Secret Identity 841-850


Chapter 831

Dong Ruolin felt Ye Chen's tenderness as he wiped away his tears while listening to his incomparably firm emotional confessions to Xiao Choran, her heart was extremely painful.

      She said with a hoarse voice, "Ye Chen, if Choran really loves you, I will never do anything to disturb you, but you know that she is with you because of her commitment to her grandfather, do you think it makes sense for you to hold on to such feelings by yourself?Why not let yourself live, and also let Hatsura live?"

      Afterwards, she winced and asked him, "What exactly am I not as good as Choron?You told me I'd try to catch up with her, so don't be so quick to say no, just give me a chance, okay?"

      Ye Chen stood up and shook his head: "Ruo Lin, a man's mind, sometimes you won't understand, the beginning of the year is kind to me, just like you feel I am kind to you, this alone is enough to make me stay by her side, as to whether she loves me or not, this matter I am not in a hurry to find out, I still have a long time, I can understand, explore and even change little by little!, just as you did with me, even though I repeatedly told you that I was married and had no interest in a woman other than the beginning, didn't you continue to confess your love to me?"

      Dong Ruolin understood at once.

      In fact, Ye Chen was to Xiao Churan like she was to Ye Chen.

      Saying so, she immediately dawned on it.

      However, after the enlightenment, her heart was equally hard.

      The same as Ye Chen was unwilling to give up Xiao Choran no matter what, Dong Ruolin was also unwilling to give up Ye Chen no matter what.

      So, she wiped her eyes, looked at Ye Chen and stubbornly said, "If you are not willing to give up on Choran, I am just as unwilling to give up on you, since you can wait for Choran, then I can wait for you too!It doesn't matter how long I wait, I'll keep waiting!"

      Ye Chen sighed, "Alright then, since you've decided, I'll respect your decision."

      Saying that, Ye Chen looked at the time and said, "It's not early, go back to your room and rest."

      Dong Ruolin nodded lightly and said, "You go back first, I want to sit for a while longer."

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and stepped up the stairs.

      After Ye Chen left, Dong Ruoling sat on the sofa with mixed feelings.

      There were grievances, reluctance, heartache, and infatuation, and all kinds of emotions came to her mind, making her torn between them.

      Dong Ruolin felt that Ye Chen might be the only man in her life that she would fall in love with wholeheartedly, and if she didn't get together with him, then she would never meet a man that made her so moved.

      The thought that she might never get the man she loved the most made her sad.

      Was she destined to have no chance with Ye Chen in this life?

      No, she doesn't!

      She believed that the heavens, who had twice sent Ye Chen to her and asked him to save her from danger, would definitely not hastily arrange a wordless ending.

      He will definitely arrange a perfect ending for himself, as long as he can persevere with a true heart.

      Persist, and persist again, until victory!


      When Ye Chen gently pushed open the door of his room, Xiao Churan was standing alone on the balcony of the second floor.

      Her perfect body looked hazy and enchanting under the moonlight, causing Ye Chen's heart to be moved.

      Admittedly, Xiao Churan was a foolish and filial girl, but it was this foolishness of hers that had kept her from divorcing herself.

      She, to Ma Lan, was foolish and filial, but to herself, she was foolish and loyal.

      Back then, shortly after their marriage, Master Xiao scattered his hands.

      At that time, the entire Xiao family was advising Xiao Choran to divorce herself.

      After all, the reason why Xiao Churan married herself was because of the old man's destiny, and everyone else was against it.

      Therefore, those people all hoped that she would divorce herself and marry a rich young master of a big family to change the fate of the whole Xiao family.

      However, she felt that by marrying herself, she was marrying a chicken to follow the chicken and a dog to follow the dog, and as long as she didn't mention divorce to her, she would never divorce herself, which was her loyalty to her marriage and her husband in law.


If Xiao Churan hadn't relied on this stubborn "foolishness", she would have listened to the advice of others and had enough to eat.

      Then, what would be her fate?

      Ye Chen didn't dare to think about it.

      Before marrying Xiao Choran, he had a very bitter life.

      Because the orphanage didn't take in adults, so on his eighteenth birthday, Aunt Li used the money she saved to buy a birthday cake, celebrate his birthday, and tearfully sent him out of the orphanage.

      At that moment, Yechen became alone and helpless once again in this world.

      Auntie Li really wanted to help him, to introduce him to work and give him a living allowance, but he didn't have the face to ask for it.

      He found a construction site by himself, and at the age of eighteen, he followed others to carry bricks, sand and cement.

