Secret Identity 381-390


Xiao Choran was terrified by Gao Junwei's poor and vicious appearance.

      Next to him, Ma Lan was also terrified to the extreme.

      At this moment, Ma Lan hated to smack herself a few times.

      Why did the ghost get obsessed and insist on trying to set up this Gao Junwei and his daughter together?

      This is good, taking her daughter and herself into the mix ......

      She looked at Xiao Churan, incomparably guilty cried: "Churan, Mom did not know it was so, Mom is sorry ......"

      Xiao Churan sighed as she wept, but she couldn't say a word.

      Gao Junwei stared at Ma Lan and said through clenched teeth, "Originally I didn't have to do this to you guys, I was thinking of bringing a divine doctor to heal your husband after hitting him so that Choran would be grateful to me and then be with me ......"

      At this point, Gao Junwei looked fierce and scolded, "Who would have thought that halfway out Ye Chen, this waste!If not, maybe Choran would have been my woman already!Blame it on your blindness and finding such a useless hanging son-in-law!"

      Lan Ma sat on the floor and shouted wildly, "I've long said that Ye Chen is a waste, but I didn't expect that after so many years of eating soft food in our house, he has now caused us mother and daughter to end up in this situation ......"

      Xiao Choran said indignantly, "Mom!This matter was not Ye Chen's fault at all!Don't you get it?"

      Mashi cried out, "Why do you keep defending that loser!You're still defending him, even now?Do you still see me as your mother?"

      Gao Junwei was getting a headache from her noise, frowning, "Okay, don't whine here, it doesn't matter who is defending who, today you two, mother and daughter, no one can escape my hands!"

      Afterwards, he looked at Ma Lan with a lewd smile and said, "Auntie Ma, don't you want me to be your son-in-law?Why don't you just let me be your lover for once?"

      Marashi's face was white with fright and he was struck by lightning!

      She had never dreamed that this Gao Junwei, who had been saying that he wanted to marry Xiao Choran and be his son-in-law, was a decent gentleman on the surface, but behind his back, he was such a scum as a pig and a dog!

      After her husband Xiao Changkun's car accident, the loss of herself is also very grateful to Gao Junwei for arranging the icu ward and inviting the divine doctor to come and heal her.

      In addition, seeing that Gao Junwei has broken his leg again, he feels even more guilty.

      But as it turned out, it was all just a play that he had directed himself!

      The reason why he and his husband, Xiao Changkun, had a car accident, Gao Junwei was the real culprit!

      Besides, is he still a human being?

      He's at his own age, the same age as his mother's estimate, and he's not even going to let go?

      What a pig!

      She was simply remorseful!

      If it wasn't for the fact that they would have chosen to believe this scum's coaxing and lured their daughter, Xiao Choran, here, how would they have ended up in such a dangerous situation?

      This is a huge mistake!

      Seeing Ma Lan trembling in fear, Gao Junwei sneered at her and said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to fuck you now, I'm going to lure Ye Chen over first and break his legs and feet with a gun, so he can watch me fuck you!I'm going to make his life a living hell!When he's done watching, I'll shoot him in the dog's head and send him on his way!"

      He then snatched Xiao Churan's bag, found her phone and called Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen had just come out of Ji Shi Tang at this time and received a call from his wife, and was about to ask how the business discussion was going, but he heard Gao Junwei's voice.


"Gee, Ye Chen, you didn't fucking think it would be Laozi who called you, did you?"

      "Junwei Ko?!"Ye Chen coldly questioned, "How did Choran's phone end up in your hands?"

      Gao Junwei sneered, "Because your wife is in my hands now ah, I'm ready to strip her naked and enjoy her!"

      Said John Ko, "Oh yes!I hear she's still a virgin?You're a loser enough, you're married to her for more than three years and you haven't been able to fuck her, so I'll break through this last layer for you today, hahahahahaha!"

      Ye Chen was furious, he said in a cold to the core voice, "Gao Junwei I'm warning you, if you dare to hurt a single hair of my wife, I want your life!"

      "I can fuck you, chicken!"Gao Junwei said in a cold voice, "Don't fucking pretend with me here!You have 20 minutes to get to the riverside villa. If you're late, you'll lose your wife's virginity and your life!It's up to you!"

