Super Son-in-law 511-520


Chapter 511

Lin Hao didn't turn back, but acted as if Shen Xiyan wasn't calling him, casually sat down in the seat next to him and started drinking ......

Shen Shi Yan who was standing up at this moment, tears were falling, that back just now was too familiar, too familiar.That was Lin Hao's back, she hurriedly ran over to the man who had just sat down, anxiously pulled his arm and said, "Lin Hao, is it really you?"Shen Shi Yan's eyes were streaming with tears and extreme grief as she asked this sentence.

Lin Hao looked up and revealed an unfamiliar, but equally handsome and dashing face to Shen Xi Yan, and said to Shen Xi Yan in confusion, "Hm?Ma'am, are you calling me?Sorry, although my last name is also Lin, I'm not called Lin Hao, I'm called Lin Tian!"

Shen Siyan looked at the unfamiliar face in front of her, and her body involuntarily took two steps backwards, tears falling down her face as she did so.

Lin Hao quickly got up and held Shen Xiyan's body and asked, "Miss, are you alright?"

Shen Siyan once again took a deep look at this very, very strange face in front of her, with a hint of disappointment and despair in the depths of her eyes that couldn't be waved away, this man's back resembled Lin Hao, but he wasn't Lin Hao.

And then Shen Siyan laughed to herself in her heart, Lin Hao was already dead, so how could she still see him?Maybe I've been drinking too much tonight and met such a man who resembles Lin Hao's back ah.

Realizing that she had mistakenly identified the wrong person, Shen Siyan bit her lips and said sorry to Lin Hao, "I'm sorry sir, it's me who has mistakenly identified the wrong person, sorry for the intrusion ......" Shen Siyan said and walked to her seat.

"My wife divorced me, and your boyfriend broke up with you, right?Since we're all in the same boat, can we have a drink together?You look very, very much like my wife, this young lady, may I have a drink with you?"Just after Shen Xi Yan took a few steps, Lin Hao suddenly spoke to Shen Xi Yan's back.

Shen Siyan's body trembled, she subconsciously wanted to refuse, because now that she had lost Lin Hao, she didn't want to have any more interaction with any man, but she didn't know why, just now that man gave her a very close feeling, and she somehow felt safe in front of that man, so Shen Siyan nodded her head.

Lin Hao took the wine and sat down on the table opposite of Shen Suyan, but neither Lin Hao nor Shen Suyan spoke, the sadness in Shen Suyan was very thick, but the sadness in Lin Hao's eyes was even thicker.When Shen Xiyan did not speak, Lin Hao kept drinking a cup of wine ...... One Second Remember to Read Books ......

Just drinking, Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan, who was sitting in front of him right now, and his tears snapped and the sadness in his body became even stronger.Lin Hao's heart right now incomparably wanted to have a showdown with Shen Xiyan and tell her that he was Lin Hao.But right now he still had a mask on his face, he was now Lin Tian!The reason why he wanted to trick Shen Xiyan once this time was also to let Shen Xiyan grow up and prepare for the next time when he faced Yan Yi'er land Lu Wu closed love to that terrifying family in Xijing.

Shen Xiyan looked at the man in front of her, drinking a cup of wine, a grown man, but there was more sorrow in his eyes than in his own, and he actually shed tears.Shen Suyan couldn't help but have a trace of curiosity in her heart, carefully spoke to this "Lin Tian", "I can see that you love your wife very much, then why did she divorce you?".

Lin Hao took another big gulp of wine, took a deep breath and shook his head at Shen Shi Yan, "She divorced me for my own good, when I went abroad on business, something big happened to her family, her father was double-crossed, so she chose to divorce me in order not to implicate me ......"

Lin Hao casually made up such a reason for his divorce, and it was much like the reason why Shen Xiyan divorced him.


It was true that Shen Siyan's body trembled violently when she heard this reason for divorce, and she was suddenly confused as she suddenly thought that she had divorced Lin Hao before, and she was also like this ah.

Shen Shyan's voice was choked as she asked to the man across the room, "Then do you resent your wife in your heart?"

The man nodded and shook his head, "Well, it would be a lie to say that I don't resent it, because she doesn't know how far I've progressed with my project abroad, and I definitely had the strength to protect her when I came back, but she didn't even give me a chance.But there's no point in resenting or not resenting now, because she's dead, she's gone, but left me with a lifetime of regret ......"

What Lin Hao said was actually his story with Shen Xiyan, so that Shen Xiyan would resonate even more.Sure enough, Shen Shyan listened and got even more tears.Lin Hao handed her a tissue, and Shen Siyan wiped away her tears, took a big gulp of wine, and said to Lin Hao, "I'm sorry ......."

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, looking at Shen Xi Yan and said, "What about you?Did you break up with your boyfriend, or did you get a divorce?Seeing how sad you are, can you talk to me, a stranger?"

Shen Caiyan was stunned at the news, and after thinking about it, she nodded her head.Anyway, this man across the street was a stranger, there were some things she couldn't say to Yue Gu, nor to Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya, but she could talk to this stranger.

So Shen Xiyan spoke up, "Well, I divorced my husband, I love, and he loves me very much.The reason I divorced him is the same as your wife divorced you, only mine is more complicated, I don't want him to be implicated, so I divorced him...."

Lin Hao's eyes reddened and he quickly lowered his head, he was afraid of what Shen Xiyan would see.After a while, Lin Hao took a few deep breaths before he looked up at Shen Xiyan and said, "Then if you were given another chance, would you still mention divorce to him?"

