The King of Kungfu in school 211-220


Chapter 211

Liao Jia Yuan said, "Tomorrow Monday, Liu Yue challenges the first place Xu Yan, after Liu Yue and Xu Yan fight, while there are many people there, I will immediately go up and provoke Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen will definitely be furious, then you will beat Tang Zichen to shit in front of everyone."

"Everything is at Young Master Liao's command."Li Hao Lin nodded his head.

Liao Shui Niu smiled and said, "Hao Lin, beat Tang Zichen tomorrow, as hard as you can, just leave him with some rotten life."

Li Hao Lin nodded: "Uncle Liao, Young Master Liao, leave it to me, Tang Zichen's good days are over."

Liao Jiayuan and Liao Buffalo were both satisfied, forty million wasn't spent in vain.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun returned home, it was already late afternoon.

After Tang Zichen went back to his room and took a shower, he and Liu Chenming were watching TV in the living room.

The TV was reporting this afternoon's news of Tang Zichen clicking Lin Dongfang, but it seemed to be completely less atmospheric than the scene, with the news reporting it as if it was a normal thing.Of course, the fact that Lin Dongfang was taken away by a dog was not mentioned in the news.

However, on the Linjiang Window Forum, there was a fire posting about this exact incident of Tang Zichen.

In the comments of this post, many people found it irritating, and while some said that Tang Zichen was ruthless, many others felt that Lin Dongfang deserved it, and that this kind of rapist was the one who wanted to confiscate their murder weapon.

At Song Yu'er's house, Song Yu'er happened to see this fire post and had to say in admiration, "Although Tang Zichen's character isn't good, his scissors are really quite overbearing.It's a pity that such an outstanding bodyguard wasn't hired by me.But it doesn't matter, after Liu Yue defeats Xu Yan tomorrow, Liu Yue will be able to have a lot of glamour, and I'll cultivate and nurture him in the future, and sooner or later, Liu Yue will be able to be so domineering." First URL

At the hospital, Lin Dongfang had been resuscitated and bandaged by the doctor, who had to admire Tang Zichen's really damn beautiful cut.

Lin Dongfang had also woken up, but he was in a trance, and all he could think about was the face of the dog in the afternoon.He didn't know whether he hated Tang Zichen or the dog the most.

At this time, Lin Dongfang felt a rush of urine.

Lin Dongfang suddenly remembered, yeah, how did he go to the toilet?

Thinking of this, Lin Dongfang immediately looked and there was a small tube coming out of the gauze.

A nurse just happened to come in and asked, "Do you need to pee?Since you don't have a urinary tube anymore and it's not very convenient to pee for a while, when the doctor bandaged you up, he added a small hose so that when you have to pee, you can turn on the faucet of the small hose and you can let it out.It's very convenient, similar to a tap switch."

"Ahhhh."Lin Dongfang looked at the long water pipe and yelled, he didn't want a water pipe.

Angry Lin Dongfang, suddenly opened the faucet, urine from the faucet sprayed out, sprayed the nurse all over, it really is so convenient, in the future to go to the toilet, he only needed the faucet to open.Convenient is convenient, just not very beautiful.

A night without a word.

The next day was Monday.

When Tang Zichen got up and walked downstairs, Liu Xiangyun was sitting on the living room sofa, looking at an English magazine.

"Good morning, Miss."Tang Zichen greeted.

"Morning."Liu Xiangyun also greeted, and when she saw that Tang Zichen was wearing the clothes she had bought him yesterday, her heart was happy and sweet as honey.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Hey!"

"What is it?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.


bsp; Tang Zichen said, "I remember, today Monday, it seems like there's something big going on at our school, right?"

Liu Xiangyun nodded, "Yes, Liu Yue and Xu Yan duel, I'm afraid there will be many people from the society going to school today."

Tang Zichen smiled, all almost forgot, it's normal to forget things that have nothing to do with him.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Zichen, are you interested in this matter?If you want to see the duel between Liu Yue and Xu Yan, you have to hurry oh, you have to go now, otherwise it's all over."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I won't lie to you, it seems to be of some interest, I wonder if Liu Yue can really defeat Xu Yan."

"Then let's go now, no breakfast."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded.

Liu Xiangyun took two bottles of milk, then got into Tang Zichen's BMW and headed straight to the school.

When we were almost at the school, there were many breakfast sellers on the street, Tang Zichen stopped the car and Liu Xiangyun went to buy a few buns for the two of them.

Tang Zichen thought they went very early, but he didn't expect that the parking lot outside the school was already full of cars.

"I didn't expect so many people to be here already."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun chuckled, thinking that they were also a bit bored and rushing to see others duel early.But when Tang Zichen used to fight with Zhao Ritian and Liao Gayuan, other students also came early.

Before arriving at the stadium, Tang Zichen saw a large area of hydrogen balloons floating high.

It was even grander than the last time when Liao Gayuan had hung Tang Zichen.When the principal arrived just now, he was also shocked that the school's sports field was going to be ruined by these students.

The sports field was already full of many, many people at the moment, and the bleachers were almost full.

"Let's go, go in."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun walked into the sports field together, when a student shouted, "Tang Shao is here."

After all, Tang Zichen was popular, and as soon as he arrived, a student shouted.

Suddenly, everyone looked towards Tang Zichen, who immediately waved his hand at everyone, as if the leader was here.

When Song Yu'er saw it, she shouted in frustration, "Tang Zichen, you're not allowed to wave, today's matter has nothing to do with you, so just keep a low profile."

However, Tang Zichen was partial to waving his hands and also shouted, "Hello students, hello parents and friends, good morning everyone."

"Good morning, Tangshan."

"Good morning everyone."

"Not hard work."

Song Yu'er was so angry that she wanted to jump up, today's incident had nothing to do with Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen was so high-profile, making it seem like he was the main character of the day.

At that moment, suddenly a few students applauded.


Then, other people somehow followed suit and applauded, and in an instant, the entire stadium of students as well as people from the society came up to applaud.


Tang Zichen smiled and waved to the crowd as he walked, Tang Zichen thought to himself, "It seems that Ben is still quite popular."In fact, Tang Zichen himself didn't even know that everyone was applauding because they saw Tang Zichen click Lin Dongfang in public yesterday, and everyone had to admire this courage.This was something that everyone wanted to do but no one dared to do, something that they wanted to do but didn't dare to do, Tang Zichen did it, so everyone admired it, and when they saw Tang Zichen coming today, they all applauded and cheered.


Song Yu'er but to explode with anger, why Tang Zichen always want to steal her limelight.

Tang Zichen all the way from the entrance of the stadium, to the podium of the stadium, the middle distance of seventy to eighty meters, these seventy to eighty meters, Tang Zichen are walking while smiling and waving to the crowd, while the applause did not stop.

After all, this is not a glorious thing, and the principal is also hiding in a corner watching secretly.

Tang Zichen pulled out the chair and sat on the podium, Song Yu'er immediately came up in exasperation and said, "You're not allowed to sit here, this is not for you to sit on, watchers, go find a seat on the stand."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then who can sit here?"

"It's for big people to sit, like me, like Liu Yue."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You saw my popularity just now, I walked all the way in and the applause was non-stop, am I not considered a big shot?"

"Ahhh, Tang Zichen, how dare you even mention this to me."Song Yu'er was depressed at the thought of it.

"Why can't I bring this up."

"Tang Zichen, today's matter has nothing to do with you, who told you to make a fool of yourself here, I'm warning you, today you keep a low profile, do you hear me."

"Oh, I understand, hehehe."Tang Zichen smiled hehe, no wonder Song Yu'er looked bad, she had stolen Liu Yue's limelight, but thinking about it, Song Yu'er worked hard to use pit stickers to get such a big scene today, this is not for Tang Zichen to make a fool of himself. Remember the website

Song Yu'er secretly made a phone call to Liu Yue: "You sneak out of the stadium immediately and then re-enter the stadium."


"You're the star of the show today, you can't be taken advantage of by Don, pay attention, show some momentum when you walk in, just like Don just did, and wave to the surrounding audience as you walk to the podium."

"Oh."Liu Yue was helpless and sneaked out of the stadium.

Then walked back into the stadium.

Song Yu'er immediately shouted, "Liu Yue is here."

However, the scene didn't look like Liu Yue as Song Yu'er expected, and the audience was talking about their own business on their own.

