Secret Identity 891-900


Chapter 891

Ma Lan had never dreamed that after 20 years she would still receive such a fat beating because of what happened to Han Meiqing back then.

      The first time I saw her, I thought I was going to convince Zhang Guifen, but I didn't expect that the old lady Xiao would subvert all her efforts and make her fall into an endless abyss.

      The woman who came to beat him had a tragic past with a third party in her life, so when she beat her, she brought in all her old grudges and hatred, and was merciless.

      The first thing that happened was that Ma Lan was beaten to death, and she was almost dying.

      After the gang of people had finished beating Ma Lan violently, Old Mrs. Xiao said at the side, "I think we'd better get this slut to the toilet, so that she won't be here to make us look annoyed!"

      "Right!"The woman who had first rushed up to do it said coldly, "The old lady is right, throw her into the toilet!"

      Saying that, she greeted another woman beside her and said, "We'll each have one leg and just drag her in."

      "Yes!"The other party immediately nodded and agreed, so one of them dragged Ma Lan by one of her legs, hard dragging her from the floor, all the way to the toilet.

      Xiao Weiwei also hurriedly followed, seeing the two people throwing Ma Lan into the toilet, she took out a wash basin to catch a basin of water and directly poured it on her body and said with a sneer, "Ma Lan, you never dreamed that you would have today, right?You're the only one who wants to fight with Grandma?"

      Ma Lan was now splashed with the cold water, shaking violently while regretting it in her heart.

      I shouldn't have said those words in front of Zhang Guifen to try to arouse Zhang Guifen's sympathy.

      If she hadn't accused Old Lady Xiao of those words just now, she wouldn't have ended up in such a situation.

      What she regretted even more was that she shouldn't have stolen her son-in-law Ye Chen's bank card, never dreaming that Ye Chen would turn out to be a multinational liar!

      If she hadn't stolen his bank card, then sooner or later he would have been the one to come in and suffer this, but just because she couldn't keep her hands to herself, she was now here, suffering this inhumane torture.

      Her intestines were already repentant.

      This night, Ma Lan hugged her legs and sat in the corner of the toilet, struggling to stay up until dawn.

      During the night, Ma Lan had developed a high fever, burning her whole body in a fog.

      What's more, she hadn't eaten anything for almost 48 hours!

      In the morning when everyone else started to go into the toilet to wash up, Ma Lan's entire body was so weak that she didn't even have the strength to raise her eyelids.

      Someone else went to get breakfast for the entire cell, and the breakfast was the same old rice porridge with steamed buns.

      While Zhang Guifen and the others were eating, they found that Ma Lan didn't come out, so she ordered a man to say, "Go in and see if that slutty woman is dead, and if she's not, drag her out."

      So the man went to the bathroom, took a look at Ma Lan, and found her huddled in the corner shivering, so he went up to her, pulled her by the hair, and dragged her out of there.

      By the time Ma Lan came out, Zhang Guifen had already started eating her box of rice.

      Like yesterday morning, Zhang Guifen finished the steamed buns and deliberately left about a third of the porridge, then she looked at Ma Lan and said with a playful face, "Two days and two nights without food, you must be hungry, right?"


Ma Lan nodded repeatedly in confusion and spoke, "Sister Guifen, please let me have a bite to eat, or I might really die ......"

      Zhang Guifen sneered and poured all the porridge in the bowl onto the floor, then dabbed it with her toe and said with a sneer, "Want to eat it, do you?Then get down on the floor and lick it!"

      Yesterday when Zhang Guifen asked Ma Lan to lick the porridge on the ground, Ma Lan was ten thousand times reluctant.

      Because she felt that no matter what, she couldn't lie down on the ground and do such a dirty thing just for a mouthful of food.

      But now, she can't care about so much anymore, what's wrong with what's nasty or not, as long as it fills her stomach, or even just a mend, what's wrong with making herself kneel on the ground and lick?

      So she immediately got down on her knees and without hesitation lay down on the ground, licking with her tongue the already cold porridge that was on the concrete floor.

      Old Mrs. Xiao's heart was not to mention how happy she was to see this scene.

      The thought that Ma Lan might stay in it for ten to twenty years or more in the future made her heart even more excited.

      Ma Lan licked up the porridge on the ground, licking it clean one mouthful at a time, and even ate a lot of sand all over her mouth, but she couldn't care less about that at this point.