Shen Xiyan was stunned, stunned by Lin Hao's question.Yeah, if it happened again, would she still choose to divorce him?Shen Xiyan was stunned, Shen Xiyan didn't say anything, and Lin Hao didn't say anything either, so she just looked at her quietly.

After a long, long time, Shen Xiyan shook her head with red eyes, "No, I don't know.But now I regret that after he left me, I realized what he really meant to me.If I were to choose again now, I would not divorce him, if ...... if he can live, no matter what encounters, this life even if death, I will not leave him again, this Yi dye Xisan chak Wu Di Yi lifetime will not ......"

Shen Xi Yan said standing up to Lin Hao stretched out his hand, barely smiled and said: "Thank you, thank you for talking to me tonight, but only those who live need more courage, because we have to carry the share of the dead lover, continue to go on, continue to go on, you also cheer ...... right my name is Shen Xi Yan, nice to meet you ......" first URL m.

Lin Hao stood up and also extended his hand to shake with Shen Xiyan, smiling, "Well, it's the ones who survive that suffer more, come on, Miss Shen, it's nice to meet you ......"

After Shen Siyan shook hands with Lin Hao, she left.And no one in this bar knew that the woman sitting in the corner was the most popular woman in Tianhai City these days, the woman with the nickname of a broomstick star, Shen Suyan.And no one knew that the man sitting opposite Shen Siyan was the forbidden being who now owned the Tianhai Group!

When Lin Hao reached the entrance of the bar, Shen Siyan had already walked away, and Night One, dressed in black, appeared silently, following Lin Hao Shen Hao and watching Shen Siyan's back.

"Big Brother ...... "Night One's eyes were incomparably complex, he really couldn't understand why Lin Hao now obviously had the strength to protect Shen Shi Yan, but he still had to lie to her and make Shen Shi Yan so sad, because if Lin Hao did that, Shen Shi Yan would feel very bad in his heart.But the same he Lin Hao's heart would also be very, very sad.

"Protect her ......" Lin Hao said faintly, turned around and also disappeared into the night, Lin Hao walked in the opposite direction from Shen Shi Yan...


The next morning, Shen Suyan woke up early, she didn't do any elaborate dressing, instead she put on a white ladies suit and white high heels, today was the opening day of her company, this design company was left to her by Lin Hao, a company to make her dreams come true.

When Shen Siyan went out, Jiang Shaoming, who had already dared to come from Nanjiang City, drove a car to pick her up at the Gu family's gate.Today was the opening day of Shen Siyan's design company, and Gu Yue was supposed to go with her, but Gu Yue had a temporary matter.And it wasn't appropriate for Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya to go forward for such an occasion, so Jiang Shaoming, who had rushed back from Nanjiang City last night, came.

"Sister-in-law, your outfit is very refined, like a strong woman, come on!"Jiang Shao Ming saw Shen Siyan, who was dressed in a white suit, with a confident face, and although her eyes were still slightly red, it was no longer so obvious under the cover of the foundation.

Today's weather is very good, the sunshine is sufficient, the sunshine Shen Caiyan, a confident smile on her face.Last night was the last time she was weak and indulgent in her heart.From today onwards, she, Shen Siyan, was going to do her best to fulfill Lin Hao's last wish, and within three years, she would design an international brand that would resonate around the world!This was Lin Hao's wish before he died, and this was also her dream, so from today onwards Shen Xiyan would never allow herself to be weak, and would have to keep charging towards that goal!

Shen Shen smiled and nodded, "Well, come on, three years, three years I'll do what he wants to see!"Shen Siyan smiled confidently.

The car started, and Jiang Shao Ming drove with Shen Xiyan, heading towards the company's address.

It was just that Shen Siyan's current reputation in Tianhai was great after all, and the name of her design company was Siyan Design Company, and the name of the company was her name.So even though she hadn't done any publicity with Jiang Shao Ming.But when the company opened today, there were still a large number of people in front of the company.There were news reporters, as well as some of the top elites of Tianhai City.

Jiang Shao Ming couldn't help but frown when he saw the group of people in front of Shen Xiyan's company, he turned his head and said to Shen Xiyan, "Sister-in-law, why don't you wait, I'll go down first to disperse these people ......"

Shen Siyan looked up at the group of people in front of the company and shook her head and laughed, "No need, it's not something shameful, and I don't care about my reputation in Tianhai City anymore, even if it's bad, how bad can it be?And with these people here, isn't it a direct way to give my company, a free publicity?"

When Shen Xiyan got off the car, the group of reporters in front of the company surrounded Shen Xiyan and surrounded her completely.

A beautiful reporter asked to Shen Xiyan: "Miss Shen Xiyan, may I ask if this company is your own business?I heard you were a good designer before, right?" Remember the URL

Shen Xieyan smiled and clicked Wu Yi love closed love head: "Well yes, my profession is a clothing designer, and in the future I will also do design in Tianhai City, in order to three years later, so that my brand to go international!"Shen Xi Yan spoke and acted very appropriately.

Another reporter quickly asked Shen Xiyan, "Miss Shen is very powerful, but may I ask Miss Shen, are you and your mother really no longer related to the Leng family?A few days ago, the Leng family also announced that you and your mother were completely kicked out of the Leng family, is this true, Miss Shen?Or is there something hidden in this?"

