The King of Kungfu in school 981-990


Chapter 981

After Tang Zichen stayed at the Martial Arts Academy, that night, he went to Professor Lin Han's house as a guest, and everyone had a meal.

At this moment, in the Yanhuang Empire, the Imperial Palace.

"Big brother, it's been more than twenty days, and Tang Zichen hasn't been found inside or outside Wangjing City at all, and he hasn't shown up again, so I'm afraid he's already run away."

"Son of a bitch."Wang Qi gritted his teeth.

"Big brother, you can't delay any longer, don't forget, you but over a month ago, you gave a letter of war to the Martial Forest Island Master, you should hurry up and get ready, if you defeat the Martial Forest Island Master, then, big brother's fame will really be a sensation all over the world, big brother, come on, I'm sure you can do it.You are the protagonist of this world."

Wang Qi just remembered that indeed, he had already issued a letter of war with the mysterious island master of Wulin Island.

The reason why Wang Qi wanted to challenge the Martial Island Master was because, he felt that the old master of the Famous Sword Villa was also at the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, and so was the Martial Island Master, he was definitely not far behind in strength, moreover, he had refined his martial arts a lot in the past two years, and most importantly, he desperately needed a peak battle, thus helping him to step into the peak of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, so Wang Qi had issued a letter of war to the Martial Island Master, and this had also sensationalized the world.

Tang Zichen temporarily resided at the Martial Academy.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye, and the foreign population of Martial Forest Island was growing, and almost all of them were strong in the upper echelons of the world.Those at the innate realm might not have such a profound feeling, but for those at the unity realm, the battle of the Martial Forest Island Master was something that could not be missed.

Wang Qi had also arrived at Martialwood Island early, but no one knew where he was, and the location of his duel with the Martialwood Island Lord was at the Martialwood Academy.

The Martial Forest Academy also had many, many strong fighters coming early, Tang Zichen was hidden in one of the hillside villas, cultivating his martial dao while silently waiting for the duel to begin. A second to remember to read the book

The day of the duel had arrived.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the Martial Arts Academy was suddenly cheering and someone shouted, "The Island Master is here."

"So that's the mysterious Martial Forest Island Master."

Tang Zichen also looked up, and sure enough, in mid-air from afar, a pale old man, dressed in a grey cloth, flew in from afar, and with him, there was also the village head of the novice village, Lin Bai, the village head of the world village, Jin Daofu, and the old president of the Martial Forest Academy.Of course, there was also a good number of late Unity Realm and complete powerhouses who were the old heads of the four major island-protecting families, and this group of people was the peak power of the entire Martial Island.It was no wonder that no one had rushed to compete for dominance on this scenic island of Martialwood Island.

Many many people on the ground cheered as they watched a group of people flying in the sky.Many people had only heard of the Martial Forest Island Lord, but had never seen him before.

The Martial Island Lord flew off the roof of one of the highest buildings in the Martial Academy, and the group of people following him fell to the ground behind him.

All eyes gazed at the Martial Forest Island Lord.

Then, there was silence.

Only the Martial Forest Island Lord said, "Who is Wang Qi?Please come out quickly."

The crowd was talking.

Not long after, a loud laugh came from somewhere on the ground, and a man laughed and flew into the air.

Tang Zichen saw the man with a glance and clenched his fists, seeing his enemy appear with his own eyes, Tang Zichen could not wait to rush up.


However, Tang Zichen wasn't impulsive, Tang Zichen's eyes looked into the crowd that Wang Qi had just rushed up to, and immediately saw many familiar faces, these dozen familiar faces were the members of the King's Mercenary Group, they had seen them when they were in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and Tang Zichen would never forget them.

"Die."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and said, "Since everyone from the King's Mercenary Group has arrived, although the person who is dueling today is not me, I, Tang Zichen, can't not do something, so let's take this opportunity today to kill the remaining dozen or so brothers of Wang Qi."

That's right, Tang Zichen couldn't resist seeing the King's Mercenaries, so let's take the opportunity to kill them today.

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately darted towards a certain group of people in the distance.

On the ground now, everyone's eyes were focused on the sky, so no one paid attention to Tang Zichen, not even the King's Mercenaries themselves.

And right now in the sky.

The Martial Forest Island Lord was also standing in mid-air, face to face with Wang Qi and the two of them.

The Wulin Island Lord looked at Wang Qi and said, "You are the one who wants to challenge me, Wang Qi?"


"Rumor has it that you defeated the Words Cliff of the Famous Sword Villa, and you killed him."


"Then, what are you going to do today."

"Of course I'm here to beat you up today, if you lose to me, then from now on, Martial Island will belong to me and become a subsidiary island of my Yanhuang Empire."

"Hahaha, hahaha, what an arrogant fanatic, I wish you had the strength."

"If I didn't have the strength, how would I challenge you, you and the old master of the Famous Sword Villa are also both at the peak of the Unity Realm, I don't believe that you can still be far apart, today, I will show everyone how I can defeat you.I, Wang Qi, am the king of this world, and if this world were a book, then, without a doubt, I, Wang Qi, would be the main character of this book."Wang Qi said loudly.

In fact, Wang Qi didn't have any confidence within him, instead of facing the Martial Island Master, he felt a great oppressive force, it was completely different from facing the old master of the Famous Sword Villa, and his Heaven Breaking Sword always felt like it didn't have the slightest bit of killing intent against the Martial Island Master.However, it didn't matter, when he was dueling with the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Villa, he also had the same lack of must-kill intent, and after fighting for two hours later, he occupied the top, and then he had the feeling of must-kill, and then he sliced the Old Villa Master with a sudden slash.He believed that this time too, as well, he would fight him for a few hours first.And right now, his momentum must not be weak, so it was not a bad psychological battle to mouth off and say that he was the protagonist, overwhelming the Wulin Island Master from his momentum.

The Martial Island Lord, who was now watching Wang Qi didn't say anything else, he saw Wang Qi so confident, instead, he was internally wondering if Wang Qi really had some cards to play.

The Martial Forest Island Lord looked at Wang Qi and always felt like he could easily pinch him, but Wang Qi was so arrogant, he should have some kind of card.

Wang Qi's momentum really suppressed the Martial Forest Island Lord.

The Wulin Island Lord said, "Since that's the case, let the old man see if the young people today are really so powerful, if they are, then it's no less than a blessing to this world, the old man is nearing the end of his life and is happy to see such young people."

Wang Qi snorted, "Since your big day has arrived, it's even better, let me give you an early ride."


"Boom."Wang Qi ton chopped at the Martial Forest Islander with an axe.

The Wulin Island Lord moved and avoided the axe very easily.

Wang Qi's axe also created a huge force field in the sky, causing a crooked wind to swirl on the ground close to it.

The Wulin Island Lord felt that the other Wang Qi was too easy and could defeat him completely in one move, but he wasn't in such a hurry because he wanted to see if Wang Qi really had any tricks up his sleeve for being so wild, so the two of them were in the sky, one attacking and the other dodging.

At this time, on the ground, Tang Zichen had already rushed behind the members of the King's Mercenary Group.

The dozen or so people from the King's Mercenary Group were watching the battle in the sky with burning eyes and were shouting, "Brother, come on."

"Captain, cheer up."

Tang Zidun grabbed a few tiles of the roof

"Swoosh."In an instant, Tang Zichen sent out five tiles.

These five tiles went towards the dozen or so people, five of them at the Unity Realm Perfection level to kill.

Yes, there were five that Tang Zichen intended to kill first, five of them, and with Tang Zichen's Unity Realm Perfection strength, he was very confident that he would kill five lower level ones in an instant. The first website

"Puff."In the blink of an eye, five tiles split those five Unity Realm completers in two.

"Ah."The remaining seven people, reacted and looked to the people standing around them, shocked, who had just been standing around and shouting together to cheer, but at this moment, they were split in half, and they were also split by the tiles.

