Dish Best Served Cold 1091-1095


Chapter 1091

Before coming here, Tang Hao had never thought that he would be so disgraced by a teenage descendant of a generation of clerics, Pillar Gods.

    Yes, the man in front of him was none other than one of the three permanent members of the Martial God Hall, the Hao Tian Sect Master, Tang Hao!

    Of course, Ye Fan could recognize him, not because he had investigated him, and not because he knew him.

    Rather, it was a guess!

    After all, to be able to give such oppression to Ye Fan, the entire Huaxia, there was only that high above the temple, the six pillar gods of the Martial God Temple.

    Ye Fan commanded the Dragon God Temple, secretly plotting and taking charge of the entire situation, and naturally knew a lot about the martial dao of various countries.

    Among the six Pillar God Generals of the Martial God Temple, the only one who used a hammer was the Haotian Clan Master, Tang Hao!

    So, based on the strength of the man in front of him and the small hammer hanging from his waist, it was easy for Ye Fan to guess.

    As for the matter of his stagnant cultivation, he could actually see the suspicion from the ranking of the Martial God Hall over the years.

    After all, when the Martial God Hall was just established back then, Hao Tian Sovereign Tang Hao was ranked second.

    But over the years, the rankings of the Sword Saint, the Fist King and others had successively surpassed him.

    Through all these suspicions, guessing that his cultivation was stagnant was not something unimaginable.

    As the saying goes, the authorities were confused.

    Perhaps Ye Fan didn't feel anything, but Tang Hao was undoubtedly trembling to the core.

    It only felt that his privacy was being seen in full view by this descendant in front of him.

    This was undoubtedly unacceptable to Tang Hao, who had been in a high position for a long time.

    Faced with Tang Hao's questioning, Ye Fan ignored it.

    He lifted his teacup, took a sip, and then continued to speak on his own.

    "It is because of your heart!"

    "In martial arts cultivation, one is to cultivate the body, and the other is to cultivate the mind."

    "If you don't have enough heart, even if you close the door and practice for a hundred years, your cultivation will hardly progress an inch."

    "I have watched all over the Heavenly Rankings of the strongest people, and after reading their deeds, I will find out.But all martial dao supreme powerhouses have an air about them."

    "A Qi that is unrelenting and unstoppable!"

    "When a great power is great, it is a great spirit!"

    "Sword in the world, quick and unrestrained, unrestrained and free."

    "Spill my blood, kill the nine heavens and go forward!"

    "This is how one can ask for the highest level of martial arts."

    "And like you, you are forward looking and cowering, killing a damned person and still have to worry about the consequences and consider the impact."

    "This kind of mind of yours, after all your life, is all you have achieved today."

    "I'm afraid that even if you exhausted your entire life, it would be difficult for you to make it to the top of the list!"

    "Shut up!"In the room, Ye Fan's low voice was still echoing.

    However, Tang Hao was already completely furious, and he shot up, his old face livid, and exploded in anger at Ye Fan.

    "Saying that I have a lack of heart?That I'll have trouble making the list for life?"

    "I am Tang Hao, one of the Six Pillars of China, one of the Masters of the Martial Hall, majestic and supreme, and it's not for you, a junior, to tell me what to do!Here's the nonsense!"

    As Tang Hao's angry voice rang out, the mahogany table and chairs in the room instantly exploded.

    The LCD TV behind it also shattered instantly under Tang Hao's majestic might.

    At this time, Tang Hao had undoubtedly been completely enraged by Ye Fan's arrogance.

    He had studied martial arts for a lifetime, and had been majestic all his life.

    Even Ye Qingtian would never dare to offend and defy him like this.

    But now, a nameless junior, a Gryphon disciple, was speaking out of turn, saying that he had an inadequate heart and that it would be difficult for him to enter the Heavenly Ranking throughout his life.

    "Since you are so contemptuous of me, then today, let me see if you, this arrogant junior, has the qualifications to be contemptuous of me?"

    Under his anger, Tang Hao's might stormed.

    And then he turned around and strode out of the room.

    Under the night sky, Tang Hao stood vapidly across the sky, and his majestic voice resounded throughout the world.

    "Junior, do you dare to come out and fight me?"

    "How dare you?"Ye Fan smiled proudly, while also stepping out into the vast world outside.

    A war was surprisingly on the verge of starting.

    There wasn't any buildup, let alone any buffer.

    After Ye Fan appeared, Tang Hao made a powerful attack.