Shen Siyan's heart was pounding, this was something she didn't want to mention, and this reporter obviously didn't have any good intentions.This question was deliberately throwing salt on her wounds.But since Shen Xiyan had already decided to come out, she knew that this question was just a start.

So Shen Xiyan took a deep breath and asked the reporter rhetorically, "So may I ask you, would you sell your daughter for money?After you took the money, you stopped caring about her and left her to her own devices?"

That reporter's face stiffened and his heart grew angry, and he exhaled at Shen Xiyan, "Miss Shen please don't joke with me, I'm not familiar with you yet!"

Shen Xiyan snickered, "Oh ...... you were the one who made the joke first, weren't you?"

Err ...... That female reporter choked on Shen Xiyan's words and was unable to speak.Then it was quickly squeezed down by other reporters.

For a time, a white suit Shen Xiyan, standing in the sun, one person facing dozens of reporters' questions, answering with ease and confidence ......

At this moment, what Shen Siyan didn't know was that there was a black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle parked next to the street not far behind her.In the car Lin Hao is watching her through the glass window ......


After looking at Shen Xiyan for a while, Mo Tianji said to Lin Hao, "Big brother, sister-in-law seems to have come out of the woodwork, look at how confident she looks now, she is facing dozens of reporters all by herself and doesn't change her face ......"

Lin Hao silently looked at Shen Xiyan, but shook his head at Mo Tianji's question: "It's impossible to come out, she just buried all the thoughts in her heart, and is not exposing her wounds to the outside world."

Outside the window in front of Shen Xiyan's company, Shen Xiyan spent half an hour to finally answer all the reporters' questions, and just as Shen Xiyan was about to go on stage to cut the ribbon for the opening of the company, suddenly an incomparably stinging voice reached her ears.

"Oh, sister, you're amazing, you didn't marry into the Gong family, but you've opened a company?Why didn't you tell me about such a big thing as starting a company?I'm so come to give you congratulations ah ...... "Leng Feng don't know what zero closed love shade zero er intention service time, also came here, while wearing sexy Shen Ruo Xue is holding his arm.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do.

When Leng Feng and Shen Ruoxue appeared, especially after Leng Feng said something so yin and yang, suddenly the surrounding reporters all perked up, feeling that there would definitely be big news again today.After all, Leng Qiu Ya had already severed ties with the Leng family, and the Leng family was disgraced that day when Leng Qiu Ya announced it to hundreds of reporters in Tian Hai City in front of the Leng family.So after that, even after Leng Qiu Ya's announcement, the Leng Family also announced that they had expelled Leng Qiu Ya and Shen Shi Yan, the bastard, from the Leng Family!

And Leng Feng came here today, to be frank, to disgust Shen Suyan.After all, Shen Shyan was now considered a well-known figure in Tianhai, and the more Shen Shyan was exposed too much to the people of Tianhai, the greater the shame on their Leng Family!

Shen Shi Yan stared at Leng Feng with a deadly stare, it was this man in front of her, and the family behind him, that forced her to have to divorce Lin Hao, and the divorce papers she had with Lin Hao were operated for her by this man!Shen Xiyan already hated Leng Feng to the bone.And the same goes for Shen Ruoxue beside him!

Shen Xiyan said coldly, "Heh ...... informed you?I'm sorry, do I know you well?And didn't your Leng family say they'd kick me and my mother out of the house?I will not accept your congratulations, please leave ......"

Leng Feng's eyes narrowed at the words, and a cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes.Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Shen Ruoxue, who was beside him, sneered, "Shen Xiyan, you still have the face to open a company?You've disgraced the Shen family!Don't you know what people are saying about you out there now?You have no shame to show your face!Where did you get that face?"

I'm sorry, let everyone see the joke, I'm Shen Ruoxue, the stage that is my sister, we are all from the South River City over, Shen Xiyan's father is my own third uncle, just our Shen family did not expect, when my third uncle actually eloped with the Leng family's eldest daughter, hey family scandal ah ......" one second to remember to read the book

Shen Ruoxue was acting like a superior sister there, and her words were all sarcastic about Shen Xi Yan.She herself was however standing on the moral high ground.

The woman's body was trembling with anger, but she forced it down, because she knew that Leng Feng and Shen Ruoxue were deliberately looking for a fight.

Shen Siyan's eyes narrowed and sneered, "Oh, I'm also really impressed, one is my cousin, the other is my cousin, you two actually managed to get together, huh, Shen Ruoxue, Leng Feng, do you still want some shame?"

As Shen Xiyan's words fell, the surrounding reporters raised their cameras and took pictures of Leng Feng and Shen Ruo Xue in a mad rush.After all, this time Shen Ruoxue is still holding Leng Feng's arm, the two incomparably intimate.

When Shen Ruoxue saw the reporters taking pictures of her and Leng Feng, she was so scared that she quickly let go of Leng Feng's arm, and was told by Shen Xiyan that she didn't dare to speak anymore.

"Hmph, a good pair of eloquent mouths, was tongue and cheek meaningless, I just one sentence, Shen Xiyan you today this company can not open!Although our Leng Family has severed ties with you, if you make a splash in Tianhai City again, you'll lose face as well!We can live our own lives from now on, and our Leng Family won't bother you mother and daughter, but you get out of the Heavenly Sea!"Leng Feng directly blasted at Shen Xiyan coldly.

