Secret Identity 821-830


Chapter 821

Zhang Guifen's words immediately set off an outpouring of anger from the people around him, and these people were suddenly filled with righteous indignation!

      Although everyone was a prisoner, but in the people locked up in the guardhouse, generally the crimes committed were not major, nor were they vicious people, and instinctively had sympathy for the weak.

      Hearing this, and then seeing that Old Mrs. Xiao had a head full of white hair, they could not help but believe her words.

      Thus, the crowd condemned with indignation.

      "Even such an old mother has abandoned her, this is simply a family of animals."

      "Who says it isn't, he lives in a hundred million dollar villa, yet he won't even give the old lady a bedroom, how could he be such a disgusting person."

      "Old lady, don't worry, such a daughter-in-law will be struck by lightning sooner or later!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was in tears, "Thank you, thank you for your concern and support, I really didn't expect this bad old woman to meet so many good people here!"

      Zhang Guifen sighed, "Old lady, I'm not going to lie to you, when I see you, I'm reminded of my mother who died from drinking pills, it's not easy for an old man!It's even worse when you meet an ungrateful daughter-in-law!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head repeatedly and cried, "Hey, I'm detained for fifteen days, after fifteen days I don't know what to do when I go out, I have no place to eat, no place to stay, and after a few months, I might even be prosecuted by the court."

      Zhang Guifen hurriedly said, "Old lady, then you really might as well just stay in the detention center, we have three meals a day, on time, with food and lodging included, isn't it better than you going out on the streets?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao's heart was in despair when she heard her say that.

      Was she really going to be reduced to, in the future, scrounging for food and drink at the detention center?

      Thinking of this, Old Lady Xiao screamed wildly in her heart, "No!I'm the head of the Xiao family no matter what, if I'm reduced to having to retire in prison, then wouldn't all the face I've worked so hard to earn in this life be lost before I die?"

      We must find a way to turn it around!


      At this moment, a police car was parked in front of the guardhouse.

      Two police officers, escorting a woman with a cape, entered the detention center.

      This woman was Ma Lan.

      Ma Lan was now lost in thought, being escorted by the police officers, with cold handcuffs still on her hands.

      She has cried her eyes dry and her voice dumb all this way, never dreaming that she would steal Ye Chen's bank card and become a prisoner.

      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available on the market.

      After the public prosecution is initiated, the court will hold a trial, and the number of years you will be sentenced will depend on how big the whole case is dug out.

      Ma Lan panicked and asked how long she would probably be sentenced if she was found guilty of this crime.

      The police officer told her that the attempt to defraud the bank of 21.9 billion yuan has been arguably the biggest fraud case in decades, and even if it was attempted, its nature is extremely bad, so the probability is a life sentence.

      If the accomplices were caught and more incriminating evidence was uncovered, it was even possible to shoot them.

      Ma Lan was so frightened that she almost lost her bowels, she already hated Ye Chen in her heart, she really wanted to be able to talk to her daughter Xiao Churan on the phone right away, and then have her divorce that big liar Ye Chen right away.


However, the police officer said that he was suspected of a major case, and until the case went to trial, he couldn't meet or contact his family, or even hire a lawyer for the time being.

      Ma Lan's heart was filled with hatred, but there was nowhere to vent it at all.

      Once inside the high walls of the detention center, the police officer immediately took Ma Lan to go through the detention procedures.

      The procedure was very complicated. Not only did she have to take photos and check herself, but she also had to take off all her clothes and change into her prison uniform and uniformed daily necessities.

      When Ma Lan changed into her prison uniform, the two guards who had brought her here had left, and from now on, everything was under the care of the guards.

      A female guard led her into the prison area, and as she walked, she introduced to her according to the usual practice, "This is a cell for twenty people, wake up every morning at six o'clock, lights out at ten o'clock at night, and eat three meals a day, all in your own cell."

      After saying that, she swept a glance at Ma Lan and said with a grim expression, "But the meals are all rationed, and a body like yours may not be completely full, so if you still need any food or groceries for yourself, you can ask your family to charge you a little money in your name, and then you can buy things from the kiosk inside."

      "That's great!"Marashi asked urgently, "How do I contact my family?!"

