Lost Young Master 126-130


Chapter 126

Following Ye Fan's line of sight, Wu Qiushui saw that Zhang Bao was scurrying around, seemingly looking for something, with four big men with flowery arms tattooed behind him.

Seeing this, Wu Qiushui's face couldn't help but change, "Ye Shao, do you want to hide?"

Where was this venting, Wu Qiushui was bitter in his heart, did Ye Fan still think that he was divine and could counteract four with one?

He also regretted more and more that he had just listened to Ye Fan's words, otherwise he wouldn't be so passive now if he found a few people.

"Hiding my ass, look at you wimp.The best way to eliminate fear is to face it!"

Ye Fan patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder, directly picked up the empty wine glass in Wu Qiushui's hand, took a little aim, and threw it, hitting Zhang Bao squarely in the head.


The glass wine glass shattered with a sound, and Zhang Bao also let out a scream, blood oozing from his forehead.

"Who the hell dares to hit Ben Shao!"Zhang Bao growled and looked over in the direction of the beating, and saw Ye Fan sitting on the bar, smiling and waving at him.

"Damn it, you're the one Ben is looking for!"Zhang Bao laughed sardonically and rushed up with a big hand. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

The four big men behind him also rushed out, and the other girls scratching their heads saw Zhang Bao's five menacing men and dodged to the sides, giving way to Zhang Bao's five men.

But as if he didn't feel it, Ye Fan picked up an empty glass on the bar again and threw it at Zhang Bao again, but this time he missed.

"Hey, moving targets are just not easy to hit, Qiushui, what are you waiting for, you try too, we have to face our fears!"After Ye Fan turned his head to say something to Wu Qiushui, he picked up an empty wine glass again.

Was this the removal of fear?Isn't that an active fault?

Wu Qiushui was somewhat speechless, never would have thought that the way Ye Fan said to vent his anger was to hit Zhang Bao.

It would have been fine in normal times, Zhang Bao was already five short statured and easier to clean up.But now, Zhang Bao was following four big men behind him!

But now, Wu Qiushui had no other choice but to pick up the wine glass and throw it at Zhang Bao, just like Ye Fan.


Wu Qiushui didn't expect that he had hit it with a single blow, and his heart was happy.

"Decompress it."Ye Fan smiled.

Wu Qiushui nodded, it was indeed very de-stressing, just like going to the arcade to smash gophers, but it was obviously more fun to have a moving live target in front of you.

The only thing that Wu Qiushui regretted was that Zhang Bao came over very fast.Wu Qiushui had only thrown a second empty cup before Zhang Bao had already arrived in front of them.

"Don't worry, there's still a chance."Ye Fan smiled calmly and patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder.

Wu Qiushui was now alcoholic and excited regardless, and before Zhang Bao could speak, he picked up the glass and threw it out again, hitting Zhang Bao directly in the nose at such a close distance.

When Zhang Bao was hit in the nose, his nose was sore, and tears instinctively collapsed out.

"Hahaha, look at Zhang Bao's decrepitude."Wu Qiushui laughed and turned his head to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, you tell me what to do, I'll listen to you, but I still haven't beaten enough."

Ye Fan smiled, "I'll let you keep hitting if you haven't hit enough, but it's not a moving target anymore, it's a directional target, so it might not be so cool."

"That's all fine, as long as you can hit it."Wu Qiushui waved his hand cheerfully, not at all restrained.

"Damn it, do you guys still put Ben Shao in your eyes?You losers, hurry up and beat the two of them down!"Zhang Bao covered his nose and waved his big hand, allowing the four strong men behind him to come forward, but he himself didn't dare to come any closer.

The strong men were scolded for being trash and their faces changed, but they still ran towards Ye Fan and Wu Qiushui.

"Zhang Bao scolded you guys so much and you can still put up with him, how much money did he spend to hire you guys ah, let you guys be so deadly, you don't even want your dignity."Ye Fan didn't move, just spoke faintly.

This sentence was very heartbreaking, the strong man who headed it couldn't help but stop himself and said, "Zhang Shao smoothly, gave us brothers ten thousand each."

"Ten thousand each and you guys are dead set on it?"Ye Fan pretended to be surprised, then smiled, "Then I'll give each of you 100,000 pieces, is that what you're allowed to do ah!"

"If Da Shao is willing to give it, it's a different story."The strong man knew that the people who came here to play today were all rich kids, he actually didn't do really hitting people, or else provoke the wrong, 10,000 is not even enough to run away, but if Ye Fan gave 100,000, it would be worth the risk.

