality."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"No." Remember to read the book in one second

Tang Zichen immediately went to the Academy of Immortality, where he met up with Little Fire and instructed them on their cultivation, and there was nothing else.They had to stay at the Immortal Academy for the time being, Tang Zichen couldn't take them to the Immortal Realm, and there was nothing for them to do in the Immortal Realm, they were all still relatively weak.

Of course, this time down, Tang Zichen didn't forget to bring some pills to aid their cultivation.

After spending seven or eight days at the Academy of Immortals, Tang Zichen set off again for the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou.

Tang Zichen wanted to go see Mu Qianji.

I don't know where she was hanging out in the Eastern Victory Divine State.

A few days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Eastern Victory Divine State.

Unfortunately, it was such a big place, Tang Zichen didn't know where to find Mu Qianyi.

After asking around for a few days without finding out anything about Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen had no choice but to stop and return to the Immortal Realm.

A few days after returning to the Immortal Realm, the celebration Ding Cang Dome held for Tang Zichen to enter the Wolf Squad arrived.

On this day, high friends were all over the place and many, many people came.

Even Captain Ming Cheng, and Miss Mingyue, and so on and so forth came.

The most incredible thing was that even Princess Nianxie came too.

Tang Zichen knew that it was all in his honor.

"Thank you, thank you all very much, but, coming here today, I have something else I want to say."

Tang Zichen wouldn't forget about helping Ding Lan clear his name.

"What is it."

"As you all know, I married Ding Lan, but everyone thinks that Ding Lan had a child with an ordinary immortal in the Earth Immortal Realm when she was young, so everyone called her a slut, right?"

The crowd didn't say anything, as if they were saying in their hearts that it would have been.

Tang Zichen said, "Today, I just want everyone to say that rumors are scary, in fact, Ding Lan has never had a child, back then she picked up a child in the Immortal Academy, she saw the pity and carried it back, but never thought that it would be misunderstood that she had a child with someone.Once the rumor spreads, it simply can't stop.I know that people won't believe me, so I'm going to have someone check today to see if Ding Lan has actually had a child.There is any immortal here who is better at this."

Suddenly, many male Immortals on the scene raised their hands.

Tang Zichen damn it, he really wanted to curse his mother.

Tang Zichen looked at one of the women who raised her hand and said, "This senior, can you examine it?"

That female immortal said, "When I was a young child, I was a witch in the Earth Immortal Realm

Medicine, whether or not I've ever had a child, can't hide it from my eyes, and I'm also working in the Heavenly Fertility Shrine now, so what I say is considered to have absolute authority."

"Good, then I'll take care of it."

After that, that female immortal took Ding Lan to a hidden place and gave her a checkup.

It wasn't long before she returned.

The crowd asked, "How was it?"

"I can hereby pledge with my life that Tintan has indeed never given birth."

"Ah, there really hasn't been one."

"Yes, absolutely not."

"That is, it was really a rumor before."


Everyone was half convinced, but no matter what, at least it slightly cleansed Ding Lan a lot, and everyone looked at Ding Lan with a look that was no longer a slut, but with a look that doubted whether it was a slut or not, at least half cleansed.

After the feast was over, everyone dispersed.

Princess Nian Shi walked to Tang Zichen's side.

Princess Nianzhi didn't look good, and Tang Zichen could see that she had agreed to be together, so why did she look wrong when she saw her today.

"Tang Zichen, find a place where no one is around, let's talk."

"Okay, follow me."

Tang Zichen brought Princess Nianzhi to an empty place and set up a restraining order.

"Princess, hehe."Tang Zichen wanted to go up and hug her at once.

"Don't move me."The princess said seriously.

"Uh, what's wrong?"

"Tang Zichen, it's all a misunderstanding, the reason why my father couldn't sense my call before is because, I'm the only one whose destiny is higher than the Three Realms."

"Ah, no way."Tang Zichen was shocked and seemed to understand.

"It wasn't my father who set us up at all, it was all my self-righteousness."

"Oh, is this something the princess regrets?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Let's not talk about regrets now, just the day before that time, I went to the Sea of Five Flowers for a day with a hairdresser, Yul Sky, and was reported by a traitor that I had a relationship with him, after that, my father killed Yul Sky and, killed all of Yul's family.My father is scrupulous and doesn't want me to have a relationship with any man, and any man who has a relationship with me will probably be exterminated by my father."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled.

"Why?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Because, any man who is with me, or has a relationship with me, will be covered up by my destiny, thus making my father unable to sense him, that's why, that day we were like that, my father couldn't sense me, nor you, because I covered you up.My Father controls the Three Realms, he will not allow anything he cannot control to exist, do you understand?"

"It would be foolish not to understand."

"That's why I came today, I didn't really want to come to your celebration, I just wanted to tell you to stay away from me if you want to live."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "I've never thought of using your position to help me do anything, on the contrary, I'm more worried about what your father will do to you."

"Don't worry about that for now, I'm his daughter after all."Seeing that Tang Zichen actually cared about her instead, Princess Nianzhi was a little gentler towards Tang Zichen inside, and when she thought about what happened that day, she was already completely Tang Zichen's person, Princess Nianzhi also had a strange feeling inside.

"By the way, Tang Zichen, I could have requested for You Sky to prove that the two of us are innocent, only, I prove that I'm still an innocent body, but, it happens to be such a coincidence that I had that with you that day, so, You Sky's family took the blame for you."


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