The King of Kungfu in school 746-750


Chapter 746

Those people were directly stupid.

They had also heard about Tang Zichen, who was suddenly famous for a while, and they had also heard that Tang Zichen had a world-class beauty under him.Of course, most people didn't do anything when they heard this news, after all, Tang Zichen wasn't someone everyone could mess with.

However, this Maurice was different, when he heard that Tang Zichen had a world-class beauty, he felt that he couldn't take advantage of others, a beauty must be strong to be worthy of having.

However, never expected that Maurice, who had just had his letter delivered, would turn around and Tang Zichen would just rush to his house and beat him half to death.

Tang Zichen's strength and violence directly stunned those few gardeners who worshipped Maurice.

It took several minutes for them to react after Tang Zichen flew away.

"Quick, quick, go over and see how Maurice is doing."A few of them scrambled to the well and flew into the well to retrieve Maurice.

"Oh my god, Maurice is only half alive, do something to save him."

"How to save him, with Tang Zichen's strength, he'd have to be at least a tenth grade healer to save him."

"Quickly go to the Cloud Star Pavilion, there are the most powerful healers in the academy there."

Tang Zichen went back to his manor. Remember the URL

"Where have you been."Shangguan Rou asked.

"Didn't go there, how are you hurt?"

"Well, it's better again today.By the way, I forgot to ask you, did your strength improve again?"

"Right, now I'm stronger, not weaker than Mu Qianji, I've broken through to the peak of Innate Perfection, and I've practiced the Vertigo Technique to the tenth level."


"So, the first level of the Early Unity Realm, or even the second level, probably won't be able to take any advantage in my hands."

"Alright, Shangguan Rou, you rest well, and when you're rested, we'll almost leave."

"Leave to where?"

"Leaving Star Ocean Academy, or, other plans."


Half an hour later, in the small courtyard of Tang Zichen's manor, Tang Zichen was holding a sword in one hand and a sword in the other.

Tang Zichen was practicing martial arts.

No matter what, one could never forget to practice martial arts, and no matter how high the realm was, it needed martial arts to support it.

"Saber and sword together."

"Boom."Tang Zichen slashed out, and a gully was cut in the ground.

However, Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, it still feels weak, as my realm increases, my martial arts are getting weaker and weaker, it's not that the combined sword and swords don't work, it's that with a higher realm, my vision is higher, and my ability to resist attacks is higher as well.The same martial art, which was performed before, is no longer the same concept as performing it now."

Tang Zichen's meaning was easy to understand, when you go to middle school, the topics in elementary school become simpler, and when you go to high school, the topics in middle school become simpler.

The same was true of combat.

Tang Zichen's saber and sword techniques were both ninth-grade martial arts, and when the saber and sword were combined, they could produce the power of twelfth-grade martial arts.

The power of twelfth-grade martial arts could normally only be produced by a strong person of the Unity Realm.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was still not behind in reaching the Unity Realm and being able to produce the power of Twelve Equivalent Martial Arts.

However, for Tang Zichen personally, he was already lagging behind, because when he was at the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, he was able to generate twelve levels of martial power by combining his swords, and now that he was half a foot into the Unity Realm, he was still generating twelve levels of power, and to hold out for death was to have a higher realm, stronger power, and a slight increase in power compared to before, but that slight didn't mean anything.

"What's wrong?"Shangguan Rou came up with a pot of water and poured a cup of tea for Tang Zichen, she saw Tang Zichen's brow tightly

The lock looked like a busy question.


"What's weak."

"My martial arts skills."

"How can that be, the realm has improved, any martial arts moves have improved from before."

"No, this improvement is only a quantitative one, not a qualitative one.Hoo, I must find a way to make my martial arts, so that I can bring out the power of the thirteenth rank."

"Wow."Tang Zichen slashed again with his sword.

"Boom."A tree, ten meters away from him, was cut into pieces.

However, this was far from enough for Tang Zichen, it was only the power of twelfth grade martial arts.

Tang Zichen kept practicing alone in the courtyard, but there wasn't much to show for it, and it ultimately depended on whether or not he could comprehend anything.

