Secret Identity 491-500


Chapter 491

At this time, Wei Changming and Wei Liang, were being stopped outside by the Ji Shi Tang's fellow.

      "Excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

      The fellow was very wary of Wei Changming.

      He hadn't seen Wei Changming before and there were too many, messy people who had come to the Ji Shi Hall in the past two days to ask for Divine Doctor Shi, so he didn't dare to let just anyone in.

      Wei Changming hurriedly said, "Hello little brother, I am Wei family's young master Wei Changming, please inform Divine Doctor Shi, earlier at the Chinese Medicine Fair, I was more than offended, today I have come to apologize, please give me a chance to apologize in person."

      The fellow said coldly, "Doctor Shi said that no one will be seen without an appointment, so please also hurry out!"

      "You speak to me politely, I'm at least the young master of the Wei family, I told ......"

      "I'm sorry, we don't know any Wei family in Ji Shi Tang, get out quickly, otherwise I'll have to call someone!"

      The fellow remained unforgiving and did not give Wei Changming any face at all, directly pushing him out of the room.

      "Don't ah little brother, have a good talk ......"Wei Changming saw this and immediately panicked.

      He had come over today to beg Shi Tianqi to do something to save Xiao Yiqian.

      If Xiao Yiqian's roots really festered to the point where he needed to amputate his limbs, then the Wei family would be truly miserable.

      In the Wei family's opinion, the only one who could save Xiao Yiqian now was probably Shi Tianqi.

      Not to mention the extravagant request for Shi Tianqi to completely cure Xiao Yiqian, as long as he could cure his ulceration, the Wei family would be considered to have dodged this calamity.

      Therefore, he placed most of his hopes on Xiao Yiqian's body.

      If his father knew that he actually didn't even see Shi Tianqi's face, he would definitely be furious.

      Wei family's illegitimate son Wei Liang stood on the side just watching and not daring to speak.

      This time father Wei Yongzheng had said that whoever could solve this crisis would become the chairman of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, so his first thought was also to come and ask for Shi Tianqi's help.

      However, he didn't expect that his brother Wei Changming also had the same idea, so he could only be a follower and follow Wei Changming over.

      Wei Changming was determined to see Shi Tianqi quickly, so he opened his mouth and shouted towards the inside of the Hall of Relief, "Doctor Shi, we have a life-saving matter for you, please let us in!"

      The guy also got angry, "I told you I can't see without an appointment, so you guys are shameless for shouting like that!"

      At this time, Shi Tianqi had ended his call with Ye Chen and stepped out.

      When he reached the door and saw the two Wei brothers, Shi Tianqi said in a cold voice, "Why do you two want to cause trouble in my Ji Shi Hall?"

      Seeing Shi Tianqi come out, Wei Changming pushed that fellow away and hurriedly said, "Doctor Shi, I'm Wei Changming of the Wei family, and I'm here to save your life this time!"

      Shi Tianqi's face was a bit indignant as he said, "I remember you, on the day of the Chinese Medicine Expo, you were disrespectful to Master Ye, and now you still dare to come to my Ji Shi Hall and cause trouble?"

      Wei Changming hurriedly begged, "Doctor Shi don't misunderstand, on the day of the Chinese Medicine Expo, I was also momentarily confused and offended Ye Chen, please forgive me this time, your Excellency."

      "Impossible."Shi Tianqi said coldly, "Master Ye has a renewed kindness to me, you have offended him much more seriously than you have offended me, so no matter what you ask me to do for you, I won't agree to it, please go back."


After Shi Tianqi finished speaking, he waved his sleeve and was about to drive away.

      Wei Changming panicked and begged, "Doctor Shi, I'm really sorry, a thousand mistakes are all my fault, I have no complaints if you want to beat or scold me, it's just that this time the Wei family is experiencing a huge crisis, you can't see our family get screwed over, can you?"

      Shi Tianqi said coldly, "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with you, and your family has nothing to do with me, please leave."

      Once Wei Changming heard this, he hurriedly snatched the brocade box from Wei Liang's hand and handed it to Shi Tianqi, saying respectfully, "Doctor Shi, this is a little token of my appreciation, a piece of fine Hetian jade seed material, worth five million, please smile!"

      However, Shi Tianqi didn't even look at the so-called Hetian jade seeds, and without even opening the brocade box, he rudely said, "Not to mention five million, even if it's fifty million or five hundred million, I won't accept it!You should leave, you are not welcome here."

      At this time, Wei Liang, who had been silent on the side, sighed softly and knelt directly on the ground, pleading bitterly to Shi Tianqi, "Doctor Shi, please show mercy and save our Wei family, I'm kowtowing to you."

