The King of Kungfu in school 891-900


Chapter 891

"Brother Zichen, I really like you so much, I've never been smitten with any man before, and ever since I saw you, I think I've fallen in love with you at first sight."Princess Zhou'er saw Tang Zichen's silence and lowered her head to say shyly again.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "I, Tang Zichen, what can I do to make so many girls like me?"

"Brother Zichen, it's impossible to rationalize feelings, if you like it, you like it, if you don't like it, you just don't like it, no one can tell you.Anyway, I like you as soon as I see you, can't say why I like you, maybe you're genius, maybe you're handsome, it feels right, I like it."

"Princess, first I must thank you for your love,"Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Zichen, are you, are you rejecting me?"Princess Zhou'er's nose was sore, as if she couldn't accept this outcome inside and was about to cry, how she wanted Tang Zichen to nod her head in agreement, even if it meant grieving herself a little more.

"Princess, I must cut it off as soon as possible while the feelings between us are still not deep."

"Brother Zichen, why?"Princess Zhou'er cried.

"Princess, I also implore you to understand me, I really don't know what there is to ask for so many girlfriends to come for."

"What for?"

"Yeah, girlfriends aren't treasures, the more the merrier, what do I need so many of them for?"

"But don't men like to have lots of women?The more powerful you are, the more you want to have, like my grandfather, who was 81 women." Remember to read the book in a second

Tang Zichen said, "Your grandfather married so many because he was selfish, your grandfather was selfish, think about it yourself, if I had 81 wives, even if I accompanied one every night, it would take three months for your turn.Let a woman, three months to have only one night with her husband, do you think, this woman still have happiness?But, your grandfather is relying on his power, he doesn't care what those women want, it's selfish."

"But, but you only have four girlfriends now, not many, to take a turn also, in a few days, ah."Princess Zhou'er lowered her head and said.

"Oh, Princess, I'm very much at a loss to tell you, yes, there are only four now, but if I don't control it strictly, in ten years, it might be 20, in 50 years, I guess there are 30.So, is it really because of love?"

"Oooh, brother Zichen, I don't care, I just want so badly to be your woman, I don't want to bother with that."Princess Zhou'er pursed her lips and said.

"Princess, listen to me, find one who is devoted to you, so that you can be together every day, you don't have to share a man with several women, otherwise it's really tiring."

"Brother Zichen, I only want you, I really really can't like anyone else."

"It's one-sided, as long as you meet the right person, you'll naturally forget about me."

"Brother Zichen, you already have four girlfriends, why can't you have one more, I swear I won't drag you down, I'll live in the Gomorrah Empire, I'll just go to the Yanhuang Empire and see you once a year, that's enough, isn't that enough?"

"Princess, this isn't love, it's loneliness, and isn't it tiring to get up every year and keep an empty man?Princess, I can't really talk to you that clearly."

"And your four girlfriends, why do they just accept?I don't feel like I'm inferior to them, I'm not happy."

Don Zichen said, "No, you are better than them all, you

The talent of all of them surpasses Li Xuan'er, Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Zuo, you are better than all four of them."

"Then why don't you accept me?"

"Alas, Princess, to tell you the truth, but don't tell anyone, actually, the four of them, none of them were actively pursued by me, they were all together because they had been together for a long time, their feelings for me were so strong that I couldn't refuse them, and I was so afraid of failing them.Of course, I didn't say that I don't love them, and since we're together, I'll definitely love them with all my heart, I can swear to God on that."

"Then why is it okay to fail me, I'm also true to you."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was freaking out, he really couldn't say anything.

Tang Zichen simply walked out of the tent and went outside to clear his mind.

Tang Zichen felt more and more that the thoughts he had in Linjiang City were not wrong.

At that time, Tang Zichen had felt deeply that Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er liked him.However, Tang Zichen only liked his younger sisters in his heart, because they often all went to school together, and everyone was already friends, Tang Zichen really couldn't be cruel enough to let them down, plus in his previous life, Tang Zichen had let down too many women, so Tang Zichen decided, in a hot head, to be open-minded and not repeat the path of his previous life, and then, Tang Zichen was with both Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er.

Next went to the Martial Arts Academy and Xu Mei Qian fell in love with Tang Zichen again, no, Xu Mei Qian fell in love with 'a defeat of red dust'.

Tang Zichen was dug a pit by himself again, for Xu Mei Qian this relationship, it is really unable to bury, anyway, already have two girlfriends, simply bite the bullet, and choose to jump into Xu Mei Qian's pit again.

In this way, in the Star Ocean Academy, and unknowingly, jumped into Shangguan Rou's pit.

Could it be that after a trip to the Gomorrah Empire, you're going to jump into Princess Zhou'er's pit again?

Of course, that might not be fair to them, but Tang Zichen really didn't know what the women needed so much for.Raising a hurdle in the martial arts realm, such as stepping into the Ancestor realm, was stronger than anything else.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen thought of his little sister.

Although it was a bit cruel, but, inside Tang Zichen, the only one who really wanted to be with her was Little Sister, never changed.

Now that Tang Zichen is in a difficult situation, the only thing he can do is to stop accepting other women's pursuit, and stay with Xuan'er, Xiangyun, Mei Qian, and Shangguan Rou, and don't add to his emotional burden.

Of course, this idea of Tang Zichen might be too pretentious for those who couldn't find a girlfriend.

"Brother Zichen, come in, there are many mosquitoes outside."Princess Zhou'er shouted from inside the tent.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to enter the tent.

However, once he entered the tent, Tang Zichen realized that Princess Zhou'er was sitting inside the tent completely naked.

"Princess, you?"Tang Zichen asked in surprise.

"Brother Zichen, I'm sorry, I, I really want to be with you, I can only do this, I've heard that your Yanhuang Empire, there is a rule that men and women must be responsible once they see a woman's body.Brother Zichen, you've already seen it."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Princess, more than a hundred years ago in the Yanhuang Empire, the society at that time, it was still quite feudal, but now it's different, now in the Yanhuang Empire, every man and woman have lived together before marriage, I don't know how many times, your trick, it doesn't apply."


"What? Out of date."Princess Zhou'er was depressed.

"Well, obsolete, don't tell me I saw your body, in the Yanhuang Empire even if I naked you, I can be irresponsible, you quickly put on some clothes."

"Oooh, I don't want it, I really want to be with you, you can't even feel what I feel."

Tang Zichen, "No, I can feel, I've felt this way before, but feelings aren't one-sided, you can't satisfy your feelings without caring about the other person's feelings."

"Oooooh."Princess Zhou'er cried and put on her clothes.

Tang Zichen let out a deep sigh, what a sin.

There were times when Tang Zichen really wanted to be a bit more suave and collect beautiful women when he saw them, even if he collected a small army.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Brother Zichen, I swear, I won't give up, since your other four girlfriends can move you and make you not want to let me down, one day, I can also move you and make you afraid of letting me down."

"And why should you, Princess."

"Don't say it, my heart is determined, you're the only one I don't love, go to sleep."Princess Zhou'er turned off the light, of course she brought the battery.

Tang Zichen sighed and lay down as well. The first website

The night was silent, and the next morning, Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er both intentionally forgot about last night's events and happily watched the sunrise together.

"Wow, the sunrise is so beautiful, watching the sunrise with my favorite person is awesome."

"Oh."Don just smiled shallowly.

Just then, a voice came from behind, "I've finally found you guys."

Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er were busy turning back.

It was that person called Zhang Guoni.

Tang Zichen hadn't even noticed this person's existence, not that his martial arts skills were higher, he was only in the early stages of the Unity Realm, because Tang Zichen's senses were all worse due to his meridians.

"Who is he?"Tang Zichen asked.

Princess Zhou'er said, "He is recognized as the first genius of the young generation of the Gomorrah Empire, Zhang Goni."

"Zhang Goni?The first day?How old is he?"