At Star Ocean Academy, the story of Tang Zichen's violent beating of Maurice quickly spread.

Anyone from Star Ocean Academy knew of the character of Maoris, and Maoris' popularity far surpassed Tang Zichen's.

Maoris had been hanged by Tang Zichen, and this incident had even made some of the Star Ocean Academy's Unity Realm staff take notice.

Many of the Star Ocean Academy's staff members were at the early first, second, third, and peak levels of the Unity Realm.Most of these people hadn't paid attention to Tang Zichen before because what Tang Zichen had done wasn't enough to get their attention, but now, Tang Zichen's hanging of Maurice was making them pay attention to this international student named Tang Zichen.Many of these early Unity Realm staff members were former international students who had never left Star Ocean Academy and remained here after breaking through to the Unity Realm.

At this moment, in the waters northwest of Star Ocean Academy, three men and a woman surfaced from the sea, four of them, each of them pulling an incomparably strong steel rope in their hands.

"Hey, Holly, our sea beast team went down to the sea this time, it lasted for seven days, we're really exhausted, do you want to go to my place at night and find two chicks to harpie."A man with a golden beard on his face said to another man.

"Haha, Enji, yes."

At the same time, one of the women gave them a dirty look.

The man who walked last said, "Eunji, those female students in your manor, we've played with them several times, right, no fun."

"Earthworm, don't be suspicious, there aren't many women in Xinghai Academy and there aren't any beauties at all, so we'll just have to make do."

"Enji, when we went down to the sea seven days ago, I think I heard someone say that our academy has a world-class beauty."

"How is that possible."

"Really, I heard those people say that this world-class beauty is in the hands of that Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?"

"You're forgetting the somewhat famous, international student who came out of nowhere a while ago."

"The one who sparred with Omarsh for healing?"

"Yes, the man is a double genius, and there's private talk that he has a world-class beauty under his command, but I don't know if that's true."

"What if it's true?"The man called Holly said.

The man named Enji laughed, "If there really are world-class beauties, then that Tang Zichen doesn't deserve to have them, and I, Enji, will be the first one to bust Tang Zichen and grab them."

"We'll find out if we find someone to ask around."


A few people immediately shouted to a few foreign students who were walking not far away, "You guys, come here."

Those people were surprised, "It's the senior of the Sea Beast Squad, hello, you guys are so excited to see your idol."

"Alright, don't get excited, I'm asking you guys, when we went down to the sea seven days ago, I heard that our academy has world-class beauties, is it true?"


"Idol, it's true, we've also heard that she's one of Tang Zichen's men, her name is Shangguan Rou, I've heard that she's very beautiful.Unfortunately, that Tang Zichen is very strong, not to mention us, even those innate home garden masters wouldn't dare to hit him."

"Alright, it's none of your business."

Those people looked like they were incomparably adoring.

Every international student knew that the strongest of the sea beast squads were the most awesome, while the other international students were still worried about the monthly duel, they, the perverted geniuses, had already gone into the sea to catch the sea beasts, how could this not make the majority of the international students worship.

The four strongest members of the sea beast squad were the people in the top four of the War God List.

That Maoris who was hung by Tang Zichen, he was the fifth, Maoris couldn't join the sea beast squad because he hadn't reached the Innate Great Perfection realm yet, otherwise he was also one of the members of the sea beast squad.

"Hahaha, world-class beauty, wait for me."The man called Enji laughed loudly, the other two men also laughed heedlessly, while the woman, snorted, "Pervert," and flew back to her own manor.

Tang Zichen was practicing martial arts in his own backyard.


Tang Zichen threw his knife and sword to the ground, somewhat frustrated.

"Practicing and practicing, that's all, if I can't comprehend a higher level of saber intent, then that's all I'll be able to do with this martial art." One second to remember to read the book

"With a sword in my hand and a sword in my heart, I have long since comprehended the great intention of having a sword in my heart.How should I comprehend the deeper intent?"

Tang Zichen sat on the ground, this kind of sword intent is really impossible to teach, with a sword in mind, how can I comprehend no sword?

The third level of sword intent was to have no sword in your hand, which was the level beyond having a sword in your heart, from having to not having.