      At this time, Xiao Choran took off shouting, "Ye Chen, you mustn't come, they have guns!"

      Gao Junwei now slapped Xiao Churan's face and cursed, "Grass, still fucking talking too much here?If he doesn't come, you're dead today!"

      Ye Chen gritted his teeth and said sternly, "I'm the one you want to kill, don't hurt my wife, I'm going over there!"

      Gao Junwei said, "You're only allowed one person to come, otherwise I'll just shoot your wife, and then your mother-in-law!"


      Ye Chen hung up the phone and stopped a car without saying a word, heading to the riverside villa.

      Now, his killing intent was almost exploding, he just wanted to chop Gao Junwei into a million pieces!

      And at this time, Gao Junwei was also impatiently excited.

      He was very sure that if Ye Chen came, he would die, and he would die horribly!

      At that time, he would be able to avenge his broken leg, and by the way, fuck Xiao Choran in front of him!

      At that time, when Ye Chen's arms and legs are broken by bullets and he can only watch himself take Xiao Choran's first time like a cripple, I'm sure Ye Chen's heart will be incomparably desperate!


      Thinking about it, Gao Junwei was excited and wanted to scream several times!

      At the same time, Gao Jianjun beside him was suddenly somewhat unable to hold back.

      Both Ma Lan and Xiao Churan were too beautiful, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on one first!

      Since Xiao Churan is going to leave it to her son to get started, she might as well have a go with Mashio first!

      Thinking of this, he immediately went to Ma Lan and smiled, "Your son-in-law will be here for another twenty to thirty minutes, so why don't we go to the room inside first and have a good time!"

      Ma Lan couldn't speak of the anger in her heart, hurriedly stood up and raised her hand up just to slap him, shouting and cursing, "For the sake of the old and disrespectful things, I'll kill you, you bastard!"

      But who expected that before the hand fell, it was grabbed by Gao Jianjun.

      Gao Jianjun's eyes were fiery as he looked at Ma Lan, who kept struggling, and with a smile, he said, "Ms. Ma, don't think that I'm not strong because I'm old, let me tell you, I'm strong, and I'm sure you like it!"

      Gao Junwei, who was on the side, smiled and said, "Dad, I think if we break Ye Chen's hands and feet later, why don't we force her to get together with Ye Chen, and then we'll take some videos and upload them to Shakespeare, when they die and all die in disgrace!"

      Gao Jianjun laughed, "Let the two of them die and be spurned by thousands of people!Great idea!


Lan Ma was terrified by this father and son's vicious plan!

      She cracked a curse, "You two animals shall not die, I'll bite you to death!"

      Gao Jianjun directly slapped Ma Lan and sneered, "Damn it, you stinky bitch, behave yourself!"

      Saying that, he grabbed Ma Lan's hair and tried to drag her into the bedroom inside.

      Ma Lan resisted vigorously, Xiao Churan also wanted to come up to save her, but Gao Junjun didn't give her a chance at all, and grabbed her arm, making her unable to move.

      Gao Jianjun didn't expect Ma Lan's temper to be so fierce, and cursed in a rage, "Damn, do you believe I'll shoot you with one shot, stinky bitch?"

      Gao Junwei said at this time, "Dad, Ye Chen might come at any time, in case he's not finished on your side when he comes, I can't deal with him by myself!"

      Gao Jianjun hesitated for a moment, kicked Ma Lan aside and said in a cold voice, "Well, in that case, wait until I kill your son-in-law first, then I'll get you!"

      Ma Lan was trembling with fear, now, the only chance of survival for herself and her daughter was on Ye Chen, if Ye Chen was really capable, there might still be a chance to save her and her daughter, if Ye Chen was not capable, then the probability was that all three of them would die here ......

      Thinking of this, Ma Lan couldn't help but cry old tears, and her heart was also repentant to the extreme.

      Unfortunately, if she had known today, why would she have done it?


      Soon, Ye Chen, who was determined to save Xiao Churan, arrived at the riverside villa.

      After he got off the car, he immediately called Xiao Churan, and after Gao Junwei answered the phone, he coldly asked, "You came alone?"

      Ye Chen said, "That's right, myself!"

      Gao Junwei walked to the window, looked at the courtyard and said, "The gate is unlocked, come to the courtyard by yourself, put your hands above your head and don't play tricks, or else I'll immediately shoot Xiao Choran!"