      Just at this moment, the prison guard opened the cell door, looked at Ma Lan in the room and said coldly, "Ma Lan you come out, the police station is going to arraign you!"

      Those who were held in the detention center and hadn't been sentenced yet were collectively called suspects, and suspects were often brought back to the police station for arraignment, which was also part of the normal process.

      As soon as Ma Lan heard that she was going to be arraigned, she didn't doubt it, and immediately crawled up with difficulty, rushed to the door in tears, and looked at the prison guard and begged, "Please, take me away."

      She didn't know earlier that this arraignment was just a good show arranged for her by her son-in-law, Ye Chen!

      The prison guard was surprised to see her in such a miserable state, covered in bruises, and even losing two of her front teeth.

      Immediately, she said to Ma Lan, "Come out quickly, the police officer who came to pick you up is still waiting!"

      These two police officers were the same two officers who had brought Ma Lan over two days ago.

      After an interval of less than 48 hours, Ma Lan had become less than human, leaving them somewhat stunned as well.

      However, they also knew that someone had already greeted them and prevented them from asking about Ma Lan, so they all pretended not to see it and directly said to Ma Lan, "Let's go, our car is waiting outside."

      With that, the man walked up to Ma Lan with the handcuffs and handcuffed her hands together.

      Ma Lan followed the two of them out and asked, somewhat nervously, "Comrade police officer, I've really been wrongly accused, have you made any progress in this case, when will you clear my name and let me go home?"

      After saying that, Ma Lan couldn't break down emotionally, so she had sobbed and cried.

      The police officer spoke up, "You are now involved in a transnational fraud case, which is the biggest transnational fraud in the world since records began, and as the first suspect we have now, you are the key breakthrough for us to solve the case as well as make an arrest."

      Said the police officer, "If you're sensible, you'd better give us an account of all your associates, so that you can help us solve the case and also help you merit leniency!"

      Ma Lan cried out in pain and said shakily, "Comrade police officer.Please believe me, I'm willing to swear on my life, I really don't know anything about this matter, the person you want to arrest is my son-in-law, I can bring you to arrest him, you can interrogate him if you have any problem, even shoot him to death, but you can't wrong a good person ah!"


As soon as Ma Lan was brought to the police station, she was immediately shoved into the interrogation room.

      Several police officers immediately came in, sat in front of her, and spoke, "Ma Lan, how have you been thinking about the past two days?Is there a ready account of what you have done?"

      Ma Lan cried, "Comrade police officer, I've really been wrongly accused ......"

      The police officer snorted, "What?You're holding back, aren't you?Do you really think we're vegetarians?If we can't catch your accomplices and make you fight all the crimes alone, in which case you might be the one to be shot!"

      Upon hearing of the possibility of being shot, Ma Lan panicked and begged, "Comrade police officer, I've said it many times, that card really isn't mine ah!"

      "I pulled that card out of my son-in-law's pocket, and the PIN of that card is my son-in-law's birthday, which is enough to prove that the card is my son-in-law's and not mine, and since you say that this card is suspected in a multinational fraud case, the real mastermind behind it must be my damn son-in-law, why don't you go and arrest him, but have to arrest me?"

      The police officer sneered, "Your son-in-law's name is Ye Chen, right?"

      Lan Ma hurriedly asked, "You've already investigated him, so have you caught him, have you raided him?Did you torture him to make him talk quickly?"

      The police officer took a black card out of a file bag, placed the card in front of Marashi and asked, "Marashi, is this the card you were taking to the bank to withdraw money?"

      Ma Lan recognized the black card immediately, and for the past two days, when she closed her eyes, all that came to her mind was the card's appearance.

      If it wasn't for this card, how would she be a prisoner and subjected to so many inhumane tortures?

      So she's really memorable and impressed with that card!

      She said with a resentful face, "This is the card, this is what I stole from my son-in-law's pocket!He must be the culprit!You guys hurry up and grab him, raid him, and shoot him!"

      The police officer sneered, then took out another file bag, and after opening that file bag, poured the contents onto the table.

      What Ma Lan had never dreamed of was that what was poured out of the file bag was all the exact same black cards, and there were at least several hundred of them!

      Ma Lan was shocked and asked, "Did all these cards come from that bastard Ye Chen?"

      The police officer said, "To tell you the truth, that transnational crime syndicate, they forged multiple of these black gold cards and they were very, very clever, they bought the personal details of many people from the internet, they took the forged card codes, set them to the birthdays of these people, and then they sent these cards to these people and tricked them into going to the bank to check the balance on this card."