The remaining seven people, immediately turned their heads and looked towards the place where the tiles were sent, but, they saw nothing, because Tang Zichen had already flashed and went in front of them.

These remaining seven people were all Unity Realm Perfection, first level, second level, so it wasn't so easy for Tang Zichen to deal with them, which was why he first took care of those five Unity Realm Perfection in an instant.

At this moment, Tang Zichen flashed in front of them in an instant, and as they all turned their heads to look behind, Tang Zichen sent out four more tiles in an instant.

These four tiles each killed the four Unity Realm Great Perfection First Levels, as the same realm as Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen killing four of them in an instant, with a must-kill intent, was not a difficult task for him.

"Puff."In an instant, those four Unity Realm Great Perfection First Levels were also split in two by the tiles, Tang Zichen's tiles were completely like blades in his hands, if he dealt with the powerful ones, the tiles would indeed not work, but against the weaker tiles, the leaves could be a sharp weapon.

Up to this point, Tang Zichen had killed the other 5 + 4, nine people, only three were left, and the nine people he killed were all done in the blink of an eye.However, the remaining three, all of them were at the second level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, one level higher than Tang Zichen, they were no weaker than Tuo Lei, plus there were three more of them, and they had thoroughly reacted to the fact that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for Tang Zichen to kill them again.

Those three looked at Tang Zichen, their eyes filled with incredulity.

"Ahhh."One of them looked at his side, the bodies of his nine brothers split into two, and shrieked in pain.

Tang Zichen no longer had a head start on sneaking up on the three, so he stepped back a few meters and watched the three men vigilantly.

Tang Zichen looked at the fiery eyes of the three of them, and felt very much enjoying himself at once

This is revenge.

"Brother, woo-hoo."

"Oh my brother."The three men roared at the corpses all over the ground, all but happening for a moment.

The ground also caused quite a stir, but what, the entire Martial Arts Academy, every place was filled with people, everyone was looking at the sky, so no matter how much of a stir it was, it wouldn't make much of a stir.

In the sky, Wang Qi didn't pay any attention to the ground, he was now going all out to kill the Martial Islander, but no matter how much he went all out, the Martial Islander easily dodged, and the Martial Islander only dodged and didn't make any attacks at all.

Gradually, Wang Qi had lost his confidence, and he was beginning to doubt that he was not an opponent at all, this wasn't even a duel on the same level.

The Martial Island Lord said, "Wang Qi, don't waste your energy, if you have any pressurized skills, please use them immediately, I don't have the patience to dawdle with you here."

Wang Qi's face was extremely ugly, the Martial Forest Island Lord was not exerting any effort at all, he was just waiting for his bottom-pressing technique.

However, Wang Qi's crushing power was the Sure Kill Intent, which was his Heaven Breaking Knife, but he didn't have any confidence to split the Martial Forest Islander in half right now, this was not the right situation to issue his knife.

On the ground, Tang Zichen had killed nine, and was in great delight.

"Tang Zichen."The remaining three looked at Tang Zichen with red eyes.

Tang Zichen snorted, "How?How does it feel to lose a brother?"

"Tang Zichen, you killed my brother, I don't share the same fate as you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm sorry, back in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I've been at odds with you, I swear I'll kill all of your brothers, and then finally kill your leader.Hahaha, now, I've finally killed fifteen of you, hahaha, hahaha."

"Tang Zichen, today I want you to pay with your life."

The three of them suddenly came to kill Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen exerted his Herculean power.

"Boom."The power of Tang Zichen's punch collided with the other three's attack, and both sides retreated several meters, indicating that Tang Zichen's Herculean Power had no chance of winning against these three.

Moreover, Tang Zichen's Herculean Power was too consumed.

Tang Zichen decided not to fight with them today, save some for next time, anyway, there was no point in killing them all at once, leave three alive and let them give a message to Wang Qi.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll let you guys off the hook today, and bring a message to Wang Qi later, and say that I, Tang Zichen, will kill all of his brothers, and then kill him at the end, so that he can clean his neck and wait for me, hahaha."

Tang Zichen blinked and cast the Ghost Wheel Resolve and disappeared in the same place.

The three of them immediately went after him with red eyes, but Tang Zichen's Herculean strength was no slouch just now, even though it was a single punch against the three of them, they didn't have the upper hand, their blood was still boiling and flowing backwards at the moment, if they had just faced Tang Zichen instead of the three of them, they would have lost to Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's terrifying strength also made them tremble.

Tang Zichen soon returned to the hillside villa in a great mood.

In the sky, Wang Qi was still bitterly killing the Martial Islander, the Martial Islander still only dodged and didn't attack, Wang Qi already felt like collapsing, he had discovered that he wasn't even on the same level, he was being played like a fool.

"Where have you been?"Moe asked.


Tang Zichen laughed, "Wang Qi came to Martial Island this time, all his brothers came with him, I just went over and killed nine of Wang Qi's brothers while he was flying up into the air for a duel with the Martial Island Lord, hahaha."

"What."Xiaomeng was shocked.

"Yes, killed nine of them, all of them were split in half, the way they died wouldn't be any better than the Yi Tianxing couple, and Wei Sakura Gentle."Tang Zichen said with a cold gaze.

"Well, kill them all.".

"Now there are only three of them left, all three of them are at the second level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, their realms are higher than mine, I don't have full confidence to kill them all, so I'll simply save them for the next kill, so that they can bring a message to Wang Qi."

"After the duel, Wang Qi will be very happy to see his brothers almost dead after the duel, I really want to see his expression."Xu Mei Qian said.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Maybe Wang Qi will die today, can't you see that Wang Qi is no match for the Martial Islander?"

Only then did Tang Zichen look into the sky, and sure enough, it seemed that Wang Qi was not on the same level at all and was being played by the Martial Forest Island Lord.

Tang Zichen was shocked, "The Martial Forest Island Lord is so powerful, Wang Qi is not a match at all.Worthy of being the third strongest person in the world, Wang Qi challenging him is truly arrogant and ungrateful.With such a lack of self-knowledge, he is bound to be ridiculed."

In the sky, the Martial Island Lord had become impatient and said, "Wang Qi, this is the last chance I'll give you, if you don't show your crushing skills, don't blame me for being rude, you don't deserve to fight me at all."

"Phew."Wang Qi exhaled a deep breath and gritted his teeth, "Fine, then come on." Remember the URL

The Martial Islander was ready to defend with all his might, he thought that Wang Qi was so arrogant that his pressure should be very strong.

Wang Qi slowly pulled out a thick kitchen knife from his waist.

The Wulin Island Lord saw him pull out the kitchen knife and his brows furrowed.

"Buzz."Wang Qi ton slashed at the Martial Forest Island Lord, the knife was as powerful as opening the heavens and the earth, and it was Wang Qi's strongest power.

The Wulin Island Lord couldn't take his eyes off the kitchen knife as it chopped towards his head.

Just at the moment when it was about to chop at his head, the Martial Forest Island Lord exhaled and reached out his hand to grab the cleaver.

"Ah."Wang Qi saw that his earth-shattering chop was, surprisingly, grabbed by the Martial Forest Islander, and the unprecedented scene almost made him fall over.

"No, that's impossible."Wang Qi looked at the knife in the Martial Forest Islander's hand and hissed unacceptably.

The Martial Forest Island Lord snorted, "What do you mean you threw me a cleaver?"

"Me."Wang Qi's heart was so depressed, his shocking slash that he thought could split the island master in half was actually said by him, what does it mean to throw a kitchen knife at him.

This was the most ruthless blow to this strongest slash of Wang Qi.

The Martial Island Lord hummed again, "Don't tell me that this kitchen knife you threw at me is your pressure base.If it is, then I'll definitely beat you up today for wasting my time and insulting me with such an inferior technique."


