Secret Identity 141-150


Chapter 141

When they returned home, neither of the two women at home were home.

      Mother-in-law Ma Lan had gone to the chess room to play mahjong and hadn't returned yet, and Xiao Churan hadn't left work either.

      So Ye Chen returned to the bedroom first and took the lightning strike wood out of the box.

      A dense aura came out from the lightning strike wood.

      Ye Chen sat cross-legged on the floor, put the thunderbolt wood in his palm, eyes slightly closed, his body running the "Nine Xuantian Sutra" heart method, slowly absorbing the aura into his body.

      When he opened his eyes, his eyes were glowing with light, and his body's momentum had changed dramatically.

      The Blood Dragon Lightning Strike Wood in his hand had been somewhat dimmed.

      But even with the loss of aura, it still had some of the most rigid thunderbolt breath remaining, and it was considered a treasure.

      If there were other treasures to assist, Ye Chen would be able to use it now to refine some simple magic tools.

      By the time he came out of the room, it was already evening.

      As soon as he arrived at the living room, Ye Chen heard his mother-in-law snort and said, "Now that the shelves are big and the rice is not even cooked, you're waiting for me to serve you, right?"

      Ye Chen accosted with a smile and explained, "Sorry ah mom, I was too tired this afternoon and fell asleep."

      "Yo, going to the auction wore you out?Or did Pit Xiao Hailong tire you out?"Ma Lan said in a bad mood.

      Ye Chen was flabbergasted before he shook his head and said, "I didn't pit Xiao Hailong, where did you hear this from"

      Ma Lan snorted and said, "Of course it was the old lady who called to say this, it's not enough that you're embarrassed, but you even got Xiao Hailong thrown out, and the old lady called to scold me!Do you think you could save your breath and cause less trouble for the family, you piece of shit?"

      Xiao Churan interfaced, "Mom, I think Xiao Hailong was kicked out, he must have caused some trouble himself, it has nothing to do with Ye Chen, Ye Chen is not like that."

      "How is it okay?"Ma Lan angrily slammed her chopsticks: "Xiao Hailong came back and sued, saying that because Ye Chen used improper means to get the invitation letter, he was found out and angered the Treasure Pavilion, and even he, as one of the Xiao family members, was kicked out, and the owner of the Treasure Pavilion even gave the word that if he didn't let the Xiao family go in the future, he would break his legs if he went!The Xiao family has lost face this time!"

      It was only then that Xiao Changkun spoke up, "Hmph!That invitation is the problem at all, I think ah, it must be that Xiao Hailong brat who caused his own trouble, afraid that mom will chastise him, so that's why he deliberately dumped the blame on Ye Chen"

      "And you're still here talking for this wimp, but if you hadn't wanted to go to that auction, could all this have happened?"Ma Lan glared at Xiao Changkun and scolded.

      Xiao Changkun even shut up and ate, not daring to make a sound.

      Ma Lan said impatiently, "He's a wimp, what can he do to get an invitation, and now that he's offended Xiao Hailong as well, I'll see how he ends up"

      Before she could finish her sentence, there was a sudden knock on the door, followed by a deep voice.

      "Excuse me, is Mr. Ye at home?"

      Ma Lan's face was tense, and she glared at Ye Chen in annoyance, "Oh no, it must be the old lady who has come to raise hell, look what you've done!"

      "Let's take a look first."Xiao Choran also looked grave, standing up and walking towards the door.

      The living room was silent, Ma Lan and Xiao Changkun both stood up nervously, calculating how to respond.

      Ye Chen's face was slightly sunken, if the old lady reversed black and white and brought someone to barge in, then he wouldn't have to give the old lady any face!


Xiao Churan carefully opened the door a crack and asked vigilantly, "What do you want?"

      Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed as he walked to the door with one arrow step, pulled Xiao Churan behind him without a word, and said coldly to the people outside the door, "You guys looking for me?"

      A middle-aged man with a straight suit, after seeing him, smiled respectfully, "You must be Mr. Ye Chen, I am the new manager of the Precious Treasure Pavilion, and I just took up my post this afternoon.In the morning about you leaving the Precious Treasure Pavilion, the Pavilion Master felt very sorry and specially ordered me to bring a gift to apologize."

      Ye Chen was appalled as he sized up a few people, "You guys are from the Precious Treasure Pavilion?"

      "The Treasure Chest?"

      Xiao Churan who was standing behind him was also stunned.

      The man hurriedly said, "Our Pavilion Master deeply blamed himself for Mr. Ye's departure and drove out Xiao Hailong, who was in the middle of stirring up trouble, on the spot, and also suspended the auction.The Jumbo Pavilion's poor hospitality was our mistake, and we hope that Mr. Ye will forgive us regardless of the past."