    Under the Heavenly River, Tang Hao was as mighty as an abyss, and the small hammer at his waist flew out, soaring against the wind.

    In the end, a huge black hammer was already held in Tang Hao's hand.

    "Junior, receive a hammer from me!"

    Amidst the angry shout, Tang Hao held the Hao Tian Divine Hammer and smashed it furiously at Ye Fan.

    A hammer!

    Two hammers.

    The storm swept and the giant hammer swept across the sky.

    Tang Hao wielded the Hao Tian Divine Hammer, and with an unrivaled momentum, he smashed wildly towards where Ye Fan was.

    There were six hammers, one after the other.

    When the first hammer was used, the second hammer followed and smashed down again.

    And, what was even more frightening was that Tang Hao's hammering technique was stronger than one hammer.

    Just like this, six hammers, with an unstoppable momentum, swept the four directions and struck directly at Ye Fan.

    Even the God of War, Ye Qingtian, wouldn't dare to prove a hard fight against such a mighty force.

    Therefore, Tang Hao thought that Ye Fan would choose to evade the attack and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.

    But what Tang Hao didn't expect was that Ye Fan didn't retreat, nor did he dodge, but waved his huge fist, directly resisting Tang Hao's divine hammer in a truly primitive way, in the most violent manner.

    Tang Hao's eyebrows curled at the sight.

    Was this arrogance seeking death?

    Or is he relying on something?

    Just as Tang Hao was worried that Ye Fan would be smashed into a pulp by his giant hammer, he was ready to stop.

    Who would have thought that under the dark night, a dragon's roar would ring out.

    Right after that, Tang Hao saw that on Ye Fan's body, a golden light lit up.

    And then, under the dark night, it was as if the skinny teenager had transformed into a golden giant that was emitting golden light.

    He looked up at the sky, and his feet cracked the ground.

    Mighty power rose from his feet and finally gathered in his fists and palms.

    His entire body was bent into a full moon, like a full-stringed bow, and his might was released at once.

    Just like this, Ye Fan directly used a pair of iron fists to resist Tang Hao's six hammers.


    A full six explosions resounded through the clouds.

    The deafening sounds were only like thunder, trembling the entire Cloud State.

    Even the clouds and lakes thousands of meters away seemed to ripple endlessly under this tremor.

    I don't know how long it took, when everything stopped.

    Under the dark night, two figures were only gradually becoming clear.

    Ye Fan and Tang Hao, with their feet on the ground, actually both retreated a few steps.

    Previously clashing against each other, these two, surprisingly, were evenly matched.

    At this time, both of them were expressionless.

    Ye Fan stood coldly, and Tang Hao was even more filled with heavy eyes, looking at Ye Fan.

    After a long silence, Tang Hao suddenly shook his head and laughed, slightly mocking himself.

    "I originally thought that the War God's previous esteem for you was an overstatement."

    "Now, it seems that I was shallow."

    "You are indeed, worthy of the God of War's evaluation, and even more so, the position of the Huaxia Seal."

    "Congratulations, Ye Fan."

    "You passed the test, and after today, you will be the Huaxia Martial Dao, the seventh Sealed Master!"

    "It's also the youngest title master in the history of Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "On his day, the official sealing document will come down, just remember to receive it."


The matter of a title was of great importance.

    Every title master was a strategic deterrent in the martial world.

    It was the equivalent of a nuclear weapon in the martial world, a pillar of the nation.

    Therefore, for any country, the birth of every title master was an event that could be celebrated by the entire nation.

    Naturally, Huaxia was no exception!

    Not only would the Martial Shrine invite it to join, even the Huaxia official would issue a red-headed document to acknowledge its supremacy from the official secular level.

    The official document Tang Hao referred to was the red-headed document with the Huaxia State Seal on it.

    Of course, it didn't really matter whether such a document existed or not.

    But the official process always had to be followed.

    In Huaxia, the martial arts and the mundane were separated and ruled, though.But nominally, the martial world still had to follow the official orthodox management.

    Just like the appointment of the Martial Hall Master, it also required official documents to be sealed.

    Of course, it was only in name.

    The one who really made decisions on matters in the Martial World was still the Martial God Temple, which represented the highest authority in the Huaxia Martial World.

    If the Martial God Hall's six hall masters didn't give the nod, the so-called red-headed document from the Huaxia authorities would be nothing more than a piece of paper.

    After all, this world's way of life was dominated by the strong.