      The female prison guard then remembered what the police officer had just explained to her when she sent Ma Lan over, so she said with a cold face, "I almost forgot, a suspect like you who belongs to a major criminal case can't have contact with the outside world for the time being, so if you're not too full, think of it as a diet!"

      Once Ma Lan heard this, her heart was in despair again.

      She then suddenly thought that it seemed like Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei's grandparents had also been locked up in the detention center, so she shouldn't have met up with them, right?

      Thinking about this, she was a little nervous.

      But soon this nervousness dissipated again.

      It didn't matter if she ran into Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, Old Mrs. Xiao was a terrible wife, and if she dared to have fun with herself, she could kick half her life away with one kick!

      As for Xiao Weiwei, although this little ninny is young, but it's just a ten-fingered girl, that little physique can't even carry down two laps in front of the mahjong table, and if you really want to get into a fight with yourself, it's just two slaps.

      At this time, the guards pointed to a cell not far ahead and said, "Ma Lan, that's cell 025, you'll be here from now on!"

      Ma Lan nodded hurriedly.

      At the same time, in cell #025, Old Lady Xiao had just calmed down a bit with the comfort of everyone.

      She really didn't expect that these cellmates in the cell would be so sympathetic to her, and the fact that everyone came around to comfort her with you and me, made her heart indeed feel a lot more comfortable as well.

      Xiao Weiwei's mood was also much better than when she first entered the detention center.

      She previously thought that the detention center must be just like in the movies, it was filled with all kinds of bullies, and newcomers would have to be bullied and abused all kinds of times when they came in, and they wouldn't even be able to eat, but she didn't expect that it could be so warm inside.

      Just then, someone looked at the door and shouted, "There's a newcomer again!"

      Outside the iron door, the female guard opened the cell where Old Mrs. Xiao was, pushed Ma Lan into the cell, and said, "Go in and reflect."

      As soon as Ma Lan was pushed in, the iron door was closed again.

      She looked at the other prisoners in the cell, and was surprised to find them all surrounded by a bunk, and wondered, "Why are all these old women in a circle?What about listening to stories?"

      At this time, Old Lady Xiao, who was surrounded by the crowd, recognized Ma Lan at a glance, shuddered with shock, and then roared in anger, "Ma Lan!You're a shrew and you're having a day!"


Ma Lan was shocked by this sudden voice.

      At first glance, it was Mrs. Xiao sitting cross-legged on the bed, pointing at herself and cursing.

      Old Mrs. Xiao did not expect to run into Ma Lan in the detention center.

      Moreover, Ma Lan was wearing a prisoner's uniform just like herself, and this look meant that she had been brought in for committing a crime ah!

      After Ma Lan saw Old Madam Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, she was also in a panic.

      She really didn't expect that she would be placed in the cell where they were.

      Just now, she was thinking not to be separated from the two of them, but she didn't expect to be so unlucky.

      So she shouted at the small window of the iron door before that prison guard had gone far away, "Comrade prison guard, can you please give me a different cell, I don't want to live with the two of them."

      The prison guard said with a blank expression, "You think the guardhouse is run by your family?You can change whenever you want?If you don't want to be in jail, don't commit a crime. What are you doing already?"

      Ma Lan hurriedly defended, "I've told you all clearly, that incident was completely done by that waste son-in-law of mine, it has nothing to do with me at all, go arrest him, let me go, please."

      The prison guard ignored Ma Lan's begging eyes and said, "Don't talk so much, on this charge, you'll never get out of here in your life!"

      After saying that, he turned around and walked away.

      Ma Lan's heart gradually sank as she watched the other party's back walk further and further away.

      Xiao Weiwei sneered at this time and said, "Ma Lan!You haven't even slept in your Thompson's villa yet, and you're in the detention center?From what the guards say, you've committed a pretty serious crime!"

      Ma Lan looked back at the pair of grandparents and cried out in her heart for bad luck, but quickly calmed down again.

      A bad wife and a yellow-haired girl, what was there to be afraid of?

      Thinking of that, Mashi grumbled, "What?You two are a bunch of losers and you want to see me laugh?Even if I'm in the detention center, I'm still the one who has a villa outside, what about you guys?Do you have a place to stay outside?It's not that I despise you two, you'll go out and starve to death on the streets just like that!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao shouted angrily, "Ma Lan, you still know your last name?Still so arrogant in the guardhouse!"

