The King of Kungfu in school 2251-2255


Chapter 2251

Tang Zichen talked with Ming Yue until the evening, and then Ming Yue left.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days passed.

Finally, the thing everyone was afraid of happened.

One morning after ten days, it was early.

"Please assemble everyone immediately."

"Please everyone assemble immediately."

Everyone hurriedly ran out of the military tent and assembled outside.

Only Captain Ming Cheng was seen, wearing a black armor.

"Everyone, please cheer up, the Immortal Court has issued an order to send out the troops at noon today."

"Woo-hoo."As soon as the captain finished speaking, a man in the team cried out.

"You."The captain was so angry that he was going to vomit blood, God, what kind of trash heavenly soldier is this. A second to remember to read the book

Captain Ming Cheng roared, "Insolent thing, as soon as you heard that the army was going to be sent out, you cried out, get out of here, you are not worthy to stand here and defile the sacred dignity of the Heavenly Soldier."

The crying celestial soldier ran away in panic, perhaps he was rejoicing inside.

But at that moment, there were more than two hundred cries almost simultaneously.


"Woah, woah, mother, I'll never see you again this way."

"Oooooh, I don't want to die, I'm so scared."

"You guys, you guys."The captain was really angry to the point of vomiting blood, he had just chased away a crying one, and in the next second, more than two hundred celestial soldiers were all crying along with him, which showed that all of them didn't want to go.

Tang Zichen also despised these people, people who were greedy and afraid of death.

Tang Zichen leapt and dragged back the celestial soldier who had just been driven away.

"Tang Zichen, why are you dragging me, the captain has said that I'm not worthy of being a Sky Soldier."The one who was dragged back said angrily.

Tang Zichen said, "Who cares if you're worthy.Captain, I dragged him back, even if he cries, I'll make him cry and join the war."

Captain Ming Cheng nodded, "Well done, even if he cries, he has to cry to go to war."

The scene immediately quieted down, crying was no longer useful, everyone was depressed, they thought they would also cry and be driven away, but they didn't expect so many people to cry along with them, the entire squad was only 300 people, the captain couldn't drive away two thirds of the celestial soldiers.

"Grass."The one who was caught back cursed in depression, if it wasn't for the fact that so many people were crying along with him, he really could have left.

Captain Ming Cheng said, "You guys are the worst soldiers I've ever led, you're going to be sent out at noon, all of you get ready, none of you are going to leave, whether you're scared, scared of peeing or scared of death, you all have to give go, whoever dares to be a deserter on the spot, kill.Tang Zichen, if you find anyone escaping on the spot, kill."

"Yes, Captain."Tang Zichen led the order.

"I am now appointing you as the vice captain, you can command anyone at will, and you can execute anyone who does not follow."

"Yes, Captain."

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone and said, "Everyone, I'll give you three seconds, after three seconds, whoever's face, still has tears on it, behead.One, two, three."

As soon as the celestial soldiers on the scene heard this, most of them panicked and wiped the tear marks on their faces.

Only a few, however, scoffed at Tang Zichen's words, not only not wiping away the tear marks on their faces, but also crossing their brows at Tang Zichen.

"Behead."Tang Zichen immediately locked the scene with three that still had tear marks on their faces.

Tang Zichen combined his two swords and killed the whole lot of them.

Those three were furious, "Who dares to touch me."


Chuckle, puff, puff."A few seconds later, Tang Zichen decapitated the three heads, and their primordial gods were decapitated along with them, annihilated in form and spirit.

"Ah."Seeing Tang Zichen beheading three celestial soldiers, everyone trembled and looked at the captain.

The captain did not expect Tang Zichen to be so crisp and clear.

However, he did authorize Tang Zichen to do so.

Shen Pill said, "Captain, Tang Zichen is so arrogant, using a chicken feather as an order, and you don't care about it?"

The captain said, "I support Tang Zichen, these three, I will report to the Immortal Court, for escaping on the spot and being dealt with by military law.Now we, the squad, still have 297 people left, I expect you all to cheer up and stop looking fearful, otherwise, if Tang Zichen beheads again, don't blame me for not reminding you."

Everyone dared to be angry.

After Tang Zichen's beheading, everyone was energized, no longer thinking about how to escape at all times inside.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Please everyone, sit down at the same place, today, let's drink a decapitation wine together."

