Secret Identity 531-550


Chapter 531

Ma Lan didn't know that Xiao Chang Qian and Qian Hongyan, had begun to covet her assets, as well as her son-in-law Ye Chen's set of Townsend's villa.

      She was at Chen Shu Yi's house, rubbing mahjong with her card players, and didn't come home until dinner time, when the four old ladies ordered some KFC take-out, each holding a family bucket, chewing on chicken legs while rubbing the mahjong to a greasy shine.

      Ye Chen had cooked dinner and was eating with his wife and father-in-law, Xiao Churan saw that his mother was not back yet, and inevitably complained, saying, "Dad ah, you occasionally control my mother, don't always let her play like this all day long!"

      "Mind her?"Xiao Changkun snorted and laughed, leaving his mouth open, "I don't have the ability to control you, if I could control your mother, why would I be like this today?Do you know why your grandmother prefers your uncle and doesn't care about me?"

      Xiao Chu Ran asked in surprise, "It's not because of my mother, is it?"

      "It's because of her!"Xiao Changkun sighed and said, "Your grandfather and your grandmother didn't allow the two of us to get married in the first place, if it wasn't for the fact that your mother was unmarried and pregnant with you already, your grandfather wouldn't have finally compromised."

      Ye Chen listened in amazement, never thought that his mother-in-law and father-in-law were still running with the ball in the first place ah!

      Xiao Changkun then said to Xiao Choran, "Actually, ah, your grandmother has never liked your mother, and she hasn't changed in over twenty years."

      "Why ah?"Xiao Choran was puzzled and asked, "What is there to be dissatisfied with, it's time to let go of stereotypes even after more than twenty years, right?"

      Xiao Changkun said, "Your grandmother said that your mother is a shrew and that she thinks your mother's family is poorer."

      Xiao Choran sighed in embarrassment and said, "To put it bluntly, my grandmother isn't much better than my mother, right ......"

      "You're right."Xiao Changkun nodded and said, "I think the reason why your grandmother doesn't like your mother is that she's too much like herself ......"

      Xiao Choran rubbed her temples and muttered in a low voice, "I think you have a point ......"

      Ye Chen at the side didn't say anything, but in his heart he also agreed with Xiao Changkun's words.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was the Great Devil King and Ma Lan was the Little Devil King, and the Great Devil King had a day when he would grow old, so when she saw the Little Devil King, she would be afraid that one day she would grow old and the Little Devil King would become the Great Devil King and then start oppressing her.

      So that's why she's always oppressing Ma Lan.

      The Chinese relationship between in-laws and daughters-in-law is very delicate, but in the end, it's all about one thing: the mother-in-law wants to hold on to her daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law desperately wants to get rid of her mother-in-law's control.

      Especially for a woman like Old Mrs. Xiao who is particularly controlling, I'm afraid no one can stand it.

      At this time, the TV that has been playing Jinling news, suddenly interrupted a news broadcast.

      The host said, "The following inserted an urgent news, a few days ago, the president of Japan's Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation, Masao Kobayashi died unexpectedly in Tokyo, according to Japanese media, Kobayashi Masao's cause of death, was poisoned by his eldest son, Ichiro Kobayashi, autopsy results also showed that Kobayashi Masao took drugs with a strong euphoric effect, resulting in a heart overload and sudden heart attack death."

      At this point, the host said: "Interpol received the news that Kobayashi Ichiro is currently hiding in Jinling, and now the Kobayashi family is offering a reward of three billion yen to hunt down Kobayashi Ichiro, so a large number of Japanese assassins and gang members have entered Jinling, and the police are actively hunting down these killers, so please be vigilant and call the police immediately if you find any suspicious people!"

      When Xiao Changkun heard this, he smacked his lips and said, "This Kobayashi Ichiro is also a real beast, he even spared his own father in order to inherit the family fortune!"

      Ye Chen at the side accosted with two laughs.

      Kobayashi Ichiro could really be worse than a sinus.

      He was bent on curing his father's paralysis, so he could be considered a great filial son.


Unfortunately, the grandson had committed the crime at his own hands, so this great filial son had now become an animal that everyone spat on.

      After two days of fermentation, the death of Masao Kobayashi, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, had sparked huge concern in Japan.

      Under the vigorous propaganda of Kobayashi Masao's second son, Kobayashi Jiro, Kobayashi Ichiro had become the culprit for poisoning his biological father and attempting to invade Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

      The whole of Japan is cursing Kobayashi Ichiro, that he is Japan's most unfilial animals, people nicknamed the shame of Japan.

      At the same time, Kobayashi Jiro has raised the reward for the hunt for Kobayashi Ichiro all the way from one billion yen to three billion.

      He now wants to quickly secure his position as chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. so he must make sure his brother dies quickly and never return to Japan before he dies.

      He is also very clear that his brother was never intending to kill his father, otherwise he would never have remotely killed his father while he was in China, so that if his father dies, he can't take over immediately, wouldn't it be a waste of his own money?

      Therefore, he could also guess that the big brother was now wronged to death.

      After all, the fact that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had given Ye Chen 10 billion RMB was enough to see that the person behind the whole thing was actually Ye Chen.

      However, there was nothing that big brother could do no matter how wronged he was, he wasn't wronged, he was the eldest son succeeding the throne, so how could he have anything to do with himself?

      If this second son of his own wanted to go against the grain, he had to crush his eldest son.

      It was because of this that he couldn't wait for his eldest brother to die in Jinling.

      Because if Kobayashi Ichiro could never open his mouth again, then he would be able to sit in a more secure position.

      From his actions of constantly raising the bounty, it was also clear that this man was now very eager to kill Kobayashi Ichiro as soon as possible.

      So Ye Chen sent a WeChat to Hong Fifth, asking him to contact Kobayashi Jiro and offer one billion RMB, if he came up with one billion, he would sell Kobayashi Jiro to him, if he couldn't, he would escort Kobayashi Jiro back to Tokyo for a press conference to clarify the reason, and then openly compete with him for the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical heir.

      Ye Chen thought very simply, if Kobayashi Jiro wanted to hold on to his position as chairman, he had to cooperate with himself, otherwise, he would let Kobayashi Ichiro go and mess things up for him, and then if the two brothers shared Kobayashi Pharmaceutical equally, Kobayashi Jiro's losses would far exceed one billion RMB.

      Without saying a word, Hongwu immediately got in touch with Kobayashi Jiro and told him about Ye Chen's request, in its original form.

      Kobayashi Jiro was going crazy after hearing that.

      One billion RMB?

      Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals had given Ye Chen 10 billion RMB for that poison recipe!

      This matter of ten billion dollars, or Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals voluntarily to the first, is the father on the other side of the deceit.

      This thing is pretty damned annoying to think about, dad spent ten billion, bought a poison, and then also eaten himself to death, life also took into.

      If word got out about this deal, it would be the first injustice of all time.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of this article.You think you run a bank?


Kobayashi Jiro did hate mad Ye Chen.

      However, he didn't dare to offend Ye Chen ten thousand times.

      So, he could only bargain with Mr. Hong Fifth.

      With a very pious tone, he said, "Mr. Hong, please convey to Mr. Ye that there is only a total of 200-300 million RMB on Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's account, and many of the sales channels have yet to pay us back, we still owe billions of RMB in bank loans, and we are under a lot of pressure now!"

      Master Hong V said, "Mr. Ye has always said one thing, so you shouldn't imagine that you can bargain with Mr. Ye!"

      Kobayashi Jiro begged, "Mr. Hong, I'm in a really difficult situation ah, how about this, you let Mr. Ye defer me for two months, after two months, I will definitely give the money over, but during these two months, I must not let my brother show his face and voice, let alone let him go back to Japan!"

      "Two months ......"Master Hongwu thought about it and said, "Wait a moment, I'll ask Mr. Ye."

      After saying that, he immediately sent a WeChat to Ye Chen, telling him about Kobayashi Jiro's request to pay in two months.

      Ye Chen was clearing the table, and when he saw this WeChat, he replied without hesitation, "Tell him that if he bargains with me again, I'll go talk to his brother, and then I'll send his brother back to Japan to rob the family fortune from him, and even if I ask his brother for 5 billion, he'll agree."

      Kobayashi Ichiro was still hiding in Master Hongwu's dog farm, and he knew that there were countless people out there who were thinking about wanting his life, so he spent his days in fear.