      "Yeah, what?"Ma Lan said disdainfully, "I've been arrogant for not a day or two, and you're not convinced?"

      After saying that, Ma Lan continued to exert her poisonous nature and said in a cold voice, "When you guys go out, an old thing like you probably won't live for more than three days before you starve to death, but Xiao Weiwei doesn't need to worry, at least she has two points, she can support herself by going to stand on the street."

      Xiao Weiwei exploded, "Ma Lan, what did you say?!"

      Marashi trailed off, "I say you go stand on the street, what?Are you still not convinced?Don't you know what's going on with you?What about Xiao Yiqian and Wei Changming, do I need to remind you?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was now shaking with anger and deliberately looked at Zhang Guifen, then pointed at Ma Lan and said, "Ma Lan!It's a family shame for my Xiao family to have a daughter-in-law like you!"

      As soon as she said this, Zhang Guifen on the side blew up.

      She scuffled and stood up, pointed at Ma Lan and asked the old lady, "Is this your daughter-in-law who isn't something?"


When Old Lady Xiao saw that her purpose was accomplished, she wailed, slapping her legs and wailing, "My life is miserable!The family is unlucky and married to such a daughter-in-law, and I'm about to die and be scolded by her pointing my nose!"

      When the old lady cried, Zhang Guifen could not bear it any longer.

      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes or boots that you are going to be able to have to learn more about the actual shoes or boots.

      At that time, her mother was lying on the bed crying like this, and Zhang Guifen couldn't help but cry every time she thought of that image.

      Now that she saw that Ma Lan had forced the old lady into this, and was even more arrogant than her own bastard sister-in-law, the anger within her couldn't be endured!

      She immediately strode towards Ma Lan and said in a cold voice, "You dog bastard!Didn't your parents teach you to be filial to your in-laws before you got married?"

      Ma Lan hadn't realized that this Zhang Guifen was coming to fight with herself, and when she heard that she was even teaching herself filial respect for her in-laws, she said in a despicable manner, "Filial respect for your in-laws?Are you kidding me?If such a mother-in-law was on your head, you'd be afraid that you would have killed her long ago."

      As soon as Zhang Guifen heard this, she couldn't have imagined how disgusting and dirty Old Lady Xiao was, she just hated this Ma Lan!I can't wait to smash her to death!

      So, she quickly rushed to Ma Lan's face, and smashed Ma Lan's nose with a punch right in front of her.

      Ma Lan was blinded by the punch and sat down on the ground, and the five-figure Zhang Guifen rode directly on her stomach, tearing her hair with one hand and slapping her as hard as she could with the other, cursing, "I'll kill you, you unfilial mother-in-law dog!I'll kill you!"

      Ma Lan was hit with an ouch and shouted out, "Who are you, what are you doing hitting me!Did I mess with you to mess with me?"

      Zhang Guifen smacked her as she cursed, "You shameless dog, mistreating your mother-in-law is punishable by death!I'm doing this for God today!"

      Seeing Ma Lan being beaten, Old Mrs. Xiao was so excited that she blurted out, "Quick!Help me over!"

      After saying that, she shivered and was about to stand up.

      Xiao Weiwei and the other woman hurriedly helped her up and brought her to follow Ma Lan.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was full of excitement and viciousness, and when she arrived in front of Ma Lan, she cursed in excitement, "You beast, son of a bitch, see if I don't scratch you to death today!"

      After saying that, he immediately reached out his hand and left several bloodstains on Marashi's face!

      Ma Lan cried out in pain, and shouted out of her mouth, "Help!Guards, help!Kill!"

      The prison guards had already walked away by this time, and Zhang Guifen glued a large fistful of her hair out and grabbed a new, death grip between her fingers, smacking her face as she sneered, "The prison guards have finished their rounds and won't be coming back for an hour, so see how I'm going to fix you, you unfilial dog!"

      Xiao Weiwei was also waiting to vent her anger at this point, so she lifted her foot and kicked Ma Lan, cursing under her breath, "Aren't you powerful?Aren't you an ox for living in a Thompson's villa?You know, that's my former fiancĂ©'s villa!Why did you move in and leave me on the street?I'll kick your ass!"

      Marashi did get beaten a few times, but really never this badly!

      Because each had their own vendetta, their own hatred, these three were literally beating each other to death, showing no mercy at all!

