The King of Kungfu in school 761-770


Chapter 761

Tang Zichen suddenly had a bright idea and laughed, "Savage Clan Chief, you immediately order all the savages, come out and help me move to the ground, all of you savages are born with divine strength, so many savages, you'll definitely help me move to the ground easily, hahaha, why did I only think of it now, it's so silly."

The wildlings here don't look small individually, but they are very strong.

The savage chief's face changed.

"Hurry up, do I have to push?"

The Savage Clan Chief bit his teeth and said, "Senior, it's true that we Savages are stronger than you humans, but that's because we Savages practice an ancestral martial skill called Hercules Divine Kung Fu as soon as we are born.Senior, let's make a deal, you leave the tomb of our eighth generation saint ancestor behind and I'll pass on the secrets of the Wildlings Hercules Divine Kung Fu to you."

"Yoho, there is actually Hercules Divine Kung Fu, I was thinking of using a black diamond to build a heavy sword, I was worried that I couldn't afford to take it, if I practice Hercules Divine Kung Fu, wouldn't I be able to lift a heavy sword more easily, fine, I'll take this Hercules Divine Kung Fu."

"Senior, leave this with me and I'll teach it to you."The Savage Clan Chief said.

"Savage Clan Chief, do you think I'm discussing with you, the life of your entire clan is now pinned in my hands."

"Senior, don't bully others too much, we won't compromise even if we exterminate our clan."

Tang Zichen said, "I must take this with me, how about this, when I open this black diamond tomb, I can give you some of the iron tree hearts inside, that's my bottom line, either accept it or bullshit."

The Savage Clan Chief said, "I want half of the iron tree heart inside." Remember the website

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, a quarter."

"That's too little, besides, no one knows how much is in it now."

"Fine, then I'll let you guys take one step, one third, but you'll have to teach me the Herculean Technique first, then I'll take this with me, and when I open it in the future, I'll send your share back to you."

"Hahaha, Senior, you're coaxing a child."The Savage Patriarch laughed.

"What? You think I, Tang Zichen, am not keeping my word?Besides, no one can open this black diamond right now, so that's all there is to it."

The Savage Chief said, "What if, I could open it?"

"What, you can open it?"

"Yes, I can open it, it's a black diamond coffin, it has two parts, one is the lid and the other is the body of the coffin."

Tang Zichen half-heartedly touched it, he didn't find any lid ah.

"Okay, if you can open it here, then here's your part."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"Good, I hope senior won't break his word."The Savage Clan Chief was also open-minded enough to fight, the Savage Clan had reached a life-or-death point, and could only choose to trust Tang Zichen's character, if Tang Zichen didn't admit it afterwards, they would have no choice but to gamble.

The Savage Clan Chief immediately felt around the Black Diamond, and finally seemed to touch something, then knocked it hard.

"Crack."A slight crack appeared in the black diamond.

The Savage Clan Chief broke it open at the crack, and after wasting a lot of effort, finally, the black diamond's cover opened.


; "Wow, you were actually able to open it."

Tang Zichen pounced on it in a panic, and inside the black diamond lay an intact corpse that hadn't even decayed in the slightest, presumably this was the Savage Clan's eighth generation Sacred Ancestor.

Tang Zichen brought up that corpse, but the Savage Clan leader immediately knelt down and kowtowed to the corpse.

Tang Zichen's eyes gleamed as he looked at a compressed iron tree heart inside.

"So many, I'm afraid there are at least three thousand iron tree hearts."Tang Zichen was delighted, that stupid prince, who snatched the fake away, doesn't even know it yet, even if he opened that black diamond, I'm afraid he would think that the fake inside was real, then eat one every day, and find it ineffective, and eventually he might even die of poisoning.Tang Zichen wanted to laugh at the thought, with Tang Zichen's guess, the fake is poisonous nine times out of ten, it's impossible to put a non-toxic fake with no side effects in it.

Tang Zichen stroked a pile of iron tree hearts, just then, Tang Zichen touched a book, Tang Zichen took it out and looked at it, it said "Hercules Divine Kung Fu".

"Huh? Hercules Divine Power?"

At this moment, that savage clan leader was shocked that the lost original secret of Hercules was in the eighth generation saint ancestor's tomb, this time, the savage clan leader was jealous, because, every savage knew that the original secret was complete, while the ancestral secret that they practiced was incomplete.This was good, Tang Zichen didn't need to trade at all, he had already obtained the complete original version, where would he need their ancestral incomplete secrets.

Tang Zichen turned his head to look at the Savage Clan Leader and smiled, "I know what you're worried about, don't worry, even if I get the secret of Hercules, the deal I just made with you still counts, a quarter of the Iron Tree Heart here is yours."

"Senior, didn't you say one-third?"

"Just kidding, I'm not going to bother screwing you, one-third of it."Tang Zichen was going to utter a little more, but then he thought, it's all so much anyway, so he simply had to be more generous.

Tang Zichen divided the iron tree heart inside into three portions and gave one of them to the Savage Clan Leader.

"Thank you, Senior."The Savage Clan Chief's eyes glowed with excitement, even though it was only one third, he had obtained almost a thousand, compared to the previous stash of more than a dozen, a thousand grains was too much.Of course, Tang Zichen was the big winner, not only had he obtained two thousand pieces, he had also obtained such a large chunk of black diamonds, and, moreover, a book of Hercules.

Tang Zichen temporarily covered the black diamond coffin and then flipped open the secret of Hercules Divine Merit.

Tang Zichen had to practice Hercules Divine Kung Fu before he could move this thing.

The Savage Clan Chief said, "Senior, Hercules Divine Kung Fu is very difficult to practice, we Savages all need to start practicing it from a young age, so far, I've been practicing it for hundreds of years and only got to the fourth level."

"Oh, yeah?If you practice to the fourth level, how strong are you?"

"About eight thousand pounds of strength."

"Not bad, you're such a short savage, but you can actually produce eight thousand pounds of strength."

"Senior, if you want to move this twenty thousand pounds of black diamond coffin, you have to practice at least to the sixth level, but unfortunately, the sixth level, in the history of our savage race, only the eighth generation Saint Ancestor can practice it, and that's after he's one hundred years old.Senior, I'm afraid you'll have to practice here for decades."

Tang Zichen gave him a blank look and said, "Decades?Can you stop teasing me, I just took a look at it and I'm already at the fourth level of practice."


"Impossible, this is by no means possible, how long has it been."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I didn't practice the first second third, I started directly from the fourth level."

"Ah, how can you jump and practice."

"Why not, the fourth layer is so simple, the first three layers don't need to be practiced at all, alright, don't delay me anymore, I'm going to start practicing the fifth layer."

Tang Zichen started practicing the fifth layer, the savages looked at Tang Zichen with fearful eyes, he couldn't understand why there was such a big gap between people and savages, it was so unfair, weren't savages people.

After about five minutes, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "The fifth layer is practiced."

"Ah."The Savage Clan Chief was dumbfounded, he hadn't practiced to the fifth level in his entire life, and Tang Zichen had done it in a few minutes.

"Now start practicing the sixth layer."

Tang Zichen continued to practice.

After about half an hour, Tang Zichen smiled, "With the sixth layer practiced, I feel like I can try to practice further up to see if I can make it to the seventh layer."

Tang Zichen started practicing the seventh layer again. One second to remember to read the book

The Savage Clan Chief on the other side, was no longer simply jealous of Tang Zichen, gradually turning to worship, because, he couldn't afford to be jealous anymore.The Savage Clan Chief exhaled deeply, the seventh layer, which he never dared to dream of, if Tang Zichen really practiced the seventh layer, then Tang Zichen's arm strength reached a terrifying 30,000 pounds, hopefully, Tang Zichen couldn't practice it.The Savage Clan Chief prayed inwardly that their Savage Clan's eighth generation Saint Ancestor was the one who practiced to the seventh layer.

The seventh layer was obviously not so easy anymore, Tang Zichen had tried for half an hour, but there was no progress at all.

However, Tang Zichen didn't give up because Tang Zichen felt that he would definitely be able to practice it.

Time passed by minute by minute.

In the blink of an eye, it was the morning of the next day.

