The King of Kungfu in school 736-740


Chapter 736

With this Life Crystal, Tang Zichen's strength was so much stronger, Tang Zichen was a little excited thinking about it, with the Life Crystal, I'm afraid that even the early first level of the Unity Realm could have a go.

The ability to blind others' eyes was not something to brag about.

With the Life Crystal, Tang Zichen roamed the entire sea, and all the sea beasts under the Unity Realm had no opponent for Tang Zichen, and all of them were killed directly.

Even for humans, under the Unity Realm, there was definitely no opponent left.

"Hahaha, that's great."

In one morning, Tang Zichen killed more than ten eleven or more sea beasts, each of them sucked in their spiritual energy, although it was shallow, one day it could accumulate less into more.

And so, Tang Zichen killed until evening, killing a total of twenty sea beasts.

Tang Zichen sucked in the spiritual energy of twenty sea beasts, finally feeling, a bit touched by the second level of the Innate Great Perfection realm that he had long ago touched.

"It's almost time, let's go back first and kill them again, I'm fatigued myself, the realm is a bit loose now, go back and quietly comprehend and try to break through to the second level of the Innate Great Perfection."

Tang Zichen resolutely left the ocean depths.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to see if he could encounter a sea beast whose strength had reached the Unity Realm, which was above twelve pins, but unfortunately, he didn't.After all, it wasn't that easy to encounter a sea beast that had reached the Unity Realm, and even if you wanted to, you would need to go farther into the ocean. The first website

The stars were already bright in the sky as Tang Zichen soon returned to the place where he had gone down to the sea in the morning.

"Why did you only come up here, you worried me to death."Shangguan Rou ran out from the side, Tang Zichen went down for a day, she was worried that Tang Zichen would die at the bottom of the sea.

"It's fine, the sea within a hundred kilometers near Star Ocean Academy is no threat to me, alright, I'm also mentally tired, let's go back and rest."


After Tang Zichen went back, he immediately entered his room for quiet comprehension, preparing to impact the second level of the Innate Great Perfection.

The next day, Tang Zichen finally broke through to the second level of the Innate Great Perfection.

"My my, finally broke through to the second level of the Great Perfection, this one small realm layer by layer, it's too difficult to break through, this if it wasn't for the Sucking God's Great Law, just relying on my own cultivation, I really don't know how long it would take, no wonder the foreign students here, it's decades at every turn."

Tang Zichen walked out of the room, Shangguan Rou was trying to cook rice, however, it seemed like it couldn't be cooked properly, and she looked frustrated.

"What are you doing?"

"You're up."

"I was practicing last night and didn't sleep at all, you want to cook?"

"Yeah, unfortunately, I'm too stupid."Shangguan Zuo was depressed, she had wanted to boom Tang Zichen to be happy, but she didn't expect to mess it up.

"Oh, you're a thousand-year-old lady after all, how could you possibly use such foul language, not to mention the cooking conditions here are so primitive."

"Have you noticed that we haven't had a bit of food since we ate a meal the morning before yesterday until now?"Shangguan Zou said.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was a little ashamed to see Shangguan Rou's stomach grumbling, but he hadn't even given her a full meal.

When Tang Zichen went to look for Yi Tianxing the day before yesterday, he brought back a little breakfast and hadn't eaten since then.

Tang Zichen said, "Look.

Come on, I need to recruit a few international students, at least someone can serve them, but I don't want to bother, and if I recruit international students, I definitely need to help them out a bit, like with the monthly duel."

"Tang Zichen, I'm at the ninth level of my lullaby, so what's my level of mesmerism?"

"At least twelve pins now, you can go and assess twelve pins of mesmerist, after you succeed in your assessment, you can also be qualified to build a home, you can go and assess these few days all right, Star Ocean Academy's certificate of mesmerist is the most authoritative."

"Good, hehehe."The more Shangguan Rou thought about it, the more excited she became, when she came to Star Ocean Academy, she was only an eight-grade mesmerist, although with her age of 20 years old, an eight-grade mesmerist was already very powerful, but she didn't expect that in just over a month, she had already become a twelve-grade mesmerist, all of this was bestowed by Tang Zichen.

