Secret Identity 401-410


Chapter 401

The Splendid Clubhouse had a total of fifteen floors.

      Other than the first floor hall, the remaining fourteen floors were used as entertainment venues.

      Among them, the lower ten floors were all filled with different sizes and styles of private rooms, and even the private rooms for ordinary members were extremely luxurious, not to mention the private rooms for senior VIPs, which were simply imperial-like.

      As for the tenth floor and above, there were swimming pools, sky gardens, fitness and entertainment facilities.

      Among them, the top fifteenth floor was where the most luxurious was.

      Arriving at the fifteenth floor, Ye Chen had just exited the elevator, and his eyes caught sight of the extreme luxury around him.

      This place was completely palace-like in its golden splendor, every place was extremely luxurious and extremely refined, basically there was nothing wrong with it.

      Song Wanting was by Ye Chen's side, introducing her as she walked and said, "Master Ye, this floor is the most luxurious floor in the entire Splendid Club, it also has a semi-outdoor infinity pool, presidential suites, private restaurants, and even if you want to listen to music, a small concert can be held here, if you like any singer, I can invite him to come over and sing to you alone on the fifteenth floor."

      Saying that, Song Wanting busy: "By the way, recently there is a very famous girl group is coming to Jinling to hold a concert, one of their members recently very hot, was named koi girl, the other economic company just happens to be our Song family investment, if you are interested in Hu ah.

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I'm not too fond of the entertainment industry that way."

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "The entertainment industry is indeed a bit chaotic, if you like the more powerful ones, I can also help you invite some top singers over and sing for you alone."

      Ye Chen smiled, "If I have this need, I'll let you know."

      "Good."Song Wanting smiled sweetly and said, "In short, Master Ye must never be polite to Wan Ting, you can tell Wan Ting any needs you have, and Wan Ting will definitely do her best to satisfy you."

      When she said this, Song Wanting's face blushed slightly, this always arrogant and cold young lady was rarely shy in front of a man.

      In fact, Song Wanting had always remembered her grandfather's teachings.

      To find a way to recruit Ye Chen as the Song family's son-in-law.

      Moreover, she herself had long been fond of a man like Ye Chen, who was powerful and capable, yet low-key, herself.

      Therefore, these words were not only a heartfelt expression of love to Ye Chen, but also a subtle declaration of love.

      It was just that Ye Chen didn't taste the deeper layer of deeper meaning, but instead, he smiled slightly, thanked Song Wanting for her respect and esteem, and spoke, "Probably looking at it, the feng shui here is still very good, I can see that feng shui was considered when designing it, but then, the matter of feng shui requires that you must be careful, so I have to look at each layer, otherwise I might not be able to read it."

      Saying that, Ye Chen said indifferently, "How about this, you go ahead and get busy, I'll just go around by myself."

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Master Ye, Wanting will accompany you!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "No need to be unnecessary, you need to be calm to see feng shui more thoroughly, I'd rather go alone, you just wait for me here."

      Song Wanting didn't insist on accompanying her anymore at this point, and respectfully said, "Master Ye has any needs, just call my phone directly."

      Ye Chen gave a slight nod to Song Wanting and entered the elevator without speaking.


      Ye Chen looked over from the fifteenth floor down, riding the elevator floor by floor.

      After looking over one floor at a time, he eventually reached the only second floor that he hadn't seen yet.

      Looking at it throughout the day, Ye Chen felt that the Splendid Clubhouse could be said to be very luxuriously decorated on every floor, and one could see the designer's dedication.

      However, the feng shui here could only be considered moderate.


It was true that the feng shui of Splendor had some delicacy, but, in Ye Chen's opinion, there was nothing very profound and unique about it.

      Ordinary people might think that the feng shui here was very good, but in his opinion, it was like a cup of plain water, nothing good or harmful, tasteless and insipid.

      But since he had promised Song Wanting, Ye Chen didn't mind making a move to raise the feng shui of the entire splendor by a grade.

      He thought in his heart, combining the secret feng shui techniques from the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and soon he had a whole set of ideas.

      Just at this moment, a woman's voice suddenly came from behind him.

      "Ye Chen, why are you a loser here?"