"Say, is this your pressure bottom technique?"The Wulin Island Lord roared in anger, thinking that he was so crazy, did he possess superb bottom-pressing kung fu, but as a result, it was such a small gadget that made the Wulin Island Lord feel like he was being teased.

Unbelievable Wang Qi, suddenly drew out another knife and struck down at the Island Lord again, this knife was far more powerful than the one he had just used!

, it could be said that he poured out all his strength.

However, in the next second, he saw another kitchen knife in the Martial Islander's hand, exactly what he had just chopped out.

"Ahhhhh."Wang Qi found it hard to accept this reality and roared out in pain.

On the ground, there was already a lot of discussion.

"Wow, the Martial Island Lord is really strong."

"Tsk tsk, when Wang Qi and the old master of the Famous Sword Villa, in the end, it was such a blade technique that split the old master in half, but now, Wang Qi's same blade technique, even far stronger than the original one, yet he was caught in the hands of the island master twice in a row, tsk tsk, strong, strong."

"The mysterious Martial Island Master, really powerful, no wonder no one has dared to be rude in Martial Island all this time, tsk tsk."

"Wang Qi thought he had defeated the Old Villa Master, so he didn't know how to be ignorant and came to provoke the Island Master, what ignorance, now he's been beaten in the face, hahaha."

Similarly, at this moment, Tang Zichen was also trembling with fear, the two slashes Wang Qi had just sent out were several times more powerful than when he was in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, moreover, Tang Zichen currently believed himself to be unable to reach Wang Qi's level, yet the Martial Forest Island Master had easily grabbed it, this strength was not on the same level at all.

If Tang Zichen dueled with the Island Lord, I'm afraid it would be even worse, as Tang Zichen's realm was lower than Wang Qi's, and his will to kill might not be stronger than Wang Qi's.

In the sky, the Martial Island Lord already knew that this Wang Qi didn't challenge him at all and was completely self-righteous, ungrateful and wasting his world.

"Pah."Using the back of his kitchen knife, the Martial Forest Islander slapped Wang Qi's face, and suddenly, one side of his face was swollen.


"Pa, pa, pa."The Wulin Island Lord slapped the knife a dozen times in a row, and when it stopped, both sides of Wang Qi's face were completely swollen, looking like a different person.

The Wulin Island Lord said, "Wang Qi, you don't have the strength, yet you provoked me, wasting my time and tossing everyone to come here, wasting everyone's time, I originally wanted to kill you, but since you're also a strong man and your talent is still good, I won't kill you.The heavens have good virtues, and I'm also approaching the end of my time, this world always needs strong people to stimulate the progress of mankind, so I won't kill you, not because I'm kind, do you understand?"

"Ahhhh."Wang Qi touched his face, swollen like a pig's head, and roared as he heard the mocking sounds of the ground.

"Wang Qi, do you understand what I'm saying?"The Martial Island Lord roared at once.

The powerful and unparalleled momentum suddenly woke Wang Qi up.

"Understood yet?"

"Understood."Wang Qi lowered his head and said, vowing inwardly that one day, he would kill this Island Lord, and as long as he waited until he stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, he swore he could do it.

The Martial Island Lord seemed to understand what Wang Qi was thinking, and hummed, "Wang Qi, I have to admit, you are indeed a rare genius and strong man, if you step into the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, you really have the ability to challenge me, or even directly surpass me, unfortunately, I may not have the chance to wait for you, just get out."

"Roll, and from now on, you are not allowed to set foot in my Martial Island for half a step."


Wang Qi flew to the ground in ashes.

However, Wang Qi suddenly saw the ground, his three brothers, were kneeling on the ground, howling and crying, there were at least seven or eight corpses on the ground split in two, dying extremely miserably.

Wang Qi's face changed and he rushed down, shouting, "What's going on?Say, what's going on."


Wang Qi was, at the moment, completely stupid, and he didn't have the heart to think about the miserable defeat to the Martial Forest Islander right now.

What happened on the ground also suddenly caught everyone's attention, including the Martial Forest Island Master in the sky.

The Martial Forest Island Lord who was about to leave couldn't help but stay.

"What's going on?Why did those people die so badly?Who are those people?"The Wulin Island Lord muttered in his heart, but he didn't pay any further attention and quickly turned around and walked away.

On the ground, one of Wang Qi's remaining brothers cried, "Big brother, it was Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen killed him, woah, he also told me to tell you to wash your neck and wait for him, he'll kill us all, woah, big brother, our brothers, it's so miserable to die, big brother, Tang Zichen is really trying to drive us all to extinction."

Wang Qi hissed and yelled, "Tang Zichen, come out, you have the guts to confront me, come out."

Wang Qi's eyes were blood red, he had already lost to the Wulin Island Master and lost all his face, and now he had killed nine brothers, this kind of anger was not something ordinary people could experience, if Tang Zichen was in front of him, he would definitely suck Tang Zichen's blood dry, this revenge was not common.

Tang Zichen was at the hillside villa and heard Wang Qi's yell, in fact the entire Martial Arts Academy heard Wang Qi's yell.

Everyone surrounded it, seeing the corpses on the ground and discussing.

"Tang Zichen?Is it the Tang Zichen who killed his two brothers in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?"

"Isn't Don Zichen dead?" One second to remember to read the book

"Is it really true that Don Zichen has returned with a vengeance?"

"Tang Zichen killed nine of Wang Qi's brothers in such a short period of time, tsk tsk, it seems that Tang Zichen not only didn't die, but his strength has risen wildly."

"This Wang Qi's eyes are red, his brothers have been killed one by one by Tang Zichen, I heard that half a month ago in Wangjing City of the Yanhuang Empire, four more brothers died, and it was also so miserable, now only three brothers are left, tsk tsk."

"However, this can't be blamed on Tang Zichen, everyone knows that Wang Qi ran into Tang Zichen and his mercenary team who entered the Ten Thousand Beast Forest for training back then, they were the ones who killed Tang Zichen and his brothers first, and now, it's just Tang Zichen's revenge.But Tang Zichen's revenge is really ruthless enough."

After Wang Qi hissed with red eyes, he didn't see Tang Zichen come out, but instead had people from all directions come over to watch.

Wang Qi continued hissing, "Tang Zichen, you shrinking turtle, don't you want revenge?Come out, I'm right here, turtle bastard."

Halfway up the mountain, Tang Zichen was already very upset at being scolded for shrinking his head, a turtle.

Xiao Meng was busy stopping Tang Zichen: "It's not the right time yet."

"But I can't be a shrinking turtle either."

"He deliberately used provocative methods, can't you even see this, he just had a duel with the Martial Forest Islander, the Martial Forest Islander didn't hurt him at all, plus he's under a very angry condition, his strength is definitely not something you can fight against right now, brother Zichen, don't do anything you're not sure of, what happened in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest tells us that God doesn't favor anyone."


/> Tang Zichen didn't get irritated by Wang Qi and then lose his mind and rush out.

However, Tang Zichen wouldn't be a shrinking turtle either, so Tang Zichen immediately used a sound technique to spread his voice: "Hahaha, hahaha."

Wang Qi, who was red-eyed, suddenly heard a loud laugh, this voice was exactly Tang Zichen's, however, this voice could not be heard from any corner, it felt like it could be from all directions, any place.

This was Tang Zichen's use of a special sound technique, others could only hear the sound, but not from where it came from, and the sound spread extremely widely, so the entire Martial Arts Academy could hear Tang Zichen's laughter from every corner.

Completely hearing the sound of Tang Zichen's laughter, he became even more furiously grasping.

"Tang Zichen, you get out of here."Wang Qi shouted, his voice also spread throughout the entire Martial Arts Academy, unfortunately, Wang Qi's voice could be heard at once from which corner, he didn't know Tang Zichen's technique for this kind of voice.

