The King of Kungfu in school 861-870


Chapter 861

"Ah, the damage is so great."

"Yes, but it's not like it can't be repaired, after all, it's fundamentally different from chopping off an arm and then picking up another person's arm, I'll take my time later and slowly tweak it, but it's going to take a long time.I really don't want to use the Bone Reduction Technique if I'm not forced to,"

The crowd was dumbfounded, they had just advised Tang Zichen not to go to his death, and they thought that Tang Zichen was acting with the Emperor arrogantly, blindly, and very unself-conscious.But now they realized that they were wrong, if Tang Zichen had no attachments, no bonds, and was alone, even if the emperor wanted to kill Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen could easily and easily float away.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen had friends, relatives, and therefore weaknesses, which is why he was constrained by the emperor for a while.

"Alright, I'm leaving, you guys shouldn't go anywhere, with Shangguan Zuo, the enchanted spirit master, I'm sure I'm not worried about any waiters coming to check on the room or anything."

"You be careful ah."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I'll let the emperor know if he's really capable of killing me, he wants to play this big with me, then I'll accompany him to the end, what else can he play with other than using your family to blackmail me."

Tang Zichen walked out of the room and left the hotel, and then the parking lot enchanted a man driving a Porsche sports car, Tang Zichen drove the Porsche sports car and headed straight down the road towards Wangjing City.

As expected, there were many powerful people around Wangjing City.

However, Tang Zichen was completely fearless, Tang Zichen directly opened the roof of the Porsche sports car, allowing those strongmen to look.

Those strongmen didn't bother to pay attention after sweeping their eyes at Tang Zichen, because this figure, to death they wouldn't believe that it was Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

Therefore, it took Tang Zichen less than three hours to arrive at Wangjing City.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of Wangjing City, looked towards the palace and said, "Emperor, I'm here."

Tang Zichen first inquired about Yan Qiang's whereabouts.

Fortunately, Yan Yu was still being held in a dungeon at the moment, and had not been executed immediately.

Tang Zichen arrived at the entrance of the palace and pulled out a token, this token was given to Tang Zichen the last time Consort Zi Fei invited Tang Zichen to dinner, I didn't expect that it would still come in handy today.

As soon as the gatekeeper saw that it was the Purple Consort, he didn't dare to stop her, and Tang Zichen easily entered the palace.

The emperor would never know to death that the person he was on the highest wanted list was right under his nose.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Heavenly Prison.

"Stop?What man?"The guards of the Heavenly Prison stopped it.

The guards of the Heavenly Prison were all Innate Great Perfection, and only a few of the guard captains were early Unity Realm.

At this level, it was too easy for Tang Zichen, and the mesmerizing technique took care of it in one go.

Tang Zichen entered the Heavenly Prison.

Although the Heavenly Prison was large, there were no prisoners, only Yan Dang was the only one, it seemed that no one dared to break the law at all in Wangjing City, it was usually just a decoration.

Yan Qiang was beaten to a pulp.

"Who are you?"Yan Qiang looked at Tang Zichen and asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm a man sent by Tang Zichen, come with me."

"Ah, hasn't Tang Zichen been caught yet?"

"Hmph, is it a joke to catch Tang Zichen?Don't come with me yet."


"Me what me, you've been ordered to be executed and you want to wait here to die?"

Yan Qiang hesitated, bit his teeth and said, "Fine, I'll go, my mother begged with her death before begging me to be held for the time being, my mother said that if Tang Zichen didn't die, he would definitely come and save me, I can't fail my mother, I'll go."

"Your mother is dead?"

"Yes, by death, or I've been

They were cut down on the spot."

"What a ruthless man, let's go."

Tang Zichen took out his sword and carved a line on the wall of the Heavenly Prison: "Tang Zichen, go here."

"Go."Then, taking Yan Qiang with him, he let Yan Qiang change into a set of guards' clothes outside and floated away.

Halfway there, Tang Zichen stopped.

Yan Qiang said nervously, "Go quickly, that palace not far away is my father's palace, my father must be in the palace."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Just right, Yan Qiang, wait here for a moment, I'll be right back."

Tang Zichen came to the back of the emperor's palace, on the path behind, there was a big rock of a rockery, Tang Zichen carved a line on it, "Tang Zichen, come here, you said I couldn't escape from the Yangyang Empire, but I told you that I came here."

After engraving it, Tang Zichen immediately left.

Tang Zichen drove a carriage and drifted away from the palace.

After leaving the palace, it would be more difficult to leave Wangjing City again.

However, it wouldn't be too difficult, Tang Zichen took a human skin mask for Yan Qiang to wear, then put on the costume of a guard and pretended to search for Tang Zichen's guards, thus leaving Wangjing City, easily surpassing Tang Zichen's expectations.

About four hours later, Tang Zichen returned to a hotel in one of the surrounding cities.

At this time, in the palace, the escape of Yan Weng had been discovered and the words Tang Zichen had carved on the rocky hill behind the emperor's palace had also been found.

The emperor felt as if he had been hit hard in the face and ordered everyone to turn the palace, and even the entire Wangjing city upside down, without finding a single fart.

"I'm back."

"Zichen, you're finally back."Liu Xiangyun and the others pounced on them.

It was only then that Yan Qiang was horrified, "He, he's Tang Zichen?"

"Yes."Don took off his mask.

"Ah, but, but your body?"

Immediately Tang Zichen's bones crackled and twisted for a moment, and then he recovered his form.

"Ah."Yan Qiang opened his mouth wide.

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, immediately contact the emperor for me, I want to see his expression."


At this moment, in the palace hall.

"Your Majesty, you've already looked over the entire Wangjing City, and there's no sign of Tang Zichen, nor any sign of Yan Yu."

"Impossible, they must still be in Wangjing City, or even, Tang Zichen has never left Wangjing City at all, keep searching."

"Your Majesty, Wangjing City is just this big, with so many people searching, even an ant would have found it, Your Majesty, Tang Zichen left Wangjing City with Yan Yu long ago, long before we found out that Yan Yu had escaped."

"Ahhh, I don't believe it, I really don't believe that a person at the early stage of the Unity Realm would have such great skills."The emperor was going insane.

"Your Majesty, things have come to such a pass that I have to believe it, if it was really Tang Zichen who did this, then he is really too terrifying, even the palace can come in, how can we talk about capturing him, it's simply impossible anymore.If Your Majesty doesn't believe it, then there's only one possibility, it wasn't Tang Zichen who did it at all."

For some reason, the emperor felt a slight tremor, if he had really come here, then he did have the capital of arrogance.

Just at this moment, a guard outside ran in and said, "Your Majesty, there is news from Consort Yang's side, the TV in Consort Yang's bedroom, suddenly the picture appeared with Tang Zichen's portrait, Tang Zichen said that he wants you to turn on the TV, he has something to say to you."


The emperor immediately turned on the TV in the palace, and sure enough, within ten seconds, his TV popped up with Tang Zichen's avatar.


"Tang Zichen."The emperor saw Tang Zichen's face and shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "How is it?Is it a surprise enough to give you a gift, now that you've spoken of killing me and making it impossible for me to leave the Yan Huang Empire, isn't that a very ridiculous statement?"

"Tang Zichen, I don't believe you did this."The emperor shook his head.

"Really?Then please take a look at who this person is."Tang Zichen called Yan Qiang to the camera.

Yan Qiang lowered his head, not daring to look at the emperor, though he hated it inside.

"Yan Qiang."The emperor's body trembled at the moment he saw Yan Qiang, he originally didn't believe that Tang Zichen did it, but now, Yan Qiang was at Tang Zichen's side, he couldn't help but not believe it.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The emperor laughed wildly, in fact, he felt more afraid inside, he suddenly felt that Tang Zichen was too frightening, even surpassing his brother Yan Nei.

"Emperor, I'm giving you one more chance to negotiate now, believe me, this is the last time, you only have those irrelevant people to threaten me, and I, after he steps into the Unity Realm Great Perfection, it will be the day you exterminate your family."