      And soon there were other inmates who got involved and tried to kill Mashiro!

      Ma Lan was quickly beaten and there wasn't a single good place on her body, so she could only wail in despair, "Please stop fighting, I'm dying!"

      Zhang Guifen smacked it with a slap: "Still fucking able to talk, that's okay!You won't die in a while, keep fighting!"


When Ma Lan suffered a hammer blast at the detention center, Ye Chen received a call from Richard Chen.

      As soon as he came up, Richard Chen said, "Young Master, Ma Lan has been placed in the guardhouse and I've lined her up in a cell with the old lady Xiao and that Xiao Vivian as per your wishes."

      Ye Chen asked, "Have you greeted the prison guards yet?"

      Richard Chen said, "I've already asked my men, to greet the head of the caretaker's office, no one will care about what kind of torture Ma Lan is suffering inside."

      "Good."Ye Chen said coldly, "Let her suffer more in there!"

      Richard Chen hurriedly asked, "Young Master, do you want me to arrange for a few people to go in and just do her?In that case, she won't be able to mess with you anymore."

      Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and said, "Don't worry yet, I'll see how things develop."

      For Ye Chen,[Haitang Book House] he wanted Ma Lan to disappear from his and Xiao Churan's world from now on.

      Moreover, he believed that not only would Xiao Changkun not have a problem with this, but on the contrary, he would definitely be relieved.

      However, it was hard to say about Xiao Choran.

      With Ye Chen's understanding of her, she was a very filial and sentimental woman, and if her mother suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, it was likely that she would never be able to get over it.

      Therefore, Ye Chen was going to observe Xiao Churan's reaction first.

      In order not to let Xiao Choran see anything, when he went to the supermarket in the afternoon to buy food, he still bought it according to four people and also bought a little bit of what Ma Lan liked to eat.

      However, Ma Lan had no chance to taste it at all.

      Zhang Guifen led a group of people and hammered Ma Lan to death, seeing that she had been beaten into a pig's head, which temporarily let her off the hook, threatening harshly, "Tell you, don't talk nonsense when the warning comes later, or else you'll still be beaten!Got it?"

      How dare Ma Lan say no, hurriedly nodded her head and said, "I know I know, I will not say anything ......"

      In fact, what Ma Lan was thinking was that as soon as the prison guards came, they would immediately call for help and turn you bitches in to the guards, one by one!I've heard myself that prison inmates who get into fights get an extra sentence!

      By the time Yechen went home and started cooking, it was already time for dinner in the guardhouse.

      After all, all times in the guardhouse were very disciplined, eating, sleeping, and waking up early, so they ate early at night as well.

      When the guards arrived at the cell where Ma Lan was, she had just been beaten up, and was huddled in the corner.

      The prison guard opened the cell door and faintly said: "Dinner is served, your cell pie ......"

      Just after saying that, the bruised and swollen Ma Lan crawled over to her and cried out, "Prison guard help, prison guard!They hit people!They're going to kill me!You must punish them severely!"

      The prison guard frowned at her and remembered the leader's explanation, so he just treated her like air and continued to say to Zhang Guifen and the others, "Send two people from your cell over to get food."

      Zhang Guifen was still a little worried when she saw Ma Lan's complaint, afraid that she might not be able to get confined, but she didn't expect the prison guard to pay any attention to her at all, so she was greatly relieved, and busy commanding the two women around her, she said, "You two go with the prison guard to get the food!"

      "Good."The two of them hurriedly got up and came to the prison guard's side.

      The prison guard then waved and said, "Come with me."

      As she was saying that, Ma Lan hugged her leg and cried, "Please give me a different cell, or they'll kill me!"


The guard stepped back, drew his leg out, and said to the two men who were going to get their food, "Hurry up and get going."

      The two men rushed to the front and followed the guard out the door.

      Marashi was desperate inside.

      As soon as the prison guard's side closed the iron door, Zhang Guifen walked towards Ma Lan with a black face and gritted her teeth, "Surnamed Ma, you're quite brave, how dare you turn me in?!"

      Ma Lan collapsed and said, "I'm sorry I'm sorry, I was confused, please forgive me this time!"

      "Forgive you?"Zhang Guifen swung her arm and smacked Ma Lan with a slap, directly making Ma Lan dizzy.