      "Good."Ye Chen agreed and immediately pushed open the courtyard door of Gao Junwei's villa, then raised his hands above his head.

      When Gao Junwei saw that he had indeed come alone, he put his mind at ease.

      Then he pushed open the door, threw out a handful of handcuffs, and said to Ye Chen, "Cuff your own hands, don't play tricks!"

      Xiao Choran shouted through the window, "Ye Chen you don't come in!They're trying to kill you!"

      Ye Chen gave her a reassuring look from afar, but at this point, his heart was already killing inside.

      Gao Junwei, I'm going to kill you today!

      Whirling around, without saying a word, Ye Chen immediately handcuffed his own hands, then raised his hands up high and said in a cold voice, "Satisfied?"

      Gao Junwei laughed, and on the side, Gao Jianjun walked into the courtyard with a pistol, pointed it at Ye Chen, and coldly said, "Get in there!"

      Ye Chen said with a blank expression, "Just enter."

      Saying that, he stepped towards the villa.

      Gao Junwei was so excited!

      He had been looking forward to this moment all these days, to the moment when he would be able to slay his enemy!


Aren't you Ye Chen faking it?Don't you know Hung Ng?You're not throwing me out the window?

      Now, I'm going to kill you!

      Ye Chen stepped into the house and immediately saw Xiao Churan, so he said with an apologetic face, "Churan, I'm sorry, I'm late."

      Seeing Ye Chen rushing to save himself, Xiao Churan's heart was surprised, happy, worried and scared.

      However, she didn't know why, at this moment, Ye Chen's figure was so tall and secure to her.

      Xiao Choran cried out in pain and said, "Hubby ......"

      Ma Lan who was kicked to the ground suddenly woke up and crawled over to hug Ye Chen's thigh and cried out, saying, "Ye Chen, my good son-in-law yo, you've come to save Mom ah!If you're one step too late, Mom's going to be late!"

      She said, then pointed at Gao Junwei and his son and cried, "You don't know, Gao Junwei, this beast, lied to me that he wanted to confess to Choran and asked me to ask her to come here, but he not only wanted to bully Choran, he actually had thoughts about me, which scared mom silly!If anything happens to her, what will happen to her?"

      Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed.

      He sort of understood that the reason why something like this happened to his wife was all because of this mother-in-law's trouble!

      At this moment, he was so angry he even wanted to slap the snobbish mother-in-law to death!

      However, he also knew that now was not the time to teach Ma Lan a lesson, the most important thing was to take care of the father and son, Gao Junwei and Gao Jianjun, first.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked at Xiao Choran and said softly, "Don't worry, leave everything here to your husband!"

      Xiao Choran watched Ye Chen just cry for a moment before choking, "Ye Chen, why are you so stupid!Didn't you come over here to die for nothing?"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "You know what?Many people in Jinling say that your husband is a true dragon on earth, a true dragon on earth, how can he die so easily?"

      "Hahahahaha!"As if he had heard a great joke, Gao Junwei spoke out, "Ye Chen, you're the only one who still has a real dragon on earth?I think you're a real bug!You're a ridiculous bedbug in my eyes!I can crush you with my toes!"

      Ye Chen looked at him with cold eyes and said indifferently, "Surnamed Gao, grudges between men should be settled by men in private, what kind of skill is kidnapping a woman?If you're a man, let Choran and my mother-in-law go free, and as for me, you can kill or cut me, whatever!"

      Gao Junwei sneered, "You're thinking too much!You think I'll kill you to relieve my anger?Let me tell you, before I kill you, I'm going to sleep with your wife, Xiao Choran, in front of you!Also, I'm going to use Xiao Choran's phone to register a jitterbug for you and post the video online!Let the world know that you, Ye Chen, were cuckolded before you died!"

      Saying that, Gao Junwei gritted his teeth, "By the way, the name of the jitterbug will be Super Stinky Sling!"

      Gao Junwei hated Ye Chen to the bone, just killing him was not enough to relieve his hatred, so he was going to use Xiao Churan's phone number to register Shakespeare, and then he would upload the video to the internet, and it would be impossible for others to trace him through Xiao Churan's phone anyway.