"Shangguan Rou, you're twenty years old this year, twenty years old to reach the age of an eight-grade mesmerist, you're also considered to be very impressive, when this news is spread back, your family will definitely be proud of you, and I'm afraid there's no one more talented than you among mesmerists in the entire Yanhuang Empire."

"Overpraised."Shangguan Rou said with pride, but she wasn't proud, because no matter how powerful she was, she was still always below Tang Zichen.

Just at this moment, a man flew in from outside.

"Hello, Senior Tang."

"Who are you?"Tang Zichen's eyes looked at this late innate man who flew in.

"Senior Tang, you're also an international student from the Yanhuang Empire, right?"


"Then, you should know Yan Plunder."

"Yan what plunder, don't know."Tang Zichen a huff, this person does not directly explain the intention of coming, jibber jabber also sell relations, Yan what swept, sick.

That person heard Tang Zichen's very disrespectful appearance to Yan what swept, was a little surprised, and there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

"Senior Tang Zichen, Yan Gou is the prince of our Yanhuang Empire who came to study at Star Ocean Academy, he is 29 years old this year, he cultivated to Innate Perfection some time ago and just established his homeland, I am also from the Yanhuang Empire, and at the same time I am under His Highness Yan Gou's command.You have just disrespected His Highness Yan Plu, I am really surprised."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, he seemed to remember, when he first arrived at Star Ocean Studies, a certain organization head named Andrew, told him about this person, saying that Yan Plu was very talented, only twenty-nine years old and had reached Innate Great Perfection, worthy of having strong genes.Now Tang Zichen suddenly remembered.

"Prince Yan Gou?Oh, what does he have to do with you coming over to me?"

"Senior Tang, Prince Yan Gou heard that you are also from the Yan Huang Empire, so, very much wanted to meet you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why didn't you come if you wanted to see me?"

"Uh, you!"That person is a bit angry, isn't Tang Zichen a bit ignorant of himself, what status is Tang Zichen, what status is Yan Plu, who is going to meet who?

"Senior Tang Zichen, His Highness Yan Gou is the prince of our Yanhuang Empire, he asked me to inform you to go to his manor, he wants to see you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, this Yan Plu prince, just reached the innate great perfection some time ago, must have only reached the first level of the great perfection, among all the innate great perfection, must be the strength of the bottom level, Tang Zichen now already seconds him 48,000 miles to go, under the unity realm Tang Zichen is definitely invincible.In the eyes of many people, the Prince of Yanwu, who reached innate completion at the age of 29, is a very talented and strong person.But compared to Tang Zichen, the difference was so great that it was embarrassing to hit people.


"Tang Zichen, Prince Yanwu has spoken, whether you go or not, you can decide for yourself, it's your honor that Prince Yanwu is looking for you, you are so ungrateful, I hope you recognize your own identity."This late innate man in front of him looked like he was reprimanding Tang Zichen.

A fire surged within Tang Zichen, he was at the second level of the Innate Great Perfection, an invincible existence under the entire Unity Realm, but he was actually being reprimanded by this late innate dog slave.This dog slave was nothing more than a dog fighting for power, thinking that he was the Yan Plunder Prince, but he actually dared to reprimand Tang Zichen for coming.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped him in the chest in an instant.

"Clack."That dog slave suddenly had all the ribs in his chest broken.

Tang Zichen was also on fire, so he did not leave any room for his hand, and this slap was no lighter than the slap that Mu Qianzhi had given to Andrew, which meant that the dog slave, had been completely ruined.

"You, you you."The late innate dog slave's mouth spat out bruises and pointed angrily at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen grabbed him and held him up in front of him and said, "You fucking remember, I'm a senior at the second level of the Innate Great Perfection, you're just a prince's dog, you're a dog, but you're disrespectful to me, what kind of dog are you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen threw him viciously outside the fence.

Unfortunately, the man was unable to get up at all and collapsed to the ground, shouting, "Tang Zichen, I am the beloved of His Highness Yan Plu, if you dare to injure me like this, His Highness will not spare you."

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, and didn't bother with the dog slave that was thrown outside.

Shangguan Rou said, "Tang Zichen, he is the prince's henchman after all." Remember the website

"Is it okay for a henchman to dogfight in front of me?It's lucky that Star Ocean Academy can't have private duels, or I'd stomp him to death."

