Secret Identity 631-650


Chapter 631

Knowing that Shi Tianqi was in Jinling, Wu Donghai was greatly excited.

He had heard that Shi Tianqi's medical skills were superb and extraordinary, and since he could even cure an impossible disease like paraplegia, then his second son Wu Qi's strange illness must be no problem either!

Thinking of this, he was in a good mood and said to Wu Xin, who was beside him, "Tomorrow morning, prepare a generous gift and we'll go to Ji Shi Hall to meet Shi Tian Qi."

Wu Xin nodded and said, "Okay dad, I'll prepare it."

"Mm."Wu Donghai smiled with a rare smile and said with a relaxed face, "It's best to be able to solve all the problems at once, heal your brother, find the culprit who hurt your brother, and then find that sweetheart of Song Wanting, I hope your brother can return to normal and attend your wedding with Song Wanting as a normal person."

Wu Xin hurriedly said, "Dad, don't worry, all your expectations will come true, when I get married, let your brother be my best man!"

Wu Donghai incomparably nodded in relief and exclaimed, "He really is my Wu Donghai's son!"

Wu Xin had a pious smile on his face, but his heart was a bit bored.

When his younger brother wasn't in trouble, he didn't think much about fighting with his younger brother for his inheritance in the future, after all, his younger brother hadn't graduated from college yet, much less started to get involved with those businesses in the family.

However, now that his brother was in trouble, he suddenly realized that this was a great thing for him.

Therefore, he didn't want his brother to return to normal at all now. 

But Dad's meaning himself could not disobey, so he could only hope that even Shi Tianqi could not cure his brother's strange illness.

At this time, the other people at the table were constantly complimenting Wu Donghai, even taking the initiative to stand up and toast him with great humility.

Master Hong Fifth, Wang Zhenggang, as well as Qin Gang, could see that the Wu family's father and son were determined to find out Master Ye, and once they realized that Song Wanting's beloved was Master Ye, they would soon make their move against him.

Moreover, Master Hong Wu had been in the world for a long time and had been fighting and killing for decades, his mind was much more open and his sense of smell was much sharper than the average person.

So, after carefully trying to figure out the whole thing, he suddenly felt that the person who made Wu Qi have to eat shit every hour was eighty percent Master Ye.

After all, this kind of unheard of and mysterious thing, apart from Master Ye, Hongwu couldn't really think of anyone in Jinling who could do it.

However, the only question that troubled him was why would Master Ye have a grudge against Wu Qi?

That kid, Wu Qi, was only just in his early twenties this year, a few years younger than Master Ye.

Moreover, he wasn't a member of the society, but a student of the Jinling Finance and Economics College, and he didn't fit in with Ye Chen at all, so the two shouldn't have a chance to feud either

Suddenly, Master Hong Fifth thought of a clue.

He remembered that Qin Gang's daughter, Qin Aoxue, seemed to be studying at the Jinling College of Finance and Economics!

Originally, he felt that there was no inevitable connection between Master Ye and Wu Qi, but now, he had found a possible link between Master Ye and Wu Qi.

This link was Qin Ao Xue.

Could it be that it was because of Qin Ao Xue that Master Ye had crossed paths with Wu Qi, or even had a conflict?

Because, if there was no contradiction, it was impossible for Master Ye to deliberately turn Wu Qi into an unheard of shit swallowing beast.

In his impression, Master Ye was extremely low-key and never showed his face!

Usually, it was someone else who was ungrateful and provoked Master Ye's head.

So, if your own speculation just now is valid, then Grandmaster Ye must have a conflict with Wu Qi through Qin Ao Xue.


Thinking of this, Hong Wu was suddenly worried.

      He could see that Wu Donghai hated the person who hurt Wu Qi to the bone, and he was also incredibly angry at the man Song Wanting had a crush on.

      If these two incidents pointed to two people, both of them would be certain to die, at least in Wu Donghai's eyes, and both of them would be targets that must be put to death.

      If these two incidents pointed to the same person, then the Wu family was afraid that they would have to kill this person with everything they had.

      Therefore, he couldn't help but start to worry for Master Ye.

      Although he knew that Master Ye was very strong, he was still a little worried when facing a big family like the Wu family.

      After the meal, everyone sent Wu Donghai and Wu Xin to the downstairs of Tianxiang Mansion together, and several dogs, including Liu Guang, had to accompany Wu Donghai and Wu Xin to the parking lot.

      Hong Fifth, Wang Zhenggang, as well as Qin Gang did not go with them, but after saying goodbye, they looked at each other and returned to the Tianxiang Mansion.

      Returning to Master Hong Fifth's office, Qin Gang said with some concern, "Gentlemen, the Wu family seems to be trying to find out Master Ye and is going to do something against him, what should we do?"

      Wang Zhenggang sighed and said, "Miss Wan Ting's heart for Master Ye is obvious to everyone, but this matter is known only to us, outsiders don't know about it."

      Master Hong Fifth waved his hand and said, "If the Wu family really bothered to find out, this sort of thing simply couldn't be concealed, it's not just us who know about it, the Song family's servants also know, and those who have seen the details of Miss Wan Ting's dealings with Master Ye will also know about it."

      Fifth Master Hong said grimly, "This isn't the only thing I'm worried about."

      After saying that, Master Hong Fifth asked Qin Gang, "Mr. Qin, Miss Ling Yuan Ao Xue, is now studying at Jinling Finance and Economics College, right?"

      "Right."Qin Gang said with a smile, "Jinling Finance and Economics College, is one of the best financial universities in China, and the business management major in it is especially powerful, I want her to learn the experience of business management well here, so that she can better help me after graduation."

      Master Hong Wu nodded and said, "Then you should know that the Wu family's second son, Wu Qi, also attends the Jinling Finance and Economics College, right?"

      "I know."Qin Gang nodded his head and asked, "What's wrong?"

      Master Hong Fifth said, "I now suspect that Wu Qi has become what he is thanks to Master Ye!"

      "What?!"Qin Gang and Wang Zhenggang were both shocked.

      Qin Gang asked after him, "Why do you say that?"

      Master Hong Fifth said, "I think the biggest possibility is because of Miss Ling Yuan Ao Xue, if you want to make sure, Mr. Qin can give Ling Yuan a call and ask her if she knows about Wu Qi's matter."

      Qin Gang's expression grew serious.

      He thought for a moment and nodded, "I'll call Ao Xue right now."

      After saying that, he pulled out his phone and immediately called Qin Aoxue.

      Qin Ao Xue was currently practicing fighting in his villa.

      In the Qin family's villa, there was a huge room that was reserved for Qin Aoxue to use as a gym as well as a practice room.

      Since childhood, Qin Aoxue has been obsessed with Combat Boxing, whenever she has time, she will practice at home.

      Ever since she met Ye Chen, Qin Aoxue's kung fu practice has become even more painstaking.

      In her mind, she felt that Grandmaster Ye was so strong, he definitely wouldn't like a weak woman.

      Therefore, she must work hard to improve her strength, even if it was impossible to catch up to Master Ye, she must not let him look down on her!


Qin Ao Xue had been sweating for a while and was panting from exhaustion.

      Having completed several sets of movements she had planned, she stopped in front of the large floor-to-ceiling mirror and carefully observed herself in the mirror.

      It had to be said that Qin Ao Xue's body was very good.

      Due to her frequent practice, her body carried a few muscles, with better and more perfect lines than the average girl.

      At this time she was wearing a crisp ponytail braid, a tight vest for practicing, and a pair of hot pants that were tightly banded around her waist, hips and legs, looking really hot!

      And while she was admiring her body, what came to her mind was Ye Chen.

      When she thought of Ye Chen, she felt a sense of shame and her pretty face reddened.

      Dad had always asked himself to find a way to get closer to Grandmaster Ye, but Grandmaster Ye was usually a divine dragon, and even if he wanted to find him, he didn't have a proper reason.

      The last time he asked for his help to save his best friend, he didn't expect that Master Ye not only helped his best friend to disarm the other party's psychological implication and mind control, but also turned Wu Qi into a national laughing stock, a tactic that simply made Qin Ao Xue worship him to death.

      She has always liked powerful men, the kind of man who can completely conquer her body and mind and make her love him wholeheartedly, trust him, obey him, and even do everything at his bidding, and Ye Chen is the best candidate!

      Just when she suddenly missed Ye Chen immensely, the phone she had placed on the floor suddenly rang.

      The ringing of the phone disrupted her thoughts, she looked down and found that it was her father calling, hurriedly picking it up and answering it.


      Qin Gang gave a hmmm and said seriously, "Ao Xue, Dad has something to ask you, you must answer truthfully!"

      Qin Ao Xue didn't know why dad was so serious, and hurriedly said, "Dad you ask, I will answer your question truthfully."

      Qin Gang asked, "Tell me the truth, did you ask Master Ye to do what happened to Wu Qi?!"