      "The balance of each of these hundreds of cards is 21.9 billion RMB!"

      "Once the person who was cheated couldn't control his greed and tried to withdraw the money from this card, he became an accomplice in helping the crime syndicate cheat the bank and get the money from the bank."

      "Fortunately, we caught you before you got the money at that time, or else once you walked out of that bank, the crime syndicate would have targeted you and would have kidnapped you, forced you for your card password, and then robbed you of all the 21.9 billion you had just swindled from the bank before finally killing you and cutting you up!In that case, you would have disappeared from this world!"

      Ma Lan was dumbfounded and she asked out of the blue, "You mean to tell me that this card was mailed to my son-in-law, Ye Chen, by the crime syndicate?"

      "Exactly!"The policeman said sternly, "And it wasn't just sent to your son-in-law, as far as we know, there are at least a thousand people in the entire Jinling who received this card!There are thousands of people in the country!"


Said the police officer, "Your son-in-law is a very honest and straightforward person, who has no greed, he checked the balance of this card after receiving it and immediately reported it to us, we were going to tell him not to alert the police, but then you were ungrateful and stole the card and took it to Citibank to withdraw money.!"

      Marashi exclaimed in shock and remorse, "Oops!If I had known this was the case, I wouldn't have stolen this bank card from him even if it killed me!"

      Ma Lan said, her whole body had cried bitterly, she had never thought that she had stepped on such thunder without eyes!

      It turns out that this card is the one the criminals stole Ye Chen's personal information from, then forged it and sent it directly to Ye Chen!

      All they did was to lure Ye Chen and make him greedy for the 21.9 billion balance in his card!

      And then have Ye Chen, like himself, go to the bank and transfer that money out to his own account!

      That way, Ye Chen would have helped them through the whole process of defrauding the bank and they would have been completely exonerated and avoided all risk!

      After Ye Chen transfers the money to his own account, these criminals can directly find Ye Chen and coerce him to call out this money, and then kill Ye Chen to take the blame ......

      Thinking of this, Ma Lan was already covered in cold sweat.

      She didn't have the slightest doubt about what the police officer had told her.

      It was only at this time that she realized that she had almost passed by death when she was trying to transfer the 21.9 billion from the bank!

      If the police officer hadn't arrived in time to take himself away and get himself killed by the crime syndicate he could have been killed by now!

      The thought that she had almost died but had managed to pick up her life was a cause for celebration!

      Even the inhumane torture that I had endured in my cell had suddenly become worth it!

      It was fortunate that I went to the cell to be tortured by Old Mrs. Xiao and Zhang Guifen, otherwise, I'm afraid I would have become a lonely ghost!

      In celebration, Ma Lan could not help but cry to the police officer, "Comrade police officer, since you all know that you have been wrongly accused, please let me go!"

      The police officer said coldly, "If we let you go, if we let you go, if you talk too much and reveal this matter and alert the snakes, then how are we going to catch the suspects in the future?"

      Ma Lan panicked and stated, "Don't worry, as long as you let me go, I will never say anything about this to anyone!"

      The police officer questioned, "Can you really do it without telling anyone about it?Even if it's your daughter or your husband, you must never say a word about it!"

      Marashi nodded as if pounding her head and said, "I can!I really can!I can do it!"

      The police officer said coldly, "I don't trust you, just one word out of your mouth in this matter could bring about the consequences of doom, can you afford it when that time comes?"

      Ma Lan cried, "Comrade police officer, please don't worry, I'm just going to die taking this matter to my coffin and never mention a word about it again!"


Ma Lan had completely believed the story the police officer had told her.

      What she was most worried about now was that the police officer would continue to lock herself up in the detention center so as not to alert the snake, then she really didn't know when and how long it would take for her to regain her freedom.

      So she looked at the police officer with pleading eyes and cried, "Comrade police officer, I really can't say a word, just let me go, if you lock me up again, I'll have to die inside ......"

      The police officer shook his head cautiously and said, "Ma Lan, I still can't trust you, I've seen many people like you, who on the surface say they won't tell anyone, but in fact their mouths are faster than anyone else's, and as soon as you are released, you will immediately tell others about this matter."

      Said the police officer, "And don't think that I'm locking you up to solve the case.In fact, I'm also looking out for your safety!"