    And martial artists were the ones who held the limits of what human power could reach, so naturally, they would not be bound by those worldly weaklings.

    Of course, this didn't mean that the secular world couldn't counteract the martial world.

    Just like in Huaxia, if the Huaxia authorities really wanted to deal with the Martial Temple, they would still be able to level the Martial Temple by sending out nuclear weapons.

    But obviously, this kind of act of wounding an enemy by eight hundred and damaging oneself by a thousand would only be done by an idiot.

    Therefore, it was this mutual check and balance of power that eventually formed the current situation where the Huaxia Secular World and the Martial World were separated and ruled.

    Even in many cases, when faced with some tricky international affairs, the Huaxia authorities would still have recourse to the Martial Temple.

    After all, weapons were still clearly more controllable compared to people.

    However, hearing Tang Hao's words, Ye Fan was a bit confused.


    "What test?"

    "Could it be that you're not one of the thugs sent by those two giants?"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, and his gaze towards Tang Hao was filled with confusion.

    The original mortification and chill in the depths of Ye Fan's pupils also faded a lot.

    Tang Hao shook his head and smiled, "It seems that you still don't understand what a Sealed Master represents to a country."

    "I can tell you without exaggeration that even the Huaxia sovereign is not qualified to make a sealed clan master his thugs, much less to order a sealed clan master to act according to his will."

    "Do you think that no matter how strong those two giants are, they can still be stronger than the Huaxia Country Lord?"

    Tang Hao's words suddenly confused Ye Fan.

    "So, you're not sent by the Lu and Xu families?"

    "That's natural."Tang Hao nodded, "It's just two mundane families, if I exterminate him, it's just blowing dust.How big of a face do they have to be able to invite the Pillar God to be their thugs?"

    "Sealed Masters as a strategic deterrent force in the martial world in general, are never this cheap."

    When Tang Hao said this, his eyebrows were filled with pride and majesty.

    The kind of confidence that came from the bones, only those with great power would possess.

    And as the existence of a national strategic deterrent, he did indeed have this pride of capital.

    What was a strategic deterrent?

    This is the kind of thing that if you have it, then the enemy will not dare to touch you.

    In other words, it's a case of "yielding without fighting"!

    Nuclear weapons are, title clerics, even more so!

    Even if there was no equal force to counterbalance the title clan, the destruction caused by the title clan was stronger than that of nuclear weapons.

    Back then, when the United States of America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, the casualties caused were only 200,000 people.

    And in the history of martial arts, the highest recorded killing of a title clan master was three million people!

    Yes, back then, that title master, because of a personal grudge, entered a certain African country and slaughtered it for ten days and nights.

    Those 10 days were like purgatory for the 18 cities of that country.

    Later on, if the World Martial Alliance hadn't sent out a joint siege of powerful people, that country would probably have been slaughtered cleanly.

    Since then, the title clerics had become a strategic deterrent for all countries in the world.

    The World Martial Alliance even formulated the "Convention of Self-Discipline for the Self-Discipline of the Various Kingdoms" to strictly restrict the use of their own power without restraint, and even forbade the mass slaughter of civilians by the title masters.

    It could be said that, to a certain extent, it limited the destructive nature of the Feudal Clerics.

    However, the strategic deterrence of the title clerics was still there.

    After all, this kind of convention was, in the end, just a self-discipline convention, and the worst that could happen was to suffer public condemnation.

    As long as you didn't go too far, no one would care, and at most condemn you for a few words.

    That's why, Tang Hao was so disdainful of those two big giants.

    Hearing this, only then did Ye Fan confirm that the other party was not an enemy.

    "I just didn't expect that obtaining a title was all it took, and I still have to test?"After the misunderstanding was cleared up, the animosity in Ye Fan's body dissipated, and he looked at Tang Hao, shaking his head and saying.

    However, really, Ye Fan had just treated Tang Hao as a strong man that the Lu and Xu families had invited to deal with him.

    Fortunately, this Tang Hao had promptly exploded his identity, otherwise it would only be too late when Ye Fan's Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution was performed.

    Yes, Ye Fan's attack just now was by no means his peak battle power.

    But even so, it still wasn't something that Tang Hao could counteract.

    No one knew what the consequences would have been if Ye Fan had done his best.

    "That's natural."

    "The matter of a title is a matter of national fortune, and it is not child's play."

    "Any title master must pass a test before being nominated."

    "Sometimes, it's more than just accepting a person for one test."