Ye Fan is not inked, directly over there dancing Wang Yuntian: "See, do you know that one over there?"

"Wang Shao naturally recognizes it."The strong man nodded his head, not knowing what Ye Fan wanted to express.

Ye Fan beckoned, took out his phone and played the recording in a low voice in the strong man's ear, the strong man could not help but brighten up.

Ye Fan smilingly patted the strong man's shoulder and said, "Hear the recording, Wang Shao said that it's all paid for, just tell me, I'll give you as much as you want, just ask Wang Shao to reimburse you anyway when the time comes."

"Da Shao, if you're not kidding me, give us brothers a million each, we'll run away after we finish this bill, we can do whatever you want us to do!"The strong man thought about it and said.

Ye Fan nodded, but he didn't feel that the strong man lionized him, after all, it was the Wind Capital, the young masters here weren't comparable to a small place like Golden Sands, without a million, no one would really sell their lives.

"Just give each of you a million, paypal transfer, give me your account number, I'll transfer four million to you first, just split it among you guys later."When Ye Fan opened Alipay, the strong man entered his account number, and after making sure it was correct, Ye Fan directly transferred the money.

"Alipay has arrived, four million!"

When he heard the alert tone of the phone, a bright smile appeared on the strong man's face as he flattered, "Da Shao, tell me, what do you want me to do, it's fine to poke the sky!"

"It's nothing, just take your brother and grab Zhang Bao for me, drag him by his limbs and don't let him move."Ye Fan thought about it and said the request.

The strong man was a little surprised, he didn't expect it to be so simple, so he quickly agreed, and immediately afterwards he ran towards Zhang Bao with the other three strong men with a big wave of his hand.

In the meantime, Zhang Bao's eyebrows were slightly tinnitus, he had been beaten, and the strong man and Ye Fan had just been talking to each other, not very loudly, so Zhang Bao didn't hear anything.However, when he saw the strong men smiling and running towards him, Zhang Bao secretly said that it was not good and wanted to run away.

But how could Zhang Bao's short legs outrun the strong men, without taking two steps, he was immobilized by four strong men separately, standing in place and unable to move.

"What are you doing, what are you guys doing, but I paid you guys, and I am Zhang Bao, how dare you guys touch me?"Zhang Bao struggled hard, but the strong men were indifferent.

The man who was paid just now patted Zhang Bao's shoulder and said, "Zhang Shao, the fault is that you have offended that young master.You stay calm and don't move, the brothers won't do anything, we are just responsible for fixing you, if you move around and cause trouble for our brothers, don't blame us for picking your tendons and hamstrings."


"Don't you dare, I'm but...Ahhhh!It hurts, I won't move, I won't move."Zhang Bao was about to threaten the strong men with his identity, but the strong men clutched at him so hard that his wrist became numb with pain.

The strong man grunted, "Stay still, and then dao dao will waste you."

Although he was earning this kind of thugs' money and needed to obey the naming, he was still bloodthirsty after all.He could remember when Zhang Bao called him a waste before.On the other hand, Ye Fan was not only generous, but also simple in his demands and didn't insult to order him.In comparison, even if they all gave ten thousand, he would prefer to help Ye Fan's service.

Ye Fan didn't even notice the thoughts and actions on the strong men's side, he only saw the strong men grabbing Zhang Bao, so he turned his head to Wu Qiushui and said, "Qiushui ah, look, now that the opportunity is back, shall we continue?"

"Go on, sure go on, hehe!"Wu Qiushui drank too much and her face turned red into a monkey's ass, planting a stunned glass and throwing it hard, popping it and giving Zhang Bao another scream.

"Fun, fun!"Wu Qiushui smiled, but then he sighed and said to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, I've made you break the bank."

Don't look at the fact that he was drunk, but he also heard the arrival sound effects from the strong man's paypal just now, which was a full four million.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "It's fine, it's worth it if that money can be exchanged for your heart comfort, and besides, it's not necessarily my money."

Wu Qiushui was very moved by the first half of the sentence, but the second half of the sentence left him stunned, and he couldn't help but ask, "What does Ye Shao mean?"

Ye Fan took out his phone and played the recording to Wu Qiushui, Wu Qiushui also brightened up after hearing it and said, "Good idea, Ye Shao.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.Don't look at more than four million, but with Wang Yuntian's character, I'm afraid he would really pay this money ah." A second to remember to read the book

"Yeah?That's great."Ye Fan also couldn't help but reveal his joy, at first Ye Fan thought that it was just getting Wang Yuntian's handle and finding a way for Wang Yuntian to get the money, if he didn't give it, it would have an effect on Wang Yuntian's reputation.But to be able to ask for money, it was naturally better.