      Looking at Wei Liang's pious appearance, Shi Tianqi looked a little slower.

      Compared to Wei Changming, Wei Liang was obviously more educated and polite, and compared to his proud and arrogant brother, he was simply two extremes.

      Wei Changming was now very dissatisfied and stared at Wei Liang, cursing in his heart: this illegitimate son is quite enough drama, actually grabbed in front of him to kneel and kowtow, could it be that he wants to steal his own merit, coveting the position of family master?

      Thinking of this, Wei Changming kicked Wei Liang away and scolded, "What qualifications do you have to kneel on behalf of the Wei family, a bastard son?If you want to kneel on behalf of the Wei family, it's only me, the Wei patriarch, who is qualified!"

      Wei Liang was kicked to the ground, but did not dare to say a word of complaint, hurriedly climbed up, patted the dirt on his body, and stood humbly at the side.

      Only then did Wei Changming kneel down on both knees and begged, "Divine Doctor Shi, you should know that Mr. Xiao Yiqian Xiao's illness has not only not been cured through our Wei family's hands, but has become even more serious, and now he is rotting there, threatening to exterminate our Wei family, right now only you can save our Wei family's life ah."

      Shi Tianqi already knew what they had come for and refused again without hesitation, "Let me take action to save Xiao Yiqian?I'm telling you, it's impossible!Both you and Xiao Yiqian have disrespected Master Ye many times, so even though you're talking smallpox, I can't do anything."

      After saying that, Shi Tianqi coldly ordered his fellows, "Alright, get them out of here!"

      Immediately afterwards, Shi Tianqi turned around and walked inside the Hall of Relief without turning back, not wavering in the slightest.

      Although it was said that a doctor's heart was in the right place, a kind heart should not be given to an evil person.

      That fellow immediately pushed Wei Changming and Wei Liang out, "If the two of you block our Ji Shi Hall's entrance again, I will have to call the police."

      Standing at the entrance of the Hall of Relief, Wei Changming looked very ugly.

      Other than Shi Tianqi, there was definitely no more powerful divine doctor in Jinling that could cure Xiao Yiqian's ulceration.

      In this way, as Xiao Yiqian's ulceration became more and more serious, the entire Wei family would also completely lose hope.

      At this time, Wei Liang asked in a low voice, "Brother, what should we do now?"

      Wei Changming looked at him in disgust and went up to slap him, scolding, "Wei Liang, how many times have I told you, you bastard don't call me big brother, you're not even worthy!"

      After saying that, Wei Changming looked at him with a despicable look and said coldly, "I'm going to find someone else to figure out what to do, so go back yourself!"

      Wei Changming said, then got into his limousine and sailed away.

      Wei Liang stood in place for a moment with anger and reluctance in his eyes.

      He reached into his bosom and touched an item in his bosom that had been kept close to him for over a decade, as if he had made some decision, secretly gritted his teeth, turned around and entered the Ji Shi Tang again .....


The fellow from the Ji Shi Tang, seeing Wei Liang walking back again, immediately said with a cold face, "Why are you the man who came back again?Let's go!You're not welcome here!"

      Wei Liang begged, "Little brother, I have something I want to say to Dr. Shi in person, and after that I'll leave!"

      The fellow frowned, "Doctor Shi doesn't want to see you, don't you have any self-awareness?"

      Wei Liang plopped to his knees and shouted loudly into it, "Doctor Shi, Wei Liang begs to see you and speak to you face to face, please be kind!If you don't want to see Wei Liang, Wei Liang will keep kneeling in front of your shop!"

      Shi Tianqi had originally gone to the room behind the Jezebel Hall, and when he heard Wei Liang's voice, he couldn't help but sigh.

      This illegitimate son of the Wei family, after several encounters, made him feel that he was indeed still very educated and polite.

      And it was also true that Shi Tianqi felt that Wei Liang, a person in the Wei family's situation, deserved sympathy.

      So, at this time, when he heard Wei Liang's words, he was moved with a bit of compassion.

      So he strode out and saw that Wei Changming had already left, leaving Wei Liang kneeling alone at the door, so he said to him, "Come in with me."

      "Thank you, Divine Doctor Shi!"Overjoyed, Wei Liang hurriedly got up and followed Shi Tianqi to the back hall.

      As soon as he entered the back room, Wei Liang immediately pulled out a slender wooden box made of mahogany wood, then flipped it open to reveal a snow-white ginseng.