"Thirty-two this year, thirty-two years old to step into the Unity Realm."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Stepping into the Unity Realm at thirty is what makes one an internationally recognized super genius, thirty-two, let's forget about it."

"That can't be said, to be able to step into the Unity Realm at the age of thirty, our Gomorrah Empire has only one in its history, how could it appear so easily, stepping into the Unity Realm at the age of thirty-two is already very good.Of course, compared to you, Brother Zichen, you're already a level higher than stepping into the Unity Realm at the age of thirty.You were thirty years old before you stepped into the late stage of the Unity Realm."Speaking of which, Princess Zhou'er's heart was fond of it again, as if she had such a man.

That Zhang Guoni looked at Tang Zichen with a very unkind gaze.

Tang Zichen's Qi was all unstable due to the problems with his meridians, and Zhang Guoni couldn't sense Tang Zichen's realm from the Qi on Tang Zichen's body.In fact it didn't matter at all, even if it was felt, it was only in vain, yet Tang Zichen couldn't even exert the strength of the Innate Realm.

"Princess Zhou'er, originally in a few days, we were going to have a formal blind date, this is still your grandfather and my grandfather set it up, my brother the first genius of the young generation of the Moja Empire

You're the most beautiful princess. It's a match made in heaven.But why?Why all of a sudden you're with someone else and I want to know why."Zhang Guoni said.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Zhang Goni, I'm sorry, I don't like you, even if I didn't cancel the blind date, I didn't feel anything when I looked at your picture before, and now that I've seen you in person, I feel even less."

"I'm the first genius of Gomoya's young generation, how dare you say you don't have feelings for me."

"Zhang Goni, don't be too conceited, just because you're the first genius of the younger generation doesn't mean I have to feel something for you, love is a wonderful thing, no feeling is no feeling, no matter how good you are.If you have feelings, even if the other party is weak, you still like it."

Zhang Guoni looked at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "So, this person beside you, even if he's not as good as me, you still have feelings for him?"

"Hey, I'm just giving you an example, who says he's not as good as you, he's much better than you, I'm not afraid to tell you, but he's up to the International Special Genius standard."

"Hahaha, international extraordinarily gifted?So, Princess, I have to congratulate you on finding someone so wonderful?"A sarcastic shame from Zhang Goni, he simply wouldn't believe that Tang Zichen was someone who had reached special genius, too small and small in terms of probability, even national standard super geniuses were so rare, let alone special geniuses.Secondly, Tang Zichen did not look like a very strong and powerful person at all, believing that the princess was just looking at his good looks.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Believe it or not, Zhang Goni, you'd better not mess with brother Zichen anyway, otherwise, you won't even know how to die."

"Yeah?Princess Zhou'er, I'm very disappointed, you're still young after all, a little girl who only looks at the outside and doesn't care about the inside, face value is only temporary, the inside is forever.Princess, I'll ask you one last time, would you like to choose a better one?"

Princess Zhou'er felt disgusted and hummed, "Sorry, he's just the best."

"Well, Princess Zhou'er, it seems like you still can't figure it out, but I don't blame you, only that you're too young and ignorant, I can understand that a girl of your age likes to look at appearances, but I will never allow you to continue to be wrong."

Princess Zhou'er said angrily, "Zhang Goni, don't be so narcissistic, what makes you think you are better than brother Zichen."

"With the sword in my hand, with the fact that I stepped into the Unity Realm at the age of thirty-two, with the fact that I am recognized as the first genius of the younger generation in the Gomorrah Empire, is that enough?"

Princess Zhou'er had run out of things to say in the face of such a narcissistic person.

Zhang Guoni sword pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, if you want to go down the mountain today, please win the sword in my hand, in order not to be accused of bullying you, I'll let you have a minute."

"Let me have a minute?"

"Within a minute, I will never fight back, if I let you for a minute you still can't beat me, then no one will say anything if you die, even if the emperor knows, I'm afraid he won't blame me for killing you, although I don't know why you have gained the emperor's approval, but I believe that this world is ultimately a measure of strength for a person, let you for a minute, you won't die even if you die, just this minute."

Tang Zichen was furious.

"Well, Zhang Goni, can I understand that you are challenging me to life and death?"


"Then, Zhang Goni, before accepting your life-and-death challenge, I'll warn you one last time that I've reached the standard of an Extraordinary Genius, do you still want to challenge me?"


"I pooh-pooh, I don't believe it, you greedy and fearful generation, you even told such a lie in order to survive."

"Zhang Goni, although I don't know why you are so conceited, I accept your challenge, if you die, don't blame me, and don't bother your family, otherwise, no one will extinguish the anger of my Tang Zichen."

"So much nonsense."Zhang Goni deadly did not believe in Tang Zichen's special genius, because super geniuses were incomparably rare, and there was only one super genius in the history of the Gomorrah Empire, let alone a special genius.

The conceit was just so incomprehensible.

Since that was the case, why would Tang Zichen keep him, although, it was a pity that someone with such a strong talent as him died.

"Do it, I'll let you have a minute."Zhang Goni said.

"No need, if you really want to die, you can just attack directly, you're a small first level of the Early Unity Realm, I don't even need to move a muscle."

"Looking for death."

Zhang Guoni killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

Although Tang Zichen's meridians were shattered, his martial skills were not even as good as those of the Innate Realm.However, this only referred to martial arts, Tang Zichen had not only martial arts, but also mesmerism, and Tang Zichen's mesmerism had already reached twelve grades, and twelve grades was equal to the Unity Realm.

After that, Tang Zichen's realm broke through so much again, although the mesmerizing technique didn't improve much, but the early stage of the Unity Realm was simply like abusing vegetables. Remember the website

"Ah."Suddenly, Zhang Guoni felt a vicious headache, which was painful from the inside out.

"What's going on?"

Tang Zichen said without moving, "This is a mesmerizing attack, Zhang Goni, I don't even need to lift a finger on you, it's enough to exterminate you, what are you challenging me with?"

"Ah, mesmerizing, mesmerizing?You, you're a genius extraordinaire in the field of ecstasy?Not in martial arts?"At this moment, Zhang Guoni was completely silly, as if he had suddenly realized, no wonder he couldn't feel how strong Tang Zichen's Qi was before, he was a special genius in mesmerism.It was just that he was self-righteous.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to explain, Tang Zichen could only use the mesmerizing technique to pretend to be a genius now that his veins were shattered, so if he thought so, then let him think so.

"Zhang Guoni, is it too late for you to understand now."

"Ah."Zhang Goni's legs weakened and he fell to the ground.

"You, why didn't you say so clearly before."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Zhang Guoni's face.

"Say it clearly?Why do I need to make it clear to you, who are you to be an onion, you're not even two years younger than a super genius, what do you have to be proud of."

"Senior, please, don't kill me."

"Hahaha, are all of you people of the Gomorrah Empire such scoundrels?Who was it that just said life and death challenge to me."

"I wouldn't dare."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Zhang Goni, I'm not a kind person."

Zhang Guoni kneeled down in front of Tang Zichen and trembled, as he knew very well that the Vertigo attack, which could make him die himself in the next second, was too terrifying.The way of death was far worse than being slashed by a knife, a knife slash could still drag on for a few minutes, at least you could be clear on how you were going to die, whereas a mesmerizing attack could make you not know how to die at all.

Zhang Goni was afraid that in the next second, he wouldn't exist.

"Please, I'm the first genius of the Gomorrah Empire, I really don't want to die, please, please, please."

"Bang bang."Zhang Goni desperately kowtowed his head, and soon his forehead was rotten

, compared to death, this is nothing.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Brother Zichen, Heaven has the virtue of a good life, spare his life."

"The heavens have the virtue of a good life, but I don't."

"Speechless."Princess Zhou'er said.

"Senior, I'm begging you, I'm begging you, I'm begging you."

Tang Zichen saw that Zhang Guoni had knocked a hole in his forehead.

People, they really would do anything to survive, what was dignity.