      "Huh?!"Qin Ao Xue said in a panic, "Dad, how did you know?Did Master Ye tell you?"

      Qin Gang was shocked!

      So it's her!

      That girl!

      Why did you ask Master Ye to help her deal with the Wu family's second son?

      Isn't this causing trouble for Master Ye!

      Thinking of that, he immediately took off and reprimanded, "Bastard!I told you to go to the School of Finance and Economics so you could study hard, not so you could cause trouble for Master Ye!Don't you know who Wu Qi is?You let Master Ye deal with him?!"

      Qin Ao Xue said grievously, "I don't know ah ......I only know that Wu Qi's family is quite rich, I really don't know the details ......"

      Said Qin Ao Xue: "Besides, I really didn't ask Master Ye to deal with Wu Qi, it's just that Wu Qi used that kind of dirty tricks on the Internet to mentally control my good lady friend, causing my lady friend to want to commit suicide several times, I had no choice, so I went to good Master Ye to help ......"

      "Moreover, I meant to ask Master Ye to help save my best friend, but I didn't expect that Master Ye was very upset with Wu Qi and taught him a lesson in passing, saying that he couldn't let him harm anyone again!"


"Hey!"Qin Gang let out a long sigh and said, "You're harming Master Ye!Now the Wu family has come over!It's gathering all the respectable families in Jinling and is inquiring about Master Ye!"

      "Huh?"Qin Ao Xue suddenly panicked and spoke out of turn, "Dad, the Wu family is not going to trouble Master Ye, right?"

      Qin Gang said, "The Wu family is wanting Master Ye's life!"

      I don't want to implicate Master Ye ...... because of me."

      "Are you stupid?"Qin Gang sighed, "How can the Wu family be such a reasonable person?Since Wu Qi went crazy through Master Ye's hands, the Wu family will definitely not let Master Ye go, and if they know that you were the one who asked Master Ye to do it, then they will only think of getting rid of you and Master Ye together!"

      "What about it?"Qin Ao Xue cried, "Dad, I really didn't mean to cause trouble for Master Ye, Master Ye he won't be in danger, right?"

      Qin Gang said, "The Wu family hasn't found out it's Master Ye yet, but you have to make it clear to me who all knows about this?"

      Qin Ao Xue said, "Only Master Ye and I know."

      "Only you two?"Puzzled, Qin Gang asked, "Where's that best friend of yours?Doesn't she know?"

      Qin Ao Xue said, "Strangely enough, she later had no memory of Master Ye at all, and when she recalled this incident, she didn't even remember Master Ye's existence at all, only remembering that she suddenly seemed to have an epiphany, to live well and contribute to the society."

      Qin Gang couldn't help but exclaim, "Master Ye's methods are truly out of this world!It's not just that Wu Qi who couldn't remember him afterwards, that best friend of yours couldn't remember her either."

      At this point, Qin Gang said, "This way, I'm quite relieved, but you must remember not to say anything about this to anyone else, understand?"

      Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, "Dad I understand!"

      "Mm."Qin Gang instructed, "In order to prevent bringing trouble to Master Ye, during this recent period of time, you take good care of yourself at school and never contact Master Ye, lest anyone find out about this relationship, understand?"

      As soon as Qin Ao Xue heard her father say that he was not allowed to contact with Master Ye, she felt somewhat disappointed and sad.

      But on second thought, it was also to not cause trouble for Master Ye, so she promised to be good and said, "Dad I know, don't worry, I will be obedient."

      "Mm."Only then did Qin Gang put his mind at ease and said, "Okay, for now, Dad still has things to do."

      After saying that, he hung up the phone.

      As soon as the phone hung up, Wang Zhenggang hurriedly asked, "Old Qin, this Wu Qi thing, is it really Master Ye's doing?"

      Qin Gang nodded with a serious expression, then looked at Master Hong Wu and said seriously, "Hong Wu, you really got your analysis right!"

      Master Hong Fifth said, "Two, shall we speak to Master Ye?Let him be prepared, and at the same time guarded?"

      "Of course I'm going to say it!"Qin Gang hurriedly said, "Not only do we have to say these things clearly, we also have to show our attitude, otherwise, if Master Ye knows that we are eating with Wu Donghai and misunderstands that we are siding with Wu Donghai, it will be even more troublesome ......"

      Saying that, Qin Gang sighed and said, "Had I known that the Wu family's father and son were trying to deal with Master Ye, to death, I wouldn't have come to this dinner party!"

      "Yes!"Hong Fifth scolded: "I also think that the Wu family is at least the number one family in the south of the Yangtze River, since they want to host a banquet in my Heavenly Fragrance House, then I must have to serve attentively, but never thought that this dog father and son are trying to deal with Master Ye, had I known that, I would rather offend the Wu family to death, I would never let him host a banquet in my Heavenly Fragrance House, especially sitting in the same diamond box that Master Ye has sat in ......"

      Wang Zhenggang blurted out, "The three of us have all been blessed with Master Ye's chance, and the divine medicine that Master Ye gave me I'm still keeping close to me, so the three of us are definitely dead-set on standing with Master Ye, the priority now is to quickly explain it to Master Ye, and make sure that Master Ye knows our attitude!"

      Qin Gang nodded and said, "In that case, I'll give Master Ye a call!"


Ye Chen had just eaten dinner at this time and was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen, seeing that Qin Gang had called him, he pressed answer and asked, "Mr. Qin, what do you want from me?"

      Qin Gang even replied, "Master Ye, there is something that I have discussed with Mr. Wang and Hong Wu, and I feel that I need to report to you."

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, "If you have anything to say, just say it directly, there's no need to be so polite with me."

      Qin Gang busily said, "Okay Master Ye, then I'll be straightforward, today Wu Donghai of the Suhang Wu Family invited some heads of local families to a banquet at the Heavenly Fragrance House, including me, Wang Zhenggang and Hong Wu were also there, he ordered us to do some things, and we felt that something was not quite right about them, so we decided to report back to you."

      Hearing that it was the Wu family that invited the guests, Ye Chen asked, "What did the Wu family seek you out for?"

      Qin Gang explained, "Wu Qi of the Wu family had an accident some time ago, the Wu family is looking everywhere for clues to dig out the mastermind behind it, I just called Ao Xue and she confessed everything to me, now the Wu family is bent on finding you ......"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, "It's true that I did what happened to Wu Qi, mainly because I'm not used to that brat's style, it's fine to fall in love with a girl, but it's unforgivable to deliberately toy with others and even hurt them, so I'm giving him a little lesson, at least so that he won't be able to hurt anyone else in the future."

      Qin Gang's expression instantly faltered.

      Not that he was surprised that Ye Chen had done this, but he was surprised at Ye Chen's frankness and directness.

      It seemed that, in Ye Chen's eyes, making the Wu family's second son into a shit swallowing beast was no different from crushing an ant, and there was no need to worry about any consequences at all.

      He couldn't help but wonder, how much strength did Master Ye have?Even in the face of the Wu family, he was completely unconcerned?

      In Jiangnan, whoever mentioned the Wu family had to carry a bit of awe, but Master Ye didn't put the Wu family in his eyes at all.

      Qin Gang came back to his senses and said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, all of us will keep our mouths shut for you, and if the Wu Family really finds out that it is you and wants to trouble you, we won't agree!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "You don't have to be so nervous, if they want to seek revenge on me, just let them come, when have I ever been afraid of anything?"

      Saying that, Ye Chen smiled again, "Right, you can actually tell them directly that this matter is my doing, and if he has any displeasure, let them come to me directly."

      Qin Gang said evenly, "Master Ye, I know that you definitely don't take the Wu family in your eyes, but the Wu family's status and strength in Jiangnan is still very powerful, and if we really become enemies with them, we will definitely be in trouble in the future."

      Saying that, Qin Gang said, "Master Ye, in this matter, I would advise you to try to keep a low profile, just don't let the Wu family find out, otherwise, you will inevitably be in trouble in the future."

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Master Qin, you have a good heart, but you don't have to be too concerned about this matter, when the time comes, the soldiers will come and stop the water, so let it go."

      "Good."Qin Gang hurriedly said again, "By the way Master Ye, the Wu family is inviting guests today, there is actually one more thing."

      Ye Chen asked a follow-up question, "What is it?"

      Qin Gang said, "The Wu family looks as if they really want Wu Xin to be able to marry Song Wanting, but, according to Wu Donghai, Miss Song has openly expressed to him that she already has someone she likes, so the Wu family still wants us to find that person ......"

      Saying that, Qin Gang tentatively asked, "Master Ye, Miss Song likes that person, is it you ah?"

      Ye Chen gave a slight pause and said, "Don't say such things blindly, I'm a married man, if such things are said blindly and spread out, it will have a great impact on the reputation of other girls."