      Hearing this, Ye Chen frowned and turned around, only to see Xiao Weiwei and a man in a white Zegna suit walking over.

      The man was none other than the eldest son of the Wei family, Wei Changming.

      Ever since Wei Changming had obtained Xiao Weiwei from Xiao Yiqian, he had doted on her.

      He even made a promise to Xiao Weiwei that he would make her a superior human being.

      Xiao Weiwei was initially unwilling to be sent around like a plaything, but when she saw that Wei Changming did have some true feelings for her, she willingly became his lover.

      From Xiao Weiwei's point of view, although the Wei family's strength was not comparable to Xiao Yiqian's Qiancheng Group, but at least it was at the level of a billion assets, which was too much more wall than the previous Xiao family.

      Therefore, after she fell in love with Wei Changming, her heart regained its old pride.

      Today, when the Splendid Club opened, Wei Changming purposely spent five million to buy a senior membership and then brought Xiao Weiwei over to experience it and see the world along with it.

      After Xiao Weiwei entered the Brilliant Clubhouse, she was shocked by the luxuriousness of the place and instantly had that feeling of high society.

      But just as she was immersed in this feeling, she suddenly saw Ye Chen, who made her hate her to the bone.

      It's like eating a full banquet and suddenly seeing a fly.


      What a bummer!

      So much so that all she wanted to do was think of a quick way to get rid of the fly!

      Or else your own experience of a full meal will fall to the bottom in an instant!

      Of course, it would be best to swat this fly to death.

      As soon as Wei Changming saw Xiao Weiwei firing at a guy in ordinary clothes, he hugged her tightly around the waist and asked curiously, "Weiwei, is this guy the stinky hangman door-to-door son-in-law Ye Chen that you're talking about?"

      "That's him!"Xiao Weiwei gritted her teeth as she looked at Ye Chen and said, "This grandson has been known as a loser since he was in college, but I didn't expect him to mix in with the Brilliant Club!"

      When Wei Changming was entwined with Xiao Weiwei, he had heard Xiao Weiwei talk about some of the Xiao family's past, so he was very impressed with Ye Chen, a person.

      When he thought that he had just conquered Xiao Weiwei, in order to make Xiao Weiwei die, he naturally had to stand up for her more, so Wei Changming sized up Ye Chen and said with a sneer, "Kid, is the Splendid Clubhouse a place you can come to?"

      Ye Chen's face turned cold and asked rhetorically, "Why can't I come?"

      "Why can't you come?"Wei Changming grinned and said, "Because you don't deserve it!"


Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh when he heard Wei Changming's words.

      He didn't get angry, instead, he looked at him with a good temper and asked with a smile, "Come, tell me, where am I unworthy?"

      Wei Changming's nostrils pointed skyward as he snorted, "Still need to ask?Naturally, you don't deserve to be anywhere!Look at the clothes you're wearing, damn it, you're not as good as the doorman who opens the door for people at the door!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "What I wear is my freedom, is it still mandatory for the Splendid Club to require its guests to wear something?"

      Wei Changming sneered: "Of course the Brilliant Club doesn't enforce the dress code, however, the membership system is implemented here!You're never allowed in without a member!"

      Saying that, Wei Changming mocked and asked, "Are you an ordinary member here?"

      Ye Chen faintly shook his head: "No."

      Wei Changming disdainfully asked, "Then are you a senior member here?"

      Ye Chen also shook his head: "Neither."

      Wei Changming sneered and said, "You're not going to tell me that you're a VIP member here, are you?"

      Ye Chen spread out his hands: "Still not."

      Wei Changming couldn't help but laugh, "Hahahaha, you stinky hangdog, you're not going to tell me that you're a senior VIP member, are you?As far as I know, there are no more than ten people in the entire Jinling who can get a premium VIP membership!"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, showing two rows of small white teeth, and said harmlessly, "None of them."

      Wei Changming frowned tightly and coldly snorted, "You're not a member of anything, I think you're taking advantage of the situation to mix in and scrounge for food and drinks, right?"

      Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, also said with a face full of ridicule, "Then there's no need to ask, how can such a wasteful son-in-law who was abandoned by our Xiao family be a member here?It's definitely a stinky hangman who came in to rub it in!"