    "Especially for someone of your age, if you want to obtain a title, you will naturally have to suffer more questions."

    "I'm not going to lie to you, a few days ago, the War God forcefully insisted on nominating you as the seventh title master, which aroused public anger in the Martial God Hall."

    "Other than the War God, no one thought that you were eligible for the title of title."

    "On that day on Yan Mountain, the Champion nearly fought with the War God."

    "But don't worry, despite the unpleasantness of that day, the nomination for you was still forcibly passed by the War God."

    Ye Qingtian was, after all, the War God of a country, and the reputation of the strongest man in Huaxia was by no means a cover.

    Although Ye didn't speak much to state his position in normal days, once he decided something, no one could damn well stop him.

    Not convinced?One beating and you're done.

    The God of War is all-powerful and majestic, how can he be afraid of anyone?

    So, on that day, even though the Fist Emperor Mo Liao Cheng as well as the Sword Saint and the others opposed it, the nomination for Ye Fan was still passed.

    Ye wasn't accustomed to them.


When Ye Fan heard this, his originally peaceful state of mind, however, was suddenly filled with waves.

    He hadn't expected it, but in order for him to become a title grandmaster, Ye had given so much.

    He even went so far as to turn his back on the Boxing King and others.

    This friendship was not too heavy.

    "The fact that the War God is so attentive for my sake, it makes me a little terrified."

    "If it's because of me that the War God has fallen out with the Fist King and the others, this title of mine, even if I receive it, I still feel guilty."Ye Fan was ashamed.

    Tang Hao, however, smiled cheerfully, "Hahaha~"

    "Ye Fan, you're overreacting."

    "That's the nature of Old Ye, we're all used to it."

    "Although Old Ye made the Boxer unable to get off the stage that day, in a few days, when everyone's anger has subsided, no one will care."

    "What's more, this matter was originally shallow and we underestimated you."

    "When I go back this time and tell them the results of the test, the two of them, the Fist King and the Sword Saint, will surely have nothing to say."

    "So, you don't need to have any psychological pressure."

    Ye Fan nodded, "Thank you very much then."

    Tang Hao waved his hand, "Why should you say thank you, it's our Huaxia Martial Dao that should be thanked instead."

    "A few days ago, we lost a great powerhouse in our Huaxia, that was a huge loss for our Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "But fortunately, now our Huaxia has given birth to another Grandmaster."

    "Perhaps you are not as strong as that Chu Tianfan now, but I'm sure that in the future, your achievements will not be inferior to his."

    "Because of your existence, my Huaxia Martial Dao has grown once again."

    "Seven seals, seven pillar powerhouses, looking at the entire Asia, who else can rival our Huaxia?"

    "Ye Fan, you are still young, work hard, the future of Huaxia depends on you."

    "My great China, whether or not I can return to the top of the world's martial dao, depends on you later generations, what will you accomplish in the future?"

    After a brief encounter, just like Ye Qingtian, Tang Hao was undoubtedly convinced by Ye Fan's personal charm.

    Although this son was young, he was calm and steady, far surpassing others of his age.

    More importantly, he was powerful, and at such a young age, he was already able to outperform a Sealed Master!

    Moreover, from his body, Tang Hao, however, saw a few shades of the God of War.

    At the very least, the quick-witted and fearless spirit in him was very similar to the God of War.

    "Perhaps, he's right."

    "For so many years, the reason why my cultivation has been stagnant and slow to inch forward is because, I lack qualities like his and the War God's, I guess."

    "Fighting with the sword, fast and furious."

    "Spill my hot blood, kill the nine heavens, and go forward."

    Thinking of this, Tang Hao suddenly shook his head and laughed, with a bit of inexplicable self-deprecation on top of his majestic face.

    Tang Hao, however, had never thought that one day, he, the long-famous Huaxia Gestapo, would be taught by a junior teenager on demand.

    All that should be said, has been said.

    After Tang Hao instructed Ye Fan to prepare to receive the sealed documents, he also left.

    "Clan Master Hao Tian, please stay, I have something to ask."

    When he saw Tang Hao leaving, however, Ye Fan called out to him in a row.


    "What do you want to ask?"

    Tang Hao turned his head and looked curiously at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan smiled back and said, "Actually, it's not a big deal.It's just that, I want to ask you about a person.""What kind of person?"Tang Hao asked rhetorically.

    "I heard that among the six strong pillars of Huaxia, there is one person who is a female clan master.If my memory is correct, this person, should be called Phoenix Queen, right?"