"Fine, Zhang Goni, if you want me to spare you can, all the way from the top of this mountain, kneel down to the foot of the mountain, and after descending, announce this to the entire people of the Gomorrah Empire, this is my only condition for sparing you, if you can't do it, go die now, if you don't do it after descending, I will definitely go and kill you."

"Thank you, Senior, thank you."Zhang Goni immediately knelt all the way down the mountain.

The first genius of the Gomorrah Empire was worshipped by the entire Gomorrah Empire, but to spare his life today, climbing down on his knees from the top of a mountain thousands of meters high, if the people of the Gomorrah Empire knew about it, it would be unbelievable.

Tang Zichen was to let the people of the Gomorrah Empire know.

However, Zhang Goni could also go down the mountain and not announce this to the entire nation of Gomoya.

Then, this was a challenge to Tang Zichen's anger, and Tang Zichen also wanted to see what would happen after he went down the mountain.

Princess Zhou'er said, "If you have decided to spare him, why do you want him to go down from the mountain on his knees again, and why do you want him to destroy his own reputation personally?"

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't want to spare him, he fought for himself, so I'm giving him a chance to lose even his life, what else is there that he doesn't dare to lose, so I want him to lose the worship of the people of the Gomorrah Empire."

"What if he goes down and saves his life, but hides in his family and doesn't do what you say?"Princess Zhou'er asked again.

"Then don't blame me for not taking pity on the talent, I'm going to make him pay for not keeping his word."

"Alas, let's go."

Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er flew down the mountain.

Zhang Guoni kneeling all the way down the mountain wasn't so fast.

Zhang Guoni also didn't dare to run away because he was afraid that Tang Zichen was secretly watching him, and once he escaped it would be really over, for the sake of his life, the district kneeling down the mountain was nothing.

And so, five hours later, Zhang Guoni climbed down the mountain on his knees.

Tang Zichen saw him at the bottom of the mountain, but Tang Zichen only looked at him from a distance and didn't go up to speak to him.Tang Zichen used Thousand Miles to transmit a voice to him, "First thing done, second thing, within five days, I want to see you hold a press conference at the Gomorrah Empire's Nationwide Television."

"Yes, Senior."Zhang Goni immediately fled as if he had been granted amnesty.

Next, it was up to Zhang Goni to do it or not.

Tang Zichen said to Princess Zhou'er, "Alright, let's go back."

"Brother Zichen, aren't you going to continue the tour?There's a place nearby called the Dungeon, it's a city that's been buried underground for countless years, the city's buildings are petrified, let's go check it out."

"Underground City?"


Tang Zichen wanted to refuse, but, couldn't.

Why was that?

Because when Tang Zichen was in that world of Wind Lightning, Tang Zichen had also seen an underground city that was also a city building petrified.


At that time when that underground city was first unearthed, that is, when it was first discovered, there was a treasure that triggered a fight between powerful people across the continent, and one of Tang Zichen's mentors died on that occasion.

"Underground City, fine, go take a look."

Tang Zichen immediately decided to go to the Underground City to see if this Underground City had that kind of treasure, if he was lucky.

This kind of treasure was a worm, this worm they called the 'Emperor Worm'

Why would the emperor worm be a treasure?

This was because the Emperor Insect was an insect with a very long life, and the first effect of taking the Emperor Insect was to increase its lifespan.

As long as he took the Emperor Insect, his life would last for tens of years or hundreds of years.

Even if it wasn't a person whose time was approaching, taking the Emperor Insect could still enhance his life span.

This was only one of the effects of the Emperor Insect.

Secondly, the Emperor Insect had an extraordinary effect on stabilizing the meridians, opening up the meridians, and strengthening the meridians.Of course, the second effect was not as significant as increasing longevity for those with normal meridians.However, for those with poor martial arts training constitution, it was a heavy treasure, and the meridians were naturally closely related to martial arts.

But right now, to Tang Zichen, that significance was truly extraordinary. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen just happened to have shattered his veins, if, if he could get the Emperor Worm, then his shattered meridians could be repaired as fast as possible, and they were intact after repair, and even the meridians were tougher than before.

"I don't believe it, I don't believe he actually appeared when I just happened to need it, I don't believe the heavens are so good to me."Tang Zichen said inwardly, as this was simply tailor-made for him.

However, Tang Zichen's inner disbelief was still filled with anticipation, because, the underground city was the only environment that matched the growth of the Emperor Worm.

Normally, if an underground city was uncovered, the probability of an Emperor Worm appearing was high, so Tang Zichen was looking forward to it within.

"Let's go, let's go to the Dungeon now."

"Brother Zichen, why are you in such a hurry, we just went downhill, we haven't even had a good meal yet, then we'll go back to the hotel to take a bath and have a beautiful sleep."Princess Zhou'er said, last night Princess Zhou'er actually didn't sleep all night, her confession was rejected, how can she still sleep.

"Sleep on the plane."

"That's fine, it's a few hours from the underground city anyway."

Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er boarded the private plane again.

Once on the plane, Princess Zhou'er fell asleep and leaned on Tang Zichen's body, Tang Zichen touched her face that could pinch out water and sighed inwardly, tender but really tender and beautiful, but Tang Zichen preferred to pursue martial arts, such as now, he desperately wanted to go to the Dungeon and find the Emperor Worm.In Tang Zichen's previous life, he saw many strong people, when the deadline came, the desire to live, did not want to die, but they were never able to enter the higher level of martial dao, they fought until the last second of their lives and did not give up, but unfortunately, too many seniors died in the end.At that time, in the continent where Tang Zichen was located, no one had yet been able to surpass the clan master realm and enter the higher, unknown and mysterious realm of martial arts.Tang Zichen's Sifu was only trying to advance one more

One of the thousands of seniors of the step.

Tang Zichen knew that he would one day also face the threat of a big deadline, when there were only a few days left to live, and he was sure to fight to the death, not giving up even at the last second, no one wanted to die.

Of course, that might be too far away for the current Tang Zichen, who was only 21 years old now, Tang Zichen still had a long life to pursue the martial arts.

It wasn't worth wasting time on a woman right now.

"I'm sorry, Princess Zhou'er, I wish you the best of luck in finding someone who truly suits you, and I don't."Tang Zichen stroked the princess's hair and muttered to himself as the princess slept on top of Tang Zichen.However, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that the princess who was sleeping on Tang Zichen's stomach, two tears silently dripped down.

At this moment, in a certain city.

"Grandpa, oooh, I almost died."Zhang Guoni was in a public phone booth, making a call out, and before finishing a sentence, she cried out, as if she had escaped from a ghost's doorway.

"What's wrong?"

"Grandpa, I went to look for Princess Zhou'er, I'm not convinced with the man who stole the princess, I found them in the Valley of War Gods.I don't think that man had a strong Qi on him, the princess said he was a special-grade genius, I didn't believe it at all, I'm not happy, I want to kill him.But, but, I didn't think that he really was a special genius, he's a special genius in mesmerism, I, I, woah, I almost died, grandpa, I'm so scared, I haven't even come back to my senses yet."

The other party's eyebrows furrowed, also very shocked, a Special Grade Genius Gomorrah Empire couldn't even turn over a Super Genius, and a Special Grade Genius?

"How did you survive after that?"

"I kowtowed so hard to him that I had a hole in my forehead, and with the princess's plea, he made two conditions for me to live: first, that I go down on my knees, and second, that within five days, there will be a press conference at the largest television station in Gomorrah to publicize the incident."

"Ah, where are you now?"

"I've just gone down on my knees, the mountains of the ancient god of war are all sharp rocks, my knees are rotten and my bones are white, he saw me go down and let me go, I've just fled to a neighboring city.What shall I do, grandfather?"

"Phew, special genius, I didn't expect that special genius to be this close to me for the first time.Goini, you come back to the family first, and we'll discuss the rest when you come back."


A few hours later, Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er arrived at their destination.