The emperor wanted to say something, but didn't say it.

"I'll count to three, after three, if you still don't take a stand, I'll hang up and leave the Yan Huang Empire, of course, you can bet that I won't even reach your height in the future.One, two, three, goodbye."Tang Zichen bit his teeth and was about to hang up.

"Wait a minute."The emperor shouted subconsciously, in fact he himself didn't even know why he shouted. The first website

The emperor only felt terrible, he could no longer kill Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen could definitely reach his height in the future, even if Tang Zichen couldn't transcend the Unity Realm in the end, that could still be enough to bring about the end of his Yanhuang Empire, it wasn't a reasonable business, and although he was unhappy inside, he subconsciously shouted.

"Tang Zichen, you want to make peace with me?Is this your character?How can you possibly make peace with me when your character will not submit to me at all."

"Emperor, I made peace with you only because you threatened those unrelated people, otherwise, do you think you would still be talking to me here?You can choose not to talk, in the worst case, in the future I will avenge those people, in the future I will kill ten times as many people from your Yan family, this is never a good deal for you."

The emperor bit his teeth and said, "Fine, I'll make peace with you, but you must at least show your sincerity, if you dare to come to my palace in person, then we'll make peace."

"Go to your palace, can you kill me while you're at it?"

"Aren't you very courageous, Don Zichen?How can you talk if you don't even dare to meet me face to face, Tang Zichen, I'll be waiting for you in the palace hall."

"Good."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth.

Hanging up the tale.

Li Xuan'er was busy: "You're not really going, are you?"

"That's right, if you do go, he'll slap you to death,"Shangguan Rou said.

Tang Zichen looked at Shangguan Rou, Xu Mei Qian, and Qi Xue Yun and said, "Yes, I could have made peace with the emperor without being so aggrieved, but I can't be so selfish that I only care about my own feelings for everything.If something happens to your family, people will say that I took the lives of your family members in exchange for my life, I'm not like that.So, I'm going to go and make peace with him, and if I can succeed in making peace, your family will never have to be implicated again."

"Don't, you'll die."Xu Mei Qian cried


"Death, hahaha, I'm not afraid of death, and those who are afraid of death won't get very far in the martial arts.If I can use my death to make your family safe, perhaps, it's worth it."

Wang Xing said, "Zichen, thank you for not being afraid to give your life for the safety of our family, but we really don't want that.Although my family is also involved in this, but, this is not something you harmed, if you provoked the emperor and thus started all this, then it's understandable, but this is the emperor trying to kill you, not you harming our family, you don't need to bear for our family.If we have to say harm, at most, we've become friends and brothers with you."

Tang Zichen patted Wang Xing's shoulder and laughed, "I understand what you mean, what's the saying, I don't kill Beren, but Beren died because of me, no matter what, it's because the emperor wanted to kill me that he threatened me with your family, so I should stand out."

"No, woohoo, you can totally leave the Yanhuang Empire in style and never come back, woohoo."Liu Xiangyun cried.

Tang Zichen stroked Liu Xiangyun's hair and smiled, "Xiang'er, to be a person, you have to bear, if I really die, you guys, you'll still meet someone better than me."

Liu Xiangyun and a few others burst into tears, as if Tang Zichen was really going to die.

In fact, it was almost as if, if they met up with the Emperor in the palace hall, the Emperor could have slapped Tang Zichen to death.

Knowing that this would be a possibility, but Tang Zichen still had to go and talk peace with him, in order to, get a chance for peace for their family, that's all Tang Zichen could do.

"Alright, I should get ready to depart."

"Brother Zichen, you have to think twice, there's nothing left when a person dies, your such a beautiful girlfriend, the future is held in the arms of other men."

Tang Zichen smacked the top of Xiaomeng's head and said in a bad mood, "Don't you say something nice, saying something so ugly wants to piss me off ah."

Several of Tang Zichen's girlfriends were embarrassed.

Xiaomeng said, "Brother Zichen, if the emperor dares to kill you in the name of peace talks, I won't let him go, I will definitely be able to step into the Unity Realm Great Perfection in the future, then I will take revenge for you, I will give you incense every year, you can go at ease."

Liu Xiangyun said, "Xiao Meng, things haven't happened yet, can we not say such things?If Zichen dies, burn me a copy of the paper every year when you burn it too, and I'll go with him."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Xiang'er, don't be silly."

"If you die, it's meaningless for me to live, so I might as well go with you."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I think the emperor will be very eager to kill me, but he should still be intimidated by me."

"Don't comfort us."

Tang Zichen said squarely, "Or what, I'll just walk away from this?Is your family dead or alive?All right, I'm off."

Tang Zichen walked away.

However, as he left, Tang Zichen used the Bone Shrinking Technique again and changed his body, otherwise, Tang Zichen might not have a chance to enter Wangjing City, and if he didn't even have a chance to enter Wangjing City, then Tang Zichen would have much less capital to make peace with the emperor.

Either way, it would be more or less dangerous.

After Tang Zichen left, Wang Xing and the others felt guilty that Tang Zichen had risked his life for the safety of their family.


In the main hall of the palace.

"Your Majesty, do you really intend to make peace with Tang Zichen?"

The emperor snorted, "This Tang Zichen's skills are beyond my scope, if I can't kill him, I'm bound to sow a hidden danger for the future, which is no longer worth it."

"But, even if Tang Zichen makes peace with you, there's no guarantee that he'll still keep his word in the future when he's strong."

"But where so what, the only people I can threaten him now are those unrelated people, how many unrelated people I kill today, then how many unrelated clansmen of my Yan Clan will also die in the future, if I initially knew this was the end, I definitely wouldn't have ordered to strangle Tang Zichen."

"Your Majesty, you asked Tang Zichen to come to the palace hall for peace talks, will he really come?"

"If he came, it would be like coming to die, so I don't know, I think he wouldn't dare, and if he did, then he's refreshed my opinion of his courage, or maybe he has some sufficient credentials to come to see me, so that I'm even more scrupulous.Tang Zichen, does he really have any credentials?"

A few hours later, Tang Zichen reappeared in the imperial palace.

On the path of one of the palaces, an obese palace maid carrying a basket was walking towards the emperor's palace.

This obese palace maid was the same Tang Zichen who used the Bone Shrinking Technique and wore a female human skin mask.

Although the entrance to Wangjing City, the entrance to the imperial palace, was guarded by countless more guards, Tang Zichen was still as if no one was there, because, no one would believe that this obese palace maid was Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was already very close to the imperial palace.

And right now, the night was dark, I'm afraid it was one o'clock in the morning.

Tang Zichen saw that it was almost time, and used the Tortoise Breath Method, which was a complete tortoise breath method, which made Tang Zichen look like a dead man, without any breath, not even a heartbeat.

Tang Zichen immediately regained his form, took off his mask, and then walked step by step to the emperor's palace.

Tang Zichen walked to the entrance of the palace.

At this moment, the emperor was inside the palace, lying on a chaise lounge, half-lidded.

The emperor had heard footsteps outside, but the footsteps were that of a very ordinary person or a very weak servant, so he completely believed that it was some kind of servant patrolling the night.

In the palace, there were always people patrolling at night.

Tang Zichen walked in, stood at the entrance of the palace, and suddenly said, "Don't you know I'm here yet?"

"What."The emperor rolled over, only to see Tang Zichen standing in the doorway of the palace.

"Phew."The emperor exhaled deeply, God, Tang Zichen was able to fool his senses, even he was convinced that it was the man on night patrol.

At this moment, the emperor had to be convinced.

"Good, Tang Zichen, you're awesome, okay, I'm convinced of that, you don't submit to me, you do have the ability to surpass me."The emperor said.

Tang Zichen walked in without being humble and sat on a chair.

Tang Zichen said, "So, how do you want to make peace with me, this is the last chance I will give you, otherwise, we will not die in the future."