"Prince Yan Plunder asked you to, are you going?"

"Hmph, if you want to see me, take the initiative to come to me."

"But he's a prince, so how could he come to you personally, and the fact that Yan Gou was able to pass the test of the Yanhuang Empire's royal family shows that he's a prince with great potential and talent, and his status is even more noble than the average prince.The forty princes you serve, Yan Qiang, have a huge difference compared to this Yan Qiu.It's best not to offend this Yan Gou, lest you cause more trouble."

"Hahaha, I, Tang Zichen, vow to never be threatened by anyone again, so what if the prince."Tang Zichen said.

Shangguan Zhuo said, "At least Yan Plucked prince is looking for you for something, maybe it's good."

"Fine, then I'll condescend to go and see what he wants from me."

"I'll accompany you."Shangguan Rou said.

Tang Zichen nodded, the reason why Shangguan Rou accompanied Tang Zichen was probably because she was afraid that Tang Zichen would be too impulsive, Tang Zichen was so talented, his self-confidence had already exploded, he could no longer stand half of the grievances, that was why, the more talented he was, the more isolated and unyielding he was.

On the way to Prince Yan Swallow, Shangguan Rou said, "Tang Zichen, why do you want to go and assist the Forty Princes Yan Want?In fact, I'm recommending a better prince to you, he's the thirty-third prince, Yan Jing."

"Why would you recommend this prince to me?"

"Hehe, to tell you the truth, Yan Jing's mother, she married over from our Shangguan family, her name is Shangguan Ping, and she's also my aunt, so Prince Yan Jing, his mother's power is our Shangguan family.As for your auxiliary, Yan肆, his mother is just a palace maid, she is not at all

Without the power of the mother clan, you might as well be supporting my cousin."


"My aunt's son, of course he's my cousin, the prince's cousin, well."

Tang Zichen smiled, "No wonder you got the international student quota so easily."

"Cut, my girl reached the 8th grade mesmerist at the age of 19 and was awarded the title of Imperial Talent at the age of 19. With this mesmerist talent of mine, even if I don't go through the connections and rely on the normal procedures to run for election, I still have a high chance of coming."Shangguan Zuo said.

As expected, Shangguan Rou's international student quota was through going through connections, but she was also right, if she didn't go through connections, with her talent in mesmerism, she also had a chance of at least 60 percent.

Tang Zichen just smiled and didn't deny her talent, otherwise how could she become such a strong mesmerist in an instant.

Saying that, to the outside of a manor house of Yan Plu, this was the Yan Plu prince's manor.

Prince Yan Plunder had just broken through to Innate Perfection some time ago, and this manor had just recently been acquired.

"Stop, who is it?"A man intercepted at the door.

Tang Zichen grunted, what an eye for an eye, haven't you seen such a famous Tang Zichen all this time?

Shangguan Rou was busy, "He is Tang Zichen, didn't His Highness Prince Yanwu want to summon Tang Zichen?Don't go informing yet."

"Follow me in."The gatekeeper said, Tang Zichen looked at this guard dog very upset, another dog fighting with others, facing Tang Zichen, an innate great success, but he was still so mouthy, not knowing how to respect his seniors at all.

However, after all, it was the prince's dog, and at someone's doorstep, Tang Zichen could not openly fight the dog.

Entering the manor, on one of the manor's leisure corridors, a gorgeously dressed man was lying on a rocking chair, surrounded by several women giving him a massage.

Tang Zichen and Shangguan Zuo walked up to him, and Shangguan Zuo signaled Tang Zichen and then paid homage, "Greetings, Your Highness Prince Yan Plu."

"Get up."Yan Gou opened his eyes, then looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "You are Tang Zichen?"


"Why don't you pay your respects when you see this prince?"

"My back is injured and I cannot bend to pay my respects, so I hope Your Highness will forgive me."

"You."Prince Yan Gou was angry and didn't dare, then he laughed, "Hahahaha, Tang Zichen, not bad, very personable, I like a minister with such personality."Yan Gou laughed, he wanted to get angry but didn't, but deliberately said 'courtier', telling Tang Zichen that you were just a courtier.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to argue with him, and asked, "I wonder what is it that Your Highness, Prince Yan Gou, wants to see me about?"