      After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he waved a hand behind him.

      A few black-clothed strong men nimbly carried the gifts and placed them at the door.

      Ye Chen glanced at them and saw that there were quite a few gifts!

      A limited edition case of "Huang He Lou" and a limited case of Maotai Feitian Wine for 30 years!

      There are also a pair of antique Ming Dynasty vases and a set of tortoiseshell Go!

      These gifts are worth over a million!

      "Mr. Ye, this is a mistake of the Treasure Pavilion, the Pavilion Master is preparing a new auction with Miss Song right now and can't bilocate to come here, so he asked me to make a visit on his behalf to apologize, saying that he will personally apologize to you when he has the chance, please forgive me!"

      The middle-aged man finished and bowed deeply in front of Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Alright, put your things down."

      The middle-aged man then pulled out two golden invitations from his pocket and respectfully handed them to Ye Chen, continuing, "This is the invitation for the new auction, please make sure you and Mr. Xiao go there, I promise I won't let you down again this time, please give us a chance to make it up to you!"

      Afterwards, he explained, "There are also special Jumbo Pavilion Royal VIP cards, this kind of card, we only issued ten of them, valid for life, when you come to Jumbo Pavilion, you can enjoy the highest courtesy!"

      Ye Chen swept a glance at the VIP card, the card face was golden, it was gold foil with diamonds.

      He said indifferently, "I'm not interested in auctions, so ask my father what he wants."

      "Good."The middle-aged man hurriedly held the card in front of Xiao Changkun and said with a compensatory smile, "Mr. Xiao, I'm really sorry today, please be sure to appreciate your presence the day after tomorrow."

      "This "Xiao Changkun had calmed down from his shock and took a glance at the VIP card and couldn't help but swallow his throat.

      He recognized that this was the Precious Treasure Pavilion's limited-grade VIP card, which was only issued to members of the cabinet with status and was not available to the public at all!

      The person who has this VIP card can come and go freely in the Treasure Pavilion, and also enjoys the highest treatment, and can enjoy all the antiques and curios in the Pavilion at will, and there are also high discounts for buying them.

      This kind of temptation, Xiao Changkun wanted to refuse.

      He was about to cheekily take it, when a hand suddenly extended from the side and snatched away both VIP cards.

      I saw Ye Chen's mother-in-law, Ma Lan, snatch the two VIP cards with a happy smile on her face and said, "Since you have come to apologize, I will reluctantly accept these gifts and VIP cards, and my husband will go to the auction the day after tomorrow!"


Mashi is so excited!

      All these gifts that came in, that's money!

      How much the antiques were worth she didn't know, but that box of collectible Maotai Feitian, one bottle was worth thirty or forty thousand dollars, and this box of twenty bottles, that was big hundreds of thousands of dollars!

      There are also collector's grade Yellow Crane cigarettes, 5,000 per cigarette, 50 per carton, over 200,000, and those two combined would be worth a million dollars!

      I don't want it for nothing!

      And with these two VIP cards, she had the capital to show off in front of those old girlfriends!

      Xiao Choran saw Ma Lan's money-obsessed appearance and helplessly called out, "Mom."

      Lan Ma glared at her, "What?I can't accept a gift from someone?"

      Xiao Churan said, "I mean it shouldn't be accepted ah, haven't even figured out what's going on, how can you accept such a heavy gift from someone."

      Ye Chen said lightly at this time, "This is an apology gift, it should be accepted."

      Only then did the middle-aged man let out a sigh of relief.

      Before coming out, the Pavilion Master had personally explained that if Mr. Ye didn't accept them, then he wouldn't have to go back.

      When Ye Chen turned back, he saw that Ma Lan was already happily carrying the tobacco and wine into the house, holding a pair of antique vases and touching and looking at them under the lamp, he could only shake his head in his heart and said to the middle-aged man, "You guys should go back first."

      "That's fine, I won't disturb Mr. Ye to rest."

      Ye Chen closed the door and turned around, but he was stunned and said, "What are you all looking at me for."

      Only the three people in the living room, all six of their eyes were staring at him.

      Mother-in-law Ma Lan coughed, piled on a fake smile and asked, "Ye Chen, since when have you been friends with the Treasure Pavilion?Why would they come to our house to offer an apology?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "Mom, you misunderstood, I don't have any friendship with them, the reason why they came to apologize is mainly because of Jumbo Pavilion's good service attitude, their employees made mistakes, the boss is more reputable, that's why they compensate so strongly"

      Ma Lan was suddenly deflated, her face pulled down, and said, "I thought you'd made a name for yourself and could suck up to the big boys, but it turned out to be someone's good service."