But Tang Zichen, couldn't comprehend it yet.

Just at this moment, there was a shout from outside, "Where is Tang Zichen."

"Hm?Who called me?"Tang Zichen's heart was puzzled.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up into the air and immediately saw three men standing in the air above the manor's gate.

"You are Tang Zichen?"One of the men asked, in a somewhat condescending tone that was, in short, uncomfortable for people to hear.

Tang Zichen was not in a good mood today, he had just gone to beat up Maurice in the morning, then came back feeling a bit weak in his martial arts, then wanted to study new moves but had no clue, and wanted to comprehend a higher level of sword intent, also had no clue, so Tang Zichen was already in a troubled mood.

At this time, three uninvited guests came to see him, which made Tang Zichen's heart a little hot.

"Yes, I am Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen nodded his head, his face a little chilly, but the three men didn't hear it, unaware that Tang Zichen was already on fire inside.

"Tang Zichen, this is Earthworm, this is Holly, and I'm Enji."One of the men said.

Tang Zichen said, "Have a fart."

"Yoo-hoo, what an arrogant feeling."The three men all looked a bit surprised, in their eyes, although Tang Zichen was somewhat famous, he was only a little famous, he hadn't even reached their height at the moment, otherwise he would have entered the Sea Beast Squad long ago.

"Tang Zichen, I'm asking you, do you have a beautiful international student under you who is known as a world-class beauty?"That Enji asked.


;Tang Zichen nodded his head without hesitation, "Yes."

"Uh."The three of them were a bit surprised, Tang Zichen actually didn't defend himself at all, he just admitted it, it was too straightforward.

"Okay, then, call out that beautiful foreign student, let's see how beautiful she is."

"Good."Tang Zichen still nodded his head in agreement without hesitation, which made the three of them even more surprised.They had a feeling within them that Tang Zichen dared to nod his head in agreement so unhesitatingly, it was as if he wasn't afraid of them at all ah, or, they felt, too afraid of them, Ken.

"Shangguan Rou, come out."Tang Zichen shouted.

In the next second, Shangguan Rou flew to Tang Zichen's side.

"Take off the mask and let the three grizzlies enjoy it."Tang Zichen said with a cold gaze.

The three men were in a rage, just seeing Tang Zichen nod his head without hesitation, were they too afraid of the three of them.But only now did they realize that Tang Zichen wasn't too afraid of them, but simply didn't put them in his eyes ah, otherwise, how could he say to their faces, let the three grippers admire it, if they were grippers, then who else in the world was strong and talented handsome?

"Tang Zichen, you."Enji was furious.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't speak yet, it's not too late to admire my woman's posture first."

Saying that, Shangguan Rou uncovered her mask.

Suddenly, Shangguan Rou's beauty was displayed under the eyes of the three men, Shangguan Rou looked at Tang Zichen somewhat helplessly, she had gotten into trouble for Tang Zichen again, who let this Star Sea Academy lack beauty too much.

The three men, Enji, Earthworm, and Holly, were shocked when they saw Shangguan Rou, in an isolated island that was severely lacking in women and dared to go on a sow when they saw her, suddenly seeing a beauty of Shangguan Rou's level would really make people lose their minds.

The three of them were now, staring at Shangguan Rou in silence.

Tang Zichen said, "Three, are you done admiring?This is the woman I cuddle and sleep under the covers every night."

Enji was the first to say, "Don Zichen, you are not entitled to such a beautiful woman, if you know what to do, you should know what to do."

The earthworm said, "Fuck, I've grown up and seen such a beautiful woman for the first time, Tang Zichen, I order you to let me have it, to make it up to you, I'm willing to trade three ordinary female students with you, don't be ungrateful."

Holly also gulped, "Tang Zichen, we are members of the Sea Beast Squad, we often live and die at the bottom of the sea, beautiful women, we deserve to enjoy them, you don't deserve them yet."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Are you done daydreaming?"