And if Wang Yuntian dared to give this money, then it would be a disguised help to Ye Fan, and Ye Fan could totally use this to provoke the relationship between the Wang family and the Zhang family.

It was really a good way to have the best of both worlds.

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly and also happily picked up an empty wine glass and said, "Qiushui, then let's compete and see who throws more accurately, the loser will be treated to a late night snack."

"No problem, I won't give in to Ye Shao."Wu Qiushui was full of fighting spirit, he also picked up a wine glass and aimed half a day before being thrown out, but unfortunately he missed.

Ye Fan disdainfully laughed, but he didn't drink, his eyes didn't reshape, and the wine glass hit Zhang Bao's forehead squarely, smashing out a small opening.

"Good yeah, hit it, one to zero."

Ye Fan laughed, but he didn't have any sympathy for Zhang Bao.It was odd that he could tolerate Zhang Bao for pinching him like a soft tomato and finding someone to beat him up.

Moreover, doing so was not only to teach Zhang Bao a lesson, but also to calm down the scene, so that all these so-called rich kids could see that he, Ye Fan, was different.Mixing into the circle like this was also considered a strong entry, and it would be quite useful for entering the big brother circle in the future.

But this time, the game was at least gathered by Wang Yunsheng, and seeing Zhang Bao being beaten up like this, he couldn't care less.

"Alright, stop it."Wang Yunsheng faintly spoke up as he approached, but he did not ask the reason why.

Ye Fan was a little surprised by Wang Yunsheng's reaction, if Wang Yunsheng helped Zhang Bao and made Ye Fan apologize, it was something Ye Fan could think of, but Wang Yunsheng just made it stop, not caring which side was right and which side was wrong.

"When Wang Shao said to stop, it's natural to stop, so let Wang Shao transfer money to me."Ye Fan smiled and extended his hand.

"Transfer?What's the transfer?"In the meantime, Wang Yunsheng's eyebrows were knitted, not knowing what Ye Fan was saying.

Ye Fan didn't hide it, so he said truthfully, "Didn't Wang Shao say that tonight's consumption is on you, I just hired a few of them to catch Zhang Bao, so this money is also considered consumption."

Wang Yuntian's eyebrows twitched unnaturally -, Ye Fan is really shameful, spending money on the murder and still wanting him to pay for it.

But Wang Yuntian was like what Wu Qiushui generally said, especially good face, so he nodded and said, "Okay, how much money was spent, I'll pay the treasure to transfer it to you."

"It's not much, it's just eight million."Ye Fan chuckled.

"Oh, it's not much, it's only eight hundred....What, eight million?"Wang Yuntian was directly stunned, his mouth so long that he could stuff an egg into it.

Ye Fan chuckled, "At any rate, it's the arrest of Zhang Bao, and these brothers are afraid of spreading the blame, so they gave a little more.What, isn't this small amount of money too small for young Wang to take out?If you can't take it out, forget it."

Ye Fan pocketed the phone and said with an indifferent face, "The meeting Wang Shao gathered, I was going to give Wang Shao some face and let you pay this money, see if Wang Shao is embarrassed.Anyway, I'm the one who's cool, I'll spend the money, it doesn't matter, it's a small amount to me."

Ye Fan didn't say too much, but the meaning of his words was obvious, firstly, he said that Wang Yuntian was dishonest and didn't take the money after he said he would spend it.Second, it was saying that Wang Yuntian was stingy, and it was a shame that the son of a first-class family couldn't even take out eight million.

Wang Yuntian's face darkened, clearly understanding, and he had wanted to refute Ye Fan, but when he saw the eyes of the others, he held back from cursing.

After all, it was really Wang Yuntian himself who had said that all spending was on him.

If Wang Yuntian really didn't take any money at this moment, then how would these people look at him?

"Never mind, I give!"Wang Yuntian said and took out his phone.

But Ye Fan made no move.

Wang Yuntian frowned and said, "What, don't want it?"

"This attitude of yours, which looks like you want to invite guests, look at the way you've been forced, your face is black, forget it, I don't care about this small amount of money."Ye Fan impatiently waved his hand.