Song Yu'er thought her voice wasn't loud enough and picked up the microphone and shouted, "Attention everyone, attention everyone, today's protagonist Liu Yue is here, let's welcome Liu Yue on stage with a round of applause."After saying that, Song Yuer herself snapped and clapped, but no one followed her applause.

Song Yuer's lungs are going to explode, why is Tang Zichen entering applause so warmly, today is the main character is Liu Yue, did everyone get the wrong person.

Liu Yue came to the podium while waving to the surrounding audience, but unfortunately, no one applauded, no one even looked at him.

It made it look like a fool was waving his arms there.

Tang Zichen felt like laughing when he saw that people didn't sell Liu Yue's face at all, and was happy to see that Tang Zichen was feeling really big.

Song Yu'er asked for trouble, depressed, looked at Tang Zichen, still sitting at the podium, immediately drove away: "Go away, go away, this place is not for the audience to sit."

Tang Zichen was pulled up by Song Yu'er.

"Alright, don't pull, I'll just leave, who cares to sit here."Tang Zichen prepared to leave the podium.


bsp;At this time, Tang Zichen saw that Li Xuan'er had also come, and Tang Zichen immediately walked towards Li Xuan'er.

"Li Xuan'er."Tang Zichen walked up to Li Xuan'er and called out.

"Ah, Tzichen."Li Xuan'er subconsciously called out, only after calling out did she realize that calling out directly to Zichen was a bit ambiguous in tone, and blushed.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's okay, I'll call you Xuan'er from now on too."

"Mm."Li Xuan'er nodded happily, suddenly seeing the clothes that Tang Zichen was wearing, wasn't it the same clothes that Liu Xiangyun had bought for her yesterday?

"Did Liu Xiangyun buy this dress of yours?"Kaylee Lee asked.

"Yeah."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Didn't Liu Xiangyun tell you to wear it after you've washed it?"

"Oh, I quite like this dress, I'm not going to wash it, I'll just wear it."Tang Zichen smiled, this was the lady's heart, Tang Zichen quite liked it, and couldn't wait to wear it.

Li Xuan'er gently oh, a little bitter inside, she also bought one for Tang Zichen, unfortunately, she would never dare to give it away, she would take that dress and keep it in her home forever.In fact, when she went to bed last night, Li Xuan'er held the dress she had picked out all afternoon and cried, it was just that it would always be something that only she knew about.

After Tang Zichen greeted Li Xuan'er, he was called over by Wang Qiang and sat down in a seat next to him.

Soon after, Xu Mei Qian personally drove the car and brought her sister Xu Yan with her.

"Xu Mei Qian is here."With a shout, everyone saw Xu Mei Qian walk into the stadium, the identity of the first big beauty in Linjiang City is not to be blown, as soon as she entered the stadium, the whole stadium roared up and applauded.

Song Yu'er saw everyone applauding again, really upset, why did Liu Yue enter the stadium and not give a little applause.

Behind Xu Mei Qian, there was also a person following, it was her sister Xu Yan, only, Xu Yan was wearing a human skin mask, walking together with Xu Mei Qian, in strong contrast, it was really ugly.

"Xu Mei Qian looks so beautiful, why is her sister so ugly."

"I also think it's strange, her sister is so beautiful, it's reasonable to say that her sister can't be any worse."

"You don't know, do you, it's not like Xu Yan is Xu Mei Qian's real sister, she's a cousin, but their cousins are extremely close to each other, they're no different from real sisters anymore."

In the midst of everyone's discussion, Xu Mei Qian and Xu Yan sat on the stands closest to the stadium, and didn't go to the podium, as if no one dared to go to the podium to sit, and for some unknown reason, even Song Dai Tian was peeking at a small corner of the stadium.

The stadium became more and more crowded and soon filled up.

At this moment, in a corner of the stadium, Liao Jiayuan, Liao Buffalo, and Liao Jiayuan's bodyguard, Li Hao Lin, were standing there silently.

Liao Jia Yuan's gaze swept over to a certain stand, Tang Zichen, who looked like he was watching the fun, and Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "Tang Zichen, you definitely don't know that you're in a big trouble today."

Liao Buffalo also looked at Tang Zichen with a gloomy gaze and said, "The revenge of my son being beaten and humiliated by him in public last time is doubly returned to him today."

Bodyguard Li Hao Lin looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Is he that Tang Zichen, huh, thought he had some three heads and six arms, but he's just an ordinary hangman."

Xu Mei Qian looked at the lively scene and said to her sister, "Yan'er, hurry out and finish with Liu Yue, don't affect the normal order of the school, finish early and the students will go back to class early."


"Good."With a nod of her head and a point of her feet, Xu Yan darted from the stands to the middle of the stadium.

The sports field quieted down.

"Liu Yue, come out, I, Xu Yan, haven't fought anyone from the school for a long time, let me see if the first person who dares to challenge me today is really strong."Xu Yan said, sliding out a slim sword hilt in her sleeve, with a swoosh, a sharp sword hilt popped out, the movement was very fast and consistent, looking quite beautiful in posture, very masterful.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Xu Yan, from her flying posture and so on, Tang Zichen could probably judge Xu Yan's strength, indeed quite strong, worthy of being the first in the Baiyun High School genius expert list, many times stronger than the second place, that Fang Xu.

Song Yu'er immediately said to Liu Yue, "It's up to you, come on."

With a nod, Liu Yue jumped on both feet and shot out from the podium, shooting out seven or eight meters at once, then landed on the ground with a heel, then a sword suddenly appeared in his hand and flew to the middle of the stadium in the blink of an eye.

All was silent, only Liu Yue and Xu Yan stood in the middle of the stadium, one east and one west, about twenty meters away from each other.

Xu Yan smiled, "Not bad, indeed much stronger than that Fang Xu, no wonder he dares to challenge me."

Liu Yue huffed, "Don't compare me to Fang Xu, Fang Xu, is nothing more than a second move."

Fang Xu, who was standing in the crowd at this time, looked unhappy and cursed, "Grass nimble Liu Yue, when have you ever beaten me with one move and a second."

Fang Xu had been very low-key recently, mainly because he had been beaten by Tang Zichen that day and didn't dare to be high profile anymore.But I didn't expect that Liu Yue was going to mention his name to step on in such a big scene, making Fang Xu suddenly filled with displeasure towards Liu Yue. One second to remember to read the book

Xu Yan smiled slightly, it was a smile full of confidence, Xu Yan Ton raised her sword, her wonderful body on display, many people were pity that Xu Yan's such a sexy and plump body was paired with a face that was so ordinary, even a little ugly.

"Come on, Liu Yue."Xu Yan said.

Liu Yue instantly rushed towards Xu Yan.

Xu Yan also clicked her feet, applied her lightness, and flew up on the grass.

"Dang."Their swords intersected in an instant, sending out a clashing spark of gold and iron.

In the next instant of the collision, Xu Yan's sword suddenly had its blade deflected and stabbed Liu Yue's shoulder.

Liu Yue was horrified, Xu Yan's sword was so flexible that it was able to deflect the blade, so Liu Yue could only take a step back to avoid Xu Yan's strike.

Xu Yan knew from the sword just now that Liu Yue was no match for her.

Yes, Xu Yan was very sure that Liu Yue could only avoid the strike with a step back from the sword's deflected edge just now, which was enough for Xu Yan to have enough confidence to judge that Liu Yue was not her opponent.

Liu Yue looked at Xu Yan in amazement and said in her heart, "The first place is really a bit strong, it has exceeded my expectations."

At this moment, Xu Yan directly said, "Liu Yue, you are not my opponent, I am no longer interested in wasting any more time with you, let's stop here."

"What."Liu Yue was very annoyed when she heard Xu Yan say this, she had only just started the encounter and directly declared that she wasn't her opponent and wasn't interested in fighting her, Liu Yue felt too ashamed.

Liu Yue roared, "Xu Yan, please don't pretend to be a match, no one will worship you because of that pretend sentence you just said.

"Liu Yue looked at Xu Yan with anger.

Xu Yan said, "Liu Yue, when I say that you are not my opponent, naturally I have a basis, for an opponent weaker than me, I, Xu Yan, do not want to waste my energy.I don't want to waste energy on an opponent who is weaker than me. Besides, your Miss Song Yu'er has put so much effort into making a spectacle of herself, if you lose, it will make her lose face.Let's stop here and save face for you."