The captain was startled, "Tang Zichen, what are you doing?Now that I'm here, I have the command."

The captain was speechless, he only asked Tang Zichen to be the vice captain, but Tang Zichen was good, making it sound like he was the captain now, and making everyone drink the severed head wine.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, today I'm telling everyone here that we shouldn't hold the intention of coming back alive, I'm telling you all clearly that these 297 brothers of ours will all die in battle in Nanzhan, and before we die, we'll have a quick drink."


"Captain, please allow it."Tang Zichen said.

The captain wanted to say more, but many of the celestial soldiers on the scene said, "Captain, let's have a quick drink, if I'm really going to die in battle, I hope I can have a quick drink before I die."

"So do I."

"So do I. I beg the captain's permission, I just want to drink hard at the moment before I go to war and kill."

The captain nodded when he saw everyone asking for a drink, "In principle, it's not allowed, because it's ordered from above, all the legions participating in the war must be ready to go immediately, they must be at the pointing field within two hours, and the whole army must leave at noon."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry captain, we will sort everything out within two hours."

"Good, Tang Zichen, if we delay the big event, you are the only one to ask."


After saying that, Tang Zichen took out hundreds of jars of fine wine from the Immortal Ring.

Each wine jar was a meter high, and was by no means a small jar.

Tang Zichen said, "Brothers and sisters, drink, one jar per person, after drinking, we will die in battle together, not for the same year and the same day, but for the same year and the same month, if you have the guts, drink with me."Tang Zichen picked up the wine jar and poured it vigorously into his mouth.

"Hahaha, hahaha, painful, painful ah."Tang Zichen let out a wild laugh.

The celestial soldiers at the scene were stunned at first, but seeing Tang Zichen drink so happily, they were also infected and also held up the huge wine jar, laughing maniacally as they drank.

"Die, then die, I don't want to escape, come on."A celestial soldier hissed.

"Ahhhh, I don't want to be a coward."

"Kill, I want to kill, even if I'm covered in broken bones, I want them all to be left behind."

"Hahaha, hahaha."

Everyone, under the influence of alcohol, was hardened inside and roared.

Just like that, everyone cried and laughed, and an hour later, Tang Zichen raised the remaining half a jar of wine high in the air and shouted, "Brothers, give me a drink, drink up, we'll be brothers again in the next life."


"Gulp gulp gulp."Tang Zichen drank the remaining half of the jar of wine, finishing it in one gulp, and slammed the wine steel on the ground.

The "clang" sound seemed to shake everyone's soul.

"Drink."Tang Zichen shouted.

Three hundred celestial soldiers entered the scene, and suddenly began to pour heavily, moment by moment, to finish the remaining wine.




A sound of smashing the jar, every one of them, it seemed that with this violent smashing, the jar shattered like a person shattered, and they all had a kind of courage within them that was not afraid to die in battle.

Then, Tang Zichen immediately tossed a pill to each person, a pill that would keep everyone sober, but not lose their drinking habits.

"Depart for the Pointing Ground."Tang Zichen shouted and was the first to take the lead.

"Depart."The rest of them also roared. The first website

Just like that, Tang Zichen brought nearly three hundred people, all raging and full of murderous energy, to the military pointing field.

The captain, Ming Cheng, was already waiting at the spotting ground, and the captain had already spoken to the general at the spotting ground, so no one was held accountable for their drinking.

"Fall in."The captain shouted.

Tang Zichen and 297 others were included in one of the 29th Corps at the Point Field.

Tang Zichen looked to the front and back of him, and most of the thousands of people in the other squads of the 29th Army Corps were even frustrated.

Tang Zichen knew that the entire Twenty-nine Corps, the entire legion, had been newly recruited a few months ago.

Right now, in the huge counting ground, cluster after cluster, neatly standing fifty thousand celestial soldiers, although the new recruits of the Twenty-nine Legions were full of frustration, the celestial soldiers of the other dozen or so legions, all of them had steely eyes and looked as if they were facing death.

At this moment on the general's platform, a Third Grade General swept a glance and said, "I thought that the ten squads of the Twenty-ninth Regiment were all full of frustration and devoid of morale, but I didn't expect that the last squad to come was filled with a battle intent to see death as if returning home, good, who led this squad?It's only been a few months and you can bring a team to this kind of momentum, not bad."