"What?Tang Zichen, do you want to resist?Nor did you go to find out about the status of the three of us in the Star Ocean Academy, I see that you have quite a bit of potential, that's why I'm not making things difficult for you, that's why I'm wasting so many words with you here, if you don't know any better, then I'll be blamed."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen drew his sword and said, "You toads are only worthy of sleeping with a sow that is also a toad, you dare to be arrogant in front of me, you really don't know how to write the word death, do it, I'll let you have three strokes, after three strokes, then I'll be blamed for being cruel."

"What, let us make three strokes?What the fuck do you mean?Speak clearly."Enji yelled, he thought that one of them would be able to bully Tang Zichen without discussion, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would let them make three moves.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Are you deaf?Together, I'll let you have three strokes for the sake of your considerable talent, and I'm only doing this for the sake of a good meeting in the future, so why don't you do it?"


"Fuck you."Enji was the first to rush up, furious inside, the members of the Sea Beast Squad, which others could never join in their lifetime, were actually treated with such disdain.

"Buzz."Enji took out a huge iron chain in his hand, buzzing and sweeping it towards Tang Zichen, making a palpable and chilling sound, the pitch-black chain was at least as thick as a human's thigh.

As soon as he did, Tang Zichen could see how strong this Enji was, indeed a genius, his one iron chain swept, the power of the chain reached at least the 11th level of martial arts, the comprehension of the intention, must have reached the great success of having a sword in the heart, so, indeed a genius.

However, also who was his opponent, his opponent was Tang Zichen, a person who had reached twelfth grade martial power after combining swords, and was also strong in mesmerism, mesmerism had reached twelfth grade.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Self-defeating, you might as well ruin it."

"Wow."Tang Zichen's sword struck up, and Enchanted's chain instantly turned into a section.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword went up, and in the next second, from Enji's crotch, something suddenly fell down.

"Ah."Enji shouted, covering his bottom.

Tang Zichen's sword in his other hand swung, and before the falling object hit the ground, a blade swept away, canopying a mist of blood, and the object suddenly turned into a rain of blood.

"Ah."The other two, Earthworm and Holly, were taken aback.

Enji had only fought one time, but he was so badly defeated. The first website

Tang Zichen had wanted them to make three moves, but they didn't have the strength to do so, so waste it.

Earthworm and Holly were no fools, and knew right away that they weren't even on the same level.

"Run."The two immediately fled, not caring that Enji was tumbling in pain in midair.

Tang Zichen looked at the fleeing two, his gaze chilled, and the sword in his hand flicked again.

"Swoosh."The sword shot up and flew past Holly's hip, then followed by the earthworm's hip, and as one sword flew past two, two clumps of something fell.

"Canopy."Tang Zichen swung the blade in his other hand, and the blade's energy turned the two falling clusters into two bloody mist.

"Ahhhh."Only the three of them rolled in midair, Tang Zichen's speed was incomparably fast and his strength was even more profound, they were simply not on the same level.

Although Tang Zichen himself thought that his saber combined martial arts skills were considered very weak, but it depended on who he was compared to, he was still incredibly strong compared to them.

Just at this moment, a woman quickly flew in from afar.

"Stop."The woman shouted.

This woman was the female member of the Sea Beast Squad, named Jian Qiu, who was the strongest one among the members of the Sea Beast Squad and was the captain of the Sea Beast Squad.

"Jianqiu, save me."

"Captain, he cut me below."

Jianqiu understood at a glance that when they had just returned from the sea together, she had heard these three, going to get a woman, and asked if Tang Zichen really had a beautiful woman under him.Unexpectedly, she had just gone back to take a shower and came out, but this happened, three members of the team, were wasted by Tang Zichen below.

Jian Qiu's face was a bit white, and when her eyes looked at Tang Zichen, she was a bit angry that she had laid such a heavy hand to abolish the roots of people's lives.

"Tang Zichen, you are so cruel."

Tang Zichen looked at the woman and said, "This matter is none of your business, if you know what's good for you, leave."

"Impossible, I'm the captain of the Sea Beast Squad, let me learn your brilliant moves."Said Jianqiu, a blade of white light flashed on her body, a soft sword was pulled out from her waist, the sword came out like frost, the sharpness, it seemed to carry the smell of blood.

Tang Zichen internally concluded at once, this woman

, undoubtedly the strongest of them all.