      Only then did Qin Gang hurriedly say, "What Master Ye is criticizing is that I will never say such things nonsense in the future!"

      "Mm."Ye Chen said indifferently, "Alright, you three don't need to worry about me, do what you have to do, don't take it too personally, a mere Wu family can't do anything about it."


In fact, Ye Chen knew very well in his heart that Song Wanting must have some good feelings for him.

      It was just that he didn't know how to deal with this kind of good feeling, so he simply played dumb for now, and the rest would be discussed later.


      The next day, Wu Donghai got up early in the morning.

      Because he missed finding Shi Tianqi to treat his second son Wu Qi, he didn't sleep well all night.

      Wu Qi's current situation was rather pessimistic, the problem of eating shit hadn't eased in the slightest, and his own emotions had been gradually breaking down.

      Anyone else who had eaten shit more than twenty times a day for such a long period of time was afraid that he would also collapse.

      What's more, Wu Qi himself had grown up pampered, and this kind of thing was even worse than death for him.

      Therefore, Wu Donghai wished to heal him as soon as possible so that he could return to normal, and at the same time, kill the people who harmed him, not only for revenge, but also for the sake of eternal disaster!

      Because of this belief that has always supported him, Wu Donghai couldn't even bother to eat breakfast at the Song family, and as soon as he got up, he greeted his son Wu Xin, brought a few Wu family bodyguards, and headed directly to the Ji Shi Tang.

      In the car, Wu Donghai was filled with excitement and anticipation, but Wu Xin was a bit bored.

      He would rather hope that his younger brother Wu Qi would always be like now and could save himself from a lot of trouble.

      So, he asked tentatively, "Dad, do you think Dr. Shi can really cure his younger brother?"

      "I believe there's no problem."Wu Donghai said indifferently, "Even paraplegia can be cured, I believe this point of your brother's problem is no problem."

      Wu Xin nodded his head, feeling a little bored.

      The car fleet arrived outside the Ji Shi Hall, and the bodyguard opened the car door for Wu Donghai and his son.

      As soon as Wu Donghai stepped out of the car, he saw that there was now a long queue at the entrance of the Hall of Relief.

      He couldn't help but open his mouth and exclaim, "It seems that this Doctor Shi is truly worthy of his name."

      An assistant came up and said respectfully, "Mr. Wu, Shi Tianqi only sees ten patients a day, and not in the order of the queue, but depending on the severity of the illness, it is said that even if some are first in line, if Shi Tianqi feels that the problem is not too big and there is no need to do anything himself, he will not give it a look, but will suggest to go to another hospital."

      "Hmm."Wu Donghai took another look at the long line and saw that there were all three religions here, so he waved his hand in disgust and said to the bodyguard, "Take some cash from the trunk and give these people in the queue a thousand each, and drive them all away."

      The bouncer nodded, immediately took out some advanced from the trunk, came to the front of the line, and spoke loudly, "Today the Relief Hall is closed, all of you in the queue, come to me to collect a thousand each, then you can leave, and come back another day!"

      The crowd was disgruntled and someone shouted, "By what right?The rules set by Doctor Shi, anyone has to line up for a consultation!"

      The leader of the bodyguards snorted and cursed, "A thousand dollars for nothing and you're still fucking whining?"

      The man blurted out, "A thousand dollars?My mother is very sick. I brought her all the way here to ask Dr. Shih to save her life. Your $1,000 is nothing.How about I give you a thousand bucks to get the hell away from me?"

      "Strawberry, give me a face!"The head bodyguard looked at him angrily and snapped at the men around him, "Give me a fight!Beat it to death!"


As soon as the order was given, a few bodyguards, who were trained family members, immediately rushed up, grabbed the man and kicked and beat him.

      Next to the man was an old lady in her seventies, who saw them beating her son and cried out, "Please stop beating him, can't we just leave?"

      The head bouncer spat, "What the fuck was going on earlier?Insensitive!"

      After saying that, he kicked the middle-aged man aside, pulled out another thousand dollars, threw it in the man's face, and cursed, "Get out of here!"

      The old lady cried as she struggled to pull her son up, and the people around her were incomparably indignant when they saw this scene, but when they saw this kind of battle and drove so many luxury cars, they knew that the other party was not an easy master to mess with, so they could only swallow their anger.

      A few bodyguards came over with money and gave a thousand dollars at every turn, plus three words: "Get out of here!"

      Some people took the money and quickly ran away, others had a little bit more backbone and didn't want to take their money, but because they couldn't afford to provoke them, they could only swallow their anger and leave.

      At this time, one of the fellows of Ji Shi Tang heard the noise outside, stepped out, and when he saw this scene, he immediately questioned, "What are you guys doing?Why the beating?"

      "A beating?"The head bodyguard frowned and said, "We're from the Suhang Wu family, just teaching a lesson to an unsightly thing."

      Saying that, he looked around at the crowd again and scolded, "Why don't you get out of here?It's itching, isn't it?Here today, no one else is going to be treated, so if you don't get out of here, watch out for me!"

      The fellow asked angrily, "You guys have gone too far, haven't you?Do you know the rules of our Franciscan Church?There's a line to see a doctor!"

      Wu Xin said coldly, "Doctor Shi's rules are for these poor people, not for our Wu Family, in Jiangnan, our words are the rules!These people must get out of here today, because they don't deserve to be in the same place as the Wu family!"

      "You ......"The fellow was outraged and took off, "Why aren't you being reasonable at all?It's not too overbearing!"

      Wu Xin now said coldly, "Kid, if you dare to talk to the Wu family like that, you're afraid you're tired of living!"

      The fellow said without being obsequious, "Ji Shi Hall is the place where Healer Shi heals the sick and saves the lives of people, everyone must abide by the rules set by Healer Shi when they come here!"

      "Dr. Shi?"Wu Xin snorted and said, "In front of the Wu Family, Doctor Shi has to obey the rules of my Wu Family as well, so if you don't believe me, let Doctor Shi come out by himself!"

      In fact, Wu Xin was deliberately trying to act arrogant and domineering, preferably to make Shi Tianqi feel against the Wu family, so that Shi Tianqi might refuse to save his brother, or, deliberately hide himself.

      In any case, what he wanted to do was to prevent his brother from being cured as much as possible.

      Wu Donghai hadn't said anything before when the bodyguards came out to drive him away, because he felt that this was the usual way of doing things in the Wu family.

      The Wu family went out and never allowed ordinary people to be like them, let alone with them.

      Even if the Wu family went out to visit a store, then the bodyguards would definitely clear out all the customers in the store, leaving the Wu family free to stroll around.

      They had long since become accustomed to enjoying this kind of superlative treatment, so even if they came to see Shi Tianqi, they wouldn't want to be with these ordinary people.

      However, Wu Xin's attitude at this time was a bit too much in Wu Donghai's opinion.

      He felt that Wu Xin could target these ordinary people, but should not target Shi Tianqi.


After all, Shi Tianqi was no ordinary person.

      Such a divine doctor was extremely famous throughout the country, and he knew quite a few big names who had asked him to treat them, so if he wanted to ask him to treat his youngest son, he definitely had to be a little more respectful.

      However, he didn't realize that this was Wu Xin's intention, he only thought that it might be because he was used to being domineering and didn't hold his temper for a while.

      So he spoke up, "Wu Xin, we are here to find Divine Doctor Shi to treat your brother, no rudeness!"

      Only then did Wu Xin hurriedly say, "I know dad, I didn't control my temper just now, please chastise me."

      Wu Donghai waved his hand and said to the Ji Shi Tang's fellow, "Little brother, please inform Shi Divine Doctor that Wu Donghai of the Suhang Wu Family has come to pay his respects, and also ask him to reward him with a meeting."

      Although the little fellow was unhappy with the gang, he was given a hard stare by the other party's head bodyguard and didn't dare to say anything, so he ran back to inform Shi Tianqi.

      Shi Tianqi quickly walked out with a frosty face.

      With a glance at Wu Donghai and Wu Xin in front of the door, he frowned and asked, "Two of you, it's a little too unreasonable of you to kick out all my patients without my consent, isn't it?"

      Wu Donghai smiled slightly and said, "Doctor Shi, I'm Wu Donghai of the Wu Family, I'm sure you've heard of me."

      Shi Tianqi said with a somewhat cold face, "It is said that the Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan, only today did I find out that the Wu family is truly awesome!"

      Wu Donghai smiled and said, "Don't be angry, Doctor Shi, let's go in for a detailed chat?"

      After saying that, Wu Donghai stepped into Ji Shi Hall on his own, not treating himself as an outsider in the slightest.

      Shi Tianqi was furious in his heart and snorted coldly, saying, "I'm sorry, but the Wu family is such a great prestige that Shi can't afford to reach, so we have nothing to talk about."