      That way, even if Ye Chen died, the cuckold video about him would continue to circulate.

      Killing him with his own hands, and then watching him die all being poked in the back, mocked and sarcastic, that was the coolest thing!

      Ye Chen now looked at Gao Junwei, sneered, and said, "If you really want to register a jitterbug for me, the name of the jitterbug should be called Door to Door Dragon Son-in-law!Oh yeah, and remember to use a dragon as my avatar, so it fits my personality!"

      Gao Junwei laughed in a despicable manner, "I fucking admire that about you, you're still pretending to be something when you're dying!"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "The one who is dying is you, not me!"

      Gao Jianjun frowned tightly, the muzzle aimed at Ye Chen's forehead and gritted his teeth, "Kid, still pretending?Believe it or not I'll shoot you right now!"

      Ye Chen sneered and said with a single word, "Me!No!Letters!"



      When Gao Jianjun saw that Ye Chen didn't take himself seriously, he sneered and said, "You're really fucking forcing yourself!Yes!Since you're so fond of pretending, I'll make you suffer today!I'll break your roots first!"

      Gao Junwei was in a hurry to say, "Dad, don't break his roots in a hurry!I'd like to film an incestuous love affair between him and his mother-in-law!Why don't we break his arms and legs first and play him to death slowly!"

      "Yes!"With a sardonic smile, Gao Jianjun said, "Break his arms and legs, and then we'll give him a live broadcast!"

      Ma Lan and Xiao Churan were pale with fear, and Gao Jianjun had aimed his gun at Ye Chen's thigh.

      He looked at Ye Chen and sneered, "This is the price you pay for messing with my son!"

      Saying that, he was going to pull the trigger.

      Ye Chen, at this time, quietly ferried out two true qi from his hands, causing Xiao Choran and Ma Lan, all of them to fall deeply asleep.

      As soon as Gao Jianjun saw the two women instantly sleeping, he was shocked and said out of his mouth, "What's going on?Did the woman pass out from shock?"

      "Pretty much."Gao Junwei said with some annoyance, "What a fucking bummer!I still want them to watch Ye Chen get his arms and legs broken!"

      Gao Jianjun said, "Simple, you go get some water and splash them both awake!Abolishing Ye Chen is such a spectacular show, they have to witness it with their own eyes."

      Seeing that his wife and mother-in-law were already asleep, Ye Chen no longer had any worries, and with a sneer, he said, "With a product like you, you also want to abolish me?"

      Gao Jianjun pointed his gun at him and said, "Ye Chen, you're dying and you still dare to pretend to be here?As awesome as you are, how fast can you get my bullets?!"

      Gao Junwei was also full of energy and shouted, "Ye Chen, if you kneel down to me now and beg for mercy and then cripple your own legs, perhaps I can give you a thrashing later!"

      In his opinion, even cramping and skinning Ye Chen would not relieve his hatred.

      He could not wait to drink Ye Chen's blood, eat Ye Chen's flesh, and then cut Ye Chen into pieces to feed to the dogs!

      Hearing this, Ye Chen's eyes were icy cold to the core, and suddenly his hands struggled, and the handcuffs made of steel snapped!

      The Gao father and son were dumbfounded by the scene!

      What kind of monster is this?How could you break the handcuffs with both hands?

      Gao Junwei panicked and said, "Dad, this guy is not normal, kill him!"

      At this time, Ye Chen sneered and said, "Now you still want to kill me?Late!"

      As he said that, he raised his hand slightly, and in his hand, he was holding a thunderstorm order.

      This was the Thunderbolt Order that had struck the Sea of Tranquility with the Heavenly Thunder!

      Gao Jianjun was a bit dumbfounded, unable to understand what was in Ye Chen's hand.

      But his intuition told him that there was something odd about it!

      So, fearing that things would go wrong, he immediately pulled the trigger!

      At that moment, Ye Chen lightly shouted, "Lei Lai!"

      As the words fell, his entire body actually flashed with thunder light, radiant as a divine dragon!

      The thunder of the heavens, to draw it!

      The whole room lit up like day!

      Without even reacting, father and son saw a white mane appear before their eyes, followed by the sound of rumbling thunder in their ears!

      The two felt as if they were in a sea of thunder in the nine heavens, terrifying and frightening as hell!