Shen Siyan frowned deeply and slowly said, "Impossible!The company is run by me and has nothing to do with your Leng family, and I didn't take a penny of your money!I'm opening this company!"

Leng Feng sneered disdainfully, "Heh, well, since you don't know what you're doing and insist on making us look bad, then don't blame us for being ruthless, I'd like to see who in the entire Tianhai City would dare to give you projects if you went against our Leng Family!"

She knew how powerful the Leng family was in Tianhai City, and if the Leng family was messing with her company behind her back, then she really probably wouldn't be able to open the company that Lin Hao had left her.And at that time, her dream and Lin Hao's will, will not be completed, a time Shen Caiyan face white ......

Leng Feng looked at Shen Xiyan's worried expression, suddenly happy, happy laughing rampant: "Oh ...... Shen Xiyan, you said that you and your mother back to Nanjiang that small place is not good?Why do you have to stay in the Sea of Heaven?In this Heavenly Sea City, with our Leng Family here, can you really survive?"Leng Feng was disdainful and sneered incessantly.Shen Ruoxue, who was beside him, also felt fierce out of breath, gloating at Shen's embarrassment ......

At this time, suddenly three people separated from the crowd walked in, headed by the one wearing a black suit, body has a superior temperament, heard also sneered: "Oh, the Leng family is really great awe ah, if people who do not know, really thought that you Leng family is the boss of Tianhai City, Miss Shen opened a company without your Leng family's permission to do not go on?Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Shen is my friend Ye Wushuang, I would like to see how your Leng family's youngest will deal with Miss Shen's company!"

The one who opened his mouth to speak was none other than Ye Wushuang, the number one son of Tianhai City!And following behind Ye Wushuang was the heir to the Xiao family, Xiao Cold Night, and the heir to the Bai family, Bai Hang!

Xiao Cold Night also sneered, "Oh, sorry ah Leng Da Shao, Miss Shen is also a friend of mine ......"

Bai Jiaqi stared at Leng Feng in an interesting manner, "When did your Leng family become so awesome?Why didn't I know that?I'm sorry, our Bai family officially entered into a strategic partnership with Miss Shen today, what, are you Leng family going to start a war?"

"What ...... you guys ...... you guys ...... "Leng Feng was shocked and unable to speak after seeing Ye Wushuang, Xiao Cold Night, Bai Jiaqi, these three big youngsters of the first-class families in Tianhai City standing up for Shen Xiyan, and his face changed wildly ......


Leng Feng was silly, completely silly, he would have never thought that Shen Xiyan and Ye Wushuang would become friends, and it wasn't just Ye Wushuang who came today, there was also the future head of the Xiao family, Xiao Cold Night, and the future head of the Bai family, Bai Jiaqi.You know that none of these three families, their Leng family can compare to ah ......

And at this moment not only Leng Feng was silly, even the party Shen Xi Yan was also silly, Shen Xi Yan at this moment all feel a little bit insufficient head, because she herself is clear, she and Ye Wushuang although she has met once, but she what with Ye Wushuang become friends?And Xiao and Bai Jiaqi?You know these three are all top figures in the younger generation of Tian Hai City, when did you get to know them?

Just when Shen Siyan looked at Ye Wushuang's three people in confusion, Ye Wushuang's few people all nodded and smiled at her.Shen Xi Yan is not a fool, first no matter why Ye Wushuang these three people will help themselves, but first pull their relationship to say, after all, this company she must do up, this company is not only her dream, but also Lin Hao's last wish ah.

Shen Xi Yan smiled at Ye Wushuang's three, "Xi Yan thanks Mr. Ye, Mr. Xiao, Mr. Bai for coming, thank you very much, hurry up inside please, inside please ......"

It was just to Shen Siyan's warm invitation, but Ye Wushuang waved his hand and said, "Miss Shen is not in a hurry, there is still a person here who is in the way."

After saying that, Ye Wushuang walked in front of Leng Feng, squinted her eyes and sneered, "What do you say Leng Da Shao?Miss Shen is my friend, and my Ye family will also cooperate with Miss Shen, so what exactly does your Leng family mean?Do you have to drive Miss Shen to death?"

Leng Feng was shivering all over, he could never afford to provoke Ye Wushuang, and the Leng family could not afford to provoke the Ye family at all.But he was incomparably confused, why would Ye Wushuang's few people come to help Shen Xiyan?He took a deep look at Ye Wushuang and suddenly understood, I'm afraid that Ye Wushuang, these people, were just looking at their Leng family's displeasure, that they were clearly trying to embarrass them!It can be imagined that in the future Ye Wushuang these people will definitely support Shen Siyan, after all, the better Shen Siyan does, the more their face of the Leng family is lumpless ......

It's just that it's a matter of thinking about what to do in terms of dyeing and closing the love ground.As the saying goes, the situation was better than the person, he simply couldn't afford to provoke Ye Wushuang, nor could he afford to provoke Xiao Hanye and Bai Jiaqi.The eldest youngsters of these three first-class families in Tianhai City had actually united together!United to oppress him Leng Feng, but he just really had to endure it, even if he had a lot of frustration in his heart!

Thinking of this Leng Feng can only lower his head, put up a very, very low posture, said to Ye Wushuang: "Sorry Ye Shao, I ...... didn't know you were a friend of Xie Yan, sorry, in that case, then our Leng family naturally does not interfere with Xie Yan's company, I hereby guarantee, absolutely, absolutely will not interfere ...... Leng Mou still has things to do, I'm leaving first, you guys chat ......" Leng Feng said and turned around and left, he then left words, there is no longer any meaning, and can only humiliate himself.