A fourth general under his hand said, "Back to the general, it was a captain named Ming Cheng who brought it."

"Ming Cheng, huh, this kid is good, call him up."


Not long after, Ming Cheng was called to that Second Pin General, busy paying homage, "Captain Ming Cheng of the Eighth Squad of the Twenty-ninth Army Corps, pay your respects to General Wuhe."

"Captain Ming Cheng, you are very good, only three months, you have trained a group of newly recruited celestial soldiers well."

"Er."Captain Ming Cheng hesitated, in fact, he was also confused, in the morning there were over two hundred people crying and trying to escape, but now they were all seeing death as if they were returning, but he knew that it must have happened after Tang Zichen made everyone drink.

"Back to General Wuhe, this is not my credit, but the credit of the lieutenant in my team, the one I appointed."

"Hahaha, in any case, it's your soldier that's right, go back."


Captain Ming Cheng also thought that he could provide some opportunities for General Wuhe to meet Tang Zichen by telling him about Tang Zichen's merits, but unfortunately, General Wuhe didn't seem interested, but yes, Tang Zichen was only a celestial soldier, his rank was still too low, even if he let General Wuhe meet Tang Zichen, with Tang Zichen's current rank, he wouldn't be able to find anything suitable if he wanted to promote Tang Zichen.


; Not long after Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the military counting ground, almost fifty thousand celestial soldiers were there.

Tang Zichen was just a small part of the fifty thousand celestial soldiers, standing in the midst of the fifty thousand troops, looking extremely small.

Right at this moment, the sky landed with three imposing and powerful men.

One could sense from them that they were very strong.

That second-grade general, Wu He, panicked and worshipped, "Wu He pays homage to the Three-Eyed War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the Dragon Bone War God."

It seemed that the three super-strong people who had suddenly arrived at this moment were clearly stronger than Wuhe.

These three people, one of them was called the Three-Eyed War God, why was he called the Three-Eyed War God, probably because he had three eyes, his three eyes were in a straight line, this person, his real name was Liu Heng; another one was called the Wind and Fire War God, this person's back, possessed a pair of fiery red wings, right now, those fiery red wings were still gently fluttering, every time they fluttered, there seemed to be flames jumping, they looked very strong, this person, his name was called Wind and Fire; the last one, was the Dragon Bone War God, this person, his body, from his shoulders to his waist, was wrapped around a sensible dragon bone, this dragon bone should be his weapon.

That three-eyed war god Liu Heng nodded his head and asked, "Are all fifty thousand heavenly soldiers here?"

"Back to the Three-Eyed War God, it has been assembled and is ready to go."

The Three-Eyed War God swept a glance at the crowd, the 50,000 Heavenly Soldiers who were there felt like they were being looked at by the Three Eyes, it was an amazing feeling, people just swept, but every single one of them felt like they were being watched.

"All of you, today, the Immortal Emperor orders us to go to the South Zhan Continent and eradicate the old Heavenly Demon who dares to defy the Immortal Court, will you all be willing to fight with me."The Three-Eyed War God roared with a loud roar.

Suddenly, this sentence seemed to ignite a hot fire on the scene, and everyone roared, "Willing."

The Three-Eyed War God hissed and shouted, "Go."

The Dragon Bone War God raged, "Liu Heng, stop talking nonsense with him and start the war."Even many of the previously frustrated faces of the 29th Regiment were now being ignited by the scene's anger in their hearts.

At this moment, not far from the barracks, in a Chaotianmen Street, the street on both sides have long been filled with people who came to bid farewell.

This go, may never return, the relatives of fifty thousand Heavenly Soldiers, all spontaneously came to bid farewell, however, everyone did not crowd the street, but stood on both sides.

And then, hearing a thunderous drumbeat from the direction of the barracks in the distance, everyone seemed to be nervous.

In one corner of the crowd, Ding Lan stood there with trembling hands, his eyes gazing at the other side of the street.

Ting Lan learned that she had come to bid farewell to the army today, but her heart was complicated.

Just then, from the other end of the street came the sound of trembling footsteps, the footsteps were neat and consistent.

Everyone's eyes looked and saw the three Super War Gods, Liu Heng, Windfire, and Dragonbone, leading the way to the Pilgrim Gate, followed by a long line of them.

People on both sides of the street were trying to find their loved ones from the line passing in front of them.