      In his opinion, he might die someday, so if at this time, Ye Chen gave him a chance to go back to Japan and reclaim his family fortune, he wouldn't hesitate even if he gave Ye Chen all 80 of his looted family fortune.

      When Hong Fifth received Ye Chen's just, he immediately said to Kobayashi Jiro, "Kobayashi, you are bargaining with Mr. Ye for one billion, but have you ever thought that if Mr. Ye had a good chat with your brother Kobayashi Ichiro and sent him back to Japan to rob the family fortune from you, Kobayashi Ichiro might agree to pay Mr. Ye two billion or three billion!By then, you won't lose a billion dollars!As far as I know, your Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is also a company with a market capitalization of several tens of billions of RMB!"

      As soon as Kobayashi Jiro heard this, he immediately gritted his teeth and said without hesitation, "Mr. Hong, please tell Mr. Ye that I agree to this!I'm going to raise the money now!"

      In fact, although there was not much money left in the accounts of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, there was still a lot of money deposited in the private account of Kobayashi Jiro's father, Kobayashi Masanao.

      This money was supposed to be divided between the two brothers as their father's inheritance, but as long as his own brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, died, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, as well as all the deposits, cash, antiques, and real estate left by his father, all belonged to him alone.

      So, he didn't dare to delay any longer, and after only ten minutes, he put the money into Ye Chen's account, and at the same time called Hong Fifth and said, "Mr. Hong, the money has been remitted to Mr. Ye's account, please let Mr. Ye check it, and by the way, please also ask Mr. Ye to send my brother on his way as soon as possible after receiving the money, I hope he dies early!"

      Master Hong Fifth was full of promise and said, "Mr. Ye has always valued credibility the most, so don't worry, as long as the money is received, I will definitely settle your brother once and for all and let him just vanish from the earth."

      After hanging up the phone, Master Hong Fifth immediately sent a WeChat to Ye Chen, asking, "Master Ye, have you received the money from Kobayashi Jiro?"

      Ye Chen replied, "Roger that."


Master Hongwu asked hurriedly, "Then should I kill Kobayashi Ichiro right now?And then make a video for Jiro Kobayashi to see?"

      Ye Chen replied, "You hide Kobayashi Ichiro, then find someone who can do special effects and make a fake video of Kobayashi Ichiro's head exploding and send it to Kobayashi Jiro, make sure he believes his brother is dead."

      Surprised, Master Hong V asked, "Master Ye, you're leaving Kobayashi Ichiro alive?"

      Ye Chen said, "That's right, keep Kobayashi Ichiro, he will still be of great use in the future, maybe one day we can use him to get Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, killing him for a billion is too cheap for that Kobayashi Jiro."

      Then, Ye Chen said, "Also, you shouldn't think about any jianghu morality in this matter, after all, we don't have any morality to speak of with the Japanese, on the contrary, the more you can screw them over, the better!"

      "I get it!"Master Hong Fifth hurriedly said, "Don't worry, I'll arrange for more manpower to protect Kobayashi Ichiro properly!"


      At this moment, the Song family mansion.

      The Song family's entire family was discussing the matter of the Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical while eating in the restaurant.

      Song Ji Mo, Song's oldest son, spoke up after seeing the news about Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, "I always have a feeling that this matter of Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical has something to do with Master Ye Chen Ye."

      Song Wanting, who had just chucked up a piece of broccoli, suddenly paused and silently put the broccoli in her bowl, not eating or speaking.

      At the side, her cousin Song Honor spoke up, "Grandpa, I also have the same feeling, I heard that Kobayashi Masanao, of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, took a special medicine that cured paralysis before suddenly dying violently, and I also heard that Kobayashi Ichiro had asked Dr. Shi for a recipe for curing hemiplegia at the Jinling Chinese Medicine Exposition before, I presume that Dr. Shi cured hemiplegia beforeThe medicine used should be the one Ye Chen gave you to take."

      Master Song immediately said, "Honor, Master Ye's name is not something you can directly address!"

      Song Honor hurriedly changed his words, "I'm sorry grandpa, I didn't react at the moment, I think that the medicine used by Doctor Shi should be the same as the one that Master Ye gave you."

      Master Song saw that he changed his mind quickly and was sincere, which was why he nodded in approval and exclaimed, "I feel the same way, Shi Tianqi's medical skills are indeed very good, but not to the point of reviving the dead and turning decay into magic, only Master Ye's divine medicine can have this kind of effect."

      Saying that, Master Song couldn't help but sigh again and said, "The medicine that Master Ye bestowed last time was indeed very effective, my body was already a dying man before, and I felt much stronger after eating it, but it may be that I was too sick before, and now although it is not life-threatening, my body is still more or less languishing, or old me ......"

      Song Honor at the side hurriedly said, "Grandpa, why don't I go find Master Ye again and ask him for a divine pill, or buy you a divine pill!If you can take another divine pill, I'm sure your health will be greatly relieved!"

      Master Song hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, Master Ye has already given the Song family face by bestowing the medicine, and we still haven't properly returned this favor to him, taking the risk to ask for the medicine again would make us look greedy and insatiable and without self-awareness!"


Song Honor couldn't quite understand the kind of respect that grandfather had for Ye Chen.

      Song honored Ye Chen as if he was a god for similar reasons as Shi Tianqi, both of them were already old men in their twilight years, the older they got, the more they knew the fate of heaven and the more they feared it, to put it bluntly, they were afraid of death.

      However, Song Honor is not even thirty this year, if you tell him that someone can let him live for five more years in the future, he may not even care, but for the old man in his twilight years, if someone can let him live for five more years, that is the true god in his eyes, comparable to a living Bodhisattva.

      Song Wanting could more or less understand her grandfather's mental thoughts, after all, unlike Song Honor, she also had a divine medicine gifted by Ye Chen, which had been hidden in the car by herself, unknown to anyone but herself and Ye Chen.

      With that medicine, Song Wanting felt an unprecedented sense of peace of mind, because she knew that if anything untoward happened to her, as long as this medicine was in her hand, she would have a chance to turn the tide against the wind and survive as a Jedi.

      This kind of chance was not something that anyone would find remarkable just by saying it to others, and that was because they knew that it couldn't possibly have anything to do with them.

      Song Honor was the same.

      He knew that Ye Chen's divine medicine was precious, if he could get his hands on one, he would definitely use it to flatter the old master, and then try to make the old master look at him more highly, maybe he would be able to inherit more assets from the Song family in the future, he wouldn't be like Song Wanting, who would leave the medicine in his hands.

      It wasn't that Song Wanting wasn't filial to the old man, but more often than not she felt that this medicine represented Ye Chen's concern for her.

      Ye Chen definitely wanted her to keep this medicine in her hand, so deep inside, she didn't want to disappoint Ye Chen's hopes for her, and she didn't want to use what Ye Chen gave her to gain her grandfather's appreciation.

      At this time, Old Master Song suddenly remembered something and said out of the blue, "Right, Honor, Wan Ting, if you two have nothing to do after dinner later, let's go to the Qingshan Mental Hospital together."

      "Qingshan Mental Hospital?!"Song Honor was surprised and asked, "Grandpa, why do you want us to go there?What can I do for you?"

      Master Song said, "The descendant of the Suhang Wu family has come to Jinling, I heard that something happened to a younger member of the family, that's why I rushed over urgently."

      Said Master Song, "The one who came is Wu Donghai, the eldest son of the Wu family, the same generation as your father, but your father isn't in Jinling right now, so it's not appropriate for me, as his elder, to go over there, so you and Wanting will go over and visit, after all, our two families have always had a good relationship."

      Song Honor nodded and suddenly realized, "I remember, the kid who lost his mind and snatched shit from everywhere on Shakespeare some time ago, it seems like he's the Wu family's junior, right?"

      "Oy brother ......"Song Wanting put down her chopsticks and said helplessly, "Still eating, why do you have to talk about those disgusting things ......"

      Song Honor hehehe smiled and said, "Sorry sorry sorry, a quick word."

      The first thing you need to do is to tell your family that you're not going to be able to go over to visit them, so that they don't get offended.The old man says hello."

      "Good grandfather."Song Honor hurriedly nodded.

      The Suhang Wu family, the number one family in Jiangnan, was a head above the Song family in strength, the Song family could be ranked in the top five in Jiangnan, but couldn't get into the top three.