    "I wonder if Master Hao Tian, do you know the true name of the Queen of the Wind?"Ye Fan asked slowly.

    Tang Hao's face changed as he heard, "Why are you asking for the Queen Phoenix's name?"

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but he smiled, "It's nothing, just curious, if Sect Master Haotian is not convenient to say, then forget it.However, I take the liberty to ask again, can Master Haotian know that there is a supreme powerhouse in today's martial world with the surname "Yu" and the name "Yun"?"

    Tang Hao thought about it, while shaking his head, "A strong man named Yu Yun?Never heard of it."

    "Of course, it could be that she's not strong enough to get into my ears yet."

    Tang Hao and the others resided in high positions, and which one of them who could make them remember names wasn't a peak powerhouse who berated a country.

    So, if this Yu Yun really existed and he didn't know about it, it could only mean that this person's strength wasn't strong enough to enter his eyes.

    In response, Ye Fan did not say anything and only smiled faintly, not commenting.

    It had to be said that this Tang Hao was quite capable of pretending [PEN].

    He went so far as to say that Yu Yun was not strong enough to enter his ears.

    Joking aside, that woman was so powerful that even Ye Fan was afraid of her.

    Even when Ye Fan was at his peak, even now that he had mastered the Yin Yang Dragon Body, he was not confident that he would be that woman's opponent.

    Tang Hao, on the other hand, couldn't even defeat Ye Fan, let alone fight against Yu Yun.

    If Tang Hao had never heard of the name, either Yu Yun was too mysterious and little known, or, her status was so powerful that Tang Hao, wasn't qualified to contact her.

    Since Tang Hao wasn't sure, Ye Fan didn't ask any more questions and got up to see the guests off.

    Before leaving, Tang Hao hesitated for a moment and finally explained, "Ye Fan, the name of the Phoenix Queen, it's not that I don't want to tell you.It's mainly because we promised to keep it a secret for her."

    "You should understand that sometimes, martial daoists don't want to reveal their worldly identities."

    Ye Fan nodded, "Mm, I understand."

    Martial Dao strife was really cruel, and if one's worldly identity was exposed, it was very likely that one's parents and blood relatives would be affected.

    Therefore, many times, the strongest of the title holders showed their title and did not want to reveal their real name.

    Finally, after sending Tang Hao away, the heavens and earth here returned to calm.

    One night passed quickly.

    The next day, Ye Fan summoned Li Er.

    "Mr. Chu, you...You're looking for me?"

    The trepidation from last night still didn't seem to have dissipated.

    After seeing Ye Fan, Li Er's heart was still a little terrified.

    After all, the majesty that Ye Fan had revealed these past few days was too terrifying.

    Even Li Er, who had known Ye Fan for a long time, still had a sense of awe in his heart when facing this man in front of him, as if he was walking on thin ice in the abyss.

    Today's Li Er, finally understood what the saying of accompanying a ruler like a tiger meant.

    "Prepare yourself, two days later, on the first day of July, I will be at Haiyuan Pavilion, to make up for my wedding to Mu Orange."

    "The wedding preparations, tell it to be left to you."

    "How, are you up to the task?"

    Before the tea table, Ye Fan asked faintly as he sipped his tea.

    Li Er heard it, but he was slightly startled.


    "Mr. Chu you're making up for your wedding to Miss Autumn?"

    "But Mr. Chu, it's not appropriate to do it at this time, right?"

    "I'm afraid that, on the day of the wedding, someone will stir the pot."


Today's Jiangdong might still be quite calm.

    But the two giants, the Lu and Xu families, were undoubtedly the two guillotines hanging over the entire Jiangdong for Li Er and the others.

    No one knew when this guillotine would fall.

    Therefore, Ye Fan chose to hold the wedding at such a time, Li Er felt that it was naturally inappropriate.

    "Stirring the pot?"

    "You mean those two giants in Yanjing?"

    "If that's the case, then I'll have to do this wedding even more."

    "At that time, if they want to come, I, Ye Fan, will sweep the couch to welcome them."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, but the chill in his words was as sharp as a knife.

    When Li Er heard this, the corners of his eyes, however, drew fiercely.

    As expected or not, he knew that once Mr. Chu decided something, no one could persuade anyone.

    There was nothing he could do, this job, Li Er could only harden his scalp next.

    "But Mr. Chu, this wedding, how large are you planning to hold it?"