Ting Lan did the same, a line of celestial soldiers passed in front of her, but there was no sign of Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, it can't be that I didn't see them when they walked by."Ting Lan felt anxious and wanted to run forward, she had no other willingness at the moment, she just wanted to see him.

Ding Lan ran and ran after the group, but still, she didn't find Tang Zichen.

Ding Lan cried anxiously.


Just then, Ding Lan suddenly saw that the one in the row of Heavenly Soldiers in front of him, the one on the far side in battle clothes, looked very familiar, and upon further inspection, it was Tang Zichen.

Ting Lan was so happy that he suddenly wiped his tears and cried out, "Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen."

However, the scene was too noisy, and Tang Zichen walked through the line of marching soldiers all at once, not seeing Ding Lan.

Dinglan was busy chasing after him, shouting as he did so.

The front line had already left the Chaotian Gate, and the Chaotian Gate was the only way to leave the heavenly realm.

The masses of people who were sent away were not allowed to chase out of the Chaotian Gate, and many of them had to be sent here.

Ting Lan saw Tang Zichen getting closer and closer to the Pilgrim Gate, and Tang Zichen never heard her cries, and Ting Lan cried out in anxiety.

But so what, the scene was already full of cries.

At the moment, Tang Zichen was in a group of celestial soldiers, following the crowd out, and Tang Zichen saw so many people bidding farewell, and wondered if he had anyone to see him off.

Tang Zichen wanted to turn his head and look both ways, but General Wuhe had just made it a rule that anyone, not allowed to look both ways, could only look and walk forward, even if their loved ones were right next to them.Therefore, Tang Zichen could only look without looking away and walk forward step by step, and soon, Tang Zichen also walked out of the Chaotian Gate.

Ding Lan was inside the Pilgrim Gate, crying loudly, but the line of heavenly soldiers was still a long way behind. Remember the URL

Ding Lan wiped her tears and said, "Tang Zichen, I'll wait for you to come back, you must come back."

Soon, the end of the Heavenly Soldiers team had also left the Chaotian Gate, but many of the family members who had bid farewell were still not dispersed, including Ding Lan.

Ding Lan didn't know why she was so sad, it was obvious that Tang Zichen and her were a fake couple, and Tang Zichen had never treated her as a wife at all.

The celestial troop, marched for a day, and finally, by the next morning, arrived over one of the oceans in the Southern Zhanbu Continent.

At this moment, on the surface of the ocean, there were already hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers standing, seemingly waiting for the celestial soldiers to arrive.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was shocked to see so many demon soldiers.

There were only 50,000 of their Heavenly Soldiers, but the Old Demon Heavenly Demon's Demon Soldiers were, to say the least, over 300,000.

Even Tang Zichen was frightened and nervous.

However, Tang Zichen quickly came up with a sight, the demon soldiers of the Old Heavenly Demon had even Earth Immortals at the lowest level, and the highest level, Dao Immortal, Xuan Immortal, and Tai Immortal, were quite a few.

Although there were fifty thousand Heavenly Soldiers, the weakest ones were all at the Heavenly Immortal level.

"Ohhhhh."Seeing the celestial soldiers coming, the hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers on the sea cried out.

In the group of hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers, a black mass with a huge body slowly rose up.

Immediately afterwards, that black mass of air condensed into the shape of a human, a ghastly looking old man.

"Hahaha, hahaha."That old man let out a loud laugh.

The Three-Eyed War God pointed angrily, "Heavenly Demon, you dare to defy the Immortal Court and even presume to share a seat with the heavens, even more so, you have robbed the Heavenly Kun Divine Grass that should have been offered to the Immortal Mother."

The Wind and Fire War God also said, "Heavenly Devil, I advise you to lay down your weapons and restrain yourself, and we can even plead for your life before the Fairy Mother and spare your life."

"Heavenly Demon, if you remain obstinate, don't blame me for killing your Demon Palace with fifty thousand heavenly soldiers."The dragon bones on the Dragon Bone War God rose up.

The fifty thousand Heavenly Soldiers behind him shouted in unison, "Kill, kill, kill."The sound resounded through the four directions.

Tang Zichen, who was in the group of celestial soldiers at this moment, shouted kill just like all the celestial soldiers, bringing deterrence to the demon soldiers of the Old Demon of Heaven from the momentum.