Liu Yue, however, was even angrier, Xu Yan was too arrogant, she felt that Liu Yue was not her opponent, so she said she didn't want to waste her energy.

When Tang Zichen heard their conversation, he also said, "This Xu Yan, a woman is also so arrogant ah, only exchanged only one move, so sure that Liu Yue is not her opponent?Directly say that you don't want to waste energy, tsk tsk, beat up Liu Yue's face."

Song Yu'er shouted in anger, "Liu Yue, beat her up, see how mad she still is."

Liu Yue huffed angrily, "Xu Yan, I'll let you pretend to be more than you are."After saying that, Liu Yue sword chopped and attacked Xu Yan with a very fierce momentum.

"Heavenly Thunder Style."Liu Yue's sword trembled, as if the sword was also emitting anger, killing Xu Yan with a fierce strike.

"Dang."Xu Yan blocked across the sword while removing the force brought by Liu Yue's sword, Liu Yue was too hasty with this sword, causing the sword in his hand at the moment to lose its focus and suddenly lunged forward a bit, but Xu Yan did not make a move and only defended.

Liu Yue was very annoyed inside, it was as if Xu Yan was playing a trick on him, was she really that strong?

Liu Yue raged, "Xu Yan, if you don't make a move, don't blame me for being rude."

"Alas, just as well."Xu Yan sighed and prepared to make a move.

"Swoosh."Liu Yue flew up and stabbed, sword flowers like rain, like an impenetrable wall.

"Eternal One Sword."

"Dang."Only Xu Yan struck out with a sword that was like a strange scythe pattern that tore through Liu Yue's rain-like wall of swords in one fell swoop.

"Buzz."The next moment Xu Yan's sword had stabbed at Liu Yue's throat, topping it.

"Ah."Liu Yue's body subconsciously stalled there, Xu Yan's sword, pointed at his throat, was only less than a centimeter away.

Xu Yan said, "Liu Yue, you lost, but you were able to last until the third move in my hands before losing, you're already more powerful than any student at Baiyun Middle School, I think you have enough strength to be ranked second in the Baiyun Middle School genius master list."

"Wow."A wow from the audience, Xu Yan used three moves to defeat Liu Yue.

Liu Yue had nothing to say at the moment, and the sword that was still in her hand detached itself from the ground and bent her knees, falling to the ground weakly.Liu Yue looked at the podium, a disappointed Miss, his heart was like a knife.Miss painstakingly set up such a big scene, the purpose was to win Xu Yan, to become the number one expert in Baiyun High School, and as a result, three moves were seconded, how could he live up to Miss, Miss wanted to completely glamorize, and soaked it up again.

Song Yu'er stomped her foot in anger, "How could this happen, only just started to be defeated, why."

Liu Yue, who was full of frustration, walked out of the stadium without looking back.

Song Yu'er saw Liu Yue just walked away, very depressed, immediately took the microphone and announced, "Everyone disperse, today's duel, this is the end."

Everyone said, "It's so boring, I came early in the morning and waited for half a day, and then the fight ended in less than two minutes, alas."

A student's parent said, "I'll never come to school for this kind of fun again, it's boring."


However, even though everyone said that it was boring, Xu Yan's strength was still taught to everyone, it really was very strong, worthy of being Xu Mei Qian's sister.

Xu Yan walked back to Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian said with a smile, "Look, you're pretending to be in school again, I've already said that no one is your opponent anymore, and you're still imagining that someone is your opponent in this small place of Baiyun Middle School."

Xu Yan sighed, "What a disappointment for me, I thought that Liu Yue would be a rival for challenging me in such a high profile manner.It seems that I really shouldn't have expected that I would still find an opponent at school."

"Let's go back."Xu Mei Qian brought Xu Yan and prepared to leave.

Just then, everyone was about to disperse, and suddenly, Liao Jia Yuan rushed up to the podium and picked up the microphone to shout, "Everyone, please don't leave yet, the excitement is still to come."

Suddenly, everyone looked at the podium, the excitement was still behind us?Is there something else?

Looking towards the podium, only to see that it was Liao Jia Yuan.

"Isn't that Liao Gayuan?I was here the last time he was hung by Tang Zichen, and you haven't had Tang Zichen throwing a lot of mud."

Everyone stopped and looked at Liao Jia Yuan.

Song Yu'er huffed, "Liao Jia Yuan, today's people are all the ones I posted to move them to come, this scene is all set up by me, if you want to do something, trouble picking a date."Song Yu'er is very unhappy to say, she set up all this, the result of the wind is not, but also hit their own face, the mood is already depressed.Now Liao Jiayuan actually wanted to use the scene she had worked so hard to bake up to serve him, it was very unpleasant.

"Fuck off."Liao Jiayuan directly pushed Song Yu'er, Song Yu'er fell on her buttocks and said in anger, "Liao Jiayuan, I'm not finished with you, you've offended me." The first website

Liao Jia Yuan snorted disdainfully, "Funny, offend you?What are you, let your father Song Dai Tian come out, I promise not to kill him."Liao Jia Yuan's words were so arrogant.

"You."Song Yu'er exhaled and looked at Liao Ga Yuan, Liu Yue left the stadium in a negative mood, her dad didn't know which corner was watching, and in the end she worked hard and used someone else, Song Yu'er felt aggrieved, her eyes misted up.

The audience seemed to be saying that Liao Jiayuan was also too not a man to push girls.

Liao Jia Yuan only wanted to beat up Tang Zichen today, so he didn't care so much and immediately shouted, "Excuse me, is Tang Dumbass here?"

Everyone's stunned, Don Dumby?Who is it?Could it be that he just got beaten up by Don Tzu-Chen last time and he still has the nerve to call Don Dumbass?

Liao Jia Yuan shouted again, "That's right, Tang Silly Bi is Tang Zichen, Tang Silly Bi, come out, it's you who's called, I really know you're here."

The audience heard Tang Zichen's name and became interested, no, more interested to be precise than the duel between Liu Yue and Xu Yan just now.

Tang Zichen himself didn't expect that Liao Gayuan was actually provoking him again, he thought that today's incident had nothing to do with him, he was just a spectator, but he didn't expect that it was related to him again.Tang Zichen had no choice, so many people were here, Tang Zichen had to show his face again.

Tang Zichen jumped off the stands, stood in the stadium, looked at Liao Jiayuan on the podium, and said, "Liao Jiayuan, why are you looking for me."

Liao Jiayuan now saw Tang Zichen's calm appearance, 10,000 unhappy, really want to go up to him to eat dung.

Liao Jiayuan said to Tang Zichen, "Silly Tang!

, don't run if you have the guts today."

"Liao Jia Yuan, is the last pain so quick?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen didn't know why he was suddenly so arrogant today.

"I'm good you idiot Tang Zichen, you're still arrogant, I'll see how arrogant you are later."Liao Jiayuan gave a middle finger to Tang Zichen, everyone was very surprised to see this arrogant look of Liao Jiayuan, did Liao Jiayuan's martial arts skills improve greatly in just a few days?

Tang Zichen saw that Liao Jiayuan has not seen so arrogant for a few days, but also a mouthful of a Tang idiot than, and to him to give the middle finger, look at feel very upset.

It seems that this grandson really forgot about last week's events.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for a long time.

Liao Jia Yuan was about to speak, "Tang silly..."

"Pah."Suddenly, a piece of mud flew in and flew directly into Liao Jia Yuan's mouth, hardening his words.

"Mmm!"Liao Jia Yuan's eyes widened at once, as if he had a big mouthful of something in his mouth.

Liao Jia Yuan really immediately recalled the feeling of that day, so he didn't have to think about it to know that it was mud, and immediately put his finger into his mouth to buckle it, buckling quite fast, which might have something to do with the fact that he had experience, after all, he had just buckled mud last week.

"Wow."All the spectators at the scene were stunned to their jaws, Liao Jia Yuan was incomparably arrogant one second, and the next he was eating mud.

In a corner of the stadium, Xu Yan wowed and involuntarily covered her mouth, her first time seeing Tang Zichen in real life, leaving a deep impression on her.

Xu Yan standing next to Xu Mei Qian, very speechless, this Tang Zichen, last week's hanging Liao Jiayuan, threw Liao Jiayuan mud twice, is not enough to throw, this time again.

Xu Mei Qian thought about it, Liao Jia Yuan is also really tragic, eating mud again.