Tang Zichen said, "Wang Qi, have you seen your brother?It's crackling, it's in half, it's like slaughtering a pig, splitting it in half from head to crotch, see, how does it feel?"

"Yah yah."Wang Qi jumped up in anger, this taste was really unbearable, Tang Zichen also deliberately irritated him, but he didn't know from which place the voice came out.

At this moment, at the edge of the Martial Academy, the Martial Island Lord, who was originally leaving, stopped and said, "What a great sound transmission method, this kind of sound transmission method that is only heard but not seen has been lost for countless years, how come there are still people today, what is that Tang Zichen, what is his origin."

The village chief of Tianxia Village was busy saying, "Master, Tang Zichen used to be a genius student at the Martial Academy, now, he's only in his twenties, but his strength has already reached the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.Two years ago, Tang Zichen and his friends were training in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts and ran into the King's Mercenaries, also not because of anything, the leader of the King's Mercenaries, namely Wang Qi, killed three of Tang Zichen's partners, Tang Zichen's whereabouts were also unknown, and later it was rumored that he died.However, now he has suddenly appeared and started to take revenge for the feud back then."

"So that's how it is, this person reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection in his twenties, is it true or false?Could it be a rumor?To think that I was only eighty years old back then, I only reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection."

"Master, of course it's true, not only Tang Zichen, that Wang Qi is also a legend, Wang Qi is only less than forty years old this year, and has already reached the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and even killed the old master of the Famous Sword Villa.Tang Zichen and Wang Qi, both of them are the most outstanding geniuses in the world, but unfortunately, they do not share the same hatred."The village chief of Tianxia Village said.

Lin Bai, the village head of the Novice Village, said, "Jin Daoist, how do you know that Tang Zichen has reached the Unity Realm Grand Perfection?"

"Haha, I won't lie to you, I met with Tang Zichen ten days ago.That's right, ten days ago, Tang Zichen wanted to pay his respects to you, Master, but he couldn't find you, so he went to find his elder brother and me, but we didn't bring him to you."

The Martial Island Lord said, "This Tang Zichen, if he is really in his twenties, then, he can be said to be the first such genius in our world, ever, in the history of the world, in the future, his achievements are boundless, maybe, he will be, the first to surpass the innate since the beginning of time, Jin Daoist, make an appointment for me, I want to meet him."



"Well, let's go."Only then did the Martial Island Lord drift away.

"Tang Zichen, get out of here."Wang Qi continued hissing.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Wang Qi, if I had known earlier, why would I have done it, when you killed my brother for no reason, weren't you very tuggy?Why didn't you think of today.Wang Qi, I'll tell you right now, I'll kill all your brothers one by one, and finally, I'll kill you."

"Tang Zichen, you have the guts to come out now."

"Hahaha, I said that I won't let you die until everyone around you is dead.If you want me to come out now, it's not impossible, unless, you kill the three dog brothers around you right now, so that you're the only one left, I can come out and take care of you."

"Ahhhh."Wang Qi yelled angrily.

"Tang Zichen, in front of so many people today, are you just going to be a shrinking turtle?You come out here."

"Hmph, Wang Qi, do you think you've irritated me?Alright, Wang Qi, within three years, I will definitely come looking for you, you wait for me, three years from today, I will personally go to the Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City and kill you under the city."

Wang Qi saw that Tang Zichen would definitely not be stimulated out by him and had no choice but to stop, he bit his teeth and said, "Okay, Tang Zichen, I'll wait for you, three years from now, if you don't come looking for me, then I'll find the whole world and dig you out."

"Don't worry, three years from now, today, you will die, everyone here can remember this day, oh, Wang Qi's death anniversary." Premiere URL

Wang Qi was trembling with anger, Wang Qi had just learned that Tang Zichen was only at the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection and was not a match for him at all, so he didn't dare to come out.However, Tang Zichen said that after three years, Wang Qi was also very disdainful, three years, Tang Zichen was presumptuous to surpass him?This is too ridiculous.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Zichen, wouldn't three years be too much of a rush?Are you sure you can reach the third level of the Unity Realm in three years?Moreover, in these three years, Wang Qi is also improving, what if he steps into the peak after three years?"

"Hmph, I don't believe that this turtle will be able to step into the pinnacle in three years.No matter, I don't want to be a shrinking turtle, in front of so many people, I have to make a statement, three years is also my deadline, I will definitely take revenge within three years, I can't let Big Brother Tian Xing, Big Sister Yang Huan, and Wei Cherry wait for a long time, three years from now, either he will die or I will die."Tang Zichen said resolutely.

Xiaomeng and the others didn't say anything more, originally they felt that it wasn't too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years, and it wouldn't be too late to wait ten years to find Wang Qi face to face to settle the matter.

The entire Martial Arts Academy was in a stir.

Whether it was Tang Zichen or Wang Qi, both of them were world sensational celebrities, these two, duking it out to the death today after three years, this was worthy of an earth shattering event, as the two most recognized geniuses in this world, duking it out to the death, it was no joke.

Afterwards, Wang Qi walked away with the bodies of his nine brothers, vowing that after three years, he would definitely pay homage to his brothers with Tang Zichen's head.

The Martial Academy also gradually calmed down, and many outsiders left one after another.

Two days later, the chief of the world village, Jin Daofu, came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang, my master said that he wants to meet you, are you free?"

"Uh, your master volunteered to see me?"

"Yes, my master also said that you are the first genius in this world, ever to step into the Unity Realm Grand Perfection in your twenties, and that you will likely be the first to surpass the Unity Realm in the future."

"Haha, lending your master's auspicious words, I hope so."

Tang Zichen also didn't dare to guarantee whether he would be able to reach the Ancestor Realm in the future, because in his previous world, not everyone could transcend the Unity Realm, and there were many uncles and apprentices in his master's school who were unable to reach the Ancestor Realm in their entire lives, and they would still have to be very powerful to reach the Ancestor Realm.

As for those who were stronger than the Ancestor Realm, let alone Tang Zichen, back then, the ancestors of Tang Zichen's division only wanted to fantasize, now Tang Zichen, the most important thing was to defeat Wang Qi, as for the future, it could only depend on the will of God.

Tang Zichen took Xiao Meng, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, and Lin Han, the dean, to the Martial Island Master.

Jin Daoist said that Tang Zichen could take the others.

Led by Jin Daofu, they came to a place that was like a paradise, passed through a cave, and then opened up, what was it if it wasn't a paradise.

"What a nice place, the island master is worthy of living in such a nice place."Tang Zichen liked this kind of environment, this place did not have any traffic noise, it was full of the intention of returning to the basics, the moment Tang Zichen entered this place, it was as if he had returned to his previous life in a trance.

"Brother Tang, please come in, my master has already prepared a meal and wine waiting for you."


Arriving at a thatched pavilion, a gray-haired old man sat in the pavilion, it was the Martial Island Master.

"Pay your respects to the Island Lord."Tang Zichen entered the pavilion and paid his respects, while everyone else went elsewhere.

"Hahaha, no need to be polite, Tang Zichen, please sit down."

"Thank you, Island Master."

"Tang Zichen, I heard that you're only in your twenties?"

"Back to the island master, yes, junior is twenty-three years old."

"Wow."Martial Island Lord was surprised, he thought that even if he was in his twenties, then he should be twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but he didn't expect that he was only twenty-three, that's too young."

"Tang Zichen, I really didn't expect that you would be only twenty-three years old and possess this achievement today, I can already be very sure that you are the most genius and strongest person in history."

"Senior's false praise."

"Tang Zichen, do you know that in our world, no one has ever been able to transcend the Unity Realm and reach the legendary Ancestor Realm."

Tang Zichen said strangely, "Senior said Ancestor Realm?"Tang Zichen remembered that no one in this world had transcended the Unity Realm, so it was impossible for anyone to know that the next realm was the Master Realm, did the Martial Islander also cross over?