"Brother Zichen, here we are, this is the place that owns the Dungeon.Only, the underground city is not for ordinary people, the place we are in at the moment is a small city, let's take a break here and find some essential items before heading to the underground city.At least gas masks, flashlights, and the like are not missing."

"Good."Tang Zichen had wanted to go directly, but with his meridians shattered at the moment, he couldn't protect his body with abstruse energy, and could only take protective measures, so that he wouldn't be caught off guard in case he encountered a powerful poisonous gas.The cities buried underground, the air that didn't circulate all year round, so all kinds of poisonous gases were plentiful, and even, some powerful earth beasts weren't absent.If there were Emperor Insects, then there must be Earth Beasts as well.Back then, Tang Zichen's uncle died in the Dungeon because he was poisoned by other people, and then his power was insufficient, and he suffered severe internal injuries, and was torn to pieces by the Earth Beasts.

In short, the Underground City, any possibility would happen.


Tang Zichen asked, "Princess, how long has this underground city been excavated?"

"It's been ten years since the excavation of the Underground City, not many people in the Gomorrah Empire know about the Underground City, the ones who do are the upper echelons of the powerful and the families, while almost no one knows about the foreigners, otherwise many people would definitely take the opportunity to come and search for something, whether there is anything good in the Underground City or not, it belongs to the Gomorrah Empire, and until our people in the Gomorrah Empire have thoroughly searched it, it is not open to the publicPublished, as must be the case with every ruin excavated by the Empire."

"Well, if it's a secret place, then why did you bring me here."

"Brother Zichen, don't ask knowingly."

"Alright, hehe, then take a break and get ready to go."

Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er rested for about half a day in a nearby city before preparing to depart.

Since there were no roads, they relied on flying all the way.

Tang Zichen was having a bit of trouble flying because of his meridians, he couldn't pick up any speed at all and was even slowly falling a bit behind Princess Zhou'er.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the impact of the shattered meridians was really too great, if Tang Zichen didn't still know how to do the Vertigo technique, he would have been weak as a dog and would have been killed by Zhang Guoni in the Valley of War God.Now that I think about it, I really shouldn't have let Zhang Goni go then, someone who wanted him dead must not be spared, if Tang Zichen didn't still know how to use the Vertigo technique, would Zhang Goni have let Tang Zichen go?Definitely not, he had come specifically to kill Tang Zichen, why would he let Tang Zichen go.So, at the moment, thinking about it Tang Zichen kind of regretted sparing his life then.

But the past was in the past, Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it.

"Brother Zichen, are you alright?Why is the flight getting so tiring?"Princess Zhou'er was confused. First URL

"All right."

"Why don't I carry the luggage."Princess Zhou'er said, Tang Zichen was carrying a large travel bag on his shoulders, and Princess Zhou'er being a woman certainly couldn't let her carry it.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's meridians were shattered, it was too strenuous, and Tang Zichen felt a bit ashamed of himself.

"No need."

"Brother Zichen, there must be something wrong with your body, or else why are you looking so deflated, what's wrong with you?Can't you talk to me?"

"Oh, move on."

"Brother Tzu-Chen."Princess Zhou'er came over to grab Tang Zichen's bag and surprisingly, snatched it at once.

"Ah."Princess Zhou'er was dumbfounded, she thought for sure she couldn't snatch it, how could Tang Zichen be so strong, but she didn't expect to snatch it all at once.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed deeply, but he was snatched away by a middle innate one who snatched the travel bag.Of course, it was by no means that Tang Zichen was useless, it was helpless, the meridians were the roots that transmitted power, even if the meridians were shattered, Tang Zichen couldn't exert his power no matter how great it was, so this was normal.

Tang Zichen secretly prayed, "God bless, this time I go to the underground city, I must be allowed to find the Emperor Worm, otherwise, I am dangerous, as long as the mid Unity Realm or above kills me, I am not sure, my mesmerizing technique is only around the first level of strength of the mid Unity Realm."

"Brother Zichen, speak up, what's wrong with you?"

"Princess, to tell you the truth, my meridians are all shattered."

"Ah, the meridians are shattered?Why is that?"

"I won't tell you the exact reason, but I'm relying solely on mesmerism to keep me going, and in terms of martial strength, I'm not even as good as you.And the mesmerizing technique, I can only spar with the first level of the mid Unity Realm."


; "Gosh, then wouldn't it be dangerous for us to go to the Dungeon now, and what would we do if the Dungeon ran into an Earth Beast?I've heard my grandfather say that there are Earth Beasts in the Underground City."

Tang Zichen frowned and asked, "Did your grandfather say how strong the Earth Beasts are?"

"Strong but not strong, the strongest earth beasts are around the late stage of the Unity Realm, and there are many mid and early stage Unity Realm, as well as many innate level earth beasts.Brother Zichen, I thought that with you here, we are simply fearless of those earth beasts, but I never thought that your meridians would be shattered.Brother Zichen, then we won't go, it's too dangerous, let's go to another fun place."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, we must go."


"Princess, you may not know that the environment of the Underground City can grow a type of insect called the Emperor Worm, the Emperor Worm can help me repair my meridians, but very quickly.Since the appearance of the underground city, I think it's an underworld arrangement of the heavens, if I gave up because I was afraid of danger, then why did the heavens arrange for the underground city to appear here."

"But if we run into an earth beast in the middle or late stage of the Unity Realm, we'll die, and if the heavens arranged for you to die, then I have nothing to say."

"Oh, rich and powerful, where is the reward without the effort, if I don't quickly repair my meridians, then I'm finished."

"Brother Zichen, are you sure there must be emperor worms in the underground city?"

"Not sure, although the Dungeon is the only place that meets the conditions for Dungeon growth, it's not one hundred percent."

"If it's not, then it's not a wasted trip to wade in."

"Right, let's go."

Princess Zhou'er could only force herself to continue on with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also agreed to let Princess Zhou'er carry the travel bag, in order to save his energy.

After flying for a few hours, he finally entered a cluster of lofty mountain ranges.

"Brother Zichen, below that mountain range ahead is the entrance to the Underground City."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Princess Zhou'er added, "After we enter the underground city, we'll come out as soon as we catch the insects."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "Princess, it's already a great joy to find an Emperor Worm in the entire underground city, do you think it's all over the place?"


Tang Zichen remembered that there was only one Emperor Worm in that underground city in his previous life, otherwise why else would so many powerful people have fought to the death in the first place, and why would his master uncle have died.

"There's only one ah."

"Having one is not a waste of time, the Emperor Worm is very rare."

"Why haven't I even heard of them."

"Oh, perhaps, you don't have any records here."

Tang Zichen came to the entrance, which was beneath a large mountain, a dark hole extending underground.

Princess Zhou'er said, "If you go down through this hole, you'll be able to see the gates of the underground city in about three hundred meters, do we really have to go down there?My grandfather said that there are many mud monkeys in the underground city, and the most powerful one is in the middle of the Unity Realm.The most terrifying is not a mud monkey, but a fire demon, my grandfather has seen at least seven or eight fire demons in the mid to late stage of the Unity Realm, fire demons can breathe fire, the temperature of the flame can instantly melt diamond.Even for a strong person at the same level, the abstruse energy can only resist the flames for a few seconds, and after a few seconds the abstruse energy breaks and the person is immediately melted.When this underground city was first discovered, many strong people of the Unity Realm lost their lives."


"Fuck, so scary."Tang Zichen also felt cold sweat coming out from behind.

Originally, it wasn't so terrifying for Tang Zichen, poor him, his meridians were shattered, if they weren't shattered, with Tang Zichen's strength at the first level of the late Unity Realm, along with his Herculean Divine Power or whatever, entering the Underground City wouldn't be as terrifying, but it would at least guarantee his life.

Now it was good that his martial arts were even worse than the princess's, and he could only rely on mesmerism, but it wasn't certain if the earth beasts would be afraid of human mesmerism, after all, they were two different races.