"Ahhhh."In the other corner of the sports field, the originally smiling Liao buffalo, suddenly saw his son another mouthful of mud, really angry to almost jump up, teeth chattering in anger.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Rather, Song Yu'er, she was grieving to leave the podium, suddenly saw this scene, laughing to death, this moment feels so good, this Tang Zichen, also too powerful.

"Pooh pooh."Liao Jiayuan is worthy of being someone who has experience in buckling mud, and finished buckling a mouth full of mud at once, Liao Jiayuan raised his head in anger and looked at Tang Zichen and roared, "Tang Zichen, I'm not finished with you."

Tang Zichen calmly said, "Now, remember what it was like to eat mud last week?If you still haven't remembered, I can give you another ball of water to help you remember faster."

At this moment, a man of about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, walked up to the podium and handed Liao Jiayuan a bottle of water, while patting Liao Jiayuan's shoulder and comfortingly said, "Young Master Liao, gargle water first, and leave everything after that to me."

Liao Jiayuan pointed at Tang Zichen as he gargled and roared, "Dry him to death, dry him to death."

Li Hao Lin smiled and said, "That's natural."

Everyone looked at the young man in confusion, who was he.

Just when everyone was confused, that youth spoke up, looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, I've heard of your name for a long time, and you sure are a good gripper when I see you today."


Don asked, "Do you want to eat mud, too?"

"You."Li Hao Lin's heart was furious.

"If you also want to eat mud, just say it quickly and don't say so many polite words."Tang Zichen said.

Li Hao Lin said disdainfully, "With you, you don't have that ability to make me eat mud..."

"Pah."Li Hao Lin hadn't said a word when he suddenly felt something fly into his mouth.

Tang Zichen said, "Say it, keep talking."

"Pooh pooh."Li Hao Lin was filled with anger and quickly spit out the mud in his mouth.He was going to say, just because you don't have the ability to make me eat mud yet, but as a result, the mud flew into his mouth before he finished speaking, Li Hao Lin that anger, it was all because he was careless, otherwise how could Tang Zichen throw in him.

The people don't know what to say at the moment, and thought that Liao Jiayuan had found a much more powerful one, but who knew that in the blink of an eye he had also eaten a mouthful of mud.

Liao Jiayuan saw his bodyguard also ate mud, suddenly felt so ashamed, he ate mud even, but he Li Hao Lin also followed to eat mud what's going on, do not want to beat the shit Tang Zichen.

Li Hao Lin's heart is so angry, blushing and shouting: "Tang Zichen, I, Li Hao Lin, don't kill you today, I'll follow your surname, don't run if you have the guts."

The crowd was shocked, it seemed really angry to the extreme, they all threatened to kill. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Idiot."

Tang Zichen's scolding made Li Hao Lin even more furious, because Tang Zichen's silly phrase felt very much like he didn't take him seriously and was mocking him.

"Ah ah ah, I'm going to you, no one is going to stop me today, I'm going to kill him.Tang Zichen, don't run if you have the guts."Li Hao Lin yelled in anger.

Just then, another ball of mud flew up from Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Damn you, how much longer are you going to make me wait?Everyone is still waiting to go back to class, won't you be sharp, jibber jabber a whole bunch and don't see you make a move, you act ah."

Li Hao Lin wiped the mud on his face, already angry to the extreme.

"Tang Zichen, I won't be human if I don't kill you, you have the guts to stand still, I promise I won't kill you."After saying that, Li Hao Lin walked towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen harrumphed: "What the hell are you, all of a sudden you say to kill me, all of a sudden you say not to kill me, are you going to beat me or not."

Everyone saw the look on Li Hao Lin's face at the moment, really worried that he would kill Tang Zichen, even Xu Mei Qian was a bit nervous, she was here today, naturally she would not let this kind of tragedy happen.

Liao Jia Yuan shouted from behind, "Li Hao Lin, just kill him, he's gotten you into this mess, if you don't kill him, I won't even look down on you."

Li Hao Lin was furiously rushing towards Tang Zichen, but he suddenly regained a little bit of his sanity.If he really killed Tang Zichen, wouldn't he spend the rest of his life in jail.

Li Hao Lin's brain cleared up a bit, secretly saying: "I can't kill anyone, I don't have to let myself go to jail for Liao Jia Yuan, I really really killed someone they definitely won't save me.Tang Zichen that idiot, I told him to stand and don't go, he really stood and didn't go, he's stupid won't run ah."

But riding a tiger was difficult, Li Hao Lin had to rush up and kill Tang Zichen.

Li Hao Lin soon rushed in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't make the first move, Tang Zichen let him die first and saw how he killed himself.

Li Hao Lin raged, "Tang Zichen, do you really want to force me to kill you?"

"Haha, it's not that I'm forcing you, it's that you don't even have that ability."Tang Zichen trailed off.

"Tang Zichen, originally I only wanted to beat you half to death, but you're pushing me so hard, I don't even know if I'd kill you myself if I was cornered.If I were you, run away and wait until I regain my senses before appearing again."Li Hao Lin seemed to be hinting at Tang Zichen to run quickly, he was now at the stage of losing his sanity, what if he really killed Tang Zichen, he was also afraid of going to jail.

Tang Zichen snorted, "No, I'm standing right in front of you, kill me if you can."

"Don't you dare force me, I'm really losing my mind now."Li Hao Lin yelled, veins popped up on his face and neck, as if he was trying to control himself from killing, but he was angry.

Liao Jiayuan shouted: "Li Hao Lin, kill him for me, what are you talking about."

Liao Jiayuan saw that Li Hao Lin was all talk and no practice, how many times he said kill him, but he didn't see him actually killed.And Li Hao Lin was pushed to the edge, very much want to kill but there is still a trace of sanity in his heart, can not be killed, he controlled the anger is about to the edge of collapse.At the moment see Liao Jia Yuan and shouted to kill Tang Zichen, he is even faster to control, Li Hao Lin hissed: "Tang Zichen, you do not force me, I really will kill you, you do not hurry to escape."

So long-winded, even Tang Zichen was about to be fed up.

"Ridiculous, if you want to kill me, just kill me, I promise not to run."

"I'm already about to lose my mind, do you really want to force me?Do you think I really wouldn't dare?"Li Hao Lin said through clenched teeth, trying his best to control his sanity, but it seemed like he was almost out of control, and in his heart he was cursing Tang Zichen, the idiot, for not running.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense with him and lifted his hand to slap.

"Slap."Fiercely slapped Li Hao Lin's face, while saying: "Kill me, come."

Li Hao Lin's face was green with anger, and he gritted his teeth and roared, "You're forcing me, do you really think I don't dare?Don't challenge my boundaries, I'm really losing control of myself."

Tang Zichen couldn't stand it, hadn't he heard it clearly after saying beat him to death so many times?

"Slap."Don Zichen slapped again.

"You made me do it."Li Hao Lin's eyes were red as he yelled.

"Pah."Another slap.

"Can't bear it anymore, no need to bear it anymore, I'll kill you."At this moment, Li Hao Lin decided that he didn't care whether he spent the rest of his life in prison or not, he would kill Tang Zichen even if he was shot.

At once, Li Hao Lin attacked Tang Zichen's temple with his strongest punch.

Tang Zichen twisted his backhand and clicked, Li Hao Lin's arm fractured.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's kick flew off, and Li Hao Lin's body flew more than ten meters away.

Tang Zichen rolled over a few times and reached Li Hao Lin's heel, stepping on Li Hao Lin's belly.

"Poof."Li Hao Lin sprayed out all the porridge he had eaten in the morning in one gulp, like a water column soaring out of his throat.

Tang Zichen saw that it was going to spray on him, and quickly turned backwards, and the porridge Li Hao Lin spit out just landed on a plastic bag on the ground.Rice grains, egg yolks, chewed up fries, and tea dregs, Tang Zichen looked at what Li Hao Lin vomited out and almost died of nausea.

Li Hao Lin covered his stomach and rolled on the ground, Tang Zichen's kick just now almost crushed his stomach.


Tang Zichen didn't go up again and said, "Didn't you say you were going to kill me?Get up, don't hold back, kill me."

Li Hao Lin heard Tang Zichen's sarcasm and seemed to suddenly wake up at this moment.It turned turned out that Tang Zichen's strength wasn't what he thought it was, it was only around level 20, thanks to the fact that he had just been putting up with himself to prevent himself from losing his mind and actually killing someone, it turned out that this was a joke, he was no match for others.