"Tang Zichen, I heard about your reputation two days ago, but I only heard today that you are a foreign student from the Yanhuang Empire, hahaha, what a coincidence, so this prince sent Ah Jin to summon you over.By the way, where is Jin who summoned you?Why didn't he come along?"The Inferno Prince was confused, but didn't think much of it.

"Oh."Tang Zichen snorted, that dog slave?He must still be lying outside Tang Zichen's manor, unable to get up.

"Tang Zichen, I haven't been back to the Yanhuang Empire for a long time, I hadn't heard of you in the country before, which family of the Yanhuang Empire are you from?"

"No family,"Don Zichen said.


"There's no family ah, then you must be an imperial talent if you can come here to study, which prince's auxiliary minister are you now?Still, you don't have any masters right now."

Tang Zichen always found it jarring to hear him say the word 'master'.

"I don't have a master, but I am the auxiliary talent of the forty princes, Yan Yu's auxiliary talent does."

"Err, a minister of Yan Yu's auxiliary?Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha."Yan Plu let out a loud laugh as if he had heard a joke.

"What is Your Highness laughing at."

"Tang Zichen, this is really too useless, for someone as talented as you to be working as a subordinate for that trash Yan Qiang."

"Oh, yeah."

"Tang Zichen, I admire you very much and intend to take you as my auxiliary minister, what do you think?"

"I'm sorry, Your Highness Yan Qiang has a kindness to me, I'm not willing to assist anyone but him."

Yan Qiu's eyebrows furrowed, a hint of displeasure appeared and said, "Tang Zichen, you should be an intelligent person right, between Yan Qiang and me, who is superior and who is inferior, can't you see that?You should know that princes like me who are able to come to Star Ocean Academy to study abroad have a completely different potential in the future.You should also know that there are so many princes in our Yanhuang Empire, not every prince can come to study abroad, but only those who must pass the royal examination."

"Oh." A second to remember to read the book

"Do you know what a royal test is?The Royal Examination is a very strict assessment, 20 duels are scheduled every day to simulate the dueling of the Star Ocean Academy for 10 consecutive days, this adds up to two hundred duels, only the prince who wins more than 195 duels is considered to have passed the Royal Examination and can go to study abroad.And I, not only passed the assessment, but I won all 200 duel fights, so you should see my talent and future potential, perhaps, in the future I will be the emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, you are smart, you should know what to do.And that Yan肆 you serve, as far as I know, when he took part in the royal examination at that time, he won only thirty out of two hundred duels, such a useless prince, you actually dare to say something about knowing what to do in front of me."

"Uh, really? So, Your Highness is very talented."The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth rose, in Tang Zichen's eyes, 29 years old before reaching the Innate Great Perfection, what was strong.

However, regarding the prince of the Yanhuang Empire having to pass a royal examination to study abroad, this Tang Zichen didn't know, when he came here, Yan Qiang only said that he hadn't passed the examination, otherwise he would have come two years ago.But thinking about it, princes aren't ordinary people, they would be at a great loss if their talent isn't good enough and they die in a duel with a sea beast at the Star Sea Academy, so they must make sure that the probability of dying on the dueling stage is very, very small before they can study abroad.

Yan Gou stood up and said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you've also just stepped into the Innate Great Perfection?"

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen was indeed, but Tang Zichen had broken through to the second level of the Innate Great Perfection last night.

"Tang Zichen, in that case, let's have a battle, I'll also let you experience the strength of this prince."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid that's not a good idea, Your Highness Prince Yan Gou, you're a prince, in case I injure you."

"Bold slave, this prince was able to pass the royal examination, do you think it's luck?Hurt me?Do you think this prince is a rice ball pinch?"A hint of anger appeared between Yan Shu's eyebrows.

A hint of anger also appeared in Tang Zichen's eyes, actually calling him a slave, with Tang Zichen's current status, he couldn't tolerate this kind of bullying anymore.

"Your Highness Prince Yan Gou, it's not that I won't fight you, but I don't dare, swords are eyeless, it's really easy to hurt people.If Your Highness insists on fighting me, then

Please write a letter of disclaimer that I am not to be blamed no matter if I hurt you any."Tang Zichen said that Tang Zichen was going to make him write a letter of exemption and then fuck him up hard.