      "Because after they let you out, if you talk nonsense, if they find out, they'll probably kill you to silence you!It's even likely that after killing you, they'll plant all the evidence on you and make you their scapegoat!"

      "In that case, wouldn't you be more wronged than Doggett?"

      "So, just to be on the safe side, you should continue to stay in our detention center until we catch all the suspects before releasing you, which will also ensure your safety."

      Ma Lan said in despair, "I'll have to wait until the monkeys go, then?I'm begging you to have mercy just let me go, I really won't talk nonsense, please, I'm willing to kneel and kowtow to you, just please let me go and don't lock me up again ......"

      At this point, Ma Lan was already crying up and down ......

      "Forget it."The police officer said coldly, "We can't take the risk, after all, it's the Interpol of twenty-three countries that are behind this case, if it's messed up because of you, we can't afford to take the responsibility!"

      The police officer next to her sang red at this point and spoke up, "I think she's quite sincere in her attitude, so as long as she can keep her mouth shut, it's okay to let her go."

      The black-faced constable asked rhetorically, "In case the case doesn't go on because of her, who will take the blame?If she herself gets killed as a result, who is responsible for that?"

      The red-faced cop looked at Ma Lan and asked, "Ma Lan, can you control this mouth of yours or not, if you can, you write a letter of guarantee and we will consider releasing you, but if you write a letter of guarantee and then go out and say nonsense, even if you say a word of nonsense, if we know about it, we will immediately arrest you and will not release you until this case is finished!"

      Ma Lan wiped her tears with her sleeve and said, "Comrade police officer, you should be at ease.I'll say a heartfelt word to you, I'm also a greedy person who fears death, this matter concerns my own life safety, even if you kill me and force me with a gun, I don't dare to say a word to the outside world ah!"

      The black-faced policeman asked coldly, "What about your son-in-law?Will you go right after you go out and confront your son-in-law about this?"

      Ma Lan's heart thumped, did she even have the chance to go and settle the score with that bastard Ye Chen?

      Then who do you want to pay for all the beatings and humiliation you've suffered in the detention center?


So, she asked in a tentative whisper, "That ......Comrade Police Officer ......Can't I just talk to my son-in-law about this at home, in private?"

      The black-faced police officer slapped the table in anger, and spoke out to the red-faced police officer beside him: "I told you this stupid woman can't be trusted, and you had to let her go, did you hear what she said?He was going to confront that Ye Chen in private!Isn't that asking for your own death, and ruining our case?"

      The red-faced police officer's face darkened as well, staring at Ma Lan and saying coldly, "Ma Lan, you really disappoint me, I really thought just now that you would be able to keep your mouth shut, but I didn't think you would even want to confront your son-in-law about this!Did I just tell you all those things in vain?"

      Ma Lan panicked all of a sudden and asked shakily, "Comrade police officer, to speak from the heart, I'll end up like this today, it's all because of this card of Ye Chen, can't I go and confront him about it?"

      The red-faced constable snapped in exasperation, "Stupid!Ye Chen was one of those who received the black card!That criminal gang itself [Dragon Fiction] has been watching him, and it's even possible that his every move, every word, is under their surveillance, and it's also possible that your home has been outfitted with an unknown number of monitors and wiretaps, and if you dare to go back and mention a word to him, it's likely that you'll bring about the death of yourself, or even your entire family.!"

      Ma Lan was frightened and hurriedly said, "Then I won't say anything, I won't say a word, I definitely won't say a word to anyone!"

      The black-faced police officer snorted, "Talking about this now?I'm telling you!It's too late!I've long said that people like you can't be trusted, and putting you out there is a disaster that will sooner or later ruin our great event, and then take your own life!"

      Afterwards, he said to the red-faced police officer, "I think we'd better put her back in jail again, when the case is solved and when she's released!"

      The red-faced constable didn't object anymore, nodding and saying, "Prudence dictates that this is the only way I can see it!"

      When Ma Lan heard the conversation between the two, she broke down and cried, crying and tearing her heart out as she smacked herself with her handcuffed hand and took off, "Comrade police officer, I really know I was wrong, I really really won't say another word, you let me go, I will never mention this to anyone again, please don't ever send me back again,Otherwise I would have died in there!"

      The black-faced police officer glared at her and said coldly, "I can't trust you at all!"

      Ma Lan regretted so much that she literally wanted to beat herself half to death.

      Why did she bring up the matter of Ye Chen himself?What's more important now than putting yourself out there?