      These big families at the top were actually quite close to each other in terms of walking around and contacting each other, and whoever usually arrived at their home turf, the hosts would also do their best to entertain and show their sincerity.


Song Wanting then asked, "Grandpa, do you want to bring any gifts over?"

      Master Song said, "A few years ago, someone else gave me a piece of cold jade that has a calming effect, you bring it over to Wu Donghai, let's say it's for that sick junior in their family, the effect shouldn't be much, but it's better than nothing."

      Song Wanting nodded her head and said, "Okay grandpa, I know."

      At that moment, Master Song stood up and said to Song Wanting, "Wanting, you come with me."

      "Okay grandpa."Unsure of the reason, Song Wanting hurriedly got up and followed her grandfather to his study.

      In the study, Master Song sat trembling on the mahogany seat and opened his mouth to ask Song Wanting, "Wan Ting ah, I'm asking you, how has your progress with Master Ye been recently?"

      When Song Wanting heard this, her face turned red and said, "Grandpa, I ......I ......That ......"

      Master Song laughed, "You child, what else are you embarrassed about?Just say what you have to say!"

      Song Wanting said awkwardly, "Grandpa, Master Ye has actually been quite busy lately, and the two of us have hardly had the chance to meet ......"

      Master Song's expression was a bit disappointed and said, "Wanting, you can't spend so much time!You are still young, but grandpa is already dying, you can wait, but grandpa can't wait a few years ah ......"

      Saying that, Master Song hurriedly added, "Wan Ting, Grandpa is not saying this to give you moral kidnapping, nor to force you to definitely do something with Master Ye, but mainly because Grandpa can also see that you truly like Master Ye in your heart, right?"

      Song Wanting nodded gently, her face red and burning.

      For Ye Chen, she was really becoming more and more devoted.

      A strong woman like her loved just a man with ability, the more capable he was, the more attractive she felt.

      Therefore, there was really no suspense for her to fall in love with Ye Chen, it was simply inevitable.

      Master Song sighed lightly and said, "The only pity is that Master Ye got married too early, but in the modern society, everyone looks at these things very lightly, a man, second marriage is nothing at all, third marriage is not even called a thing, so you don't need to care about a man who has been married, you don't need to care about who his first wife is, you just need to know that all you have to do is to put a goodA man always stays by his side, even if he has been married ten times, as long as he stays by your side, it is more important than anything else."

      Song Wanting nodded slightly and said piously, "Grandpa, I know what you're saying in my heart, but I'm just not good at chasing after Master Ye too closely for fear that he might resent me for it, because I've heard that Master Ye is still very good to his wife."

      "Mm."Master Song said approvingly, "In this situation, you're right to play it safe and progress gradually and secretly."

      Saying that, Master Song suddenly remembered something, busy saying, "Right, in a few days is my eightieth birthday, you should invite Master Ye over for the birthday banquet later, just take this opportunity to meet him and enhance your relationship with him as well."

      Song Wanting busily said, "Okay grandpa, I know."

      "Mm."Master Song nodded and said, "Alright, it's not too early, you should go with Honor to Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital to see that junior of the Wu family first."


Soon, Song Honor drove Song Wanting out of the house and headed straight to the suburbs of Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital.

      At this moment, the nurse at the Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital has just fed the crazy Wu Qi a full meal.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest product.

      A few nurses endured nausea and carried the filth washed out of his stomach from the inside of the intensive care unit to the family rest room outside.

      Wu Qi's father, Wu Donghai, and his brother, Wu Xin, were positively expressionless on the couch.

      After the nurse came out, she respectfully said to the two of them, "Mr. Wu, young Mr. Wu, the patient has regained consciousness."

      Wu Donghai asked with cold eyes, "Is the stomach lavage finished?"

      The nurse nodded and whispered, "It's done washing!"

      "Hmm."Wu Donghai asked again, "You guys sterilized what you fed this time, right?"

      The nurse is busy: "Sterilized, we put in the autoclave high temperature autoclave sterilization, although it is true that the taste can not be eliminated, but you can be sure that there is no longer any bacteria and viruses inside ......".

      Now, Wu Qi every hour are to "add food" iron law, to this day is still unchanged.

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      So, he talked with his own medical experts, out of a temporary response plan, that is, each time to Wu Qi's "extra meals", in advance of the pressure cooker in the high-temperature sterilization half an hour, so at least not because of the "extra meals" and sick.

      This, but also at this stage they can do the only buffer.

      Wu Donghai looked at the few nurses, waved his hand dejectedly and said, "Alright, you guys go out, remember to prepare the next meal in advance."

      The nurse nodded and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Wu, all eight of tonight's meals have been prepared in advance, each portion will be autoclaved and sterilized in advance, then placed at room temperature for the patient to prepare."

      Wu Donghai suddenly felt a strong wave of nausea and waved his hand, "Okay, go out."

      Only after a few nurses went out did Wu Xin whisper to Wu Donghai, "Dad, it's not a good idea to be like this all the time!Eating shit every hour, if this gets out, do we still want our Wu family's face?"

      Wu Donghai asked rhetorically, "What then?You can't watch your brother die, can you?"

      Wu Xin hurriedly said, "I didn't mean that, I was trying to say, why don't we take Xiao Qi back to Suhang first, staying here isn't a good idea, going back to our own home and using our own doctors and nurses is better than them, and keeping our mouths shut."

      Wu Donghai said, "It's okay to let your brother go back, we can't leave yet."

      "Why?"Wu Xin was surprised and asked, "What else can we do if we stay here?"

      Wu Donghai said, "I suspect that it's no coincidence that your brother suddenly has this problem, there must be some clues behind it that we haven't found out yet, so I'm going to stay in Jinling for a while and investigate it properly, you stay with me."

      When Wu Xin heard this, he nodded his head and said, "Okay dad, I'll stay with you."

      Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and said, "In that case, tomorrow morning, let our family's doctor accompany your brother back first."

      After saying that, he stood up and said, "Go, go in and see your brother."

      Father and son got up and pushed open the door of the ward inside, and a disgusting fetid smell came over the door.

      Although the window was open and the exhaust was also open, the smell really wouldn't dissipate for a while.


Wu Qi lay on his bed, his eyes tearful and silent as he looked out the window, smelling the thick stench of his own breath, his whole body already feeling lifeless.

      "Little Qi."

      Seeing him so decrepit, Wu Donghai shouted out somewhat sadly.

      Wu Qi didn't turn back, still staring out the window, choking, "Dad, you let me die, every hour I have to do something so disgusting, I'm really going to collapse ......"

      Wu Donghai rushed forward, held his hand and said, "Good son, you have to remember the saying, better to live than to die!"

      Wu Qi was in tears, "But who could live a more rotten life than me?If I have to live like this for the rest of my life, then I really want to die now and forget about it ......"

      Wu Donghai was heartbroken and said seriously, "Xiao Qi, don't worry, no matter what method you use, Dad will heal you, Dad assures you!"

      Wookie turned around, looked at his dad, and subconsciously asked, "Dad, is that true?"

      As he spoke, a foul stench hit Wu Donghai's cheeks straight away.

      Wu Donghai's eyes reddened by the smell, and he even shed two lines of tears, he could only resist the urge to vomit, nodding his head and saying, "It's true, don't worry!"

      Saying that, Wu Donghai added, "I'll arrange for someone to send you back tomorrow, Dad will find the culprit who harmed you in Jinling and then find a cure for you, after you return home, you can rest at ease at home to recuperate and wait for good news from Dad!"

      Only then did Wu Qi feel a glimmer of hope and nodded his head in excitement.

      Wu Xin at the side couldn't help but sigh and said, "Little Qi, don't worry, if I were to find out who did this to you, I would kill him myself to avenge you!"

      Wu Qi nodded his head in a touched voice and said, "Thank you brother!"

      At that moment, the nurse knocked on the door, came in and said, "Mr. Wu and Ms. Wu, there is a Mr. Song and a Ms. Song who want to see you both."

      "Mr. Song and Miss Song?"Wu Donghai frowned slightly and whirled around, "It should be someone from the Song family, please come in quickly."

      After saying that, he hastily added, "Please go into the living room outside, don't bring it into the ward."

      The nurse nodded and turned to leave.

      Wu Xin was surprised and asked, "Dad, is it the Song family coming?"

      "It should be."Wu Donghai said, "We've come to Jinling this time to do business, we haven't yet paid our respects to the Song family, so maybe the Song family has already received the news and has taken the initiative to come over."