Tang Zichen was only three meters away from the emperor, and the emperor was looking at Tang Zichen so closely, so

Short distance, he could have slapped Tang Zichen to death, and I'm sure Tang Zichen himself knew that, but why did Tang Zichen still dare to say that he wouldn't die?

Does Don really have no self-awareness, or does he have some sort of immortal credentials?Otherwise, how could one dare to say that.The emperor couldn't help but smile inside, Tang Zichen had dared to come, surely he had already calculated all the consequences, what else did he dare not say in front of him.

"Tang Zichen, you've actually come."

"Didn't you ask me to come for peace talks?I entered your palace and didn't even notice you, why wouldn't I dare to come, maybe, you think this place is a dragon's den, but for me, I come and go as I please."Tang Zichen spoke lightly, however, only Tang Zichen himself knew that he was only superficially calm, he was only pretending to be very powerful, if the emperor were to shoot him to death right now, Tang Zichen would really have to say goodbye to this world.

"Tang Zichen, do you know that I could totally slap you to death right now."The emperor said as he looked into Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "I thought about this before I came here, but I don't think that you have the guts."

"What makes you think that I don't have the guts?"The emperor's eyebrows raised.

"If you have the guts, then slap me, it's not just as simple as raising your palm, it's deciding the future of your Yan Clan, whether it's life or death, my patience is limited, I won't give you another chance to try, so if you don't want to feud with me and be immortal with me, you better not harbor any thoughts of trying again."

The emperor looked into Tang Zichen's eyes, yes, Tang Zichen was right, the emperor didn't dare to bet, Tang Zichen dared to be so crazy and his concealment technique was so powerful, he must have some kind of credentials?It seemed like he could slap him to death, but in reality, Tang Zichen had a way to escape again.If he escaped again, then there really would be no chance for peace talks, and the future would really be do-or-die.

Therefore, the emperor didn't dare to gamble.

"Phew."The emperor took a deep breath and said, "Tang Zichen, you're amazing, for the first time in my life, I'm so torn about a person, I'm even starting to admire you now."

"You asked me to come, is that all you're saying?"

"Okay, you want to make peace, fine, let's talk, but how do you know for sure you won't have any future grudges against me?"

Tang Zichen said, "I, Tang Zichen, appear here at this moment just because you threatened those unrelated people, I came to make peace with you for the sake of my friend's family, this is enough to show that I'm not the kind of person who keeps his word, I'm a person who dares to act and take responsibility."

"Well, I believe you."The emperor said, the emperor himself didn't know why, but he believed Tang Zichen, was it because Tang Zichen had shocked him too much?

"But our peace talks are about more than just releasing people who have nothing to do with it."

"What else do you want to talk about."

"Tang Zichen, I also want you to promise that when you are strong in the future, you will never be allowed to hit my Yan Clan Mountains, and you will also help me protect this mountain, do you dare to make a promise to me?"

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "An emperor who wants to kill me, and I have to help him protect this mountain?I'm not interested in your throne, and I can stop holding a grudge against you, but that doesn't mean I'll still help you."

"Tang Zichen, this is the condition of my peace talks, I am making peace with a person in the early stage of the Unity Realm today just because of your talent, if it wasn't for your amazing talent, you wouldn't have the qualifications to even talk to me, of course, you can also make conditions with me, even if you want to marry a certain princess."


Tang Zichen said, "I heard that you have three flying shuttles?I want one."

"You may."

"This time, you strangled me in the first place, you did great damage to my spirit and I must be compensated."

"Whatever you mention, which princess do you want?Or which house to give you to manage, or which piece of land in Wangjing City."

Tang Zichen said, "I heard that you have some very luxurious private royal gardens, give me one of them as compensation for the spiritual loss to me."

"Yes, three luxurious mansions, as you choose."

"The others are gone for now."

"Fine, then make an agreement."

The emperor immediately wrote an agreement.

The content of the agreement: forever as a member of the Yan Empire, Tang Zichen would never be allowed to seize the Yan Clan's rivers and mountains, and would jointly protect this rivers and mountains.Emperor Yan Long, on the other hand, was forever forbidden to have any ill will towards Tang Zichen, and compensated Tang Zichen for his spiritual loss, using a flying shuttle and a luxurious royal mansion as collateral.

Tang Zichen said, "No, add another sentence." One second to remember to read the book


"A shuttle and a luxurious royal mansion are pledged as collateral behind this, with an additional sentence.There are others not offered as collateral in the future."

The emperor thought for a moment that he had nothing of value to offer anyway, so he added another sentence.

The emperor stamped his gold seal.

"Your turn."

Tang Zichen also stamped a fingerprint.

For some reason, the emperor felt relaxed inside.

And while Tang Zichen was slightly reluctant inside, Tang Zichen had to put it down for the sake of Wang Xing, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xue Yun's family, and Liu Xiangyun's father, even though he was still a little reluctant.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled inside, finally, it was over.

Forget about it, he had compensated for the mental damage anyway, and most importantly, when this matter spread out tomorrow, I'm afraid that no one in the entire Wangjing City would dare to offend Tang Zichen, and this invisible status was a form of compensation, and Tang Zichen didn't suffer any loss.Otherwise, if they really had to fight, those people's families would surely die, and even though Tang Zichen could kill them back in the future, the dead would never live again.

It was just a matter of time.

"Alright, Tang Zichen, let's leave our peace talks at that, but you have to remember that today's peace talks are between me and the future you, not the present you, and if the future you doesn't become a strong man who can compete with me, as you yourself said, then you know."

"Hahaha, don't worry, a level like yours is not my goal at all, in the future you will know how wise your decision today was, don't believe me, you'll see."

"Okay, I'll wait and see, one last long-winded sentence, Tang Zichen, I hope you keep your promise and keep your agreement."


"It's getting late today, let's rest at the palace, someone, take Tang Zichen to rest, a beautiful woman will serve you."


Tang Zichen did not refuse, if Tang Zichen refused and acted guarded, it would make the emperor laugh in disgrace and even suspect Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen was brought to a guest room, which was indeed luxurious enough, and, came with three beautiful women to serve him.

"Senior, let's serve you in the bath."One of the beauties said.

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of all the stuff that I've been working on for a long time.


Tang Zichen didn't lay a hand on the three beauties, instead, Tang Zichen covered his face with a towel and laid his head on the edge of the bath, not even looking at the three beauties, allowing them to bathe.

Tang Zichen was thinking about tonight's events in his mind.

In the emperor's palace.

"Your Majesty, you've really made peace."

"That's right, the peace talk, for some reason, after the peace talk, I'm much happier inside, before I was worried about not being able to chase down and kill Tang Zichen, the great danger in the future, but now that the peace talk, I don't have to worry about that anymore, I'm happy instead."

"But, what if Tang Zichen doesn't keep his promise anymore, what if he becomes stronger than you in the future and breaks his promise?"

"No, Tang Zichen shouldn't be this kind of person, through the past few days of contact, he has a strong personality and is by no means a small person, if he was nothing he wouldn't make peace with him, hopefully, as he said, one day in the future, I'll be glad for today's decision."

"Your Majesty, Tang Zichen was able to confront you until now with the strength of the early stage of the Unity Realm, and quietly rescued Yan Yu and entered the palace unable to even detect you, with this talent of his, even if he can't surpass the Unity Realm in the future, he's definitely not far behind."

"Well, so, let's turn enemies into friends, tomorrow, send someone to give him the Garden of Perfect Brightness, as well as one of my flying shuttles."

"Ah, the Yuanming Garden, Your Majesty, this is your best royal garden villa."

"Yes, if you are going to give it, give him the best, and the flying shuttle also."

"Oh, and did you pack all the servants and such inside the Yuan Ming Garden for him?"

"Nonsense, I'm going to bed."

"Good night, Your Majesty."

Tang Zichen slept comfortably, the three beautiful women who served him, after Tang Zichen finished his bath, Tang Zichen let them go, Tang Zichen was not a lustful man.

The next day, Tang Zichen hadn't gotten up yet, and the whole city was sensational.