      Old Mrs. Xiao also shivered and came over, biting her teeth and stepped directly on Ma Lan's finger, cursing as she made her way over, "Dog thing!I guess you don't get beaten up enough!Wait, I'm going to be here for another fifteen days, and you're in for a treat for those fifteen days!"

      Zhang Guifen, who was on the side, hurriedly said, "Old lady, it's not easy to share a cell with this unfilial bastard, if I were you, I would absolutely be reluctant to leave in fifteen days!I can't wait to beat her five or six times a day to relieve my hatred!"

      The old lady nodded her head repeatedly and said, "I honestly can't leave if I can beat her every day!"

      Ma Lan broke down and took off, "Mom, just spare me, if you don't beat me or let this woman beat me in the future, I'll arrange a room for you at Thompson's, okay?"

      The old lady snorted, "Do you think I'm stupid?How are you going to set me up when you don't even know how long you're going to be locked up in here yourself?!"

      Ma Lan said, "I'll write you a letter when you leave, and you'll take it to Choran, and then Choran will know what's going on, and she'll definitely let you live in it!"

      The old lady frowned and asked, "Seriously?"

      "When it's true when it's true!"Ma Lan nodded vigorously and cried, "It's not like you don't know what that daughter of Churan's is like, she's the most filial, if I tell her, she'll definitely agree!"

      The old lady hesitated all of a sudden.

      To say that she hated Ma Lan, it was a real hatred, the kind of hatred to the bone.

      However, the temptation of a large villa in Townsend First Class was also quite big, and there was no telling how long this Ma Lan would be locked up in there, so wouldn't it be cool to live in Townsend First Class without Ma Lan getting in the way by then?

      Thinking of this, the old lady was ready to agree in her heart.

      So she immediately said, "Ma Lan, write a letter now, and I'll spare you when you're done, and I won't beat you from now on!"

      How shrewd Ma Lan's heart was, and she got out, "Mom, don't hit me in the future, I'll definitely write to you the day you release me."

      The old lady wasn't confused and said sternly, "Are you trying to fool me?In case I have to let it out and you're dead or alive and don't write about it, won't I be shat on by you?"

      Marashi got out, "I can swear to God, I'll write you!"

      The old lady snorted, "I don't believe the oath you took!"

      At this time, Zhang Guifen, who was on the side, smiled and said, "Old lady, isn't this simple?If she writes now that's all safe and sound, but if she doesn't, I'll see if she beats her ten or twenty times a day!"

      Marashi shouted, "You can't do that!Someone could have been killed!It's not easy for you guys if someone dies!"

      Zhang Guifen said with a sardonic smile, "Don't worry, if someone really dies, I'll tie your bed sheet to the beam and hang your corpse up there!Let's say you're committing suicide out of fear!"


With a few words from Zhang Guifen, Ma Lan was so scared that she almost peed her pants.

      She didn't doubt Zhang Guifen's words at all, because Zhang Guifen was too vicious looking, plus the fact that she had just beaten her very hard, and it gave her a psychological shadow all of a sudden.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, relying on the fact that she had Zhang Guifen backing her up, also kicked Ma Lan at this time and scolded her, "Are you going to write or not?"

      Ma Lan gave an ouch of pain and cried, "I write ......Can't I write yet ......"

      Zhang Guifen smacked her again and scolded her, "You are a bitch, well told you don't agree, beat you before you are honest!"

      Ma Lan was unjustly wronged and hurriedly got out, "You didn't talk to me properly either ......Come up here and just do it ......"

      Zhang Guifen bit her teeth and raised her hand to slap her hard, scolding, "Still dare to talk back?It's against you!"

      This slap dried up Ma Lan's two front teeth that had already been knocked loose.

      Ma Lan only felt that her upper lip suddenly collapsed, then her mouth full of bloody taste dissolved, the two teeth of her upper incisors had been knocked into her mouth, almost swallowed by herself.

      She hurriedly spit out the teeth in her mouth, looking at the two bloody front teeth, crying and tearing her heart out: "You kill me!I don't want to live!"

      Zhang Guifen went up and slapped her a few more times, scolding, "What are you screaming for?You're a big shot for the whole place, aren't you?"