      He couldn't afford to rent an apartment, so he kept living in a mobile home at the construction site, eating the cheapest food and doing the toughest, heaviest and dirtiest work.

      He only kept a small portion of the money he earned to live on, and donated the rest to the orphanage.

      Because there were many helpless and lonely brothers and sisters like himself in the orphanage, they were not yet adults and needed more care and love.

      However, the orphanage, after all, had limited funds and could ensure that they were well fed and clothed, but not well fed and clothed.

      Therefore, he spared no effort to donate the money he saved to his younger siblings to improve their lives, and even bought them textbooks so they could study well.

      When he was in his fourth year at the construction site, the construction team he was in was hired by the Xiao family and started to work for one of their projects.

      At that time, the old man Xiao, who came to inspect the construction site, immediately saw that Ye Chen and his grandfather looked almost exactly the same when he was young [PEN].

      And the reason why the old man Xiao knew Ye Chen's grandfather was because, a hundred years ago, the Xiao family was the Ye family's servant!

      Since his grandfather's generation, Master Xiao had been on the run, fleeing all the way to Yanjing, and when they were about to starve to death, it was the Ye family that took them in.

      In order to repay their kindness, they voluntarily sold their bodies to become lifelong longshoremen in the Ye family.

      At that time, the Ye family was already one of the largest families in Forty-Nine City, and the owner of the family was kind-hearted and treated his servants very well, allowing them to marry and have children so that they could live and work in the Ye family in peace.

      Master Xiao's father was born and raised in the Ye family.

      Later on, when Master Xiao's father came of age, he also sold himself voluntarily to the Ye family and continued to serve them.

      And then again, Master Xiao was also born in the Ye family.

      Therefore, when he was young and a youth, he grew up and also worked as a servant in the Ye family.

      The Ye family's oldest son, who was the same age as Master Xiao, was also considered to have grown up together, and of course there was a huge difference in status, so Master Xiao knew him, but he did not know Master Xiao.

      Later on, when the war was on, the Ye family also prepared to move out to escape the war, but they couldn't bring so many family servants with them, so they gave most of them a generous settlement and dispatched them.

      It was at that time that Master Xiao took the Ye family's settlement money and went back to his hometown.

      Therefore, the moment he met Ye Chen, he firmly believed that he must be a descendant of the Ye family.

      So it was only after he asked him many times that Ye Chen revealed his origins.

      At that time, Master Xiao directly knelt on the ground and kowtowed three times to Ye Chen, saying that he was kneeling to thank the Ye family for their kindness to the Xiao family back then.

      Then, Master Xiao brought him back to the Xiao family and insisted on marrying his eldest granddaughter, Xiao Choran, to him.

      At that time, Master Xiao didn't even know if Ye Chen, the young dragon, could still have a chance to soar to the sky.

      But he felt that the descendants of the hallowed Ye family should not spend their lives scrawling in construction sites.

      As a servant of the Ye family for generations, the Xiao family had the responsibility and obligation to take care of this young master of the Ye family who was living in exile and give him a stable home!


Thinking back on the past, Ye Chen was overcome with emotion.

      There were only two people in the Xiao family who were truly good to him.

      One was the deceased Master Xiao, and the other was his own wife, Xiao Choran.

      Now that Master Xiao had also passed away, the only person left in the entire Xiao family who was truly good to himself was Xiao Churan.

      Seeing that Xiao Churan was now standing on the balcony with a sad face, Ye Chen slowly walked over to the balcony and said to her, "Churan, you don't need to worry too much, Mom will definitely come back safely."

      Xiao Churan just realized that he had come in, looked back at him and said with some annoyance, "It's not like you really care about her, so of course you don't think she'll be okay, and even if she is, you won't really be sad."

      Ye Chen knew that she was still angry with himself, and with a light sigh, he walked forward and said comfortingly, "Honey, I know you're worried that Mom will suffer or even be in danger outside, but don't you think that with this kind of personality of hers, it would be good for her if she could suffer some losses instead?"

      Xiao Churan said, "I understand what you mean, but the key is that the loss should also be within a manageable range, if it rises to personal danger, everything will be out of control ......"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Let's have a good rest first, we'll continue to go out to look for it in the morning, okay?"

      Xiao Choran hesitated for a moment and nodded slightly, "Go to sleep first, I'll go to the police station tomorrow when I get up and ask about the progress, they said that if they still can't find anyone tomorrow, they'll send the missing information to the Blue Sky Rescue Team and ask them to help spread it as well."