      Wu Donghai smiled slightly and said, "Doctor Shi, why do you need to get angry over a bunch of poor people?You yourself are recognized as a divine doctor in high society, treating the big families and the big people is the greatest reflection of your value, can you earn back the rent of a big bottom business like yours by treating these poor people?"

      Shi Tianqi said seriously, "Shi opened the Relief Hall for the purpose of hanging the pot to help the world, not for profit-making, I give medical treatment to the poor, not only do not take any money, sometimes I also give medicine and donate money, if it is just to make money, why do I want Jinling?".

      Wu Donghai was slightly stunned, he didn't think that Shi Tianqi wasn't looking to make money?

      He doesn't believe in people who don't do things to make money.

      The only possibility is that they don't pay enough!

      So, he then spoke, "Doctor Shi, I've heard of your great name for a long time, and know that there is no disease you can't cure, that's why I've come today to ask you to go see my little son."

      Saying that, he added, "How about this, you close the shop, I'll arrange for a special plane to take you to Suhang, I'll give you ten million dollars for a visit, and if you're cured, I'll give you another fifty million!"

      Shi Tianqi waved his hand and said indifferently, "I'm sorry, but Shi Mou is only sitting in the Ji Shi Hall now, other than old friends, anyone who wants to see Shi Mou must come to the Ji Shi Hall."

      Saying that, Shi Tianqi added, "Also, if you come to see a patient at the Ji Shi Hall, you have to abide by the rules of my place, and I'm disgusted by the behavior of chasing away all the other guests like you, so you're not welcome here!"


It was true that Shi Tianqi had met many big names, and there were many of them who were of higher status than Wu Donghai, but those big names were all respectful and gave him full respect.

      It was the first time he had ever encountered someone like the Wu family, who was bossing him around.

      Although the Wu family was the number one family in Jiangnan, Shi Tianqi was not afraid of them, so he refused very simply.

      Wu Donghai's eyebrows furrowed, he didn't expect this Shi Tianqi to be so insensitive, he had invited him to treat his youngest son and promised a huge amount in return, but he had unexpectedly turned it down!

      Annoyed, Wu Donghai said in a cold voice, "Doctor Shi, I hope you can speak a little better, I'm sure you don't need me to remind you of how famous and powerful the Wu family is, right?"

      Shi Tianqi snorted and arrogantly said, "I've lived to this age and my tone has always been like this, you can go out if you don't want to hear it."

      "You ......"

      Wu Donghai's heart was furious!

      Ever since he arrived in Jinling, he felt that the people in this place were a bit strange.

      For some reason, there were pricks everywhere, and his Wu family's great reputation didn't even seem to work in Jinling.

      Yesterday, he invited guests to dinner as well, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, Hong Wu, all of them were superficially polite and didn't take his solicitations into consideration at all.

      Now, this Shi Tianqi also dares to pretend with himself?Do you really think the Suhang Wu family is a fierce dragon in Jinling?

      Wu Xin, who was on the side, saw that there was anger in his father's eyes and immediately realized that the opportunity had come, so he cursed, "Old man, why are you talking to my father!Do you believe I'll smash your medical school today?"

      Wu Donghai stopped Wu Xin and said to Shi Tianqi with a smile, "Don't be offended, Divine Doctor Shi, my son is a young man, young people are not too good-tempered and easily impulsive."

      Saying that, he suppressed the annoyance in his heart and said, "Shi divine doctor, I came to find you, it's just that I want to make a hard trip to Suhang, Suhang is not far from Jinling, a special plane can arrive in an hour, as long as you make this trip, I will give you 10 million, what do you think?"

      Shi Tianqi shook his head and said indifferently, "I can't cure your son, please return."

      "You ......"Wu Xin immediately raged, "You old thing, you don't even know what disease it is, and you say you can't cure it?Are you amusing our Wu family?"

      Wu Donghai, who was on the side, also had a gloomy complexion and looked at Shi Tianqi with cold eyes, questioning, "Doctor Shi, you seem to be somewhat targeting our Wu Family?"

      Shi Tianqi looked at the two of them coldly and said, "Aren't you targeting me by coming over here today and not abiding by my rules here and chasing away my patients?"

      Wu Donghai said coldly, "I told you, I'm only targeting that group of poor people, they don't deserve to be under the same roof as me, Wu Donghai!"

      Shi Tianqi sneered, "What a joke!All beings are equal, can you still care if others are under the same sky as you?"

      Wu Dongdao: "I can't control what happens under the sky, but I can control what happens under the roof!"

      After saying that, he said sternly, "Shi Tianqi, I gave you face to come over to pay you a visit personally, and I also prepared a generous gift for you, if you promise me, I'll give you money and I'll also give you a generous gift, but if you don't promise, then you're an enemy of my Wu family!"

      Shi Tianqi said, "I told you, I can't cure your son, if you have to make an enemy of me, then go ahead, I have been practicing medicine all my life, I have long put my life and death aside, not to mention that you are the Wu family of Suhang, even the Yanjing Su family, and even the Yanjing Ye family, so what can you do?I'm nothing more than a life, just take it!"


Wu Donghai's expression was very ugly.

      He didn't expect that Shi Tianqi was so just.

      I'm just chasing away those poor, stinky hangers-on, and he's even choking with himself?

      With this attitude of Shi Tianqi, Wu Donghai really wanted to slap his old face, after all, when had he ever been targeted like this?

      But on second thought, he still didn't quite dare to offend Shi Tianqi.

      Shi Tianqi was a national expert in Chinese medicine, the top Chinese doctor in the country, there were countless big names behind him who had been treated and cared for by him, even the big families and big names in Yanjing had benefited greatly, if he really hit him, he was afraid that he would be pulling hatred on himself.

      So, he could only resist the urge to hit him first, and said with a snort, "Doctor Shi, you are also a famous doctor of the doctor's generation, why are you so rash today, without even seeing my youngest son's face, you just say that you can't cure him?"

      He said, "You can do nothing about it, but I want you to say this after you've seen Chickie!So, Doctor Shi, please be more proactive and take a trip to Suhang!"

      Shi Tianqi coldly said, "Wu Donghai, don't you know what kind of virtue that little son of yours is?Not to mention you, even I, an old man, have heard of his deeds, not studying well in school, relying on his family's money, trashing little girls everywhere, and being especially keen on brainwashing and controlling little girls' minds, taking pleasure and pride in making them self-harm or even commit suicide, even if I were to die, I, Shi Tianqi, would not treat him!"

      Wu Donghai was furious at this point!

      He thought to himself, surnamed Shi, I've been putting up with you for half a day, and you're still looking for death!

      Whirling around, he immediately said in a cold voice, "Shi Tianqi, you mean that you must confront our Wu Family?"

      Shi Tianqi said indifferently, "It's your freedom to think what you want, but no matter what you say, I won't give your son medical treatment!Please make yourselves at home, both of you."

      Wu Donghai's eyes were cold and stern as he spoke, "It seems that my Wu Family doesn't walk around in Jinling, but it's surprisingly no more powerful at all ah."

      Saying that, he stared at Shi Tianqi with a deadly stare and questioned, "Surnamed Shi, have you ever thought about the consequences of offending my Wu Family?"

      "Consequences?What consequences?"Shi Tianqi sneered and said, "Could it be that the Wu family is still planning to kill Shi?"

      Wu Donghai's eyes were filled with killing intent, and at this moment, he was truly moved to kill.

      But he was also very clear that Shi Tianqi could not be killed by any means.

      If he killed him, in case a certain respected big figure needed to ask him to heal and recuperate, then he would be in big trouble.

      After a moment of silence, Wu Donghai spoke up with a black face, "It's not enough to kill you, but if you don't put my Wu Family in your eyes like this, if word gets out, my Wu Family will also be disgraced!So I'll let you know what it means to offend the first family of Jiangnan."

      As soon as his words fell, he immediately bellowed to the bodyguards around him, "Someone, smash his shop for me!!!"

      Shi Tianqi snapped in anger and rebuked, "Wu Donghai, you dare!"

      Wu Donghai snorted coldly and scolded in anger, "Surnamed Shi, I know you know quite a few big names, if I really say I'll kill you, I might have to weigh it, but what do I dare not do by smashing your medicine hall?"

      Afterwards, Wu Donghai shouted harshly, "I'm telling you, from now on, if you Shi Tianqi dare to open a medicine hall, you open one and I'll smash one, I'd like to see who can help you out with this!"


As soon as Wu Donghai's words fell, his bodyguards, immediately swarmed him!

      These practitioners violently kicked the medicine shelves on all sides, then knocked over all the herbal medicines and smashed all the medicine jars to pieces.

      In the blink of an eye, the large medicinal hall became a mess.

      Shi Tianqi's beard trembled with anger, but he knew he couldn't resist and could only watch the smashing with cold eyes.

      After a messy smash, the shop had been ruined beyond recognition.