      After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen angrily and gritted her teeth, "Ye Chen, you've come to the wrong place today!This is the Song family's new glorious high-end clubhouse, and it's open for trial today, and the people here are all respectable people, so if you dare to mix in and cause trouble, aren't you afraid of being killed by security?"

      Ye Chen said innocently, "I'm a member here, why did the security guard beat me up?"

      Wei Changming sneered and said, "Still fucking pretending with me?There are only four levels of membership here, regular, premium, and VIP, and you're not even one of those four, and you still call yourself a member?"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Although I'm not a member of these four grades, I'm a Supreme VIP member and belong to the fifth grade, don't you know?"

      "Bah!"Wei Changming despised: "I can fuck you drop!You didn't see the introduction hanging in the lobby on the first floor?There are only four gears in total, you're really fucking good at making things up, and what supreme VIP members, you're so blind, you're not afraid of offending the Song family?"

      Ye Chen helplessly shook his head and said, "You're so strange, what I've told you is the truth, why are you so unbelieving?"

      "I believe you?"As if he had heard a great joke, Wei Changming mocked, "With your stinking hangdog appearance, you still want to fool me, Wei Changming?"

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "Are you famous?How come I've never heard of you?"

      Wei Changming sneered, "Have you heard of Wei's Pharmaceuticals?I am the general manager of Wei's Pharmaceuticals."

      Ye Chen shook his head and said, "Sorry, I really haven't heard of it."

      Wei Changming thought that Ye Chen was deliberately mocking himself, and said with a gloomy face, "Kid, you're in trouble today, you don't have a membership, and you still dare to mix into the Song family's brilliant club, and you're still spouting nonsense that you're some kind of supreme VIP member, which idiot made up this name for you?And a fucking bluff!"

      Ye Chen helplessly shook his head, pulled out his membership card and said, "Here, look, is this my membership card, does it say Supreme VIP Member?"


Wei Changming took a look at the membership card and immediately frowned.

      Not to mention, the workmanship of this card, it's damn good!

      So much better workmanship than your own regular membership card!

      But I've never heard of any Supreme VIP members of the Splendor Club!There's only four gears!

      Thinking of this, Wei Changming already had an answer in his heart.

      This card must have been forged by this pimp!

      Damn, what nerve this stinking hangman has!

      Even the membership card of the Song Club dared to be forged, what's the difference between that and forging a bank cheque?

      So, he immediately snorted and said, "Kid, hurry up and kneel down and apologize and admit your mistake, then get the hell out of here!Otherwise, I'll say hello to Uncle Yu, the Song's butler. Do you know what my relationship with Uncle Yu is?Uncle Yu and my dad, those are brothers in arms!"

      In fact, Wei Changming's father doesn't have any brotherly relationship with Uncle Yu.

      The two are just old friends from their hometown, who have known each other for a long time, so they are personal friends.

      Uncle Yu has been reserved in the Song family for many years, and has a superior status.

      It could be said that he was the strongest and highest ranking person outside of the Song family other than those few big names in the original family.

      In terms of status, Uncle Yu was much stronger than an underground king like Master Hong Fifth.

      Because after all, Master Hong Fifth couldn't come up to the stage, unlike Yu Bo, who was the Song family's spokesman on many occasions.

      Therefore, Wei Changming often talked about Uncle Yu outside, which could have the effect of fox and tiger.

      As soon as Ye Chen heard that he knew Yu Bo, he sneered and said, "I forgot to tell you, the Supreme VIP membership card was given to me by the Song family's Miss Song Wanting, didn't you just ask, which idiot made up this name?The name, that's what Miss Song made up."

      "Fuck you!"Wei Changming spat, saying, "Just a hangdog like you, you're still worthy of Miss Song making up a name for you?You really think you can brag for free?Some bullshit can kill you if you blow it, you know?"

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "Why would it kill you?Is the cow toxic?"

      "I Nima ......"Wei Changming exploded with anger and snapped, "Still fucking playing gibberish with me?Do you know that you are disrespectful to Miss Song, if Miss Song finds out, you won't be able to save your dog's life!"

      Ye Chen laughed and said, "The one who was disrespectful to Miss Song seems to be you, right?"

      Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, immediately said to Wei Changming, "Changming, what's the point of wasting words with this kind of hangman?Directly call the Brilliant Club security over and tell those security guards what he just said, those guards will definitely not let him go!You must say hello to Yu Bo when the time comes, teach this stinking loser a hard lesson and scrap him so he can't be a man!"

      Xiao Yiqian couldn't be a man, as if it was Ye Chen who had used some unspeakable means, Xiao Weiwei had always held a grudge against him for this, so now she especially wished that someone could waste Ye Chen as well.

      As soon as Wei Changming heard this, he immediately patted Xiao Weiwei's hand and said, "Don't worry, Weiwei, I'll call security to come over and kill him!"

      With that, he immediately shouted, "Where is the dead security guard?Get over here!Someone is posing as a member of Splendor and making up your Missy!"

      As soon as the words died down, a pale, solemn voice sounded, "Who's making the noise?What's going on?"

      Ye Chen looked up, hooray, the Song family's housekeeper, that awful old man surnamed Yu, was here!


As Yu Bo's angry shout rang out, Wei Chang Ming was suddenly beaming with joy.

      He looked at Ye Chen with a smile on his face and mocked, "Haha, Yu Bo is here, stinky hangman you're dead this time, even the immortals can't save you!"

      After saying that, with a twist of his head, he looked at Yu Bo and pointed at Ye Chen and complained, "Yu Bo, there's a pimp here who not only poses as a member of our Brilliant Club, but also dares to disrespect Miss Song, you have to teach him a lesson!"

      Yu Bo frowned.

      Being older, his eyes weren't too good, so he couldn't see Ye Chen's face at all from a distance.

      But he did recognize Wei Changming who was a little closer to him.

      Because he was the son of a fellow villager, he had quite a lot of contact with himself and was relatively trusting, so he said sternly, "Who is so bold?Security, get me that!"

      A few five big and three thick security guards, menacingly, were about to gather around immediately.

      Xiao Weiwei was so excited that she stared at Ye Chen and sneered, "Ye Chen, I'll see how you die today!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "If you die eight times, I won't die."

      Xiao Weiwei stomped her foot, "Still fucking talking tough!Chang Ming, let someone rip his mouth off later!"

      Ye Chen ignored him, but looked at Uncle Yu who was approaching with a step and coldly shouted, "Surnamed Yu, you're a mighty old man!And take me down?"

      Everyone in the place was confused when that voice came out!

      Shit, isn't this guy going to die soon enough?How dare you call Uncle Yu an old man?

      Let's see what Uncle Yu will do to him!

      I heard that Uncle Yu will die if he gets angry!

      But Uncle Yu hadn't been angry for years!This guy's gonna be pissed this time!

      However, no one expected that Uncle Yu would be so frightened by the sound that he trembled!

      He heard a voice just like Master Ye Chen Ye, and when he looked up, it was indeed the same Master Ye Chen Ye that even the Song family's old man was respectful of!

      When he saw Ye Chen, he shivered, and his momentum from earlier dissipated, immediately cupping his fists and bowing, "Master Ye, Yu didn't know it was you, I'm really offended ......"

      As soon as this was said, the whole place froze!

      This ......

      What the fuck is going on here?

      The high and mighty Uncle Yu is giving an apology to a stinky hangman!

      Just when everyone still didn't understand what was going on, Ye Chen coldly said, "I heard that you have a high status in the Song family, and no matter how high it is, it shouldn't be higher than the Song family's old man, right?"

      Because this Wei Changming said that Uncle Yu was his father's sworn brother, so Ye Chen didn't intend to spare this Uncle Yu easily.

      He didn't want to care whether Uncle Yu was innocent or not, who let others pretend with me under your banner?Then I'll come after you!

      If you don't like it, take it up with the people who pretended to be you!

      As soon as Uncle Yu heard that Ye Chen had directly moved out of the Song family's old man, he knew that he had caused big trouble!


Without saying a word, he directly poofed and kneeled in front of Ye Chen, and said with trepidation and incomparable devotion, "Master Ye, if Yu Mou has done anything wrong, please express it to Master Ye, Yu Mou will definitely do his best to correct it."