"Fine, since you're so cowardly, I'll give you a letter of exemption from blame."

The Yan Pluck Prince immediately wrote a letter of disclaimer, stating that cutting with Tang Zichen was an act he insisted on, and no matter if he hurt Tang Zichen any, or if Tang Zichen hurt him any, both sides would not be allowed to pursue him.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Your Highness, then please."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you made me write a waiver for fear of hurting me, this is a very insult to this prince, let's see how I will teach you a lesson."

After saying that, Yan Plu suddenly took an arrow step and flew towards Tang Zichen, that speed was extremely, extremely fast.

Tang Zichen was shocked, worthy of being able to pass the royal examination, he did have some strength, only, his strength was so low in Tang Zichen's eyes.

Not to mention.

In the blink of an eye, Yan Gou had already killed Tang Zichen, and was about to stab Tang Zichen's chest when he looked at it.

"Pah."A huge slap somehow dripped and suddenly slapped on Yan Gou's face.

"Boom."Yan Gou flew to the side in a flash.

Where was Tang Zichen's opponent.

However, Tang Zichen had the intention of letting him know how powerful he was, so of course, he wouldn't stop so easily.

When Prince Yan Pluck flew to one side and hadn't landed on the ground, without waiting for him to say anything, another Ghost Wheel duel went up and grabbed Yan Pluck's collar.




"Pah, pah, pah."

"Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah."Tang Zichen slapped left and right, so fast that the beating couldn't stop, and in this instant, Tang Zichen himself didn't know how many slaps he had given in total.

By the time Tang Zichen stopped, the Prince of Yan Plu, who was caught in his hands, had swollen into a pig's head.

Tang Zichen pretended to be terrified and was busy saying, "Ah, Your Highness, are you alright, I'm sorry, I lost control, I'm sorry, Your Highness."

At this moment, Yan Plu was completely knocked out, just slapped left and right, his head was spinning dizzy, and as soon as Tang Zichen let go of him, he suddenly fainted and sat on the ground.

"Ah."Shangguan Rou, who was standing not far beside her, was now stunned and looked at Tang Zichen with a reproachful look, beating the prince like this, if this was in the Yanhuang Empire, there would immediately be countless strong men who would come out in anger to exterminate Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted internally and said, "Your Highness Prince Yan Plu, sorry ah, that's nothing right now, I'll be leaving first."

Tang Zichen pulled Shangguan Rou away in flames, taking advantage of the fact that Prince Yan Plunder was dizzy and hadn't returned to consciousness yet.

After leaving the Yan Plucked Prince's manor, Shangguan Rou griped, "You've done it too lightly."

"Che, I did it on purpose, I hate these princes, always acting like they are superior, I slapped him to death, he actually called me a slave, looking for death."

"Tang Zichen, that's a dangerous idea, I don't believe that the Yan Pluck Princes will just let it go like this."

"So what if we don't let it go like this, I still have the letter of exemption written by his own hand, I have the letter of exemption in my hand, he was beaten like this, he is only to blame for his own inferior skills, even in front of the emperor, I still have reasons to defend myself."Tang Zichen was only not afraid, this time Yan Rou could only suffer a dumb loss.


In the manor of the Prince of Yan Pluck, Yan Pluck was fully awake.

"Where is Tang Zichen?"Prince Yan Plunder's eyes spewed fire and yelled.

"Your Highness, Tang Zichen is gone, Your Highness, how is your face?Would you like your subordinate to give you a blow job?"

"Blow you?"Yan Gou kicked the minion away.

"Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."Yan Gou touched both sides of his face, completely senseless and swollen old and tall.

Yan Plu had never been subjected to such anger in his life, but the hallowed prince was actually beaten up like this, of course, Yan Plu also trembled at Tang Zichen's strength.He was a prince, and had many more powerful men than him, what was Tang Zichen, who dared to humiliate him like this.

Yan Gou immediately rushed out of the manor, furiously going to settle the score with Tang Zichen.

As soon as Tang Zichen and Shangguan Zuo arrived home, the roar of Prince Yan Plu came from outside, "Tang Zichen, how dare you."

In the next second, Prince Yan Plu came in furiously.