      Xiao Churan on the side but a little confused, the other party gave such an expensive gift, is it just because of the good service attitude and to compensate Ye Chen?

      However, after receiving a bunch of gifts, Ma Lan was in a better mood, finally no longer targeting Ye Chen, and her heart was happy thinking to quickly sell the tobacco and alcohol first.

      After dinner, Ye Chen was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen when he suddenly received a phone call.

      The one who called was Qin Gang, whom he had met twice and also helped.

      That emerald bracelet, that is, the gift from Qin Gang.

      On the phone, Qin Gang respectfully said, "Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Something wrong?"

      Qin Gang hurriedly said, "Thanks to Mr. Ye's guidance last time, the Qin family has been much smoother in the past few days, and I have to thank Mr. Ye for his guidance, or else our Qin family would be in great trouble."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'm afraid it's not that smooth, right?If it's so smooth, you're calling me at this time?"

      Qin Gang choked and laughed dryly in embarrassment, "Mr. Ye is truly predictable, you really can't hide anything from your eyes."

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and didn't say anything.

      Sure enough, Qin Gang spoke in a trembling voice, "Mr. Ye, please save my Qin family once more, great kindness, the Qin family will remember this for the rest of their lives."


His face was white and his body was trembling slightly as if he was in great fear.

      Ye Chen frowned and asked faintly, "The jade is cracked?"

      "Mr. Ye is worthy of being a master, you've got me right again."

      Qin Gang's voice was pious to the core and sighed, "Originally I followed your instructions and offered that jade plug to the family, instructing them to eat vegetarian for seven days and not to see blood."

      "Who would have thought that my unworthy and stupid nephew Qin Ao Dong, secretly ate some kind of pigeon soup stew and accidentally stained the pigeon blood on the jade plug, that jade plug immediately split apart, I beat him up and locked him up at home, but strange things still kept happening!"

      Ye Chen frowned and asked, "What strange thing happened?"

      Qin Gang panicked, "Last night's stormy weather, a heavenly thunderstorm hit the Qin Family Courtyard and scorched a hundred year old osmanthus tree in the courtyard."

      "Not only that, the Qin family ancestral tablet enshrined in the ancestral hall also fell to the ground for no reason and fell in half, this is a completely evil omen."

      In the meantime, Ye Chen's eyebrows were knitted, feng shui-wise, planting a cinnamon tree in the courtyard was a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

      But if the osmanthus tree was struck down by heavenly thunder, it signaled that the Qin family would be ruined.

      The ancestral tablet falls to pieces, which is an omen of the Qin family's demise.

      I didn't expect that the jade plug's fury was so heavy, so severe that it exceeded his estimation, but it could be so fierce that it could borrow the blood of a dove.

      The Qin family has always been kind to people, and has never done anything to harm heaven and earth.I beg Master Ye to have mercy and save my Qin family."

      Ye Chen spoke up, "Qin Gang, it's not that I won't save you, but the fury of the jade plug is too heavy, being carried by Qin Ao Dong for many years, the fury has already enveloped the Qin family courtyard, just using ordinary talismans, it can't be dealt with."

      "Then, what then?What a misfortune for the Qin family to have such a scourge!"

      Qin Gang's voice trembled as he sighed long and hard.

      Ye Chen intoned, "Fury will be even more fierce when it sees blood, and it's still hot pigeon blood, now to suppress such a heavy fury, I'm afraid the only way to suppress it is to borrow the power of the Heaven and Earth's most precious spirits."

      "Good, what Master Ye needs, I will definitely get it even if I lose everything I have."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "How about this, I just happen to be attending the Treasure Pavilion's auction tomorrow, I'll go to the auction to see if there are any heaven and earth spirit items, whether I can get them or not depends on your luck."

      "Good, then I'll leave it to Master Ye."As if he had grasped a life-saving straw, Qin Gang thanked Ye Chen with a loud voice.

      Afterwards, he hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, I'll send a black card over to you tomorrow, if you need any money for anything, just swipe it!"

      Ye Chen mmmed, after all, he was helping the Qin family, he couldn't let himself spend money.

      Then, Ye Chen said, "You'd better be mentally prepared, Heaven and Earth Spiritual Treasures aren't that easy to get, they're hard to come by, as for whether or not they're available at the auction, that only depends on your Qin family's luck."

      Qin Gang made a strong statement, "Yes, yes, I will also ask around more privately, but I'll still have to bother Master Ye."