Looking at Ye Chen again, he was dazzling with lightning, as if a heavenly dragon had descended!

      Gao Junwei panicked and shouted, "Dad, what the hell is this!Shoot him! Shoot him!Come on!"

      Gao Jianjun's legs shook in fear, and he said off the cuff, "I ......I can't move my hands ......This Ye Chen seems to be able to summon heavenly thunder ......"

      Gao Junwei panicked and said, "How can anyone summon heavenly thunder, I think he's just pretending to be a ghost, kill him!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "Gao Junwei, if you don't believe I'm a true dragon in the sky, then I'll let you see it with your own eyes!"

      Then, Ye Chen looked at Gao Jianjun and said coldly, "Gao Jianjun, on the Yellow Spring Road, don't forget that you were killed by your son!"

      Saying that, he raised his hand to point at Gao Jianjun and shouted, "Heavenly Thunderfall!"

      Only a loud click sounded, and a ten thousand feet light flashed over Gao Jianjun's head, a light so strong that it even blinded Gao Junwei briefly!

      When this piece of light dissipated, I saw that Gao Jianjun, who was originally alive, had instantly died, and his entire body had been turned into a piece of human coke, the black pistol was still in his hand, but where was the slightest trace of life left in him?

      Seeing such a scene, Gao Junwei's entire body was also struck by lightning!

      Fuck, Dad, how did he get this way?

      Dad who was just standing here, alive and kicking, was struck by the heavenly thunder that Ye Chen drew?!

      It's a big live one!

      How did you get struck by lightning by Ye Chen?

      Gao Junwei's entire body had trembled violently in fear, and all of this was completely beyond his comprehension.

      This Ye Chen, was he really a true dragon in the sky!

      Hasn't society always been against feudal superstition?One has to believe in science, where is the real dragon on earth?

      But Dad, who had been turned into charcoal, was standing right in front of him, and the pitch-black corpse had turned into black charcoal, and was even dropping charcoal powder, a fact that he had seen with his own eyes!

      Ye Chen saw that Gao Junwei had been scared silly and sneered, "Gao Junwei, do you believe it this time?"

      Like seeing a ghost, Gao Junwei stared at Ye Chen with wide eyes, suddenly his whole body was weak and his legs went limp, so he kneeled in front of Ye Chen, his body and heart were cold.

      It was only at this point that he suddenly realized why Ye Chen had been disdainful of himself from start to finish, and why the big men like Hong Fifth, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang and other pivotal figures in Jinling were all so respectful of Ye Chen.

      If he had the immortal means to move the wind and thunder by lifting his hand like Ye Chen, why would he still need to be scrupulous towards their Gao family?

      If you're so powerful, I'll break it with a thunderbolt!

      Such a human myth, you can't afford to offend yourself!

      Gao Junwei's heart was incomparably desperate, crawling to Ye Chen on his knees, constantly kowtowing and apologizing, saying, "Ye Chen, Master Ye, I know I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go!I didn't do anything to Choran at all, you're so generous, let me go, please, spare me, spare my dog's life!"

      Ye Chen looked at him with a sneer, and with a shocked thunder order pointed at his legs, saying with a arrogant face, "Lei Lai!"


      Two heavenly thunderbolts instantly struck Gao Junwei's legs!

      Gao Junwei was so frightened that he could only feel his legs go numb, as if he had lost consciousness, and when he looked down again, his legs had turned into two coke!

      "Ah ......Ah ......"Gao Junwei couldn't believe that what was happening in front of him was real and was so scared that his hands went to grab his thighs.

      But never thought that his legs, like two charcoals that had been burned to ashes, seemed to still have their original shape, but with a touch of his hands, he had actually knocked the two charcoals into flying ashes!


Seeing his legs turning into flying ashes and floating away in the air, Gao Junwei was so frightened that he collapsed and cried, and also lost his bowels at the same time.

      Only then did he really understand that Ye Chen was really a real dragon in the sky, and he was not even a worm in front of him!

      With an indifferent face, he said, "From the moment you hit on my wife, you were destined to have only one way out, and that was the Yellow Spring Road!"

      As soon as this was said, Gao Junwei was instantly scared out of his wits and couldn't stop his body from trembling up and down.

      Yellow Spring Road?!