But unfortunately, the hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers on the sea seemed as if dead pigs weren't afraid of boiling water, and also held up all kinds of swords, forks and spears

They all shouted, "Kill them all."

"Charge up to the Immortal Court and kill the old Immortal Emperor."

"Capture the Fairy Mother alive."

"Live wheel the Fairy Mother."

Hearing the arrogance of those demon soldiers, not to mention the Three-Eyed War God, the Dragon Bone War God, and the Wind and Fire War God, even Tang Zichen and the other Heavenly Soldiers couldn't listen anymore.

Tang Zichen raged, "This group of demon soldiers really needs to be cleaned up."

Tang Zichen couldn't resist the urge to start killing them.

However, over 300,000 demon soldiers, ah, although some were very weak, but, 50,000 Heavenly Soldiers, was that really enough?Tang Zichen was worried.

Old Heavenly Demon snorted coldly, "Three Eyes, the last time you came to annihilate me, you were beaten to death by me, do you think that this time, by calling for an extra bird and a rotten bone, you will be able to defeat me."

The Three-Eyed War God said, "Heavenly Demon, don't you dare to be rampant, today, I will behead you."

"Hahaha, big mouth, even if you Immortal Emperors come, you wouldn't dare to say such big words, oh right, you Immortal Emperors, just a guy who relies on luck, right, his fighting ability is so bad, if it wasn't for luck, he wouldn't even be worthy to give me shoes."

The Wind and Fire War God shouted, "You shut up, how can the Immortal Emperor be someone you can humiliate, the divine might of the Immortal Emperor, have you seen it before, how can you use a slaughter knife to kill a chicken, the Immortal Emperor just doesn't want to fight you."

"Hahaha, good one doesn't want to fight me, when I capture the Immortal Mother and press her down on my couch to wreak havoc, I'll see if that old man can still move."

The Dragon Bone War God raged, "Liu Heng, stop talking nonsense with him and start the war."

Three Eyes shouted, "All Heavenly Soldiers listen to the order, kill them immediately, kill them all."

"Yes."Fifty thousand celestial soldiers were suddenly swarmed.

Of course, hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers rushed up as well.

As for the Three-Eyed War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the Dragon Bone War God, the three of them were rushing towards the Old Heavenly Demon, and they had the most massive battle.

All the Heavenly and Demon Soldiers, that was like a small fight, while they, at every turn, thrashed the heavens and earth.It was only a short while ago that the four of them fought to a faraway place.

Right now, Tang Zichen and the others were fighting with hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers.

This was a complete bloodbath, a war in this situation, no more strategy, just fight.

"Puchi puchi puchi puchi."In a single instant, Tang Zichen cut down dozens of demon soldiers.

Tang Zichen felt relaxed, any demon soldier attacked Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen used Star Shift to transfer to the other side, while Tang Zichen used both swords together, like chopping straw in his hands, blood shot everywhere and heads flew.

However, Tang Zichen's eyes scanned, only ten minutes into the battle, there were already many celestial soldiers dead.

Tang Zichen's eyes hurt, after all, he was a celestial soldier who had come together, but seeing so many dead, his heart was not feeling good.

Now, Tang Zichen killed even more fiercely, he killed one more and killed faster, maybe he could save one more Heavenly Soldier.

The brutality of the battlefield could no longer be described with words, no matter if it was a celestial soldier or a demon soldier, heads desperately fell to the surface of the sea, the sea water, only a short while, dozens of miles around were already dyed red.

At this moment, in the heavenly realm, in a certain palace, in the void of that palace, a picture appeared out of nowhere, and in the picture, it was the celestial and demon soldiers fighting together, as if, it was a live broadcast.

In fact, it was a certain Immortal, using his heavenly eye powers, remotely transferring what he saw, back to the Immortal Court.

At this time, in the Great Hall of the Immortal Court, many many Immortals stood in the Great Hall watching that image.

The president of the Immortal Academy, Tang Zichen's father-in-law, was also among them, and everyone was silent as they watched the celestial soldiers decrease one by one.


Just ten minutes later, suddenly, in that empty picture in the palace, a brave and invincible person appeared, that person, as soon as he made a move, a whole bunch of demon soldiers died around him.

The killing speed was so fast that it was almost unimaginable, everyone else was killed one by one, while he, on the other hand, was killed piece by piece.