"Phew, practiced it."Tang Zichen exhaled a long breath, and finally, he had practiced to the seventh layer.

Only, the eighth layer Tang Zichen didn't want to try again, because he felt exhausted after practicing the seventh layer, I'm afraid he couldn't practice the eighth layer, so why waste energy.

Tang Zichen clenched both fists.

"Ka-cha-cha-cha."Tang Zichen felt like he was going to burst his fingers, this power-filled feeling was too good, even if there was a huge rock in front of him, Tang Zichen was able to smash it with one punch.

Shangguan Rou came up and asked, "Did you practice?"

"Well, practiced it."

"Congratulations, I heard the Savage Clan Chief say that after practicing the seventh level of Hercules, you will have arm strength of thirty thousand pounds, is this true?"

"More real than pearls."

"Ah."Shangguan Rou's delicate body trembled.

"It's really that powerful?Then wouldn't you be invincible in the world, I've heard that in terms of arm strength, those Unity Realms can't reach ten thousand pounds."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Invincible in the world?You're thinking too much, if it's arm-wrestling, then I'm afraid I can indeed defeat many people now.But fighting isn't just a comparison of strength, and it's not arm-wrestling."

Shangguan Rou nodded, "It seems so, but what's the point of your arm strength reaching 30,000 jin?Empty strength now."

"Wrong, I have 30,000 pounds of arm strength, which shows that I have another advantage that no one else has, aside from my enchantment.I'm fine when others hit me with ten punches, while I hit others with just one blow, so you tell me if that's an advantage or not.Moreover, now that I have such a strong arm, I plan to build a heavy sword, and when I use it in the future, it will definitely be much more powerful, my whole

The body strength will rise another level."

"What level can it rise to?"

"I think once I have the heavy sword, I should be able to defeat the peak of the early stage of the Unity Realm."

"Wow, the early peak of the Unity Realm, that's someone who's half a foot into the middle of the Unity Realm."

"Hehe, that's also my guess, alright, let's stop talking, we should also leave."

Tang Zichen leaned down, but the black diamond coffin, which was very heavy before, was now held up with ease, as if an ordinary person had lifted a bucket of water.

"Strong."Shangguan Rou exclaimed.

"Let's go, it's time to get out of here."

At that moment, the Savage Clan leader came up.

"Is there anything else you want?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Congratulations to Senior for practicing the seventh level."

"Thank you, we'll be off then, goodbye."


"What else is there, tell me."

"That, Senior, to be honest, our ancestral Herculean power is not complete."

"Understood."Tang Zichen pulled out the secret of the Herculean Technique and let it go directly to the Savage Clan Leader.

"The secret was originally yours, so return it to you."

"Ah, so you?"The Savage Clan grew shocked, not expecting Tang Zichen to return the Hercules Divine Merit to them.

"Oh, I've memorized all the Herculean powers, the secret is useless for me to keep, goodbye."Tang Zichen picked up the black diamond and immediately left.

"Thank you, Senior."The Savage Clan Chief was incomparably grateful, and when the Savage Clan Chief excitedly flipped open the secret of Hercules, he found that the full version was indeed more detailed and practiced with obvious with ease.

Tang Zichen carried the Black Diamond into the sky, then flew away into the distance.

"Shangguan Zou, we have to leave here quickly now, just in case we'll still be found out something."

"But, how are you going to fly with such a heavy thing."

"Consignment, money makes ghosts, thanks to the money you helped me get before, otherwise I wouldn't even have the money to pay for hiring those exploration teams."

Tang Zichen arrived in a nearby city and went to the airport to buy a ticket, but was unfortunately told, "Sorry, no sailing to Wulin Island."

"Oh shit, when will that flight be available?"

"Wulin Island isn't always available, they have to be open to the public for flights, and it's currently about thirty-five days from the last flight opening."

"Damn, that long."Tang Zichen was depressed, but that was to be expected.The reason Tang Zichen was in such a hurry was because he was carrying such a heavy black diamond and was afraid that it would be very dazzling and lead to unnecessary trouble.

Shangguan Rou said, "Since it will take so long to open the flights, we might as well return to the Yanhuang Empire first."

But Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No."


"I'm far more conspicuous in the Yanhuang Empire than here, and the people who know me in the Glazed Kingdom can almost be ignored, but back in the Yanhuang Empire, the chances of being noticed are high, and by then, I'm afraid that I'll lose this iron tree heart and black diamond that I've so easily obtained."

"Also, so are we just going to wait here for thirty-five days?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "If we have to wait so long across the board, then we might as well just be here and build my heavy sword."


"What would it take to melt such a hard material?"Shangguan Rou asked, the black diamond was incredibly hard, far more ten thousand times harder than steel.

"Oh, is there any need to worry about this, with the scientific level of this world, melting is not difficult at all, the easiest way is to use high temperature to melt it.5,000 degrees of heat isn't enough, then 8,000 degrees, or even 10,000 degrees, you can always melt it.No matter how hard the black diamond is, it is not so hard that it will never be melted.Leave it to the professionals, they will have a way, what I need now is to go to a professional sword maker, I heard that there is a super powerful sword maker in the Liuli Kingdom."Tang Zichen said.

Shangguan Rou said, "Are you referring to Long Qingyun?"

"Uh, you knew that too?"

"I heard about it when I was in the Yanhuang Empire, this person is very talented in sword forging, he is the strongest sword forging master in the Glazed Kingdom, now their family, specializing in sword forging for the Glazed Kingdom, people with this status, they definitely won't give you sword forging."Shangguan Zuo said, it seemed that Shangguan Zuo knew more than Tang Zichen, perhaps it had something to do with her coming from a royal family.

"Really? I won't lie to you, you know more than me, I've only heard that there's a rather famous sword-casting master from the Liuli Kingdom called Long Qing Yun, but I don't know anything else.According to what you mean, this sword-casting master can't possibly cast swords for me."

"Nonsense, he's the strongest sword-casting master in the Liuli Country, and his family specializes in forging swords for the Liuli Royal Family.Of course, it's impossible for them to completely only cast swords for the glazed royal family, but with our status, I'm afraid that they won't take care of it."

"Oh, take care of them or not, just go find them and find out.My black diamond, the material is so top-notch, the only way to find a sword-casting family of this level is to find one."

Next, Tang Zichen got a truck to carry the black diamond in a lorry, and then drove the truck to the most famous sword-casting family in the Liuli Kingdom, the Lang Clan.

In this world, there were many sword-casting families, and there were also many famous sword-casting families in the Yanhuang Empire, and this Long Clan in the Liuli Country was also well known in the Yanhuang Empire.

Tang Zichen drove the truck for two days, and finally arrived at the capital of the Liuli Kingdom, Wandu City, the Lang Clan Sword Casting Family. The first website

"What for?"

"Hello, Sword Casting."

"I'm sorry, our family doesn't cast swords to the public, our family specializes in casting swords for the Liuli Kingdom's royal family, please go back."Before he entered the gate, Tang Zichen was rejected.

"Uh, I can afford to pay a sufficient price."

"It's not a matter of price, you might as well ask around, the lowest level of our Long Clan's swords is three billion a piece, you think, we're short of money?"

Tang Zichen was a bit helpless.

Previously in Linjiang City, Liu Chenming gave Tang Zichen a sword, Liu Chenming said that the sword was worth several million, Tang Zichen was shocked that it was so expensive.Liu Chenming said that it was just the most ordinary sword, and the expensive ones were worth hundreds of millions.

Looking at it again now, these hundreds of millions of swords were only made by more ordinary sword makers, and to be frank, they were miscellaneous brands.The lowest level of swords created by a famous sword-casting family like the Long Clan would require three billion a piece, the price was not inexpensive.

The gatekeeper saw that Tang Zichen's strength was good, so he said, "This friend, let me introduce you to a better sword casting workshop, go to Eastern Jin City, there is a 'divine weapon' casting workshop there, it's good, just tell them that I introduced you to it, they will take it seriously."

Shangguan Rou asked, "How much does it cost to create a sword for this Divine Weapon Casting Workshop you're talking about?"

"A billion or so."



The minister shook his head, "I'm sorry, my materials are extraordinary, I'm afraid that only your Long Clan Sword Clan can create them in the Liuli Kingdom, so I hope to give notice for me."