"I...."Wang Yuntian was choked, only after a long time did his breathing steadied, revealing a smile, "It's fine, if I say I'm inviting, that's what I'm inviting, little brother don't disrespect me Wang someone, I don't care about this small amount of money, come on, I'll transfer it to you now."

"Well, that's more like it."Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction before taking out his phone, "Just scan the code to transfer the money."

"Good."After Wang Yuntian smiled and scanned the code, he left without looking back.


Wu Qiushui held her laughter for half a day and saw Wang Yuntian leave before bursting out laughing and giving Ye Fan a thumbs up.

"High, it's really high!"Wu Qiushui couldn't help but praise.

Wu Qiushui had thought that Ye Fan had received the money and that it would be fine, and it had obviously cost four million, but he had asked for eight million and made four million.

Not only that, Wang Yuntian gave money not to say, or compensated with a smile to give money, I guess now Wang Yuntian are furious.

Ye Fan hehe a smile, the beauty of the phone put away: "this kind of fool, dead to save face and live to suffer, if it were me I would not give it, love or not.This guy is good, for the sake of that face, he gave money and compensated for it, it's really funny."


"Hahaha!"Wu Qiushui laughed uproariously, this time it was too much of a relief for Wang Yuntian to suffer such a sullen loss.

"Eldest Young Master, then we brothers will withdraw first."The strong men walked up to Ye Fan and said.

But Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "What's the point of leaving, just stay at Wind Capital, Zhang Bao won't do anything to you."

"What do you mean by that?"The strong man still didn't want to leave, and he couldn't help but be happy to hear that he had a chance to stay here.

Ye Fan explained, "As you have just seen, the money was paid by Wang Yuntian, so you go out and say that Wang Yuntian hired you.Of course, I just asked for eight million, of which I'm leaving four million behind, which can be considered as Wang Yuntian's hard work for hiring me and Wu Qiushui."

"Will this work?"The strong man was still a little worried, after all, what Ye Fan said was crooked.

When Ye Fan saw that the strong man was worried, he helplessly got up and came to Zhang Bao who had fainted and woke up with a kick.

Zhang Bao looked at Ye Fan with hatred in his eyes and said, "Kid, wait for me, I will take revenge for today's incident!"

"Revenge of the nimrod, actually Brother Zhang, I'm also forced to ah."Ye Fan suddenly looked pale and squatted in front of Zhang Bao, taking out his cell phone, "Look, the money Wang Yuntian just transferred to me, eight million.The reason those four thugs helped me just now was because Wang Yuntian ordered it, I gave each of them a million, and Wu Qiushui and I got two million each.We didn't want to take this money either, but Wang Yuntian had already been displeased with you, and that's why he hired me before the party, so that I could find trouble with you.Otherwise, I don't even know you, so why would I dare to insult you at the door, if you think about it, where would an outsider like me dare to offend such an awesome person like Zhang Shao."

Ye Fan said almost in tears, Zhang Bao also can't help but be moved, carefully think about what Ye Fan said is really right, if not for Wang Yuntian's order, how would Ye Fan dare to attack him, and why do these thugs dare to rebel against the bone. The first website m.kanshu8.net

But Zhang Bao still coldly snorted, "What's going on with that Wu Qiushui, I can remember that Wu Qiushui and Wang Yuntian's hatred is not light."

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Wu Qiushui also came in front of Zhang Bao and said, "Zhang Shao, it was all just an act.In fact, my family didn't lag behind, I joined Wang Yuntian long ago, the reason why we keep showing disagreement is so that the other families don't suspect, otherwise the Wang family will get all of our Wu family again and will definitely stand at the top of the first-class families, Wang Yuntian did this because he was worried about the crane, that's why he didn't dare to show our relationship in front of you."

"Is that so?"Zhang Bao was a little unbelievable.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "You taste, you fine.How else would Wu Qiushui and I get together, it's all Wang Yuntian's arrangement.This game is all arranged by Wang Yuntian, he has a count of who he wants to invite, otherwise knowing that Wu Qiushui and you don't deal with each other, he still has to arrange it, isn't that just picking a fight."


After a long silence, Zhang Bao suddenly burst out, suddenly coming to the realization that everything that Ye Fan had said was right.

The thing that convinced Zhang Bao the most was the eight million, even a top-notch gentleman wouldn't give someone so much money for nothing, at a glance, there was something about it.

"But why did he want to mess with me, and why did you guys tell me about this?It's not good for you, is it."Zhang Bao issued another final question.

Ye Fan was relieved, so he didn't even think that Zhang Bao still had questions.