      He served the ginseng to Shi Tianqi with both hands and said out of his mouth, "Divine Doctor Shi, this thousand year old snow ginseng, which my mother left to me before she died, is a treasure that she has treasured for her entire life, I know that you respect that Master Ye Chen Ye very much, so I want to offer this thousand year old snow ginseng to Master Ye and beg Master Ye to help save the Wei family from the fire!"

      Shi Tianqi was stunned as he looked at the not-so-big Snow Ginseng.

      It really was a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng!

      This thing, he had only read descriptions of it in classical medical books, once upon a time, he had thought it didn't exist, and the snow ginseng was at most a hundred years old.

      Although this Snow Ginseng wasn't as long as a folding fan overall, it was already somewhat translucent throughout its body, this was because it had waxed, ordinary ginseng wouldn't wax, and one that could wax so obviously must have been very, very old!

      This also made Shi Tianqi conclude that this Snow Ginseng was eighty percent really a thousand years old!

      I can't believe it actually exists!

      He couldn't help but be surprised and asked, "This ......Is this really yours?Why do you have such expensive herbs?!"

      Wei Liang nodded and said seriously, "Doctor Shi, I won't lie to you, my mother was born and raised in the Changbai Mountains, following my grandfather, and her ancestors have been collecting medicine in the Changbai Mountains for generations, this Thousand Year Snow Ginseng is the treasure that has been passed down in my mother's family for generations."

      Said Wei Liang, "Back then, my father Wei Yongzheng just started his herbal business and often went to Changbai Mountain to collect herbs, he lied about being single and deceived my mother, after my mother got pregnant with me, he walked away, I also grew up at the foot of Changbai Mountain since I was a child ......"

      "Until my mother was very sick and about to die, she was afraid that I would be alone and miserable, that's why she contacted my grandfather, my grandfather felt that I was of Wei family blood after all, I couldn't go rogue, so he ordered my father to go to the Changbai Mountains to take me back to the Wei family."

      "When my mother was leaving, she left this Snow Ginseng to me and told me to make sure to keep it close to my body at all times in case of emergencies, and now that the Wei family is in calamity, if Master Ye Chen Ye is willing to lend a helping hand, I am willing to offer this thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng to Master Ye!"

      Shi Tianqi was too shocked to speak.

      He only knew that Wei Liang was an illegitimate son, but didn't know that there was such a story behind it.


And to Wei Liang, these words had never been spoken to anyone in his life, and Shi Tianqi was the first.

      Ever since he was brought to the Wei family, Wei Liang had been subjected to the blank stares of bystanders, humiliation and torture.

      Ever since he was young, his father Wei Yongzheng hated himself, his brother Wei Changming hated him, and had been constantly scolded and beaten and subjected to all sorts of humiliation, which he himself had long since gotten used to.

      He has been patient, waiting for the day when he will meet a suitable opportunity to get rid of this dark and sunless situation.

      It just so happened that the Wei family was now experiencing a calamity, and Wei Yongzheng had also put out the word that whoever could solve this crisis would become the chairman of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, which was why he had taken out this thousand-year-old snow ginseng that he had kept close to him for twenty years, and used it to raise his eyebrows in exchange.

      This thousand year old Snow Ginseng had a price.

      Three hundred years of purple ginseng, if it wasn't for the last time when there was a competition between Ye Chen and Xiao Yiqian, the normal price was estimated to be around thirty million.

      But this Thousand Year Snow Ginseng, the normal price could sell for at least one hundred million, and if someone was fighting for it, it wouldn't be surprising if it fetched three hundred million.

      Wei Liang took it out at this time and willingly gave it to Ye Chen, in order for Ye Chen to be able to help the Wei family solve the crisis, so that he could become the chairman of the entire Wei Pharmaceuticals, and wipe out his past shame from now on!

      Shi Tianqi was also shocked by this Thousand Year Snow Ginseng.

      He knew that Ye Chen had a miraculous skill in concocting medicine, and this thousand year snow ginseng would definitely be of great help to Ye Chen.

      So, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Ye Chen.

      At this time, Ye Chen had just received the medicinal herbs sent by Qin Gang, and together with the other medicinal herbs, he had refined thirty rejuvenation pills from the three hundred year old superb purple ginseng.

      As soon as the rejuvenation pills were made, Ye Chen suddenly received a phone call from Shi Tianqi.

      On the other end of the phone, Shi Tianqi's respectful and incomparably respectful voice rang out, "Master Ye, Wei family's illegitimate son Wei Liang wants to ask for your help, if you can help the Wei family tide over their difficulties, he is willing to give you a thousand year old snow ginseng plant!"