      "Mm."Ye Chen hurriedly coaxed her and said, "The Blue Sky Rescue Team can mobilize a very strong social force, so finding someone out shouldn't be a problem."

      "I hope so ......."Xiao Churan said, turning around and stepping back into the room.

      Ye Chen hurriedly followed behind her, his heart faintly excited.

      After all, tonight was a great day for his level up, finally being able to hug his wife and sleep in bed!

      Or even, if all goes well, make up for the long-delayed bridal shower with your wife!

      As thought, Ye Chen hurriedly followed into the house and was about to directly stop Xiao Choran to pick him up and put him on the bed, but then he saw that Xiao Choran didn't go to the bedside and directly went to the wardrobe to take out a set of bedding, looked at Ye Chen gamely and said, "Here, you're still sleeping on the floor tonight!"

      "Huh?!"Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Good wife, didn't you say that you can level up already?I've been stuck at this level for over three years, it's about time I was allowed to move up!"

      Xiao Churan was shy and angry, stomping her foot and saying, "That's what I said before, but now that the situation has changed, the escalation thing has been postponed for a while!"

      Ye Chen asked depressedly, "How long is the slowdown going to last?"

      Xiao Chu Ran pouted and said, "Slow down until Mom comes home!"

      Ye Chen was stunned, and his expression immediately slumped in a whirl.

      Ma Lan, ah Ma Lan, you really have a ghastly spirit!

      Just thinking about it, Xiao Choran was already lying on the bed, and said in an exasperated voice, "You are not allowed to sneak up on me!Or I'll kick you out to the basement bedroom!"

      Ye Chen was helpless and could only say, "Alright wife, I'm not going to upgrade until mom comes back."

      This night, Ye Chen was quite depressed.

      At the same time, his heart was also even more annoyed with Ma Lan.

      This mother-in-law, if it wasn't for the fact that she owed her hand and came to steal her black card, things wouldn't have turned out like this!

      If she had been honest, she would be sleeping upstairs in the big bedroom right now, and she and could sleep in the same bed as Xiao Choran.

      Looks like this woman still needs to be fixed!

      I have to give Richard Chan a call and send some men in to teach her a lesson.At least let her learn a lesson, she won't dare to steal other people's things or take their bank cards to the bank again!



In stark contrast to Ye Chen, it was Xiao Changkun upstairs.

      Xiao Changkun hadn't fallen asleep this night of excited chances.

      He had recalled his past with Han Meiqing several more times in his head, thinking back and forth, tasting back and forth, and his entire body had been completely immersed!

      The more she thought about Han Meiqing, the more she looked forward to this reunion with her again.

      The next morning, Xiao Changkun, who hadn't slept all night, was instead in robust spirits, happy and entire.

      He crawled up early to wash up, shaved his beard cleanly, not even a stubble, and then combed his already white hair well, sprayed some styling spray, and then rummaged through his closet for a while to find the high-grade suit he had been reluctant to wear.

      This suit, back then, when the Xiao family was in its heyday, was specially made by myself in Hong Kong, when I was also the second son of the Xiao family, and the old man was not stingy with his pocket money, so every day I came out and went in quite respectably.

      It's a good thing that Xiao Changkun's life has not been very good over the years, so he didn't get fat, and the suit still fits.

      After putting on the clothes, Xiao Changkun looked at himself in the mirror, ten years younger, and smiled with satisfaction.

      As the saying goes, one is in high spirits at happy events, and the smile on Xiao Changkun's face simply couldn't be controlled!

      I'm sure that Han Miharu won't be disappointed when she sees the person she is now!

      Thinking of this, he was so excited that he couldn't wait to get to the airport immediately to reunite with Han Meiqing.

      However, Han Meiqing's plane landed at ten o'clock, so it was still early, so he went downstairs first and arrived at the restaurant.

      In the restaurant, Xiao Choran and Dong Ruolin were sitting at the table drinking milk, Ye Chen was still busy in the kitchen with fried eggs and bacon, and Dong Ruolin was the first to see Xiao Changkun and said in surprise, "Wow!Uncle is dressed so young today!"

      "Yes?"Xiao Changkun was a little embarrassed with a hehehehe smile and asked, "Is it still okay?"

      Jolene Dong gave a thumbs up, "That's too good!"

      Xiao Choran looked up at this time and was surprised to see that her father was wearing his favorite suit and asked, "Dad, what are you doing in that outfit?"

      Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, "I have something to do today, an old friend is back from abroad, I'm going to meet her for a meal together."