In the crowd, Liao Buffalo was disappointed when he saw how vulnerable Li Hao Lin was, and thought that he could beat Tang Zichen to shit this time, but it turned out that Tang Zichen was even stronger than Li Hao Lin.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working hard to develop the new product.I'm not going to say anything, but I'm going to say something.Get me up and fuck Tang dumbass."

Tang Zichen saw Liao Gayuan again a mouthful of Tang dumbbi, and got upset, looked at the breakfast that Li Hao Lin spit out on the ground, and suddenly grabbed that breakfast and threw it at Liao Gayuan.

Liao Jiayuan was angry to continue to yell at him, suddenly, a plastic bag was attached to his face, at the same time, what is on the plastic bag, still a little hot, all of a sudden poured into his throat.Liao Jia Yuan immediately ripped off the plastic bag from his face and saw that it was the breakfast that Li Hao Lin had just spit out.

"Tang Zichen, do I grass you."Liao Jia Yuan's lungs were going green at this moment, the disgustingly disgusting breakfast that Li Hao Lin had just vomited out was thrown at his mouth by Tang Zichen, who accidentally gave him a bite to eat.

"Ow."Liao Jia Yuan bent over to throw up, but the breakfast was already in his stomach and was non-refundable.

The entire audience covered their mouths, feeling a wave of nausea, and there were a few girls who couldn't help but vomit out already.

Seeing that he couldn't throw up, Liao Jia Yuan had lost his mind and rushed up to Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, I'll kill you."Liao Gayuan, who had already lost her mind, where to think about not being able to beat Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen warned, "Liao Jia Yuan, I advise you to stop here and don't come back up."

"Ahhhh."Liao Jia Yuan rushed in front of Tang Zichen and punched him.

Tang Zichen flew up and kicked Liao Gayuan twenty meters away.

At that moment, a man appeared beside Liao Ga Yuan and helped Liao Ga Yuan up, it was Liao Buffalo.

"Dad, I'm going to kill him."Liao Jiayuan said.

Liao Shui Niu said, "I've already lost enough face today, you go down first, come on, this debt will be settled with him slowly."

After saying that, Liao Shui Niu walked towards Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen."Liao Shui Niu bit his teeth and said.

Tang Zichen looked at Liao Shui Niu and asked, "Something wrong?"

"Tang Zichen, you have been bullying my son one after the other, this account can't be settled."

Tang Zichen said, "Liao Buffalo, you're not blind, are you."

"You wait for me."Liao Shui Niu's eyes flashed with killing intent.

"Won't I stand here and wait?"Tang Zichen said disdainfully.

Liao Shui Niu looked at Li Hao Lin and said, "You disappointed me."

"Uncle Liao, I'm sorry, I also didn't expect him to be so strong."

Liao Shuiniu looked gloomy and said, "Don't explain to me so much, leave Linjiang City."


Unfortunately, the Liao buffalo went straight away.


bsp; Li Hao Lin angrily smashed a fist, really impersonal, yesterday also said what young and his father is the same pants.

Everyone was about to disperse.

At this time, Xu Yan seemed to be thinking about something.

Xu Mei Qian asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Xu Yan said, "Sister, I really want to fight with Tang Zichen."

"Er."Xu Mei Qian was stunned, fighting against Tang Zichen, she didn't think about that either.

"Forget it, Tang Zichen is just on the same level as Liu Yue, you won't be able to find an opponent in Baiyun High School, don't waste your energy, it's getting late, let the students go back to class."Xu Mei Qian advised.

"No, I want to try Tang Zichen."

Xu Yan decided that she would fight Tang Zichen today, she had previously thought of finding Tang Zichen to cut her teeth on another day.

Xu Yan was very disappointed in Bai Yun High School, looking for no opponent.

"Everyone, don't leave, it's not over yet."Xu Yan walked to the podium and picked up the microphone and shouted.

The crowd, who were leaving in droves, heard someone shouting it's not over yet and immediately stopped, why isn't it over yet, is there something more exciting?

Only Xu Yan was standing on the podium.

Xu Yan was not long-winded and directly said, "Tang Zichen, are you interested in fighting me."

When everyone heard that Xu Yan wanted to fight with Tang Zichen, they all gave a wow, as if they were looking forward to it, and indeed there was even more exciting ones to come.

Tang Zichen felt a bit annoyed when he heard Xu Yan shouting his name and wanting to fight him.

Was there any interest in fighting Xu Yan, seriously, Tang Zichen wasn't interested at all.Why? Because Tang Zichen knew very well that Xu Yan was no match for him, not even her sister Xu Mei Qian could defeat Tang Zichen, let alone her.To Tang Zichen, a battle with Xu Yan was a pure waste of time.

Seeing that Tang Zichen only frowned and remained silent, Xu Yan's thoughts of fighting Tang Zichen became even stronger and shouted once again, "Tang Zichen, are you interested in fighting me, Xu Yan."

The audience immediately sat back down and looked at Xu Yan and Tang Zichen with great anticipation.

However, Tang Zichen snorted, "Not interested."

"Uh."Xu Yan was stunned, not expecting Tang Zichen to simply say that he wasn't interested.

"Tang Zichen, why don't you dare to fight me?"Xu Yan asked.

Tang Zichen was a bit irritated and said, "Because I'm not interested."

"Oh, that makes me feel strange, I, Xu Yan, am at least the number one genius expert at Baiyun High School, you are not even interested in fighting me, whether it's because you really aren't interested or if there's some other unknown reason."Xu Yan smiled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "No interest is no interest, who do you think you are, does everyone have to be interested in you?White Cloud High School's top genius?It's nothing in my eyes, alright, I'm going back to class if it's okay.Don't delay everyone's class time."

Where Xu Yan was willing, she said loudly, "Tang Zichen, you're hypocritical."

"How am I hypocritical?"

"You clearly don't dare to fight me, and you're still talking so grandly, don't think I don't know that you're afraid of losing to me in full view of the public, like Liu Yue.If you don't dare, just say so, why are you still looking for so many reasons."Xu Yan said and smiled, she decided in her heart that Tang Zichen was definitely the reason for this, it was generally impossible not to be interested, after all, she Xu Yan wasn't a small person, no matter if she was the number one genius expert or Xu Mei Qian's sister, it was enough to make her someone with a bit of a reputation.


Tang Zichen saw Xu Yan speak so badly and frowned, "Xu Yan, don't think that I wouldn't dare to teach you a lesson just because you're Xu Mei Qian's sister, speak more carefully."

Xu Yan huffed, "Tang Zichen, cut the crap so much, I dare you to fight me."

"I'm really not interested in wasting my energy."Tang Zichen's words reminded Xu Yan of what she said to Liu Yue.

"Good, Tang Zichen, I'll let you have three, no, ten strokes, now you dare to fight me at last."

"Xu Yan, you don't."Tang Zichen had a bit of fire, if she did, Tang Zichen wouldn't mind fulfilling her.

"Oh, Tang Zichen, just now I thought you were very courageous, but I didn't expect that you wouldn't dare to fight me.You're thinking that you'll lose your powder if you're seen losing miserably in public, but you have no idea that you're now like a shrinking turtle, losing even more powder.Come on, fight with me, Xu Yan, I'm open-minded, I let you twenty moves.If you don't even dare to do so, I can only hehe to you."

Tang Zichen was on fire, it seemed that he would inevitably have to fight with Xu Yan today.

Tang Zichen walked straight to the center of the stadium and said, "Since you want to fight so badly, let's do it."

"Haha."Xu Yan immediately ran into the middle of the stadium.

The whole stadium was silent, and the climax was really one wave after another, originally planning to watch Liu Yue duel with Xu Yan, but I didn't expect to see one more duel between Tang Zichen and Xu Yan.

In a corner of the stadium, Song Yu'er pursed her lips, "I've worked so hard to make such a big spectacle, but it all ends up serving others, if Tang Zichen beats Xu Yan, wouldn't all the limelight fall on Tang Zichen, and I'm blindly tossing around a fight." First published at

Liu Yue was busy saying, "Miss, don't worry, Tang Zichen can't be Xu Yan's opponent."

"How do you know it's not Xu Yan's opponent."

"I just fought with Xu Yan, Xu Yan's sword skills are too profound, and it's impossible for Tang Zichen to beat Xu Yan at that level."Liu Yue said confidently.

Song Yu'er was relieved when she heard that, otherwise she would be busy and the limelight would be taken up by Tang Zichen again.