    "Is it just to invite some friends and family to get together for a meal, or..."

    Li Er was inclined to do it small.

    Now that it was an eventful year, Li Er felt that it was better to put more energy into dealing with the impending retaliation of the Lu and Xu families.

    As for something as formal as a wedding, it would be just a formality.

    However, Ye Fan put down his teacup, but smiled proudly, "Naturally, I'm going to banquet and invite all the big men from Jiangdong to gather in Yunzhou."

    "This time, I'm going to throw a, exuberant and dazzling wedding for Mu Orange!"

    Li Er's face went white at the words.

    Although he was slightly worried, but how could he dare to disobey Ye Fan's wishes.

    He could only follow what Ye Fan said and started to organize it.

    Of course, in addition to putting up a wedding for Ye Fan, over at Genting Mountain, that started the renovation work.

    Ye Fan's villa was destroyed and only one could be rebuilt.

    Of course, during this time, Ye Fan and the others were not idle.

    The wedding was in three days, and many things had not been prepared yet.

    Even though most of the work was handed over to Li Er to handle, the wedding invitation list, choosing the wedding dress, and the wedding photos still needed to be done by both Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange themselves.

    "Ye Fan, this is the wedding dress shop."

    "Miss Li introduced it to us, it's this one."

    At this time, in front of a luxurious wedding dress shop, Qiu Mu Orange was holding Ye Fan's arm, but was saying happily.

    Due to the rush of time, wedding dress customization was specified to be impossible.

    Therefore, Qiu Mu Orange and the others could only go shopping for some ready-made ones.

    However, wedding dresses were something like this, although Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange had been married, they still didn't know anything about it.

    In the end, it was Li Er's sister, Li Xueqi, who introduced them to a nice wedding dress shop.

    The Li family had many industries, including wedding dress customization.

    And Li Xueqi was in charge of this section, so she naturally knew a bit about wedding dress selection.

    Today, Ye Fan purposely called Li Xueqi to accompany her in choosing a wedding dress.

    "Ye Fan, let's go in first and take a look."

    "Miss Li reckons it'll be a while before she arrives."

    As the agreed time was three in the afternoon, and Ye Fan and the others arrived half an hour early.The impatient Autumn Mu Orange, who was impatient with waiting, pulled Ye Fan to go in first to take a look.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as they reached the door, two loud little children who weren't paying attention, bumped towards Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Mu-Orange, be careful."

    Ye Fan saw the situation and quickly pulled Qiu Mu Orange.

    Although Qiu Mu Orange avoided it, but that child bumped into Ye Fan, and the milk tea in the cup, suddenly spilled all over Ye Fan's body.

    The two children saw the trouble, it seems because of fear, turned their heads and quickly ran away, but did not even say sorry.

    "Ye Fan, are you okay?"

    "Do you want to go home and change your clothes."

    Qiu Mu Orange quickly took out a paper towel and helped Ye Fan wipe the milk stains on his clothes.

    Ye Fan smiled, "It's fine."

    "Just go to the bathroom and wipe it with water."

    "Come on, let's go in first."

    It was just a little dirty clothes, Evan didn't care.

    For things like dressing up, Ye Fan has never cared much.

    Even though he was now the Mr. Chu who rebuilt the East River, the clothes on Ye Fan's body were still ordinary.

    It's just clothes, as long as it's comfortable, there's no need to pursue any luxury brands.

    It was because of this mentality of Ye Fan that it had virtually influenced Qiu Mu Orange's taste in clothes.

    In the past, when she was with Suzy, she used to buy whatever was good.

    Specifically picking that kind of international big brand!

    At that time, Qiu Mu Orange was still just a descendant among the Qiu family who suffered from exclusion, even if money was tight, even if she didn't buy clothes, she didn't care about those popular and cheap brands.

    But later on, Ye Fan became the esteem of Jiangdong, she followed to live in the Genting Mountain Villa and became the CEO of the 100 Billion Group.

    For Qiu Mu Orange at this time, money had instead become the cheapest thing.

    Therefore, her mentality had changed.

    Just like Ye Fan, she no longer pursued any luxurious big brands, everything was simple and comfortable.

    People are like that, the more they lack something, the more they deliberately show something.

    When the day came when it was no longer lacking, it wouldn't matter so much.



    Inside the wedding shop, the melodious sound of music echoed.

    The silver-white marble floor created a luxurious and holy atmosphere for the entire hall.