Tang Zichen was really a bit hesitant to enter the underground city, in case he didn't find the Emperor Worm at all and lost his life, it would be more than worth it.

In case the princess got killed inside, he didn't know how much he blamed himself.

"Princess, I'll go in alone."


"You're too weak, it's very dangerous to go in there."

"You're not as strong as me, you're just mesmerism can still be used, but those earth beasts may not be afraid of your mesmerism, mesmerism is aimed at humans, not any earth beasts and sea beasts."

"Even when my mesmerizing technique doesn't work, it's impossible for you to be an opponent with your middle innate realm."

"Hmph, you're underestimating me too much, although I'm at the middle innate realm, my fighting power has reached the perfection of innate." Remember the URL

"Ah, no way, so genius."

"Originally it is, I'm a member of the Goma family, my grandfather has trained me since I was a child, plus I have all kinds of advantages, my fighting power has already reached innate perfection."

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, this was simply just like Xiao Meng.

It seemed like Xiao Meng was also in the middle of her innate talent, and her combat power had reached the Innate Perfection.Xiaomeng was so powerful because of her high talent and mental strength, and with Tang Zichen's cultivation, the Dragon Descending Sword Technique and the God Killing Saber Technique had both been reduced to simplicity and were infinitely more powerful.And the princess?How did she do it?

"My grandfather taught me the Thunder God Sword Technique, and also taught me many advanced comprehensions of the Thunder God Sword Technique."

"Oh, well then, let's go into the Dungeon together, hopefully we'll go in on this trip and still come out alive."

"Then how long do we have to go in to find the Emperor Worm?"

"Oh, who knows about that, once you go in and don't find it, come out and rest for a few days, then go back in again until you find it, I think it'll be half a month to a month less without considering the infestation of earth beasts."

"Ah, that wouldn't even be missing the light of paradise."

"To me, the wonders of Heaven's Light are utterly unbearable compared to the Emperor Worm, but of course, if it goes well and we can catch up with Heaven's Light, then we'll try our best to catch up. ok, enter."

Tang put on a helmet, turned on a bright light on his hat, put on his gas suit and mask, and acted like a miner, then rushed into the black hole.

The black hole slanted downward all the way, and the strong light above Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er's head could illuminate the front, which would also help to guard against the invasion of earth beasts.

About hundreds of meters down the run, finally see an open area, a city gate appeared in front of the eyes, the gate is ancient, very classical charm, but that look seems very long ago.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Brother Zichen, because of the huge amount of work, only one part of the entrance to the city gate has been excavated, this gate goes to the left and right, there is also a long wall, that wall is still buried in the dirt and has not been excavated."

"Well, enter the city."

Tang Zichen flew to the bottom of the city gate, the height of a man was only a tenth of the height of the gate, that is to say, this gate was nearly twenty meters tall, it was really too grand.


sp; Above the city gate were written the four words 'Outline of the Golden City'.

It was not known what era it was from.

Entering the city, inside was a street that was also excavated, the houses on both sides of the street could still be seen in architectural form, and every part of it had been frozen into stone.

"Brother Zichen, where is the Emperor Worm?"

"I don't know, I'll have to look for it by feel."

"And have you ever seen an emperor worm?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled, yeah, Tang Zichen had never seen an Emperor Insect at all, although he knew quite a bit about Emperor Insects, but, he just hadn't seen one.The only time he had entered an underground city with his master in his previous life, but there was only one Emperor Worm, when so many powerful people were fighting for it, Tang Zichen hadn't seen a fart.

"I haven't seen it either."

"I'm speechless."

"Oh, your brother, the Moja Empire, even knows the word speechless."

"You're still in the mood for jokes, I'm serious."

"Alright, if it's fate, we'll always see each other, I only know one, empyrean insects like blood, with this you can draw out empyrean insects, although I've never seen one, but if I saw one, I would definitely be able to recognize it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took out a mineral water bottle from his travel bag, inside the bottle was a red liquid, this was chicken blood that Tang Zichen had specially brought with him.

Tang Zichen poured a little chicken blood on a nearby stone.

"Can the emperor worm smell like this?"

"The Emperor Worm's sense of smell is about ten meters, and although its olfactory range is not long, it can smell blood even if it's blocked by countless stones, of course, I've heard."


Tang Zichen waited for several minutes without seeing the Emperor Worm appear, and sighed in disappointment.

But yes, everything couldn't go so smoothly, and if he was really so victorious that he caught the Emperor Worm after only coming in for a few minutes, then Tang Zichen himself doubted that God was his relative.

Tang Zichen continued on to the next place to pour chicken, and so he made his way deeper into the Dungeon to pour chicken blood.

Over and over, he walked for hundreds of meters.

"Hiss."Suddenly, a sharp shadow shot out from a nearby stone cave, aiming only to take Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen's mind couldn't react in time, but he still narrowly avoided it, and his arm was unavoidably scratched out with several cracks.


Princess Zhou'er was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, it's a mud monkey, mud monkeys are illegally fast and love to eat human brains."

"I go, no wonder it jumped straight on my skull."Tang Zichen thought of his own brains becoming food for this beast.

This mud monkey that rushed out wasn't very strong, but it was only late innate.

"Swoosh."Princess Zhou'er struck out with her sword, fast as lightning, no, fast as a thunder god.

The mud monkey died in a flash.

"What a fast sword."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Hehehe, this is my Thor Sword Technique, Brother Zichen has good eyesight, he immediately saw how fast I am.Generally speaking, fast as lightning can no longer describe my sword, it must be as fast as a thunder god, and a thunder god's fastness is far beyond lightning."

"Good as fast as a thunder god."Tang Zichen looked at Princess Zhou'er's sword and was actually a bit moved and eager to learn.

Because, Tang Zichen had never seen such a fast sword before, Yang Yijian's sword was claimed to be fast, but compared to the princess's thunder god sword technique, it was still far from the princess's.


"Brother Zichen be careful."Suddenly, another mud monkey rushed out.

Before Tang Zichen could react, that mud monkey had already been picked off by Princess Zhou'er with a sword.

It really was fast enough, so fast that Tang Zichen's reaction speed was fast enough, what a terrifying sword technique.

"This Thunder God Sword Technique of yours must be a tenth-grade martial art."

"Of course it's a tenth-grade martial art, but according to the comprehension my grandfather passed on to me, my power might has exceeded tenth-grade martial art, but unfortunately my low realm has dragged down my sword technique."

"Well, good, very powerful, fast as a thunder god."

"Does brother Zichen want to learn it?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen's heart was moved, and Tang Zichen was drawn in as soon as he came across something martial.

To be honest, the attraction of this Thunder God Sword Technique surpassed the princess's beauty, Tang Zichen could be unmoved by beauty, yet it was hard to refuse martial arts.

"Princess, don't joke, I'm sure this Thunder God Sword Technique is your grandfather's best skill, if I learn it, your grandfather won't kill you."

"If brother Zichen is willing to marry me, I'll teach it to you, no, my grandfather will definitely be willing to teach it to you too, because you're one of our own la." A second to remember to read the book

"Haha, all right, princess, be serious, watch out for the mud monkeys."

Princess Zhou'er pursed her lips.

Tang Zichen suppressed his desire for martial arts, but I have to say that being fast as a thunder god was appealing.Of course, the words 'as fast as a thunder god' only described the speed of her sword, it didn't mean really reaching as fast as a thunder god, if she really reached as fast as a thunder god, she must be able to split the mountain in half.

After that, more than a dozen mud monkeys rushed out from the stone wall of the underground city at the same time, the mud monkeys were already fast enough.

However, Princess Zhou'er's sword was even faster, even though a dozen or so mud monkeys came out at the same time, before those mud monkeys flew and shot in front of them, they were already killed across the room by Princess Zhou'er's sword, which showed how fast the mud monkeys were completely inferior to the speed of Princess Zhou'er's sword.