"Swoosh."The sword in Tang Zichen's hand suddenly flew out, as fast as lightning.

"Puff."A sword broke through the chest and went through Jianqiu's chest.

"Wow."The powerful force pushed the woman backwards.

"Thud."Finally, Tang Zichen's sword pinned her to a nearby tree.

"Ah."Jian Qiu was silly, she, surprisingly, was not on the same level at all, how could, how could Star Ocean Academy have such powerful foreign students?If she had, then how could she become the first in the Battle God Ranking.

Unable to take a hit, also an Innate Great Perfection, she, not at all on the same level, those three idiots, come to mess with such people, no wonder they were wasted below.

"Buzz."At this time, Tang Zichen's figure suddenly appeared in front of Jianqiu, Tang Zichen said, "Sea Beast Squad member, too dirty, this sword is a punishment for you, the captain."

After saying that, Tang Zichen pulled off his sword, and Jianqiu who was pinned to the tree also fell to the ground, covering his chest, blood puffing out.

This wound, of course, couldn't die, even if those three were crippled below, but crippling the bottom was ultimately troublesome, and if you mended it, you didn't know how much function was left.

"All of you, go back."Jian Qiu bellowed to those three people.

Soon, the four of them disappeared over Tang Zichen's manor.

Shangguan Rou flew to Tang Zichen's side and busily said, "Zichen, you're too afraid."


"You looked so fierce just now, you showed no mercy to them at all."

"Either I'm strong or I was bullied by them, do I need to show any mercy?"

"Well, why are they all crazy as hell when they see me?"

"Starfish Academy, how much of a shortage of women there is here, you wouldn't know it, the international students who survive at the bottom of the barrel, they have no women at all, raping sows in the woods?"

"Ah, I don't know."

"Alone, so it's normal for them to go crazy when they suddenly see you here, alright, I don't want to talk about this, I have to continue studying my martial arts, my martial arts are too weak, I have to improve."

Shangguan Rou gave Tang Zichen a pretentious look, all four of the strongest people in the Star Ocean Academy were beaten up, and still said that they were weak.

Tang Zichen continued to study martial arts.

And Xinghai Academy, today was not destined to be quiet.

The members of the Sea Beast Team, who were worshipped and admired by all the international students in the academy, three men were crippled, and even the team leader, Jianqiu, had a sword pierced through his chest, and the person who did this was Tang Zichen.

This incident was destined to stir the Star Ocean Academy.

At this moment, in a certain room of the Star Ocean Academy, Maurice, who had been brutally beaten by Tang Zichen in the morning, was healed and now woke up.

As soon as he woke up, Maurice roared, "Don't stop me, I'm going to kill Tang Zichen."

"Brother, don't, you're not even a match for him yet."

"Don't stop me, even if I'm not a match, I'm going to kill him."

At that moment, a man ran in from outside and shouted, "Big brother, it's bad, something big has happened."

"No matter what big thing has happened, it's useless, I'm going to kill Tang Zichen."

"Big Brother, I just got the news, the members of the Sea Beast Team, Earthworm, Holly, and Enji, tried to steal Tang Zichen's woman, and were crippled down below by Tang Zichen, and even the team leader, Jianqiu, got a sword through his chest."

"Ah, me, me."Maurice, who had just shouted that he was going to kill Tang Zichen, covered up his blanket and looked like he was going to recover from his injuries.


"No sword in hand?"


"When there is a sword, how can there be no sword."

"It is better to have no sword than to have a sword."

"I seem to understand that having a sword in the hand is the feeling of the sword and the hand becoming one, and when reaching a higher level, the hand is the sword and the sword is the hand.I've been stuck on the idea that the sword can only be used with the sword and the sword can only be used with the sword, how can this reach the state of being swordless?To truly reach swordlessness in the hand, there is no longer any need to distinguish between a sword or a sword, any weapon is a sword, and all weapons are only swords."

Tang Zichen suddenly sat up on the floor, picked up that sword with a casual swing, and with a loud sound, the air was compressed.

"Hahaha, my sword intent has gone to another level, reaching the entry level of having no sword in my hand.Now, I have no need to use two weapons to combine my swords, one of my swords, or one of my knives, is enough to perform the combination at the same time."