      After the accident, he had also looked for a number of famous Feng Shui masters, but those people just took a glance at the Qin family's door and immediately waved their hands and excused themselves, not even daring to enter the door, fleeing as quickly as they could and leaving.

      Now Qin Gang's only hope of saving his life was on Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen was really sobbing in his heart.

      According to destiny, Qin Gang should not have done any harm in his life, and should have died peacefully.

      He had never thought that God's will would play tricks on people, but there was a Qin Ao Dong, a star of death in the family, causing the house to be unsettled, and if he didn't save him, within a year, his Qin family would surely be destroyed.

      Not only him and that Qin Ao Dong, but also that pretty little pepper beauty of his, Qin Ao Xue, I'm afraid that she will also perish!


The next day, Qin Gang came downstairs to Ye Chen's house early in the morning.

      He waited until Ye Chen came out to buy food, then he welcomed him and handed a black card to Ye Chen.

      According to him, there were several hundred million in this card, and in order to save the Qin family, there was no harm even if Ye Chen spent all the money.

      The little pepper Qin Aoxue was also there, but this time, Qin Aoxue was not as proud as last time.

      Seeing Ye Chen, Qin Ao Xue was full of respect.

      Since Qin Aodong had caused trouble, the Qin family had encountered a lot of bad things, and the old man's health had deteriorated and was dying for no reason, she realized that the only one who could save her family was Master Ye Chen Ye!

      After handing the card to Ye Chen, Qin Gang plopped down on his knees in front of Ye Chen and begged with tears in his voice, "Master Ye!Please, by all means, save the lives of my entire Qin family, it doesn't matter if I die, but my daughter is still young."

      Qin Ao Xue on the side couldn't help but have red eyes, kneeling on the ground and crying, "Master Ye, please save the Qin family, if I can, I'm willing to give my life in exchange for my father's long life!"

      Qin Gang said furiously, "What are you talking nonsense!"

      Ye Chen helplessly shook his head and reached out his hand to help the two of them up one by one, and when he helped Qin Ao Xue, the soft white hands of the little girl made Ye Chen unable to help himself.

      After helping up the two, Qin Ao Xue became somewhat blushing and seemed to be very shy.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, said, "Don't worry, I will try my best to do my best to make your Qin family survive this calamity safely."

      The father and daughter were extremely moved and were about to kneel down again, but they were stopped by Ye Chen, "Okay, kneeling here and there is not a good influence, you can leave first, I will inform you if there is any news."

      "Thank you, Master Ye!"Only then did the father and daughter gratefully leave.

      When Ye Chen returned home after buying food, his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, hurriedly greeted him and said nervously, "Ye Chen, I just saw you and Qin Gang talking outside the community?"

      "Yes, he's looking for me for something."

      Xiao Changkun couldn't help but say, "I see that he looks ugly, it doesn't look like something good.Did you have a problem with the fortune telling you did for his family last time?"

      This matter, Xiao Changkun had been on edge, always felt that Ye Chen was being faithful.

      Ye Chen smiled, "Dad, Qin Gang came to see me because he wanted me to help him get rid of the fury in his home, and gave me a bank card so that I could help him see if there was anything he could use at the auction tomorrow."

      Xiao Changkun was dumbfounded and said in a row, "How much did he give you?"

      Ye Chen casually said, "A few hundred million."

      "How much?"

      Xiao Changkun's eyes were round and he was so shocked that he couldn't say anything as he covered his chest and had a heart attack.

      He hurriedly pulled Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, you mustn't cheat people!The Qin family has given you so much money, if something happens, they'll kill our whole family, right?You'll have to give the money back soon."

      "Dad, don't worry, I have a sense of propriety, it won't be a problem."

      Saying that, Ye Chen instructed, "Dad, this matter is of great importance, you'd better not say anything to Choran and Mom, or else it will be out of control."

      "I know I know."

      Xiao Changkun knew his defeated wife too well.

      This woman is a crazy person who wants money and doesn't want to die, so she can't let her know about anything she says.

      If she knew that there were several hundred million in this card, she wouldn't care about the Qin family, she would spend the money first.

      That's several hundred million!

      Xiao Changkun's heart pounded straight at the thought of this figure, and after persuading Ye Chen for a while and seeing that persuasion was ineffective, he could only sit on the sofa and sigh long and hard.

      He didn't believe that Ye Chen was capable of helping the Qin family solve the problem, and now he was afraid that Ye Chen would spend the Qin family's money indiscriminately and end up being punished by the Qin family afterwards.

      As things turned out, he could only keep an eye on Ye Chen at the auction and never let him buy anything indiscriminately.

      If he cheated the Qin family out of so much money, wouldn't the other party have to wipe out his whole family?