      Saying that, Xiao Changkun added, "Oh right, Ye Chen is with me at noon, so don't go home for lunch, order a random meal at the office to deal with it."

      "Dad!"Xiao Churan said with some dissatisfaction, "Mom is still missing!I was expecting you and Ye Chen to go out looking for someone with me today, why are you still meeting up with an old classmate for dinner?"

      Xiao Changkun said, "Then people are here, I can't not meet them, right?"

      Xiao Choran said angrily, "But mom is missing!Shouldn't you be worried about her first?You're still in the mood for a dinner date at this time, are you and Mom two of a kind or not!"

      Xiao Changkun nodded his head and said, "It's two people."

      After saying that, he added, "But have been separated."

      Xiao Choran was so angry that she couldn't speak, Dad was dressed so formally at this time, even his hairstyle had been deliberately fixed, so he could tell that he must be meeting with a female classmate.

      Moreover, dad said that the other party was back from abroad, so it was probably that first lover that mom of his had said!

      The thought that her mother was still unaccounted for, but her father was dressed up and going to dinner with his first love, made her feel angry.

      Xiao Changkun said seriously at this time, "Your mother can look for her whenever she wants, but I've already made an appointment with someone for this dinner, I can't keep my promise, at the worst, after dinner, I'll go with Ye Chen to look for her!"

      Xiao Chu Ran said, "You go by yourself, Ye Chen and I will find it!"

      "How does that work!"Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, "People take their sons with them, I can't go alone, how inappropriate?Why don't you tell Yechen to go find your mother, and you come with me!"


As soon as he heard that his father had asked him to go with him to meet his first love, Xiao Chu Ran refused almost without hesitation, "I'm not going!"

      Xiao Changkun spread his hands, "Then don't stop Ye Chen from coming with me, one of you has to come with me anyway."

      "You ......"Xiao Churan couldn't get angry and questioned, "Is it more important to have dinner with an old classmate or to find your mother, can't you tell the difference in your heart, Dad?"

      Xiao Changkun got out of his mouth, "It's clear-cut, of course it's more important to eat with old classmates!"

      "You ......"

      Although Xiao Churan has always been good-tempered, she was really going to be pissed off at this time.

      Xiao Changkun at this time but said with a carefree face, "Churan, you have to understand one thing, this world, is not revolving around your mother, there are four people in this family, your mother and I each have our own needs, you can revolve around your mother, but you can't force me or force Ye Chen to also revolve around your mother, we don't have a life of our own?We don't have a need of our own?"

      At this point, Xiao Changkun continued with some excitement, "Is it true that as long as your mother can't find her, I can't do anything else but go out and look for her?So if she can't be found, I don't have to do anything else and spend the rest of my life looking for her?If that's the case, then I'd rather just run away from home, so why bother?"

      Xiao Choran was suddenly speechless.

      Although she knew that Dad's words were crooked, she had to admit that there was more or less some truth in them.

      Dad had been oppressed by mom for so many years, and now that she had suddenly disappeared, it should be a kind of relief and even more of a release for him.

      Against all odds, she could only compromise, "I don't object if you want to meet with your classmates, but after meeting with them, you'll have to help me search for Mom together!"

      "Okay, okay."Xiao Changkun promised evenly and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I'll do my best when the time comes."

      Just then, Ye Chen came out with fried eggs and bacon and saw Xiao Changkun in this outfit and said in surprise, "Ooh, dad you are handsome enough today."

      Xiao Changkun smiled hehely and said happily, "How is it, can you take it?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "That's really a great take."

      Xiao Choran, who was on the side, rubbed her temples and said to Ye Chen, "You'll accompany Dad to meet his old classmate at noon, and after lunch, you'll quickly go to a mahjong parlor or something like that again to find out if anyone has seen Mom."

      Ye Chen instantly agreed and said, "Okay wife, I'll go with Dad after lunch."


      At the same time, the caretaker also started to eat breakfast.

      Ma Lan slept in the toilet yesterday, freezing and shivering, the whole person was hungry and had almost passed out, so she was looking forward to having a bite of breakfast to supplement it, otherwise she was afraid that she would really faint from hunger.

      Ma Lan didn't dare to take the food directly, but went to Zhang Guifen and asked, "Sister Zhang, can I have something to eat?I haven't eaten anything for a day and a night ......"

      Zhang Guifen frowned as she drank porridge and ate steamed buns and asked her, "What does it have to do with me whether you eat or not?Won't I let you eat it?"

      Ma Lan said with a bitter face, "I'm afraid that if I eat you will beat me again ......"