      Thinking of this, he broke down even more, crying bitterly and begging, "Master Ye, I've lost my legs, I'm a complete invalid, please let me go this time, I beg you!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "Don't you want to be a companion to your father on the Yellow Spring Road?Don't forget, he died for you!"

      "I don't want to, I don't want to!"Gao Junwei waved his hands hysterically and yelled.


      He's too young to have the courage to face death!

      He only wanted to live in the world now.

      Ye Chen looked at him playfully and sneered, "Do you think that a good death is better than a bad life?"

      Gao Junwei nodded incessantly with a frightened face!

      Of course it's better to be dead than alive!

      Who wouldn't want to live?

      Ye Chen said coldly at this time, "This means that you haven't suffered enough right now!"

      With that, he waved his hand and faintly shouted, "Lei Lai!"

      Another thunderbolt headed straight for Gao Junwei's crotch.

      There was a crack, and Gao Junwei felt a numbness in his crotch, and then his crotch turned into ashes!

      He held a handful of black ash from his crotch, stared at it, and cried out loud!

      It's his roots!

      Now, it turned out to be a cloud of dust ......

      However, Ye Chen was still unwilling to let him go.

      Ye Chen looked at him and smiled playfully, "With your hands, you can still hold up this lump of black dust, proving that you're not considered disabled at all!"

      After saying that, he stepped forward in front of Gao Junwei, opened his hands and sneered, "Lei Lai!"

      Then, two thunderbolts flashed!

      Gao Junwei witnessed himself hanging holding a handful of black ash in his arms, instantly turned into two charcoal ......

      His entire body had been frightened out of his mind, his body shook, and the two black charcoals snapped off from his shoulders with a click, falling to the ground and turning into a ball of broken powder ......

      At this moment, Gao Junwei, who had turned into a human stick without limbs, looked at Ye Chen and begged in panic, "Ye Chen ......Please let me go ......I'm already so miserable, can you just detour me for a while?I'm begging you ......"

      Said, tears and snot streaming across his eyes.

      Ye Chen shook his head and said in a cold voice, "I said, touch my wife, I will die!The reason I didn't give you a thrashing is to make you feel what desperation is!"

      Gao Junwei panicked and said, "You ......You killed my father and son, aren't you afraid of getting caught?!Do you know that our family is very strong!Anytime you can hunt you down and leave you for dead?!"

      Ye Chen waved his sleeve and swept aside the charcoal powder on the ground, then sat down cross-legged in front of him, looked him in the eyes, and said with a smile, "Gao Junwei, do you know who my true identity is?"

      Gao Junwei shook his head blankly.


There was something he didn't dare to say.

      Aren't you that door-to-door son-in-law, the famous wasteful hangman Ye Chen?

      Ye Chen saw that he didn't dare to speak and smiled, "You must think that I'm just a stinking hangman, right?"

      Gao Junwei didn't dare to strike up a conversation.

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "To tell you the truth, I'm the young master of the Yanjing Ye family and the chairman of the Imperial Hero Group, what do you think your family is in front of me?"

      Gao Junwei was incomparably frightened ......

      Yanjing Ye family?!

      Wouldn't that be the top family in the country?

      Why ......

      Why would the Ye family's eldest young master come to Jinling to be a door-to-door son-in-law of a tiny Xiao family!

      He couldn't help but say, "I don't understand ......I don't understand ......If you are really the young master of the Ye family, then why are you willingly staying in the Xiao family and being humiliated?You can clearly make the Xiao family kneel down and bow to you, you can clearly make the entire Jinling bow to you ......"

      Ye Chen patted his face and said calmly, "Mortals are not qualified to see the true face of the dragon, and the true dragon does not care to make them bow down."

      Saying that, Ye Chen looked at the time and said indifferently, "It's almost time Gao Junwei, get on your way before your father goes far away!Go faster on the Yellow Spring Road when you get there, you might even be able to catch up with him and his master for company."

      Gao Junwei wailed and screamed in fear, but Ye Chen wasn't giving him a chance, he stood up and looked at Gao Junwei with a sardonic smile and waved one hand, "Lei Lai!"

      After a loud cracking sound accompanied by the intimidating thunderbolt dissipated, Gao Junwei, with endless regret and fear, turned his entire body into pieces, leaving no trace of himself in this world at all!