The next morning, Ye Chen prepared to head to the auction.

      Because of the Qin family's matter, Xiao Changkun was so worried that he didn't sleep well all night, and he repeatedly instructed him in the living room.

      Ye Chen gave a few perfunctory words, then asked, "Dad, I heard that the Precious Treasure Pavilion has a grand finale treasure in this auction, right?"

      "Yes."Xiao Changkun was unsure of the reason and said, "I heard that it's a treasure of immense value, unparalleled in the world."

      After he said that, he then suddenly thought of something and quickly pulled Ye Chen and urged, "Son-in-law, don't get the idea of this finale treasure, its starting price is tens of millions, let's just take a look."

      Ye Chen knew that his father-in-law was worried about using the Qin family's money, so he smiled, "Dad, you're right, I just have to look at it, I won't auction it randomly."

      "That's good."Xiao Changkun was afraid that he wouldn't give up, so he added, "But even if you want to shoot it, it's not for you."


      "I went out yesterday to ask around, and I heard that Boss Yu from the Xuanji Hall also came to this auction, and it was for this grand finale treasure."

      Ye Chen was surprised and said, "The Xuanji Hall is also here?"

      This Xuanji Hall was known to everyone.

      Its owner, Yu Jinghai, was a nationally renowned feng shui master!

      Many celebrities in Hong Kong pay a lot of money to have their fortunes read by him, and he has even appeared on TV to lecture on metaphysics, which is very famous.

      The fee for a fortune telling session with this feng shui master is not cheap, starting at seven figures.

      If a celebrity wants to buy a Xuanji Hall's magic weapon, the price is even higher.

      However, although Xuanji Hall charges a lot, it is said to have absolutely genuine materials.

      This Master Jinghai has an iron tongue and an especially accurate fortune teller.

      He once predicted to a reporter from Hong Kong City Ming Pao that two famous stars would divorce in November this year because of their bad luck.

      At that time, the two stars had just finished their wedding and were so in love that the whole country booed his prediction.

      They announced their divorce announcements on Weibo in November.

      From then on, the name of Master Yu Xuanji Tang spread all over the country, and the number of people seeking to meet Master Yu was like crucian carp.

      People in the entertainment industry respect Master Yu whenever he is mentioned.

      The head office of Xuan Chi Tang is located in Hong Kong, in Central Plaza, and the boss is so generous that he bought a floor in the building.

      I didn't expect that Boss Yu would come to the auction, so it seemed that he was bound to get the treasure.

      So, Ye Chen curiously asked, "What is this grand finale treasure?"

      "Then we don't know, we're only looking at it anyway."

      Xiao Changkun was still chattering when Ye Chen's phone suddenly rang.

      He picked up the phone and there was Song Wanting's voice.

      "Mr. Ye, my car is parked right in front of your house, so pick you guys up on the way over."

      Song Wanting was also afraid that something would happen again this time on the hospitality, so she simply planned to follow Ye Chen and accompany him over.

      Ye Chen walked out the door, and really saw a big red Bentley parked at the side of the road, brand new body, shining in the sunlight.

      Song Wanting leaned on the side of the car, wearing a red tight dress, which set off exquisite curves, a head of wavy curls on the shoulder, charming and charming, and a pair of sun block sunglasses on her face.

      When Song Wanting saw the two of them come out, she took off her sunglasses and said, "Uncle Xiao and Mr. Ye, I'm about to go to the Precious Treasure Pavilion's auction, so I picked you up together on the way."

      "Yo, it's Miss Song."Xiao Changkun also recognized it, and said flattered, "Miss Song you are so polite."

      "As it should be, the two of you please get in the car!"Song Wanting nodded politely and pulled open the car door.

      Who would dare to believe that Song Wanting, the eldest Miss of the Song family, had taken the initiative to open the door for a door-to-door son-in-law!


Soon, the car drove to the convention center.

      The convention center was a circular domed building, the outer circle was filled with shops of flowers and birds, and only in the middle was the auction ground.

      This convention center, which was newly built last year, was built magnificently and quaintly.

      Ye Chen followed Song Wanting and took the landscape glass elevator, rising to the top floor of the sixth floor.

      As soon as the elevator door opened, an exhibition hall full of art appeared in front of him, with antique calligraphy and paintings hanging on the surrounding walls, this was the auction room.

      The auction table at the front was covered with a red carpet, the stage was clear of sofa card seats, and the table was filled with foreign drinks, fresh melons and fruits for the VIPs to enjoy.

      Compared to the last auction site, it was clear that Treasure Pavilion had put in a lot of effort this time, and I'm afraid it had spent nearly a million just on renting and setting up the venue.