      Ma Lan covered her face and cried in utter despair, but Old Mrs. Xiao trembled with excitement, and she grabbed Ma Lan's hair, shaking and pulling it, cursing, "Why are you crying?Weren't you great at Thompson's?Why are you crying at this hour?Why don't you let so many of your fellow inmates see what you, the number one shrew of Jinling, do in your day-to-day life?"

      Xiao Weiwei also hurriedly told the [Pencil Fiction] crowd at this time, "Don't let her acting skills fool you!The man is already bad to the bone and is a wolfish son of a bitch!Treating her mother-in-law extremely badly, living in a large villa in Thompson's first class and not even taking in her homeless mother-in-law, the point is that she didn't even buy that villa herself, it was her son-in-law who tricked and deceived her outside!"

      The crowd was stunned and some exclaimed, "What does her son-in-law do?How can you cheat on a big villa?"

      Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said: "It doesn't matter what you do, the key is to change any normal person, don't care how your son-in-law got the big villa, you have to thank your son-in-law even if you have the chance to live in it, right?She doesn't, she calls her son-in-law a loser and urges her daughter to divorce her son-in-law every day, and you say, for such an ungrateful shrew, wouldn't beating her a few times be like doing justice for God?"

      The crowd nodded their heads repeatedly.

      Anyway, no matter how I heard it, I felt that this Ma Lan was an animal, so no matter how bad the beating was, there was no relief from hatred.

      At this time, Ma Lan could only sit on the ground and cover her face and cry, not daring to say a word.

      At this time, Zhang Guifen threw her a piece of paper and a pen and coldly shouted, "Write quickly, I'll beat you if you don't write well!"

      Ma Lan could only swallow her anger and tremblingly picked up the pen and wrote on the paper.

      After writing the letter, Old Mrs. Xiao snatched it over, read the contents, and found that Ma Lan was indeed in the letter, asking Xiao Choran to settle the room for her family of four, and immediately became proud in her heart, smiling and saying, "This is great, after fifteen days, you won't have a chance to enjoy the Tomson, I'll go with Chang Qian, as well as Hailong and Wei Wei to enjoy it for you, you can just stay here in a solid manner!"

      When Ma Lan thought that she might have to stay in prison for the rest of her life, she couldn't help it all of a sudden and cried miserably again.

      Zhang Guifen was so disgusted that she directly went up and kicked her and said, "What are you crying for?utterly annoying!"

      Mashiro covered the kicked area and questioned, "I thought you said you weren't going to hit me?"

      Zhang Guifen nodded and said in a cold voice, "I did, but I'm going back on my word now, can't I?"

      As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she trembled with anger at Zhang Guifen's shamelessness and hurriedly said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "Mom, but you promised me that you wouldn't let her beat me after I wrote the letter!"

      "What did I promise you?"Old Mrs. Xiao looked at her with disgust, her rough old hand pinching the inside of her arm, scolding: "You dog thing so arrogant, do you really think that writing a note will not be beaten?You may not be able to get out of here for the rest of your life, I'll just have a chance to hit you in the next fifteen days, and if I don't hit you enough I won't be able to hit you later if I want to!"


After saying that, he raised his hand and slapped Ma Lan again and said coldly, "I've been looking at you since the day Chang Kun wanted to marry you, you've disgusted me for so many years, I must hit the bottom!"

      Marashi was completely devastated!

      She didn't expect Old Mrs. Xiao to be so shameless!

      You've changed your mind about what you said!

      But, I can't do anything about her right now!

      Even with this Zhang Guifen around, he didn't even dare to say a word of discontent!

      Thinking of this, Ma Lan was extremely sad, only expecting this to be a nightmare and she would wake up soon.

      Soon, the two people who went out to get food came back with two large plastic baskets.

      Inside were all uniform size aluminum alloy lunch boxes, cutlery, as well as rice and vegetables in them, each of them identical.

      As soon as they entered the door, someone cheered, "Eat hello eat hello!"

      Saying that, she ran over and took away a lunch box first, then opened it and ate it with a beautiful meal.

      Zhang Guifen was also hungry, so she planned to leave Ma Lan alone for a while and fill her stomach first.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei were also famished and came over to take a lunch box.

      As soon as Xiao Weiwei opened it, she saw that the lunch box in front of her had a total of two squares, one with vegetables in it, and the other with rice.

      The key was that this dish Xiao Weiwei looked somewhat familiar.