      Wu Xin nodded, his heart suddenly thought of the Song family's eldest sister, Song Wanting.

      The last time he had seen Song Wanting was three or four years ago, and at that time, Song Wanting was already very beautiful.

      At that time, he had already had the idea of pursuing Song Wanting, after all, Song Wanting was not only pretty, highly educated, and capable, but more importantly, the Song family was not weak, and could be said to be a perfect match with the Wu family.

      Only, he hadn't finished his studies yet, so he hadn't had time to pursue Song Wanting.

      Later, when he returned to China, he was too busy accepting family business, not to mention coming to Jinling to pursue Song Wanting, so he kept this matter under wraps.

      Now, when he heard that the Song family was here, the good feelings he had for Song Wanting all of a sudden resurfaced!

      He couldn't help but hope in his heart that one of the two people who came would be Song Wanting!


When the nurse brought Song Honor and Song Wanting into the outer hall of the ward, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin's father and son just happened to come out.

      Wu Xin saw the pavilion-like, beautiful and incomparable Song Wanting at first glance, and was startled for a few seconds before she recovered.

      Wu Donghai was also surprised to see Song Wanting.

      He was Song Wanting's elder, so he didn't have much contact with Song Wanting, having not seen her for several years, but he didn't expect that this girl was growing more and more beautiful and touching, no less than those big stars!

      Song Honor spoke very respectfully at this time, "Hello Uncle Wu, I am Song Honor of the Song family, this is my cousin Song Wanting, grandfather heard that you are in Jinling, so he asked us to come over to pay our respects."

      Saying that, Song Honor said, "My father is temporarily out of Jinling, so I can't come over to pay my respects personally, please forgive me."

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "Oh my, Uncle Song is really too polite!I should have been the one to pay my respects to him, but something happened at home, so I never walked away, and it was a bit rude!"

      Although there was a disparity in strength between the Wu family and the Song family, both belonged to the sequence of first-tier families in the south of the Yangtze River, so two such families should actually take the initiative to pay a visit no matter who arrived on their turf.

      Under normal circumstances, if Wu Donghai came to Jinling, then the first thing he would do would be to pay a visit to the Song family, and the two families would walk around and enhance their relationship.

      Therefore, he more or less felt bad about it.

      The point was, his own family's situation was also really special, and this problem of his youngest son Wu Qi was really a bit humiliating to say out.

      So, he then said very frankly, "Oh my, this time, I came to Jinling, mainly because the dog had some physical and mental problems, so as soon as I came over, I stayed in the hospital and didn't go anywhere, otherwise, I will definitely visit Uncle Song at the first time, and I hope that Uncle Song will forgive me and not blame me."

      Song Wanting was busy saying, "Uncle Wu you don't have to be so polite, grandpa knows you have business to attend to, so he doesn't mean to blame you at all."

      Saying that, Song Wanting took out a piece of cold jade carved Guanyin and handed it to Wu Donghai, saying seriously, "Uncle Wu, this piece of cold jade is Grandpa's favorite, it is said to have the effect of calming the mind, he asked me to bring it to you, hoping that it will have an effect on the Second Prince's condition."

      Wu Donghai hurriedly thanked, "Thank you so much, Uncle Song!"

      Saying that, he himself wasn't polite and extended his hand to receive the piece of cold jade.

      Wu Xin at the side had been watching Song Wanting without saying anything, and only then did he forcefully said calmly, "Wanting, we haven't seen each other for a long time, have we?"

      Song Wanting smiled slightly, nodded and said, "It seems like it's been three or four years, I don't remember too clearly."

      Wu Xin smiled, "Time flies so fast!You've changed enough, and it looks like the two of us will have to keep in touch more often, or else in two years' time, if we happen to run into each other outside, we might not even recognize each other!"

      Song Wanting also politely said, "Yes, after not seeing each other for so many years, everyone has indeed changed quite a bit."

      Wu Donghai was keenly aware of Wu Xin's abnormality, and he could see that Wu Xin seemed to have some interest in Song Wanting.

      In this instant, he suddenly felt in his head that if he could really marry Song Wanting to the Wu family and be his daughter-in-law, it would be perfect!

      There were quite a few big families in Jiangnan, and there were quite a few who were of marriageable age, but the key problem was that most of the girls from big families were not very good looking.

      Some of them were good-looking, but they had been brocaded and pampered since childhood, so their temperaments were very bad, and those who could be as beautiful as Song Wanting were really few and far between.

      If the two families, the Wu and Song families, were able to marry, it would definitely be a strong combination and would be a strong boost to each other.


If the two families could work together after the marriage, then they would even have a chance to lead the entire Jiangnan.

      When he thought of this, he deliberately smiled and asked Song Wanting, "Wanting is so beautiful and excellent, I wonder if she's married yet?"

      Song Wanting was busy saying, "Uncle Wu you are joking, if I get married, grandpa will definitely inform you to come for the wedding banquet."

      Wu Donghai smiled and nodded his head, saying in his heart that this girl was just clever and could talk.

      He then asked, "Then Wan Ting doesn't know if she has a boyfriend now?Which young master, if any, are you looking for?"

      As soon as Wu Xin heard his father ask this question, he also hurriedly pricked up his ears in concern, expecting Song Wanting's answer.

      Song Wanting immediately thought of Ye Chen in her heart at this moment.

      How good would it be if Ye Chen didn't get married?I should have already confessed to him long ago.

      Moreover, she was also considered to be the better of the girls, and I believe that he should not reject her, that way, when someone asks herself such a question again, she can proudly and shyly say, My boyfriend is called Ye Chen ......

      Thinking of this, Song Wanting couldn't help but sigh in her heart and said with her mouth, "Uncle Wu, I haven't found a boyfriend yet."

      Both Wu Donghai and Wu Xin's hearts were suddenly relieved.

      Not looking for a boyfriend, that would be great!

      A girl like Song Wanting really can't be found even with a lantern, and since she's still single, her own son has a great chance of chasing her down!

      So, he immediately said to Song Wanting, "Right Wanting, I expect you to tell Uncle Song when you go back, I have arranged a plane to send my second son home for treatment tomorrow, Wu Xin and I will stay in Jinling to check out the specific clues, so tomorrow we, father and son, will definitely visit."

      Song Wanting didn't think much of it, nodding her head and saying, "Okay Uncle Wu, I'll tell Grandpa when I get back."

      Wu Donghai was thinking that since he was going to stay in Jinling for a while this time, he might as well take Wu Xin with him and borrow a few days at the Song family.

      The Song family itself, as the host, would be the normal courtesy to arrange a few days of temporary stay for themselves and their son, while this would also create an opportunity for their son to have more contact with Song Wanting.

      Wu Donghai even thought that this time, he would find a suitable opportunity to mention the marriage to Master Song, and I'm sure Master Song would not refuse.

      After all, there was no bigger family in Jiangnan than the Wu family, and Wu Xin was the eldest son and grandson of the Wu family, the number one heir of the younger generation, and it wasn't half an exaggeration to say that he was the number one diamond king of Jiangnan.

      As long as Master Song promised to help convince Song Wanting, he would definitely help convince Song Wanting, so that the marriage might soon be fixed, and the two families would then pick an earlier auspicious day together!

      Wu Donghai is not young, and has been looking forward to hugging his grandson and seeing the continuity of the Wu family with his own eyes, but he hasn't met a woman worthy of his son.

      Just now, he fell in love with Song Wanting at a glance, thinking that there's no better daughter-in-law in the world than Song Wanting!

      However, he had never dreamed that Song Wanting already had her heart set on him.

      Moreover, the man who had made Song Wanting fall in love with him immensely was the culprit who had turned his second son into a shit-eating beast, Ye Chen!


Song Honor, who hadn't spoken for half a day and was now looking on with cold eyes, could also see that the Wu family's father and son were thinking about his sister Song Wanting.

      At this moment, there was suddenly some hidden excitement in his heart.

      If Song Wanting could marry the Wu family, that would be really great for himself!

      At that time, Song Wanting would marry into the Wu family as a young grandmother, and naturally, she wouldn't be able to compete with himself for the Song family's fortune, and he would become the worthy heir of the Song family.

      He was just afraid that Song Wanting and that Ye Chen would really get together.

      He didn't know Ye Chen's true identity, he only knew that Ye Chen was someone who did seem to have some magical skills and did make his grandfather hold him in great esteem.