    From the design and decoration of the wedding dress shop, it was enough to tell that it was a high-class wedding dress shop for the upper class.

    At this time, there were not many customers in the shop.

    A few shoppers in coveralls were gathered at the door chatting.

    "Not a single deal has been made today."

    "It's almost the end of the month, and I'm afraid that this month's commission will have to be cut quite a bit again compared to last month."The person who spoke was called Chen Wenwen, with a pretty face and a tall figure, but she was a flock of birds among this group of shoppers.

    "Matilda, just be content.You're the one with the best performance this month.If you're complaining about this, then people who haven't sold a single item in a month have to find a crack to get into?"


    "Yeah, it's dumb to go a month without closing a single deal."

    "That's it, or a college student?Not humiliating enough."

    "What kind of college student is an unknown pheasant university~"


    Those girls laughed slightly sarcastically, and looked intentionally towards the front between their words.

    There was only one young girl there, cleaning up the stains on the floor.

    She was oblivious to the ridicule of her surrounding colleagues, and only lowered her head deeper.

    "Here comes the list."

    "Here comes the list."

    While talking, there were footsteps coming from outside.

    Only Qiu Mu Orange took Ye Fan's arm and walked into this bridal shop.

    Chen Wenwen's smile just surfaced, but after seeing the clothes of both Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, the smile disappeared abruptly.

    Especially when she saw the white milk stains on the man's body, a touch of disgust appeared in her eyebrows.

    "If you want to borrow the toilet, go out and turn right."

    "There's a public toilet there, no charge."


As a salesman, they have seen more people, so they naturally know which people enter the shop to buy wedding dresses, which people enter the shop just to look around, and which people enter the shop purely to use the toilet.

    Yes, these two people in front of me were naturally classified by Chen Wenwen into the last category.

    You know, they Xin Xin wedding shop is a high-end place, the wedding dresses are international brands, easily hundreds of thousands of prices, not ordinary people can afford.

    On the other hand, the dress of the two people in front of them was ordinary, and it was estimated that they were all about one or two hundred dollars of street goods.

    Especially the man, he didn't know that his clothes hadn't been washed for hundreds of years, but he still had a puddle of unsightly stains.

    The first time Chen Wenwen saw it, she looked disgusted and contemptuous, and directly let the two of them go out and turn right.

    This attitude of Chen Wenwen, however, caused Ye Fan to frown.

    However, they didn't pay any attention to Chen Wenwen and walked straight towards the shop and started picking out wedding dresses along the corridor.

    "I'll go, what's wrong with you guys?"

    "If you said you'd use the bathroom, turn right out the door, why are you still going forward?"

    "Why don't you listen to the advice yet?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan and the two of them didn't even pay any attention to him, Chen Wenwen was so angry that her pretty face turned blue and went after them to berate them again.

    However, to this attitude of Chen Wenwen, Qiu Mu Orange didn't get angry, instead she also smiled politely, "We don't borrow the toilet, my husband and I are getting married soon and came over to pick out a wedding dress."

    "Then I'm even more sorry, we Xin Xin Wedding Shop so wedding dresses are only for sale, not for rent.If you guys want to rent wedding dresses, go out and turn left, there's a humble wedding dress shop over there, the wedding dresses inside can be rented very cheaply."

    Chen Wenwen almost subconsciously assumed that they were going to rent wedding dresses.

    Thinking about it, with the way they looked, how could they afford to buy a wedding dress.

    And it would be much cheaper to rent a wedding dress.

    "Then you're afraid you've misunderstood, we're not renting wedding dresses, but planning to buy them."Ye Fan faintly said.


    "You want to buy it at full price?"

    Matilda Chen re-examined the couple in front of her and finally shook her head.

    "Fine, if you guys want to buy, then feel free to look around."

    "However, remind you guys that you are only allowed to look, not touch."

    However, since they said they wanted to buy a wedding dress, Chen Wenwen naturally couldn't chase them away.

    Even if, Chen Wenwen thought they were, it was just words.

    She didn't think that the two people in front of her had the ability to afford the wedding dresses here.

    Presumably, they would soon be scared away by the prices here.

    While speaking, outside the wedding dress shop, but a car sounded.

    Immediately afterwards, a young woman wearing heavy makeup and carrying a LV bag walked in.

    This is the first time I've ever been to a wedding, and I've never been to a wedding before.

    The moment she saw the woman, Chen Wenwen's pretty face was piled with a smile, and she welcomed her with flattering eyes.

    "Miss Zhang, you've come."