The Martial Island Lord smiled, "Tang Zichen, you're curious as to how I know the name Ancestral Realm."

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The Martial Forest Island Lord sighed, "Actually, I don't know if it's true or not, but when I was young, I heard my master say that after the Unity Realm, it's the Sect Master Realm.The so-called Patriarchal Realm is to possess the strength to open a sect, called a Sect Master."

"Island Master, how does your master know that?"

The Wulin Island Lord sighed, "At that time, my master had gone crazy, so I don't know if my master was talking nonsense."

"Why did the Island Master's master go mad?"

"My master said that the world we live in is not a lonely world, that there is a stronger world outside of our world, and that stronger world has many strong people who transcend the realm of unity, and is far bigger and stronger than our world."


"Ah."Tang Zichen trembled, wasn't this talking about the world he had crossed over to?

Seeing how shocked Tang Zichen was, the Martial Islander was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, are you alright?"

"No, it's fine, just, too shocked, sorry for being rude."

The Martial Island Lord didn't think much of it and smiled, "Yes, when my master said that back then, I also felt incredulous and even didn't believe it at all, but now that my big day is getting closer and closer, I keep dreaming about my master back then, and I feel more and more that my master might not be talking nonsense."

"Dare I ask the island master, why would your master say such horrifying words?What makes him think there are other parallel worlds?"Tang Zichen asked.

"My master said that he met a traveler who had crossed over from another world, and it was from that person that he learned about the Ancestor Realm."

"Ah."At this moment, Tang Zichen was icy cold.

Wulin laughed, "Think it's unbelievable, it's complete nonsense, huh, maybe back then, my master, wanted to transcend the Unity Realm too much, that's why there were so many illusions."

Tang Zichen really wanted to tell him that your master wasn't talking nonsense, it was true, I just crossed over.

Tang Zichen asked, "Island Master, what happened later?"

"Later, my master searched all over the world to find a passage through to the other world, but unfortunately, my master never found that passage until his death." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "So, there is a passage through to another world?"

"Oh, that's what my master said, but well, whether or not there really is another world, that's all still unknown, so let alone talk about the passage, Tang Zichen, I'm just having a casual conversation with you, so just take it as a story and don't take it to heart."

Tang Zichen hesitated and said, "Island Master, actually, I want to prove something for your master."

"Uh, prove what?"

"Actually, your master, no nonsense, there really is another world."

"Haha, Tang Zichen, what are you joking about, could it be that you've heard it from someone too?"

"Senior, I don't know how to say this, but actually, I was surprised when you just said the Ancestor Realm, because, I was curious how you knew about the Ancestor Realm."


"Island Master, let me tell you a secret about me, actually, I just crossed here from another world."

"What."The Martial Island Lord shuddered.

"Island Master, if you don't believe me, forget it, I'm telling the truth anyway."

"Tang Zichen, if you really are a traveler, then why did you tell me such a secret?"

"Island Master, I'm telling you because you said that your master was looking for a passage through to another world back then, so I very much hope that there really is such a passage so that I can return to my homeland."

"Ah."The Martial Islander looked at Tang Zichen and seemed to believe it a bit.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Island Lord, then let me tell you about the fact that I'm in the other world.I'm in another world, my name is Wind Light Cloud, I was orphaned as a child and was picked up by my master and then grew up in his master's school.I have shown very strong martial arts talent since I was a child, and the Jiang Hu where I am located has many many sects, each of which has geniuses.Many people named me the number one youngster in the world, not only because of my high talent, but also because I was talented, proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and of course, because I was handsome.Then, when I was eighteen, I inadvertently did a bad thing and fell into a ten thousand feet cliff.Originally, with my strength at the time, I couldn't have fallen to my death even if I fell into the cliff, and besides, I didn't feel like I fell to my death.The next moment, I don't know how long it took, but anyway, once I opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange place, a strange house, strange clothes, strange

Man.I was confused, and then I saw the reflection on the mirror and realized that even I wasn't the same.No, my appearance hadn't changed much, my hair, clothes and all, my name had changed too.Then I realized that this strange place was a school, some classroom, and I was a student.After that, I started trying to fit in."

"Wow, Don Zichen, you're really not lying?"

"Senior Island Master, I don't have to lie to you."

The Island Lord sat down on his butt and said, "It seems that my master really saw a traveler back then, there really is another world."

"There definitely is, by the way, Island Master, in my previous life, I was very likeable, countless young girls in the Jianghu Lake took me as their dream lover, among them, there was a Demonic Princess who liked me so much that she even went so far as to sneak into my master's gate to be my sword serving girl in order to get close to me.This Demon Princess, her martial arts talent, I have to admit, is actually above me.Moreover, she has also crossed into this world."

"Ah, no, so many travelers."


"And what about her now?"

"I don't know, the last time I saw him was during the wedding of Words of the Famous Sword Villa, when I used the Emperor Worm to exchange the Burial Moon Sword with the old man of the Famous Sword Villa, and I haven't seen her since."

"What worm did you just say?"

"The emperor worm."

"Where did you get the emperor worm?"

"I got it in an underground city."

"Oh my god, you're exchanging the Emperor Worm for some kind of Burial Moon Sword, you really."The Martial Island Lord seemed like he was going mad.

Tang Zichen suddenly understood how furious he was now that his deadline was approaching, and how much he craved the Emperor Insect.

"Senior, I was given around twenty Emperor Insects, the Emperor Insects were almost ineffective after taking them once, so they're no longer precious to me, it's just a pity that I didn't know senior at that time, or else I would have gifted one to senior."

"Don't say that, my heart can't take it anymore."The Martial Forest Islander waved his hand in regret.

However, in the next moment, the Martial Forest Island Lord suddenly remembered something and was busy saying, "Where did you say you got the Emperor Bug?"

"An underground city in the Gomorrah Empire."

"Is there more there?"

"I don't think so."


"Emperor worms usually grow in underground cities with strict growing conditions, so it's hard to find them."

The Martial Islander was busy saying, "Wait, what if I know of other underground cities?"

"Uh, other dungeons?Are there other dungeons in this world?"

"There is."

"Haha, Island Master, if there are other underground cities, then it's very likely that the Emperor Worm can be found again."


"If Island Master knows where there is still an underground city, I am willing to go with Senior to catch the Emperor Worm."

The Island Lord was pleasantly surprised and said, "Good, good, then it's not too late, let's go now."

"Why is senior in such a hurry, you must make some preparations before going."

The Martial Island Lord had already left the other world behind when he learned about the Emperor Worm, while Tang Zichen was more daringly interested in the other world, such as the passage to the other world, whether it really existed, whether the Island Lord's master had left any clues about the passage to the other world back then, unfortunately, the Island Lord was more concerned about the Emperor Worm at the moment.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had to help him catch the Emperor Worm first, if this matter was not resolved, I'm afraid the Island Lord would have no desire to talk about the other world, after all, life had come to an end, and there was no point in talking about any world.


"Good, then let's go prepare now, we'll go find the Emperor Worm tomorrow."

Tang Zichen asked, "Island Master, you said you know the Underground City, where is it?"

"There's an underground city right underneath Martial Island."

"Uh, this underground city, has anyone ever noticed it before?"

"Of course, but it's been thousands of years, so very few people know about it now."

"Island Master, with all due respect, in this case, if the Emperor Worm has ever been captured, then I'm afraid it's gone, and if it hasn't been captured before, there might still be the Emperor Worm."

"Don't worry, history records that no one has ever been caught, and if you don't tell me, even I don't know that emperor worms grow in underground cities."

"Good, then, let's have someone prepare a bowl and a bottle of chicken blood, and the necessary equipment to enter the underground, such as lighting."


The Island Lord immediately ordered a disciple to do it.