"Yes?We, the Long Clan, will have never seen what kind of sword casting materials, and the more top-notch the materials, the higher the price of the sword casting, if your materials are really top-notch, even if we take your business, the price will be sky-high."

Tang Zichen said, "This friend, if you can't make the decision, then just pass the word."

"Alright, I'll go pass the word."

Tang Zichen and Shangguan Rou waited outside the main gate of the Long Clan Casting Sword Clan, and about ten minutes later, the man who had just been guarding the gate came out.

"Count yourself lucky, our clan leader let you in to discuss."

"Okay, thanks."

Tang Zichen drove the van and entered the Long Clan.

Then he was invited to a hall where a middle-aged man, and a young woman were sitting there waiting.

Tang Zichen walked in.

"You're the one who claimed to have brought top-grade materials to cast the sword?"That middle-aged man asked.

"Exactly, my name is Tang Zichen, meet this clan leader."

"I'm not the clan chief, my sister is the clan chief."

Tang Zichen looked towards the young woman in the hall, with a very graceful appearance and quite an outstanding appearance at first sight.

The woman said, "No need to be polite, please sit down."

After Tang Zichen sat down, the woman said, "Truth be told, our Long Clan, although we specialize in forging swords for the Liuli Kingdom's royal family, we will still take orders if it's some big clients.The so-called big customers are people like you, who want to create top-notch weapons, we will quote based on your materials, usually, the more top-notch the material, the more difficult it is, and the higher the quote."

"Okay, I understand."

"Then, please bring out the materials you brought with you."The young woman said.

Tang Zichen immediately brought the black diamond in from the truck, but of course, the iron tree heart inside had already been taken out by Tang Zichen and was being placed in Shangguan Rou's shoulder bag.

"This?"The young beauty was surprised.

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't say what it was, since she was the patriarch of the Casting Sword Family, let's see if she had the eye for it.

The young female clan head touched it and said in shock, "This is a very rare black diamond."

"Yes, Clan Head, you have great eyesight, and you recognize such rare things."

"You're joking, I'm at least the head of the sword-casting family, what kind of weapon do you want to build?"The matriarch asked.

"Take all these black diamonds and beat them into a heavy sword."

"Did I hear that right, all these black diamonds, make it into one sword?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The female patriarch said, "This black diamond, its density is incomparably high, I'm afraid that a sword made from this much black diamond would weigh at least five or six thousand pounds, are you sure?"

"Oh, not five or six thousand pounds, but twenty thousand pounds."

"What."The matriarch was shocked.

"Twenty thousand pounds of heavy swords?"

"Yes, Chief, do you take this deal?If you take me up on this deal, then make an offer so I can go raise the money."


The matriarch immediately ordered a few professional servants to test it with sophisticated instruments and equipment, ten minutes later, she said to Tang Zichen, "Mr. Tang, this black diamond is very hard and heavy, the difficulty of building the sword is almost the most difficult of all our swords, all, you should be prepared for the price."

"Oh, I understand, just say it straight, I'm sure you won't trap me either."

"Of course I won't trap you, we are at least a big family, if we still care about this little bit of money, then our family would have perished long ago.This black diamond sword of yours, if you build it, the grade can definitely reach 14-grade."


"Yes, I'm afraid that even a strong man at the peak of the Unity Realm would dream of a sword of this grade, are you sure you need a sword of such a high grade?"

"Oh, sure."

"You should know, the truth that a man is not guilty of a crime, I suggest you, you might as well mix some other materials into it, lower the grade a bit, not so high grade."

"Haha, no harm done, this one of mine is a heavy sword, such a heavy sword, even if someone wanted to get an idea, they would have to be able to hold it."

"Hehe, it seems that I was overthinking."

"Patriarch, you'd better offer."

"Mr. Tang, don't rush yet, wait for me to finish." Remember the URL

"Okay, you say."

"If you're sure that you need a full material to build, then there's only one person in the entire Glazed Kingdom who can build you a 14-grade weapon."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yes, that's why I came here, just now at the gate, that guard suggested that I go to the 'Divine Soldier' Sword Casting Workshop, I said that they can't build my sword."

"Oh, the Divine Soldier Forging Sword Workshop, can it be on the same level as our Long Family?Divine Weapon Casting Workshop, their Master Sword Master is Senior Tomi, he's just an 11th grade sword caster, it's a waste to give your top grade materials to them to cast.In the entire Liuli Kingdom, only the old patriarch of my Long Clan can build you a sword of the highest grade."

Shangguan Rou said, "It's senior Long Qingyun, isn't it, I've heard of his name when I was in the Yanhuang Empire."

"Yes, it's Long Qingyun, I'm not going to lie to you, Long Qingyun is my father."

"Long time no see, it turns out that the famous Long Qing Yun is your father, the clan leader."

"Oh, you're welcome, just heard you guys, you're not from the Liuli Kingdom."

"No, we are from the Yanhuang Empire."

"As far as I know, there are many powerful sword-casting families in the Yanhuang Empire, so why did you choose to come to our Glazed Country to cast swords?"

"For personal reasons, forgive me if I don't want to talk about it."

"Alright, then I won't ask."

Tang Zichen said, "Patriarch, may I ask, have you taken over this deal of mine?When will Master Lang Qing Yun be able to forge a sword for us?"

The beautiful patriarch laughed, "I was just about to tell you, you want to build the highest grade sword, only my dad can do it, but my dad is a fourteen grade sword maker, you know that, in the Liuli Kingdom, his status is noble, it's impossible for anyone to do it."

Shangguan Ruo looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, Shangguan Ruo had already said, how could Long Qing Yun cast a sword for Tang Zichen, now see it, indeed.

Tang Zichen was disappointed, "What a pity!

Now, I'm such a top-grade material, can I only go to some low-level sword-caster?Build a lowly sword?"

Tang Zichen was a little unhappy inside, it was like, good pearl abalone, used to cook instant noodles.

The beautiful patriarch looked at Tang Zichen with a smile, Tang Zichen's appearance is handsome, strong body, a look is very powerful people, the more you look the more eye candy, that's why Tang Zichen quite favorable.

The beautiful patriarch saw Tang Zichen's disappointment and couldn't help but smile, "Mr. Tang, if you don't mind, why don't you let me forge your sword."


"Oh, don't look at me young, but I'm currently a twelve-grade sword-casting master, I've been deeply impressed by the true legacy of Long Qingyun, it's just that you're such a good material, you could have made a fourteen-grade weapon, and now you can only make twelve-grade ones, it's really a bit of a waste, but it's better for me to take action than for you to go to the Divine Weapon Casting Workshop."

"So you're a sword-casting genius, I've never seen such a young and beautiful beautiful sword-casting master."

"I don't dare."The beautiful patriarch smiled slightly, and Tang Zichen felt comfortable as he praised her beauty.

"It's just a pity that I'm such a top-grade black diamond, if I can create a fourteen-grade heavy sword, it would be incomparably perfect, if I can only create a twelve-grade heavy sword, I always feel several levels behind."

The beautiful clan leader helplessly left her hand, "That's no way, you want a fourteen-grade heavy sword, only my father can do it, but my father, nowadays, already won't be able to do it easily, now in the Liuli Kingdom, the only person who can make my father do it is His Majesty the King."

The beautiful patriarch had told Tang Zichen very clearly that it was completely impossible to get her dad to do anything, and perhaps, getting her to do it was already on account of the fact that she was quite eye candy for Tang Zichen.

"I'll think about it a bit more."

"Okay, no rush."

"By the way, beautiful clan leader, if you make a move, what price?"

The beautiful clan leader smiled, "Nowadays, the weapons I've created with my hands are worth more than 15 billion oh, and this black diamond of yours is extremely difficult, I'm afraid it's more than 25 billion."

"I go, robbery."Tang Zichen blurted out.

The beautiful patriarch laughed and said, "Handsome, you think I'm earning you money ah, what do I need money for, half of this is spent on tools, the other half is earned for my family, I'm such a big family business, I also need to support it.Our Lang's Sword Casting Family, we only take up to 10 business a year ah."

"Oh, just kidding with you."