After saying that, Tang Zichen waved his hand, the sword in his hand at the same moment at the same time, he performed the Killing God's Saber Technique and the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, the two martial arts of combining one sword, and the two martial arts of combining each of the left and right hands had already made a qualitative leap, and not only did the power reach a qualitative increase, but it also saved a lot of mental energy.

Tang Zichen's sword power from this swing just now had already reached the power of a thirteen-grade martial art.

Normally, only a strong person whose realm had reached the middle of the Unity Realm would be able to produce a Thirteen-Prince Martial Art out.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was able to do it now. Remember the URL

With the power of this martial art, Tang Zichen was afraid that the first and second levels of the Early Unity Realm were no longer rivals, and even the third level might not have won Tang Zichen, who was at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, could fight.

Tang Zichen's realm hadn't completely stepped into the Unity Realm, but his strength, however, could fight with the entire Early Unity Realm in a battle, Tang Zichen at the moment kind of wanted to find an expert to compete with.

"Tang Zichen."Shangguan Rou walked in from outside.

"What is it?"

"You finally finished your research, huh?It's been a day and two nights."Shangguan Zou said.

"What?Two days and nights?"

"Yeah, you've been sitting here for a day and two nights, not moving, I'm afraid to call you."

Tang Zichen was horrified, he felt that he had only been studying here for a while, but Shangguan Rou said that it had been a day and two nights.

"What's the matter?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course something happened, you ruined the lifeblood of three people from the Sea Beast Squad the day before yesterday, and also defeated the Sea Beast Squad's captain, Jianqiu, with one move, which has already stirred up the entire Star Ocean Academy.The three people whose lifeblood you crippled, they sued you to the Heavenly Star Pavilion, and the Heavenly Star Pavilion has sent several groups of people to summon you, but I saw that you've been comprehending something, so I haven't bothered you."

"Oh, in that case, let's go to the Celestial Star Pavilion."Tang Zichen immediately went to the Celestial Star Pavilion, holding only a sword in his hand.

Shangguan Rou was busy reminding, "You forgot to take your sword."

Tang Zichen said, "No need to take it, my sword is my sword."


"You won't understand."

Tang Zichen flew to the Celestial Star Pavilion.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the Heavenly Star Pavilion, he found many international students surrounding the Pavilion, and when he saw Tang Zichen appear, those international students ran out and looked at Tang Zichen with adoring eyes


Unable to not worship, Tang Zichen defeated the entire Sea Beast Squad by himself.

Tang Zichen flew into the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you all day."The Heavenly Star Pavilion's master, Wanderlust said, Wanderlust looked at Tang Zichen with quite awe, although Tang Zichen hadn't reached his level yet, but with the talent Tang Zichen had shown, it was only a matter of time.

"Yes, I'm here, who's suing me?"Don Zichen said.

"You can see for yourself."

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that Enji, Holly, and Earthworm, whose lifeblood he had crippled the day before, were standing off to the side with hatred in their eyes, looking at Tang Zichen, and they were accompanied by a man from the first level of the Early Unity Realm, who was also looking at Tang Zichen angrily.

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen's eyes were on this man in the early stages of the Unity Realm, whom Tang Zichen did not know.

"Tang Zichen, I'm Holly's brother, Hobbs."The man said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, Holly's brother."Tang Zichen only nodded slightly, his face didn't show any cowardice, because, the first level of the Early Unity Realm, Tang Zichen had already ignored it.The current Tang Zichen was completely fearless at the first and second levels of the Early Unity Realm.The third layer wasn't anything to be afraid of either, and even, at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, he had the power to fight.Therefore, in Tang Zichen's eyes, Holly's brother Hobbs was a weakling, how would Tang Zichen show cowardice to a weakling.

The Heavenly Star Pavilion's Wanderer had been paying attention to Tang Zichen's face, and when he saw that Tang Zichen did not show any cowardice in the face of Holly's brother, a strong man of the Unity Realm, he couldn't help but feel a little confused.

"Brother, kill him for me."Huo Li pointed at Tang Zichen and yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted contemptuously.