"Tang Zichen, then, the wine and food are ready, I'll have them serve it." One second to remember to read the book

"Thank you."

A few ordinary village women entered the pavilion with sumptuous wine and food, and Tang Zichen and the Wulin Island Master drank against each other.

Tang Zichen asked, "Island Master, your master said that there is a passage to another world, he has searched for so long, did he find some clues ah?"

"Tang Zichen, when I find the Emperor Worm and my life is extended, I'll join you in searching for clues."

"Didn't your master leave any clues?It saves us a lot of trouble too."

"Sorry, I was weaker back then and everyone thought my master was insane and didn't take it seriously or care if my master actually found some clues."


"But back then, my master accompanied my master all over the world, searching for a passage, but unfortunately, my master has also died long ago.However, we can go to my master-mother's family, perhaps my master-mother left some clues with the descendants of her family before she died.My master-mother's family is Yin Yue Villa, nowadays Yin Yue Villa has fallen, but it hasn't died out yet, I remember that my master and my master-mother had a daughter, I just don't know if their daughter is still alive, she should be dead, after all, my master's daughter is far older than me, even I am, huh?"

"Senior, then let's help you find the Empyrean Worm Queen, let's go look for clues to the other world, I'll also go along for the ride, after all, I'm going to duel with Wang Qi in three years."

"You're only at the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, while Wang Qi is already at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection and is still very strong, how can you be his opponent in three years."

"I've already made a promise with him, after three years, I'll go to Wangjing City and kill him, there's no way I'm going to break my promise.I'm just lacking in terms of realm right now, but in the rest, I guess I'm not weaker than him, I came to visit you senior this time, I actually want to ask senior to guide me a bit so that I can break through the realm."

The Island Lord frowned and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm happy to help you, but you've already reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection, at this level, if you're not fortunate, no matter how hard you try, you won't progress any further, if you're fortunate, don't try very hard, you'll also slowly come to understand, to be honest, you asked me to guide you, I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start."

"Senior just tell me what you were

After reaching the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, how did you step onto the peak."

The Martial Island Lord recalled and said, "At first, I don't really remember the details, I only remember that it took me about ten years, but of course, ten years is already very, very fast.The reason why I stepped into the pinnacle from the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection within ten years at first was because, I met my first love, she was already over eighty years old at the time, and I was still very young in appearance, and I stayed with him for those ten years, watching her age a little bit, and in the end, she died and I buried him with my own hands.Yes, that's the one thing I did."

Tang Zichen wondered, "Senior, I don't seem to understand too well, didn't you go on an adventure or something?"

"Oh, Tang Zichen, Unity Realm Grand Perfection, already standing at the pinnacle of this world, what else is there to practice, at this time, practice is the mind, go to the heart to comprehend life, maybe you will find something, the mind gets some sublimation, maybe, it will become, otherwise, it will be difficult to go up for the rest of your life.I took care of my already aged first love for those first ten years, so that my mind could get a bit of insight, and then I quickly rushed to the top."

"Well, I kind of understand, thank you for your senior's guidance."

Tang Zichen and the Martial Forest Island Lord chatted freely for the rest of the afternoon until dusk, when Tang Zichen walked out of the pavilion.

The Martial Island Master had already arranged a place for Tang Zichen and the others to stay, so there was no need to return to the Martial Academy.

Late at night, perhaps everyone was asleep.

Tang Zichen lay on the roof of the thatched cottage, looking at the stars in the sky.

"How do I have to comprehend life?What other aspect of my life do I need to get to grips with?"

Tang Zichen thought about it all night, but nothing came to mind.

The next morning, Tang Zichen was called up by the Martial Island Lord.

"Tang Zichen, after breakfast, let's go."

"Good."Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen and the two of them set off with the Martial Forest Island Master.

This matter was also not known by a third person, none of the others knew where Tang Zichen and the Island Lord had gone, the less people knew the better, and for the future safety of Martial Island.

Below a mountain cliff, there was a huge waterfall there, it was very beautiful.

"Senior, where is the entrance to the Underground City?"

The Island Lord pointed at the waterfall and said, "Just behind the waterfall, there is a cave behind the waterfall, there is a huge crack in that cave, fly down the crack and you can see the underground city, you follow me behind."

The island master was the first to rush into the waterfall, and sure enough there was a cave behind it, but it was blocked by the waterfall, so those who didn't know couldn't see it at all.

"Wow, the cave inside is pretty big."Tang Zichen said as he flew in.

"Tang Zichen, let's go, see that huge crack in front of you, that crack is very long and deep, if you fly down from that crack, you can see a stone city buried under the ground, that underground city is the underground city, but because of the age, the whole city has turned into fossils."

"Island Lord, why is there such a big crack?Is it possible that this whole mountain is a rock?"

"You're right, this whole mountain is actually one rock."

"Wow, that's a huge rock too, nature is amazing."


The island master led the way, leaping from the crack inside the cave and flying down the crack.

The crack was about three meters wide, so it was very magnificent.

After flying about a few hundred meters deep, you really saw a city, and everything in the city was stone, far more massive and spectacular than the underground city in the Gomorrah Empire.However, this underground city also clearly had signs of artificial excavation.The Wulin Island Lord said that it was excavated by humans thousands of years ago, and after excavating this underground city back then, nothing was found, and after that, it was left alone, and not many people in the world knew that there was an underground city here.

"Tang Zichen, can we capture the Emperor Worm now?"

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded and poured out a bowl of chicken blood and placed it on one of the streets of the Dungeon, because having had one experience, Tang Zichen was handy this time.

Just like that, Tang Zichen and the two Martial Islanders began to put the chicken blood in one place at a time.

"What's taking so long."

"Island Lord, what's the hurry, it took me half a month in the Gomorrah Empire."

"Ah, so long."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "By the way, Island Master, does this underground city have any earth beasts?When I was in the underground city of the Gomorrah Empire, but I encountered very many Earth Beasts."

The Martial Islander was suddenly stunned by the question. The first website

"What do you mean you suddenly froze, Islander?Don't tell me that there are really any earth beasts here that are so powerful that even you are afraid of them ah."

The Martial Islander was a bit embarrassed and said, "Tang Zichen, I'm really sorry, I was in a hurry so I forgot to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"There's something odd about this underground city, and our master used to tell me not to come in here if nothing happens."


The Martial Island Lord was filled with embarrassment, "Because, because often, when people enter this underground city, they disappear for no apparent reason, never to be found again."

"Ah, you, why didn't you say so earlier."

"I'm sorry, I really wanted to catch the Emperor Worm so badly that I didn't tell you, I'm sorry."

"I go, Island Master, so the two of us are coming in now and will somehow disappear?"

"This, Tang Zichen, it's not necessarily la, it's not that everyone who comes in will disappear, some unlucky people are the only ones who will somehow disappear.That's why this place is an odd place, unlucky place.That's why I didn't tell my disciples, because I didn't want anyone from future generations to come back in.Back then, when my master brought a few of us in a few times, one of my senior brothers disappeared for no apparent reason."

"What happened later?"

"Uh, and then, like, he just disappeared from this world."

"Geez, Island Master, you're too sneaky, aren't you pushing me to my death?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm really sorry, I forgot about it too."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, it's strange that he forgot, he must be afraid that if he said it in advance, Tang Zichen wouldn't come.It seemed that human nature was selfish, and the Island Lord didn't care about anything for the Emperor Bug.

The Martial Island Lord smiled apologetically, "Brother Tang, you don't have to worry so much, I think you're so lucky, you wouldn't run into this kind of bad luck, besides, the probability of encountering such a sudden disappearance is only a few hundredths or even one in a thousand, I don't believe that our luck would be so bad."

"Damn, not afraid of ten thousand.

Just in case.By the way, how did the sudden disappearance happen?"