      Only then did Wu Donghai snorted coldly and spoke, "Doctor Shi, I'll give you three days to think about it, before you promise me, if you dare to reopen your medicine hall, I'll come back and smash it again until you agree!Take care of yourself ......"

      With that, he turned around and left with Wu Xin and his bodyguard.

      The little fellow of the Ji Shi Tang, seeing the medicine hall smashed to pieces, cried to Shi Tian Qi, "Doctor Shi, why don't we call the police?"

      Shi Tianqi waved his hand and said indifferently, "No need, the Wu family's hands and eyes are very transparent, calling the police won't solve anything."

      The little fellow was busy asking, "Then what should we do?"

      Shi Tianqi said indifferently, "You and I will repair the medicine hall together and reopen it as soon as possible."

      The little fellow said, "But that guy just now said that if you reopen, he will still come to smash ......"

      Shi Tianqi said indifferently, "Just come, is it because I'm afraid he'll smash up the shop that I won't open the pharmacy?After a lifetime of studying medicine, I'm not going to treat people because I'm afraid he'll break the shop?"

      The little fellow, seeing Shi Tianqi's calm demeanor, couldn't help but marvel at the old divine doctor's boldness, courage, as well as his kindness and sincerity in treating the sick.

      So, he hurriedly asked: "Do you want to give Sister Xiaozhao a call and ask her to come back as soon as possible?She's still waiting to pick you up for the Song family's old man's birthday banquet!"

      Shi Tianqi nodded his head, only then remembering that today was Master Song's birthday!

      Some days ago, when Master Song came to see himself, he had already told him about his 80th birthday and invited himself to attend.

      Yesterday, Chen Xiaozhao drove to Zhonghai to prepare a birthday gift for Master Song and was going to return this morning, then he picked himself up and went to the Song family together.

      Just then, it suddenly occurred to him that the Wu family's father and son were said to be living in the Song house right now!

      So the Wu family's father and son would definitely be attending the noon birthday banquet as well!

      As soon as he thought of this, Shi Tianqi decided that it was better not to go to this birthday banquet, as when he met with the Wu family's father and son, if he couldn't hold back and quarrel with them, he would instead cause trouble for the old birthday boy, Master Song.

      So, rather than that, it was better not to go.

      It just so happened that he no longer had any intention of going to the birthday banquet now.

      The Ji Shi Hall had been smashed, and all he could think about now was to quickly restore it.

      Moreover, he knew that he couldn't let go of the Ji Shi Hall in his heart, and even if he were to forcibly put aside the Ji Shi Hall and go to Master Song's birthday banquet, he must have been distracted and all his thoughts were still on the Ji Shi Hall.

      If Master Song saw something, I'm afraid it would be hard to explain again.

      He thought about it, and called Master Song, excused himself, and apologized to the old man for not going to the birthday banquet.


      At this time, the Wu father and son were returning to the Song family by car from Ji Shi Tang.

      Originally, Wu Donghai's plan was to come over and tell Shi Tianqi about the situation, and Shi Tianqi would definitely give face to the Wu family, and then immediately prepare to go to Suhang to treat his youngest son Wu Qi, and then he would have a special plane take him there, and he and his eldest son would first attend the birthday banquet of Song's oldest son, and then return to Suhang.


But unexpectedly, the plan was beautiful, but the reality was extraordinarily cruel.

      Shi Tianqi rejected Wu Donghai's invitation straightforwardly, not only that, he also said that his youngest son was to blame, which made him furious.

      Even when he got into the car, he was still cursing and saying, "This old dog, Shi Tianqi, is really insensitive, if I wasn't worried about causing trouble, I would really want to kill him!"

      Wu Xin at the side was happy though.

      Previously, he had been worried that Shi Tianqi could really cure his younger brother, but he didn't expect that after coming here, Shi Tianqi would simply refuse to treat his younger brother, so that he would completely have one less fierce enemy on his way to inheriting the Wu family.

      However, it was not good for him to show this emotion, so he whispered, "Dad, why don't we just find a few killers and come over one night and directly wipe this old thing's neck!"

      "No!"Wu Donghai blurted out, "Although this old thing doesn't have much money, many big people owe him favors and even expect him to prolong their lives, killing him would be like pronouncing the death of many big people in advance, and then our Wu family will become a target!"

      Wu Xin could only nod his head and said, "Then follow what you just said dad, we'll smash it if he dares to open a pharmacy in the future!"

      Wu Donghai said, "That's just a little intimidation for that old thing, it's better to force him to agree to treat your brother."

      Wu Xin was a little nervous inside and asked off the top of his head, "Dad, that old thing is dead serious!"

      Wu Donghai said, "So I'm going to ask Master Song to help intercede."

      Wu Xin busily said, "Dad, today is Master Song's birthday banquet, it's not appropriate to talk about this, right?"

      "You're right."Wu Donghai nodded and said, "Then let's talk about it tonight or tomorrow."

      Then, Wu Donghai said to Wu Xin, "At Song Wanting's place, you also need to hurry up and find a way to cultivate your feelings, you need to get her to agree to the marriage as soon as possible."

      Wu Xin nodded his head and said, "Dad, don't worry, I've already instructed that Liu Guang to help me prepare a gift carefully, I'll give it to her later, I'm sure she'll like it."

      Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and said, "This woman is very capable, if you can marry her, it will also be a great help to our Wu family, when you inherit the family business, with her as your wise assistant, your grandfather will also be able to rest assured."

      Wu Xin showed an ambitious expression, "Dad, don't worry, I will definitely marry Song Wanting home, she can only be my woman!"

      In the middle of the conversation, the car had already arrived at the entrance of the Song family.

      Outside the main gate of the villa area where the Song family was located, it was already decorated with lights.

      As the actual controller of the first family of Jinling, Master Song was considered to be in a high position of power, and his birthday banquet was naturally very grand.

      Although it hadn't officially started yet, many guests had already heard the news and were waiting outside the main gate of the villa area.

      After all, the Song family was the number one family in Jinling, and there were as many small families affiliated to it as there were hairs.

      Therefore, no one dared to slow down Master Song's birthday banquet.

      At this time, outside the gate of the villa area, Liu Ming's father, Liu Guang, had already been waiting here for a long time, even though he wasn't invited.

      Seeing the Wu father and son's car returning, he immediately held an exquisite gift box and eagerly greeted it.

      With the car window down, Liu Guang immediately flattered Wu Xin incomparably and said, "Wu Shao, the gift you wanted me to prepare is ready, the divine work of Italy's top jewelry designer Master Felshe, the one hundred million you gave was not spent, it cost ninety-eight million!"

      Wu Xin received the gift box in his hand and opened it, inside was an incomparably beautifully shaped bracelet inlaid with dozens of pink natural diamonds, a glance showed that it was worth a lot.

      Wu Donghai at the side asked, "Is this bracelet for Wan Ting?"

      "Right."Wu Xin said with a smile, "The bracelet she's wearing on her hand right now looks very rubbish, it's probably not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, I'm sure she'll like the one I gave her!"


When Wu Donghai saw that his son had begun to launch a clear offensive, he nodded in satisfaction and praised, "Not bad, Xiao Xin, you've learned to observe into the details and target the right things!"

      Wu Xin smiled and said, "Dad, I've been with you for so long, I've more or less learned a little bit of your skin, but it's still not as good as you."

      "No."Wu Donghai said seriously, "You were able to observe that Song Wanting's bracelet is rather old and worthless, that's already a big improvement, to be able to buy a better one specifically to please her proves that you're a lot more mature and steady in your work now, not bad!Very nice!"

      Wu Xin was complimented, his heart was overjoyed, the eyes of the lapdog looking at Liu Guang also brought some satisfaction, he said with a smile, "Liu Guang, this bracelet is really quite beautiful, you have done a good job in this matter, in the future, you work for me seriously, I will not treat you badly."

      Liu Guang respectfully said, "Yes, Young Master, I will do my best to work for you!"

      Saying that, he hurriedly handed over another check for two million and said, "Eldest Young Master, this is the remaining two million."

      Wu Xin saw Liu Guang's sincere attitude and said with satisfaction, "You can take this two million."

      Although Liu Guang didn't care about the two million, he also realized that this was the reward money given to him by the Wu family's young master, so he immediately nodded his head excitedly and said gratefully, "Thank you, young master!"

      Wu Donghai, who was on the side, looked at Liu Guang and was more than a little appreciative.

      Unexpectedly, this Liu Guang was not only pious enough in his attitude, but also rather crisp and clear in his work.

      Moreover, he was also the first dog to surrender after the Wu family came to Jinling.

      So Wu Donghai felt that it was also reasonable to give Liu Guang some real sweetness.

      So he opened his mouth and said, "Liu Guang, have you been invited to Master Song's birthday banquet today?"

      Liu Guang smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Wu, I'm not hiding anything from you, how can I get to let the Song family invite me with this status ......"