"Alright, I'm not angry, who made me want to be angry but I can't afford to be angry, it's really strange, you guys can discuss it."After saying that, the beautiful patriarch walked outside.

Tang Zichen and Shangguan Zuo were left in the hall.

Shangguan Rou said, "Am I right, how could the famous Long Qingyun give you a sword to forge, in the entire Liuli Kingdom, only King Liuli can make him forge a sword."

"Oh, but I don't have a choice, I'm such a top-notch material, there's no one else but to let Long Qingyun build it, even if I go back to the Yanhuang Empire, there aren't many people who can build this heavy sword for me."

Shangguan Rou said, "Even if you go back to the Yanhuang Empire, with Long Qingyun a me level sword maker can't give you a sword, my royal family, please can't hire a fourteen grade sword maker to cast a sword, you'd better forget it, or let that beautiful patriarch give you a sword, it's rare that she looks at you with such enthusiasm."Shangguan Rou said sourly, while staring as if she was jealous.


"Don't talk nonsense, although she's young, she's at least the head of a sword-casting family, and a young sword-casting genius."

Shangguan Zou trailed off, "Che, only you can't tell, what did she say just now when she walked out?She said she wanted to be angry, but she couldn't get angry.That's if she didn't have a crush on you, and based on the fact that you just said she was robbing, they blew us out."

"Nonsense, alright, don't pull a borderless thing."

Shangguan Rou sourly said, "You might as well go after it, chasing a sword-casting genius by your side is not bad, it's really useful at critical moments, like now, you use good materials, but suffer from no one being able to cast."

Tang Zichen was also quite depressed, if he really wanted to make a twelve-grade heavy sword, he always felt unhappy, if he didn't have such good materials, that was just fine.Everyone knew that there were good and bad weapons, and in the past, Tang Zichen always felt brittle when he used poor weapons.Moreover, as Tang Zichen became stronger, the more damage was done, the easier it was for the weapons to break.So it had to be a strong weapon, and although twelve items were very strong weapons, they couldn't even be compared to fourteen items.

Just then, a voice came from outside, "Clan Leader, the Prince of the Guard is here."

"The Prince of Weijun?What's he doing here?Invite him in."

Tang Zichen was shocked when he heard the four words Prince of the Guards.

Shangguan Rou said, "Prince of the Guard?Is it the prince who stole our black diamond?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Yes, that's him, but unfortunately, he stole the fake one."

"Will he recognize us then?" One second to remember to read the book

"Nonsense, I'm sure he's also here to build weapons, it's not a good time for us to meet with him."

"Then we have to talk to the beautiful clan chief first, or else that prince will also take out his black diamond later, I'm afraid we'll know in a moment."

Tang Zichen immediately went out and said to the beautiful clan leader, "Clan leader, a prince has come to visit you yes?"

"Uh, yeah, what's up?"

"Oh, truth be told, we've had a bit of trouble with that Prince of the Guard, so don't reveal our information ah, we'll hide somewhere else."


Tang Zichen immediately picked up his black diamond and quickly left.

The beautiful patriarch was surprised to see Tang Zichen with such divine power.

At this moment, seven or eight people carrying a black diamond walked in from outside, it was the Prince's Guard.

The beautiful clan leader looked at them, they were also carrying a black diamond, full of amazement, no wonder Tang Zichen came to their conflict must have followed the black diamond.However, Tang Zichen carried away alone, while seven or eight of them carried, the high and low.

"Hahaha, Long Tianqin Clan Leader, I've long heard that you're beautiful and peerless, and when I see you today, you're really a city that falls down."The Prince of the Guards walked in with a big smile.

The beauty worshipped, "Long Tianqin pays her respects to the Prince of Guards."

"Long Clan Leader, there is no need to be polite."

"I don't know what instructions the prince has come to me with."

"Long Clan Chief, I'm not hiding anything, I have a piece of black diamond here, I want to create a few weapons, I heard that this black diamond is a top-grade material that can create fourteen weapons, I wonder how many swords I can create with this amount of black diamond?"

"Uh, this, also, anyway, I will try to save as many materials as possible for the prince."The beautiful patriarch said.

"You say that again?You're saving me materials?When did I ever say I'd let you cast my sword for me?"The Prince of Guards was furious.


; "Ah, my lord you didn't come to ask me to cast your sword?"

"Do you deserve it?Long Clan Chief, alright, quickly go and invite your father, Long Qingyun, out."The Prince of Guards had a high and mighty tone.

The beautiful clan chief said, "My father isn't at home, I hope you'll forgive me."

"Is he not at home, or is he looking down on my prince?"

"Your Highness misunderstood, we wouldn't dare."

"Cut the nonsense, invite Long Qingyun out, take these black diamonds of mine and create ten swords."

"Your Highness, I can't decide this matter for my father, I still hope that your Highness will go back first, or, leave it to me to forge swords for your Highness."

"Patriarch Long, your Long family forges swords exclusively for the royal family, you wouldn't be unaware of this, would it be wrong for me to ask Long Qingyun to forge swords for me now?Don't make a toast, huh."The Prince of Guards snorted.

"I hope the prince will forgive me, but my father is old and has long since ignored the family sword casting now."

"That's going to force me to be angry."

"Your Highness, my Long Clan is not as easy to bully as you think, and besides, my father only molds swords for the king alone, so if your Highness must ask my father to do something, go and ask the king for permission first.Your Majesty, please return."

"Pah."The king slapped the beautiful clan leader to the ground.

"Wave Clan Chief, you dare to disrespect my prince, we'll see."The Prince of Guards walked away with a shrug of his sleeves, he didn't expect to be disrespected, in fact, he knew that it was a bit difficult to ask Long Qingyun to cast a sword, but inside he was just upset.

Tang Zichen and Shangguan Rou saw the prince leave, which was why they came back to the next hall.

Tang Zichen saw that the beautiful patriarch looked very bad, with blood and bruises at the corners of his mouth.

Tang Zichen said, "Are you alright?"

"Who told you to come over here."The beautiful patriarch was busy wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth.

Tang Zichen walked up and said, "This side of your face is swollen and bruised, if you don't treat it in time, it will inevitably leave some tiny scars in the future, although extremely tiny, it might not be so pretty for a beautiful face like yours."

"Nonsense, you are what you say you are."

"Truth be told, I'm a healer, I'll massage you."


Don didn't wait for her to refuse, his hand was already touching the beautiful matriarch's face.

"Alright, recovered."

The beautiful clan leader touched her face, and indeed the swelling had gone down.

"Thank you, I didn't think you were really a healer."

"Clan Chief, that prince was too much just now."Shangguan Rou said.

"He was bullying people by virtue of his status as a prince, and if my father didn't still have some status, I'm afraid he wouldn't have just slapped me.We, the Long Clan, are not a family that is strong in force, but mainly strong in sword-casting techniques, so if others use force against us, we have no resistance at all."The beautiful clan leader grievously said that although she was a genius in sword casting, she was weak in martial arts and was only at the inner door level.

Shangguan Rou asked, "Clan Head, your father, Long Qingyun, is he also very weak in martial arts?"

"Well, although my father is a fourteen-ranked sword-caster, in terms of martial skills, he's just at the early innate stage, very weak.However, my father is at least the only fourteen-ranked sword-casting master in the Glazed Kingdom, so he's still somewhat of a status.Of course, not everyone can be bullied by my Long Clan, and my Long Clan also has a strong man, that is my brother."


"Your brother?"

"My brother is at the Star Ocean Academy."

Tang Zichen suddenly thought of a person, Star Ocean Academy, Wanderlust of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Is it Long Tianya?"

The beautiful patriarch looked at Tang Zichen in surprise and busily said, "You, how do you know my brother's name?My brother has been away for years, he's not a celebrity in the Liuli Kingdom ah."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Truth be told, your brother and I, we're considered friends."

"Ah, how so?"

"Oh, I just came back from Star Ocean Academy half a year ago, I'm barely back from graduation, Wanderlust is the master of Star Ocean Academy's Heavenly Star Pavilion, I've had a lot of dealings with him."Tang Zichen said.