      "A thousand years of snow ginseng?Is that true?"

      Ye Chen was surprised, three hundred year portions of the finest purple ginseng was already rare, and snow ginseng was even more precious than purple ginseng, so it was even rarer.

      Moreover, it was still a thousand-year portion of Snow Ginseng, it was definitely considered to be the most precious of medicines.

      Ye Chen was somewhat moved by the thousand year Snow Ginseng, there was a record above the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures that Snow Ginseng over five hundred years old was a heavenly treasure with an aura, if he could get his hands on it, it would have a very strong effect on his own strength.

      Shi Tianqi spoke up at this time, "Master Ye, to be honest, it's the first time I've seen a thousand years of snow ginseng, whether it's one thousand years, I'm still not sure, but it's at least over five hundred years."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and praised, "Old man Shi, you've done a great job with this matter, it just so happens that I've refined a new pill here that can make you more than ten years younger, I'll give you one later."

      As soon as Shi Tianqi heard this, his excited voice trembled a bit, and he respectfully said, "Master Ye, you are really flattering Shi, in fact, this is all something I should do, it's all part of my job ......"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "Old Shi, I, Ye Chen, have always distinguished rewards and punishments, if you work for me, it's not natural that you will also forget your merits, you first bring Wei Liang to see me, I will definitely have a reward in the future."

      Saying that, Ye Chen said, "You bring Wei Liang over now, I'll see if his Thousand Year Snow Ginseng is real or not."

      Shi Tianqi said excitedly, "Okay Master Ye, I'll bring him over!"


When Shi Tianqi hung up the phone, he said to Wei Liang, "Master Ye has already agreed to see you, so come with me."

      As soon as Wei Liang heard this, he revealed an incomparably grateful look, bowed to Shi Tianqi and said, "Thank you for your generous help, Divine Doctor Shi!"

      Shi Tianqi waved his hand and said, "I'm just helping you make a connection with Master Ye, you don't need to thank me, if Master Ye is willing to help you, just thank Master Ye."

      Wei Liang nodded in a panic and said, "Doctor Shi, so let's go over there now?"

      Shi Tianqi responded and greeted his granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao, saying, "Xiaozhao, you drive us to Master Ye's house."

      As soon as Chen Xiaozhao heard that she was going to see Master Ye, she got excited and said, "Grandfather, then let's go over there now, don't keep Master Ye waiting!"

      Afterwards, Wei Liang collected the thousand-year-old snow ginseng and followed Shi Tianqi and Chen Xiaozhao out of the Jishidang, getting into one of Chen Xiaozhao's newly bought Audi cars.

      Since Shi Tianqi decided to stay in Jinling, Chen Xiaozhao bought this car, in order to facilitate the travel of himself and his grandfather.

      Chen Xiaozhao drove, and ten minutes later, the group of three arrived at Ye Chen's doorstep.

      Shi Tianqi looked at Wei Liang and reminded, "Your brother had some conflicts with Master Ye earlier, you must not be disrespectful in any way when you meet him later."

      Wei Liang hurriedly nodded his head and said, "Please don't worry, Doctor Shi!Wei Liang wouldn't dare to show the slightest disrespect to Master Ye!"

      "Mm."Shi Tianqi also knew that Wei Liang and his arrogant and domineering brother were not on the same page, so he nodded and rang the doorbell of Ye Chen's house.

      Ye Chen opened the door, and when Shi Tianqi and Chen Xiaozhao saw Ye Chen, they bowed and said respectfully, "Greetings, Master Ye!"

      Wei Liang also hurriedly followed the salute and said, "Wei Liang has met Master Ye."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "You guys don't need to be so polite, come in and talk."

      Only then did the three of them walk into the house.

      As soon as they entered the house, the three of them couldn't help but take stock of the decorations in the living room, this was the first time the three of them had come to Ye Chen's house, so each of them couldn't help but be surprised in their hearts, Ye Chen obviously already had a very superlative status in the upper class of Jinling society, why was he still living in this kind of ordinary to ordinary residential building?

      Wei Liang also felt that Master Ye was an unfathomable person, a super-rich man who could casually throw a hundred million at an auction, living in such a simple environment.

      Ye Chen didn't know what the three of them were thinking, pointing at the sofa, he said to them, "All sit down."

      Only then did the three of them respond and sat across from Ye Chen.


Ye Chen looked at Wei Liang and asked curiously, "I heard that you have something to ask me?"

      Wei Liang nodded hurriedly, took out the wooden box containing the thousand-year-old snow ginseng from his bosom, handed it to Ye Chen and said respectfully.