Tang Zichen looked at him with contempt and asked, "Your Highness Yan Plu, do you have any more instructions?"

"Tang Zichen, you dare to hit this prince."Yan Gou gritted his teeth. The first website

Tang Zichen laughed, "Your Highness is joking, I am a grass folk, where would I dare to hit an honorable prince."

"You just slapped me so many times, I'm not done with you."

"Hahaha, Your Highness is so forgetful, we were just sparring, not fighting, I already said that sparring will inevitably cause harm, but you even wrote me a waiver to encourage me, have you forgotten all that?You're a prince of the Yanhuang Empire, you're not as skilled as others, injuring yourself during a cut, and still coming to trouble me afterwards, you've really disgraced our Yanhuang Empire.Your Highness Yan Plu, if you really want to save the face of your motherland, you should stop making trouble, lest others find out and lose your country's dignity."Tang Zichen said with a sneer.

"Tang Zichen, you did it on purpose, you did it on purpose to begin with."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Prince Yan Gou, this is the end of the matter, if you continue to be so unaware of yourself, don't blame Zichen for me being rude."

"Bold unruly people, kneel down for me."Yan Gou shouted, taking out the strength of a prince.

"Hahaha, do I kneel you want."


"Bang."Tang Zichen struck Yan Gou's chest with his palm and knocked him to the ground, saying, "Yan Gou, it's because you are a prince that I put up with you at every turn, if it were anyone else, I would have crippled him long ago, if you are still so ignorant of yourself, then don't blame me."

"Tang Zichen, you dare to rebel."

"Rebellion?You're just a prince and beating you up is a rebellion?Who the hell are you? You think you're the Emperor?Oops, you want to plot to usurp the throne."

"Tang Zichen, wait for me, I, Yan Gou, will not let you go, I vow not to destroy your nine clans until I do."Yan Gou let out harsh words and turned around to fly away.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

Shangguan Rou said, "Tang Zichen, you're in big trouble."


"Why did you just hit him."

"Who let him be so arrogant in front of me and made me kneel down, this kind of person is already offended anyway, are you still afraid of an extra slap?"

"Alas, it is now Star Ocean Academy, and he takes you

It can't be helped, but back in the Yan Huang Empire, it's different."Shangguan Zuo said helplessly.

"Hahaha, then I, Tang Zichen, will just have to wait and see."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, and his face did not look like he felt afraid in the slightest.

Shangguan Rou felt that Tang Zichen had changed a bit, compared to before he had even come out to study, now it was as if his self-confidence was very inflated and he wasn't afraid of anyone.

Tang Zichen's mentality had indeed changed a bit, in the past, Tang Zichen hadn't researched the God Sucking Great Law, so Tang Zichen was afraid that he would have his talent capped one day, or, that it would take decades, or even hundreds of years to become strong, and that he would be crushed to death after such a long time, so at that time, Tang Zichen was still very scrupulous of those strong people, especially those related to the Yan Huang Empire's court.

However, now that Tang Zichen had researched the God-sucking Great Law, Tang Zichen could become stronger more quickly, so Tang Zichen was confident in himself, and his heart began to swell, no longer willing to be oppressed.District prince, go to hell, Tang Zichen talent than him, why should he be bullied, what is a prince, a prince is great ah, and then jibberish, the prince also let him eat silk, do not believe in wait and see.

The prince of Yan Plu returned to his manor in anger, his lungs were about to explode, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would be so bold, he was a prince who had passed the royal examination, he had unlimited prospects, and he dared to fight.

However, this was Star Ocean Academy, he really had no way of holding Tang Zichen at the moment, he couldn't fight or defeat him.

Those few men of Prince Yan Pluck's were also furious when they saw that His Highness had been puffed up.

"Your Highness, things have come to this, we can only go and inform Senior He Lin, but he's on the attached island thousands of kilometers away, and it will take several days for him to come over."

"Regardless of how many days it takes, go send a flyer immediately and tell him to come to Martial Island immediately."


He Wei was a transcendent innate strong man who had accompanied Prince Yan Gou along to study abroad back then, as well as a transcendent innate expert guard by Prince Yan Gou's side, the same as Senior Asang by the side of Forty Princes Yan Gou, a transcendent innate strong man who had accompanied along to study abroad back then, except that Star Ocean Academy did not allow non-student students to stay, so he lived on an attached island a few thousand kilometers away nearby, so that if anything happened, he could come to support as quickly as possible via a flyer summons.