      In fact, many people, like Liu Guang, were simply not qualified enough to attend Master Song's birthday banquet, but still dreamed of having the opportunity to attend.

      This was because, the birthday banquet of Master Song invited all the top figures of Jinling, and it was uniquely convenient to expand one's connections here.

      Wu Donghai looked at Liu Guang, smiled slightly, and said, "You can't get in by yourself, but now that you've become a member of my Wu family, then I'll bring you in to see the world, and by the way, let the people of Jinling know that you're now a member of the Wu family."

      Liu Guang revealed his ecstasy, "Thank you, Mr. Wu for giving me this opportunity, I will definitely work well for you and Young Master."

      To him, the Song family's birthday banquet was not something he was qualified to attend at all, and now Wu Donghai was even willing to bring him in, and that alone was enough to make him thankful.

      At this time, Wu Donghai said indifferently, "Alright, get in the car and go in first."

      Liu Guang hurriedly and respectfully sat on the passenger seat, following Wu's father and son, and entered the Song family villa's mansion.

      The father and son's car had just stopped in the courtyard of the Song family villa, and as soon as they got out of the car, they saw Song Wanting, wearing an incomparably dignified red dress, rushing out from the villa.

      Today's Song Wanting had just carefully applied makeup, so she was even more beautiful than usual.

      Wu Xin was so infatuated that it took a moment for him to come back to his senses and see that Song Wanting had already gotten into her car, which is why he hurriedly pulled Song's car door and asked after her, "Wanting, where are you going?"

      Song Wanting said expressionlessly, "I'm going to pick up a distinguished guest!"

      Wu Xin said disdainfully, "What kind of noble guest could be worthy of Wan Ting's condescension to pick you up personally?"

      Song Wanting said indifferently, "Of course it's the most important noble guest!"

      When she finished, Song Wanting said, "Please unlock my car door, I'm leaving."


Wu Xin was a bit indignant in his heart, he didn't expect that he and his father were right in front of Song Wanting, and Song Wanting even said that there was the most important noble guest, who else in this Jinling was more important than himself and his father?

      In other words, in this Jinling, who could lose more face than the Wu family!

      Although he was very upset, Wu Xin was still very gentlemanly and said, "By the way Wanting, I have specially prepared a gift for you, I don't know if you like it."

      Song Wanting frowned and said, "Mr. Wu, you'd better take the gift back, I'm not lacking in anything, you don't have to break the bank like this, besides, I can't just accept your gift."

      Wu Xin hurriedly took out the gift box Liu Guang gave himself and said seriously, "Wan Ting, why are you still so polite with me?I've mainly seen the very old bracelet you're wearing on your hand on several occasions, and felt a little distressed for you, you're the Song family's eldest daughter, how can you wear such crude and vulgar jewelry."

      At this point, Wu Xin had pulled out the bracelet he had bought and said, "Wan Ting, this bracelet, is a masterpiece of the Italian jewelry designer Felser, it is the only one in the world, worth over a hundred million, I bought it specifically as a gift for you, only such a bracelet can be worthy of your identity and temperament, that string of trash on your hand should have been thrown into the trash can long ago!"

      Wu Xin originally thought that all women in the world loved jewelry, especially expensive jewelry, so Song Wanting would definitely not be exempt.

      Therefore, this high priced bracelet that he had bought would definitely be able to move Song Wanting's heart.

      However, he didn't expect that Song Wanting's face would sink after hearing his words!Looking at Wu Xin with unprecedented extreme anger and disgust!

      It's true that the bracelet on your own wrist is not worth much, and it does look a bit tacky and old.


      This bracelet, however, was a relic of my mother's!

      In all the years since my mother's death, this bracelet has been worn and cared for by myself, and has an extraordinary meaning to me!

      In the beginning, I was accidentally trapped by the feng shui dragon trap formation to lock my luck, a few car accidents almost died did not make me afraid, but lost this string of bracelets, which made me incomparably painful, worse than death.

      The reason why he hired the deceitful Master Lai from Hong Kong was to change his fortune and find this bracelet.

      But, that time, he was almost killed by that fake Master Lai!

      If Ye Chen hadn't pierced through his encounter with one glance and helped him defuse the Trapped Dragon Formation, he might have lost his life.

      And the reason why this bracelet was recovered was entirely thanks to Ye Chen!

      If Ye Chen hadn't broken the Trapped Dragon Formation, how would he have had the luck and been able to retrieve this bracelet!

      This shows how important this bracelet is to yourself!

      But the bracelet that was so important to him, the bracelet that held all his feelings and thoughts for his mother, was called trash by Wu Xin!They said it should go in the trash!This simply made Song Wanting so angry that she was about to explode!

      She pushed away Wu Xin's hand that was shaking the diamond bracelet and said in a frosty, cold voice, "Wu Xin!This bracelet is my mother's legacy to me, it's more precious than my life, what right do you have to insult it?!"

      Wu Xin was suddenly stunned.

      Fuck!What the hell?

      This broken bracelet is a relic left behind by Song Wanting's mother!

      Isn't that like throwing stones at your own feet!

      Just when Wu Xin was incredibly frustrated and didn't know how to remedy the situation, Song Wanting angrily closed the car door and drove off with a kick of the accelerator.

      Wu Xin stood alone in stunned silence, with an expression much uglier than that of his brother who ate shit every hour ......


At this moment, Wu Xin wanted to die.

      Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the broken bracelet on Song Wanting's wrist was a relic her mother had left her ......

      And herself, she even said that the relics her mother left her were trash ......

      This is really a big accidental disaster.

      Song Wanting was not too impressed with herself, and she had wanted to rely on this bracelet to give herself a big boost.

      Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a clumsy mistake and subtracted a wave of ......

      I'm afraid that my score in Song Wanting's eyes has been reduced to a negative score. ......

      Not far away, Wu Donghai looked at his son's back as he was stunned on the spot and wondered.

      Hadn't he just gone to give Song Wanting a gift?

      Such an expensive gift, Song Wanting would be so happy, right?

      But why did Song Wanting just drive away?

      He had a lot of questions in his mind, so he walked straight up, patted Wu Xin's shoulder, and asked, "How was the conversation with Wan Ting?"

      Saying that, seeing that Wu Xin was even holding a bracelet in his hand, he was surprised and asked, "This gift Wan Ting confiscated?"

      Wu Xin wept and said, "Dad, the broken bracelet Song Wanting is wearing on her hand is actually a relic left to her by her mother ......I didn't know that and said that the bracelet was pretty trashy and not worthy of her temperament ......"

      "Fuck ......"

      Wu Donghai was also astonished.

      Whirling around, he sighed and said to Wu Xin, "You should have thought that with Song Wanting's identity, it's impossible for her to wear such a worn-out bracelet, and since she did, there must be something else going on!It's still too sloppy and careless!"

      Wu Xin was about to cry, looked at his father and said in aggravation, "Dad, you just praised me for being observant and target-oriented, and now you're saying I'm sloppy and careless ......"

      Wu Donghai's old face flushed, and after a moment he hurriedly adjusted it and said seriously, "You have indeed started to be observant, but only in a way that is not detailed enough, you must learn a lesson this time and never make such a mistake again in the future."

      Wu Xin let out a long sigh, "Alright, I know dad ......"

      After saying that, he added, "Right, Song Wanting even drove to pick up someone herself, and said that she was picking up some kind of precious guest, Dad, what kind of precious guest can make the Song family pay so much attention?"

      Wu Donghai frowned, "I don't know about that either, but as far as I know, the Song family's invited guests this time, other than us, are some Jinling partners and old friends from the world, nothing big to come over."

      "That's strange."Wu Xin muttered, "Did Song Wanting go to pick up her beloved?"

      "I can't say about that."Wu Donghai instructed, "You keep an eye out to see who she's coming back with."



      At this moment, Song Wanting was driving to Ye Chen's house.

      She should have been home to help out at grandpa's birthday banquet, but she really missed Ye Chen a bit, so she missed coming to pick him up personally so that she and he could still be alone on the road for a while.

      If she waited for Ye Chen to arrive at the Song family, when the guests would be around, she wouldn't have the chance to speak to him privately.

      When Master Song heard that she was coming to pick up Ye Chen, he naturally agreed without hesitation, and although Ye Chen was now married, Master Song still regarded Ye Chen as the future son-in-law of the Song family.

      On the way, Song Wanting pulled out her phone and prepared to call Ye Chen.

      As it was the weekend, the family woke up late, so Ye Chen only prepared breakfast at the beginning of ten o'clock and placed it on the table.


Xiao Choran came out of the bedroom, stretched her back and asked Ye Chen, "Do you have something to do today?"

      Ye Chen said, "I'm going to attend a friend's birthday banquet at noon."

      After saying that, Ye Chen asked her, "Honey, do you have something to do?"

      Xiao Choran nodded and said, "I want to go buy something, but if you have something to do, just get busy, I'll ask Ruo Lin to go with me."