      If Song Wanting really got together with Ye Chen, then there was no doubt that Ye Chen would have to join the Song family, and at that time, he would be in trouble!

      Song Wanting herself would always be her greatest rival in the fight for the family fortune, if she wasn't too far away from marrying out!

      Moreover, grandpa respected Ye Chen extraordinarily and dreamt of him being able to join the Song family, if Song Wanting really let grandpa have his wish, then grandpa would definitely pay even more attention to her and to Ye Chen.

      At that time, Song Wanting and Ye Chen would be together in the Song family, then how could there be a day for her to make a name for herself?

      So, the last thing he wanted to see was Song Wanting actually being with Ye Chen!

      Now that the Wu family is interested in a marriage, all you have to do is find a way to persuade Grandpa and Song Wanting to accept the Wu family and get rid of Song Wanting early!

      Song Wanting did not realize the intentions of the Wu family's father and son, she and Song Honor had a pleasant conversation with the father and son, and seeing that it was late, they took their leave on the grounds of inconvenience.

      Wu Donghai and Wu Xin kept sending them downstairs and watched them get on the car, seeing that the car was far away, before Wu Donghai exclaimed, "This girl, Wan Ting, is a one in a million good girl!"

      Wu Xin, who was on the side, also nodded repeatedly and said, "I never thought that she would become even more beautiful after a few years."

      Wu Donghai said seriously, "Pretty is only second to none, family background, upbringing and temperament are the most important."

      Saying that, he added, "However, Wan Ting has no choice in these aspects, if you can marry her, it would really be the best choice for you."

      Wu Xin smiled and said, "Dad, you have to help more with this matter, Wan Ting's parents have passed away, you have to make an entry point from her grandfather."

      Wu Donghai smiled and said, "Don't worry about this, Dad knows it by heart, I believe that Master Song also wants Wan Ting to marry into a good family, and our Wu family is the best choice."

      Saying that, Wu Donghai added, "I think ah, if I tell Master Song about this matter, Master Song will definitely agree to it immediately, and then he will start doing Wan Ting's work, if it goes well, within a month, he should be able to agree on the marriage!"

      "Yes!"Wu Xin excitedly said, "It's best to get the wedding done this year!"

      At this moment, all that was on Wu Xin's mind was Song Wanting, and as for his poor brother, he had completely thrown it to the back of his mind.

      When he returned to the hospital room, Wu Qi started to lose his mind again.

      The nurses were already busy, bringing in the "extra meals" that had been sterilized by the high temperature, to feed Wu Qi first, and then to wash out as much of the food as possible.

      Wu Donghai went in for a look, and came out with a black face.

      Wu Xin, on the other hand, didn't even go in, sitting on the sofa outside by himself, looking through Song Wanting's circle of WeChat friends.

      Before coming to Jinling, he hadn't paid much attention to Song Wanting, who he hadn't seen for several years.


However, the sight of him just now had completely ignited the longing for Song Wanting in his heart.

      Therefore, the first thing he did was to browse through all of Song Wanting's friend circle photos.

      He carefully observed each and every photo in Song Wanting's circle of friends, and as he looked at them, he sighed in his heart that she really was a one in a million girl, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.

      Thus, he vowed in his heart that no matter what, he would definitely get Song Wanting!


      On the way back together with her brother Song Honor, Song Honor tentatively said to Song Wanting, "Wanting, I see that Wu Xin, it seems like he's a bit interested in you."

      Song Wanting said one word flatly, "Oh."

      "Oh?"Song Honor asked curiously, "Why are you so cold?"

      "Or what?"Song Wanting said, "It's not like it has anything to do with whether he's interested in me or not, do I have to act excited about it?"

      Song Honor pursued, "Wu Xin is also considered a jade tree in appearance, aren't you at all smitten with him?"

      Song Wanting shook her head and said, "I don't feel anything for him at all, and even he's not even a friend in my eyes, he's half an acquaintance at best."

      Song Honor hurriedly advised, "You're silly, aren't you?How strong is the Wu family!The number one family in Jiangnan, if you can get together with Wu Xin, that would be just icing on the cake for our Song family!"

      "I don't have feelings for him."Song Wanting said seriously, "I won't be with someone I don't have feelings for, even if he's the richest man in the world."

      Song Honor said in surprise, "You're not really in love with that Ye Chen, are you?!"

      Song Wanting looked at Song Honor and was a little embarrassed to answer.

      Song Honor sighed and said, "My good sister ah, do you think you are stupid?Grandpa is old and confused, I told you to go after that Ye Chen and you really went after him?He's a married man, aren't you?You're the most noble one among the girls in the entire Jinling, how can you be with such a man?"

      Song Wanting was a bit dodgy and said, "Brother, don't worry about my affairs, I'll grasp it myself."

      "Hey!"Song Honor pretended to be sorry and sighed, saying: "You are brother looked at growing up, brother really hope that you can marry a [Baidu Novel] a good man of the right family, and like you, a good man who has never been married, if in the future you really marry Ye Chen, a second marriage man, brother really feel too much pity for you!"

      Saying that, Song Honor said further, "What's more, this Ye Chen is still a backstabbing door-to-door son-in-law, how can he be worthy of you?"

      Song Wanting turned her face sideways, looked at Song Honor and said seriously, "Brother, Master Ye is not as bad as you say, you just haven't seen the sparkling points in Master Ye yet."

      Song Honor said disdainfully, "What flashpoints can he have?It's just a drug, right?I don't see anything remarkable."

      Song Wanting shook her head and said indifferently, "Everyone has many faces, in the eyes of many people, Master Ye is trash and a door-to-door son-in-law, but in my eyes, he's a true master, he's not like anyone else!"

      Song Honor trailed off, "You don't also think he's some kind of real dragon on earth, do you?I'm really going to die laughing at that four-letter word!The True Dragon of Man ......I pooh!"

      Song Wanting looked at Song Honor and felt that Song Honor was like a retarded person at this point.

      But Song Honor felt in his heart that it was time for Song Wanting and Grandpa to shine their eyes and see Ye Chen's true face.

      Wasn't Ye Chen known as the true dragon on earth?Then I'll find a way to turn Wu Xin into Nezha, skin him and crush his tendons!


At the same time, Shi Tianqi was in his Ji Shi Hall, staring at the rejuvenation pill that Ye Chen had rewarded him with.

      In his head, he recalled what Ye Chen had told him, that Ye Chen had told him that this medicine could make him ten years younger, while extending his life span by ten years.

      Although he knew that Ye Chen had great magical powers, he still felt that such a medicinal effect was like a fantasy.

      As the saying goes, flowers have a re-blooming day and humans are no longer young.

      Humans can influence everything in the world, but they can't influence time alone.

      In this world, where is there any immortal medicine that can rejuvenate a person's youth?

      However, once he thought that this medicine was given by Grandmaster Ye Chen Ye, Shi Tianqi became confident in it again.

      He felt that Master Ye would never deceive himself, and since he said so, this medicine, must have this magical effect.

      Thus, he made up his mind and took the medicine as instructed by Ye Chen.

      Shi Tianqi carefully put the Rejuvenation Pill into his mouth, expecting that this pill would be quite laborious to eat, but what he didn't expect was that as soon as it entered his mouth, it immediately turned into a stream of sweetness that flowed directly into his abdomen.

      Immediately following that was the magical moment that Shi Tianqi would never forget.

      He felt like he was wrapped tightly in a warm current that was like a strange energy that worked on every part of his body.

      At first, it felt like his face was slightly tense, then his scalp was a bit itchy and numb, then he felt all his joints were on fire again.

      After a few minutes, Shi Tianqi had a feeling of being transformed.

      It was as if his entire body had truly returned to the way it was when he was more than a decade ago!

      He subconsciously came to the mirror, and, striking his eyes, was shocked at what he saw in it!

      No wonder I just felt tense on my face, it's because my skin, which was full of wrinkles before, has tightened up quite a bit, so, all of a sudden, I look a dozen years younger!

      What was even more amazing was that he had already had a full head of silver hair, but he hadn't expected it to be half black all of a sudden!

      His body, which was already somewhat rickety, was now able to stand straight, and his joints, which had been severely degraded in function, had also been greatly improved.

      Shi Tianqi hurriedly took his own pulse, gauging his pulse, and then discovered that his entire breath and pulse had improved tremendously compared to before!