The beautiful patriarch snorted, "You're not deliberately trying to get close to me to please me, I don't believe that you're friends with my brother, my brother is at least a peak mid Unity Realm powerhouse, you haven't even stepped into the Unity Realm, how could my brother be friends with you, hmm, you're trying to get close to me, no way.But you don't need to court relations with me, I told you, I'll personally cast a sword for you.But my father, you can't even think about it, not even the prince."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I don't even care to use this to curry a relationship with you, okay, is your father home or not?"

"Not at home." First published at

"Really not home?"

"No lie really, but I should be back in a few days, and besides, my brother might be back in a few days."

"Good, then I'll be staying with your family for a few days, I need to talk to your father in person and get him to cast a sword for me."

"Good luck then, I'll have someone arrange housing for you, I'll take you both to dinner tonight, and I'll call my best friend over with me, so we can get to know each other."


Tang Zichen was arranged to stay at the Long Clan.

Tang Zichen had to talk to Long Qingyun in person, or at least fight for it, but if he couldn't, then he would have to create a 12th or 13th grade sword.

At this moment, outside the Long Clan, the Prince of Wei Jun was furious, "That bitch Long Tianqin is clearly looking down on this king.Ah Si, go at night and capture Long Tianqin to my house, I want to taste what it's like to be this famous beauty."

"Yes, your majesty, do I need to hide my identity to capture someone?"

"No need, just go and catch it."

"But, my lord, Long Qing Yun at least knows the king and has some status."

"Which so what, I didn't touch Long Qing Yun, I just raped his daughter, even if Long Qing Yun reports this to His Majesty, what can I do."

"It's also true, after all it's just a sword casting family, the current Sovereign is very busy, a royal sword casting family, how can he have so much time to take care of it, anyway, it's not like I killed Long Qing Yun, I just raped his daughter.Prince, don't worry, at night I will go and capture the Long Tianqin for you to enjoy, at that time, when Long Qing Yun is helpless against you, he will know how powerful you are, he is afraid that you will take his daughter's hand again, he will definitely take the initiative to ask you to forge a sword."

"Hahaha, that's exactly the idea."

That night, a servant came to invite Tang Zichen.

"Mr. Tang, the patriarch invites you to the Clear Heart Pavilion for dinner."

"Uh, lead the way."

At this moment, on the Clear Heart Pavilion, Long Tianqin and another beautiful woman were sitting there.

"Tianqin, why did you ask me to come to dinner."

"Wei Sakura, aren't you busy, I called you over, I'm sure there's something I want you to help me with ah.There's a nice boy here today, hehe, I saw him

Quite an eye candy, I just wanted you to come over and help me out."Long Tianqin said a bit shyly.

"No way, this girl of yours finally has someone in her sights ah, you can't even look at my royal brother who is so outstanding, well, I'd like to see who that boy is that can make you look at him, even my royal brother is being compared."This person who spoke was Princess Wei Sakura, she was there when Tang Zichen killed Concubine Yin half a year ago, but it had been more than half a year and no one in the Glazed Kingdom knew who did it, it seems that Princess Wei Sakura really didn't tell anyone about Tang Zichen's killing of the Glazed Kingdom's Imperial Concubine, let alone cause a conflict between the two countries.

"Wei Sakura, don't talk nonsense okay, I didn't say that I was fond of him, I just said that I looked at him quite eye-catching, ouch, just feel like the type of la."Lang Tianqin blushed and said.

"Hahaha, still don't admit it, a man who can make you fancy him, it seems like he must be extraordinary, I really want to see him."

"I've already sent someone to invite him, he'll be here later."


"Wei Sakura, you've been in a depressed mood for the past half a year, it can't be that you haven't gotten over the death of the Queen Consort of India, you can't be blamed for this ah, it's been so long, you should look away."

"Oh, you don't understand."

"I'm your best friend, what can't you tell me."

"Forget it, it's nothing."

Tang Zichen arrived at Qing Xinge.

Tang Zichen was shocked when he saw the two women sitting at the Clear Heart Pavilion, wasn't one of the women sitting next to the beautiful patriarch, Princess Wei Sakura?

"It's you."

"It's you."

Tang Zichen and Wei Sakura were surprised at the same time.

Long Tianqin was busy asking, "What, you guys know each other?"

Tang Zichen looked at Wei Sakura without saying anything, he just thought it was too coincidental that Princess Wei Sakura was friends with Long Tianqin.

And Wei Sakura saw Tang Zichen, her face is very bad, can even be said to be angry, because Tang Zichen killed the Empress Yin, although she did not say it, to hide it, but, does not mean that she does not hate Tang Zichen, and because she concealed this, Princess Wei Sakura has been condemned by her conscience for the past six months.At this moment, seeing the culprit, how could she have a good face, just that, Long Tianqin was around again, and some words could not be said.

After a moment's hesitation, Princess Wei Sakura replied, "He's the one who saved the fetus in Princess Yin's belly last year."

"Ah, such a coincidence."

Tang Zichen looked at Princess Wei Sakura and said, "Thank you, Your Highness."

"Hmph."Wei Sakura angrily turned her face away from looking at Tang Zichen.

Long Qin he looked at Tang Zichen and Wei Sakura and thought that they were good, by all rights, they should be benefactors, did, they have an affair?

"Sit down, Tang Zichen."

"Thank you, patriarch."Tang Zichen sat down and asked, "Where is Shangguan Zou?"

"Ah, her ah, I didn't invite her,"Long Tianqin said.

Tang Zichen frowned, but he was the only one invited.

Princess Wei Sakura suddenly stood up and said, "Tianqin, I'm going back first."

"Wei Sakura, what's wrong with you, you're suddenly going back."

"I still have some business."


"Tianqin, this person, you'd better stay away from him."Wei Sakura said without looking at Tang Zichen.

Long Tianqin bit her teeth and said, "Wei Sakura, you shouldn't be with him, had an affair, why do I feel that something is going on between you."


Princess Wei Zhen snorted, "Me and him?Unless there are no more men in the world."Wei Sakura looked extremely disdainful towards Tang Zichen, although she knew in her heart that in fact Tang Zichen wasn't that bad, but after all, there was hatred between them because of the brutal murder of the Lady Indigo by him.

Tang Zichen sat there and didn't say a word, Princess Wei Sakura said that even if all the men in the world died, they wouldn't like him, Tang Zichen didn't feel anything for that, because, Tang Zichen didn't like her either, although she was really pretty.

"I'm leaving first."After saying that, Princess Wei Sakura immediately flew away.

A good meal, making it a bit awkward.

Long Tianqin looked at Tang Zichen with complicated eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that, aren't you inviting me to dinner, and not letting anyone serve the food."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, let me ask you, do you and Wei Sakura have some kind of relationship dispute?"

"You're thinking too much."

"Then why does Wei Sakura look like she hates you so much, you must have failed her feelings, I'll tell you why Wei Sakura has always looked unhappy for the past half year."

"Clan leader, can we start dinner now?Also, calling my girlfriend Shangguanzhuo here, how much do you mean you called me here alone for dinner.Could it be, it's really like Shangguan Zuo said, you're interested in me, right?"

"Nonsense, who's interested in you, just, someone, go invite Shangguan Rou to come here for dinner." Remember the URL

"Yes."A servant immediately went up.

Long Tianqin was in a bad mood, originally she was sure she was interested in Tang Zichen, now with all this trouble, Tang Zichen not only had a relationship with Shangguan Zou, but also with Princess Wei Sakura, her best friend, this was good, even if she was interested, she could only stop.

Not long after, the servant came and said, "Patriarch, that Shangguan Zuo, she's not hungry and doesn't want to come."

"Forget about not coming, Tang Zichen, let's eat, don't wait."

Since Shangguan Zuo didn't come, Tang Zichen had no choice but to stop, Shangguan Zuo must know something and was a bit jealous, so she didn't dare to be a light bulb anymore.

Just at this moment, a voice came out, "Long Tianqin Clan Leader, you're here."

When Long Tianqin looked to where the voice came from, a man with a sword in his hand was standing not far from the Clear Heart Pavilion.

"It's you, what are you doing here."Long Tianqin recognized the man right away, this man was a henchman beside the prince who came during the day, I heard that he was a strong man at the second level of the early Unity Realm.

"Clan Leader Tianqin, I've come to find you on purpose."That man at the second level of the Early Unity Realm smiled gloomily and said.