"Stop!Did I say let you go?"Behind Leng Feng, Ye Wushuang's icy voice came over.He wanted to leave, but Ye Wushuang wouldn't let him.

And at this moment, Leng Feng, who had his back to Ye Wushuang Shen Siyan and a few others, his face was already gloomy to the extreme.He had just been forced to bow his head to Ye Wushuang in front of everyone!You know that usually outside, he was rated as the youngest youngster who could be on par with Ye Wushuang in the Heavenly Sea!But today it was so humiliated by Ye Wushuang, especially when there were dozens of reporters here! First web site

Leng Feng turned his head slowly with a gloomy face and asked to Ye Wushuang, "What, what else is there to do, Young Master Ye?"

Pa ...... Ye Wushuang didn't say anything, directly backhanded a big mouth and smacked Leng Feng's face ...... Leng Feng's fair face was instantly covered with a red slap mark.

Boom ...... Suddenly everyone around them quieted down, completely quiet.And Leng Feng was also confused, he never thought that Ye Wushuang would actually dare to hit him?For a moment he subconsciously wanted to hit back at Ye Wushuang.But soon reason told him that he couldn't, and he didn't dare!It was fine for Ye Wushuang to slap him, whereas if he dared to slap Ye Wushuang.Their Leng family would attract a huge trouble!

And right now, those surrounding reporters who saw this scene were also stunned and deeply shocked.Because in their hearts, Leng Feng, the contemporary heir of the Leng family, and Ye Wushuang, the contemporary heir of the Ye family, were the two strongest sons of Tianhai City on a par.But now Ye Wushuang had actually hit Leng Feng, and in a most insulting way!But what made them even more horrified was that Leng Feng didn't even dare to return the hand or even say a big word.

Ye Wushuang looked at Leng Feng with a cold smile, "Heh ...... Those idiots in Tianhai City, they actually put you alongside me?With you?You deserve it?Come on, Mr. Leng. Don't say I didn't give you a chance. I was just upset with you, so I hit you.Do you want to call back?Do you want to call back?"Ye Wushuang said and smacked Leng Feng just on that side of his face with another big slap.

Leng Feng's face was so black it was about to drip water!He clenched his fist in a death grip, but he didn't dare to fight back at all.Ye Wushuang was directly taking a rude shot at him in a rogue's stance, and he really had no way out at all.At this moment, he could only say to Ye Wushuang, "Is it okay?Yeh?"

Ye Wushuang disdainfully looked at Leng Feng and said, "Get lost ......"


Leng Feng turned his head and walked away, this time he couldn't even care about Shen Ruoxue who was beside him, he was walking forward quickly by himself.Leng Feng lowered his head, his eyes flickered with ice-cold to killing intent in the depths: "Ye Wushuang, you fucking wait for me, I will definitely kill you, I will definitely kill you, today's humiliation, I will repay you a thousand times over in the next day, and Xiao Hanye, Bai Jiaqi, you guys wait for me, wait for me!"Leng Feng's heart was roaring madly, the killing intent in his heart, the anger was already overwhelming, but now when the mistake was extreme was to leave here quickly, after all, today he had humiliated himself to the extreme.

In the past, the backs of these big families in Tianhai City, although there was friction, but everyone would more or less leave each other a little face.But today Ye Wushuang had brazenly torn his face!Not even the slightest consideration for the Leng family behind Leng Feng!

"How dare he, how dare he ...... "Although Leng Feng was roaring in his heart, he didn't dare to say or even show anything when he was facing Ye Wushuang.This was the huge gap in strength.Leng Feng's Shen Ruoxue, who was following him with a worried and scared face, was also terrified in her heart, she had previously fantasized about being Ye Wushuang's woman, but now she was only afraid of Ye Wushuang, she wanted to follow Leng Feng now and leave here quickly!

"Stop!Ye Wushuang let you go, did I let you go?You try taking a step further?"Just as Leng Feng had walked out not too far away, suddenly another blast came from behind him!

Leng Feng's footsteps can't help but zero ground yi er zero on the stop, but just now he was slapped by Ye Wushuang in front of dozens of reporters, two slaps, his heart was already furious, this will also be a complete fire, it can be said that here in addition to Ye Wushuang, he Leng Feng really didn't put the rest of the people in his eyes!Even Xiao Hanyu and Bai Jiaqi, in Leng Feng's heart are just two trash.

So this time Leng Feng's heart is furious, those people really think they don't dare to mess with Ye Wushuang, what kind of blind cat and dead dog dare to scream in front of him?Thinking of this Leng Feng didn't even think about it, he fiercely turned around and shouted: "Who the hell are you again?Try saying that again for a fucking second?"

Just when Leng Feng finished roaring in fury, when he thoroughly saw the person who had just shouted at him from behind, his entire face instantly went pale, the cold sweat of cold sweat instantly flowed downward, crazily, the fear in his heart rapidly climbed, and his body was so frightened that he all shivered ......

And the person who had just berated him behind his back was none other than Mo Tianji, who had just gotten off the bus and had come to stand in for Shen Xiyan at Lin Hao's signal!Mo Tianji, the CEO of Tianhai Group!Although there was an even more terrifying existence behind Mo Tianji, Mo Tianji himself was also the president of the Tianhai Group, and the current Tianhai Group was not at all inferior to the Ye family, and the Tianhai Group that had even annexed the Gong family's entire industry was even more powerful than the Ye family in terms of scale.Not to mention the fact that behind Mo Tianji stood that forbidden existence of Tianhai City!