Princes of other empires, their guards were the same, residing on an attached island thousands of kilometers away.

"Tang Zichen, if you dare to humiliate this prince, I want you to die if you want to die and live if you want to live."Prince Yan Plunder gritted his teeth.

At Tang Zichen's house.

Shangguan Rou said, "Yan Plu can't beat you, he definitely won't just let up, he will definitely move to help.Every prince has at least one strong guard beyond the innate, and Yan Gou definitely has one as well, when he came to study abroad, he definitely had at least one guard beyond the innate to follow him.When I was at the Goddess Organization before, I heard that there was an attached island thousands of kilometers away from the Star Ocean Academy, and the accompanying guards and others were temporarily residing on the attached island, so I guess that Prince Yan Gou's beyond innate guards must be there as well."

Tang Zichen snorted, "So what if it's there, I'll let him know what it means to find shit, Prince Yan Plunder, if you don't know what's good for you, don't force me to make him eat silk."

"You."Shangguan Rou was speechless, Tang Zichen was actually not worried at all, she was worried to death, really the emperor is not anxious eunuch.

Where does Tang Zichen need to worry, the transcendent innate guards of the Prince of Yan Plunder, bracing for death is the first and second level of the early stage of the Unity Realm, Tang Zichen now has the Life Crystal, may not dare to fight with the Unity Realm, not to mention, Yi Tianxing this friend, is it for nothing ah.


Next, every day, Tang Zichen went down to the sea early in the morning to kill sea beasts and stayed there until it was dark.

Every day, he could kill about twenty sea beasts, only, they were all a little higher than his realm.

Just like this, Tang Zichen killed continuously for seven days.

In total, he had killed over 150 sea beasts.

Tang Zichen also sucked in the spiritual energy of 150 sea beasts.

Tang Zichen was about to burst with exhaustion after seven days of continuous killing.

Finally, Tang Zichen felt his spiritual energy being filled again, then, finally touching the third level of the realm.

Tang Zichen hurriedly went back to his closed door, if he didn't hit the third level, Tang Zichen really wouldn't be able to hold on.

In the past seven days, Tang Zichen had almost died at least ten times because he was under siege.

After Tang Zichen returned to the manor, he closed the door for two hours and finally broke through to the third level of Innate Perfection.

"Yay, that's wonderful, I only used one week to break through from the second level of Innate Great Perfection, to the third level.However, I did put in a good amount of effort, I'm going to have a good rest next, it's too much." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was about to take a good rest when suddenly, Shangguan Rou ran in and shouted, "It's not good."

"What's wrong?I'm going to rest for half a month now, no matter what, I don't want to pay attention to anything, you can take care of it for me, you're not weak anymore, you still have this ability."Tang Zichen said to Shangguan Rou, these past few days, Shangguan Rou also went to the beach every day, although she couldn't accompany her down to the sea, but she waited for Tang Zichen to return at the beach, at the same time, she herself also tried to cultivate the lullaby, Shangguan Rou's strength, is also very strong, of course, referring to the aspect of mesmerism.

"Tang Zichen, run."

"Uh, run?Run what run?"

"I've only just heard about it, have you forgotten that seven days ago, you assaulted the Prince of Yan Plunder?Yesterday, that Unity Realm guard of the Yan Swept Prince came, we went out to sea these days, so we didn't find you, but today they heard that you're back, that Unity Realm powerhouse will be here soon, so run."Shangguan Rou said anxiously.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, if Shangguan Rou hadn't mentioned it, Tang Zichen would have forgotten about the Prince of Yan Plunder.


Just at this moment, a yell came from outside, "Run?Where do you run?"

In the next second, a strong man who surpassed the innate entered Tang Zichen's manor in a flash.

Not long after, Prince Yan Pluck also flew in.

Prince Yan Pluck pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "He Lin, that's him, kill him for me, I'll be responsible for everything that happens."

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the old man of the Unity Realm, judging by the momentum on his body, it was similar to Senior Ah Sang, then, it must be someone from the first level of the early Unity Realm.