The entire Wangjing City, as if exploded half shocked.

Overnight, Tang Zichen made peace with the emperor.

The emperor compensated Tang Zichen for his mental damage, and used his most luxurious royal garden, the Yuanming Garden, as collateral, as well as a flying shuttle that all Unity Realm powerhouses dreamed of.

It truly shocked everyone.

Tang Zichen's status, in an instant, reached the level of the emperor in everyone's mind, because wouldn't someone who even made peace with the emperor be equal to someone the emperor couldn't even offend.

"Senior Tang, I'll take you to the Yuanming Garden now."


Soon, it was at the Yuanming Garden.

"This is the Yuanming Garden, and this will be your private luxury residence from now on, as well as your flying shuttle, which will also be brought to you immediately."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, flying in mid-air, looking at the luxurious royal garden villas under his feet, he was also shocked, it seemed that the emperor did want to make peace.

Not long after, a flying shuttle flew from the sky and landed in the Yuanming Garden, the shuttle's appearance resembled that of a plate, a flying saucer.

"Senior Tang, this is your flying shuttle, it's the best one out of the emperor's three flying saucers."

Tang Zichen opened the flying shuttle, it was very luxurious inside, with a total of over thirty seats.

This plate like flying shuttle was about eight meters in diameter and almost two meters in height.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen could not drive it, but inside it had been assigned a driver for Tang Zichen, and the driver was also packaged, so that Xiao Meng could study it later, and Xiao Meng would be the driver.


Tang Zichen sat on the shuttle.

"Senior Tang, I'll be your full-time driver from now on, my name is Xiao Shi, what is your order from Senior Tang?"

Tang Zichen said, "Take me for a fly-around, and help me introduce the shuttle."


In the next moment, the flying shuttle swooshed and flew into the sky.

"Wow."Tang Zichen was horrified, it was so fast and flexible, it was simply a divine tool for escaping.If the emperor really wanted to chase Tang Zichen, relying on the flying shuttle was really like adding wings to a tiger, Tang Zichen had never included this shuttle in his calculations before.

Driver: "Senior Tang, this flying shuttle has a maximum speed of 9,600 kilometers per hour, which is ten times the speed of an ordinary plane."

"I go, so, originally going to a place that would take a day in the airplane world, if we take the shuttle, it will only take two and a half hours."

"Yes, now we are far away from Wangjing City as we speak, does Senior Tang have any place to go?I can take you around."

Tang Zichen said, "How long is the trip to the Liuli Kingdom?"

"The glazed country is very close, and it's only a few hours." First published at

"A few hours, that's fine, let's go to the windless city around Wangjing."


In less than ten minutes, Tang Zichen's shuttle arrived at Windless City, which was exactly where Tang Zichen and the others had landed before.

"Drop down on the top floor of that hotel up ahead."

"Senior Tang, if the shuttle falls to the ground, many people will think it's an alien ship, and have often made this kind of misunderstanding, if you need to go do something, just go ahead, I'll wait for you in the sky, call me when you need to go."


Tang Zichen flew down in mid-air to a certain hotel, this hotel was exactly where Tang Zichen and the others had been hiding before.

Right now, those friends of Tang Zichen already knew that Tang Zichen had made peace with the emperor, Xiaomeng had already searched on it, and although Wangjing City didn't have computers, there was always someone else who would spread the news out.

Tang Zichen walked to the hotel room.

"Tzichen."Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in surprise, everyone was happy to be able to resolve this crisis, they were all worried about their families before.

Tang Zichen said, "It's okay, it's safe now."

"Is the peace talks really over?"

"Of course it's true, do you know how I got here?I came in a flying shuttle, not only is it safe, we even have the shuttle already."

"Tang Zichen, thank you, our family was able to turn from danger to safety because of the sacrifices you made."

"Don't say that, I was the one who caused this in the first place, besides, I didn't sacrifice anything, after all, the compensation I received for the mental damage was sincere enough."Tang Zichen said with a slight smile, but Tang Zichen wasn't very willing inside, if it wasn't for the safety of their family, Tang Zichen wouldn't have made peace with the emperor.But Tang Zichen couldn't just think about his own emotions and not care about the life and death of several of their families, if Tang Zichen died confronting the emperor for the sake of his own emotional outbursts, regardless of the safety of several of their families, leading to the extinction of their families, then it would be too chilling for such a Tang Zichen.Therefore, even though Tang Zichen was not too happy inside, he could only do so.

Of course, since he had already signed the contract agreement to

After Tang Zichen was powerful and then went back on his word to kill the emperor, although no one dared to accuse him of anything, Tang Zichen would not normally do such a thing.After all, the emperor was now making peace with him and compensating him for his spiritual loss, and was also sincere enough, as the emperor who was more powerful so much could make such concessions, no matter how one looked at it, Tang Zichen did not lose out.

"Let's go, back to Wangjing City."

"Ah, back to Wangjing City."As soon as everyone heard Wangjing City, they all subconsciously felt a hint of fear.

"Don't be afraid, now that we've made peace, Wangjing City is no longer a dangerous place, we can now finally plan the mercenary group properly, and your families won't be in any danger, so we can go around the world with peace of mind."

"Hmm."Everyone followed Tang Zichen and got on the shuttle, arriving at Wangjing City in ten minutes.

"Wow, so fast, with the flying shuttle, it's convenient to go around the world already, many places we can't go to, yay, it's so cool."

Everyone felt incomparably relaxed, before it was high intensity oppression.

Arriving at the Yuanming Garden, Tang Zichen said, "From now on, this royal garden will be my house for Tang Zichen and you guys, it's big enough and luxurious, right?"

Li Xuan'er said, "Zichen, will this be a trap ah, the emperor has no reason to accompany to give you a flying shuttle again, and give you a luxury villa, really do not think too well ah."

"Yes, Zichen, I also feel that this reversal is coming too fast, could it be a trap?"Liu Xiangyun said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't worry, there are no traps, I entered the palace last night to make peace, even the emperor didn't realize it was me, I'm sure he was terrified at the time, the emperor is a suspicious person by nature, so he's also a coward, he didn't dare to bet, so, make peace.It's good, too, because although it's less of a thrill of revenge, it saves your family from all the danger of extinction.If your family perishes, what's the point of how I can take revenge."

Everyone happily visited the Yuanming Garden with Tang Zichen, the construction was truly luxurious, and Tang Zichen fell in love with this royal garden at once.

In the afternoon, many powerful people of the Unity Realm came to pay their respects to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's fame had stirred all the families in the city, and everyone commented on Tang Zichen as someone who could be on par with the emperor.

In the entire Yanhuang Empire, there was only one person who could be on equal footing with the Emperor, Tang Zichen.

Even Yan Nei, the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, the Emperor's younger brother, could not be on equal footing with the Emperor, which also made many people feel incredulous.

Of course, it also made some people feel uncomfortable inside.

At this moment, in the Yan Huang Empire, a magnificent prince's residence.

"Hmph, it's so ironic that a brat from the early stage of the Unity Realm is commented on by the entire city's families as someone who can be on par with the Emperor.Imperial brother, imperial brother, are you still so cowardly?You're on equal footing with an early Unity Realm person, where do you want our Yan Clan's dignity to go, you're disgracing our Yan Clan's imperial family ah."A strong man of the Unity Realm who was only a little weaker than the emperor slapped the table and said, this man, the younger brother who made the emperor deeply scandalized, Yan Nei.

One of the men beside him said, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty is truly disappointing, it is now being rumored outside that Tang Zichen is on equal footing with the Emperor, alas, not even you can be on equal footing with the Emperor, but a man at the beginning of the Unity Realm can.In the end, the emperor is still too worried, too afraid of death, isn't it that he is afraid of Tang Zichen's future rise.Right now many of the descendants of the Yan Clan, and even many of the princes, have a very strong opinion of the emperor."


Prince Yan Nei's eyes were terrifying, unlike the Emperor, he wasn't someone who was afraid of death.