Mo Tianji's face was incomparably gloomy as he stared at Leng Feng with a deadly stare, "You repeat what you just said, if you have the guts, let me also see how awesome the young master of a famous family in Tianhai City is!"

Bang ...... Mo Tianji finished speaking, Leng Feng was so scared that he kneeled directly in front of Mo Tianji, yes, this time Leng Feng kneeled directly!He was truly afraid, knowing that the Gong family, which was much more powerful than their Leng family, had been exterminated in one night.And the murderer was this Mo Tianji in front of him, and that terrifying existence behind Mo Tianji!

"Mo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really didn't know it was you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...... "Leng Feng kneeled on the ground, and as he said that, he smacked his own big mouth, well this time he smacked himself.Didn't even need Mo Tianji to do it! Remember the URL

And right now, Shen Siyan, who was standing beside the crowd, was completely stunned and shocked.Ye Wushuang's three people were just fine.But this was the president of Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji!He was even able to be on par with Ye Wushuang's father, the head of the Ye family, Ye Feiye, ah, so why would such a person be here?

It's just that a more shocking scene happened, Mo Tianji said coldly to Leng Feng: "Today is the opening day of Miss Shen's company, I'm not with you in general, but Miss Shen is my friend, and Miss Shen has no relationship with your Leng family, so you just threatened my friend, this account, you think should......How ...... count?"

Boom ...... Shen Xi Yan only felt in the head, exploded a thunder, stupidly looking at the things happening in front of the eyes of these things, the head can not figure out, can not understand these people, what is going on ......


Leng Feng knew that he was planted today, and right now he didn't even have the courage to resist in front of Mo Tianji, he didn't even get up, he turned to Shen Xiyan and said, "Xiyan I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it was my mistake.I promise that the Leng family will never make things difficult for you and your mother in the future, I swear, absolutely not, absolutely not ......"

Shen Siyan herself was still in shock, and now she nodded subconsciously as she watched Leng Feng kneel down and apologize to her.

"Mr. Mo, do you think it's okay?"Leng Feng's face was white with cold sweat as he asked to Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji nodded his head, and only then did Leng Feng hurriedly get up as if he had been pardoned, but just as he was about to leave, Mo Tianji called out to him again, and Leng Feng was so frightened that his guts were broken that he hurriedly asked to Mo Tianji cautiously, "What else is there, Mr. Mo?"Leng Feng was on the verge of tears, the humiliation he had encountered all his life was not as much as today, and he didn't need to think about it, I'm afraid that by tomorrow, the matter of his Leng Feng kneeling down to apologize today would spread throughout the upper class circles of Tianhai City.His reputation was bound to plummet ......

Mo Tianji didn't embarrass Leng Feng this time, but instead looked at Shen Ruoxue beside him, pointed at Shen Ruoxue and said to Leng Feng, "You're a good-looking woman, can you give her to me?"

Leng Feng quickly nodded without thinking, "Mmhmm, can, can she call ......"

"Oh, I'm just kidding you, this kind of woman with a deep and vicious mind, even if she's pretty, I wouldn't dare to take her, and who knows how many men this watery woman has slept with?In case there is a disease, it would be bad to be infected ...... You keep it to play with yourself, you can get out ...... "Leng Feng just did not finish the sentence was interrupted by the opening of Mo Tianji, and Mo Tianji also ruthlessly humiliated Shen Ruoxue..He was completely upset with Shen Ruoxue, and he couldn't even understand now why the young master was keeping a vicious woman like Shen Ruoxue!

"Er ...... good, I'll roll, I'll roll ......" Leng Feng was stunned, he never thought that Mo Tianchun would say such a thing.It's just that for him, Shen Ruoxue is simply dispensable ah, a woman only.In Tianhai Mayor had to be prettier than Shen Ruo Xue's woman, there are many, with his status, it's completely how much he wants, he simply doesn't care.So at this moment, after hearing Mo Tianji let him go, he hurriedly accelerated his steps to go outside ......

Just he Leng Feng could care less, but Shen Ruoxue's heart was furious to the extreme, just now she Shen Ruoxue, who wanted to have looks and a figure, was actually sent around by two men, in front of dozens of reporters, in front of hundreds of people, and was actually disliked in the end.

And it wasn't just being disliked, she was deeply insulted by Mo Tianji, calling her dirty!She remembered incomparably clearly that when Mo Tianji was just talking to Leng Feng, the dozens of reporters around her were all taking crazy pictures of her.Shen Ruoxue felt incomparably humiliated this time!Tears pattering down, heart full of hate!It's better to let her die than to talk about her like that!In fact, when Mo Tianji and Leng Feng just insulted her in front of so many people, she was tempted to open a resistance.But in the end but didn't dare, she really didn't want to die...Dye whisk Shan Er Er Dye whisk...

Women like her can be vicious and bully honest people.But when they meet a truly vicious man, they won't even dare to fart!And compared to the endless humiliation she received, Shen Shi Yan, who was behind her at the moment, was enjoying the congratulations of the crowd.Her situation with Shen Xiyan was a complete contrast to her situation! One second to remember to read the book.