Tang Zichen looked at him, but unfortunately, he didn't even look at Tang Zichen, and it wasn't clear if he didn't recognize Tang Zichen or didn't care to look at anyone else, but of course, Tang Zichen also happened to have his back to him.

"What do you want with me?"Lang Tianqin didn't have the good fortune to ask.

"Clan Leader Tianqin, my prince is lonely and wants to find someone to drink with him, so I have come to invite you to come and have a drink with my prince.Long Clan Chief, let's go."

"What did you say?"

"I said for you to go and have a drink with my prince."

Lang Tianqin was furious, "What do you mean?What do you want?"

"Did I not make myself clear enough, Celestial Chief?My prince wants to invite you to accompany the wine."

"How dare you, do you still have the King's Law in your eyes."

"Hahaha, a mere sword-casting family, also dares to talk about the king's law to me, it's just that you can cast a few swords, what's the big deal, the king wants you to accompany the wine this is to think highly of you, you still don't hurry to come with me, delaying the king's elegance."

"You."Long Tianqin was annoyed, but helpless.

"Give me away."In the next blink of an eye, that strong man flew up and in an instant, he had Long Tianqin in his hand, ready to leave with him.

Tang Zichen said, "This friend, put her down."


; "Yo-ho, who are you?An innate one, actually daring to call me a friend, are you worthy?"

Don stood up and turned back.

"It's you."The other party immediately recognized Tang Zichen, who was naturally there when the man went to rob Tang Zichen's Black Diamond.

"Yes, it's me."

"Tang Zichen, you're actually here."

"I told you to put her down, didn't you hear me?"Tang Zichen's face was cold, Tang Zichen had long been unhappy with this group of the Prince of Guards, today the Prince of Guards' henchmen came to forcefully steal the woman, how could Tang Zichen let it go.

"Tang Zichen, do you have the guts to say that again?I'll make sure you don't see tomorrow's sun."

"Hahaha, unfortunately, you don't deserve it."After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly shot out his sword.

A cold light flashed as if lightning had sliced through the sky, too fast.

The scene was quiet and silent for several seconds, Long Tianqin was still being held by that strong man, but at that moment, Long Tianqin felt that something sprayed on her face, and only when she looked up did she discover that the neck length of that Unity Realm strong man, a tiny, silky crack was gradually expanding, and finally, his entire head rolled down to the ground.

"Ah."Long Tianqin shrieked and looked at the ground, the eyes of that head were still wide open as if seeing something incredible.

Long Tianqin looked over to Tang Zichen, who was pouring out a bowl of wine and then took the bowl and drank it all.

Tang Zichen drank the wine alone and said, "Never seen a dead person before?"

"Don Zichen, you you, how did you do that?"

"A sword kill."

"But, but you don't seem to have stepped into the Unity Realm, aren't you only an Innate Great Perfection?"

"Can't an Innate Perfection kill the Unity Realm?"

"You're too powerful."Long Tianqin was incredulous, his eyes showing a hint of worship.

Tang Zichen took a sip of wine and said, "I'll go deal with the body first."

But Long Tianqin asked, "Tang Zichen, is that Miss Shangguan Rou really your girlfriend?"


"Oh, she had a good life."

Tang Zichen stabbed it with a bamboo stick and flew away with the corpse and head in tow.

Tang Zichen threw the corpse into a ditch far away from the Long Clan.

Then, Tang Zichen quickly returned to the Long Clan.

Back at the Long Clan, Long Tianqin was still waiting for Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, thank you for saving me, don't worry, when my father returns, I will definitely persuade my father to forge a sword for you."

"Thank you."

"I salute you."

"You're welcome, Long Tianqin, after this meal, we'd better go somewhere else first right away, that dog prince will definitely send someone again when he sees that his henchmen haven't returned."

"It's okay, I've already gotten the news, my brother will be back tomorrow, my brother is at the peak of the middle Unity Realm, that dog prince is no match for my brother at all."

"Oh, Wanderlust is coming back."

"Yes, Tang Zichen, you said you are my brother's friend, wait for my brother's return tomorrow, just ask."

"Doesn't matter."

"Alright, I'm done eating, thanks for the wine."

"We'll have another drink."

"No, I have to go back to stay with Shangguan Zou."


Tang Zichen walked out of the Heavenly Star Pavilion, and Long Tianqin smiled, "Hey, Tang Zichen, I finally know why Princess Wei Sakura is having an emotional dispute with you.I didn't want to get involved with you anymore, but, I don't think so now, Tang Zichen, may I ask, do I still have a chance?"




"I already have a girlfriend."

"I don't mind ah, we have freedom of marriage in the glazed country, there are plenty of men in polygamy, the key is to see if the man is capable ah.You're such a good man, I can be your little wife."

"Oh, thanks, but unfortunately, I don't have feelings for you."


"Alright Chief, thank you for dinner, I'll go back first."

Tang Zichen decisively left, this patriarch of the Casting Sword Family actually liked Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was really speechless.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen didn't have feelings for her, Tang Zichen wasn't having any interactions with her, lest his love get deeper and he lost control again.Tang Zichen now several girlfriends, in fact, Tang Zichen at the beginning are not like, such as Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Zhuo, at the beginning Tang Zichen do not like, can develop to a certain extent, produce feelings, Tang Zichen do not want to also have to want.

Tang Zichen returned to the guest room, Shangguan Zou is sitting there alone jealous.

"So soon after eating it, didn't you arrange to go to her room at night to talk about life?"Shangguan Zou said sourly.

"Oh, Shangguan Zou, I told you to come over and eat with us, why don't you go." A second to remember to read the book

"Che, if she really wanted to call me, she would have informed me together."

"You're right, this Long Tianqin, really is interested in me, she wants to be my girlfriend."

"That's great, coming to cast the sword and incidentally fishing for a beautiful woman, I've already asked around, this Long Tianqin, is one of the two famous dumping beauties of the Liuli Kingdom."

"A dumping beauty?"

"Yeah, there's another one called some kind of princess, how nice of you to so easily pick up one of these gorgeous women."

"Hahaha, unfortunately, I've already refused."

Shangguan Rou was busy saying, "No way, you've really rejected it?"

"Yeah, if you don't like it, why don't you say no?"

"But she's one of the two most beautiful women in the glazed country who are very famous."

"I've seen a lot of beautiful women, what does it have to do with me if I don't like them, alright, let's not talk about it, good night."Tang Zichen walked out of Shangguan Zuo's room, the Lang Clan had arranged separate guest rooms for Tang Zichen and Shangguan Zuo.

Shangguan Zou ran out and said, "I don't dare to sleep here by myself, I'll go to your room."

"Uh, okay."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The next morning, while Tang Zichen was still dreaming with Shangguan Zou in his arms, there was a knock on the door outside.


"Senior Tang, the patriarch asked me to call you."

"Oh, what is it?"

"Senior Wanderlust is back, let me come and take you there."

Tang Zichen immediately rolled over and got up, not expecting that senior Long Tianya was really back.

Tang Zichen immediately came to a pavilion where Long Tianya, Long Tianqin and another man, the three of them were drinking morning tea in the pavilion.

Long Tianqin didn't tell Long Tianya that Tang Zichen was here, he just asked someone to call Tang Zichen over, whether Tang Zichen really knew Long Tianya or not, it would be obvious at first sight.

Tang Zichen walked into the pavilion, Long Tianya saw Tang Zichen stunned for a second, then incredulous, "Tang Zichen?You, what are you doing in my...


"Senior Long Tianya, you've really come back."

Long Tianya was really surprised, half a year ago at the Star Ocean Academy, Yi Tianxing and his wife also said that they would invite Tang Zichen to dinner in the evening and asked him to come with them.When Long Tianya saw that Tang Zichen was so talented, he naturally wanted to befriend Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, when he went to Yi Tianxing's house at night, he said that Tang Zichen had already left, and Long Tianya was a bit depressed at that time, thinking that he was definitely not fortunate enough to befriend such a proud son of heaven as Tang Zichen.But he never expected that when he returned home this month, Tang Zichen would appear at his home.

Lang Tianqin smiled, "Brother, you really do know each other, before Tang Zichen said that you and him were friends, I didn't believe it, I didn't get it, you really are friends ah."