    "Come in quickly."

    "Our shop just came in a batch of the latest wedding dresses yesterday, I'll bring you over to take a look."

    Chen Wenwen seemed to know this beautifully dressed woman, her words were full of enthusiasm and flattery, but they were in stark contrast to her previous attitude towards the two of them, Ye Fan.


    The flamboyant woman took off her sunglasses and nodded her head, so she also followed Chen Wenwen to stroll around the wedding dress shop.

    As for Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, they were left unattended.

    This is good, it also falls clean.

    Just like this, Ye Fan accompanied Qiu Mu Orange and strolled around in this luxurious wedding dress shop.

    This wedding dress shop is quite complete in terms of variety.

    But most of them were western kind of holy and snowy white wedding dresses, but it was rare to see Chinese style ones.

    "Where's the shopping guide?"

    "Don't you have Chinese wedding dresses over here?"

    After strolling around for a while, Ye Fan asked to the guide to inquire where the Chinese wedding dresses were hanging.

    However, the embarrassing thing was that no one paid any attention to them after Ye Fan shouted for half a day.

    Those shopping guides had all gone to serve other customers, so naturally no one would waste time on a shabbily dressed person like Ye Fan.

    Just when Ye Fan was a little unhappy, but Qiu Mu Orange suddenly pulled Ye Fan and said in surprise, "Ye Fan, look over there."

    Ye Fan followed Qiu Mu Orange's gaze and saw a red wedding dress hanging high in the center of the hall.

    The brilliant red was like a bright firework, and with the gold and jade inlaid ornaments, looking at it from afar, it was like a stunning piece of artwork.

    The first time Qiu Mu Orange saw it, she was deeply attracted to it, while her lotus steps lightly moved, then ran over.

    "Miss, do you like this wedding dress too?"

    "Under the flower and candle, the black gauze and reddish gown, the phoenix crown and cape, what a great sight."

    "Although Western-style wedding dresses are popular in China today, in terms of nobility and elegance, no wedding dress can compare to our Chinese heritage, which has been passed down for thousands of years, the phoenix crown and cape!"

    "The beauty of the nation is beautiful, the lotus slowly moves.Her appearance is like that of a concubine of the empress, her face like that of a woman of Chu.Like flowers, like words, like jade, like fragrance."

    "Any woman, when wearing it and standing at the wedding, she is the most dazzling and charming existence in that part of the world."

    In the ear, there suddenly came a woman, a soft and delicate voice, as if the gentle cry of a nightingale, with a few points of the youthfulness and shyness of the first time.

    This girl was exactly the college student, Tan Xiaojing, who was ridiculed by Wenwen Chen and the others and had just recently joined the workforce.

    She had just finished cleaning up the stains on the floor, and after seeing Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange with no one to entertain them, she enthusiastically walked up and patiently introduced the wedding dress in front of them.

    Even though, Tan Xiao Jing thought that Ye Fan and the others were just coming over to have a look, to see the world, to have a good time.

    However, this did not affect Tan Xiao Jing's enthusiasm and sincerity towards them.

    In her opinion, any person who aspired to be good should not be let down.

    As expected, under Tan Xiaojing's patient introduction, Qiu Mu Orange became more and more impressed.

    "This wedding dress, how much is it?"Qiu Mu Orange had already decided to buy this wedding dress.

    Tan Xiaojing knew that Qiu Mu Orange was just asking casually, but she still smiled sincerely, "Sister, this wedding dress is very, very expensive."

    "I'm afraid that I can't afford to buy this wedding dress even with my ten-year salary."

    "Really?"Qiu Mu Orange also smiled back and asked a casual question.

    Tan Xiaojing nodded, "Well, this should be the most expensive wedding dress in our shop."

    "The price is in the seven figures."

    "But sister, you shouldn't be discouraged."

    "We're all still young, and time is our greatest asset."

    "Perhaps we don't have the ability to get the beauty we want right now, and can only stand by and watch from a distance."

    "But I believe that as long as we work hard, we will be able to get everything we want in the future."

    These words, Tan Xiao Jing was not only speaking to Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan, but also to herself.

    Like Autumn Mu Orange, she also liked the wedding dress, and like Autumn Mu Orange, she wanted to wear it to stand in front of the man she liked when she got married.

    However, the current ones were really too small compared to those who came from rich and noble families.

    So small, as if they were microscopic dust.

    So small that the wedding dress they liked was also an unattainable existence for them.


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