After Leng Feng left with Shen Ruoxue, Shen Xiyan still hadn't slowed down.Ye Wushuang was also fine, today's Shen Siyan was not the white who knew nothing back then after experiencing so many things.She was able to think that Ye Wushuang and the others had come over to help her today solely to suppress the Leng family, even though Ye Wushuang and the others had the intention of using herself in this.But she was also willing ah, no matter what, just be able to keep the company.

But regarding Mo Tianji's words, Shen Siyan was completely confused, she couldn't figure out why Mo Tianji would come to help her?And saying that she was his friend in front of all the reporters.Shen Xiyan didn't even have to think about it, with just this one sentence from Mo Tianji today, then no one would dare to mess with her in the future in Tianhai City.In truth, Mo Tianji's power was too great.

"Mo, Mr. Mo, thank you, thank you for helping me ......" Shen Siyan took a deep breath and bowed to Mo Tianji to thank her.Just this moment made her even more confused, she bowed, put Mo Tianji is a big shock, Mo Tianji quickly get out of the way.This was his own sister-in-law, how could he dare to bear Shen Siyan's bow?He wouldn't dare, and Lin Hao is still watching from the back of the car right now ......

The cold sweat on Mo Tianji's face flowed down when he thought of this, and looking at Mo Tianji's nervous and anxious appearance, Ye Wushuang and the others were also deeply touched, I'm afraid that in the current Tianhai City, no one dared to bear Shen Siyan's worship, right?

But Mo Tianji, in order not to let Shen Xiyan doubt, he quickly smiled at Shen Xiyan and said, "Miss Shen is serious ah, must not be so ah, but I also Miss Shen has doubts in her heart.Miss Shen naturally knows me, but you know my big brother, my big brother went back to me last night and said that he made a friend, a very good friend ......"

"Your big brother?Last night?"Shen Xiyan was confused, but the shock in her heart only intensified.Because now the entire Heavenly Sea City knew that there was a domineering and cold person in Heavenly Sea City who could not be provoked!And that person was Mo Tianji's big brother.A few days ago, at that banquet in Half Moon Bay, although she Shen Siyan didn't go, she still heard about it and heard that a great god had come to Tianhai City!She just can't remember when she knew someone that scary. ......

Mo Tianji smiled and said to Shen Xiyan, "Miss Shen, did you go to a small bar to drink last night?Oh, my big brother is also in, last night he and Miss Shen chatted very pleasant, since my big brother divorced closed zero to rely on Lu Shan whisk love, he has not smiled for a long time, so we are friends is not right?"

"What?Him?That Lin Tian?"Shen Siyan's small mouth opened wide, she never expected that just by going for a drink last night, she would actually get to know that most terrifying existence in Tianhai City, that powerful man!

Shen Shi Yan's heart was shocked, but then a thought rose up in her heart, "Lin Hao, you're the one blessing me in the underworld right?"......

Shen Siyan's mood was instantly a bit low, but then she smiled, no matter what, her company officially opened today, and with Mo Tianji to her platform, with Ye Wushuang, Xiao cold night, Bai Jiaqi to help her speak.Then her company will not say that it will be a smooth journey in the future, but at least it will block out many, many troubles ......

After the opening ceremony, Shen Xiyan originally wanted to stay a few people for dinner, but a few people had something to do and left.Shen Xiyan personally sent Mo Tianji, Ye Wushuang several people to the front door ...... First web site

What Shen Xiyan didn't know was that in the car directly across from her, Lin Hao had been silently watching her: "Xiyan, come on ......."


Leng family villa, Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng two people standing in the hall, two people heart zero Lu Yi closed er dyed steak service are incomparably angry, Leng Changjiang is black face are about to drip out of water, a big mouth gasping for breath.

"Bullying!You're too much of a bully!That Ye family's Ye Wushuang dares to bully my grandson like that!!!"Leng Changjiang slammed the phone on the ground with a thud, and it shattered directly.Through the shattered screen, you can still vaguely see the news of Ye Wushuang slapping Leng Feng, and Leng Feng kneeling to Mo Tianji, reported on it.Of course the latter Leng Changjiang can also understand, his heart is not so concerned, after all, Mo Tianji's identity and status is placed there, if you annoy Mo Tianji and the existence behind him, whether the Leng family can continue to exist is an unknown.

But that Ye Wushuang, actually dared to slap Leng Feng, although the Ye family is the largest first-class family in Tianhai City, the Leng family is not weak, the strength of the Leng family now is not much inferior to the Bai family, even though it is not as good as the Ye family, but it is not so easy for the Ye family to kill his Leng family.But Ye Wushuang actually beat up Leng Feng right in public, and for real!

Leng Feng also has a gloomy face, at this moment he lowered his head and said to Leng Changjiang: "Grandfather, the matter has passed, it's nothing for me to bear some shame, the future is still long, we have plenty of time, today's humiliation other day I will double back to that Ye Wushuang.So, I didn't take Ye Wushuang to heart.But grandpa, this Mo Tianji said he is a friend of Shen Shiyan?We'll have to be careful with this matter, she Shen Shiyan is just an abandoned son of our Leng family, how would she know Mo Tianji?"

When Leng Changjiang heard this, he looked right, then he frowned deeply and slowly said, "Well, Mo Tianji's attitude towards that wild seed is indeed worthy of our careful consideration, but until things are clarified, it's best for us to stop targeting Shen Xiyan, the Heavenly Sea is still in turmoil, and that forbidden existence suddenly moving into the Heavenly Sea will definitely do a consolidation of the major forces in the Heavenly Sea, so at this critical moment, our Leng family must be calm and prudent ......"