      Zhang Guifen sneered, "It's good that you know, if you want to eat you can eat whatever you want, you're more likely to get beaten up if you're full."


Ma Lan knew it was a threat, as long as she ate, or even as long as she reached for her own food, she would probably take a beating.

      So she cried and begged, "Sister Zhang, you have beaten and scolded and punished me yesterday, so please be merciful and spare me ......"

      Zhang Guifen's eyebrows stood on end and questioned, "I can spare you, but who can bring my dead mother back to life?Do you know how miserable she was when she ended up in a hospital bed, unable to breathe and suffocating alive because of the pesticides?"

      Ma Lan said with a snotty nose, "Sister Zhang ah ......I know you're a filial daughter, but I didn't harm your mother ah ......"

      Zhang Guifen cursed angrily, "Still talking nonsense with me?I'm telling you, my mother was killed by an ungrateful daughter-in-law like you, and that's why it makes me sick to see people like you!You should be glad that this isn't an ancient society, or else I would have chopped you off for heaven!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao on the side snorted proudly, "Guifen you're so right!In ancient times, that kind of woman would have been drowned in a pigsty!It's the kind of bamboo cage where you lock her in, drop a few big rocks, and then throw her into the river and just drown her!"

      Ma Lan was too frightened to make a sound or go eat, and could only stand in front of Zhang Guifen with her head bowed, like a child who had made a mistake.

      Zhang Guifen drank her last mouthful of porridge, used the last piece of steamed bun to turn around in the porridge bowl, dipped all the remaining rice fat in the bowl and ate it in one bite.

      Afterwards, she said with an unsatisfied intention, "Oh my, I don't think I've eaten enough."

      At this time, a female prisoner pointed at the plastic basket and spoke up, "Sister Fin, isn't there still a portion left in there?You'll eat your share too!"

      Zhang Guifen deliberately looked at Ma Lan with a smile and asked, "Oh my Ma Lan, is it okay with you if I have one portion of your breakfast?"

      "No comment, no comment!"How dare Lan Ma say no?Could only nod like pounding garlic.

      Zhang Guifen smiled, "It's good that there are no comments, I'm a person ah, I exercise a lot, so the amount of food is also large, yesterday's beating you used up a lot of energy, today I really need to make up for it."

      Saying that, she walked to the plastic basket and took out the lunch box inside as well, and after opening it, she held a steamed bun in one hand and drank porridge with the other.

      Because she deliberately wanted to torment Ma Lan, she drank the porridge sucking very loudly, making Ma Lan's gluttonous legs weak and her stomach even more twitching.

      Zhang Guifen ate all the steamed buns in one gulp, then drank almost a third of the porridge, then her hand shook on purpose, dropping the lunch box on the ground, and the porridge immediately spilled out.

      Zhang Guifen amazed and said in frustration, "Why is it still spilled, what a waste ......"

      Saying that, she waved her hand at Ma Lan and said, "Go get a mop from the toilet and mop up this piece."

      Ma Lan had never cared for food in her life, never even finished a bowl of rice cleanly, but now looking at the puddle of rice porridge on the floor, she actually felt very distressed.

      When Zhang Guifen saw her eyes staring at the rice porridge on the ground, she smiled and said, "Ma Lan, if you're hungry, you can also kneel on the ground and lick this porridge."

      As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she felt aggrieved and wanted to die.

      Kneel on the ground and lick the porridge?What a dirty floor!Countless people have stepped on it, that mop in the bathroom is black, and now you're left to lick the porridge spilled on the floor, how can you stand it?

      Even if you have to starve to death, you can't lick it!

      Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, "I'd better mop it up."

      Zhang Guifen sneered, "Whatever, but you'll lick it sooner or later, we'll see if you don't believe me!"


A little after eight o'clock, Ye Chen drove out the door with his father-in-law who had been burning bags for a long time.

      It was still more than two hours before the plane landed, but Xiao Changkun was already a little impatient.

      After leaving the Tomson, he hurriedly asked Ye Chen, "Good son-in-law, do you know where there are flowers for sale?I want to buy a bunch of roses to take with me."

      Ye Chen said, "Dad, people still have their sons with them, it's not appropriate for you to send roses in front of their sons, is it?"

      Xiao Changkun thought, nodded and said, "You're right, then let someone match me with an ordinary bunch of flowers."

      Ye Chen then said, "I know a flower shop, it's not far away, let's go buy flowers first."

      When he arrived at the flower shop, Ye Chen spent five hundred yuan to have the shopkeeper help match a bouquet of flowers that was more symbolic of friendship, before he brought Xiao Changkun back to the car.