Tang Zichen had ruined Hobbs' brother's life and was still acting arrogant and fearless at the moment.

Lang Tianya said, "Tang Zichen, you saw the thing, you used lynching to abolish the lifeblood of the three of them, now they are not satisfied, you yourself say what to do."

Tang Zichen said, "What should be done?If I'm given another chance, I'll still cripple the three of them."

Lang Tianya's face turned pale, Tang Zichen actually dared to say that in this situation, didn't he know that Hobbes was in the realm of unity?It seemed that there was a need for Long Tianya to let Tang Zichen know.

Long Tianya immediately said, "Tang Zichen, that, let me introduce you to this Hobbs, he used to be an international student at Star Ocean Academy, but he didn't leave until he stepped into the Unity Realm, and is now a staff member of the academy.In other words, this Hobbs, at the moment, is a strong member of the Unity Realm."

Wanderlust thought that Tang Zichen didn't know Hobbs' strength and was mad because he was ignorant.

However, Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior Long Tianya, you don't need to remind me in particular, I can certainly see that he is in the Unity Realm, and I also know that he is in the Unity Realm, the early stage, and the first level."

Long Tianya gave Tang Zichen a blank look, "Since you know he is in the Unity Realm, why don't you quickly lower your stance and beg for his forgiveness, I'll help you maneuver around again, you help Holly recover his lifeblood, then set up a few tables, and let this matter go."

"Hahaha."Don chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?"Wanderlust frowned and asked.

"Senior Wanderlust, thank you for your kindness, but no thanks."


"Tang Zichen, I'm speaking for you, you."Long Tianya's eyebrows furrowed, feeling that Tang Zichen was a bit unaware of himself.

Hobbs' anger said to Long Tianya, "Senior Long, what else do you have to say now?Are you still defending him?I'm asking you again, can I take revenge on him?I respected the Heavenly Star Pavilion before I came to ask for advice, if I didn't respect the Heavenly Star Pavilion, I would have gone to him privately, and I would have privately tortured him.But now you see, he still doesn't have a little bit of guilt and is so arrogant, it's tolerable."

Wandering with a snort, he said, "Hobbs, your previous request, I approved it, pay attention to the proportion, do not make a scene.And Tang Zichen, I've done my best to be benevolent, you can see to it yourself."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen nodded, Wanderlust said fit for him, but Tang Zichen didn't have to, just thanked him for his kindness.

Hobbs drew his sword and said, "Tang Zichen, you ruined my brother's life root, today, I ruined your life root, don't say I bullied you, I gave you three minutes to escape, after three minutes, I will immediately chase you.Start counting, one, two, three."

Tang Zichen didn't immediately run away, but said, "Don't count it."

"What? You don't even want the three minutes of escape time I gave you?"

"Hobbes, don't waste my time, just do it, if you really have the power to cripple my life, I'll do it willingly."

"Fuck."Hobbs was annoyed that he had given Tang Zichen a chance and he actually called it a waste of his time, what could be more infuriating than that.

"Phew."Hobbs killed Tang Zichen in a flash.

Tang Zichen looked at Hobbs' sword and had a clear judgment of his strength, or even so to say, his strength was weak in Tang Zichen's eyes.Although he had reached the realm of unity, the martial power he was displaying was less than twelve items, the only point worth praising was that his sword was full of bloody murderous aura, this point definitely had something to do with his long duel with the sea beast, other than that, there was no point for Tang Zichen to praise. One second to remember to read the book

With such poor strength, Tang Zichen was disdainful.

When everyone thought that Tang Zichen was also going to be wasted as a eunuch, only to see Tang Zichen's sword was not even pulled out, the sword was waved, and with a bang, an unbeatable sharpness attacked Hobbs straight away, although Tang Zichen did not even pull out his sword, but the feeling was the same as an incomparably sharp sword stabbing out.This was the strength of this sword intent comprehension to a higher level, with no sword in hand, it was the same whether or not to draw the sword.

"Wow."Hobbs, who hadn't gotten close enough, flew backwards out of the Heavenly Star Pavilion and fell headfirst onto the Heavenly Star Square.