Fortunately, Wu Qiushui reacted quickly and only sighed, "This is a long story.Wang Yuntian wants to screw you because your Zhang family is the top of the second-rate, Wang Yuntian is afraid of your rise, because now the Wang family and your Zhang family are not too far apart, screwing you up is to remove the threat and incidentally annex your Zhang family, just like the original annexation of our Wu family.This time, the reason for helping Wang Yuntian is because Wang Yuntian promises that if he crushes your family, he will split seventy-three with our Wu family, and our Wu family will get thirty percent, and can also be at the tip of the second-tier, and may be able to be among the first-tier, but..."

Wu Qiushui said, "But I thought about it carefully, how could Wang Yuntian be so kind-hearted, he definitely wanted to draw me a pie, to first bring down your Zhang family, and then say that it was our Wu family that did it, after that Wang Yuntian could do justice and annex our Wu family by the way, all of this, is Wang Yuntian's trick!"

"So insidious!"

Now Zhang Bao had to believe it, because the family was involved, and it all sounded even more reasonable.

And Zhang Bao didn't dare not to believe it, even if Wu Qiushui was lying to him, he could only believe that this kind of involving the family's interests, it was better to believe it than not to believe it.

Because what Wu Qiushui had just said was seamless, and if it was really implemented, then the end of the Zhang family would be a dead end.

"I'm sorry, Brother Qiushui, it's because I was jealous of you before that I always find trouble with you.I know it's wrong, thank you for telling me so much, I have to tell the family quickly, otherwise our Zhang family will be in real danger."Zhang Bao just bowed to Wu Qiushui with a sincere attitude.

Wu Qiushui also patted Zhang Bao's shoulder and said, "It's fine, resolve the conflict, we'll be brothers from now on.I also beat you before, I hope that brothers don't take offense."

"It's fine, it's all trivial.I'll leave first then, I'll have to report this matter to the family tightly."Zhang Bao said that he was about to leave, but he stopped before taking a few steps, turned his head and returned to Wu Qiushui's side, whispering, "Brother Qiushui, you said that Wang Yuntian is so bad, why don't we join forces with the two families, in fact, if we defeat the Wang family, we can both be among the top families."

"I can't make decisions on such things, but I will report back to the family, so wait for good news from your side."After Wu Qiushui gave Zhang Bao a cheering gesture, Zhang Bao left with a heavy step, as if he was carrying a big responsibility on his shoulders.


It wasn't until after Zhang Bao left completely that Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Wu Qiushui also laughed out loud and once again gave a thumbs up to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, you are really awesome, you can even come up with this kind of method to provoke a rift, the relationship between the Wang family and the Zhang family will be completely bad."

Ye Fan nodded his head and said, "You don't have to take what Zhang Bao said behind, you don't have to take it seriously, the United Family will be finished in case there is a traitor, but this has also achieved our goal, teaching Zhang Bao a lesson and giving Wang Yuntian a problem.Zhang Bao was beaten up like this, so he definitely won't go to Wang Yuntian to inquire about it."

Turning his head, Ye Fan said to the four strong men, "See, this matter is known to heaven and earth, you know it, if the words rot in your bellies, you'll be able to safely carry it in the Wind Capital, and no one will find trouble with you."

"Da Shao, what do you mean by things rotten in the belly, we brothers just have a bad memory, we can forget everything that just happened, I remember we are here to drink right, brothers, let's go drink."The first strong man said and left directly after that.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, although he knew that it was the strong man's words and it was impossible to really forget.But judging by the situation, they were a few of them were prepared to stay in the Wind Capital.After all, who wished to run away when they could avoid running away.

Wu Qiushui also said at the side, "Ye Shao don't worry, these thugs only recognize money, but they also have professional ethics, none of them will pass on small talk, after all, if they say it, there's no trust, and they lose their jobs."

Ye Fan nodded slightly, knowing that Wu Qiushui was right, so he waved his hand and said, "Okay, there's no trouble now, today I guess it's just to mix up a familiar face, now that the purpose is here, let's go.Ben has earned four million, let's take you to a barbecue."


"Ye Shao, didn't we agree that I'm invited, and didn't I just say that I also have two million."Wu Qiushui said stoically.

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Qiushui, and said, "Take advantage and behave, but this money is the money that Ben Shao worked hard and spent half a day to earn, how much risk do you know, let's go, go have a barbecue, if you don't eat, I won't take you."