"Hahaha, Tianqin, brother Tang and I are indeed friends."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, in fact, Tang Zichen knew that he was climbing with Long Tianya now, he was climbing high, and in terms of strength, he wasn't worthy of being friends with him.

"Brother Tang, it really surprises me that you are able to come to my home as a guest, originally I thought that I was not destined to be with you, but I didn't expect that it was quite destined.If you don't mind, just call me Tianya."

"You're older than me, so I'll just call you Big Brother Tianya."

"Okay, Tzu-Chen."


Long Tianya looked at Tang Zichen, the more she looked at him, the more she liked him, and now that her brother was friends with Tang Zichen again, she felt even more fond of him.

Long Tian Ya said, "This is my sister, Long Tian Qin, this is my big brother, Long Tian Ming, you should know them all."

"Haha, I already knew them when I came to Casting Sword yesterday."

"Uh, you came to my family to cast a sword?"

"Discontented big brother Tianya, I got a good piece of material, so I came to the famous Long Clan to cast a sword, that's why I know your sister."

Long Tianya smiled at his sister and said, "Tianqin, Tang Zichen is my friend, you must cast swords for him properly."

Long Tianqin said with a roll of her eyes, "Second brother, people don't like the sword I cast, okay, that material of theirs is black diamond, how would I waste it."

"What black diamond, I don't understand, is black diamond good?"Long Tianya was a martial idiot, not talented in sword casting, among the three sisters, the youngest sister, Long Tianya, was the most talented.

"Brother, thanks to you being the son and daughter of the sword-casting family, black diamond that is the material that can create a fourteen-grade weapon, Liuli Kingdom, other than our father, no one has been able to create a fourteen-grade sword yet."

"Ah, a fourteen-grade?This is too high-grade, it's something that even the strongest of the Unity Realm Grand Perfectionists dream of ah.In our entire Glazed Kingdom, there is only one fourteen-grade weapon that exists in the hands of the king of the Glazed Kingdom, and that sword is called 'Ya busy saying to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, are you sure you want such a high-grade sword?This is not a good thing."

Tang Zichen looked at Wanderlust a bit surprised, Nima, a fourteen-grade sword, is it that rare?There's only one sword in the entire Glazed Kingdom, that's too much.

Long Tianqin said, "Brother, I've already told him, but his materials are so high-grade, where would he be willing to mix other materials to create an even lower grade sword."

"Zichen, believe me, you don't need such a high-grade sword right now, in case someone knowledgeable sees it, it will bring you trouble instead, why don't you first cast an ordinary one.If you're holding a fourteen-grade sword, you're simply like a commoner with a string of necklaces worth millions."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Big brother Tianya, my black diamond weighs twenty thousand pounds, I want to forge a sword that weighs twenty thousand pounds, I don't think many people will get any ideas for such a heavy sword."


"That's not true, people are interested in the black diamond material, the heavier the description, the more they like it so others can build more swords."


Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma, first of all, Tang Zichen wanted to build a fourteen-grade heavy sword, not just because he wanted to, he had to have a fourteen-grade sword maker to build it for him ah.

Now that the Long Tianya siblings all advised him not to be so high-grade for the time being, Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma, which meant that they were not willing to plead with their father to create a fourteen-grade sword for Tang Zichen ah.

Lang Tianya was busy saying, "Zichen, don't misunderstand, if you really want a fourteen-grade heavy sword, I will definitely plead with my father to build it for you, I'm just worried about your safety.Since you're so stubborn, then let's do this, when my father returns, I'll make sure to have my father build it for you."

"Thank you, Big Brother Tianya."

"Don't mention it, Zichen, then let's have morning tea together."

"I haven't brushed my teeth yet, I'll go back and wash up first, and pour Shangguan Zou over as well."


Tang Zichen left the pavilion.

Long Tianqin was busy asking, "Brother, how is Tang Zichen?" First web site

"This Tang Zichen, is a super genius, when I was at Star Ocean Academy, I thought I had no chance with him, but I didn't expect, huh?Sister, why are you suddenly asking me this, could it be that you're interested in him?"

"Brother."Lang Tianqin blushed.

"Haha, sister, you're one of the two most beautiful women in the Liuli Kingdom, you're looking at a man for the first time, aren't you."

"Brother, what kind of dumpy beauty am I ah, people Tang Zichen never even looked at me."

"You really do have a crush on him, hahaha."

"Brother, can you stop laughing, I'm willing to be his little wife and people don't want it."

"Then don't force it, it's also fate, by the way, so many princes of the Liuli Kingdom are pursuing you, don't you have a single one that you like?The prince is still good, and it would be beneficial to our family if you marry the prince, provided you like it yourself, of course."

Long Tianqin said, "Those princes are all unpleasant to look at."

"How can that be, isn't the eighteenth prince Wei Meng Bing just great, he also studied at the Star Ocean Academy before, he studied abroad and came back in just ten years, I'm afraid that he has reached the peak of the Innate Great Perfection now."

"The eighteenth prince just sent me a message, he wants to ask me to go hunting today, but I don't want to go, but he called Wei Sakura up as well, which makes it hard for me to refuse.Wei Sakura she also wants to set me up with Wei Meng Bing, alas."Long Tianqin said depressedly.

"Why don't you want to go?Wei Meng Bing, this prince is indeed not bad, I was quite in contact with him when I was at Star Ocean Academy, his talent is very strong, he should be worthy of you now."

"I don't know, I just don't like it, instead, when I saw Tang Zichen, the first time I saw him, I felt that he was someone I wanted to wait for in my heart."

Lang Tianya sighed, "Sister, Tang Zichen is indeed not bad, but, second brother said something you don't like to hear, you aren't suitable."

"How is it inappropriate?"

"Tang Zichen is a member of the Yanhuang Empire, that would be inappropriate, if you were just an ordinary citizen, it wouldn't matter where you wandered, but you shouldered the Sword Casting Family's

Ah rise and fall."

"It's so tiring to live, why did you throw the family's mission to me."

"Because only if you're talented in sword casting, you can reach the level of your father in the future, or even surpass him, you can make our Long Clan sword casting family even better.Sister, it's rare for Wei Sakura to also set you up with Wei Meng Bing, so just think about it."

"Alright, alright, stop it, I'll just consider it."Lang Tianqin's eyes flashed with a hint of aggravation, her father wanted her to find a prince, and so did her two brothers, whether they were thinking about this family or her happiness.

It was hard to meet a man with a heartbeat, but it was such a tragedy, the other party didn't like it, and the people around her were still one by one obstructing it.

At this moment, not far away from the wave family, a man and a woman are sitting in a luxury car to the wave family.

"Eighteenth brother, go play with Tianqin more often in the future."

"Wei Sakura, you're so strange today, why do you keep telling me to go find Tianqin more often?What, do I have a rival?Although there are quite a few princes in the Glazed State who are pursuing Tianqin, but most of them have wives and want to marry her as a concubine, or are not very talented.Only I, Wei Meng Bing, am the most suitable with her, the age difference between us is less than ten years, we're quite handsome in appearance, and we haven't married yet, I don't believe there's anyone else worthy of being my rival, hahaha."

"Eighteenth brother, in short, you just go and play with her more and cultivate your relationship."Wei Sakura instructed, naturally she would say that because Tang Zichen appeared and Long Tianqin also revealed that she liked Tang Zichen.

After Tang Zichen finished brushing his teeth and washing his face, he took Shangguan Rou to the pavilion just now.

Long Tianya and Long Tianqin are still in that pavilion, but there are two more people in the pavilion, one is Princess Wei Sakura and the other is a gorgeously dressed man.

Long Tianya saw Tang Zichen and Shangguan Rou coming, busy introducing, "Zichen, let me introduce, this is Princess Wei Sakura of the Liuli Kingdom, this is the eighteenth prince Wei Meng Bing, Wei Meng Bing was also an international student at Star Ocean Academy, and, went to Star Ocean Academy, graduated in just three years, is a remarkable genius, and now is already at the peak layer of the Innate Great Perfection, half a foot into unity!Situation."

Tang Zichen nodded his head in salute, "Meet Princess Wei Sakura and Your Highness, the Eighteenth Prince."