"I don't know, back then I came in with my brothers and sisters, and we were all walking, and then we suddenly realized that one of the brothers who had been following along with us was suddenly nowhere to be seen."

"Tragic, hopefully it won't be so unlucky, never mind, it's all in already."Tang Zichen also had no choice but to continue searching for the Emperor Worm, since the probability was so small, Tang Zichen didn't believe he was so unlucky.

And so, in the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

At a certain moment after ten days, Tang Zichen suddenly felt movement in his bowl.

Tang Zichen immediately knew that there was an emperor worm, and Tang Zichen immediately covered the bowl with his palm.

That's right, an invisible worm was bouncing around in the bowl, and Tang Zichen immediately caught it with his fingers.

"Did you catch it?"The Martial Island Lord was busy asking.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Island Master, congratulations, the Emperor Worm has caught one, but it's a bit small, this Emperor Worm is estimated to be only a few thousand years old.It seems that when this place was excavated back then, it destroyed the ecological balance of the original Emperor Insects here, and the original Emperor Insects all died.Then within these thousands of years, new emperor worms were born, and they were still so small."

"No matter if it's big or small, it's better than nothing, so give it to me to take."

Tang Zichen immediately gave the Emperor Worm to the Martial Forest Islander to take.

For half an hour afterwards, the Wulin Island Master also felt dead comfortable after taking it.

"Ah, ah."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "Island Master, can you stop screaming."

"Haha, there are no outsiders here anyway, it's really comfortable, it reminds me of when I was in my first love, like, when I slept with the woman I first fell in love with, that's what it felt like, I haven't experienced this feeling in a long time.Ahhhh, so wonderful."

Tang Zichen got goosebumps and said, "Don't tell me you haven't touched a woman in a long time."

"Yes, I haven't touched a woman for more than fifty years, no, more than a hundred years to be precise, and I haven't touched a woman since I separated from my first love, and when I met her again after that, she was already gray-haired, so naturally she couldn't that.Ahhhh, what a wonderful feeling."

Tang Zichen felt tragedy for the Martial Islander, in this life, he had only ever had one woman, but inside, Tang Zichen felt a great longing, this feeling of loving only one person for the rest of his life, even if he was separated and died, he would no longer love anyone else, this kind of love, I guess it was wonderful.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen has deviated from his original intention and will never be able to experience this kind of love again.

After that, Tang Zichen and the Martial Island Lord continued to search for the Emperor Insect, but after nearly a month of searching, they didn't find any more Emperor Insects.

"Island Lord, we can't look any further, there won't be any more, we've been missing for a month, if we don't go back, I'm afraid my girlfriends will be anxious."

"Alright, then go back."The Island Lord said rather regretfully.

Tang Zichen and the Island Lord prepared to withdraw.

The Island Lord leapt to the top of the crack and flew to the top of the crack, and Tang Zichen followed suit.

Soon, the Island Lord reached the stone cave behind the waterfall, jumped onto the floor of the cave and said, "Tang Zichen, thank you for your help over the past month, although it's just a small emperor insect, I think it should also be of some use, I myself clearly feel that my vitality has grown a lot, I guess it won't be a problem to live for another ten or eight years, thank you, let's go back now,''Go back and properly toast you two glasses."

When the Island Lord saw that Tang Zichen didn't answer, he was busy looking back to see where he still had Tang Zichen.


"Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen."The Island Lord yelled in panic, but, there was no answer from Tang Zichen.

The Island Lord wondered if it could be that Tang Zichen hadn't flown up yet, and immediately flew to the edge of the crack to see, but looking down, there was no one there, and with Tang Zichen's martial arts skills, there was no way that he hadn't flown up yet.

"Oh God, don't scare me."He seemed to have thought of something as the Islander sat on his butt.

"Why, why is it so unlucky.Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, come out here, ah ah ah, where the hell have you been."The Island Lord hissed, his heart filled with guilt.

After a few seconds of hesitation, the Island Lord bit his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, I don't care if you really disappeared or not, but I'm the one who brought you here, and even if I disappear along with you, I must return to the Dungeon to look for you once."

So the Island Lord leapt to the Dungeon and jumped, he also risked disappearing as well, because he felt guilty inside.If he had known it was really so unlucky, he wouldn't have come, he thought, such a small chance that it wasn't so unlucky, but unfortunately, again, the truth was so cruel.

The Island Lord searched for a day in the Dungeon, and although he knew that everything was charted to no avail, he had to strive for something for Tang Zichen.

Back then, his senior brother had just as suddenly disappeared, and his master had searched through the entire Dungeon, but in the end, the hairs were not found, and everything was in vain.

"Ahhhh."The Martial Island Lord roared, only to finally fly back to the stone cave behind the waterfall in desperation.

"Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for causing you harm."The Island Lord said guiltily.

Only after a long time did the Island Lord fly out of the waterfall, and the depressed Island Lord, who was so depressed, made a sudden burst of power, and the pool below the waterfall blew up, and all the water blew up into the air, and the level was suddenly revealed at the bottom. Remember the URL

However, there was nothing on the bottom but bouncing fish.

Tang Zichen, was truly gone, just like his older brother back then, and just like the many others who had disappeared in history, never to be seen again.

"Tang Zichen, I'm sorry."The Wulin Island Lord had to accept the cruel reality and drag his tired body back to his Utopia-like home.

At the Island Lord's home, Tang Zichen and the Island Lord had been away for over a month, and they were also already impatient and very anxious.

"Miss Xu, you don't have to be anxious, my master left with Tang Zichen, they must have something out, with my master's strength, it's hard for Tang Zichen to get into trouble, so just wait patiently.This place is like a peach blossom garden, you guys practice well here, if there is anything you don't understand, you can also ask us, we are all willing to help you."

"But they didn't say a word, and now they haven't returned for over a month, it's too confusing, how can I not be worried."Xu Mei Qian said.

Jin Daoist laughed, "A month is nothing, a year is not surprising."

"Ugh."Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er, and Xiaomeng all sighed helplessly and could only continue to wait.

Just then, the Martial Island Master was suddenly seen returning.

"The Island Master is back."

"Master, Master."

"Senior Island Master, where have you been, where's Tang Zichen?"

Everyone immediately jumped on it, and the Martial Islander's face was ugly, but because he had eaten the Emperor Insect, he felt red and full of life again, much like before when he was about to have his big day!

There was another strong difference.

The Island Lord looked at the three women of Tang Zichen, and for a moment, he didn't know what to say to them.

"Island Lord, speak up, where is Tang Zichen?"Xiao Meng was busy.

Several of the Island Lord's disciples, Jin Daofu, Lin Bai, and the old dean all saw a hint of bad foreboding on their master's face.

A few minutes later, the Wulin Island Master said, "I'm sorry, I'm to blame."

"What are you talking about, can you make it clearer, where did Tang Zichen go?"

The Wulin Island Lord said guiltily, "Tang Zichen he, will never appear again."


Lin Bai was busy saying, "Master, it shouldn't, with your strength, no one in this world is your opponent anymore except for two people, it shouldn't, did you run into those two people?

?They killed Tang Zichen?"


"Master, you're going to have to make it clearer."

"Alright, now that it's over, I have no choice but to tell you about a place that I have never told you about, in Martialwood Island, there is an underground city."The Martial Island Master told everyone about this in detail, and only then did Jindolph and the others learn that there was an underground city on Martial Island, and because underground cities would have inexplicable disappearances, that's why they never mentioned it, they weren't going to let future generations know about this underground city.Unfortunately, something happened to Tang Zichen and he had to tell them.

"No, woo."Naturally, Xu Mei Qian and the others didn't believe it and cried into tears.Tang Zichen disappeared for two years after the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts before returning, how could he be dead again all of a sudden, never believe it.

"We're going to the Dungeon to find him.".