Xu Mei Qian stood in a corner, smiling slightly, not nervous at all, very confident of her sister, her sister had always hoped to find a strong person in school who could rival her, but unfortunately disappointingly, there was none.

In the sports field, Xu Yan smiled, "Tang Zichen, my word still counts, I'll let you have twenty moves."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Whatever."

Since Xu Yan wanted to humiliate herself, Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything.

"Tang Zichen, then make your move, since I'll let you make twenty moves, I'll not make any move first."

"Hmph, as you wish."After saying that, Tang Zichen took his sword and flew up to Xu Yan.

The sword technique Tang Zichen used was the Tongling Sword Technique, which was exactly what he had taught to Wei Ming, it wasn't that profound, of course, the Heavenly Maiden Scattering Blossoms set of sword techniques, Tang Zichen couldn't use it, a defeat of the Red Dust's martial arts and Tang Zichen's martial arts must be distinguished.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen had several swords in a row, and Xu Yan really intended for Tang Zichen to make 20 moves, only defending against no moves.

However, Tang Zichen's sword skills didn't look weak, and this move came out, Xu Yan was barely able to dodge it, but, looking down, she had a hole in her clothes, and even the color of her bra could be seen.

"Ah."Xu Yan was shocked.

In the corner of the sports field, Xu Mei Qian was also shocked, the first time she saw her sister lose so much, and her clothes were torn after only one move.

Tang Zichen grunted with his sword, "How much longer are you going to pretend to compare?It's only the first move, do you really want to make me twenty moves?"

"You."Xu Yan was angry and furious, and said that she was pretending to be a match, it was obvious that Tang Zichen himself was pretending to be a match, his strength wasn't weak, and he was acting as if he didn't dare to fight her, otherwise Xu Yan wouldn't have said the words that made him twenty moves.

Xu Yan looked at the hole in her chest clothes, the red bra was clear at a glance, Xu Yan hurriedly took off one of the hair clasps on her hair to hold the hole in her clothes and said furiously, "Tang Zichen, is this how you treat beautiful women?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Before saying that, you might as well see the audience's reaction."

Xu Yan looked around, many boys were throwing up, yes, Xu Yan openly said that she was beautiful, many boys threw up on the spot.

Xu Yan was speechless, she was so confused with anger, she forgot that she was wearing a human skin mask, the whole school didn't know her true face.

Tang Zichen said, "Take out your strongest strength, I don't want to waste too much time."

Xu Yan snorted, "Tang Zichen, you just pierced my clothes, it's not that you're strong, it's just that I let you.But now I'm not going to let you, so you won't be able to hurt me any more, strongest strength?Are you kidding me?Do you know that what I just took out in the battle with Liu Yue was merely only the worst strength."

Many people in the stadium were wowed by Xu Yan's words, so the battle between Liu Yue and Xu Yan just now, Xu Yan only took out the worst strength ah, but nevertheless, Xu Yan used her worst strength and defeated Liu Yue in three moves.Sure enough, Xu Yan was so strong, and for a moment, the stadium was filled with praise.

But Liu Yue in a corner of the stadium was furious, "Xu Yan that ugly pussy, if you want to fight with Tang Zichen, just fight, and you have to pull me out and stomp on my face once."

Tang Zichen heard Xu Yan say that when she fought with Liu Yue, she only took out her worst strength, and there was no look on her face, which made Xu Yan a bit angry, Tang Zichen at least take out a surprised expression.

Xu Yan snorted, "Alright Tang Zichen, then, let's have a fair fight, I'll use the exact same moves I just used in my duel with Liu Yue."

"Whatever."Tang Zichen didn't bother to care how strong a move she brought out.

"Swoosh."Xu Yan waved her sword and flew up on her toes, her sword stabbed straight at Tang Zichen's brow, it seemed like a very simple straight stab, but it contained a lot of swordsmanship in it, no matter what angle you blocked her sword from, you would be wounded, and Liu Yue was defeated by her sword before.

However, Tang Zichen's Psychic Sword Technique struck Xu Yan as if the sword had a soul, and Xu Yan's sword was instantly disintegrated, while Tang Zichen's sword reached Xu Yan's heel in the blink of an eye.

Xu Yan didn't move, a sharpness locked onto her, Tang Zichen's sword was pointed right at her throat, and the sharpness made her feel her body tremble.

The entire crowd was shocked to see Tang Zichen pointing at Xu Yan's throat with a single move.

Even Xu Mei Qian felt unbelievable, that sword move her sister had just made, although it wasn't the strongest move, it wasn't so bad that it was broken by Tang Zichen and was pointed at her throat with a sword.

Only Tang Zichen snorted, "If you continue to bring out your worst strength, don't blame me for being rude."


Xu Yan's face went white, Tang Zichen's words seemed to sting her heart, she had always been such a proud and confident person, only she had said so to others, never anyone had said so to her.

"Good, Tang Zichen, count me as having underestimated you."

Tang Zichen moved his sword away at once and took a few steps back, he did not take any advantage of Xu Yan.

Xu Yan didn't dare to underestimate Tang Zichen this time and was ready to show his strongest strength.

"Langya Nine Style."Xu Yan was as light as a swallow as she killed Tang Zichen again, and sure enough, her sword was not comparable to the one she had just used, her sword qi formed a strange pattern, as if it was going to tear Tang Zichen's sword apart.

"Dang dang dang."Tang Zichen held the sword in his right hand, while his left hand had remained untouched, meaning that one hand was only holding the sword to fight Xu Yan.

After a sound of gold and iron, Tang Zichen's sword easily broke through the defense of Xu Yan's sword, Xu Yan felt a numbness in the hilt, and in the next moment, the sword in her hand suddenly came out of her hand.And once again, Tang Zichen's sword was pointed at her throat.

"Ah."Xu Yan's body wasn't just trembling at this moment, but her body was getting cold.If she had just been pointed at her throat by Tang Zichen's sword, it was because it wasn't a very strong move, but now this move, which was already one of her strongest moves, was still broken by Tang Zichen all at once, and even the sword flew out.

Xu Yan's face was pale, unable to believe the same.

Tang Zichen pointed at Xu Yan's throat and said, "Xu Yan, you're making fun of me, aren't you?I just told you to take out your strongest move, and you're still pretending to compete with me by taking out such a lousy move, who do you want to deal with?"

"You."Xu Yan was going to die of anger, was Tang Zichen saying that she still came up with such a lousy trick, was that sarcasm?Or do you really not know that she's already pulled out her strongest move? Remember the URL

Tang Zichen put his sword away again and said, "Xu Yan, I'll give you one more chance, if you still bring out such a lousy move, Zichen I won't accompany you, and I'm afraid that so many people present will also think that you're playing a trick on everyone."

Sure enough, many people at the scene shouted, "That's right, Xu Yan, stop pretending to be a match, hurry up and bring out your strongest moves.The move you just dealt with Liu Yue is clearly not Tang Zichen's opponent, and you're still bringing it out to fight Tang Zichen, are you insulting Tang Zichen or bullying us for not knowing martial arts ah."

"Xu Yan, take out your strongest moves and beat up Tang Zichen, I support you."Liao Jia Yuan also shouted, he wanted Xu Yan to beat up Tang Zichen, but Xu Yan always didn't come out with the strongest moves, making Liao Jia Yuan feel depressed.

But who knows, the most depressed one was Xu Yan herself, this face was beaten by Tang Zichen, it wasn't enough to beat himself, he also dragged so many spectators to fight together.

Tang Zichen took a few steps back again, not taking advantage of Xu Yan.

"Make your move, Xu Yan, I hope that this time, you will stop pretending to compare and show your real strength."

"Tang Zichen, you've really taught me."Xu Yan hated to find a seam to drill, she had already taken out her strongest strength, what else should she take out that was stronger.

As her sister, Xu Mei Qian naturally knew her sister's swordsmanship, and was now depressed and horrified that Tang Zichen's strength was actually higher than her sister's.

In a fit of anger, Xu Yan, picked up the sword again and took out one of her strongest moves for the second time, and since the strongest one just didn't work, she would bring out another strongest one.


nbsp; "Mother of Taiyang."Xu Yan sword dance, a sudden sword Qi leaked everywhere, as if there was a fierce Rakshasa blocking in front of her, this move was not only super strong in offense, but also super strong in defense, compared to just that one move Langya Nine Stances, it was not inferior at all.