The more people demon soldiers attacked him, the more demon soldiers around him, but the more demon soldiers attacked him, the faster he killed.

A man sitting above the Immortal Court said, "This person is not bad."

At this moment, Ding Cangding, who was in the palace, panicked, "Reporting back to the Immortal Emperor, he is my son-in-law, Tang Zichen."

"Yo, what a coincidence, your son-in-law."


"Well, if he doesn't die, I will reward him heavily for this battle."

"Thank you, Immortal Emperor."

On the battlefield, everyone killed red, to the back, no one had time to care about anyone, all the celestial soldiers just kept on killing.

However, the movement on Tang Zichen's side had attracted the attention of powerful demon soldiers. One second to remember to read the book

"Earth Crab, go kill that man."


A Xuanxian level demon king rushed towards Tang Zichen.Previously thinking that Tang Zichen was just a small celestial soldier, the demon soldiers naturally wouldn't go to specifically kill him, everyone king to king, soldier to soldier, the war would only end if the upper level was finished killing.For example, if the Old Heavenly Demon died, these demon soldiers naturally scattered away in a huddle.

But I didn't expect that a Heavenly Immortal's Heavenly Soldier would have such a great killing power, it felt like a Xuan Xian killing an ordinary demon soldier, this was still true, immediately, a Xuan Xian demon king killed Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen instantly felt a powerful killing aura.

Tang Zichen immediately swept his eyes towards the place where the killing aura was coming from, and indeed a Xuan Immortal was killing towards him, Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it and diverted the attacks of all the demon soldiers that were besieging him to that killing Xuan Immortal demon soldier.

"Boom."That Xuanxian demon soldier's body stalled, but unfortunately, this bit of strength couldn't hinder him at all.

"Go die."That Xuanxian Demon Soldier raised a spear in his hand and stabbed straight at Tang Zichen.

In the next second, it stabbed right in front of Tang Zichen, but a layer of blue light immediately emerged on Tang Zichen's body, and Tang Zichen instantly reversed the power of the attack coming from that spear back to the other party.

"Wow."That Xuanxian Demon King's body took a few steps backwards, as if he had been punched back.

"You, you actually have two strikes."That Demon King was startled.

Tang Zichen had just blocked a blow from the Xuanxian Demon King, and was suddenly much weaker.Just like what the captain had said before, although his Star Shifting Technique could block the Xuan Xian, it couldn't block a few blows, and he couldn't afford that power with his current realm.

However, no one came to Tang Zichen's rescue at all, as everyone was fighting throughout the battlefield and had no time to care about anyone else, and this was especially true of the Heavenly Soldiers as the side with an even smaller number.

"What should we do?Without someone to save me, how many times can my astral shift technique block Xuanxian?"

Helplessly, Tang Zichen could only back away first.

"Hmph, if you want to leave, no way."That Xuanxian Demon King chased after him at once.

Tang Zichen was quickly stopped in front by that demon king.

"Run, have the guts to keep running."That Xuanxian Demon King was full of disdain.

After saying that, the Xuanxian Demon King once again killed Tang Zichen.


; Tang Zichen could only use the Star Shifting Great Law on him again.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's Star Shifting Great Law once again repelled the other party.

Tang Zichen used his opponent's power to repel him, this form could not seriously injure him at all.

"I must think of a countermeasure, if, I can store all the energy of the demon soldier's attack in my body and explode with a single strike when needed, so that I can greatly strengthen my power, but, the Star Shift Great Law doesn't have this function at all ah.The Star Shift Great Law can only transform someone else's attack into power and transfer it back to them while they attack you."

Tang Zichen's idea was like a storage battery that could store power in his body, if he met a stronger one, he would take out a stronger power, if he met a weaker one, he would take a part of it and store a part of it, in that case, it was suddenly much stronger.

Tang Zichen escaped again, and when Tang Zichen escaped for a few dozen meters, that Xuanxian Demon King came after him, but then, Tang Zichen closed his eyes in place.

Tang Zichen instantly entered the depth space, but he only had a few seconds to do so.

After entering the depth space, Tang Zichen immediately upgraded the Star Shift Great Law.

Tang Zichen had to modify the Star Shifting Great Law so that the Star Shifting Great Law could not only divert attacks, but also store power, already achieving the purpose of exploding with a single strike when needed.

Perhaps thinking particularly freely in times of crisis, Tang Zichen quickly modified the Star Shifting Grand Law.