      Ye Chen then said, "Sorry wife, you can go with Ruo Lin first, I'll accompany you some other day."

      Xiao Churan smiled slightly, "Mm, good."

      Mother-in-law Ma Lan asked with a black face, "Yo, Ye Chen, do you have a friend in Jinling for his birthday?Not getting any younger, are you?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Eighty."

      Lan Ma mocked, "Are you now starting to use your muddled set of things to fool those old men who are going into the ground?Lying about someone's coffin book?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I haven't fooled anyone."

      "Still pretending?"Ma Lan snorted coldly, "Are there still few big names in Jinling that have been fooled by you?I'm telling you, I've already seen your future, you're no different from those qigong masters back then, there are only two outcomes waiting for you, either you'll go to jail or be hunted down and killed."

      Ma Lan had been looking at Ye Chen very unhappy lately, the core factor was that Ye Chen had donated the money he lost to He Lian as well as Qian Hongyan to Project Hope.

      Now, his own pockets are cleaner than his face, and he has no money to renew his stored value card at the beauty salon when it's spent, not to mention that he doesn't know how to explain to his husband and daughter in case they find out.

      And in Ma Lan's eyes, Ye Chen is the culprit of it all!

      Therefore, she was naturally ten thousand times more upset with Ye Chen.

      Xiao Changkun heard that Ma Lan started targeting Ye Chen again and hurriedly came out to defend her.Why do you keep bullying Ye Chen?How well Ye Chen has been doing this time."

      "Good my ass!"Ma Lan didn't know that Xiao Changkun had relied on Ye Chen to put on a big show at the school reunion some time ago, and was thanking Ye Chen for his gratitude.

      Seeing her husband speak towards Ye Chen, she immediately opened her mouth to scold him, "Xiao Changkun, you don't want to fall for this guy's trick, or you won't even know which day you'll be sold by him!"

      Xiao Changkun didn't bother to take care of him, but handed his BMW car keys to Ye Chen and said, "Ye Chen, Dad has booked a private room at Tianxiangfu for dinner with the leaders of the Painting and Calligraphy Association tonight, he will definitely have two glasses of wine then, and can't drive, so just take the car keys and pick me up at Tianxiangfu then."

      Ye Chen nodded, took the car key and asked, "Dad, roughly what time will you come over to pick you up?"

      Xiao Changkun said, "We have an appointment for dinner at seven o'clock, so we can finish at about eight thirty to nine, so you can be at Tianxiangfu at eight thirty."


      As soon as Ye Chen's side agreed, Ma Lan's side became anxious and asked out of the blue, "Xiao Changkun, you're going to invite guests at the Tianxiang Mansion?Where did you get the money?"

      Xiao Changkun didn't dare to say that the money was given to him by Ye Chen, so he concealed it, "What do you care so much?Just don't spend your money anyway!"

      Ma Lan said in exasperation, "It costs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to eat at the worst box in Tian Xiangfu, do you have money to burn?"

      Xiao Changkun said in exasperation: "I told you long ago, I want to compete for executive director, 20,000 to 30,000 for a meal is nothing.Besides it didn't cost you any money."

      Ma Lan was on fire and blurted out, "Twenty thousand yuan is enough for me to go to a beauty salon and get a few face and body treatments done!And you're taking this money to pay for dinner?"

      Xiao Changkun blurted out, "You go to a beauty salon and spend 10,000 to 20,000 a month, and I didn't stop you!You have over two million dollars in the family, you spend yours, I spend mine, I ask you for money and you don't give it, what do you care where I get the money for?"

      Ma Lan was at once asked by Xiao Changkun.

      It was true that all of the two hundred douwan in the family was with himself, but now it had been donated to Project Hope!

      Can't afford to go to the salon for a facial myself now!

      Wouldn't it be nice if the $20,000 for dinner could be used for your own face?


Ye Chen saw Ma Lan's performance in his eyes and laughed in his heart.

      He knew that Ma Lan was very short of money right now, she usually spent a lot of money on all kinds of things, and now that she was suddenly broke, she must be feeling very bad.

      Now, Ma Lan must be even more depressed when she saw that Xiao Changkun even had to go to the Heavenly Fragrance House to treat guests to dinner.

      Sure enough, Ma Lan said offhandedly to Xiao Changkun, "No!You give me the money you need for dinner!"

      "By what?"Xiao Changkun was suddenly anxious and spoke out, "Ma Lan, I'm warning you not to go too far!You're holding the money in your hands, and it's fine if you don't give it to me, but now you want to ask me for it?"

      Lan Ma had a devil in her heart and her mouth faltered as she said, "Can't you go to a cheaper place?Even if it's $10,000 for dinner, give me the other $10,000!"

      Xiao Changkun said in annoyance, "You have so much money in your own hand, but what do you still want me to do with this 10,000 yuan?Is that too much?"

      Ma Lan said in exasperation, "I don't care, if you don't bring me 10,000 out today, I won't let you go to dinner!If you can get out of this door today, it's my Ma Lan's loss!"

      "You're insane!"Xiao Changkun slapped his chopsticks on the table and said angrily, "I'm warning you Ma Lan, don't go too far!I had a hard time asking the chairman and the others out, the place has been chosen to notify them, if you let me down, I'm not done with you on this!"

      "If it's not over, it's not over, who's afraid of who?!"

      Lan Ma was also anxious, she really wanted ten thousand dollars from Xiao Changkun to come over!

      With the 10,000 yuan, I could at least renew my beauty card first and get a facial with some old sisters in the afternoon.

      In the morning, everyone in the group had asked to go to the beauty salon together in the afternoon, but they didn't have any money in their cards, so they could only politely decline on the pretext of something.

      If Xiao Changkun gave the money over, he would be able to go and get his face done as usual!

      Xiao Changkun was so angry that he was about to cry, he stood up, looked at Ma Lan angrily and said angrily, "Ma Lan why are you such an outrageous person?I've given you all my money, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I've earned from selling antiques, aren't you satisfied?I'm telling you, you don't want to push anyone too far!"

      Lan Ma gritted her teeth and said, "Ten thousand dollars for a meal isn't enough?Do you still have to eat 20,000?I'm trying to curb this wasteful habit of yours!It cannot fuel your anger!"

      Xiao Changkun said with red eyes, "Think about it, how much pocket money do I have all year round?When have I ever been extravagant?In my opinion, you're the one who's wasting money, aren't you?Look at all your clothes and jewelry, you can't even pile them up in your closet and you're still buying them up endlessly!"

      Ma Lan said angrily, "I've suffered so much for being married to you, and you're still not happy that I bought a few clothes.Have you no conscience you?"

      Saying that, Ma Lan's tears came and choked, "Back then you made me pregnant unwed, I suffered how much cold eyes and ridicule from the others, and after marrying you, how much white eyes and bullying from your mother, and now you even dislike me for buying more clothes, I'm really blind."

      Xiao Changkun wanted to die.

      When you were unwed and pregnant, you slept with me after you got me drunk, okay?

      If you hadn't done that, why would my first love have gone to America in anger?

      You ruined my whole life and I put up with it for my daughter's sake, but now you won't even let me go for a meal, that's too much!

      Thinking of this, Xiao Changkun shivered with anger and rebuked, "Ma Lan, what have you done back then, don't you know it yourself?And you have the nerve to accuse me?"

      "What did I do?I'm pregnant with your child!"Ma Lan sobbed and cried, "I was a yellow flower girl back then!Just let you get drunk and spoil it!"

      "You ......You fart!"

      Xiao Changkun suffocated and almost cried out, he had been tormented in his heart for decades, but he didn't expect Ma Lan to backstab him, how shameless is this woman?

      At this time, Xiao Choran couldn't see past some of them and spoke up, "Dad, Mom, you two stop arguing, are you still letting people eat?"


Afterwards, she said to Ma Lan, "Mom, don't give Dad a hard time, he usually doesn't spend much money, and now he wants to invite guests for a meal and activate his relationship, why do you have to confront him?"

      Lan Ma said, "I'm still trying to save the family some money.Twenty thousand dollars for a meal, is our family that family?"

      After saying that, she looked at Xiao Changkun angrily and said, "You have to pay this money today as well as not!"

      Where Xiao Chu Ran didn't know what Ma Lan was thinking.

      This mother of hers, using the four words of money-obsessed was not enough to describe it, and if Dad didn't pay today, I'm afraid it would be hard to escape.

      So she spoke up, "Mom, don't make it difficult for Dad, it's just 10,000 yuan, I'll just give you the money."

      "OK!"Ma Lan immediately said excitedly, "Then you WeChat to me!"

      Xiao Churan nodded, took out his phone and transferred 10,000 yuan to Ma Lan.

      Ma Lan opened WeChat, clicked on the receipt, and grinned hehehe after receiving the money.