      Xiao Changkun held the bouquet of flowers and was in an excited mood, smiling and saying, "This boss is good at his craft, the flowers look great!I'm sure Miharu will love it!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, saying in his heart that the old father-in-law was typically glowing with a second spring, if this Han Meiqing was still interested in him, maybe the two of them could still get together.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen's heart also had some sympathy for the old father-in-law.

      It couldn't be helped, for the sake of his wife, he definitely couldn't let Ma Lan disappear on earth, so although the old father-in-law could go and meet his old lover happily now, but when Ma Lan was released in a few days, his bitter life would start again.

      If Ma Lan knew that Han Mei Qing was back, there was no telling how he would make a scene, and at that time, Xiao Chang Kun's life would probably be even harder than before.

      But naturally, Ye Chen didn't say this to his father-in-law, after all, he was at his most excited right now, so let him enjoy this feeling of freedom and the scent of his first girlfriend before Ma Lan came out!

      At this time, Xiao Changkun asked again, "Oh right Ye Chen, you've booked a place over at Shangri-La, right?"

      "It's booked."Ye Chen nodded and said, "Don't worry about my work, I'll make you and Auntie Han happy today."

      "That's good, that's good!"Xiao Changkun was relieved and held the flowers in his hands again, leaning close to the only rose in the bouquet and sniffing it, exclaiming, "Fragrant!It's so refreshing!"

      After saying that, not by humming an old song: "Rose Rose Rose, I love you; Rose Rose, the sentiment is heavy ......"

      Ye Chen shook his head and secretly sighed, didn't think that the old father-in-law was quite sultry after thinking about spring ......


      Driving to the airport, the two of them went to the airport's arrival hall, Xiao Changkun had been staring at the airport's inbound screen, looking for half a day, and finally found the flight Han Meiqing was taking.

      The estimated landing time of the flight was 10:20, there was still an hour left, and the other party was returning from abroad, there must be an immigration process, so it would be eleven o'clock when she came out.

      Xiao Changkun was unusually excited and didn't feel tired, and stood at one station for over an hour.

      It was still five minutes to eleven, and a group of people came out at the exit, Xiao Changkun was holding flowers in anticipation, and suddenly saw a middle-aged woman wearing a long black dress, and immediately waved to her excitedly: "Mei Qing!"

      At the sight of him, the other party was first stunned, then also said with a face full of surprise, "Oh my God, Chang Kun!"

      Saying that, he quickly took a few steps and walked over to Xiao Changkun.

      Ye Chen also came in the mood at once and hurriedly wanted to see what this first love of his father-in-law looked like.

      So he took a look and was shocked to the core!

      Han Meiqing was supposedly the same age as Xiao Changkun, and they were both 48, but Han Meiqing didn't even look like a 48-year-old woman!

      She was tall and slim, with very well maintained skin, and looked like a goddess in a long black dress, and her hair was very demurely coiffed.


As for her looks, it was even more impeccable, beautiful and generous, with a very bookish air from the previous generation of intellectuals.

      There was an actress named Xu Qing who was considered one of the most beautiful and charming women among the stars of this age group, but the Han Mei Qing in front of her was even more beautiful than Xu Qing!

      Xu Qing is already in her early fifties, still in great style, while Han Mei Qing's actual age is three years younger than Xu Qing, looking even younger than her by more than six or seven years!

      That's not a lady of nearly fifty!

      That's totally a thirty to forty year old lady!

      Ye Chen was simply stunned, he really didn't expect his father-in-law's first love to be such an impeccable super middle-aged beauty, he could imagine that she must have been beautiful when she was young!


      Ye Chen was even a little envious of Xiao Changkun, this wimp of a father-in-law, how could he, back then, be able to fall in love with such a super beauty!

      At the same time, Ye Chen sympathized even more with Xiao Changkun!

      Because of Ma Lan, he'd lost such a magnificent and imposing beauty, it was like picking up a sesame seed and losing ten acres of watermelon land!

      Xiao Changkun was now looking at the still beautiful and peerless Han Meiqing in front of him, feeling more sympathy for himself than Ye Chen!

      Why was it that after twenty years had passed, Han Miharu's face still didn't show too many traces of age?

      Why, after more than twenty years, is she still so beautiful that she can't breathe?

      Why is it that after more than twenty years, her shallow smile and faint dimples are still so topsy-turvy that she can't move her legs after just one look?

      At this time, Han Meiqing quickly arrived in front of Xiao Changkun, and after standing still, gazed at him and smiled warmly, "Changkun, I can't believe that we haven't seen each other for more than twenty years!"