The modified Star Shifting Great Law, to be precise, was no longer the Star Shifting Great Law, but an Immortal Law more advanced than the Star Shifting Great Law that could not only divert attacks, but also store them.

Tang Zichen named his upgraded Star Shifting Great Law: the Star Storage Great Law.

At this moment, in the outside world, it was only a second or two before that Xuanxian Demon King had caught up to Tang Zichen.

"Hmph, it's already this time, and you're still sleeping, go to hell."The Xuanxian Demon King seemed to have run out of patience, after all, a Heavenly Immortal had actually let him escape twice without killing him.This time, a single strike would kill him.

"Buzz."When Tang Zichen opened his eyes, the Xuanxian Demon King's spear had already reached Tang Zichen's chest and was about to pass through it.

However, in the next second, a blue light appeared on Tang Zichen's skin, and the Demon King's spear head resisted that blue light, unable to advance half a point further, the power carried by the spear was instantly absorbed by that blue light.

That's right, Tang Zichen, in the nick of time, used the Star Hidden Law, instantly storing the opponent's power in himself.

After storing the other party's power in himself, Tang Zichen made another unexpected discovery, he had just been a bit exhausted, but now that he had stored the other party's power, he suddenly became full of power.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Come on, continue."

"What's going on?What kind of immortal magic did you practice?"That Demon King asked in shock, he had already made three consecutive kills against Tang Zichen, the first two kills were blocked by Tang Zichen and he was also somehow blown back.The third kill, however, was still blocked, the difference was that he himself was not blown back.

"Cut the crap and keep killing me."

Tang Zichen now had to store up his power a few more times, and then kill him all at once, and then it would be to kill him back with several times his opponent's power.

That Xuan Xian Demon King was furious and killed Tang Zichen again.



Two more times in a row.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's body had stored the power of the other party's three attacks.


After storing his opponent's power from three attacks, Tang Zichen felt his body come, his body couldn't really store any more or he would surely explode and die.

Tang Zichen shouted, picked up the knife in his hand and struck out the power of the Xuanxian that he had just stored three times.

"Yah."Tang Zichen raised his blade and roared towards that Xuanxian Demon King to kill him.

This strike was flawless, this strike, and the earth shook.

That Xuanxian Demon King's face changed, Tang Zichen, a Heavenly Immortal, actually took out a power that was no less than his, he was an early Xuanxian Demon King.

That Demon King quickly picked up his spear to meet him.

"Dang."Tang Zichen's slash was the sum total of the opponent's power from three attacks, it was by no means simple, and with a clang, that Xuanxian Demon King's spear was shaken out of his hand.

"Puff."Tang Zichen's blade, downward, from the top of that Xuanxian Demon King's head, sliced into two pieces with a single slash.

Tang Zichen himself had never thought that he had actually killed a Xuanxian Demon King.

Only, after Tang Zichen killed the Xuanxian Demon King, his body was suddenly empty, as if his entire body had no blood, and his face was as white as paper.

At this moment, in one of the great halls of the Immortal Court, all the immortals who were watching, suddenly screamed in alarm. The first website

"That man, he actually killed a Xuanxian Demon King."

"Tsk tsk, he's just a Heavenly Immortal ah, how the hell did he do that."

Everyone was filled with doubts and admiration, although, since ancient times, the lower realms definitely couldn't kill the stronger ones, but there was no absolute in everything, there were always some people, although the realm was lower, but he was prodigious, using other methods, without using the power of the realm, he could eventually kill the higher realms, this kind of person was definitely a war god among war gods.

In the Heavenly Realm, those who could fight were called War Gods, and among the War Gods, that was even more remarkable.

Right now, everyone saw Tang Zichen through the picture, and their eyes were glowing, this person must be extraordinary.

In a certain corner of the palace, a woman of outstanding beauty looked at Tang Zichen's eyes flashing, as if, with just a glance, she saw it.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen, who was killing enemies on the battlefield, had no idea that there was actually a 'live broadcast' like scene in the Immortal Court.

Tang Zichen's face was pale, there seemed to be absolutely no excess energy left in his body, and this feeling of impending death was very unpleasant.

However, at this moment, a demon soldier saw it and shouted, "Leader."Seemingly, it knew the slain demon king.