"Ye Shao, wait for me, I'm just kidding.Let me be so happy today, far more important than two million to come, heart comfort ah."Wu Qiushui was originally just joking, so he even caught up with Ye Fan.

It had been a long time since Ye Fan had eaten a barbecue, and he hadn't eaten one since he was rich.

And when it comes to what to eat in winter, besides hotpot it should be barbecue, Ye Fan menu didn't even look at it, he first asked for ten beef kidneys and ten lamb kidneys, directly made Wu Qiushui look silly.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and you'll see that it's not just the car, but also the car.

As soon as he entered the presidential suite, Ye Fan collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

"Ah, my head hurts!"

Ye Fan rubbed his temples and slowly opened his eyes, took his phone and saw that it was already three in the afternoon, but he had slept for twelve hours, it seemed that he was really drunk this time.

"Boss, you're awake?" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

A clear and pleasant voice entered Ye Fan's ears, Ye Fan turned his head to look, only to see Han Dong'er standing by the bed in a small foreign dress, timidly fiddling with her small hands.

Ye Fan rubbed his temples, "It's Dong'er, how's it going, is it better?"

"It's fine already."Han Dong'er's little face directly blushed, she actually didn't have a fever, it was just wording.

Ye Fan nodded and didn't notice any difference.

"Are you having a headache, boss?I'll give you a massage, I've been to Thailand, so I learned Thai massage by the way, it's very useful for treating headaches."Han Dong'er looked at Ye Fan's eyes and said, her eyes were full of sincerity, just want Ye Fan to believe.

Ye Fan was not in a position to excuse himself, so he had to lie on the bed, "Okay, then it's troublesome for you, but why do you open and close your mouth and call me boss, I'm quite uncomfortable."

"What's that calling you ah, you are indeed my boss ah, I received a notice in the morning, it was Lan Pin who told me everything."Han Dong'er said.

Ye Fan nodded slightly, now that Han Dong'er called Lan Pin's first name instead of Sister, one could tell that Han Dong'er's mindset had changed.And even if Lan Pin didn't say it, Ye Fan would still say it, but it saved trouble.

"Alright, but the boss sounds a bit awkward, so why don't you call me Mr. Ye, it sounds pretty much like the same thing."Ye Fan smiled hehely, after all, calling General Ye sounded overbearing, much better than Ye Shao's kind of suave name.

Han Dong'er but stunned, because Ye Fan this smile is really silly, but very innocent, but also a little stinky, but even more so Han Dong'er heart feel Ye Fan close, the heart of admiration is even more.

Hastily shaking her head to break off the thought, Han Dong'er placed her hand on Ye Fan's head and said, "Mr. Ye, then I'll start."

"Come on!"Ye Fan is down to a look as if dying, if the Chinese physiotherapy massage is still reliable, after all, not so difficult, is to press, but Thai massage are all kinds of anti-human posture, looking all scary, the Internet said, Thai massage press bad people will be gone, there have been many accidents.


But what Ye Fan did not expect was that Han Dong'er's strength was just right, and the position she pressed was exactly where Ye Fan's headache was, and she cried out in relief.

Ye Fan was a little shy after he called out and covered his face, "It's fine, you go on, I'll try to control myself."

"Good, then go for it Ye!"Han Dong'er didn't say much, and continued to press again.

Although Ye Fan couldn't see Han Dong'er's movements, but could also feel the flow of water between the movements, and more importantly, Han Dong'er's hands were extremely soft - soft and warm, pressed on Ye Fan's body, like a marshmallow, no pain in the slightest.And just the right amount of force, just like eating a seven-minute steak, one point more would be too old, and one point less would not feel.

Massage was already extremely soothing, especially since Ye Fan had never had a massage before, and the excitement of it could be imagined.So Ye Fan didn't endure more than a few strokes, he couldn't endure completely, and directly burst out a goosebumps-inducing gasp - "Ah!I can't control myself!"

"Hold on!"Han Dong'er said, and then a force on her hand, the Thai massage was still the main power channel, if the force was too light, it would be ineffective.

"No more, no more, I really can't help it, mama ah, heaven..."Ye Fan's white eyes rolled over and he almost didn't feel so good that he flew up.


"What are you doing!"The bathroom door suddenly opened, and there came Li Qiuyu's delicate drink, scaring Ye Fan into sitting up with a start.

"Nothing ah, I have a headache, winter help me press my head just."Ye Fan explained, but after saying that, he suddenly wondered why he had to explain to Li Qiuyu.

This scene was like being caught in a rape....