Facing the strong man of the Unity Realm, Tang Zichen couldn't be faster than the others, so escaping was impossible, and there was no chance to even go looking for Yi Tianxing.

However, Tang Zichen didn't think of escaping, but instead fought him.

"You are Tang Zichen?"The old man asked with grim eyes.

"Yes, which one are you?Don't report your name yet."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, as a citizen of the Yan Gou Empire, you are blatantly bullying the prince, you deserve to die for your crimes.As an auxiliary minister of His Highness Yan Gou, I will not let you off today."

"Hmph, as a citizen of the Yan Huang Empire, I will never allow anyone to bully me, even a prince would not want to bully me."

"Good, Tang Zichen, today I will fight for the empire's emperor and kill you, you treacherous traitor by hand."


sp; "What a traitor."Tang Zichen's gaze was fixed, the Life Crystal in his hand always at the ready, today was the first time he had fought a battle that transcended innate nature.

Prince Yan Plunder roared, "Go on, what are you waiting for, kill this treacherous madman."

That old man called He Lin nodded, the veins in his hands shot up, and in the next moment, his entire body flew up towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was always on guard, he knew that Unity Realm powerhouses were so fast that he couldn't miss even a blink of an eye, so the moment the old man's body moved, Tang Zichen immediately poured internal energy into the Life Crystal in his hand.

The old man's speed was indeed fast, and he reached Tang Zichen in the blink of an eye.

However, all of a sudden, the crystal ball in Tang Zichen's hand lit up as if it was as bright as the sun.

The old man's eyes were suddenly stimulated, feeling as if he was blind.

Tang Zichen brought out one hundred percent concentration and slapped the old man's head at the same time the moment the crystal ball lit up, and it was fortunate that the old man was half a head shorter than Tang Zichen, otherwise it wouldn't have been so easy.

"God-sucking Great Law."Tang Zichen knew that his chances were limited, the moment he touched the top of the old man's head, he applied the Sucking God Great Law to wildly suck, even a fraction of a second of wildly sucking would be enough to deal a fatal blow to this old man.

Sure enough, in less than a blink of an eye, the body of the old man of the Unity Realm retreated.

"You."The Unity Realm old man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, at this moment, he felt like his soul had just been pulled away from him, and felt a bit of a strange pain in his head, just for a blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen held the crystal ball in his hand and snorted, "You're nothing more than that."

The old man trembled with anger.

The Prince of Yan Plunder was dissatisfied, "He Lin, how do you do things, I told you to slap him to death, where did you slap him to death."

The old man of the Merging Realm bit his teeth and shot up at Tang Zichen once again.

Tang Zichen likewise immediately poured internal energy into the crystal ball at that moment, just as the crystal ball glowed when the old man reached his eyes.

However, at that moment, the old man closed his eyes in order to not be affected by Tang Zichen's crystal ball, and after recognizing Tang Zichen's direction, he struck him with a blind palm.

Tang Zichen's heart was happy, this silly old man.

Tang Zichen suddenly a ghost wheel decision, a flash behind the old man, then a palm pressed on the top of the old man's head.

"Sucking God's Great Law."

This time, Tang Zichen occupied a favorable position and sucked a little longer than the first time, damaging the old man many times more.

"Ah."The old man turned around in horror.

Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Resolve flew back.

After all, Tang Zichen was innate and couldn't withstand any strike from the Unity Realm powerhouse.

He had already used the Divine Sucking Law twice on the old man, which had already caused him fatal damage.

As expected, the old man appeared to be in a trance at the moment, as if he couldn't concentrate.

"Ah, how did this happen?What the hell did he do to me?"The old man secretly spoke within.

Missing one after another, this made the Prince of Yan Plunder very dissatisfied.

"He Lin, you old immortal, I told you to kill Tang Zichen, what are you dilly-dallying for?"The Yan Pluck Prince yelled.

At this moment, the Unity Realm old man really had a hard time saying anything, this Tang Zichen's techniques were too bizarre, not to mention the crystal ball in his hand, what was even more terrifying was that he didn't know what he would do, causing his spirit to be greatly traumatized, his spirit was traumatized, this wasn't something that could be recovered from in a day or two, this was fatal.


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