Tang Zichen continued to go deeper, pouring chicken blood as he went.

However, the deeper one went, the more mud monkeys that popped up.

The Emperor Insects hadn't appeared yet, but the mud monkeys were now in groups.

Even if there were more mud monkeys, there were more and more powerful ones.

It was obvious that Princess Zhou'er could no longer handle it alone.

Tang Zichen could only help, but fortunately, Tang Zichen's mesmerizing technique was of some use to the mud monkeys, as it could weaken their speed significantly.

So, with the cooperation of the two of them, they solved all the mud monkeys they encountered for the time being, and the strongest mud monkey they killed was an Innate Great Perfection level.

It was just that if there were mud monkeys above the Unity Realm, they would probably be in trouble.

The two of them could only grope their way forward.

Finally, at the entrance of a large stone cave in front of them, the red-eyed mud monkey that had been looking at Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er was not in a hurry to attack, as if it was seeing how long Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er could still bounce around, and it even licked its lips from time to time, as if Tang Zichen and Princess's brains were incomparably delicious.

"Brother Zichen, look over there."Princess Zhou'er shouted.

"I can already see it, what a big mud monkey."

"Brother Zichen, what realm is it in?"

Tang Zichen said, "Early stage of the Unity Realm, around the second level."

"Ah, it's over, I'm going to run."

"Run?I'm afraid I'll die faster if I run, so the only way to fight it is to fight it."

"But we are no match for it."

"No, your

The Thunder God Sword is fast, and my mesmerism can obviously work on it, so it's not like we don't have a chance to spar when we work together."

"Fine, spar with it."

Tang Zichen said, "The mud monkey's abdomen is very fragile, kill your sword as much as you can into its abdomen."

At that moment, the mud monkey came at Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er with an arrow.

The mud monkey seemed to have practiced some kind of martial arts, and its claws waved in a wonderful way that could effectively hinder the enemy's attack.It seemed that after fifty years of inheritance, these mud monkeys with primary wisdom already knew how to practice some martial arts to enhance their strength.

Princess Zhou'er killed the mud monkey's abdomen with her sword.

Tang Zichen saw the opportunity and attacked it with a psychedelic attack the moment the princess made her sword, the mud monkey was attacked by the psychedelic attack, and with the princess's sword being as fast as a thunder god, it was instantly wounded in the abdomen by the princess's sword.

Tang Zichen endured the excruciating pain in his body and went up with an arrow, pressing his palm on the mud monkey's head, and in just one second, Tang Zichen sucked up all of its spiritual energy.

The body of the mud monkey was thrown away in the distance by Tang Zichen.

"Ah, brother Zichen, what did you do to the mud monkey?"Princess Zhou'er asked.

"I used a silver needle to pierce its brain."


Tang Zichen didn't say that it was a god-sucking method, this was a big deal.

"Haha, we worked together to kill the mud monkey at the beginning of the Unity Realm, it seems that we can be powerful together."

"Hehe, I hope so, this is only a mud monkey at the second level of the early Unity Realm, if it comes more powerful, we won't know."

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, surprisingly, even the early Unity Realm mud monkeys made him feel like an enemy, if the meridians were intact, Tang Zichen simply didn't care for mud monkeys of this level.

Those weak mud monkeys didn't seem to dare to come up again, which saved Tang Zichen the trouble.

At this moment, somewhere in the dark behind Tang Zichen and the others, two elderly men were watching Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er.

One of the old men said, "Who are those two guys?"

"I don't know, wearing thick gas suits and masks and pouring chicken blood all the way."

"One of them should be a female by the looks of her figure, a man and a woman, what is she doing here?The female was not badly built, but the realm was only mid innate, and the man, the realm was a bit incomprehensible, it felt like it was very strong, but at the same time, it felt like it was very weak, and the mud monkey that was just at the beginning of the Unity Realm made them feel like enemies."

"This underground city is something that our Gomorrah Empire doesn't disclose to the public, very few people know about it, how did they come here?"

"No matter who comes here, the Gomorrah Empire won't allow it, it hasn't been finished being probed by our Gomorrah Empire, and no one will be allowed in until we make sure it's free of treasures."

"Go up and take a look."

Tang Zichen was about to continue pouring chicken blood when shouts came from behind him, "Hey, who are you guys?How dare you enter the Dungeon privately."

Tang Zichen and Princess Zhou'er immediately turned back, neither of them sensing anyone behind them.

It was only when they turned back that they saw that it was two old men, and they were at the late stage of the Unity Realm.

Only, Princess Zhou'er didn't recognize them either, but they could be sure that they were people from the Gomorrah Empire.

Princess Zhou'er was busy taking off her mask and said, "It's me, I'm Princess Zhou'er of the Gomorrah Empire, who are you guys?Give your name."

The two old men were startled, Princess Zhou'er?The legendary princess of the Empire in the palace?

It really was beautiful, and the two old men looked at each other, as if they saw in each other's eyes the shock of the princess' beauty.


"See Princess Zhou'er."The two old men bowed to Princess Zhou'er.

Princess Zhou'er said, "Which family of the Gomorrah Empire are you two from?"

"Back to the princess, I am."One of the old men was trying to answer when another touched his hand, interrupting him.

"Why don't you say something?"

The old man who had just interrupted the conversation laughed heedlessly, "Princess, in short, we are from the Gomorrah Empire."

"I'm asking which family you are from."

"Haha, Princess, it doesn't matter which family we are from, by the way, Princess, what are you doing here?And with only one guard, a guard this weak."

Princess Zhou'er said, "He's not my guard, he's Zichen's brother, you don't need to know that much."

"Zichen?We thought he was Zhang Guo Hou's grandson, didn't we say that Zhang Guo Hou's grandson is a good match for you."

"I pooh, who said that, don't talk nonsense, well, since you guys are here it's good that my Zichen brother wants to find something called the Emperor Worm, but there is an invasion of earth beasts here, so you guys help guard him."

"Hahaha."One of the old men laughed out loud. First URL

Tang Zichen said to the princess, "Princess, I see that these two old devils do not have good intentions."

Tang Zichen saw from their words and actions that these two old men didn't really have respect for Princess Zhou'er, so they definitely didn't have good intentions.

"They dare."Princess Zhou'er said angrily.

One of the old men said, "Princess, what do you think we don't dare?"

"It's nothing, now I order you to protect me and my brother Zichen, if anything happens to me, my grandfather will not let you, and your family, go."

"Really, if anything happens to the princess here, will the Emperor know about it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Princess, we don't mean anything by it, it's just that the princess is very beautiful, we brother and sister have never touched such a beautiful woman in our lives, really, it's a regret, we don't want to bring this regret into the coffin.Why don't the princess just fulfill the old man, the old man will never forget the princess's great kindness."

"Bold."Princess Zhou'er's face turned pale, I never thought that someone would dare to do this to her within the boundaries of the Gomorrah Empire.In fact, the princess was too naive, although her grandfather was the emperor, there were many people who disobeyed, it was just that his martial skills were not as good as her grandfather's, if his martial skills surpassed her grandfather's, then her grandfather definitely couldn't be the emperor so easily, looking at the emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, one could tell that he was afraid that someone would surpass him.So, in this ebony underground city where no one knew, the identity of the princess had no deterrent effect.

"Princess, we're not joking with you, of course, your grandfather brother Mo Xing, is indeed powerful and profoundly cultivated, but he's not here, and he won't know if you die here, in that case, so what if you're a princess.Hurry up and be cool, let the old man and brother live happily for once, hahaha."

"The thought that we slept with Goma Star's granddaughter fills my heart with a sense of accomplishment, ah."

"You guys, you guys."Princess Zhou'er saw the two old men's lustful gazes and backed away in fear.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed straight, these two old men were both around the first level of the late Unity Realm, if Tang Zichen's meridians recovered, it wouldn't be difficult at all to blow them up, but now, Tang Zichen was really helpless.