Li Qiuyu saw that Han Dong'er was sitting on the floor with a small stool, so she knew nothing had happened, and couldn't help but blush: "I'm just asking, it's fine, you guys go on."

"I see you've been getting more and more reckless lately."

Ye Fan looked at Li Qiuyu, who came out in a bathrobe, with a large piece of white meat snail exposed, and couldn't help but look at Li Qiuyu with a raised eyebrow with interest.

Li Qiuyu blushed brightly and panicked, making an excuse: "I haven't finished washing yet, I'll go wash up again."

Saying that, Li Qiuyu entered the bathroom again.

Ye Fan touched his nose, knowing that Li Qiuyu had been changing more and more recently, it seemed that he still had to talk to Li Qiuyu when he had the chance.

Making up his mind, Ye Fan lay down on the bed again: "Winter, I was scared just now, but my head doesn't hurt now, but this body is still soft, do you want to help me press it again?"

"No problem, Ye."Han Dong'er nodded and climbed onto the bed.

Ye Fanton bounced up, "Dong'er, what are you doing, why are you still up here?"

Ye Fan can be clear, now he can not wear anything but underwear, do not have to think much, know that when sleeping Li Qiuyu help him take off, just to make him sleep comfortably.

Li Qiu Yu to bed is no problem, but Han Dong'er and he did not determine the relationship, just on the relationship of subordinates, if really on the bed, can be a big misunderstanding.

Han Dong'er seems to have thought of something, not to blush: "Ye, what are you thinking about.I mean massage, Thai massage is different, it requires physical contact, but it's all healthy, so don't get the wrong idea."

"So ah, okay."Ye Fan didn't know why, but instead of hearing that there wasn't much contact, he felt some sense of loss.

But then, after Han Dong'er climbed onto the bed, she removed the little foreign dress she was wearing.


"Wait, what, what are you doing?"Ye Fan excited again, but did not wait for Han Dong'er to speak, Ye Fan saw Han Dong'er inside a small vest and underpants, suddenly it dawned Han Dong'er may feel inconvenient to wear a small dress to make Ye Fan feel embarrassed again.

Then Ye Fan learned to be honest, no matter what Han Dong'er did strange behavior, Ye Fan felt it was normal.

In fact, the Thai massage does not need that kind of provocative touch, especially Ye Fan has a reaction to the blush but do not speak the look, but let Han Dong'er feel funny.

Han Dong'er knew that she had become irrevocably infatuated with Ye Fan.

"Still not good enough?"After being pressed for more than an hour, Ye Fan's body no longer hurt, and wondered if the massage would take more than an hour?It's been too long.And he'd just received a message from WeChat that it was Fishwater looking for him for something, and he wanted to go out.

Han Dong'er was startled, so he began to compose himself, "Right away, just a few more presses and then it's over."

After a few hasty presses, Han Dong'er got out of bed.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, changed his clothes and washed up, then rushed to Van Pin Entertainment.

And as soon as Ye Fan left, Li Qiuyu came out from the other room of the suite, slightly jealous, "Sister Dong'er, what took you so long."

"Sorry, Sister Qiu'er, Mr. Ye's body is too good, so I accidentally touched him for a while longer."Han Dong'er threw out her tongue, completely different from her previous shyness in front of Ye Fan, but just as cute. One second to remember to read the book

Li Qiuyu said sadly: "Unfortunately, I do not know how to massage, or Sister Dong'er also teach me, next time it's me?I'd like to try it.Otherwise he's elm-headed, he won't get close enough to touch him without initiating, and he's a jerk for exuding charm but not cleaning up the mess."

"Then what to do, who let us all take the bait."Han Dong'er patted Li Qiuyu comfortingly, and the two girls embraced each other full of helplessness and comfort.

On the other side, the unaware Ye Fan had arrived at Van Pin Entertainment.

Van Pin Entertainment was still the same as yesterday when Ye Fan came, the lady at the front desk saw Ye Fan and couldn't help but brighten up and said, "Ye Shao, you're here again?Who do you want this time?"

Ye Fan is a little speechless, this front desk is really addicted to making money.

Before Ye Fan opened his mouth, Fish Water ran over panting and glared at the front desk, "There are really no rules, Ye Shao came and didn't know to serve tea, remember in the future, when you see Ye Shao, treat me like I am, all privileges."

"Okay, Chief Fish, I know."The lady at the front desk was scared witless.

But Ye Fan waved his hand: "I see the little girl is quite good, don't scare her, she has a lot of potential, the little girl do a good job."