Lang Tianya was busy introducing the eighteenth prince and Wei Sakura, "Princess Wei Sakura, Your Highness the eighteenth prince, this is Tang Zichen, he also just graduated from Star Ocean Academy, and Tang Zichen is the fastest one to graduate in the history of Star Ocean Academy."

"Oh yeah, how fast, can't it be even shorter than my three years?"Wei Meng Bing was a bit upset as he heard a great reverence for Tang Zichen from the tone of Wanderlust's voice.Here, he was a prince, and he could only be revered, no one else.

Long Tianya said in his heart, "Your three years of graduation counts for nothing, people Tang Zichen three months or less."

"Oh, Your 18th Highness, you drink tea."Lang Tianya did not continue to say, already saw that he was upset, if he touted how powerful Tang Zichen was, I'm afraid it would cause even more displeasure, he still has this point of eyesight.

However, Wei Meng Bing stood up and said, "No more tea, today I'm here to invite Tian Qin to go hunting with us, Tianya, since you're also back, let's go together."

"This, I won't go together, you and Tianqin will go together."

Long Tianqin was busy saying, "Brother, you also go together, there are a lot of people lively, Tang Zichen, Shangguan Zou, you also go together, go go go go, let's all go hunting together."


At this moment, Wei Meng Bing's eyes were very venomous as he looked at Tang Zichen, he wanted to see if Tang Zichen was really so self-conscious, if he could, of course he wanted to go hunting alone with Long Tianqin, he was only willing to bring Wei Sakura and the others if he really couldn't, but even if he brought Wei Sakura and the others, it wasn't Tang Zichen's turn, if Tang Zichen was so lacking in vision, then don't blame him for being rude.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen, and the pavilion was quiet.

Long Tianqin looked at Tang Zichen with a prayerful look.

Tang Zichen originally didn't want to go, but, seeing Long Tianqin looking at him with praying eyes, Tang Zichen was a bit reluctant to refuse.Although he didn't like this Long Tianqin, but, at the very least, he had a pretty good impression of her.

As for that Prince Wei Meng Bing, hehe, Tang Zichen didn't take it seriously at all.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Good, then let's go play together."

When Tang Zichen said to go play together, Wei Meng Bing was suddenly furious, Tang Zichen was actually so insensitive that he actually agreed to go together.

Princess Wei Cherry was busy saying, "I won't go together, you guys go and play."

Lang Tianya secretly sighed and also said, "I won't go either."

Long Tianya hoped that he wouldn't go either, and Tang Zichen would change his mind and not go either, then let his sister and Wei Meng Bing go alone.

Wei Meng Bing smiled, "Why aren't you going, didn't we agree to go together to have fun?" Remember the URL

"Oh, I still have things to do."

"I also have things to do, I just returned from Star Ocean Academy, I have some things to deal with."

Wei Meng Bing looked at Shangguan Rou behind Tang Zichen and asked, "How about you, this beauty?Come along?"

"Ah, I, I'm not going."Shangguan Rou shook her head.

Wei Meng Bing looked at Tang Zichen again and asked, "They're not going, are you still going with them now?"

Long Tianqin was depressed inside, it was hard for her not to be alone with Wei Meng Bing when everyone around her was setting her up with him.

However, Tang Zichen still looked like he was very uninterested, nodding and smiling, "Let's forget about them not going, let's go hunting for the three of us, Long Tianqin, we'll leave as soon as I've had breakfast."

"Fine, no hurry, we'll wait for you."Long Tianqin was busy, she didn't think that Tang Zichen would actually dare to go together in this situation, could it be that Tang Zichen saw the meaning of the prayer in her eyes?If so, then Tang Zichen was too much of a mean person to be afraid of offending even the eighteenth prince of the Glazed Kingdom for the sake of her prayers.Thinking about it this way, Long Tianqin's heart was even more filled with affection for Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Wei Meng Bing's fists were clenched very tightly, this Tang Zichen, too insensitive, since he was so insensitive, then don't blame him for being rude, when he arrived at the hunting ground, don't blame him for destroying him.

Wei Meng Bing's heart was already killing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen felt his killing intent at once, but Tang Zichen didn't put him in his eyes at all.

Princess Wei Sakura saw that Tang Zichen had to go, and it was no longer possible for them to be alone, so she had no choice but to say, "Then I'll go too."

Lang Tianya was also busy saying, "Yes, I'll go too, since everyone is so elegant, I don't want to spoil everyone's elegant mood, Shangguan Rou, you'll go with me."

Shangguan Zou looked at Tang Zichen and shook her head, "I won't go."

Shangguan Rou had Tie Shuxin with her, so of course she couldn't run around, and the Black Diamond was still in this Lang Clan, at least.


p; "Hmph."Wei Meng Bing snorted, inwardly saying, "Tang Zichen, if you want to come so badly, then I'll let you die."

Wanderlust looked at Tang Zichen and sighed, Wanderlust certainly saw the look in the eyes of the eighteenth prince, in order not to cause trouble, he had to go, I'm sure Wei Sakura meant the same thing.

Tang Zichen said, "Then you guys wait for me, I'll go have breakfast first."

"Okay, there's no rush, we'll wait for you."Long Tianqin was busy.

Tang Zichen immediately left the pavilion with Shangguan Rou and went, led by a servant, to have breakfast.

Shangguan Rou chided, "Hey, how come you're so blind ah, it's obvious that Wei Meng Bing wants to chase after Long Tianqin, what kind of light bulb are you following to go as ah, can't you see that Long Tianya and that princess are not going?"

Don Zixon laughed, "Cut, how could I not see that, but, I'm still going."

"Why?I thought you said you didn't like Longines?What's the point of going if you don't like it?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's true that I don't like her, but that doesn't mean I have a bad impression of her.Long Tianqin is quite a nice person, she made it clear that she doesn't like Wei Meng Bing, but due to the identity of Prince Wei Meng Bing and the appearance of Princess Wei Sakura, it's not easy to refuse, she looked at me with praying eyes, of course I had to say yes, I won't give them a chance to be alone."

Shangguan Rou said, "Alas, you are really a nosy person, I guarantee that if you really go, Wei Meng Bing will definitely not give you a good face, and may even make a secret move on you at the hunting ground."

Tang Zichen laughed disdainfully, "With my strength today, I'm still afraid of him at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection?"

"Don't forget that you yourself are at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection, and in terms of realm, you're equal.What if that Wei Meng Bing is also super strong?Just like you?"

"Che, I don't believe it."Tang Zichen still didn't take him seriously, he had to go hunting together, if that Wei Meng Bing really dared to lay a secret hand on Tang Zichen, then don't blame Tang Zichen for not respecting his status as a prince of a country.However, both Long Tianya and Princess Wei Sakura went with him, I'm afraid he couldn't do anything about it even if he wanted to, we'll see then, as long as he didn't leave them alone, Tang Zichen has achieved his goal.

Tang Zichen slowly and slowly ate breakfast with Shangguan Rou.

"You hurry up and eat, they're all anxiously waiting."Shangguan Rou urged.

Tang Zichen, however, remained slow and smiled, "Why should I hurry up, I just want to make that dog prince wait, at least I'm sure that Long Tianqin can mind waiting for me for a long time, that's enough, I don't care what the others mean, I don't care what they do, if that dog prince can't wait, he can don't go ah, hahaha."

Shangguan Rou was speechless, Tang Zichen used to be in the Yanhuang Empire, when dealing with the prince of the Yanhuang Empire, he wasn't even this tuggy ah, how come he was tuggy in front of the prince of the Liuli Kingdom?

In that pavilion before, sure enough, that Wei Meng Bing was waiting to jump off the wall.

Tang Zichen's lack of eyesight was just fine, he went to have breakfast, but he hadn't returned after half an hour.

"Looks like he doesn't want to go, in that case, let's go by ourselves."Wei Meng Bing said.

Long Tianqin was busy, "How can we do that, we said we'd wait for him."

"But he's been gone for so long."

"It's only half an hour, it's fine, maybe he has a big appetite and eats a lot, so he's slow, let's take our time waiting."Long Tianqin said.

Wei Meng Bing was helpless, but the disgust and hatred for Tang Zichen inside was on more than one level.


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