Leng Feng nodded heavily and said, "Well, grandpa, I have a terrible thought in my heart, do you think it's possible that the one Shen Xiyan knows isn't Mo Tianji, but the man behind Mo Tianji?"When Leng Feng said this, his face was incomparably heavy, and there was even a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes.

There was also a hint of fear in the depths of Leng Changjiang's eyes, he was silent for a long time, only after a while did Leng Changjiang deeply inhaled cold air and said, "By all means it should be impossible, don't forget that wild seed was married to someone, there's no way that existence would look at her.But we can't rule out that possibility either.And if your speculation is true, then our Leng family will have to reconsider the way we treat their mother and daughter, in short, everything should be low-key these days, Feng'er you go back ......"

Well ...... Leng Feng nodded, turned around and walked out, but when he was almost at the door, Leng Changjiang called out to him again: "Right Feng'er, it's a troubled time now, that Shen woman you left by your side, let her go.......Her identity is also quite sensitive in the present, and it's easy to bring criticism to our Leng family!"

Leng Feng's footsteps fiercely added a trace of hostility, and without turning around, he nodded, gave a hmmm and left Leng Changjiang's villa ......

Half an hour later, in Leng Feng's villa, when Shen Ruoxue, who was dressed in a long black dress, saw that Leng Feng had returned, she hurried forward and asked worriedly, "Leng Shao, how are you?What did your grandfather say?"

Pa ...... Faced with Shen Ruoxue's question, Leng Feng backhandedly smacked it with a big slap, the blow was so fierce that Shen Ruoxue's mouth was bloodied. Remember the URL

"Leng Shao you?Why did you hit me?"Shen Ruoxue looked at Leng Feng incredulously, because she didn't do anything wrong to Leng Feng, and these days she followed Leng Feng's side, she did whatever he said.She is also grateful to Leng Feng, after all, Leng Feng helped her pay off millions of dollars in foreign debts, and also saved her father and sister, reducing their sentences ......


"Get out!Get out of here!I don't want to see you again. I'm sick of seeing your face.You can't even compare to Shen Xiyan. What do I need you for?Get the hell out of here!"Leng Feng was furious and cursed at Shen Ruoxue.

Shen Ruoxue, who fell to the ground, trembled hard, and in the midst of Leng Feng's tirade, she lowered her head and hurried out.She was a smart woman, she knew that now Leng Feng was angry, if she stayed, it would backfire, so she might as well leave now.

And she, Shen Ruoxue, still had a pitiful look on her face as she left Leng Feng's villa.But when she left the villa's gates, the look in her eyes following the letter was filled with endless resentment!

"Shen Seiyan, Shen Seiyan!Why is it all about you, why are all the good men circling you?Why!Why!What makes you, what makes you better than me?You're divorced from Lin Hao, but now you're seducing Mo Tianji!Ahhhhhh ...... what do you deserve, what do you deserve!!!"Shen Ruoxue's heart was screaming madly, she had a monstrous amount of resentment and jealousy in her heart.

Yes she Shen Ruo Xue does not compare with others, that is, to compare with Shen Xiyan, because she and Shen Xiyan grew up together.In the past, all the glory around her was her Shen Ruoxue, and Shen Suyan could only follow her ass and pick up some of what she didn't want.But this year all of this has changed, Shen Siyan constantly easily obtained what she Shen Ruoxue dreamed of, glory, in Nanjiang City was like that, and now come to Tianhai is like that again.

Now the more things Shen Xiyan obtained, the more upset she Shen Ruoxue felt in her heart.People are like this, they won't be jealous of outsiders, instead they will desperately be jealous of those around them, the hatred for Shen Ruo Xue in her heart right now is almost to an extreme!

"Shen Xiyan you wait, you wait, one day I'll make you lose everything, everything you have now should be mine, it should be mine!"Shen Ruoxue was walking while thinking of the malicious trick against Shen Xiyan.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and then you'll see a black car in front of you, and the next thing you know, you'll see two masked men in black coming down the car.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.It was just that Mo Tianji had a bad impression of her, and even sarcastically mocked her in public.

And now that she had been caught here by Mo Tianji, suddenly Shen Ruoxue was scared, very, very scared.Scared to death, Shen Ruoxue was incomparably scared and opened her mouth to Mo Tianji and said, "Mr. Mo, may I ask, what do you, what do you want from me?" One second to remember to read the book

Mo Tianji leaned forward and looked at the face in front of him, which was more or less similar to Shen Xiyan's, and frowned at Shen Ruoxue, "Shen Ruoxue is it, I'm curious, you're obviously Shen Xiyan's sister, but why do you just keep targeting her?And it's still as vicious as it needs to be, aren't you her sister?Didn't you guys grow up together?Aren't we sisters?Why are you doing this?Why?"

Shen Ruoxue was at a loss for words when faced with Mo Tianji's words, she didn't know what Mo Tianji meant when he asked her such words, and for a moment she didn't know how to answer.

"Say!Otherwise, die!"Mo Tianji saw Shen Ruoxue dazed and fiercely shouted at her!

"Because I'm jealous, I'm jealous of her ...... "Shen Ruoxue was so frightened by Mo Tianji, she subconsciously said what was on her mind ......


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