"Imperial brother, you have disgraced our Yan Clan's royal family, I, my younger brother, must not allow it, well, since you are cowardly and don't dare to kill Tang Zichen, then, my younger brother will do it for you."Prince Yan Nei clenched both fists and his eyes were cold.

In fact, there was a reason why the prince was so active in interceding to kill Tang Zichen.

Now the Yan Clan, many Yan Clan descendants, they were unhappy with the Emperor's move, if at this time, the prince went to kill Tang Zichen, he would definitely be able to satisfy many Yan Clan descendants, so that in the future, when he seized the throne, he could also gain the support of many Yan Clan descendants, although strength was paramount, the support of the family was also very important.

The emperor's peace talks with Tang Zichen had already caused hundreds of thousands of Yan Clan's royal family members to have petty words.

"Your Highness, are you really going to kill Tang Zichen?"

"Imperial Brother he doesn't dare, do I dare too?A mere Tang Zichen is nothing, although he is a genius who stepped into the Unity Realm before the age of thirty, but after all, his wings are not yet plentiful, it's good to be beheaded in time, so as to save me the trouble in the future when I become an emperor.Moreover, if I behead Tang Zichen, my Yan Clan's clan will also like me and support me, so why not."

The underling beside him said, "Your Majesty, there must be a reason why His Majesty didn't succeed in killing Tang Zichen, Your Majesty must not act recklessly, it's better to be careful in all things."

"Of course I know, Tang Zichen was able to step into the Unity Realm before he turned thirty, after all, there is something about him, I will find the most suitable time, if I don't make a move, I will definitely take Tang Zichen's life when I do."The prince said with a gaze that was eerie.

Tang Zichen and his buddies stayed in the Yuanming Garden, planning when they would start their worldwide journey.

Yang Yijian also came to look for Tang Zichen. Remember the website

Regarding Tang Zichen's matter, Yang Yijian had heard about it in the family, but was unable to do anything about it and could only silently pray for him.

"The first stop, Heaven's Light, departs tomorrow."Tang Zichen said.


"However, before we depart, I need to stop by the Glazed Kingdom, I have a friend in the Glazed Kingdom, his name is Wanderlust.When I was at Star Ocean Academy before, Wanderlust asked me to treat him, but I wasn't able to do so at the time, but I'm able to now."


Liu Yue said, "Zichen, it would be great if this Long Tianya is also willing to join our mercenary group."

"Hehe, it's not impossible, Long Tianya is at the peak of the middle Unity Realm, this is considered very powerful, I have another friend in the Star Ocean Academy who is also at the peak of the middle Unity Realm.Alright, it's getting late tonight, let's all rest early, tomorrow, let's go."

Tang Zichen was about to rest when he suddenly felt a murderous aura.

"Killing aura?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed while the others didn't feel it.

"What's wrong?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

"No, there's a killing aura locked onto us."

"No way."

Li Xuan'er said, "I told you, there must be a trap, it's over, we've been trapped by the emperor."

Tang Zichen clenched his fists very tightly, so there really was a trap, Tang Zichen never expected it.

"Dog Emperor, you're so despicable."A monstrous rage within Tang Zichen, never expected this.

Just at this moment, a figure suddenly flashed out and sneered, "Tang Zichen, you misunderstood my imperial brother, it wasn't my imperial brother who wanted to kill you, it was me."


Tzu-Chen was horrified as he looked at the person who had suddenly appeared, as Tang Zichen had only sensed the killing aura, but not his presence.

"You, you're the Emperor's brother, Yan Nei?"

"Yes, exactly my lord."

"What do you mean?"

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, just because my imperial brother is timid as a mouse doesn't mean I'm timid as a mouse."

"What do I mean when I ask you?I have no grudge against you, so why did you come to kill me?"

"Tang Zichen, you ask a good question, indeed, it is true that there is no hatred, but in this world, sometimes there is not really hatred in order to kill, and if I had to find a reason, it would be that I like it."

"Yanni, don't go too far."Tang Zichen said through clenched teeth.

Tang Zichen had wanted to warn him, but this time, Tang Zichen really couldn't do it because all of his friends were now together, literally like a turtle in a jar, with no chance of escape.The main reason was that Tang Zichen never expected that a prince would come to kill him after already making peace, otherwise he wouldn't be so caught off guard.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, I am thirty-one years old when I stepped into the Unity Realm, you are twenty-one years old when you stepped into the Unity Realm, and currently in the entire Yanhuang Empire, you are the only one who surpassed me in stepping into the Unity Realm.To be honest, I admire you, but unfortunately, it's only a pity."

"What exactly can you gain by killing me?I would understand if the Emperor killed me for fear that I would pose a future threat to his throne, but you, what is the figure?"Don asked angrily.

"Not trying anything, for now, just trying to be happy, I'm happy.By the way, do you know what the whole city is saying about you right now, saying that you can be an equal to the emperor, what makes you an early stage of the Unity Realm, so, I'm going to kill you."The prince said, of course, his real intention of killing Tang Zichen, but he did not say it, after all, it was not good to reach the ears of the emperor.

"Tzichen, what should we do, do we still have a way to escape?"Xiaomeng asked in a small voice, everyone else, it seemed, had been oppressed by Yan Nei's momentum, unable to speak, unable to move.

Tang Zichen's face was ugly, indeed, Tang Zichen was caught off guard and had no way to escape.

"Phew."Tang Zichen closed his eyes, a surge of anger and despair inside, caught off guard ah, it was all Tang Zichen's fault for not being prepared, thinking that peace talks were done, Wangjing City was very safe.

The prince was the only strong man in the Yanhuang Empire, other than the emperor, who had reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and to Tang Zichen, he was just as threatening as the emperor.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "What should I do?What to do?What to do?I must think of a way out, I must."

Just at this moment, something flashed in Tang Zichen's mind.

Tang Zichen immediately sank into his brain with all his heart.

Suddenly, something else seemed to flash, then Tang Zichen seemed to grasp, it turned out to be a memory that was hidden in the deepest, deepest part of his brain, it seemed that Tang Zichen was still very, very small, exactly how small, Tang Zichen himself didn't know anymore, in short, very small.

Tang Zichen immediately closed his eyes, and Tang Zichen felt that he was being held in the arms of a young woman.

The young woman said, "Baby, you must learn this secret, this secret is called Life Blood Hiding, it can save your life in a life and death situation, he can instantly make your strength, soar countless times, only, this is at the cost of your life, unless absolutely necessary, never allow to use.This Life Blood Hiding, once used, will be subject to a huge backlash, Life Blood Hiding can only be used in a real life and death crisis.Baby, do you see it clearly?Maybe you'll have a use for it in the future when you grow up."


Tang Zichen was shocked, why would he suddenly remember memories in his mind that he never knew?

Tang Zichen felt out, should be at the age of one or two years old, such a small memory, hidden very, very deep in the brain, ordinary people simply can't remember.

Tang Zichen had no parents in his previous life and was adopted by his master, who was this woman who hugged him and called him a baby?And then where did it go?Why did Tang Tzu-shen become an orphan with no parents?

Tang Zichen had never had this kind of memory before, Tang Zichen only remembered being adopted by his master when he was around five years old, and his master didn't know Tang Zichen's history.However, what was this memory that had suddenly appeared, hidden deep in his brain, almost as if he was a year or two old?

However, at the moment, Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about that much.

It was already at stake.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes again, trying to search and recall that memory fragment just now, what that woman just said, what Life Blood Hiding.

Tang Zichen finally thought of a secret that he had read at that time, it must be what the woman who was holding him said, Life Blood Hiding.

Tang Zichen recalled and started practicing while at the same time, being wary of Yan Nei.

Tang Zichen said, "Yan Nei, don't force me."

Tang Zichen was going to fight today, already trying to remember that memory from when he was one or two years old, remembering the secret of Life Blood Hidden that that woman made him remember. One second to remember to read the book

However, Tang Zichen did not know that it could be practiced in a few minutes.