      That is to say, not only did he look younger, not only his bones were younger, but his internal organs, his whole body, inside and out, were all younger!

      It's like going from 70 to 60 all of a sudden!

      Shi Tianqi went crazy!

      If one's life was a fully wound up alarm clock, then the saving power in the clock was to fade with the loss of time, until the moment all the saving power was exhausted, this alarm clock would also stop completely.

      And now, Shi Tianqi's life alarm clock was tantamount to Ye Chen using his God's hand to forcefully twist Shi Tianqi back two more turns!

      That would mean that Shi Tianqi's alarm clock for life could go two more laps!

      Isn't that, like, a miracle?


If such an immortal medicine was sold, not to mention 100 million, even a billion, those old and wealthy people would be eager to buy it ......

      What's the use of earning more money when you're old?If money could be exchanged for youth, the billionaires who were worth billions or tens of billions would not hesitate to use half, or even more than half, of their worth to give themselves an extra ten or twenty years of life!

      That's why you can't buy time!

      Shi Tianqi was in tears of excitement at this moment!

      Or even, for crying out loud!

      He immediately pulled out his phone and sent a WeChat to Ye Chen, saying, "Master Ye, your immortal medicine, Shi Mou has already taken it, thank you so much for your reward, Shi Mou is willing to put his liver and brain on the line for you!"

      Ye Chen replied lightly, "It's good that it's effective, but you must remember not to tell anyone else about this other than you and Xiao Zhao."

      It was quite precious to concoct such a rejuvenating pill that required the use of three hundred years' worth of the finest purple ginseng .

      The granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao, who is grinding medicine next door, called over, Chen Xiaozhao saw Shi Tianqi, was shocked and said: "Grandfather ......What is wrong with you?I feel so much younger all of a sudden!Exactly as I remember you from my teenage years!"

      Shi Tianqi exclaimed in excitement, "This is all thanks to Master Ye's rewarding immortal medicine!Master Ye said he could be ten years younger and live ten more years, but I didn't know it was really that magical!"

      Chen Xiaozhao was also stunned and blurted out, "Grandfather, how does this immortal medicine have such miraculous effects?It's unbelievable!"

      Shi Tianqi shivered and said, "I've already said that Master Ye is a true dragon on earth, not something we can understand, I've lived for so many years, but I never expected that the greatest chance in life would be to meet Master Ye ......"

      Saying that, Shi Tianqi hurriedly pulled out the small wooden box containing the pills from the close pocket in his bosom.

      Inside the wooden box, there was also a half-pill pill.

      This was the pill that Ye Chen had last time refined and was capable of healing body and nerve damage and strengthening the body.

      The half one was the leftover from when he had helped Ye Chen save his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun.

      The whole one was specially rewarded to Ye Chen after he knew that he refused to treat Xiao Yiqian.

      Shi Tianqi had always thought that when he was old, this one and a half pills would always be with him in case he needed it.

      However, today, when he suddenly had such a chance, he was prepared to give one of these pills to his granddaughter, Chen Xiaozhao.

      Thus, Shi Tianqi took out one of the pills and said, "Xiao Zhao, this is the moment pill that Master Ye rewarded me with earlier, I originally wanted to keep it for myself ......"

      At this, Shi Tianqi looked at Chen Xiaozhao and said sincerely, "Xiaozhao ah, you shouldn't blame Grandfather for being selfish, after all, Grandfather is old, older people are afraid of death and don't want to leave you too early ......"

      Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly said, "Grandfather, you don't say such words, Xiaozhao never felt that you were selfish!"

      Shi Tianqi smiled slightly and said, "Actually, Grandfather himself knows in his heart that I am being selfish."

      Saying that, Shi Tianqi handed the pill to Chen Xiaozhao and said seriously, "Xiaozhao, Grandfather has already received too many favors from Grandmaster Ye, I am an old bone, to have such a chance is already a blessing that has been cultivated in several lifetimes, so Grandmaster Ye can't enjoy these favors alone, this pill, Grandfather will give it to you, you should carry it close to your body in the future, just in case you need it."

      Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly waved his hand, "Grandfather, it's better for you to keep this medicine, Xiaozhao doesn't want it!"

      Shi Tianqi said seriously, "Xiao Zhao, listen to Grandfather's words, take this medicine, Grandfather is alone and is not blessed to suffer such a great creation, you can be considered as helping Grandfather to share this creation."

      After saying that, he exclaimed, "Xiao Zhao, from today onwards, you must serve Master Ye well, even if Grandfather passes away in the future, you must always serve him, this is not only to repay Master Ye's kindness, but also to seek an even greater creation for yourself!"


Seeing the sincerity of Grandfather's words, Chen Xiaozhao hesitated again and again before finally taking that pill.

      Once upon a time, she had dreamed in her heart whether or not she would be able to possess a miracle pill like this, but when she thought of the fact that Grandfather was older and needed it more than she did, she didn't think twice about it.

      But, how could she have ever imagined that Grandfather would want to give himself the one medicine that Master Ye had given him!

      So, receiving this pill, she was also inordinately excited, and at the same time, the words that her grandfather had instructed her to say also kept reverberating in her mind.

      To serve around Master Ye for the rest of her life?

      I'm really willing, but I just don't know, will Master Ye dislike me?

      Shi Tianqi saw her small thoughts, smiled slightly and said, "Xiao Zhao, Master Ye is a man of great affection and loyalty, as long as you treat him sincerely with all your heart, he will definitely treat you sincerely as well, Grandfather is old, and living again is nothing more than a hundred years old, you are still young, if you can always saddle up and serve around Master Ye, Master Ye will definitely not treat you badly in the future."

      Chen Xiaozhao nodded repeatedly and said, "Grandfather, don't worry, Xiaozhao knows!"

      The first time I was asked to come here, I hadn't healed my old wounds, so I wanted you to come here alone, but I was prevented from doing so by the fact that I had a friendship with Master Song, and if you couldn't heal him, he might not survive for long, so I followed him here, and I never thought I'd meet the biggest nobleman ......"


      Shi Tianqi was excited and hadn't slept all night.

      Like him who had a sleepless night, there was also the Song Family's Song Old Master.

      Only, the Song old man was not as lucky as Shi Tianqi, since he was revived by Ye Chen and took the divine medicine that Ye Chen had given him before, his body was indeed much better than when he was ill, and his legs and feet were also much more flexible, but because of his poor foundation, he actually didn't improve his health much.

      It's just that the two days Jinling cooled down, the Song old man felt himself slightly infected with wind chill, coughing all the time, so the night was almost as good as no sleep.

      The next morning, Master Song was dizzy and crawled out of bed.

      The first thing you need to know is that you're not going to be able to get a good deal more than you need to.

      The old man out of the room, Song Wanting and Song Honor have been out early, these two are now each busy with a part of the family business, every day morning and evening.


      A Rolls Royce slowly parked at the entrance of the Ji Shi Tang as soon as it opened its doors in the morning, attracting the attention of many passers-by.

      Then, the old master Song, assisted by Uncle Yu, walked out of the Rolls Royce.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

      Master Song took two steps, stopped and coughed twice, then stepped forward again.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest generation of the newest generation.

      "Make it impossible."Master Song waved his hand and said, "Shi Tianqi is a proud person, plus he is a famous doctor in the country, no matter how many big people want to invite him, how can I ask him to come to my door for this small illness."

      Yu Bo said, "Master, you're about to have a big birthday, you're the birthday boy, how can you personally do everything."


"It's not a hindrance."Master Song said indifferently, "It's just as well, by the way, hand over an invitation to Doctor Shi and invite him to the birthday banquet."

      Saying so, he pointed at the door of the Hall of Relief and spoke, "Go, take me in."

      At this time, Chen Xiaozhao was just busy working in the outer hall of the Relief Hall, and suddenly saw Master Song coming, rushing up to him and respectfully asked, "Master Song, what are you doing here?Is it something physically uncomfortable?"

      Old Master Song coughed and said with a smile, "People are getting old, this body is also deteriorating day by day, recently the weather is not getting cooler, I slightly contracted a bit of wind chill, I came to find your grandfather on purpose to ask him to grab me some medicine."

      Chen Xiaozhao hurriedly said, "Please come inside quickly, I will go to the inner hall to call Grandfather."