      Someone excitedly said, "Oh my, we'll eat duck frame boiled cabbage tonight!You can!"

      Xiao Weiwei just came back to her senses and figured out why the dish looked so familiar.

      It turned out that she had just eaten it at noon.

      As soon as she thought of it, she felt a little nauseous, and her stomach, which was already starving to death, suddenly seemed to be full as well.

      The old lady was fine with it and asked Xiao Weiwei as she ate, "Weiwei, why aren't you eating?"

      Xiao Weiwei cryptically said, "Grandmother, what's the difference between this and what you made for lunch ......"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "It's better than what I made, you'll know when you taste it."

      Xiao Weiwei let out a long sigh and said, "Then I've had enough of this taste."

      Zhang Guifen reminded her, "Little girl, this food is good enough, if you don't eat it now, you will have to wait until tomorrow morning at seven o'clock to eat, and if you are hungry at night, you can't have a snack to eat."

      Xiao Weiwei hurriedly asked, "Then can I not eat it first and wait until I'm hungry?"

      Zhang Guifen said, "The meal time is half an hour, after half an hour there will be someone to collect the dishes, to count, you don't eat it, you take it away, unless you pour your wash basin, when you are hungry at night use the basin to eat."

      Xiao Weiwei has been pampered for so many years, how can she stand this, at the thought of eating in a basin, she couldn't help but dry heave, so she hurriedly said, "Then I'd better take two bites ......"


Ma Lan, who was beaten and bruised all over, was also hungry at this time.

      At noon, when Ye Chen had just cooked out the meal, she hadn't even taken a bite yet, and was arrested by the police right afterwards.

      After tossing and turning all afternoon until now, coupled with the shock and beating, her physical exertion was enormous, so she was also even hungrier.

      So she carefully crawled over, took a lunch box from the plastic basket, and was about to eat it herself in the corner when Zhang Guifen suddenly snapped at her, "Ma Lan, what are you doing?"

      Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Big ......Big sister, I want to have a bite to eat ......"

      "A meal?"Zhang Guifen snapped, "You're such an unfilial son of a bitch who doesn't obey his mother-in-law, and you still have the nerve to eat!"

      "I ......I ......"Ma Lan choked up, but all of a sudden, she didn't know how to answer Zhang Guifen's question.

      Zhang Guifen was now dissatisfied and scolded, "Me what me?Get over here!"

      Ma Lan could only hobble to her and nodded and said, "Big sister, what do you want ......"

      Zhang Guifen snatched the lunch box from Ma Lan's hand and said in a cold voice, "People like you don't deserve to eat, go away."

      When Ma Lan heard this, she burst into tears and said, "Sister, I've only had a mouthful of food in the morning all day today, and I'm almost fainting from hunger by now, just take pity on me and let me have a couple of bites ......"

      "Eat?"Zhang Guifen laughed, "You're the one who lives in Townsend, so isn't it pricey to eat this kind of food?"

      Ma Lan cried, "Sister, I'm really hungry, please have mercy, let me eat two bites of food, you can't just watch me starve to death ah ......"

      Zhang Guifen said coldly, "Don't worry, you won't starve to death if you don't eat for two or three days."

      Ma Lan begged, "But I'm really hungry ......"

      Zhang Guifen questioned in disgust, "Are you finished?I'm telling you, you better get the fuck out of my way and say one more fucking word, do you believe I'll kill you right now?"

      Ma Lan looked at Zhang Guifen's vicious appearance, her heart trembled, and tears of frustration immediately rolled down her eyes.

      She was afraid that Zhang Guifen would hit her again, so she could only hide in a corner by herself, watching Zhang Guifen spoon by spoon, eating up her share of the meal ......


      At this moment, Ye Chen was preparing dinner in the chef's room at Tomson's.

      Xiao Choran and Dong Ruorin came back together, and Dong Ruorin rushed to the kitchen as soon as she arrived home, saying, "Oh my, I ran to your house to stay and give you trouble, so I'll just help you guys do more housework!"

      After saying that, the person had gotten into the kitchen and shyly asked Ye Chen, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

      Ye Chen said, "No need for your help, go out and watch TV with Choran."

      "But I don't want to watch TV ah!"Dong Ruolin said shyly, "I just want to give you a hand and play a hand."