"Brother Zichen, what should we do."Princess Zhou'er grabbed Tang Zichen's arm and said.


; At that moment, one of the old men said, "Cut the crap, kill this kid, and then Goma Star's granddaughter will be left to our pleasure."

"Good."The other old man raised his palm and was about to do it.

Tang Zichen said, "Wait a minute."

"Kid, any last words?"

"No last words, just one thing I wanted to tell you both."

"It's not necessary."

"I'm afraid you'll regret it."

"Yeah?Then tell me, if you won't regret it, then I'll let you die a painful death."

Tang Zichen said, "Just now the princess said that she would help me find the Emperor Worm, do you know what it is?"

"What's this?"

"This is a very precious treasure, the Emperor Worm has a long life, living casually for ten thousand years.Its function is twofold, firstly, to prolong the life span, it can be as short as a few decades or as long as a hundred years; secondly, the Emperor Worm can strengthen the meridians of the person taking it, making the meridians even tougher, something that every martial arts practitioner desires."

"Emperor Worm."The two old men looked at each other, in fact, they had also come in to look for the Emperor Worm, but they didn't know the name of the Emperor Worm, they only heard that there were treasures in the underground city that could increase their lifespan, but no one knew what they were, so they came in to try their luck.

An old man said, "It seems that the thing the squid is talking about is the Emperor Worm."

"Who knows if this kid is lying to us."Another old man said.

"The squid doesn't know what it is, he only said that there are treasures in the underground city that can increase lifespan."

"Kid, how do you know about the Emperor Worm?There is no record of an emperor worm in the world."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Just because you guys are frogs in a well doesn't mean that everyone is, I'm not from the Gomorrah Empire, I'm from the Yanhuang Empire, an ancient eastern empire."

"Okay, yes that's right, so what do you want?"

Tang Zichen said, "I just heard you guys say that you came in to try your luck and see if there are any treasures that increase your lifespan, and now I'll tell you that there are.It's just that you guys won't be able to find an emperor insect."

"Hahaha, kid, count you out, okay, then find us the Emperor Worm, as long as you can find the Emperor Worm, then I'll spare your life."

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter if I die or not, the princess was supposed to accompany me in here, I will never let her be harmed in the slightest."

"Cut the crap, find me the emperor insect, none of you will live until you find the emperor insect."

"Good, then the two of you will give me a good chance to deal with the Earth Beast that is bothering me."

Tang Zichen gave the princess a wink, then continued his search for the Emperor Worm.

Tang Zichen used a spaced out voice transmission to the princess, "Princess, things have come to this, I can only use this method to stall for time, hopefully we can find the Emperor Worm, once we find the Emperor Worm, I can restore my meridians after taking it, at that time, these two old devils won't be a problem at all."

"Well, but what if we don't find the Emperor Worm?"

"It's up to God's will,"Tang Zichen said helplessly.

With that, Tang Zichen continued his search for the Emperor Worm, the two old men seemed to be so eager to obtain the Emperor Worm that they immediately put their lustful desires aside, they were already short-lived, what else was more important than life.


After that, it was attacked by many earth beasts, all of which were stopped by those two old ghosts, which saved Tang Zichen a lot of trouble, otherwise with Tang Zichen and the princess, they might not be able to walk in the Dungeon for long.

In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.

Tang Zichen and the others didn't leave the Dungeon these past few days, and the two old men wouldn't let Tang Zichen leave the Dungeon either.

Although the Dungeon was not very big, but many streets had been excavated, so it was connected in all directions, every ten meters a little chicken blood was poured, and then observed if there were any emperor worms coming out, if not, the chicken blood had to be wiped off, this was to prevent the emperor worms from running out after Tang Zichen and the others left.

Just like this, several days passed in a flash.

"Hey, have you guys found any emperor worms yet?"

"Why has it taken so long and we still haven't found it."

"It's been five days, and my stomach is starving, so don't blame us for being impatient if we don't hurry."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Your lives are coming to an end, why do you still care about these mere days?If I tell you that it will take a year to find it, would you rather die than wait for that year?"


"Don't chirp, the emperor worm to me only strengthens the meridians, but to you it extends life, if you don't have the patience for this, then don't look for it." Remember the URL

"Kid, okay, if you don't find us the Emperor Worm in the end, I."

The search continued, and in the blink of an eye, five more days passed, and ten days passed in no time at all.

The Emperor Worm wasn't so easy to find.

The entire Dungeon had been searched in almost every corner, and the repetition was unbearable for how much chicken blood had been spared.

"Is it?Chicken blood doesn't work?"

"Or, did I overlook something?"

Tang Zichen needed to be quiet for a while and figure out if there was a mistake somewhere.

Tang Zichen had never seen an Emperor Worm before, so everything was just a blind search.

"Wait, what does an emperor worm look like?The white caterpillar-like ones?Or a green caterpillar?"

"In my head, I think the emperor bug is a colored caterpillar.What if, just in case, that's not what the empyrean bug looks like?Or, what if the empyrean is invisible?"

Don was shocked, invisible?

While this was a bold assumption, it was not impossible.

Tang Zichen continued his search, this time Tang Zichen would not only pay attention to what he could see with his eyes, but he would also use his senses to observe.

Under a stone wall, Tang Zichen took out a small bowl and poured chicken blood into it, this time Tang Zichen didn't pour a lot.

If the imperial insects were invisible, then the eyes would not be able to see, so Tang Zichen needed to observe if there was a slight surge of chicken blood in the bowl, and if there was a surge, then cover the bowl immediately.

Sure enough, within a few hours, after searching more than a dozen places one after another, Tang Zichen suddenly discovered that there was a slight gush of chicken blood in the bowl that was originally calm and quiet.

Tang Zichen made a quick decision and immediately covered the bowl with the palm of his hand.

Tang Zichen felt as if there was a shrimp in the bowl, desperately trying to jump out of the bowl, but it was covered by Tang Zichen's palm, so it kept hitting Tang Zichen's palm.

Tang Zichen couldn't believe it at the moment and said in his heart, "Is it, really an emperor worm?I was right, it really is invisible, gosh, no wonder I haven't been able to find it."

Although the emperor

Just because a worm is invisible doesn't mean it doesn't have a body, it's just invisible to the eyes.

An old man beside it was busy asking, "How is it?Did you catch it?"

Tang Zichen looked at the old man, right now he had to be calm or else the bamboo basket would be empty.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I don't know."

"Then what are you covering the bowl for?Get your hands off me."The other old man ordered.

Tang Zichen poured the bowl over, the emperor worm jumped in his palm, Tang Zichen immediately caught it with his fingers, then removed the bowl and said, "No."

The two old men immediately inspected the bowl, and Tang Zichen's hands, Tang Zichen's two hands spread out for them to see, although Tang Zichen himself clearly felt that the empyrean worm was struggling in his fingers, but, invisible.

"What do you do without your nice cover over the bowl?"An old man roared with displeasure.

Tang Zichen said, "Perhaps these ten days have been too tiring, my eyes have been blurred, I thought they had, but they didn't.Let's take a break, or else we won't be able to search for the Emperor Worm in this state, what do the two seniors think?"

An old man grunted, "What's the rest, keep looking."

Tang Zichen pretended to sigh helplessly, then continued his search.

No one knew that the emperor worm was still struggling in Tang Zichen's fingers.

Tang Zichen didn't care that his hands were full of chicken blood, he was ready to take it.

Of course, if this invisible worm was not an emperor worm, but a poisonous worm or something like that, then it would be tragic for Tang Zichen to take the risk of taking it.

But, did Tang Zichen still have a choice?He hadn't had a chance to properly research whether or not it was an emperor worm, and besides, no one knew if it was.

"Spell it out."Tang Zichen secretly bit his teeth, then his palm went to his mouth, and the emperor worm was thrown into Tang Zichen's mouth.

Tang Zichen bit it hard, and I go, it was soft but incredibly tough, it couldn't be bitten.