      Ye Chen looked at his wife and mother-in-law who were still in a coma beside him, sighed lightly, took out his cell phone and made a call to Hong Fifth.

      As soon as the call came through, Ye Chen immediately ordered, "I'm at the riverside villa, you bring a few people and a few cars over, and bring some gasoline along with you."

      Hong Wu immediately said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, Hong Wu will come over!"

      More than ten minutes later, Hong Wu arrived with his men.

      Ye Chen let them drive the car into the courtyard, then said to Hong Wu, "Give me your car to use, I'll take my wife and mother-in-law back, here you help me set a fire."

      Hong Wu hurriedly nodded and respectfully opened the door of his Mercedes Benz.

      Ye Chen put his wife and mother-in-law into the back seat and said to Hongwu, "Say hello to the media, don't report this side of the story."

      "Okay Master Ye."Master Hongwu hurriedly agreed.


      Ye Chen drove away from the riverside villa and returned to his home in the city.

      It was only after the car was parked downstairs that he took in the one true qi in his wife and mother-in-law's body, then they ghostly woke up.

      When they woke up, they were still in the same worry and fear that they had been in before, but when they suddenly saw that they were sitting in the car, and Ye Chen was looking back at them, they were both a little shocked.

      Xiao Choran couldn't help but ask, "Ye Chen, what's going on?What are we doing here?What about Junwei Ko and his father?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "They've fled in fear because of the crime of kidnapping, and the police are chasing them."

      "Huh?"Xiao Choran shrieked and asked, "How did you lead us to escape?"

      Ye Chen said, "I called the police before, so as they were about to kill me, the police arrived on the scene and the father and son had to flee!I reckon they'll never dare to return to Jinling in their lifetime!"

      Xiao Churan recalled Ye Chen's move to single-handedly go over to save himself, moved with red eyes, and softly said, "Hubby, thank you ......"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Why are you so polite with your husband?It's all what husbands are supposed to do!"

      For Ye Chen, to hear Xiao Choran say thank you for her husband, it's worth it to go through all the trouble!


At this point, Mashiro, who was next to him, breathed a sigh of relief, patted his chest and said, "Today is truly a blessing, a blessing!It almost got spoiled by that Gao Jianjun ......"

      Xiao Chu Ran looked at her and said incomparably helplessly, "Mom, can you take care of everything in the future?Don't even get sold out anymore!If it weren't for Ye Chen today, we'd both be finished!"

      Ma Lan knew she was at a disadvantage, but her mouth was unforgiving and she said, "What's wrong?I'm a victim, too!Besides, this incident itself was caused by Ye Chen, if he hadn't pissed off Gao Junwei, would we have been in such danger?In the end, it's all his fault!"

      Xiao Chu Ran said in exasperation, "Why aren't you being reasonable!"

      After saying that, he pushed the door to get off the car and stepped up the stairs ......

      As soon as Ma Lan saw Xiao Churan go upstairs, she hurriedly pushed open the car door and chased after him.

      Ye Chen also hurriedly followed, and when he reached home, it happened that his father-in-law wasn't home, so Ma Lan said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, don't tell your father about today's matter, do you hear me?"

      Xiao Chu Ran asked rhetorically, "Don't you think you're right?Then why be guilty?"

      Ma Lan said with a hard mouth, "How am I guilty?I [penpal] just don't want your dad to worry too much, we're already fine, aren't we?What's the point of telling him to be scared?"

      Xiao Choran said, "If you don't admit your mistake in this matter, then I'll tell Dad and let him judge the situation!"

      Only then did Marashi panic and say, "Oh, come on!I admit that I'm not thinking about it, okay?It's all because of that damned Gao Junwei, damn it, he dared to set me up too!And they said they'd give me a Mercedes s500, but I haven't even driven it yet!"

      The first time I heard Ma Lan say Mercedes Benz S500, I hurriedly asked, "What Mercedes Benz S500, Mom, what's going on?"

      I'm not sure how much I'll be able to afford it, but I'm sure I'll be able to afford it.I can also pull a renovation order for you, so I agreed to it in a muddled way."

      Saying that, Ma Lan hastily cunningly said, "But I'm doing this all for you, for this family!"