Tang Zichen tossed in place, a tumbling move of the Tongling Sword Technique, and with a single sword strike, the sword Qi around Xu Yan's body burst like a leaking balloon.Just as Xu Yan felt the loss of Tang Zichen's figure, she found a sword on her throat, the blade of the sword against her skin, and a hint of coldness.

Xu Yan was stunned there, for the third time, Tang Zichen only needed one stab and her throat would be pierced.

There was nothing more Xu Yan could do, she had already used up both of her strongest moves, she was completely no match.

However, Tang Zichen's voice rang out, "Is this the worst move that you used to deal with Liu Yue?That's bad enough. Xu Yan, can you stop using that move?I now officially challenge you, do you dare to bring out your strongest moves to fight me?"

The audience also found it boring, and shouted, "Xu Yan, thanks to you being the number one expert, you're always pretending to compare, are you interesting you."

"Xu Yan, you are always using the worst moves to deal with Liu Yue, what do you mean, are you too proud of yourself or are you looking down on Tang Zichen, damn, it's a pity I'm still so supportive of you."

Xu Yan was incomparably aggrieved, being defeated by Tang Zichen was already painful enough, and now she had to be scolded by so many people for pretending, she really wasn't pretending, she had already brought out her strongest strength, it was Tang Zichen who was pretending.

Suddenly, Xu Yan's nose was sore, and she cried in aggravation.

Unfortunately, no one sympathized with her, and a student shouted, "Grass, so ugly, and you still have the nerve to cry."

Xu Mei Qian couldn't see it and immediately flew out.

"Come on, Tang Zichen."Xu Mei Qian glared at Tang Zichen, she was really speechless at Tang Zichen.

"Captain Xu, could it be that you want to interfere?I've already said that I'm not interested in fighting her, she's the one who had to force me to do it, but now that I'm out, she hasn't been able to show her strongest strength."

Xu Mei Qian glared, "Your duel with Xu Yan ends here, she's not feeling well today, her... great aunt is coming and she can't perform her strongest sword technique."With the matter having come to this, Xu Mei Qian had no choice but to cover up for her sister, not knowing if Tang Zichen really thought that Xu Yan hadn't put out her strongest strength.

"So arrogant to challenge me even though you're not feeling well."Tang Zichen put away his sword.

The audience watched the exciting duel just disappear and shouted in displeasure, "My grass, just when it's exciting it's gone."

"When does auntie not come, it has to be at this time."

There was another student who said in anger, "So ugly looking, and still have the nerve to come to the aunt, I grass."

Some students, the quality is really not good, can't they come to their aunt because they are ugly?I'm not feeling well, and I'm unable to duel even though I have the nerve to blame others.

Xu Mei Qian shouted, "What's the noise, don't go back to class yet."

The crowd of students saw that Captain Xu was furious, and suddenly walked out of the stadium in a greyish manner, feeling that they hadn't had their fun yet, and didn't want to go back to class, still complaining with their mouths about why Xu Yan was having her aunt today.

Xu Yan was grieving, being hit in the face so hard by Tang Zichen, although everyone seemed to think that she didn't lose, just didn't take out her strongest strength, but she herself was incomparably clear, this face hit, bang, bang, bang, and still no sound.


The sports field gradually quieted down, and all the teachers and students returned to their respective classes, as did Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's gaze became more reverent, and unconsciously, Tang Zichen seemed to have become a mountain in Baiyun High School that no one could surpass.Now it was up to Xu Yan after the end of her great aunt, to bring out her strongest strength, whether she could fight with Tang Zichen, otherwise, Tang Zichen was worthy of the Baiyun Middle School's number one expert.

In a police car, Xu Yan gaze frustrated sitting in the passenger car, Xu Mei Qian driving a car is leaving the school.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Alright, don't look so dejected."

"Sister, I'm not even a match for Tang Zichen, don't others know that, don't you know that.Originally, I thought that Baiyun High School wouldn't be able to find my opponent at all, but as a result, it's ridiculous."Xu Yan said mockingly to herself.

Xu Mei Qian said, "I just observed Tang Zichen's sword technique, I've found the flaw in his sword technique, it's not difficult for you to defeat him, I'll teach you how to crack his sword technique when you go back.In a few days, you'll say that your great aunt is over, and then fight Tang Zichen and defeat him in public."

"Really?"Xu Yan looked at her sister expectantly.

"Oh, so little confidence in your sister ah, I'll teach you how to crack Tang Zichen's sword technique when I go back."Xu Mei Qian smiled.

Unfortunately, where did Xu Mei Qian know that the Psychic Sword Technique used by Tang Zichen was nothing more than the almost unused and worst set of sword techniques Tang Zichen had ever used.Tang Zichen's truly powerful sword techniques had never been performed at all, and even that set of Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flower sword techniques was only slightly stronger than the Psychic Sword Technique.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen deliberately didn't use those truly profound sword techniques, but that Tang Zichen couldn't use them yet.Those profound sword techniques had a minimum requirement of the outer realm of martial arts, and there were several sets of even more profound ones that were even more demanding.

Tang Zichen had difficulty reaching the outer door realm in a short period of time, this body wasn't his body from his previous life, he had started training martial arts since he was a child, but now this body could only be said to have started training martial arts half a month ago. One second to remember to read the book

It would take at least a year and a half for Tang Zichen to reach the Outer Gate Realm, besides, Tang Zichen wanted to lay a good foundation so that he could cultivate the martial arts realm faster in the future, so he was in no hurry to reach the Outer Gate Realm.

In a car outside of Baiyun High School, Liao Buffalo sat in the back row, and Liao Ga Yuan didn't want to go to class today.

At this time, Li Hao Lin came over.

"Uncle Liu."

Liao Shui Niu's heart was irritated when he saw Li Hao Lin, he had expected him to ruthlessly fuck Tang Zichen to death, but he turned out to be so vulnerable.

"Do you have anything else?I'm not asking you to leave Linjiang City."

Li Hao Lin nodded and turned around to leave.

Liao Jia Yuan shouted, "Wait, Dad, I think we should keep him here, although he can't beat Tang Zichen, he was beaten by Tang Zichen today.Besides, I also lack a powerful sidekick by my side, so I might as well let Li Hao Lin continue to follow me.However, the salary can't be that much."

Liao Shui Niu said: "Ten million a year, stay if you're willing."

Li Hao Lin busy nodded: "Uncle Liao, I'm willing to stay and accompany Young Master Liao to fight the world again."

Liao Shui Niu grunted and let the driver drive away.

The school resumed normal class order.

Tang Zichen practiced his internal strength for two classes and didn't practice much.

At the fourth class in the morning, class teacher Chen Tianming walked into the classroom.

"Notice two things, first, New Year's Day is coming up, the school's New Year's Day party, I

Our class should prepare at least one program, and whoever has talent can register.The second thing, in order to celebrate New Year's Day, the whole school holds a talent competition, there are mainly calligraphy contests, poetry contests, musical instrument playing contests, painting contests, and singing contests, anyone who is talented in these areas can sign up with the study committee."

The study committee was Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen asked, "Can all of them participate?"

Although Chen Tianming did not dare to offend Tang Zichen, he was very disgusted with Tang Zichen, who had once had a feud with him.

Chen Tian Ming snorted, "All participate, do you have that much talent?If you don't have one, don't be embarrassed."

Tang Zichen frowned, but didn't bother to follow him in general.

Tang Zichen was proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, since the school had such a competition, why didn't Tang Zichen participate in it.

Tang Zichen was the first youngest of geniuses in his previous life, not only in terms of martial arts, but also in terms of talent, Tang Zichen's attainments in chess, piano, calligraphy and painting could be compared to those of extraordinary people.

"Class."Chen Tianming started class.

After class ended, Liu Xiangyun stood on the podium and said, "Does anyone want to sign up for the New Year's Day Gala Program?And also calligraphy, poetry, painting, musical instrument performances.Any singing competitions?We have to finalize the list by this afternoon, so let's sign up."

However, there was no one to sign up.

Liu Xiangyun was the study committee member, class 32 had to have a New Year's Day party program, if no one signed up, then Liu Xiangyun had to she herself participated, Liu Xiangyun's dancing skills were pretty good.

"Again, who participates in the New Year's Day party program?Just act in a skit or something."

A student said, "Study committee member, you can't sing or dance, and you can't act in a skit, so why don't you just sign up yourself, didn't you also go to the dance last year."