Helplessly, Tang Zichen swallowed directly into his stomach.

Tang Zichen was very confident that it was an emperor insect, because Tang Zichen had heard that emperor insects were so tough that they could not be smashed with an axe.

The Emperor Worm entered Tang Zichen's stomach.

Tang Zichen's stomach secreted stomach acid, and the King Worm immediately became brittle, and its body was no longer tough when it encountered stomach acid.

Soon after, the emperor worm decomposed.

To be precise, the emperor worm turned into countless molecules that flowed into Tang Zichen's blood vessels, meridians, and anywhere in his body.

Tang Zichen had felt, all over his body, a warm current, very comfortable, so comfortable that one wanted to scream out, simply more comfortable than sleeping with a beautiful woman, Tang Zichen several times could not endure a scream or two.Princess Zhou'er looked at Tang Zichen baffled, fortunately Tang Zichen suppressed it well, otherwise she had to be taken as a lustful maniac.

"Oh God, why is it so comfortable?Orgasms all the time, how could that be, but it's so good."Don Zimmer said internally.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was momentarily inattentive again and cried out a very enjoyable 'ah'.

The old man in the back roared, "Ah what ah?Don't rush to find the Emperor Worm."

Tang Zichen covered his mouth, unable to scream anymore, next to him, Princess Zhou'er was already a bit creeped out and numb, Tang Zichen's scream was too, carnivorous.

However, after about half an hour, the comfort in Tang Zichen's body finally passed, Tang Zichen's body was soft, feeling exhausted and overstretched.


"What are you doing, kid?Play dead, don't get up and look for the emperor worm."

Tang Zichen said, "I've been tired for ten days straight, can't you let me rest for a few minutes, I don't believe you two aren't fatigued at all."

The other old man said, "Fine, take a break, you are indeed tired."

"Good, rest is fine, I've wanted to sleep with the princess ten days ago, and I haven't even acted yet, okay, let's take the princess to relax and unwind, hahaha."

The other old man said, "That's a good idea."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's internal energy was working in his meridians.

Tang Zichen was surprised to find that his meridians had completely recovered, and they were much tougher than before.Because of the greater toughness, the ability of Tang Zichen's meridians to endure would be greatly enhanced, and Tang Zichen's Herculean Divine Skill, which had previously been unable to progress due to the problems with his meridians, was now a welcome solution.

Tang Zichen's Herculean Divine Skill was practiced to the ninth level in an instant.

The Herculean Divine Skill had been trained to the ninth level, which meant that Tang Zichen's power in one punch reached 100,000 jin after he operated the Herculean Divine Skill.

Yes, 100,000 jin, before the eighth layer, it was only 40,000 jin, but now it was 100,000 jin.

Tang Zichen himself took a deep breath. One second to remember to read the book

However, as the saying goes, as powerful as it is, it's consuming, and such a powerful punch would drain all of Tang Zichen's internal energy, and Tang Zichen would only need to throw two punches before his internal energy would have dried up.

However, it was enough.

Tang Zichen stood up.

At this moment, the two old men had already walked up to Princess Zhou'er's face.

"Princess, take the initiative yourself, you have no choice now that it's over."

"That's right, we're old, but I don't think we'll let you down."

"Hehehe."Both old men stroked their beards and looked at Princess Zhou'er with lustful faces, perhaps even more excited for them by the identity of Goma Star's granddaughter.

"Don't."Princess Zhou'er shouted, incomparably terrified.

"Hahaha, women like to say the opposite, don't want means want, fine, fine, I understand."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from behind, "I've found the Emperor Worm."

"What."The two old men snapped back to their feet, never mind any princess again.

"You've found the Emperor Worm?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Hahaha, good, good, the emperor is not disappointed."The two old men were overjoyed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yes, the emperor does not disappoint, it took ten days and I finally found the Emperor Worm."

"Quick, bring out the Emperor Worm."An old man said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's only one Emperor Worm, how do I distribute it?Usually a dungeon, only one."

"How to distribute it is our business, it has nothing to do with you."

"Gentlemen, people are selfish, and in the face of such precious treasures, are you sure you don't need to distribute them?Then, I'll give it to the senior on the left."Tang Zichen said.

"Wait."The old man on the right was busy waving his hand.

Yeah, who the hell is giving such a precious thing to?

"What?Letting me keep it won't work ah."

"Brother, after all, there's only one emperor insect ah, whoever eats it between the two of us will represent who can live for another few decades, or even a hundred years, even if we're brothers, I'm afraid we won't be able to give in to each other."

The two old men, instantly fell into a hostile state.

Yes, Tang Zichen just wanted them to kill each other, Tang Zichen originally wanted to suck their spiritual energy, but their realm was the same as Tang Zichen's, and no amount of sucking from the same realm would be useless, so Tang Zichen didn't care.

r /> Princess Zhou'er was busy asking, "Brother Zichen, have you really found the Emperor Worm?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen immediately opened his palm, and in his palm was a black caterpillar.

"Ah, this is the Emperor Worm."

"Yes."Tang Zichen said.

The two old men got excited when they saw the 'Emperor Worm'.

One of them shouted, "Quickly give it to me."

The other was busy, "No, give it to me."

"Give it to me."

"Kid, if you dare to give it to him, I want your little life."

Princess Zhou'er looked at the two old men incredulously, just now they were friendly, but now they had turned the other cheek.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said, "Mao Mao, no, there is only one Emperor Worm, who is it good to give it to?"

Tang Zichen was so shocked that he almost said caterpillar, but fortunately he changed his mind just in time.

Princess Zhou'er was ice smart and seemed to understand that what Tang Zichen had in his hand wasn't an emperor worm at all, it was a caterpillar.

Tang Zichen easily made the two old men turn their backs for a caterpillar, and Princess Zhou'er looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of admiration.

"Pfft."Suddenly, one of the old men had a sharp knife pierce through his heart.

"You, you, you."

"Hahaha, I'm sorry, big brother, don't blame me, I can only get the Emperor Worm if I do it first, rest in peace."

"Wow."In the next moment, the sharp knife inserted into the heart snapped across, and half of that old man's body was sliced off and fell to the ground, almost breaking into two pieces.

Princess Zhou'er screamed.

Tang Zichen had finally seen that people would do anything to survive.

That victorious old man with a cold face said, "Give me the Emperor Worm."

Tang Zichen didn't nag and tossed the caterpillar to that old man.

That old man looked excitedly at the caterpillar in his hand and gulped, Tang Zichen really didn't know how he could gulp, this pitch-black, furry caterpillar, the more he looked at it, the more disgusting it was, yet he gulped.

After looking at it for a few seconds, the old man threw the caterpillar into his mouth and smashed it and bit it, it should be very hard to eat, the old man had an ugly expression when he ate it, but he didn't miss a single hair, he ate it all.

After he finished eating, the old man laughed, "Hahaha, hahaha, I can finally live for a few more decades, even a hundred years, maybe I'll have a chance to be an emperor, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "No, you don't have a chance."


"I said you didn't have a chance, I found the emperor worm though, but unfortunately, you're not eating an emperor worm, you're eating a caterpillar."

"What."The old man shouted, his eyes wide with rage.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, the caterpillar, the real emperor worm, has been eaten by me."

"I'll kill you."The old man was incomparably angry, a caterpillar that had caused him to kill his old partner and eat the caterpillar, it was too damaging.

"Hahaha, before my meridians were repaired, you could indeed kill me, but now well, you don't deserve it."After saying that, Tang Zichen took an arrow step up.

"Bang."The old man simply couldn't react, and Tang Zichen killed the old man with a single slap.

Tang Zichen didn't suck his mental energy either, there was no point in sucking a hundred of the same level, unless it was at the same time.

"Brother Zichen, have you recovered yet?"


"Is that what you're really good at?"Princess Zhou'er trembled and said, "It's too strong.

However, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, it's just my casual strength, and with him, he can't make me show my true strength yet."


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