"I'm going to kill you."That demon soldier became angry and killed Tang Zichen.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen's Star Hidden Great Law instantly absorbed and stored the power of that demon soldier's attack.

Tang Zichen's body was like a cell phone that ran out of power and was about to shut off automatically, and for a moment there was an extra bit of energy, which was far from enough, but it could save his life.

Tang Zichen didn't rush to counterattack, allowing that demon soldier to slash and kill him, so after dozens of times, Tang Zichen stood up and ended the demon soldier with a single slash.

And on Tang Zichen's body, it was no longer so lackluster.

Tang Zichen rushed to the group of demon soldiers that were scuffling in front of him.

Immediately, a group of demon soldiers attacked Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stored up his strength as he responded.

Because Tang Zichen had to store up his strength as he did so, Tang Zichen's killing speed was not as fast as before.

However, Tang Zichen believed that he

The life of the enemy was more important, or storing enough power in your body, that is, storing it until it could no longer be stored, and then killing the enemy en masse.

This storage was for an hour.

This one had also been attacked thousands of times, and he had stored all this power.

Tang Zichen felt like the power in his body was about to burst again.Tang Zichen suddenly stopped storing it and started killing it en masse.

This time, Tang Zichen was no longer afraid, and if a Xuanxian Demon King were to target him again, he would be able to face it with more ease.

It was just a pity that he could only store so much power right now, if he could store even more, he would not be afraid anymore.

How much he could store was definitely related to two aspects, one was his realm and the other was the profundity of the Star Hidden Great Law.

After that, Tang Zichen was no longer assassinated by Xuanxian level demon kings, instead, Dao Immortal level demon soldiers, encountered many, but, none of them were a match for Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen blasted them all.

This battle went on for eight hours.

After eight hours, the Dragon Bone War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the two of them flew back from afar with a huge, black head.

"All demon soldiers, stop."The War God of Wind and Fire shouted.

All the demon soldiers looked up and saw that their palace master, Old Demon Sky Demon, had his head cut off.

"Ah, the Sky Demon Palace Master."

All the demon soldiers were stupid.

Previously, the Three-Eyed War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the Dragon Bone War God had worked together to kill the Old Demon of Heaven, spending eight hours and fighting tens of thousands of miles along the way, and finally, they had managed to behead the Old Demon of Heaven.

Unfortunately, things weren't that successful, and the Three-Eyed War God paid a heavy price, the Three-Eyed War God's flesh body was destroyed, but the Primordial God fortunately didn't die, but it would take an unknown amount of time for the Three-Eyed War God to recover, and whether or not it would still be this strong after recovery was something else to be said.That Old Heavenly Demon, his flesh was cut off and his Yuan Shen fled, unlike the Three Eyed War God, the Yuan Shen of the Three Eyed War God was undamaged, while the Old Heavenly Demon's Yuan Shen was severely injured and had already fled to nowhere at the moment.

Therefore, the war ended with the defeat of the Old Demon of Heavenly Demons.

Tang Zichen and the other 50,000 Heavenly Soldiers were, to be frank, just foils, not the key point of this war, and now, a group of demon soldiers saw their boss dead and fled everywhere.

The surviving celestial soldiers that were still alive did their best to hunt them down, but also many demon soldiers still escaped.

The Windfire War God said, "Clean up the battlefield, count the numbers, take the wounded with you, and retreat."


After the battlefield was cleaned, 50,000 celestial soldiers, less than 20,000 were left, and more than 30,000 were dead.

However, more demon soldiers died, at least 200,000 demon soldiers died, of course, there were many weak ones, otherwise they wouldn't have died so much.

"All squads assemble."

Tang Zichen returned to his squad, unfortunately, the 297 people who were in the same squad as Tang Zichen were only about a hundred still alive, and nearly two hundred were dead.

Tang Zichen let out a deep sigh.

In fact there was no need to die so many, this kind of war, to win with the victory of the king, they only needed to send the Heaven's Eye War God, the Wind and Fire War God, and the Dragon Bone War God, they only needed to kill the Old Demon of Heaven and everything would be over.

However, the Immortal Court couldn't do that, because the Immortal World was already overcrowded, in addition, there were hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers, how could each of the Heavenly Soldiers, hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers if they besieged the three main generals, although they couldn't kill them, but they could hold them back, then, the old demons of the Heavenly Demons would join forces again, the probability of failure would increase greatly.


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