      Xiao Changkun was a bit nervous, he was a bit overwhelmed and said, "That, yeah Miharu, I can't believe it's been ...... for a while!it's been so many years!"

      Ye Chen saw that the old father-in-law was even holding flowers when he was talking to Han Meiqing, and had forgotten to give them to others, hurriedly reminding behind him, "Dad, don't hold the flowers all the time, give them to others!"

      Only then did Xiao Changkun come back to his senses and hurriedly handed the flower to Han Meiqing, saying nervously, "Meiqing, this ......This flower is a gift for you, welcome back to Jinling!"

      Han Meiqing received the flowers with great joy, looked deeply at Xiao Changkun and said, "Changkun, thank you!"

      Xiao Changkun had no flowers in his hands, and all of a sudden his hands didn't know where to put them, so he could only rub them awkwardly and smile stiffly, "Mei Qing, we haven't seen each other for so many years, what are you still polite to me ......"

      At this time, a tall and handsome blonde youth came over from behind dragging his luggage.

      This blond youth had very white skin, no different from the white race in Europe and America, but his eye pupils were black and his facial features were somewhat Asian, and there was a slight resemblance to Han Meiqing, so he looked like a mixed race.

      He walked up to Han Miqing and called out with a smile, "Mom, is this your college classmate?"

      Han Meiqing hurriedly pulled him along and introduced him to Xiao Changkun, "Changkun, let me introduce you, this is my son, Paul."

      Xiao Changkun took the initiative to extend his hand and smiled, "Gee Paul hello!You're so good at speaking Chinese!"

      Paul smiled, "Uncle is polite, although I am an American citizen and my father is also an American, I still have half Chinese blood in me, my mother taught me to speak Chinese since I was a child and never let me slack off."

      Xiao Changkun nodded and quickly introduced Ye Chen, saying, "Mei Qing, Paul, let me introduce you, this is my son-in-law, Ye Chen!"

      Paul offered his hand to Michael Yeh with a smile and said, "Hello, Mr. Yeh."


Paul's Chinese was really good, and if you closed your eyes and listened, you wouldn't be able to tell that it was an American speaking at all, and Ye Chen was very surprised, so while shaking hands with him, he said without stinting his praise, "Mr. Paul's Chinese is really impeccable."

      Paul smiled modestly and said, "Mr. Ye is overpraised!"

      Xiao Changkun, who was on the side, hurriedly said, "Right Mei Qing, I've booked a private room in the Shangri-La Hotel, let's go over for a meal first, to pick up the dust for you and your son!"

      Han Meiqing smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you so much, son-in-law and wife, for coming all the way here to pick us up and treat us to dinner ......"

      "It should be!"Xiao Changkun smiled sharply and couldn't wait to say, "It just so happens that we're driving here, let's go straight over!"

      "Good."Han Meiqing nodded, then said to Paul, "Son, tell your driver that we won't take the company car, we'll take your Uncle Xiao's car."

      Paul smiled and said, "Okay mom, I'll give the driver a call and tell him to take all the luggage to the hotel room first."


      Paul politely said to Xiao Changkun and Ye Chen, "Uncle Xiao, Ye Chen, wait for me first, I'll make a phone call, sorry!"

      Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, "Oh my, Paul look at you boy, you are too polite, you don't have to be so polite with your uncle."

      Paul smiled and said, "Shoulda shoulda."

      After saying that, only then did he pull out his cell phone and walked to the side to make a call.

      Only then did Xiao Changkun curiously ask Han Meiqing, "Meiqing, you went back to China with your son, and you still arranged a driver in China ah?"

      Han Meiqing nodded and said, "After Paul's father passed away, didn't I always want to return to China and settle down, but his father left a company, and Paul said he couldn't throw away his father's life's work, so half a year ago, we started to gradually move the business to China first."

      Xiao Changkun was surprised and asked, "You guys are moving all your industries to China first?"

      "Right."Han Meiqing said, "But I don't get involved in these things much anymore, it's all taken care of by Paul."

      Xiao Changkun nodded lightly, his heart inevitably floating with a bit of inferiority.

      Han Meiqing and her son had returned to settle in the country, and had even transferred their enterprise over as well, so it was worth going to such great lengths to make sure that the scale of the enterprise would not be small, so it seemed that people Han Meiqing's current economic strength was very strong.

      In comparison, he was a bit ashamed of himself, after all, the Xiao family had now collapsed, and he had no source of income, he could even be described as penniless, the only thing he could take out was the villa of Tomson, but this villa was still someone's Ye Chen.