      Besides, what's the point of going to find Ye Chen on your own?The card itself was intentionally given to Ye Chen by the criminals, it was my own cheap hand that didn't stand the temptation, even if I went to settle the score with Ye Chen, I would still be a teacher.

      What's more, there's that damned transnational crime syndicate behind it, in case he ends up getting himself killed because he scolded Ye Chen, wouldn't that be a big loss!

      Now it's good, just because she just had a cheap mouth, an opportunity that could have released her, now it looks like she has also been tossed to the yellow ......

      She thought twice, and could only use the trick of a shrew crying, crying to the two police officers, "Comrade police officers, if you don't let me go, then I'll go back and hang myself in the detention center!"


Seeing that Ma Lan looked like she was looking for death, the two officers looked at each other, and the red-faced policeman asked, "Ma Lan, we can consider releasing you, but there are some issues that we must understand with you first.We release you, you return home, your family inquires about your whereabouts for the past two days, what do you tell them?"

      Lan Ma hurriedly said, "I, I'll just tell them ......I've been ...... for the past two daysThese two days ......"

      Ma Lan fidgeted for a long time, but she couldn't say anything, because she herself didn't know how to explain to her husband and daughter when she got home.

      After all, she had disappeared for two days and two nights, and more importantly, there was no good place on her body to be beaten.

      What's more, even the front teeth have fallen two, this look is also too tragic.

      That red-faced policeman faintly said: "Let's say, I'll give you an idea, if we decide to release you after consideration, then when you return home, you will tell your husband, your daughter and your son-in-law that you have mistakenly entered a pyramid selling organization in the past two days, that pyramid selling organization has brainwashed you and made you go to the bank to complete the fraud, and then you will be arrested by the police."

      Ma Lan nodded in a row and said off the cuff, "Don't worry, comrade police officer, as long as you put me back, I'll definitely tell my family as you told me to, and never divulge a single word about this matter, nor will I delay your arrest of the transnational fraudster!"

      The police officer gave a hmmm and said indifferently, "Alright, let's study and discuss this matter, let's immediately have someone send you back to the detention center first, if we discuss and decide to let you out, then the detention center over there will directly give you the procedure."

      Ma Lan hurriedly asked, "Comrade police officer, you won't discuss it to the end and not let me out, right?"

      The black-faced police officer slapped the table and snapped, "We still have to discuss this matter!Just go back and wait patiently for the outcome of our discussion, there's no room for you to bargain here!"

      As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she didn't dare to say more, so she had to agree honestly and said shakily, "So comrade police officer, am I going back now to wait for news?"

      "Right!"The black-faced police officer said coldly, "We'll let the police drive you back now, and you must remember that when you go out through this door, don't say a word about anything related to it!"

      With a face full of determination, Ma Lan nodded repeatedly, assuring, "Don't worry, I won't say a word even if I'm killed!"

      Then, Ma Lan was driven back to the detention center by two police officers.

      On the way back, she was very depressed.

      How could she have never thought that this matter was such an original matter.

      The matter was so important that it was impossible for herself to find that son of a bitch Ye Chen to settle the score.

      Otherwise, in case she didn't say a good word and let out her mouth, if the police knew about it, they would probably arrest her back into the detention center again.

      In that case, you wouldn't know what year and month you would get out.


      While Ma Lan was being sent back to the detention center, Xiao Changkun couldn't wait to find the opportunity to continue meeting Han Meiqing again.

      Having a very delicious home-cooked meal with Han Meiqing at home last night, and Han Meiqing herself had cooked it, made Xiao Changkun feel great.

      So, early in the morning, he sent a WeChat to Han Meiqing, inviting her to go to their alma mater, Zhong Shan University, to stroll around and look for the memories of back then.

      As soon as Han Meiqing heard that he had invited her to stroll around his alma mater, she immediately agreed to do so without hesitation.


Immediately, Xiao Changkun immediately cleaned himself up and was in a hurry to get ready to go out, not even bothering to eat breakfast.

      When Xiao Churan saw that he had dressed up again with great care, he immediately questioned, "Dad, where are you going this early in the morning?"

      Xiao Changkun said cheerfully, "I made an appointment with your Auntie Han to go to my alma mater for a stroll today, she hasn't been back for more than 20 years."

      When Xiao Churan heard this, she got angry and asked, "Mom has been missing for almost two days and two nights now, and there's no news yet, so how can you still go and hang out with Auntie Han?Aren't you going to find out where Mom is?"