Tang Zichen was now gnashing his teeth as he looked at Yan Nei.

"Hahaha, hahaha."The prince let out a loud laugh, a laugh filled with disdain.

"Tang Zichen, do you think I can't sense the despair in your eyes right now?Tang Zichen, you didn't expect me to show up today, did you? You must have been caught off guard. Do you think you're still alive?Although I admit, you are indeed a genius, but unfortunately, it's useless to be genius without a life to live, isn't it?"

"Phew."Tang Zichen was breathing deeply, sweating profusely on his forehead, and to outsiders, it felt like Tang Zichen was at the end of his rope and had been forced into suspense, afraid that the next moment would be pissing his pants.

However, no one knew that Tang Zichen was concentrating on three things, searching for the memory that had suddenly appeared, practicing the mysterious Life Blood Invisibility, dealing with Yan Nei, and stalling for time.That was why Tang Zichen was sweating profusely.

When the prince saw Tang Zichen sweating nervously, he laughed even more smugly, his laughter filled with contempt and disdain, such goods, he really didn't understand why the imperial brother made peace with him.

At this moment, at the palace.

"Your Majesty, the Prince of Yan Nei has gone to kill Tang Zichen."

"What?What does Yanni want?"The emperor's eyebrows raised.

"Your Majesty, the hundreds of thousands of children and grandchildren of the Yan Clan have a very large public opinion about you making peace with Tang Zichen, and they believe that you, as an emperor, insulting the dignity of the royal family by making peace with Tang Zichen.If I'm not mistaken, Prince Yan Nei went to kill Tang Zichen in order to gain public opinion support from the children and grandchildren of the Yan Clan."

"Hmph, Yan Nei, you white wolf, you really want to seize my throne, otherwise what is the point of you doing all this."

"Your Majesty, Prince Yan Nei is only gaining public opinion support by doing this, but the key to whether or not he can seize your throne still relies on strength, and you don't need to take this matter of his into your eyes .

If he wants to kill Tang Zichen, then let him do it, let's see if by killing Tang Zichen and gaining the public support of the royal children, he can actually seize your throne, you are now expected to step into the third level of the Unity Realm."

Emperor Yan Long snorted, "Within my territory, I will never allow anyone to break my rules, besides, I signed an agreement with Tang Zichen, no matter what, I will guarantee his safety in the Yanhuang Empire, although I'm not a good person, I'm definitely a person with a bottom line."

After saying that, Yan Long disappeared into the spot.

In the next moment, Yanlong appeared in the sky above the Garden of Perfect Brightness, after all, it was so close that it was almost a few blinks of an eye.

In the Yuanming Garden, Prince Yan Nei said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, that desperate look in your eyes really makes me want to ask you, is it tempting to kneel down and beg me?"

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and continued to stall for time.

In his mind, Tang Zichen kept remembering the secret of Life Blood Concealment that that woman told him to look at when he was a year or two old.

This memory was filled with haziness, as if it had cut through countless layers of fog, Tang Zichen could not recall that woman's face at all, however, Tang Zichen could feel that that woman was definitely Tang Zichen's mother.Tang Zichen's heart swelled with sadness, he grew up without a mother, he was an orphan, it turned out that he was not without a mother, but then, where did her mother go?Tang Zichen really wanted to know so badly, and it also seemed like he continued to bring up that hazy memory to see what had happened and where that woman had gone after.

Just then, the emperor's voice came from the sky.

"Yanni, what are you doing here?"

The prince looked up and saw that the emperor was taken aback, he hadn't even sensed the emperor's presence, it seemed that he was still some distance away.

"My younger brother has met the Emperor."

"Yan Nei, what brings you to the Yuanming Garden at this time of night, if you're not resting?"

"Imperial brother, don't misunderstand me, I'm here to share my brother's sorrows, the peace talks between Imperial brother and an early Unity Realm person has made public opinion very loud among our Yan Clan sons and daughters, so my younger brother wants to kill Tang Zichen on behalf of Imperial brother."

"Hmph, Yan Nei, don't bother, since I have already made peace with Tang Zichen, I will keep my agreement and will never let him die in the Yanhuang Empire, at least not within fifty years."

"Your emperor, how can you make peace with an early stage of the Unity Realm, this is making the world laugh at our Yan Clan ah."

"Bullshit, I am the emperor of this empire, the one who controls the empire is not the Yan Clan, but me personally, do you understand?It's me personally.Without me personally, our Yan Clan would be nothing more than an ordinary family, no different from those king and general level families."

Yan Nei didn't say anything, he could hear that the imperial brother was warning him.

"Yan Nei, it's getting late, you should go back."

"Oh, imperial brother, offending any unity realm is not good, I have already made the move to kill Tang Zichen, once I do it, I have to do it to the end, if I don't kill Tang Zichen today, he will be my enemy in the future ah, I hope that imperial brother will fulfill my younger brother."

"Hmph, Yan Nei, I order you, leave the Yuanming Garden immediately."

A hint of hatred appeared in Yan Nei's eyes and said, "Imperial brother, do you want me to have one more enemy in the future?Am I your brother, and is your brother's life worse than a tang?"


"Yan Nei, you're also afraid that Tang Zichen will seek revenge on you in the future?If you are afraid, why come to kill him, and if you say that I have the audacity to say this, does that show that you yourself are also cowardly?"

"Hahaha, good, imperial brother is right, what is there to fear in a district Tang subordinate, imperial brother, then my younger brother will go back first."

Yan Nei gave a smiley hahaha and flew away.

Yan Nei returned to the residence.

"Your Highness, are you really going to let Tang Zichen go like this?"

"How is it possible, since I have already made a move against Tang Zichen, I am bound to kill him, otherwise wouldn't it be a hidden danger in the future that I will not bring to myself, I Yanni will not bring such a hidden danger to myself."

"But, His Majesty won't let you kill him."

"Hmph, imperial brother won't let me kill him, isn't it just that he wants the future Tang Zichen to check and balance me, at the moment, Tang Zichen is likely to be the third person to step into the Unity Realm Great Perfection in the Yan Nei Empire, if Tang Zichen can check and balance me, then my imperial brother's throne will be solid as gold, imperial brother is really a good idea.Unfortunately, I won't let him have his wish."

"Then you are prepared?"

"Hmph, imperial brother protected Tang Zichen for a moment, but not for a lifetime, besides, I don't need a lifetime, late at night tonight, I will raid there again, imperial brother expected not to think of it, in short, Tang Zichen will definitely not see the sun tomorrow, hahaha."

At Tang Zichen's home. First URL

After Yan Nei flew away, everyone suddenly felt the oppressive force on their bodies lifted.

Tang Zichen was still practicing Life Blood Concealment at the moment, if Yan Nei wanted to kill Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen wouldn't have the time to practice it at all, the result of which could be imagined, in short, the emperor's favor today was not small.At this moment, not to mention Yan Nei, even if he were to make a move, Tang Zichen would have been caught off guard and would have been able to successfully kill Tang Zichen, but he chose to stop Yan Nei.

The emperor said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I didn't expect Yan Nei to come and kill you, maybe you didn't expect it yourself, that's why you were so caught off guard, I think if I hadn't stopped him just now, you really would have been dead, I can see the look of despair in your eyes."

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you, why did you have to stop Yan Nei?This time, you can indeed kill me and settle your worries."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, I, Yan Long, am an unprincipled person, since I've made peace with you and signed an agreement, I'll abide by it."

"The agreement only says that you won't touch me, and if you watch Yanni kill me, you don't count as a breach of contract."

"Indeed, it's none of my business if someone else kills you, I haven't broken any of the agreement.Only, again, I don't want you to die so soon, I want to see if you really have potential in the future, if you die now, then the meaning of me making peace with you is meaningless, don't forget, if you are strong in the future, according to the content of the agreement, you are required to help me guard this mountain."