"What."Long Tian Ya looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

Tang Zichen flew out of the Celestial Star Pavilion in the blink of an eye and stood over the Celestial Star Square, looking down at Hobbs who was blown to the ground.

Hobbs got up from the ground.

"Swoosh."In the next moment, Tang Zichen pointed his sword at Hobbs, and suddenly, Hobbs felt his whole body cold, Tang Zichen obviously hadn't reached the Unity Realm yet, but it caused him to feel icy cold.

Lang Tianya and the others were also busy flying out, Lang Tianya looked at Tang Zichen's back in surprise, and suddenly felt that Tang Zichen's back was unfathomable.

"Brother."Holly shouted.

Hobbs said, "Tang Zichen, I advise you not to do anything, this is the Heavenly Star Pavilion."

Tang Zichen put his sword away and snorted, "Hobbs, do you think I will kill you?Wrong, I'm not going to kill you, because my opponent is too lowly for me to be interested in killing you.I'm pointing my sword at you, and I just want to tell you to get out."<

br />

Hobbs gritted his teeth, feeling ashamed, he threatened Tang Zichen not to do anything recklessly, but he didn't expect Tang Zichen to say that his opponent was too lowly, he wasn't even interested in killing him.Hobbs had the feeling that he was being beaten down for elevating his status, he was too ashamed in Tang Zichen's eyes to even be interested in killing him.

"Tang Zichen, count you out."Hobbs grunted, twisting and flying away.

"Brother."Hobbs' brother, Holly, shouted after him.

He had just been so vocal about getting revenge, and all of a sudden, the smoke was gone.

Tang Zichen looked back at the other two, Enzhi and Earthworm, and said, "Now you know, it was the greatest gift that I didn't kill you guys that day."

Enzhi and Earthworm both trembled, Tang Zichen had even seconded Holly's brother, they and Tang Zichen, not only were they not on the same level, they were not on the same level at all.Tang Zichen was so powerful, scrapping them was already a gift, otherwise, just kill them.


Enji and Earthworm both flew away in a moment of ash.

Long Tian Ya looked at Tang Zichen as if he didn't recognize him a bit.

In less than a month, Tang Zichen had actually grown so fast that it was hard to see, and that inscrutable strength and the imposing presence that looked down on the world made him a little afraid to call himself senior in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen actually defeated an early Unification Realm powerhouse, which was like a myth in the hearts of the international students.

Not far away, two mid Unity Realm powerhouses silently looked at Tang Zichen, it was Yi Tianxing and his wife.

"Tian Xing, this Brother Tang of yours is really profound, he doesn't seem to have stepped into the Unity Realm yet, but he's even vulnerable to the Hobbes of the Unity Realm."Yi Tianxing's wife Yang Huan said.

Yi Tianxing nodded, "Yes, I was shocked to see him today, it's only been a short time since I saw him, yet he's changed so much.Do you remember when I told you before that Tang Zichen knows the Sucking Power Technique?At that time, I felt that Brother Tang's future was unpredictable, so I got on good terms with him early, but now it seems that there is really a trend."

"Then let's invite him to dinner tonight."

"Just as I thought."

At the Heavenly Star Plaza, Wanderlust flew in front of Tang Zichen.

"Brother Tang, you really surprised me."

"Senior Long is overpraised, I'll go back first if everything else is fine."Tang Zichen looked as if he was leaving.

Long Tianya wanted to say something, but didn't, watching Tang Zichen fly away.

Lang Tianya didn't know what to think inside.

"What are you thinking about?"Yi Tianxing flew to Wanderlust's side and asked with a smile.

"Yi Tianxing, you saw what Tang Zichen did just now, right?"


"What exactly is Tang Zichen's origin, a district at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection, he defeated Hobbes at the early stage of the Unity Realm so easily, either, he possesses astonishing talent or, he possesses astonishing means."

Yi Tianxing said, "Tang Zichen has both, don't you see?Just now when Tang Zichen made his move, that momentum, it was clear that his comprehension of sword intent reached the point where he had no sword in his hand, and although I didn't see him perform his martial arts, I'm sure that his martial arts are at least the might of a thirteenth grade."


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