      "Master Ye, this Thousand Year Snow Ginseng is a family heirloom that has been passed down from my mother's family for many years, and I've been carrying it close to me all these years, but this heavenly treasure doesn't work well in my hands, so I thought of offering it to Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen didn't say ha, received the wooden box, opened it, and fixed his eyes, and saw a snow-white, human-like root, already somewhat waxed snow ginseng, quietly lying in it.

      With just a glance, Ye Chen could feel the strong and dense aura in it, this was truly a heavenly treasure!Surviving in the world for thousands of years, absorbing all the spiritual energy between the world, and it originated from the Changbai Mountain, where even now, it was very well protected and almost pristine, so this Snow Ginseng was even purer.

      Ye Chen's heart was not excited, this thousand year old snow ginseng, if used for himself, it would allow his strength to directly cross a level, it was simply a perfect opportunity that could not be found.

      So, Ye Chen asked indifferently, "Wei Liang, what do you want to ask me to do?"

      Wei Liang hurriedly said, "Master Ye, I'm not hiding anything from you, the head of the Xiao family in Yanjing, the chairman of the Qiancheng Group, Xiao Yiqian, lost his male ability some time ago, and after taking the Wei family's improved medicinal formula, his roots even started to ulcerate, and now the doctors are saying that his roots can't be saved and he needs to have his legs amputated, if he really amputates his legs, then my Wei family will be in trouble!That's why I'm requesting Master Ye to take action to help Xiao Yiqian solve the ulcer and help the Wei family survive the calamity ......"

      Ye Chen smiled playfully and didn't reply to him directly, but instead asked back with a curious face, "I heard that you didn't suffer much in the Wei family, why did you instead take out such a precious snow ginseng at this time to beg me to help the Wei family tide over their difficulties?"

      Wei Liang confessed, "I have indeed been humiliated all these years in the Wei family, and to be honest, I don't have any feelings for the Wei family, back then if my mother hadn't been terminally ill and unable to raise me, she wouldn't have allowed the Wei family to bring me from Changbai Mountain to Jinling ......"

      At this point, Wei Liang suddenly became a bit agitated, clenched his fists and said, "The Wei family has subjected me to so many humiliations over the years, the reason I'm still in the Wei family is to find a chance to avenge these years of humiliation!And!My father did my mother a great disservice back then, and I've always hoped that one day I could make him bow his head, make him go to Changbai Mountain, to my mother's grave, and repent to my mother!"

      Wei Liang's words were so emotional that the thirty-something year old man actually shed two lines of hot tears.

      He choked: "Master Ye has no idea, my mother, originally was the only daughter of a family of medicine pickers at the foot of the Changbai Mountain, although the family is not a big family, but because of the skill of medicine picking, life is quite rich, my father, that scum, when he went to the Changbai Mountain to collect medicine, saw my mother beautiful and young and ignorant, so he lured my mother into his hands, my mother was played by him, Ben.Thought he would marry himself, but didn't expect this scum to walk away, while my mother was pregnant with his child ......"

      Saying that, Wei Liang told Ye Chen what had happened back then, originally and in detail.

      Wei Liang's mother, who was unmarried and pregnant back then, was not slandered in Changbai Mountain when she was pregnant with Wei Liang, and if it wasn't for the pregnancy, his mother would have wanted to end her own life.

      In the village at the foot of the Changbai Mountain, Wei Liang was born, and he became a bastard who was criticized by everyone, and the only warmth and shelter of his childhood was his mother.

      The only warmth and shelter of his childhood was his mother. But his mother became sick with fatigue and resentment, and died before Wei Liang was an adult.

      Wei Liang, without his mother, came to the Wei family, and even more so, not a single good day, his father despised his mother, so also despise him, stepmother and half-brother twenty years as once, abuse him, beat him, humiliate him, and he has been hidden, hidden looking for a chance to revenge.

      At this point, he looked at Ye Chen and said sincerely, "Master Ye, my father promised that whoever can solve this trouble for the family will become the chairman of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, if you can help me get the chairman's position, then I will definitely follow your lead for the rest of my life!Everything is at your disposal!"


After listening to Wei Liang's words, Ye Chen suddenly felt that Wei Liang was somewhat similar to himself.

      Once upon a time, he was also an orphan and trash who was humiliated and bullied.

      Only when Tang Sihai found himself and handed over the Emperor's Group and a ten billion black card to him did he truly come to a turning point in his life.

      Later, he accidentally got the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Sutra, which made him soar to the sky even more.