      Song Wanting's box was in the front row right in the middle, and the group was about to move forward, but suddenly heard a ruckus behind them.

      Ye Chen only had time to turn his head before he was squeezed by several people from behind and forced to move aside.

      His brows furrowed as he watched a group of people walk in through the passage, opening the way for a few bodyguards.

      "Is Master Yu here as well?"Song Wanting softly exclaimed in alarm and looked up at the crowd.

      The people crowding in were all noble guests attending the auction, but right now they were all surrounding a middle-aged man wearing a blue cloth tunic with a cold and arrogant appearance, looking incomparably respectful.

      Ye Chen took a glance and said, "So this is that Master Yu, that's quite an impressive display"

      Master Yu, who was being crowded forward and back, smoothly touched a pale yellow triangular talisman and handed it to a boss beside him who was complimenting him most vigorously, and said indifferently, "Today you and I are destined, this peace talisman will be given to you for free, and it will keep you safe in and out, and your home prosperous."

      "Thank you, Master Yu."

      The boss was full of surprise, flattered to receive the peace talisman and pocketed it like a hidden treasure, and said to the surrounding crowd, "Master Yu's peace talisman is so effective that I go begging for it every year, and thanks to Master Yu these past few years, my business has grown."

      The surrounding crowd looked red-eyed, some people shamelessly begged Master Yu for it, but Master Yu ignored them.

      The assistant next to Master Yu sneered and said to the crowd in Hong Kong Mandarin, "Do you think that Master Yu's peace talisman is something you can just want?People come to our Xuanji Hall to ask for peace talismans, at least 200,000 each!"

      The crowd returned to their senses and immediately someone shouted.

      "It's rare for Master Yu to come to Jinling City, I'm willing to pay two hundred thousand for a peace talisman, please give it to Master."

      "I'll buy it too!Ask Master to give you the talisman."

      "Master Yu's peace talisman is hard to come by, two hundred thousand is nothing, I'll buy five!"

      The place was bustling with activity, with many bosses transferring deposits on the spot to beg for Master Yu's peace talisman.

      "Line up and come one by one."

      The assistant impatiently registered them one by one, and the scene was explosive.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but say, "What peace talisman is so expensive, it's too easy money to make."

      His voice wasn't loud, but Master Yu raised his head at once and stared over at him with furrowed brows.

      Master Yu pushed away the crowd and strode up to Ye Chen, taking a sizing look and said, "This friend, by your tone, are you having a problem with my peace talisman?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I don't think that this Peaceful Blessing is worth this much money."

      Someone in the crowd immediately spoke up, "You know nothing!Master Yu's talisman, 200,000 is a bargain!"

      "Exactly!Two million talismans are up for grabs by many people!"

      "This kind of slinger can probably only afford the kind of peace charm that costs two dollars at the temple!"

      Master Yu looked at Ye Chen, sneered and said, "Rice can be eaten indiscriminately, words can't be spoken indiscriminately, the reason why people grow brains is to think in their heads before speaking, it's best not to pretend to understand."

      After saying that, Master Yu left his mouth in disdain and took the lead in walking into the exhibition hall.

      Ye Chen looked indifferent, not taking this Master Yu in his eyes at all.


Song Wanting at the side was a bit embarrassed and said, "Mr. Ye don't take it to heart, Master Yu's temper is rather large."

      Ye Chen shook his head indifferently and said to Song Wanting, "Let's go in as well."

      The guests entered in turn, and the host was the Precious Treasure Pavilion's owner, Bao Fugui, who went on stage to give a few routine speeches, before entering the auction session.

      The auction officially began!

      Due to the temporary cancellation of the last auction, this time there were more items than last time, and twice as many guests.

      Two ceremonial ladies, using a cart to push the first item on the stage, was an antique purple copper incense burner, white mist curling, exotic fragrance overwhelming the nose.

      The auctioneer introduced: "This is a Tang Dynasty pine and crane backflow incense burner, is one of the treasures given by the Tang Emperor to the calligraphy and painting master Su Dongpo, the matching two boxes of ambergris incense, is the Tang Dynasty imperial court, folk may not be used without permission, and the production method is now lost, smelling refreshing, there is a slight boost to the effect!"

      Afterwards, he instructed the etiquette lady to light the incense.

      An etiquette lady in cheongsam carefully dug a small pinch of incense with a silver spoon and lit it.

      The white smoke dripped down the incense burner like a waterfall, and the pine crane on the burner came to life, vivid and vaguely vibrating its wings.

      A faint exotic fragrance suddenly drifted up in the auction hall, which was refreshing to smell.