"Anyway, thank you."Tang Zichen said.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, this is the first time you've spoken so gently to me, it seems that you're a person suitable to be a friend, not an enemy, alright, I won't disturb your rest, don't worry, Yan Nei won't dare to kill you again, at least not within the Yan Huang Empire.By the way, Tang Zichen, even if I protect you .

It can't be forever either, so, fifty years, I'll only give you fifty years, if you haven't reached my level in fifty years, then that means you're no more than that."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Fifty years, does it take that long?Give me ten years, no, five."

"You, that's a wild breath, but I hope you do set a record again."

The emperor flew away.

This time, it was indeed the Emperor who had saved Tang Zichen, otherwise, Tang Zichen might have been in real danger today.A memory that he suddenly recalled when he was in danger, he learned that that Life Blood Invisibility had yet to be practiced, and even if it was, Tang Zichen didn't know if it could really save his life and the lives of others.

Dao: "Brother Zichen, it seems that the emperor really wants to turn you into an enemy, if he wants to cut off the grass, this is the best chance, but he didn't."


"Zichen, what you just did is a bit unusual, you're sweating profusely, what's wrong?You're not even afraid of death, I don't believe you're nervous like this."Kaylee Lee asked.

"Yeah."Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun also looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "I just had a sudden flash of a memory that was hidden deep in the deepest part of my brain under crisis, it should be from when I was two or three years old."

"Two or three years old?It's impossible.The average person can only remember what happened when they were five or six years old, or two or three years old, so to speak, and no one will remember it at all."..

"Right, so before that, I only remember that I was an orphan, adopted by my master, and I don't even know anything about my origin, and my master doesn't know either.My master said that I was about five years old when I was adopted, so my memories of my life before the age of five are completely fuzzy.But, just now, I was anxious to save myself, and all of a sudden, a memory flashed in my mind, and in that memory, I was very small, about two or three years old, and I was being held in the arms of a woman, and that beautiful woman said to me, "Baby, you have to remember the secret of Life Blood Hidden Oh, maybe you will be able to save your life in the future, only, you can only use it in a life or death situation.Then, I also remembered the page of text that my eyes saw at that time, that text was the secret that that woman told me to remember, Life Blood Hidden."

Shangguan Rou asked, "Who is that woman?"

"I don't know, my memory of that woman's appearance is also completely fuzzy, most of the details of this memory are fuzzy."

Xiaomeng said, "It must have been Brother Zichen's mother, the mother called her own son baby.Brother Zichen, so you're not an orphan, you have a mother, but why did you become an orphan when you were five years old and were adopted by your master, what happened to your mother and them?"

"I don't know, I'm so confused at the moment."Since Tang Zichen was a child, what he craved most was to have parents, but he had no concept of parents at all, but today, a two or three year old memory suddenly popped up and actually felt the presence of his mother, this made Tang Zichen suddenly miss the woman who called him baby incomparably, where is she, exactly nowadays, Tang Zichen really misses her.

"Alright, don't think about it now, I still have some things to do, I'll leave the Yanhuang Empire early tomorrow morning."


Tang Zichen returned to his room and continued practicing Life Blood Hiding.


Tang Zichen vowed that he would find his parents, and this Life Blood Hidden might be the only clue he could have to find them.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it was to practice, Tang Zichen had to practice it.

It was late at night, Tang Zichen had practiced Life Blood Hidden for most of the night, but, not even the first level had been practiced, perhaps, it was not even possible for someone at Tang Zichen's realm to practice it, it always felt profound.

However, although he hadn't practiced Life Blood Hiding, Tang Zichen had somehow understood the essence of Life Blood Hiding.

It was, using blood as the medium, heart as the medium, Qi as the body, and God as the sword, one strike would kill.

Tang Zichen had comprehended this essence, and was himself incredible, could it be that his ability to comprehend this essence had something to do with his bloodline?

Now it seemed that Tang Zichen had to work even harder to practice Life Blood Hiding, even if he couldn't with his current cultivation, it was the only clue he had to find his parents.

"Use God as your sword."In Tang Zichen's mind, this phrase kept flashing out.

A god was a person's divine mind.

Using blood as a medium, heart as a medium, Qi as a body, and God as a sword, one strike will kill.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen's eyes turned blood red, as if, his whole body was like a demon, and his sharp eyes seemed to be able to penetrate through boulders. Remember the URL

"Whew!"In the next second, Tang Zichen returned to silence, Tang Zichen's blood was flowing rapidly, his entire body radiating a blood-colored glow.

"Alas, no, it cannot be practiced, this technique is too profound, it is simply not something I can practice now.However, I can't practice it now, but with the essence I've comprehended, I think I'll be able to initially simulate the power of this technique."

At this moment, a figure was running towards Tang Zichen's Yuanming Garden at a fiery speed.

It was Yan Nei, and Yan Nei had said that he would raid Tang Zichen again at midnight tonight, so that Tang Zichen would never see tomorrow's sun again.

So, Yan Nei is here.

Tang Zichen was practicing the cottage version of Life Blood Hidden, when suddenly, he felt a murderous aura rushing in.

The so-called cottage version was the cottage version of Life Blood Cain that Tang Zichen couldn't practice the real one, so according to the essence of his understanding, he fumbled it out himself.

Of course, the power of the cottage version that Tang Zichen had fumbled out on his own was not even close to the edge of the real Life Blood Cain, but to the current Tang Zichen, the power of the cottage version of the Life Blood Cain was already infinite.

Tang Zichen was startled when he felt the killing aura, then he raged, "It's Yan Nei, it seems that the emperor really overestimated his power, he thought that Yan Nei wouldn't dare, ridiculous, in the middle of the night, he came to kill me again."

All over his body, Tang Zichen's killing aura was also very strong, but Tang Zichen's killing aura was very small compared to Yan Nei's.

Tang Zichen said, "Right now, the emperor is probably asleep, even if he wanted to save me, I'm afraid he would be unable to do so, I can't avoid this disaster after all.Fine, let's do it then, I, Tang Zichen, will fight to the death, if I die, it will be my misfortune, if I don't die, it will be my fortune."

Tang Zichen immediately circulated Life Blood Hidden.

Tang Zichen's whole body's blood was flowing rapidly, and in the end, all the blood in his body pooled into his brain, so at the moment, Tang Zichen felt very terrifying, and this was using blood as a medium.

Tang Zichen could think with his feet and knew that such a technique must have a very big aftermath!

Syndrome, and the memories in his mind also said that it must be used only in a life or death situation.

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, prepare to accept death."Yan Nei's voice came from outside the house, and in the next moment, the house where Tang Zichen was, came crashing down in a flash, revealing Tang Zichen inside.

When he saw Tang Zichen's eyes filled with red light, he also trembled, and Yan Nei laughed, "Could this be the legendary, poor dog jumping over the wall?"

"Yan Nei, you bastard."Tang Zichen said through clenched teeth, for some reason, Tang Zichen felt at the moment, he dedicated his whole body blood, the power was enough to crush Yanne.

"Tang Zichen, you even dare to call me a bastard, hahaha, I'd like to see how you can call a bastard when you can't even see the sun tomorrow."

"Yan Nei, die."

"Tang Zichen, the one who dies is you."Yan Nei saw Tang Zichen still shouting for him to die, and his heart was suddenly as furious as a tsunami.

Yan Nei moved, killing towards Tang Zichen.

And Tang Zichen likewise moved, Tang Zichen's body, suddenly fluffed up a mist of blood, and then, his entire body disappeared.

To be precise, Tang Zichen's entire body was hidden, as if it was a sword hidden in his sleeve.

Using Qi as his body, and God as his sword.

"Bang."In the next second, Yan Nei suddenly felt invisible, a sharp stab straight to the brain.

In the distance, the emperor yelled, "Don't."

Yes, the emperor had come, and although the emperor was asleep, Yan Nei's Qi was so strong that the emperor sensed it as soon as he arrived at Tang Zichen's house.