      With that, Chen Xiaozhao ushered Master Song in, and only after Master Song had sat down did this go to the inner hall to call Shi Tianqi.

      Hearing that Old Master Song was here, Shi Tianqi hurriedly put down what he was doing and walked out quickly.

      Shi Tianqi had always regarded Ye Chen as a great benefactor, and was a little grateful to Master Song, after all, he was able to meet Ye Chen because Master Song was critically ill, and he had answered Song Honor's invitation to come over and treat Master Song.

      If it wasn't for this matter, he wouldn't have had the chance to know Ye Chen.

      Therefore, deep inside his heart, he always remembered this favor of Master Song.

      At this moment Shi Tianqi had just walked out, the moment Master Song met Shi Tianqi head-on, he was instantly shocked and unable to speak!

      He never would have thought that Shi Tianqi would suddenly become so young!

      The last time we met, Shi Tianqi was clearly a standard Chinese medicine old man image, beard and hair are white, but now most of the white hair has become black hair, dark and shiny, the old age lines on his face is also much lighter, the dried up body is also filled up, red and ruddy, a spirit of essence is undoubtedly displayed.

      And now Shi Tianqi, who was originally in his seventies, because he had been well fed, looked like he was seventy, but now it looked like Shi Tianqi was around sixty!

      In Master Song's eyes, this was as good as reverting to old age!

      He couldn't figure out how on earth Shi Tianqi had managed to be so much younger all of a sudden?

      Looking at him, and then looking at himself, he was eighty years old, and there was only a few years difference in age between him and Shi Tianqi, but he had been seriously ill, so since he had recovered from that illness and stopped throwing up, he looked even older.

      Now compared to the ten years younger Shi Tianqi, the two were like a generation apart!

      The shocked old man Song couldn't sit still, he trembled and stood up, shocked and asked: "Brother Shi, a few days ago, why have you changed so much?Looking at you today, I feel 20 years younger than me!Did you find some extraordinary way to get well?!"

      Shi Tianqi hastily arched his hands and said, "Old Brother Song, the reason for this change in Shi Mou is really because of a recent chance creation."

      Old Man Song was incomparably envious at the words, he now dreamed of being able to encounter a chance creation just like Shi Tianqi's.

      Even if, he had to dissipate his family fortune, he would be willing to do so!

      So, he asked Yu Bo to temporarily retreat, leaving only himself and Shi Tianqi, before carefully asking, "Brother Shi, I wonder if you could reveal where this chance of yours came from?"

      Shi Tianqi said apologetically, "Brother Song, please forgive me, I promised someone else, I can't say anything about this matter!"

      Master Song's eyes flickered in astonishment at the words, and he asked off the cuff, "The chance that my brother is talking about, is it Master Ye?!"


Song is not stupid, what kind of creation can make a person more than ten years younger?

      To think that such a miraculous thing could only be done by one person in all of Jinling.

      That person was Ye Chen, Master Ye!

      Although Shi Tianqi hadn't replied yet, Master Song was already certain in his heart that Shi Tianqi, must have received a creation from Master Ye to become so young all of a sudden!

      At this time, Shi Tianqi's face was complicated.

      Without Master Ye's approval, he definitely didn't dare to tell anyone about the Rejuvenation Pill.

      After all, Master Ye had clearly reminded himself yesterday that he must not tell anyone.

      However, now that Master Song had guessed it himself, it was a bit difficult to do so.

      When he saw that Master Song looked certain, he said awkwardly, "Elder Brother Song, you guessed this matter yourself, don't tell Master Ye that I said it ......Master Ye won't let me tell anyone."

      When Older Brother Song heard this, his heart confirmed his guess.

      The one who had bestowed Shi Tianqi's creation was indeed none other than his own beloved good granddaughter-in-law, Ye Chen, Master Ye!

      Master Song's heart in this matter was extremely envious.

      Even, the envy had reached a certain level, and had been faintly jealous.

      How could he not want to be like Shi Tianqi, who was over seventy years old and looked only sixty?

      Why wouldn't she want her life to last another decade or more?

      Once people reach middle age and old age, they become more and more afraid of death and old age, this is human nature, no one is immune to this.

      The same goes for Master Song.

      He was already recovering from a serious illness, and his body still had many minor problems.

      Although Ye Chen's last pill could allow him to live for a few more years, but it would only allow him to live.

      There was no way that it would allow him to have a body that was ten years younger all of a sudden like Shi Tianqi's.

      Therefore, Master Song couldn't help but let out a long sigh at this point and said, "Never thought that Master Ye would be able to do this!"

      Shi Tianqi also said with a solemn face, "Master Ye has already transcended into the sacred in the art of medicine, I'm afraid that in my life, I will only be able to worship ......"

      Master Song couldn't help but sigh, "If only Master Ye could also bestow me with such a creation, I would be willing to give away ten billion in cash!"

      Although that was the case, Master Song was also clear in his heart that he could not go directly to Ye Chen to make such a request, otherwise, on the one hand, he might betray Shi Tianqi, and on the other hand, he might also have distracted Master Ye.

      Therefore, such a creation can only wait for a coincidence or a ripe time, no matter never to force it.

      And the best time would be for Ye Chen to become his own granddaughter-in-law!

      If Song Wanting could marry him, why would she worry about such a creation?

      It was a pity that Song Wanting was now with Ye Chen and there was still no clear progress, which made Song's heart somewhat burnt.

      It seemed that he still had to think of a way to set these two young people up!

      Even if the Song family was willing to give up their face and let Song Wanting go to be Ye Chen's lover, they would not hesitate!

      Because he knew in his heart that once the Song family and Ye Chen had a more advanced relationship, not only would he benefit, but Song Wanting and even the entire Song family would benefit for life!


Just as Song was making up his mind within himself, Shi Tianqi asked him, "Brother Song, where are you mainly unwell today?"

      Old Master Song looked at Shi Tianqi, collected his thoughts and said, "Hey, Old Brother Shi, look at me now, my body is deteriorating day by day, recently in the autumn, I have contracted wind chill when I wasn't paying attention, and I have to ask you to catch me some medicine."

      Shi Tianqi hurriedly said, "Then I'll first take my brother's pulse and see what's wrong."

      Old Man Song hmmmed and extended his hand over.

      Shi Tianqi placed his fingers on Song's wrist, checked his pulse, and looked at the rest of Song's condition, and was relieved when he was sure that it was only a wind chill infection.

      "It's indeed just wind chill, I'll prescribe you some medicine, you can take it back with decocted water and it will be fine in three or two days."

      "Then, thank you, Brother Shi."Master Song nodded gently, suddenly remembering something, he said off the cuff, "Right there's one more thing."

      Master Song paused and said, "In two days, it will be my 80th birthday, our brothers have known each other for many years, so you must come."

      In the middle of the conversation, Master Song handed over a hot gold invitation to Shi Tianqi.

      Shi Tianqi took it in his hand and promised to Master Song, "Brother Song, don't worry, I'll be there on time."

      After saying that, Shi Tianqi hurriedly asked Master Song to grab the medicine to take with him, and then personally sent him out the door and all the way to the car.


      When Master Song returned to the Song family by car, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, had just dropped Wu Qi off at the airport.

      In order to prevent him from getting on the plane and wanting a "snack", the nurse kept him under guard, waiting for him to have his "snack" before sending him on the plane.

      Wu Qi woke up once again from the chaos, smelling his own mouth full of stench, he looked at his father with a pained face, choking, "Dad, someone must be behind this, you must find that beast and take revenge for me.

      Wu Donghai nodded and said solemnly, "Don't worry Xiao Qi, Dad will find the person who harmed you, if he dares to treat you like this, I will make him live and die!"

      Afterwards, Wu Donghai instructed, "When you go home, don't make a fuss or go out, and take care of yourself at home, I'll find the world's most famous doctor to treat you, and I'll definitely cure you of your illness!"

      Wu Qi choked and nodded his head repeatedly, which was why he reluctantly got on the plane.

      The Wu family's private plane took off at the Jinling Airport, and Wu Donghai and Wu Xin kept watching as the plane soared into the air and disappeared between the skies.

      Only then did Wu Donghai withdraw his gaze and said to Wu Xin, who was beside him, "Let's go to the Song family and propose marriage to you!"

      Wu Xin said excitedly, "Great dad!This matter must be finalized sooner rather than later!"

      After saying that, Wu Xin was a little apprehensive and asked, "Dad, you don't think the Song family will reject this marriage, do you?"