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "It is indeed authentic ambergris, refined by sperm whales, and this kind of handmade incense making process is almost impossible to buy nowadays."

      The auctioneer banged the small wooden gavel twice and said, "The starting price for the Pine Crane Reverse Flow Incense Cauldron is 800,000, and the bid will be increased by 100,000 once."

      This incense burner was exquisitely crafted, had some collectible value, and the bidding price was moderate, so many people raised their cards offstage.

      In a short while, the incense burner was auctioned off by a player at one million six hundred thousand.

      This was followed by seven or eight more auctions, all of which were high quality antiques.

      The atmosphere of the venue was warm and guests were bidding.

      Xiao Changkun was enjoying watching, only he was shy in the bag, or else he would have been itching to raise his hand.

      However, Ye Chen had no interest in throwing these collectibles.

      It was because although these items were precious, they were only limited to the collection and had little value to him.

      Right at this moment, the ceremonial lady served a white porcelain plate with a string of purple beads in it, shining in the light!

      The auctioneer introduced, "Natural purple pearls from the East China Sea, only one can be picked out out of a thousand pearl shells, the strings are round and evenly sized, a rare and fine item."

      The auction price for this string of purple pearls was not expensive, only 400,000.

      Ye Chen raised his head and immediately called out the bid.

      "Half a million!"

      Xiao Changkun's eyelids jumped, and he said in a row, "Shoot this for what!The pearl necklace is tens of thousands of dollars to the top, and the $400,000 is a pit of fools!Never shoot!"

      Ye Chen looked at the string of pearls, thinking of Xiao Choran, smiled and said, "I think it's quite appropriate for Choran to wear, the pearl calms her nerves, she's been under too much stress and not sleeping well lately."

      As soon as he heard that he was buying it for his own daughter, what Xiao Changkun wanted to say, he also shut his mouth sensibly.

      This necklace had a low collection value, so no one bid on it.

      Just as the auctioneer was about to hammer in the price, a voice suddenly sounded.


      Ye Chen looked to the side in search of a voice.

      Seeing that Qin Ao Dong, the Qin family's death-doer, with a sneer on his face from the side, he said to Ye Chen, "Sorry, I'm also interested in this necklace!"

      Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, why was this pussy also there?Wasn't he grounded by Qin Gang?


Qin Aodong has had a miserable few days.

      After causing trouble a few days ago, he was severely beaten by his second uncle and was grounded.

      However, with his extreme love for antiques and curios, how could he miss an auction of this level.

      So, he had gone to great lengths to come out today to attend the auction, but he didn't expect to see Ye Chen here again.

      He had always been disdainful of Ye Chen, and in his opinion, his second uncle had been completely deceived by this kid.

      However, he didn't dare to provoke Ye Chen head-on, seeing that Ye Chen was going to auction the necklace, he then called out the price, although it was useless, it was good to make Ye Chen feel bad.

      When Ye Chen looked at him, he turned his head indifferently and continued bidding.

      "Seven hundred thousand!"

      Qin Aodong followed suit: "Eight hundred thousand!"

      Xiao Changkun couldn't sit still and said in a row, "Ye Chen, let's not shoot, forget about it, don't fight."

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "Let's see how I can play with him."

      After saying that, he directly raised his hand: "Eight million!"

      The scene was dumbfounded.

      People call it eight hundred thousand and you call it eight million?Are you poisonous?

      Qin Aodong is also dumbfounded, damn, you don't play by the rules ah!I called 800,000, you should have called 900,000, at most a million, what do you mean you called 8 million?

      Do you have money to burn, or are you out of your mind?

      Ye Chen raised his eyebrows at Qin Aodong and smiled, "Mr. Qin, continue!"

      Qin Aodong spat: "Am I crazy?Eight million for this piece of junk?Forget it, let it go!"

      Although Qin Aodong can't hang on to his face, but he is really not willing to ask for a price on the basis of eight million.

      The value of this bead, seven hundred thousand is tops, if you really spend more than eight million to buy it, you will not go home and have your legs broken?

      That's not how you spend money!

      Ye Chen then stared at Qin Ao Dong and said disdainfully, "Mr. Qin, wilting so quickly?Looks like you can't either."

      Everyone laughed together.

      The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new pair of shoes.Well, I've got to fucking see how you're going to come up with the eight million!"

      Ye Chen trailed off, "If you can't afford to scream, just say so, what's the point of explaining so much here?"

      At that moment, the auctioneer also dropped the hammer.

      "Eight million, sold, congratulations Mr. Ye!"

      Immediately after that, a ceremonial lady with a wireless card swipe machine came to Ye Chen and said, "Mr. Ye, please swipe your card to pay."