The Martial Island Lord was busy stopping him, "No, there is something odd about that place, Tang Zichen has unfortunately disappeared, if you guys go back in, how can I face Tang Zichen if he unfortunately disappears again, no."

Xiao Meng resolutely said, "Even if it disappears, I still want to go, Island Master, tell me where the Dungeon is located."

"Xiao Meng, don't be impulsive, Tang Zichen won't appear anymore, there have been countless examples for thousands of years, why be so stubborn, maybe this is Tang Zichen's fate."

"If you don't tell me, I'll find it myself."

"Let's go too."Xu Mei Qian and the others also followed Xiao Meng.

Unfortunately, the island master had no choice but to personally accompany them and take them to the underground city to search.

After searching for ten days and nights, nothing was found.

Fortunately, this time no one disappeared again for no apparent reason.

Xiao Meng and the others were naturally heartbroken as they searched for ten days and nights without finding Tang Zichen.

"What do we do now?Tzu-Chen won't really disappear from here, will he?"Liu Xiangyun cried.

Li Xuan'er thought that Tang Zichen had crossed over, her face went white, and she was busy saying, "Would Zichen, would he have crossed over ah."

Xiaomeng said, "Sister Li, you've seen too much, where in this world is there crossing over."Regarding Tang Zichen's crossing, Xiaomeng was unaware of it, naturally thinking that it was a wild nightmare.On the other hand, Liu Xiangyun also knew about it, and suddenly, Liu Xiangyun also turned pale and also thought that it was very likely.

"Oh God, no way, oooh, no, oooh."Liu Xiangyun cried out, the thought that Tang Zichen had traveled back to his original world and was now with his little sister, and his brothers and sisters, broke his whole heart.


Xiaomeng saw that Liu Xiangyun also thought it was a crossover, and got depressed, "Are you all crazy, you can think of such absurd things, I will never believe that Brother Zichen really disappeared, I, Han Xiaomeng, will wait here for him for the rest of my life, if he doesn't show up for the rest of his life, I will wait here for the rest of my life."Xiaomeng was very determined.

Perhaps, in a hundred years, someone would discover that this deep mountain was inhabited by an old woman who had never left here in her entire life, waiting for someone who would never return.Until she dies, her grave is also buried here, waiting forever.Stop, stop, this is just an example, otherwise it would be too tragic.

After that, Han Xiaomeng did indeed build a wooden house in the woods outside the waterfall, and they stayed in this wooden house.

In addition, Xu Mei Qian also returned to the Yan Huang Empire and told Shangguan Rou, Yang Yijian, Qi Xue Yun, Wang Xing, and Liu Yue the news that Tang Zichen was still alive, and they also came to Martial Island to wait for Tang Zichen together.

So, where exactly did Tang Zichen go you?

Did he really cross over?

Time rewound back to that day, Tang Zichen and the Wulin Island Master finished catching the Emperor Worm and prepared to leave to watch, the Wulin Island Master was in front and Tang Zichen was behind.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen, who was flying upwards, saw a dark vortex door appear in front of him, as it suddenly appeared, and Tang Zichen was in flight, he couldn't brake his body at all, and suddenly, his entire body crashed into the dark vortex door, all but happening in a fraction of a second.When he looked back, Tang Zichen's figure was long gone.

Tang Zichen felt like he was being sucked in, then his head felt spinning, and when he opened his eyes, Tang Zichen found himself lying on a haystack.

"Hm?Where is here?"

It was then that Don realized that he wasn't even his body anymore. One second to remember to read the book

"What's going on?What the fuck is wrong with me?"

At that moment, Tang Zichen remembered the Island Master saying that there was something odd about that Dungeon, and that his senior brother had just inexplicably disappeared, never to be seen again.

Tang Zichen was shocked, he shouldn't have been so unlucky, right?

"Disappear, I'm out there already?Suddenly sucked into this one inexplicable place?Where is here?"

Tang Zichen climbed up, and something came to his mind, the memory stone.

That's right, a memory stone.

"This is a memory stone?"

Yes, Tang Zichen was very sure that he had somehow been sucked into a mysterious memory stone.

Tang Zichen immediately climbed onto the straw pile and was even more shocked when he saw the street pattern outside, the city in this memory stone was exactly the same as the underground city that caught the emperor worm, the only difference was that one was alive and the other was dead.

"Oh my god, it's really a memory stone, I'm damned if I've been sucked into it.So, back then, the island master's senior brother was also sucked into this memory stone, Martial Island has a unique memory stone, which everyone knows, it makes sense that this odd underground city hides an unknown memory stone."

"But, even if it's a memory stone, it's not like it's gone forever."

At this moment, someone outside shouted, "Zhang San, have the horses been fed yet!

?The lady is leaving."A butler-looking man walked in.

It turned out that Tang Zichen was a 'groom'.

"Feed it well."Tang Zichen said, and Tang Zichen didn't immediately freak out and turn over his master's act.

"Well, bring out the horses then, the lady is already heading for the gate."

"Oh."Tang Zichen led the horse out of the stables and went around the back to the front gate of a luxurious residence, Tang Zichen kept looking left and right even though he was holding the horse.

When Tang Zichen saw the 'Purple Mansion' written on the front door of the residence, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that he and the Island Lord had come to this residence when they were catching the Emperor Worm, except that the ones he had seen in the Dungeon were the ones that had turned into fossils, but right now, it was a living residence.This feeling also made Tang Zichen quite emotional, and when Tang Zichen and the Island Lord were searching for the Emperor Worm in this underground city called the Purple Mansion, Tang Zichen also saw that in one of the rooms inside, there was an exquisite little poem that seemed to be written by a girl, to the effect that she missed her lover and hated to meet that lover.At that time, Tang Zichen even exclaimed, "What a great poem", and the island master urged him to find the emperor insect.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen saw the living Purple Mansion, which was so prosperous back then, but after countless years, it turned into a ruined underground city.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen felt a slight touch to his soul, a feeling of traveling through thousands of years.

This slight touch made Tang Zichen's martial realm feel loose.

The Island Master had said that after reaching the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, it was no longer effort that could be used to raise it further, it had to be a spiritual discovery.

Tang Zichen was delighted, the slightest touch just now was indeed a spiritual feeling, returning to the same as unknown centuries ago.

Just at this moment, the butler reprimanded, "Miss is out, don't take the horse up yet."

"Oh."Tang Zichen took the horse up.

The steward who reprimanded him was only an Innate Realm, and if Tang Zichen wanted to beat him, one finger would suffice.However, Tang Zichen wasn't interested in that, Tang Zichen had just entered this memory stone, and there was one situation that he had yet to clarify.That was, why did the Island Lord's senior brother never return?

Tang Zichen also thought about suicide, but Tang Zichen didn't dare to do it, what if after committing suicide, his consciousness couldn't return to the outside world?For example, when the Island Master's older brother was sucked into the place, he also knew that it was a memory stone, and then immediately laughed and killed himself, thinking that he had killed himself and gone back.But as it turned out, it wasn't.So, Tang Zichen had his doubts and didn't dare to commit suicide rashly.

At that moment, the lady from the Purple Mansion had come out, and she was followed by a maid.

When Tang Zichen saw that lady, he was surprised, what a beautiful lady, this lady was about sixteen or seventeen years old, but there was an unexplainable ease on her face, making her very comfortable to look at, and her dress was also very charming.

That maid saw Tang Zichen staring at the lady, and snapped, "Stinky horseman, what are you looking at."

Tang Zichen suddenly withdrew his eyes, it wasn't like Tang Zichen had never seen a beautiful woman before, really.

That Dao: "It's not easy for Zhang San to come to our house as a groom in order to feed his family, so you should say less about him."

"Miss, this brat is staring at you, lusting after you."

"Nonsense, Zhang San is not such a person."Saying that, Miss and the maid got into the carriage.


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