      Where Ye Chen didn't know what she was hitting on, hurriedly said, "There's really no need, I'm used to cooking by myself, you go out and sit for a while and wait for your meal."

      As she was saying, Xiao Churan stepped into the kitchen and asked Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, have you seen my mother?"


"No."Ye Chen asked with an act of surprise, "What's wrong?Mom's not home yet?"

      "No."Xiao Choran said, "I originally thought she went to meet up with her friends, but just now her former friend called me and said that my mom couldn't be reached since the afternoon, they have been waiting for her to make sure about dinner, but they couldn't find anyone, I asked my dad and he said he didn't know where she went either, so I thought to ask you."

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Where did Mom go I'm really not sure, she asked me for money at noon, she said she wanted to eat with a friend, but I thought, our family now is not our father in charge of money well, so I said I had to go through Dad's consent, Dad did not let me give it, Mom is still a little angry."

      Xiao Churan nodded thoughtfully and said to herself, "That's a bit strange, not at home, and didn't go to a party with friends, where would that go ......"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Probably looking for a place to play mahjong, right?"

      Xiao Churan said, "That's not like having your phone turned off, people can't get in touch, it's never happened before."

      "What if the phone runs out of battery?"Ye Chen said, "Don't worry yet, Mom is an adult, she should be able to take care of herself."

      Xiao Choran sighed, "She's an adult, but that style of her acting isn't as good as a child, I'm really afraid that she'll go around causing trouble."

      Dong Ruolin asked in surprise, "Auntie can't find her?"

      "Yeah."Xiao Choran said sadly, "The phone hasn't been working, and after asking around, no one has seen her."

      At this time, Xiao Changkun poked his head in, surprised and asked: "Why are you all back in the kitchen?I also said for you to come have tea with me."

      Xiao Choran asked him, "Dad, has Mom contacted you yet?Why isn't she home at this late hour?"

      As soon as Xiao Changkun heard her ask Ma Lan, she snorted coldly and said in a bad mood, "Who knows, don't mind her, she might be somewhere causing trouble for us again."

      Ever since he learned that Ma Lan had lost all of his family's money, Xiao Changkun couldn't hide the kind of dissatisfaction he felt towards Ma Lan.

      These days, as soon as he saw Ma Lan, he remembered that the family had lost all their money clean, so he couldn't wait for Ma Lan to go out and go crazy, out of sight, out of mind.

      Xiao Choran sighed helplessly and said, "Dad, I know that it was wrong of Ma to do that, but Ma has already apologized and she knows that she was wrong, so don't be angry with her anymore, what if Ma is forced by you to run away from home?"

      "Running away from home?"Xiao Changkun gave a disdainful sneer and said, "If she can really run away from home, I'll go to Luo Han Temple tonight to burn incense and thank the Buddha, it's best if she can be like Qian Hongyan and just vanish from this world, then I'll be truly relieved!"

      Xiao Choran was helpless to the extreme when she heard this, her parents' relationship had come to this point, she had a deep sense of powerlessness.

      She was silent for a moment before she said, "Dad, no matter how wrong Mom is, you've been going all the way for over twenty years, can't you forgive each other?"

      Xiao Changkun waved his hand, "Forgive her?It doesn't exist, and I'll never forgive her in my life!"

      After saying that, Xiao Changkun put his hands behind his back and walked out slowly.

      Xiao Choran sighed long and hesitantly before saying to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, you know quite a few people in Jinling, that Hong Fifth seems to have a good relationship with you as well, can you ask her to help check it out?See if anyone has seen Mom."

      Ye Chen said, "Wife, children go out to play will also sometimes play a little late, Mom just went out for an afternoon, what is there to be anxious about?She used to play mahjong, a butt in front of the mahjong table, not quite enough eight rounds will never get up, in case she really went to someone's house to play cards, even if the Jinling is turned over again may not be able to find her ah!"

      Xiao Choran pursed her lips in thought for a long while before saying, "Alright then, let's wait a little longer, if I'm not back by ten o'clock, I'll go call the police!"

      "The police?"Ye Chen said awkwardly, "Not so much, right?The People's Police are usually very busy, so let's not bother them with this kind of thing."

      "How can that be."Xiao Choran said seriously, "Auntie has been missing until now and hasn't been found, what if my mother is just like her then!If you don't see or contact Mom at ten o'clock, you'll go with me to the police station!"


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