      Ye Chen nodded and looked down at him, pointing at the bewildered-looking Wei Changming beside him and asked, "Is it true that this man said that you are his father's sworn brother?"

      Yu Bo looked at Wei Changming and immediately said, "Back to Master Ye, his father and I are from the same village, barely friends, but definitely not worshiping brothers."

      "Good."Ye Chen nodded his head.Said, "This kid and his paramour, just now they have been pulling your flag to ridicule me, threaten me, and even kill me, what do you think should be done about this?"

      Yu Bo instantly understood that Ye Chen was dissatisfied with himself, completely courtyard this Wei Changming.

      He angrily shouted at Wei Changming, "Bastard!You've offended Master Ye, so why don't you kneel down!"

      Wei Changming still didn't understand what was going on.

      What just Master Ye?How come it's just Master Ye?

      He's just a stinking hanger-on.You're old and confused, aren't you?

      So he subconsciously said, "Uncle Yu, isn't this just a loser stinking hangman?You're such a high and mighty man, kneeling to him?You're the heart of the Song family!And he's offended Miss Song, you have to kill him!"

      Yu Bo was shivering with anger.

      Letting himself get Master Ye killed?You're out of your fucking mind!

      Who didn't know Master Ye Chen Ye's name in the entire upper class of Jinling society?

      It was only through Master Ye's divine needles and miraculous medicines that the Song family's old man had recovered as he had!

      The Song family, up and down, treated Ye Chen with respect and respect as if he were a god!

      No matter how much status I have, I'm still only compared to the servants, even the Song family steward worships as a god, when I see him, I should worship as a god and kowtow all the more!

      The man at the helm of the Song family, Master Song, is now the most spoken of in the house every day.

      "I really don't know when my Song family, when will I get Ye Chen, the true dragon on earth, the old man can't wait to have him as my granddaughter-in-law ah ......"

      So, in Uncle Yu's heart, Ye Chen's status was even higher than that of the Song family's old man!

      Now this little bastard, Wei Changming, says he and his father are sworn brothers, and also holds his own banner and annoys Master Ye, this is to get himself fucking killed!

      When he thought of this, he immediately stood up and raised his hand to slap Wei Changming's face, then shouted to the security guards around him, "Someone, hold him down on his knees!And that woman next to him!"

      Wei Changming didn't expect Yu Bo to raise his hand to hit himself, and was about to ask what was going on when he felt two strong forces pressing down on his shoulders from both sides, causing him to poof to his knees with no control.

      Xiao Weiwei was so dumbfounded that she hadn't even regained consciousness when she was pushed to the ground.

      Yu Bo then held the ground with both hands, looked up at Ye Chen and said with a terrified face, "Master Ye, I was careless in making friends, I didn't expect my friend to have such an ungrateful son, please don't worry Master Ye, I will definitely teach him a good lesson and let him know the price of disobedience and rushing Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'm a small person, I'm light and petty, it's nothing, so I'll just clash.Besides, people know your old man Uncle Yu, even if he reaches out and beats me, I can only endure it!"

      As soon as Yu Bo heard this, he knew that Ye Chen was not prepared to forgive himself just like that, so he hurriedly kowtowed three times as he said, "Master Ye, if you have any grievances, please feel free to say them, even if you have to abolish Yu Mou, Yu Mou will never be ambiguous!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "There's no need to waste you, I just want to know what you'll do if someone offends your eldest sister."

      Saying that, Ye Chen pointed at the Supreme VIP membership card in Wei Changming's hand and said to Bo: "This card was given to me by your elder sister, the title of Supreme VIP member was also specially set up for me by your elder sister to show her respect, as a result, in this person's mouth, Supreme VIP member became a name made up by a fool, I'm asking you, is this the same as calling your elder sister a name?Stupid?"

      Yu Bo turned his head and waited for Wei Changming with gritted teeth, his expression dark and full of murderous intent as he questioned, "Surnamed Wei, have you lived enough?"


Wei Changming was trembling with fear by Yu Bo.

      He was extremely frightened, but still said with a grievance, "Yu Bo, inside the information displayed in the first floor lobby, there is no such thing as a Supreme VIP member ah, this is definitely something that guy made up himself, you can't fall into his trap ah!"