      Thinking of this, Xiao Changkun's heart was somewhat bored.

      With his current situation, would Han Meiqing look down on him?

      Half a lifetime, most middle-aged people, at least have a certain career, industry and family business, but what they want now no, this is too humiliating!

      Ye Chen also saw that his father-in-law's expression was a bit bored, and knew that he must have thought that Han Meiqing was too good for him, and that he wasn't good enough for others, but he didn't point it out.

      At this time, Paul finished his phone call and said with a smile, "Mom, Uncle Xiao, and Brother Ye Chen, I've already spoken to the driver, let's go out."

      "Good."Ye Chen smiled and said, "Let's go then."

      The four of them left the airport together, a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom parked in front of the four of them at the entrance, a foreigner got down from the car and respectfully said to Paul in English, "Hello, General Manager."

      Paul nodded slightly.

      This foreigner driver said to Han Meiqing again, "Hello, Chairman."

      Han Meiqing nodded and smiled, and said, "Mike, help me take my luggage to Shangri-La, and directly ask the front desk to take my luggage to my room and Mike's room separately."


The foreigner driver nodded hurriedly, "Okay Chairman, I'm on my way!"

      Then, he opened the trunk of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, picked up all the suitcases in Paul's hand and stuffed them into the trunk.

      After doing this, he asked Han Meiqing, "Chairman, won't you and the GM leave in this car?"

      Han Meiqing nodded and said, "I'll go in my old classmate's car, so you go first."

      Xiao Changkun's heart was particularly unpleasant as he looked at the brand new and luxurious Rolls Royce.

      The value of this car was something he could see.

      The naked car was going to cost eight to nine million, and with the option of a pure gold little golden man logo, this car would cost over two hundred thousand!

      Therefore, Xiao Changkun felt even more inferior in his heart.

      He couldn't help but say to Han Meiqing, "Oh my Meiqing, why don't you take this Leslie over, my car is not upscale, I'm afraid you won't get used to it and aggravate you again."

      Han Meiqing said very seriously, "Chang Kun, we have also known each other for so many years, do you think I'm the kind of person who loves vanity?"

      Xiao Changkun was a little embarrassed all of a sudden.

      He fidgeted and said, "That car of mine, it's just an ordinary BMW 5 series, I'm afraid to aggrieve you ah ......"

      Han Meiqing was a little angry and said, "Changkun, why are you so concerned about these things now?Rolls-Royce or BMW 5-series, even if it's the same kind of big two-eight bicycle that was popular with you schoolboys back then, isn't it all a means of transportation?Not to mention the BMW 5-series, even if you come to pick me up today on a Big Two Eight, I'm willing to ride."

      Saying that, Han Meiqing smiled again and said, "But I guess it's a bit hard for you to carry me on a bicycle at this age, right?"

      When Han Meiqing said that, Xiao Changkun felt a lot more comfortable.

      He was really afraid that Han Meiqing was used to being a Rolls-Royce and would feel uncomfortable if she got into her BMW 5 series, and if she felt uncomfortable, he wouldn't be able to get over his face.

      However, Paul suddenly whispered in English to Han Meiqing at this time, "Mom, why don't you just take this car, the BMW 5 Series is very uncomfortable, I'm afraid you won't be able to adapt."

      Han Meiqing waved her hand and said in the same low voice, "When you meet my old classmates in the future, don't drive this flamboyant car, ask your company if they have the most ordinary business car, that is, a Buick gl8 kind of 200,000 to 300,000, I don't want to come back after a gap of more than twenty years and make everyone feel too distant."

      Paul said helplessly, "The company really does not have such a cheap car, the most common business car are over a million Toyota Elfa ......"

      Han Meiqing said, "Then just go buy a car that costs two or three hundred thousand dollars."

      Paul had to nod his head and said, "Alright, since you've ordered it, I'll make the arrangements."

      After saying that, he stepped forward to the driver and commanded in his ear, "Go back and buy a Buick gl8."

      The driver was slightly stunned and said, "General Manager, our company doesn't have such a low-end car."

      Paul said, "It's fine, just go buy one and come back."


      Ye Chen heard the whispers between the few of them because his health was far beyond normal, and he couldn't help but admire Han Meiqing in particular.

      This aunt was not only beautiful and superb, but more importantly, her emotional intelligence was too high.

      Such a woman was simply more of a goddess than a dream to a middle-aged man.

      He could even foresee that father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, should soon fall completely ......


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