      "Hehe ......"Xiao Changkun accosted two laughs and covered up, "Oh my, isn't it up to you and Ye Chen to find someone?You two are, after all, young people and are much more reliable in your work than this old guy of mine, so I'll just wait patiently for your good news."

      Xiao Chu Ran said in exasperation, "Dad, I'll be really angry if you keep acting like this!Why can't you prioritize at a time like this?Isn't my mother's safety more important to you than accompanying Auntie Han around her alma mater?"

      Xiao Changkun knew that this kind of thing was his own justifiable fault, so he didn't want to talk too much about the right or wrong of this matter with his daughter, so he hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Oh my, it's getting late, I won't talk to you anymore, I'll talk to you later, I'm leaving first, bye!"

      After saying that, he had already stepped out.

      Xiao Churan finally wanted to call out to him, but it was useless.

      Xiao Changkun had already seized the door and walked out.

      Seeing Xiao Changkun leave, Xiao Churan angrily said to Ye Chen, "Did you see that?Dad didn't even bring you this time, I believe Auntie Han won't bring her son with her today either, they are going to go to a world of two ......"

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Oh my you don't think about it so much, they are just old classmates meeting each other, which is not a world for two ah."

      Xiao Choran said with red eyes, "You don't need to justify them, I can see what they are at a glance ......"

      Saying that, she also asked Ye Chen: "Right, have those friends started helping you find Mom's whereabouts?Did they write you anything back?"

      Ye Chen said, "They told me that the earliest I can get results is within today, and I've asked them to find out, there haven't been any serious social security or criminal cases lately, so they also told me that the likelihood of our mom being in danger is very low, and we should be able to get our mom back in a day or two."

      Hearing this, Xiao Churan's mood was only a little better, she sighed and said, "I hope those friends of yours can be a little more reliable, it's best to get mom back today, otherwise I'm really going to be devastated ......"

      Ye Chen couldn't help but slander in his heart, letting her back was a sure thing anytime.

      But the key was that she had to be told to shut up honestly.

      Otherwise, releasing her back would be a hidden danger instead.

      It would be better to let her stay in the detention center.

      So, he sent a WeChat to Richard Chen and asked him, "How is my mother-in-law's matter going?"

      Richard Chen quickly replied, "I had the police side greet her and say it's serious, I'm sure she wouldn't dare to say anything!"

      Ye Chen put his heart at ease and said, "How about this, you send a few more people in to help me put on a show to deepen her impression and make her shut her mouth completely!"


Xiao Changkun dressed himself up like an old Chinese returning from the South Seas, handsome and pie-in-the-sky.

      This time, he and Han Meiqing both have a very good understanding, Xiao Changkun did not bring Ye Chen along, and Han Meiqing did not bring his son Paul.

      Xiao Changkun personally drove his BMW 5 series to the Shangri-La Hotel to pick up Han Meiqing and return to his alma mater together.

      As soon as they met at the entrance of Shangri-La, Xiao Changkun was charmed by her.

      He personally got out of the car to open the door for Han Meiqing, his mouth could not help but exclaim, "Meiqing, you're wearing [You read] so beautifully today!"

      Han Meiqing smiled slightly and said, "All of them are a year old, what is there to be pretty or not pretty, it's just to go back to the alma mater to have a look, so clean yourself up a little bit, can't embarrass the alma mater ah."

      Saying that, Han Meiqing said, "Besides, there's still a party with those old classmates of ours today."

      "Oh right!"I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I forgot about the reunion.If it's not set, I can get my son-in-law to help."

      Han Meiqing hurriedly said, "The place has already been booked, I asked Paul to help book it, he said it's a local place called the Splendid Clubhouse."

      Xiao Changkun was surprised and said, "Splendid Clubhouse?That's a lot to ask of a guest, and was Paul able to get a membership there already when he first arrived in the Golden Mile?"

      Han Meiqing smiled and said, "I'm really not sure about that specifically.I only know that he told me that our firm seems to have a long-standing relationship with the parent company of this splendid club, and all of their overseas legal matters are entrusted to our firm."

      Xiao Changkun was not shocked!

      The parent company of the Splendid Club was, naturally, the famous Song family of Jinling, and he hadn't expected that Han Meiqing's family's law firm would have a partnership with the Song family as well!