      Xiao Churan said angrily: "Can you use every time for my sake, for the sake of this family, to pacify me, to justify yourself?If it wasn't for Ye Chen today, I might have died, you might have died and died at a late age, if we were both gone, how do you want Dad to live?The whole family could have been involved!Ye Chen risked his life to save us, and you don't even have a word of thanks to say and you're still arguing here, it's so disappointing!"

      As soon as Ma Lan heard that Xiao Churan actually opened her mouth to accuse herself, she sat down on the ground in anger and began to cry and spill her guts.

      "Oh my God, why am I so miserable, I've only had one child in my life, and she actually pointed at me and scolded me, God what do you think I'm living for!Just take me away!"

      In the past, if Ma Lan spilled the beans, Xiao Chu Ran would definitely compromise quickly.

      But today, Xiao Chu Ran had no intention to compromise at all.

      She looked at Ma Lan with extreme disappointment and said with red eyes, "Mom, do you have to be like this every time, you make a mistake and die without admitting it, hoping that others will not pursue the matter anymore, and if they still want to continue to pursue the matter, you spill the beans, do you think others will always be accommodating and forgive you?"

      Mashi continued her performance, crying and wailing, "I suffer, Lord!How dare my own daughter talk to me like that, doesn't she know that her parents are more important than God?No matter what Mom and Dad did wrong, a son or daughter has no right to blame!God, do you think I'll be able to stay in this house?Can't stay, then what's the point of me living ......"

      Xiao Churan shed two lines of tears, determined not to make any retreat and said, "Mom, if you are always like this, then Ye Chen and I will move out to live with you, I still have some savings of my own, and we can't spend much money to rent a one-bedroom."


After saying that, she said to Ye Chen, "Honey, go pack your things!"

      Ye Chen, of course, nodded his head repeatedly and said, "Okay, I'll be on my way then."

      Xiao Choran pulled out her phone again and said to Ma Lan, "I'll give Dad a call and tell him that I'm moving out, so you two can live together from now on, and no matter what you've done wrong, I won't say a word against you anymore."

      Ma Lan Deng panicked.

      In her life, her only hope was Xiao Choran.

      Otherwise, with that skill of Xiao Changkun, she wouldn't be able to turn over a new leaf in her life.

      However, this time, Xiao Churan looked very resolute, and if she really called Xiao Changkun, then there would be no turning back on this matter.

      So she hurriedly jumped over and hugged Xiao Churan's leg, crying, "Churan, don't leave mom ah Churan!Mom's wrong, isn't that enough?I'm really sorry!It's all because of Mom's greed for money!Don't worry, Mom will change in the future, can't Mom change?"

      Xiao Chu Ran looked at her and said with a blank expression, "If you really know you were wrong, you should apologize to Ye Chen first!Not only apologizing for what you said, but also thanking Ye Chen for saving us!"

      Ma Lan returned subconsciously, "This loser, isn't he supposed to save us?"

      Xiao Churan was anxious and stomped her foot, "And you call him trash!"

      Ma Lan hurriedly changed her words, "I said the wrong thing I said the wrong thing, he's not trash, you're right, I'll go apologize to him!"

      After saying that, she hurriedly climbed up and went to Xiao Choran and Ye Chen's room, and said to Ye Chen with a reluctant face, "Ye Chen, I apologize to you, I was the one who spoke badly before, so don't take it to heart."

      And then, she hesitated for a moment and said, "That and, thank you ah today."

      Ye Chen was indeed annoyed with Ma Lan in his heart, but the annoyance was not her bad attitude towards herself, but her greed and shamelessness that almost harmed Xiao Churan.

      To Ye Chen, as long as Xiao Choran was intact, even if Ma Lan died, he wouldn't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

      However, if Ma Lan had caused Xiao Churan to be injured, then her death ten thousand times would not be enough to make himself forgive.

      Although today's incident was annoying and scary, the good thing was that Xiao Churan was intact, and he couldn't teach her a lesson or give her a lesson in front of Xiao Churan.

      However, if after today's incident, this stupid mother-in-law of his could grow a little bit longer in her memory, it would naturally be perfect.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen surmised in his heart that he would give Ma Lan one last chance, and if she dared to cause this kind of trouble next time, then he would just have her legs broken and make her sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

      If in a wheelchair she could still cause trouble, then just beat her into a vegetable!


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