      Wu Donghai said with a confident face, "You're the eldest son and grandson of the Wu family, how many big family girls are lining up for you to pick, although Song Wanting is very good looking, but the Song family's strength is quite a bit worse than ours, Master Song must be eager to marry Song Wanting to you!"

      "Really?"Wu Xin was pleasantly surprised and said, "According to you, Master Song will definitely say yes?"

      Wu Donghai smiled calmly and said with incomparable confidence, "Son, in Jiangnan, there's no case where you can't marry any woman you want!It's the Song family's luck that you've taken a liking to Song Wanting, and in the end, they're the ones who've climbed higher in this matter!"

      Saying with a arrogant face, he said, "Do you believe that when we wait until the Song family, I'll mention this matter and Master Song will immediately agree?"

      Wu Xin immediately burst out laughing and said off the cuff, "Dad, let's hurry over there now then!"

      Wu Donghai smiled slightly and said, "You're at least the eldest son and grandson of the Wu family, why are you so nonchalant when you meet a Song Wanting, you're not even a little bit productive!"

      Saying that, Wu Donghai instructed, "When we arrive at the Song family later, you must put up a bit of a high profile, and make the Song family understand that marrying Song Wanting to you is a high climb, understand?"



Noon, Song Family.

      Wu Donghai and Wu Xin carefully selected some gifts before father and son rushed to the Song family.

      Master Song already knew that they had come to Jinling and that the younger generation of the family had encountered something, so he didn't expect them to pay their respects at home so soon.

      However, since it was the Wu family's eldest son and eldest grandson who had come, Master Song was naturally very polite and personally came out to entertain the two.

      Wu Donghai and Wu Xin sat in the guest seat on one side, Master Song sat opposite, while Yu Bo was busy serving tea and pouring water for everyone.

      Wu Donghai presented a large pile of gifts to them, which was why he spoke with an arch smile, "Haven't seen Uncle Song for a long time, I didn't expect Uncle Song's body to be so robust, it's really enviable!"

      Master Song smiled slightly and said, "This body of mine can't talk about being robust, at most it's still somewhat able to take care of itself, and it won't die for a while."

      Wu Donghai busily said, "Uncle Song you are really modest."

      Saying that, he added, "Uncle Song, I heard earlier that you were feeling ill, but this time, seeing that you are radiant, it seems that your health is greatly improved?"

      Master Song smiled sourly and said, "At first, I also felt that I'm great good, but today I suddenly realized that I'm far from being great good."

      Wu Donghai was a little surprised at what he heard, and asked, "Uncle Song, how can that be called a great good?"

      Master Song smiled slightly and exclaimed, "Returning overnight to the physical state of more than a decade ago, that's truly great!"

      As he said this, what came to Master Song's mind was the Shi Tianqi who had overturned his knowledge and shocked him to the core.

      He had been thinking about this since he returned from the Ji Shi Hall, and it was even nagging at him.

      When will he be able to meet such a chance, he will not have lived in vain.

      However, how did Wu Donghai know that he had gone through all of this and thought that he was joking when he said this, so he smiled and echoed, "As the saying goes, flowers have their re-blooming day and people are no longer young, Uncle Song, you desire to be a dozen years younger, I also have the same wish, but unfortunately, this is just a wish after all and cannot come true."

      Master Song smiled lightly and didn't say much.

      Wu Donghai felt that it was impossible to come true, and that was because he was sitting in a well and had never seen a true dragon on earth like Master Ye.

      Therefore, there was no need for him to wrestle with him on this issue.

      So, Master Song asked him, "By the way Donghai, your second son, how is the situation now?"

      Wu Donghai sighed and said, "It's the same old story, all kinds of methods have been used, but still no progress, I've sent him back to Suhang."

      At this point, Wu Donghai said, "The reason why Xiaoxin and I haven't left yet is that we want to find out why that second son of mine became like this, I suspect that he was victimized, it's possible that he was given a strong psychological hint, it's even possible that it's related to that kind of surrender witchcraft in Southeast Asia, I wonder if Uncle Song knows if there are any good people in Jinling who are good at this kind of tactics?"

      Old Master Song shook his head and spoke, "This kind of things like head lowering witchcraft that you're talking about, I've only heard about it, but I've never seen it, and I'm not even sure if it's true or not."

      Wu Donghai said seriously, "Lowering the head, lowering the parasites, raising little devils, all these things are actually true, but they are all sideshows, those who use such tactics are mostly villains, or people who desire to become rich and popular, and big families like ours are generally not interested in engaging in such things."


Song nodded his head and said, "The big families all believe in feng shui destiny and I Ching gossip, this is the essence of what our Chinese ancestors have handed down, as for the dross from Southeast Asia, to tell you the truth, I really don't look up to it."

      Wu Donghai said, "So it seems that there really is no clue at all, and I'm afraid it's not too easy to find that person behind the scenes in this situation."

      Saying that, Wu Donghai cupped his fist and said, "Uncle Song, Xiao Xin and I are going to stay in Jinling for a few more days to investigate the relevant clues, I wonder if Uncle Song will arrange for us to borrow a few days at your residence?"

      Master Song said with a smile, "The Song and Wu families have been friends for generations, so there's no need to be polite about this small matter.Since you guys are here, I will naturally do my best to be a landlord, and I will have the maids clean up two guest rooms later, so you can stay there as you wish."

      The Song family's villa was just a mansion, there were more than a dozen rooms on the first floor, and there were as many as eight guest rooms in the house alone, it was too easy to arrange for the Wu family's father and son to borrow it temporarily.

      As soon as Wu Donghai heard this, he was overjoyed and thanked, "Thank you, Uncle Song!"

      Only after saying that did Wu Donghai pull Wu Xin, who had been silent, to his side and said with a smile, "Uncle Song, I haven't been formally introduced to you yet, this is my canine son, Wu Xin, who is also the future heir to the next generation of the Wu family."

      Wu Xin hurriedly bowed respectfully and said, "Senior Wu Xin, meet Grandpa Song!"

      Master Song nodded with a smile and said, "The Wu family's eldest son and grandson is truly a talent!"

      Wu Donghai laughed and said, "Uncle Song you're too polite, in fact, your grandchildren are each one of a kind!"

      He sighed, "Especially Wan Ting, I haven't seen her for years, and when she visited me in the hospital yesterday, I could barely recognize her!Now it has become more and more beautiful and airy and mature."

      Master Song smiled and said, "Wan Ting just looks mature and capable, but in reality, she is still a little girl at heart."

      Wu Donghai nodded and deliberately tried to ask, "Uncle Song, Wan Ting should be of marriageable age, I wonder if you have found a good in-law for her?"

      Master Song thought of Ye Chen all of a sudden, but unfortunately, Ye Chen is still the door-to-door son-in-law of the Xiao family, that Xiao Choran's husband, and there is no substantial progress with his granddaughter yet, so he could only say, "I haven't found a mother-in-law for Wan Ting yet, she's not too old, this matter is not urgent."

      Wu Donghai was busy saying, "Uncle Song, in fact, this matter should also be urgent, time actually passes very quickly, this year is not urgent, next year is not urgent, the year after next all of a sudden will find that it is already too late, by the time it is time to temporarily find, fall in love, break in, talk about marriage, get married, conceive a child in October, by the time the child is born, it may be almost thirty years old."

      Master Song nodded his head in agreement and said, "What you said is reasonable, I'll take note of it, and I'll also speak to her properly later and advise her to plan early."

      In fact, what Master Song wanted was to go back and use this set of words to persuade Song Wanting to take the initiative against Ye Chen as soon as possible, and cut out any further consumption.

      However, Wu Donghai thought that he had already prepared the groundwork and could get straight to the point.

      So he said confidently, "Uncle Song, I see that Wanting and Wu Xin are about the same age, they're both at the stage where they're talking about marriage, and I see that they're also considered to be a good match, Uncle Song, I wonder if you're interested in forming a marriage with our Wu family?"

      Saying that, Wu Donghai looked at Old Master Song with a smiling and ambitious face.

      He felt that after hearing this, Master Song would definitely promise himself without hesitation.

      Wu Xin, who was on the side, also stared at Master Song with a nervous death stare, expecting Master Song to agree to it.

      However, no one expected that Master Song would hear this and blurt out two words: "No!"

      After saying that, he added four more words, "Absolutely not!"


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