      But once upon a time, when he was spurned by everyone, he was waiting for a chance to prove himself to everyone, a chance to slap everyone who despised him.

      Therefore, he could well understand Wei Liang's feelings.

      A child who had been scolded as a bastard since childhood, whose mother died, went to his biological father's house, and endured even greater torture, and it was twenty years, the level of reticence in his heart was even higher than his original self.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen had decided to help him and help him get control of the entire Wei family.

      It just so happened that his bastard brother was his enemy, and this Thousand Year Snow Ginseng of his was exactly what he desperately needed.

      So, Ye Chen spoke up, "Wei Liang, since you want revenge so badly, I can help you."

      As soon as Wei Liang heard this, he kneeled on the ground in excitement, knocked his head to the ground heavily and said loudly, "Thank you Master Ye for your generous help, Wei Liang will never forget this!"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and helped him up, asking, "Where is Xiao Yiqian now?"

      "It's at Wei's!"Wei Liang busily said, "The ulceration there cannot be treated, so he is temporarily receiving anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment in the Wei family."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "In that case, let's go and treat him."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "But I'll be scandalous, I only care about his ulceration, as for the things that can't be used there, I don't care."

      Wei Liang hurriedly said, "Don't worry Master Ye, his inability to use it there has nothing to do with my Wei family, the Wei family only needs to help him stop the ulceration, it's considered to be a clean break with him!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly: "Good, then let's go now."

      Wei Liang nodded incessantly in excitement, "Okay Master Ye!"


      At this time, in the living room of the Wei family villa, almost everyone was concentrated here, their faces anxious one after another.

      The deadline given by Xiao Yiqian was nearing, everyone had gone out for a big circle, but none of them had found a solution to Xiao Yiqian's troubles.

      Xiao Yiqian's expression was also very gloomy, he was still receiving an infusion of fluids, the antibiotics could only slow down the speed of his ulceration, but still couldn't stop the ulceration, right now he was already starting to get more and more painful there, and the situation was getting worse and worse.

      Xiao Yiqian saw the Wei family members go out one by one and come back one by one, and the people were almost back, so he couldn't help but snapped in fury, "What?None of you have found a cure for me?!"

      Everyone looked at me and me at you, all looking embarrassed and frightened.


Xiao Yiqian looked at the Wei family's master with cold eyes and drank, "Wei Yongzheng, haven't you thought of a way?"

      Wei Yongzheng's heart trembled and quickly said, "Don't worry, Xiao Dong, I've already sent people to the field to find a famous doctor for you, and I've also mobilized the Wei family's connections in the pharmaceutical industry to find some broader-spectrum, more potent antibiotics that will definitely cure you."

      Although that was what he said, Wei Yongzheng had no bottom in his heart at all.

      Originally, he was hoping that Wei Changming would bring Shi Tianqi here, but Shi Tianqi didn't give him any chance at all, and after he was kicked out of the Ji Shi Hall, he went to find a few famous Chinese doctors in Jinling, but as soon as everyone heard that it was Xiao Yiqian, no one was willing to come.

      The matter of Xiao Yiqian not being able to work there had already spread all over Jinling, and it was well known that taking medicine indiscriminately had caused an ulcer there.

      Moreover, the doctors at the People's Hospital had already said that his condition was the only way to amputate, so who would dare to come and touch the bad luck at this time?

      If he couldn't be cured, not only would he be laughed at, but he might also be retaliated by Xiao Yiqian, after all, the Wei family was looking for doctors all over the world to help him because they gave him the wrong medicine and suffered retaliation from him.

      Wei Changming searched all over the world, but he couldn't find anyone to treat Xiao Yiqian, so he had no choice but to go home for now and resume his life.

      The other members of Wei's family had similar experiences as Wei Changming. Once they heard that Xiao Yiqian was to be treated, eleven out of ten doctors were reluctant to come.

      Once Wei Yongzheng saw this, he suddenly felt that the Wei family's future was dim.

      Xiao Yiqian there festering speed is not slow, at this rate, two days estimated that he will rot, at that time, the Wei family is afraid of dying ......

      Wei Changming at the side couldn't help but pull Wei Yongzheng aside and whispered, "Dad...what should we do now?Why don't we run away?"

      Wei Yong was gloomy and turned his head to look at him, getting angrier and angrier as he scolded in a low voice, "Just know how to escape, where can you escape to?Do you think that by escaping from Jinling, Xiao Yiqian won't find trouble with us?"

      After saying that, Wei Yong Zheng looked at him in annoyance and took off, "I told you to beg Shi Tianqi over no matter what, but you came back alone, what a waste!"