Originally, the emperor came to stop Yan Nei, but, instead of seeing the picture of Tang Zichen being killed, what he saw was, Tang Zichen's entire body disappeared, and in the next second, the murderous aura, like a demon, rolled towards Yan Nei.The momentum on Tang Zichen's body at this moment, even the emperor was trembling, as if, Tang Zichen had suddenly changed into a person.

However, the emperor only had time to shout no, and in the next moment, Yan Nei's eyes were wide open and motionless, the power in his body leaking out like a flood.

Looking at Yan Nei's body, but there were no wounds, Yan Nei felt his brain was cracked, but in fact, Yan Nei's head was still intact, but he did himself to die somehow.

As for Tang Zichen, another blood mist was puffed up, and his body suddenly appeared behind Yanne's, and the Tang Zichen who appeared again looked very weak.Giving an illusion that Tang Zichen's entire body had passed through Yan Nei's brain.

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt, so much like falling down, it felt like his soul was detached from his body, and then returned to his body, as if he was recovering from a serious illness.

Tang Zichen himself did not know what Yan Nei's situation was at the moment, standing motionless before him, but not completely dead yet.

Tang Zichen was not polite at the moment and immediately circulated the Sucking God Law, just as he was very weak at the moment.

"Wow."Tang Zichen drew Yan Nei's spiritual energy in one go, Tang Zichen's body was like a sponge that had been squeezed dry with water, and then the sponge expanded.

Tang Zichen's newly weakened mental state also immediately returned to its peak, but the physical weakness was still there.

"Bang."Yan Nei's body fell to the ground, his eyes still wide open.

From afar, the emperor was completely dumbfounded, looking at his brother's corpse, although, Yan Nei had ambitions, but after all, he was his brother.


Tang Zichen drew on Yan Nei's spiritual energy, which was the spiritual energy of the Unity Realm Grand Perfection, only, the mind was very clear, but the body was shaky.

Tang Zichen looked at the emperor, and the emperor looked at Tang Zichen as well.

At this moment, the emperor finally knew why Tang Zichen was so crazy before, so he really had superhuman cards and was able to kill all the Unity Realm Great Perfection in one blow.

At this moment, the emperor remembered that before, he wanted to kill Tang Zichen, and couldn't help but tremble, if, like Yan Nei before, he had actually done it during the peace talks, then, was he also already dead.

Thinking of this, the emperor's back broke out in a cold sweat and his soles were fluttering.

Tang Zichen, this was terrible, what kind of card was this, what kind of martial skill did he just display?

This martial skill should not exist in this world, Tang Zichen was only at the early stage of the Unity Realm, yet he was able to kill the Great Perfection.

However, the emperor could also see that this martial skill must have been too consuming, or had too many after-effects, so Tang Zichen himself didn't dare to use it, otherwise how would he have been cornered before, and at the moment, Tang Zichen's body was shaky, barely supporting himself from falling down.

In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that Tang Zichen would have been able to suck the gods, Tang Zichen would have fallen unconscious, and the true Life Blood Hidden would be unconscious for a long time after it was performed, as long as a year or two or as short as a few months.Tang Zichen's knock-off version of Life Blood Invisibility, although its power couldn't be compared to the original, but it wasn't something that someone at the level of the Unity Realm could practice, so within the Unity Realm, even if it was a knock-off, it was still immensely powerful.

The emperor flew up trembling inside and stood not far in front of Tang Zichen looking at Yan Nei's corpse, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, your brother is dead, now you can see that I'm very weak, but, just physical weakness, my spirit is still very clear, just now that martial art, if I have to fight for my life, I can still send out again." One second to remember to read the book

The emperor looked at Tang Zichen with fear in his eyes, and such a powerful martial art could be issued a second time.

In fact, Tang Zichen was lying to the emperor.

Now that Tang Zichen was barely standing, launching it a second time?It was completely impossible, and no one knew how weak Tang Zichen was right now.He was now, let alone severely deprived of blood, and every inch of his body's meridians had been shattered.

Yes, shattered.

Tang Zichen didn't even know when he would be able to recover, or even if he would be able to recover completely, and if he would be able to use it like the original when he recovered, as expected, not in a life or death situation.

"Tang Zichen, you don't need to threaten me, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long, long ago."The emperor said, his tone even trembled a bit, enough to see the fear he felt towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at Yan Nei's corpse and said, "Yan Nei is already dead, he was your brother after all."

"Although he is my brother, but, there is no one to blame, Tang Zichen, such as, if I also did this to you before, am I also as dead as Yan Nei?"

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes."

Of course, this was a lie, Tang Zichen didn't know this martial art at all before, technically, Tang Zichen could remember this ton of memories from when he was a year or two old, and knew that this Life Blood Hidden was also forced out by Yan Nei.

Those friends of Tang Zichen's were watching Tang Zichen from a distance, they still didn't know what had happened, they only saw Yan Nei's corpse.

"Phew."The emperor took a deep breath, at this moment, the emperor finally knew within himself that his decision to make peace with Tang Zichen was

How wise, this guy, is a pervert, shouldn't exist in this world at all, no one would have thought that he was able to kill the Great Perfection at the beginning of the Unity Realm, what is not a pervert.

"It's getting late, let's rest early."The emperor didn't say anything, picked up Yan Nei's corpse, flew up and disappeared into the night sky.

The people not far behind Tang Zichen immediately pounced on him.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, fell to the ground, unable to move.

"Zichen, what's wrong with you?"I had rushed up to celebrate, but, seeing Tang Zichen fall, I immediately became worried.

Tang Zichen said, "My entire body's meridians are shattered."


"Tzichen, what happened?"

"Yan Nei just came to kill me in the middle of the night, but I had no choice but to use Life Blood Hidden, a martial art that can kill Yan Nei in one blow, but the consequences are serious, and must not be used if it's not a life or death situation.So, now you have seen the result."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"You've really practiced this martial art."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "No, this martial art is not something I can practice at my current level, I just somehow understood the essence of this martial art, so, I made my own copycat, I didn't expect that the power is so powerful, haha, Yan Nei, this mongrel died, what a great joy, just now the emperor was also frightened, his face was pale, he couldn't even speak well, I'm sure he was also scaredNot light."

"Zichen, you're too perverted, in this world, there's definitely not another one as perverted as you."

"Alright, cut the sarcasm, my meridians are shattered now, it looks like we won't be able to continue our mercenary tour tomorrow."

"It's that serious."

"Meridians ah, this is the most important basic condition for a martial arts practitioner and I'm shattered, my body is now equal to an ordinary person with no martial arts skills, I'm basically in an unarmed state, of course, I'm in good spirits."

"Let's leave it at that, let's help you in and rest."


Tang Zichen was helped to rest on the bed, and everyone exchanged pleasantries for half an hour before returning to their respective rooms, leaving Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, and Liu Xiangyun to accompany Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen teasingly touched Xu Mei Qian's chest, Xu Mei Qian glared, "You're lying on the bed now, and you're still in the mood to flirt with me."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Although I paid a heavy price, but just the thought that I killed Yan Nei and scared the emperor so much that he even trembled to speak, I am happy, right now, I am very happy, I would like to see, Yan Huang Empire, who still dare to mess with me.Moreover, I inhaled Yan Nei's spiritual energy, a Unity Realm Great Perfection's spiritual energy is too beneficial to my improvement, so it's worth it.I think I should be able to break through to the middle of the Unity Realm."

"But your body?"

"The body is the body, and the cultivation is the cultivation, and although they complement each other, it's not so much that the meridians are shattered and the martial cultivation is shattered.I'll get my realm up first now, and my body will then be repaired slowly, only, I'm afraid it'll take years in the long run, or at least a year and a half."

"Then after you've repaired it, will it still be like the original?"

"I don't know, but I'm a healer, so I should be able to get infinitely closer to the original."

"This martial art should be used less in the future."

"Right, if you use it ten times, your meridians will shatter ten times, no matter how much you repair it, it will get worse and worse, if it's not a life or death situation, I won't use it a second time."


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