The receptionist was praised by Ye Fan and stood straight up, "Thank you, Ye Shao for your praise."

"Ye Shao's recognition of you, you'll do well in the future, you might be able to promote to the personnel department."Fish Water naturally couldn't fall short of Ye Fan's face.

Hearing this, the front desk lady even more bowed, "Thank you for Ye Shao's appreciation, thank you for Fish's appreciation."

Ye Fan nodded with a smile and went straight to the top floor with the fish water.

The front desk lady was just a small episode, but those who had helped Ye Fan, Ye Fan would help all he could.Now Ye Fan is really experiencing that kind of pleasure - feeling of pointing the finger, a small decision, may be just a casual word of Ye Fan, not to say can change the fate of the little girl, but it can make the little girl happy for days.

The life of a rich man is so boring and tedious ah.

Ye Fan sighed in his heart, since he was rich, although he had gained many privileges, he had lost a lot of satisfaction accordingly.

And satisfaction comes from wanting to get a thing and being satisfied when you reach it.Now that Ye Fan lacked nothing, he naturally had no sense of satisfaction.But Ye Fan didn't regret being rich, because the happiness of the rich was so much stronger than before, and everything that he didn't dare to think about before was now in the palm of his hand.


The sound of the elevator arriving at the top floor interrupted Ye Fan's thoughts.

To the general manager's office of the fish water, Ye Fan just like back to his home, directly paralyzed on the sofa, with his legs crossed: "Mr. fish, just now you said to find me something urgent, in the end, what is the problem?WeChat also did not make it clear, but also had to come to me personally."

Fish Water looked embarrassed, "Isn't it because I'm afraid that WeChat will be hacked in to steal the news? that's why we met and said.By the way, this matter is still related to you."

"Related to me, what is it?"Evan was suddenly interested.

"It's like this, yesterday you lectured Lan Pin and said that you would let the monitoring room save the footage, but the footage in the monitoring room shows signs of having been tampered with, and the known problem now is that a copy was made."

Said Fishwater, a little anxiously touching his big bald head.

Originally, he was only bald, but yesterday, under Ye Fan's suggestion, he directly shaved it into a bald head.Ye Fan's intention was to make Fishwater look normal, at least better looking than bald, but it seemed to look more like an old pervert.

Ye Fan nodded his head in a daze, but not nervous at all, instead his attention was all on Fishwater's big bald head, and he laughed out loud.

"Chief Fish, you're quite domineering for a bald head."

"Ye Shao, you stop it, this matter is very important, if someone spreads out, it will not only have an effect on the mortal product, but also on you."Fish Water looked anxious, this matter could be considered ironclad black material.

Ye Fan, however, waved his hand indifferently, "All big little things ah, out of such a big thing, the Infinite Entertainment will definitely enter the monitoring room to steal, you guys didn't prevent it is your problem, there might be a mole.This time it's to catch the mole, that's why I deliberately asked the security guards to send word that they were watching the control room, in order to draw out the mole, now, it seems that the mole has appeared, just catch the opportunity to catch the mole."

"But the priority is that copied CCTV footage ah."Fishwater thought that Ye Fan had missed the point.

Ye Fan directly took out his phone and played the video, "Look, isn't that the one, my family's people already got their hands on the copy in the first place, and that copy's USB drive was also burned, so there's no evidence."

"Someone from your family?"Fish Water knew that Ye Fan was rich, but didn't know that Ye Fan was also a member of the family, but there was no family surnamed Ye in Fengdu, could it be from another city?

Since they were from the provinces and were able to get the original document so quickly, or without knowing it, then how powerful the Ye Fan family was.

"Then you must have caught the real culprit."Fish water some expectations, in the end who is the mole.

The company worked hard to operate, but there were so many mole, how to think, fish water felt that he was a bit of a failure as a general manager.

But Ye Fan shook his head: "I don't know."

"Since you found the original, how could you not know?"Fish Water was a little unable to - understand, it can't be that he saw it on the road.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "Don't mention this matter, mentioning this matter gives me a headache.My family is giving me secrecy, everything about me won't appear on the internet, but who exactly helped me with these things, I'm not even sure, let alone asking anyone out.The family only protects me, but doesn't help me, so if you want to find out, it's better if we find out ourselves."

"So that's how it is."Fish Water instantly dawned on me, knowing that this was the family's trial for its children.

"But I've now thought of a good way to catch the mole."Ye Fan smiled with confidence, looking like he was planning a coup.


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