      Wei Changming said with dissatisfaction, "Dad, I can't be blamed for this, as soon as that old thing Shi Tianqi heard that he wanted to save Xiao Yiqian, he immediately refused, it's obvious that he has a grudge against him, what can I do?"

      Wei Yongzheng raised his hand and slapped him, scolding him angrily, "It's been like this since I was a kid, shirking responsibility whenever something happens, not coming to invite Shi Tianqi, do you think it's not your fault?Then have you ever thought about who had to pull the strings and give Xiao Yiqian drugs that hadn't been clinically proven in the first place?"

      Speaking of which, Wei Yongzheng coughed furiously and cursed, "If you hadn't created this stall, how would we have ended up in this situation today?I've worked hard all my life to build my foundation, and it's about to be destroyed in your hands!"

      Wei Changming had been spoiled since he was a child, his father Wei Yongzheng had hardly ever beaten him, and right now, Wei Yongzheng's slap was exceptionally hard, with full anger and disappointment.

      The beaten Wei Changming's expression was ugly, and he also knew that he had caused trouble in this matter, so it was no longer possible to clear this responsibility.

      He could only cover his face and fidgeted and said, "Dad, I'm sorry, I was wrong, but I was also trying to make our Wei family go further ah, Xiao Yiqian is the chairman of the Qiancheng Group after all, if we can climb up to him as a layer of relationship, our future development will definitely be more smooth ......"

      Wei Yong front showed despair with a long sigh, Wei Changming's words also touched him somewhat, his son is not intentionally trying to harm the Wei family, he does also want the Wei family to be better ......

      Could this be that the Wei family was destined for this fate!

      Or could it be that you have too many love debts from your youth and now you're finally getting your comeuppance?

      Just as he was declining, someone in the Wei family crowd suddenly shouted out in great excitement, "Wei Liang has returned with Doctor Shi, and a young man!"


As soon as this was said, everyone revealed excited gazes.

      Wei Yong Zheng stared at them, shivering and asking, "What did you just say?Who did Wei Liang bring back?!"

      A man at the door shouted, "Wei Liang has returned with Divine Doctor Shi Tianqi and a young man!It's already in the yard!"

      As soon as the words fell, Wei Yongzheng's expression immediately turned from surprise to ecstasy!

      Shi Tianqi is here?

      Wei Liang finally got Shi Tianqi to move?

      Jesus!The Wei family is finally saved?

      Xiao Yiqian was even more excited to just stand up!

      He couldn't care less that he had an IV needle in the back of his hand and his eyes were red with excitement!

      Ever since the roots had started to fester, he actually had a sneaking feeling that the only one who could save his roots was Shi Tianqi.

      However, he also knew that Shi Tianqi was very unhappy with himself and would not be able to save him at all.

      As for why Shi Tianqi had now changed his mind again and followed the Wei family back to save himself, he couldn't figure it out and didn't bother to think about it.

      Even if it was useless, as long as it stayed there neat and tidy, he was never willing to lose it ......

      Wei Yongzheng, whose body hadn't been too good, now walked towards the door in great excitement and said loudly and excitedly, "Hurry!Hurry up and invite Dr. Shi in!"

      But Wei Changming, who was beside him, was full of incredulity and said out of his mouth, "How could this bastard Wei Liang invite Shi Tianqi?He simply can't do it!"

      "Shut up!You don't care how he did it, it's good to invite Shi Tianqi."

      Wei Yongzheng glared at Wei Changming and warned off the cuff, "Don't speak nonsense later, everything will be discussed after Shi Healer heals Xiao Dong!"

      Wei Changming was upset, but he hurriedly nodded his head and said yes.

      At this time, Wei Liang had already stepped into the Wei family along with Shi Tianqi and Ye Chen.

      Seeing Shi Tianqi, the rest of the Wei family was all relieved.

      Everyone believed that since Shi Tianqi was here, the Wei family was saved!

      "It's unbelievable that at the moment of crisis, it was Wei Liang who saved the day."

      "It looks like Wei's pharmaceuticals will be handed over to Wei Liang now!"

      With Wei Liang's sudden outburst, the entire Wei family seemed to have changed a bit.

      After all, Wei Yongzheng had already said before that whoever could settle this matter would be the chairman of Wei's Pharmaceuticals, the head of the family!

      For a while, everyone's eyes became different.

      Wei Changming listened to these people's discussions, his face reddening as much as it could, his eyes filled with hatred.

      Wei Liang!How dare you steal my thunder, you bastard?

      And that old immortal thing Shi Tianqi, when he invited him, he clearly and righteously refused, why did Wei Liang invite him and he came?