      "Exactly!"Xiao Weiwei also didn't know how to speak up and ridiculed, "The shamelessness of this kind of person is really the only thing I've seen in my life, it's not even enough to pose as a member yourself, but she also specially made up a level and even forged a membership card, this nature is too bad, she doesn't take the Song family seriously at all!"

      Xiao Weiwei wanted to kill and put to death, linking Ye Chen's actions tightly with disobeying the Song family.

      In this way, the Song family would naturally not let Ye Chen go.

      However, she completely ignored the relationship between Ye Chen and the Song family.

      Even though she didn't believe throughout that a hangman like Ye Chen could really have any upper class resources or really be revered and admired by the upper class, that was the truth.

      Yu Bo was now shivering with anger at these two, and gritted his teeth and snapped, "Do you two know that this Supreme VIP membership is reserved for Master Ye by our Eldest Miss?There's only one in the world!You have shamelessly offended Master Ye and my lady by speaking out here, today I, Yu, will not spare you!"

      "Huh?!"Wei Changming's heart thudded, this Supreme VIP member was actually real!

      And this rank was set by the Song family's eldest daughter?

      Wouldn't that make you a scold to the Miss Song family?

      Oh my God ......Isn't this suicide?!

      At this time, Yu Bo looked at Ye Chen respectfully and spoke, "Master Ye, these two trash have offended you, what price do you want them to pay?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "These two are extremely low quality and their mouths stink, they are full of feces, I think it's better to let them neutralize the breath in their mouths."

      Uncle Yu hurriedly said, "Master Ye, would you like me to get a few pounds of perfume to pour over them to drink?"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Uncle Yu, one must have common sense, perfume is a highly concentrated chemical product, spraying a little bit is fine, drinking a few pounds is fatal, although these two people have a cheap mouth and stink a little bit, but the crime does not deserve death."

      Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei both looked at Ye Chen incredulously, not expecting him to let them off the hook, this was really too surprising to them ......

      Yu Bo at the side quickly asked, "Then I wonder what Master Ye has to command?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Mouths spewing feces, let's have something stinky to neutralize it, or how about this, take them to the men's room and let them lick all the urinals out of the men's room!If they don't want to lick it, then feed them perfume."

      Yu Bo immediately nodded, "Yes!Now that Master Ye has ordered it, someone come!First, get the guests out of the men's room, close it down for a while, then escort these two bitches to the men's room and make them lick all the urinals clean!"

      Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei looked at each other, both panicking to death.

      Licking the urinal?How disgusting and disgusting it must be!

      Wei Changming himself is a man, he knows too well how dirty and disgusting the urinals are ......

      Numerous people urinated on it, fingers on it are disgusting to death, and now let yourself lick it?Isn't that insulting?

      So he hurriedly begged Uncle Yu, "Uncle Yu, for my dad's sake, please spare me this time ......That urinal is no place for a person to lick, it's also too disgusting ......"


Yu Bo coldly said, "OK, it's OK if you don't lick it, I'll immediately have the warehouse bring over ten pounds of concentrated perfume, five pounds for each of you, and you can't leave until you've finished!"

      The Splendid Clubhouse was fifteen floors in total, covering a huge area, and was filled with a very high-class fragrance, thanks to the imported perfume.

      Therefore, the Brilliant Clubhouse had an enormous inventory of perfumes.

      Once Wei Changming heard that he was going to drink five pounds of perfume, his frightened liver trembled.

      Five pounds of perfume contains at least two and a half pounds of alcohol, as well as all kinds of chemical additives, musk additives, and antiseptic additives, if this really drinks five pounds down, even the Great Luo Jinxian can't be saved ah!

      Compared to this, licking the urinal is a bit disgusting, but at least you can live ah ......

      When Yu Bo saw him hesitate, he was furious, and the man had little patience, and said to the security guard beside him, "Damn, if you don't want to lick it, give me a good beating first, as a way to collect some interest!"


      He gave a direct order and the security guards of the Splendid Premium Club rushed over and surrounded Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei.

      The security guards did not say a word and did not drag their feet, immediately swinging their fists and punching and kicking the two.

      Before Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei could react, they received a violent beating with fists and kicks, and were beaten up with snot and tears coming out, miserable.