      After that, she immediately said in a group of five people, "Sisters, I'm going to do my face this afternoon!"

      Someone in the group asked, "Hey, didn't you say this morning that you were doing something in the afternoon?"

      Lan Ma was busy replying, "I was supposed to go shopping, but my legs are a bit sore, so I'm not going, I'd rather go to a beauty salon to get a facial and relax!"

      Xiao Churan looked at her mother's money-seeing face and sighed helplessly, she didn't know that her mother had now lost all the family's savings.

      At this moment, Ye Chen's cell phone that was placed on the table suddenly vibrated.

      The one who called was Song Wanting.

      When Ye Chen picked up the phone to answer, he heard Song Wanting's gentle and pleasant voice, "Master Ye, I'll be at your home in ten minutes, when is it convenient for you to come down?"

      Ye Chen said, "Wait for me for a moment, I'll clean up the dishes and go down after my family finishes breakfast."

      "Alright, then I'll wait for you at the entrance of the neighborhood."

      When Song Wanting heard Ye Chen's reply, her heart couldn't help but feel a little sad.

      Master Ye was such a perfect man, but he still had to clean up the dishes at home?This was an insult to Master Ye!

      She couldn't help but think to herself that if Master Ye were with her, she wouldn't let him do half the chores!

      After all, a man is supposed to go out to war and come home to be well served by his wife, so how can he do the housework at home?

      On the one hand, she felt strongly unworthy for Ye Chen, but on the other hand, she longed that she could be the one, the woman who served Ye Chen with all her heart at home.

      When Ye Chen's side hung up the phone, Xiao Churan said, "Ye Chen, your friend came to pick you up?"

      "Right."Ye Chen nodded and said, "A friend's granddaughter just happened to come over and pick me up to go over with her."

      Xiao Churan gave a hmmm and didn't think much of it, so she said, "That way, you go and get busy, I'll clean up the dishes, don't make people wait too long."

      Ye Chen busily said, "It's fine wife, let her wait for a while, I'll clean up before leaving."

      Xiao Choran hurriedly pushed him and said, "Oh my, I'll put them away, if you have something to do, go first, don't make people wait for a long time!"


When Ye Chen saw Xiao Churan's insistence, he nodded and said, "That's fine, hard work wife, I'll go first."

      "Go."Xiao Churan responded and asked him, "Since you are going to a friend's birthday banquet, have you prepared a gift?"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Prepare it."

      Xiao Choran hurriedly asked, "What kind of gift was prepared?Don't be too small-minded and make people's hearts unsatisfied."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Prepared a little something I made myself, the gift is light!That friend of mine doesn't care about money either, and I'm sure he'd love it."

      "That's good."Xiao Choran nodded and said with a smile, "In that case, you should get going!"


      Ye Chen got up and put on an ordinary jacket, said goodbye to Xiao Churan as well as his parents-in-law, and went straight out of the house.

      As soon as Ye Chen left on the front foot, Ma Lan put down her phone on the back foot and said to Xiao Churan with a serious face, "Churan, why are you getting spoiled to Ye Chen now!What's the use of a punk like him except for housework?I usually hate for him to do more chores, but you're not even allowed to do them anymore!"

      Xiao Choran hurriedly said, "Mom, since Ye Chen has something to do, let him be busy.Putting away dishes is something I'll do later on in passing, it's no big deal."

      Lan Ma blurted out, "That's not what they say!This man in charge is just like a dog, if you strictly restrain him from beginning to end, he won't dare to poop or pee in the house, or go to bed, or bite the furniture, or even wag his tail when he sees you."

      Saying that, Lan Ma said again with incomparable seriousness, "But if you relax the discipline a little, not only will he stomp his nose, he might even bite you back someday!You see how obedient your father has let me discipline him all these years?"

      When Xiao Changkun heard this, his expression was as ugly as it could be, and he cursed in his heart, "Damn, together with you, this stinky bitch took me for a dog?

      It was just that Xiao Changkun also dared to be angry with her, so if she had any displeasure, she could only endure it in her heart.

      Xiao Choran looked at her father sympathetically and said helplessly, "Mom, I'll clean up the dishes and go out as well."

      After saying that, she didn't pay any more attention to Ma Lan and took the dishes and went into the kitchen.

      The kitchen window of Xiao Churan's house just happened to be able to see the entrance of the community, so as she washed the dishes, she subconsciously looked out the window and saw her husband, Ye Chen, walking towards the front door.

      How did Ye Chen know that his wife, Xiao Churan, was watching him in the kitchen.

      When he arrived outside the main gate of the community, he saw a red Rolls Royce Phantom parked in front of the community.

      Immediately afterwards, a noble and beautiful woman with slender legs emerged from the car, and the woman was the Song family's eldest daughter, Song Wanting.

      The woman is the eldest daughter of the Song family, Song Wanting. Today, Song Wanting is wearing a red custom-made dress, which makes her look even more beautiful and brings out the temperament of the eldest daughter of a big family.

      Her outfit today was said to be for her grandfather's birthday banquet to celebrate, but it was actually entirely for Ye Chen.

      After all, the saying that a woman was pleasing to herself remained unchanged since ancient times, and she hoped that Ye Chen would pay attention to her beauty and thus pay a little more attention to herself.

      When Ye Chen saw Song Wanting, he couldn't help but take a look up and down, and he couldn't help but be amazed.

      This wasn't the first time Ye Chen had seen Song Wanting's beauty, but he still couldn't help it and praised her, saying, "Wanting, you're beautifully dressed today."

      Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen with emotion, and when she heard this, her heart couldn't help but thump like a deer, and her face also showed the blushing expression of a little woman.

      She couldn't help but lift her skirt and gently turned around in front of Ye Chen and said, "Do you really think I'm pretty in this outfit?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "Of course it's beautiful, it suits your temperament."

      Song Wanting became even more bashful, and her ears became increasingly hot.

      Then, Song Wanting very respectfully bowed slightly while saying somewhat shyly, "Thank you, Master Ye for your compliments."


Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "It's hard for you to even come and pick me up."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "It should be, it's our Song family's honor for you to attend grandfather's birthday banquet."

      Saying that, Song Wanting jogged two steps in a panic, took the initiative to pull open the passenger door, bowed slightly, made a gesture of invitation to Ye Chen, and blushed, "Master Ye, please get in the car."

      Ye Chen nodded and didn't be polite to Song Wanting, directly getting into the car.

      If the bystanders saw that the famous Song family's daughter, Song Wanting, who was famous in Jinling, had taken the initiative to open the door for a young man, they would have lost their jaws in shock.

      However, Ye Chen felt that no matter which way he looked at it, he was worthy of Song Wanting opening the door for him.

      In terms of status, being the son of the Ye family, he was much stronger than her or even the entire Song family .

      In terms of strength, he was Master Ye, even if he was Song Wanting's grandfather, he had to be respectful to him, so it was natural to have Song Wanting open a car door for him.

      Ye Chen did not know that this scene happened to be seen by Xiao Churan.

      Xiao Churan had met Song Wanting before, when her studio had opened, Song Wanting had even specially arrived to congratulate her.

      The last time she saw Song Wanting, Xiao Chu Ran felt that she couldn't compare to her in anything.

      In terms of family background, looks, temperament, ability, and money, she was no match for her, it was like meeting a stunning beauty who was better than her in every aspect, making Xiao Churan feel a little ashamed of herself.

      But she didn't expect that this Song Wanting, who was famous in the entire Jinling, would be so respectful to her husband!

      Not only did they drive to the house to pick him up, but they even opened the door specifically for him?Why is she being so nice to her husband?

      Thinking of this, Xiao Choran's heart was suddenly a little sour, but she was jealous!

      A thought sprouted in her heart: this Song Wanting, could it be that she likes her husband?

      However, in the next moment, she felt that her idea was too ridiculous.

      Who was Song Wanting!

      She's the daughter of the Song family!The family's assets are in the hundreds of billions.

      What about your own husband?Just an unemployed vagrant.

      Even if she knew a little bit of the mysterious skill of fortune telling and palm reading now, she couldn't possibly be on par with a daughter of a big family like Song Wanting.

      However, since she couldn't possibly be interested in her own husband, why was she so polite to him?

      Xiao Choran couldn't figure out the problem and was inexplicably feeling a little irritated.

      At this time, Song Wanting had already started the Rolls Royce and drove away with Ye Chen.

      Xiao Churan's heart was even more unpleasant as she looked at the luxury car that was gradually going away.

      Did the two of them really have something unspeakable going on?

      She subconsciously pulled out her phone to call Ye Chen, but as soon as she pulled it out, she was a little hesitant again.

      Thinking about it, she decided that she'd better wait for Ye Chen to return and then find a chance to ask him carefully.

      As for now, it was better not to be aggressive yet.

      After all, they were husband and wife, and she had to give him at least a minimum of trust and respect!


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