      It was at this moment that he saw Ye Chen.

      His face immediately turned extremely ugly.

      He could never forget the humiliation of Ye Chen making him lick the urinal at the Splendid Clubhouse!


I didn't expect this guy to get in bed with that bastard Wei Liang!

      Xiao Yiqian had originally greeted him with a flourish as well, but after seeing Ye Chen, his face immediately turned ugly.

      At the same time, his heart was also suddenly filled with unhappiness.

      The humiliation he had suffered in front of Ye Chen was no less than Wei Changming!

      Originally, he regarded Ye Chen as his mortal enemy, but now that he saw Ye Chen and Shi Tianqi together, he didn't dare to pretend at all, because he knew that this old thing, Shi Tianqi, seemed to have been charmed by Ye Chen and was respectful to him, and if he offended Ye Chen again, then he definitely wouldn't mind himself anymore.

      Thinking of this, without saying a word, he immediately went forward and bowed at Shi Tianqi and said, "Uncle Shi, I made you angry before, it's all my fault, I've learned my mistakes now, please, you must cure me!"

      Shi Tianqi, however, said nonchalantly, "I have said that our two families will never have any relationship again, please don't call me uncle Xiao Dong, I can't afford it!"

      Saying that, he pointed at Ye Chen beside him and said with a respectful face, "And the person who is going to do something to cure you today is not me, but Master Ye Chen Ye!"

      In Shi Tianqi's eyes, Ye Chen's ability was almost near divine, not to mention anything else, his refined divine medicine alone had surpassed all the doctors as well as pharmacists in the world in Shi Tianqi's eyes.

      Therefore, Shi Tianqi was all the time respectful to Ye Chen and had respect for him from the bottom of his heart.

      When Xiao Yiqian heard this, he was immediately confused and didn't dare to look at Ye Chen incredulously, "Ye Chen, with you, you can also cure me?"

      Ye Chen looked at Xiao Yiqian playfully and said, "Xiao Yiqian, you don't have the right attitude, do you still want your roots?"

      Shi Tianqi also frowned and said, "Xiao Yiqian, Grandmaster Ye is the only person in this world who can save you, if you are still disrespectful to Grandmaster Ye, then I hope you will not regret it in the future!"

      Xiao Yiqian's heart immediately thudded when he heard this!

      His own illness, eighty percent is this Ye Chen, who made the means to yin out at that renovation summit in the first place, but there has been no direct evidence found.

      What's more, Ye Chen had humiliated him more than once!Let him call his father and grandfather!

      It could be said that the person he hated the most in this world was Ye Chen.

      However, after hearing that Ye Chen was the only person who could save him, Xiao Yiqian immediately held all that hatred in his heart and hurriedly changed his face, saying to Ye Chen with a flattering face, "I was wrong, Master Ye you must not take it to heart, please help me and save my life!"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, looked at him and asked, "Xiao Yiqian, have you forgotten what you should call me when you see me?"

      Xiao Yiqian gritted his teeth and surmised, A great man can bend, for my roots, I'm willing to do anything!

      So, he immediately knelt down on the ground and said to Ye Chen, "Grandpa, what happened before was all my fault, please save me, Your Excellency!"

      As he spoke, he smacked his own mouth, afraid that Ye Chen would be angry and not treat him.

      The rest of them were jaw-dropping, this was Xiao Dong!

      The chairman of the Humble City Group actually calls a young man grandfather?

      What was this young man's status that he could make the chairman of a large conglomerate bow his head like that!

      Only then did Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Not bad, you're getting more and more skilled at this business!"

      Wei Yongzheng Shi Tianqi was so revered by Ye Chen, and Xiao Yiqian even called Ye Chen his grandfather, his eyes almost fell out in shock.

      He even took a step forward and complimented, "I've heard of Master Ye's name for a long time, but I never expected to see your true face today, truly a master's style!Please do something to help Chairman Xiao's illness!"

      Wei Changming, who was on the side, couldn't help but feel fire in his heart when he saw Ye Chen, so he gritted his teeth and said, "Dad, this grandson isn't a master at all!I've already asked around, he's just a feng shui master!Don't trust him!It must have been Wei Liang, the bastard, who united him to come here to trick you!"

      Wei Yongzheng's heart thudded, seeing Ye Chen frowning with displeasure, he immediately threw his hand and slapped Wei Changming.

      What he didn't expect was that Xiao Yiqian, who was kneeling on the ground, heard this and jumped up to slap Wei Changming as well, and the two of them gave Wei Changming a left and a right!


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