      Everyone was staring at Ye Chen, and Qin Aodong sneered, "Ye Chen, I'll fucking see how you swipe your card!You can come up with eight million?"

      The others were also curious if Ye Chen was really able to come up with so much money when he called out such a morbid price.

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and directly pulled out Qin Gang's black card and finished swiping it with a grimace.

      The black card had no password.

      Swipe the card successfully!

      The etiquette lady handed the list to Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Mr. Ye, the treasures you have auctioned will be delivered to you before the end of the day!"

      "Yes!"Ye Chen nodded his head.

      The others were shocked!

      Looks like he's really rich!

      For eight million dollars for a seven hundred thousand dollar necklace, this man really has gumption!

      At this time, Ye Chen looked towards Qin Aodong and asked with a smile, "Young Master Qin, are you convinced yet?"

      The surrounding area laughed and someone ridiculed, "Young Master Qin, is it possible that your family has fallen and can't afford to pay?"

      "Haha, I think Young Master Qin's body is too weak to lift the sword!"


      Qin Aodong felt his face rolling hot.

      Damn, this grandson can actually come up with so much money!

      You've really embarrassed yourself!

      So, he gritted his teeth and said, "Ye Chen, I will never lose you in the next one!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said indifferently, "Fine, let's compare the next one!"

      Qin Aodong didn't know where Ye Chen got such a big heart, let alone that Ye Chen still had a card in his hand from his second uncle

      Soon, a few more items were auctioned off, followed by a half-finished piece of Tianhuang jade embryo.

      Half of this jade embryo was wrapped in rock to show that it was purely natural, and was priced at $800,000.


The naturally formed jade embryo contained a certain amount of aura, and Ye Chen thought to himself that it was perfect to use to refine evil warding magic tools for Qin Gang, and immediately raised his hand.


      But as soon as he finished speaking, the familiar voice sounded again.

      "A million!"

      Ye Chen turned his head and was facing Qin Aodong's provocative eyes.

      He did not move and continued to raise his cards.

      "1.1 million!"


      A few times down, the price of the Tian Huang jade embryo had doubled, soaring to two million under Qin Aodong's deliberate bidding!

      Many people present also saw that Qin Aodong had started to deliberately target Ye Chen again.

      Everyone was waiting to see another good show, so they kept a close eye on Ye Chen's hand.

      Ye Chen slowly raised his hand and spoke, "Twenty million!".


      The scene went crazy!

      Two million straight up to $20 million?It's the same as it was earlier, straight up ten times!

      Qin Aodong's face was ugly to the extreme.

      This Ye Chen, to die?Even if you have money, isn't that money?That bad?

      I'm known as a loser in Jinling, but even I'm not willing to spend ten times the price on the same thing!

      He was suddenly hesitant.

      To follow or not to follow?

      If you follow, then you've thrown over eighteen million for nothing.

      If you don't follow, Ye Chen is afraid that he will damage himself to death, and these people are afraid that they will laugh at him to death.

      Having lost face once just now, if they were compared by Ye Chen again this time, they would really have no face to come out!

      At the thought of this, Qin Aodong gritted his teeth and said off the top of his head, "I'll pay two thousand and one hundred thousand!"

      There was a scream!

      Qin Aodong added 100,000!

      It's war!

      Ye Chen smiled slightly at this point and raised his hand again, "I'll offer thirty million!"

      "I'm going!!!"

      "This is going fucking crazy!!!"

      "This dude's too just!!!"

      Two million called twenty million, twenty one hundred thousand called thirty million, Ye Chen's handiwork simply scared everyone on the scene.

      Qin Aodong also collapsed!

      What exactly is this Ye Chen doing?Is he really that rich?Thirty million!You can buy fifteen pieces of jade like this!Whoever offered that price would be a huge injustice!

      Ye Chen then asked Qin Ao Dong, "Mr. Qin, come on, go on!"

      Qin Aodong panicked.

      Thirty million for a piece of jade, if my family finds out about this, I'll be dead!

      Sister Qin Ao Xue was afraid that she would be crippled for life.

      But so many people are watching.

      What to do?

      Qin Aodong's face was red and white.

      The auctioneer's side called out the price: "Thirty million at a time!"

      "Thirty million twice!"

      The rowdy crowd started shouting.

      "Young Master Qin make a bid!"

      "Young Master Qin, you have to get hard!"

      "Young Master Qin, don't let us look down on you!"

      "Young Master Qin, are you really wimping out?You were so pretentious and now you're scared?"

      Ye Chen said with a smile on his face, "Mr. Qin, if you don't make a bid, you'll lose oh!"


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