      He had wanted to ask his son-in-law, Ye Chen, to help arrange a venue at the Splendid Clubhouse, so that he could pretend to be something else along the way.

      But he didn't expect that it was really unusual for someone to be Han Meiqing's son, who had directly solved this matter.

      Thus, Xiao Changkun hurriedly made an inviting gesture and said, "Come, Mi Qing, get on the bus."

      Han Meiqing said her thanks and elegantly sat in the passenger side of Xiao Changkun's BMW 5 Series.

      As Xiao Changkun drove towards Zhong Shan University, he couldn't help but lament, "You've been gone for over twenty years and have never come back, right?"

      Han Meiqing said, "I've been back to China and Suhang, but I haven't returned to Jinling."

      Xiao Changkun hurriedly asked, "It's not because of that incident back then that you didn't go back to Jinling, right?"

      Han Meiqing said seriously, "Half and half, on one hand, it's because of that incident in the past that I don't really want to come back and face the memories.On the other hand, it's also because I don't have any relatives in Jinling, and my old classmates haven't been in touch for a long time, so I haven't been back."


Xiao Changkun nodded his head, thinking that during the last class reunion, many classmates ridiculed him about his previous love triangle relationship with Han Meiqing and Ma Lan.

      So, he said to Han Meiqing seriously, "Meiqing, today's party, maybe those old classmates will even ridicule us about the things we did back then.You mustn't take it too much to heart when the time comes, these people are a bit old and prude!"

      Han Meiqing smiled and said, "As long as you don't distort the facts, it's fine to ridicule them, if I'm afraid of them ridiculing, why would I set up this reunion?It's been more than 20 years since we've all seen each other, and what's the big deal about teasing me about the same thing back then?"


      Arriving at Zhong Shan University, Xiao Changkun parked the car in the parking lot in front of the school and walked into the school alongside Han Meiqing.

      The school was in session, so the campus was very quiet.

      As they walked on the concrete road of the campus, Xiao Changkun introduced Han Meiqing who was beside him and said, "Actually, over the years, our school has been rebuilt and refurbished several times, and it's completely not the same as it was back then, back then our school was honestly still very shabby."

      "Yeah!"Han Meiqing also sighed: "I remember when our school had only one concrete road, the road that came in from the school gate, the other roads were paved with slag ashes, sometimes the school also let the local students bring some burned briquettes from home to pave the road, that road was very muddy when it rained.Nostalgic."

      "Yes, yes, yes!"Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "Back then I used to bring burned honeycomb briquettes from home, to the school, do you remember that year the school was going to hold sports games, as a result of our school playground track was too rotten, the school launched, we tried everything to get more materials that could be used to pave the road."

      Han Meiqing laughed, "I remember of course I remember, at that time, you paid out of your own pocket, and brought a lot of male students, pushing a tricycle all over the city to acquire burned honeycomb briquettes."

      Saying that, Han Meiqing looked at Xiao Changkun's eyes, flickering with glowing colors, and then lamented, "I remember that you pulled a lot of carts to the school, and then half of the entire playground's runway had to be paved by the people you brought with you, so the teachers and the school only paid special attention to you, and let you be the student president of our school."

      "Yes."Xiao Changkun rubbed his hands in embarrassment and said, "Wasn't devotion all the rage at that time!"

      Han Meiqing nodded and sighed, "Oh my, at that time, you were really valiant, making countless little girls worship you very much, I remember the girls who liked you at school, that was a really long queue."

      Xiao Changkun's old face blushed and said cheerfully, "But there were even more boys who liked you at that time, so many that I can't even count how many."

      Han Meiqing laughed lightly, "It's all old history, no matter how many people like you, it's useless, many people are just treating you as a passing cloud, they like you a lot, but when they turn their heads, they forget about it."

      Xiao Changkun at this time pointed to a small park on the campus and said, "This used to be a pretty big forest, at night many students who fell in love and engaged in dating came here, we used to come over here a lot at that time, do you remember?"

      Han Meiqing, who had been very calm, blushed red at his words.

      How could she not remember that forest?Back then it was a holy place for many wild mandarin ducks in the school to meet, and myself and Xiao Changkun have also come here many times.

      At that time, everyone could really let go in this grove, and when they loved deeply, they felt that they could do anything with the person they loved.

      Plus, in those days, there weren't many other places to go, so everyone came here, and everyone was not surprised.

      But when you think about it now, a bunch of young people back then were pretty open-minded and much more courageous than today's young people ......


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