      Wei Changming, who was in severe pain, struggled and begged, "Uncle Yu, I'm still your senior member no matter what, I spent five million ah, don't say that my father is still friends with you, even if it's just an ordinary person, since I'm a customer here, you shouldn't beat me ah!"

      Yu Bo's face turned green when he heard this, "You think you can wantonly mess with our supreme VIP members just because you're a member here?Let me tell you, the entire Song family respects Master Ye, and you dare to disobey him, who are you?I'm telling you, I'll refund your membership fee tomorrow, and from now on the Splendid Club will permanently ban you from the club!"

      Wei Changming is going crazy, his eyes are all red, the senior member is his own spent real money to buy it, what makes him think he can cancel it?

      But at this point, how could he dare to be obstinate with Uncle Yu?

      A security guard now ran over holding several large bottles and said respectfully, "Yu Bo, the perfume is here."

      Yu Bo nodded his head and said, "Good!Since they won't lick the urinals, pry their mouths open and pour perfume into them!Five pounds of water for each person, not a drop less!"

      A few security guards immediately stepped forward and pinched Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei's mouths, asking them to open their mouths.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the products that are available in the marketplace.

      Yu Bo looked at the pale Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei, and coldly said, "Drinking so much perfume, I guess you can guarantee that your bodies won't decay when you die, and then find a wasteland to dig a hole and bury it, a few hundred years later it might still be an unearthed relic!"

      The two of them were scared out of their wits when they heard this.

      No one wants to die if they can live!

      I thought drinking perfume was just a threat before, but I didn't think it was going to get real, so much so that licking the urinal is literally the mildest punishment in the world!

      So they both said in unison, "Have mercy, Uncle Yu!We choose to lick the urinal!"


Everyone knows that the men's bathroom urinals are certainly slutty, but licking them won't kill you.

      But if five pounds of perfume went down, even the great Luo Jinxian couldn't cover it.

      Although Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei were proud and arrogant, no one was willing to take their own lives.

      As long as they could survive, what was a lick of the urinal.

      Just as long as they could gargle a few more times and brush their teeth a few more times!

      When Yu Bo saw that they had chosen to lick the urinal, he spoke up and commanded, "Someone, drag this pair of dogs, to the men's bathroom, and make them lick the urinal clean, and if they dare to leave a single stain, beat the shit out of them!"

      The security guards dragged Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei like dead dogs to the men's bathroom on the second floor, and Yu Bo's side respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, do you want to go over and supervise?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head, "Such an interesting thing, of course we can't miss it."

      Saying that, under Yu Bo's respectful service, he stepped forward to the bathroom.

      The bathrooms on the entire second floor were very large, and there were two rows of urinals alone totaling sixteen.

      A few security guards pushed Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei to one of the urinals and said in a cold voice, "What the hell are you still standing there for?Hurry up and lick it!"

      Wei Changming shivered and stuck out his tongue, but always did not dare to lean forward.


      Xiao Weiwei was just as disgusted and dizzy, the smell was so punchy that she almost passed out.

      Yu Bo saw that the two were still dawdling, and said coldly, "If you dawdle any longer, I'll make you lick the toilet!"

      The two of them shuddered in fear, but it was Wei Changming who first plucked up the courage, leaned in front of the white porcelain urinal, stretched out his tongue, and licked the tip of his tongue point to point on it, followed by an immediate dry heave of nausea.

      The other side of Xiao Weiwei could only follow suit, closed her eyes on the urinal and gently licked it.

      Wei Changming's expression was ugly, black and green, and he looked at Yu Bo and begged, "Yu Bo, we've already licked it, can you let us go now?"

      Yu Bo turned his head to look at Ye Chen, "Master Ye, what do you mean?"

      Ye Chen held his arms and sneered, "This is too confusing, isn't it?Just get your tongue on it?You've got to be kidding me!"

      Yu Bo hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, then what do you mean?"

      Ye Chen pointed to the two rows of a total of sixteen urinals and spoke, "This way, let the two of them lick eight each, fair distribution, no one loses out, each one must be licked from the inside to the outside again, less not licked at all!"

      The people present were stunned ......

      Master Ye was too cruel!

      Licking eight urinals at once?