Xiangyun Liu said, "You guys can't just not sign up every year, every year you make me go to the dance."

Unfortunately, Liu Xiangyun could only sign up for a dance herself.

Liu Xiangyun asked again, "Calligraphy, poetry, painting, musical instrument performance, singing contest, anyone sign up?"

Another student said, "Study committee, if we were to have so many talents, we would have gone as specials."

Today's students, how come they have no special talent, every time they have to participate in various activities, this can't and that can't, they will play with their phones every day.

At this time, the school grass Liu Yang stood up and said, "I report poetry."

Liu Yang's academic performance is very good, poetry is his strong point, he wrote many poems, often published in the school magazine, and last year won the fourth place in the city youth poetry competition.

"Okay, besides Liu Yang participating in the poetry competition, what about the others?"

No one else stood up to sign up.

At this moment, Tang Zichen stood up.

Liu Xiangyun was surprised to see Tang Zichen standing up, in Liu Xiangyun's impression, Tang Zichen was super bad at learning and couldn't even do elementary school application questions.

"Zichen, don't say you want to sign up?"Liu Xiangyun asked, calling out to Zichen in front of the whole class, her own face was a little hot, but was not afraid of people laughing at her, if she had been killed before, she wouldn't have dared to be known that Tang Zichen was her bodyguard.

Tang Zichen laughed, "In Miss's eyes, am I that talentless."

"Alright, you stop it."

Tang Zichen said, "I want to report calligraphy, painting, playing an instrument, and poetry, so report all four."


Liu Xiangyun angrily said, "Stop it."

The whole class saw Liu Xiangyun's ambiguous eyes and words towards Tang Zichen and felt very upset that they were showing love in class.

Tang Zichen said, "Just report it."

Liu Xiangyun looked at the way Tang Zichen really wanted to report it and asked, "Are you sure you want to report it?"


"Alright, I'll report it to you then, don't blame me if you're embarrassed then."Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed and sighed inwardly, once upon a time, his talent was famous and he was proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but now here he was being treated like a scum student.Tang Zichen didn't know physics, mathematics, or chemistry, but that didn't mean he couldn't do calligraphy, painting, musical instruments, or poetry ah.

"Just as well, I should make my presence known this time, or else people will think I only know how to fight."Tang Zichen thought to himself.

Liu Xiangyun herself also signed up for a musical instrument competition, Liu Xiangyun's piano was okay because she had been playing piano since she was a child.

The class only dispersed after the registration was finished.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang went to eat together, Liu Xiangyun originally wanted to very Tang Zichen to eat together, but feel every day stick together, in case Tang Zichen feel no freshness, simply noon and Tang Zichen eat together. First URL

"Xuan'er."Walking outside the school, I did see Li Xuan'er and Liang Ying eating fast food at a restaurant where they often ate.

"Zichen, you're eating at this place too."Li Xuan'er busily asked.

Tang Zichen nodded his head, in fact he didn't know why he walked to this one.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang sat down to eat together, while eating, Wang Qiang said, "Zichen signed up for the four competitions of calligraphy, poetry, painting, and musical instrument playing, did you sign up ah."

Li Xuan'er was shocked and laughed, "Reported for so many talent competitions ah."

"Oh, it just so happens that I'm good at all of these, so I signed up."Tang Zichen said.

"Really fake oh, all good at it, I didn't see that you're so talented ah."Liang Ying looked at Tang Zichen suspiciously, she and Li Xuan'er didn't really believe it, anyway, Tang Zichen was everywhere, and he was thick-skinned, so it's not surprising that he reported all of them.

Liang Ying said, "I am no talent, ugly people, singing is not good, which is like Xuan'er, singing talent is so good, this year singing competition, will definitely be the first place again."

Tang Zichen was shocked and laughed, "No way, is Xuan'er good at singing?"

Liang Ying took a glance at Tang Zichen and snorted, "You're not paying too much attention to Xuan'er, the Campus Top Ten Singers Competition, Xuan'er is number one every year, don't you think her voice is great."

"Ah, so powerful."Tang Zichen laughed, I really didn't expect Xuan'er Li to be the first in the Campus Top Ten Singers.

Li Xuan'er laughed modestly.

People really are a special animal, and finding out that Li Xuan'er was the top ten singers on campus, even Tang Zichen's image of Li Xuan'er elevated a level.

Needless to say, Li Xuan'er must have signed up for the singing competition program this time, and the top ten singers would inevitably have to compete on stage.

Thinking of singing, Tang Zichen was suddenly saddened as he remembered his heart's favorite, his senior sister.

Sister was the number one beauty in Jianghu, and she sang beautifully, often composing her own music and singing herself.When Tang Zichen and his brothers and sisters were drinking, they often let their senior sister sing to help them celebrate.

So, when he heard singing, Tang Zichen's heart couldn't help but feel sore.

Tang Zichen put down his chopsticks, no longer having an appetite.

"Why aren't you eating?"Kaylee Lee asked.


Don't want to eat, Kayla, can I ask you one thing."

"What is it, say it, don't say one thing, eleven thousand things are promised to you."Xuan'er Li, but as soon as she said that, her face turned red, as if it was a little too ambiguous.

"No need for eleven thousand pieces, since you can sing, can you sing a song for me."Tang Zichen said mournfully.

"Ah, sing a song for you."Li Xuan'er was a bit confused as to why Tang Zichen suddenly sounded so mournful asking for this.

"May I?"

"Of course, I'll sing whatever you want to hear."Li Xuan'er was busy nodding her head, now seeing Tang Zichen looking sad, Li Xuan'er felt a heartache inside.

"Thank you, sing a Green Cloud River for me."Tang Zichen said, this song, was composed by his senior sister, her senior sister often sang this song, Tang Zichen wanted so much to hear his senior sister sing it again, but unfortunately he could no longer, if he let Li Xuan'er sing a song for him, it could be considered as easing his heart's longing.

"What is the Green Cloud River ah?"Li Xuan'er's brow furrowed deeply.

"Oh, also, how can there be a Green Cloud River here."Laughing bitterly, Tang Zichen stood up and walked out of the hotel, walking away alone, Wang Qiang and the three of them were stunned there, not knowing what had suddenly happened to Tang Zichen with such a sad expression.

Liang Ying was confused and asked, "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know, all I know is that there is an ache in Tang Zichen's heart, about the relationship with his senior sister, and I don't know what happened to them, Tang Zichen seems to love her senior sister deeply."Li Xuan'er felt a heartache inside as she said this, really wishing that she could replace his senior sister and never let him be so hurt.

Tang Zichen was standing by the river by himself, he wanted to be quiet.

Every time he thought of his junior sister, his mood was filled with an unremovable sadness.

The affection he had with his senior sister since childhood, the more he hid it inside, the deeper it became, Tang Zichen was afraid that one day, he would fall into the love demon.

A love demon was not the same as a heart demon, but it wasn't much different, in short, falling into a love demon was very scary.

"I have to contain myself, since I've already come to this world, I have to completely integrate into this world and not think about any past people or things."Tang Zichen persuaded himself.

However, the more I suppressed it, the more it rebounded, and the head suddenly hurt like a tear.

"Ah."Tang Zichen roared, quickly pulled out three silver needles and plunged them into his skull.Then, just like last time, he fainted and fell unconscious.

No one else knew where Tang Zichen had gone, and Tang Zichen didn't return to school all afternoon.

It wasn't until five o'clock in the afternoon that Tang Zichen woke up from the river.

When Tang Zichen woke up, he saw that it was already evening, but he just sighed, pulled out the three silver needles on his head, and then went back to school.

Back at school, it happened to be the end of all three classes.

Tang Zichen simply sat in the car and waited, and did not enter the classroom.

Soon, Liu Xiangyun walked out of the school, Tang Zichen drove the car up and called out to the lady to get in the car.

When Liu Xiangyun got into the car, she didn't seem to look too good.

"What's wrong?Who messed with you?"Don Zichen asked with a smile.

"Who else but you."

"I haven't been in class all afternoon, how did I mess with you."

"You still have the nerve to say, even if you're going to do something, at least tell me, even if you're going to room with some woman, I won't disagree, why don't you even say anything to me, I don't even exist in your eyes."Liu Xiangyun said lost, really the more she cared about a person, the more a small thing could cause her sad emotions.

The King of Kungfu in School 221-230


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