      This urinal is an imported Kohler urinal, large and imposing, almost a meter and two high, not to mention licking eight, even if you lick one, you have to slut people to death, licking eight ......

      Wei Changming simply collapsed upon hearing this, Xiao Weiwei directly cried out, kneeling down and begging Ye Chen: "Ye Chen, at least you are my brother-in-law, for the sake of my youth and ignorance, let me go this time, okay?"

      Wei Changming also folded his hands and kept begging, "Master Ye, you are generous, give a way out of life ......"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "A way out for you, ah, let you go immediately after licking eight."


Wei Changming's expression was even uglier than a dead father's as he said cryptically, "Master Ye, eight is too many, and one is still so big, no one can stand ah this thing ......"

      "Oh, can't stand it ah?"Ye Chen laughed and said to Bo, "Call Hongwu and bring these two to his dogfighting arena, just like that Hong Kong Master Lai, chop them up and feed them to the dogs."

      Yu Bo immediately nodded his head and said, "Okay Master Ye!"

      In the beginning, the fraudulent Feng Shui master from Hong Kong, surnamed Lai, was directly fed to the dogs by Hongwu because he had cheated Missy and was pierced.

      This kind of thing, Hong Wu has done this kind of thing not once or twice, and has long since become familiar with it.

      Once Wei Changming and Xiao Weiwei heard this, they were scared out of their wits.

      At a time like this, how could the two of them dare to bargain?

      Wei Changming, who had the strongest desire for survival, took off, "I lick!I lick!I'm licking it!"

      After saying that, he immediately jumped on the urinal in front of him, sticking out his tongue and licking it with strong nausea.

      The pungent smell made him vomit while licking, but he didn't dare to have any delay for fear of being dragged to feed the dog, so he could only continue licking nonstop.

      Xiao Weiwei was crying incomparably sad, hugging the urinal as she licked it.

      Ye Chen spoke at this time, "Xiao Weiwei, this row has already been claimed by Wei Changming, you are now licking it for him, the row you want to lick is in the back."

      Xiao Weiwei wailed, it turned out that she had just licked all that in vain, so she could only cry as she crawled to the back row, hugging the urinal and licking it.

      This was truly the greatest humiliation and the worst torture she had ever suffered in her life ......

      Ye Chen didn't want to remain here to admire their performance art and instructed Yu Bo, "Remember, they must be licked clean before you can let them go!"

      Yu Bo quickly said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, I'll personally watch over them."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and directly turned around to get on the private elevator to the eighteenth floor.

      Yu Bo was personally behind him to see him off, not daring to show any disrespect.

      When Ye Chen was about to get on the elevator, Yu Bo spoke nervously, "Master Ye, what happened just now was really Yu Mou's poor work, which provoked you to anger, and I hope you can forgive me."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Keep an eye on those two people for me, as long as they lick seriously and cleanly, this matter is settled."

      Yu Bo nodded in panic, "Master Ye, please rest assured, if the two of them dare to miss licking even one spot, I will kill them!"

      Saying that, he couldn't help but plead, "Master Ye, Yu Mou has one more unsympathetic request ......"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "You say."

      Yu Bo hurriedly bowed respectfully, "Master Ye, please don't tell our Eldest Miss about what just happened, your great kindness, Yu Mou will remember it for the rest of his life!"

      Yu Bo was nothing more than a servant and subject of the Song family in the end, and Ye Chen was the guest of honor that the entire Song family was desperately trying to suck up to, if Song Wanting knew what had just happened, she would definitely punish herself and even take away her position as Grand Butler.

      Ye Chen also knew that Yu Bo himself was not at fault, it was nothing more than being taken advantage of, seeing that his attitude was righteous, he nodded his head and said, "Okay, I'll help you this time for now, if you have anything to do with this kind of person again in the future, don't blame me for being rude to you."

      Yu Bo immediately said gratefully, "Master Ye, please rest assured, Yu Bo will definitely draw a clear line with this kind of people in the future, and if there is another time, Yu Bo will break his own legs!"

      "Mm."Ye Chen faintly nodded and waved his hand, "Okay, you go."

      Only then did Yu Bo bowed and said, "Yu Mou thanked Master Ye!"


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