The King of Kungfu in school 2066-2070


Chapter 2066

At this moment, Tang Zichen didn't know all this yet, as he was lower than a human and couldn't sense others scanning.

Although Yun Zi had hurriedly gone to the Star Clan for help, the result could be imagined, it wasn't even something she could enter, and it was only in vain.


"Minister, drink up."


"The wine in the Immortal Realm is so strong, it's so painful to drink."Zi Dong blushed and exhaled.

The wine of the immortal world was naturally not the wine of the mortal world, the materials used to brew wine were all different, it was perfectly normal for immortals to get drunk, the wine of mortals was made from grains, it was not at all the same level.

At this moment, the Devil King suddenly contacted Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen."The Devil King bellowed in Tang Zichen's mind.

"Uh, Senior Demon King, what's wrong?"

"You're still in the mood to drink, come on, run." First published at


"Run, take everyone around you and run, if I didn't happen to have nothing to sweep you, you'd be screwed, a mid Earth Immortal is sweeping you, and he's closing in on you, in less than a minute."

"Ah."Tang Zichen instantly understood.

Immediately throwing the bottle away, he shouted, "Run."

"Chenchen, you."

"Run after me."Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it and ran towards the door.

Mu Qianji and the others didn't ask too many questions and followed without a second's delay.

At this moment, in the distant sky, Wu Longquan's eyebrows suddenly furrowed in shock, "What's going on?Can't sweep it?"

Yes, Wu Longquan suddenly couldn't scan his Immortal Sense.

"This little bastard, he must have an immortal artifact that shields his Immortal Sense from scanning, he was able to shield my scans, this immortal artifact must not be weak."Saying that, Wu Longquan immediately accelerated to go.

The Devil King said to Tang Zichen, "Go north, in the opposite direction from the visitor, I've already helped you shield his Immortal Sense, as long as you walk along the crowded streets, it will be difficult for him to spot you with the naked eye."

"Okay, thank you, Senior Demon King."

"It's already this time of the day, and you're still polite to me."

"No, if you hadn't informed me in time, I'm afraid."Tang Zichen was in a cold sweat, it was so dangerous.

"It's also your fate that I just happened to find you.Who exactly have you offended, last time it was a pre-Earth Immortal Emperor, this time it's a mid-Earth Immortal powerhouse."The Devil King said.

Tang Zichen was also sweating.

"Sticking up for a friend, and it ended up like this."

"Do you want me to inform Star Luo and ask her to help you?"

"No, Starlot already helped me today, I don't want to bother her again tonight.Damn it, Wu Longquan."Tang Zichen bit his teeth.

At this moment, Tang Zichen had arrived at a street.

Tang Zichen said to the road, "Let's enter the inn and find a room at the inn first."

"Brother Chen?That's okay, right?"

"Don't worry, I'm aided by a higher power, Wu Longquan's every move is under control, besides, having shielded his Immortal Sense, even if he's standing downstairs at the inn, he won't be able to spot us.Unless his eyes can see through, but is that possible."


Tang Zichen quickly entered the inn and opened a suite.

Tonight, everyone could only be aggrieved for a little while, the suite was like a suite, only three rooms, one room for the men and two for the women.

Tang Zichen was harboring a fire inside, he was going to fight a few rounds with Qianjie and the other women tonight, but he didn't expect that Wu Longquan would come to kill him, making it impossible to do anything now.

Tang Zichen and the others stayed for the time being, but other matters would be discussed tomorrow.

Also live in the Yang residence.However, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that Yang Qilu was already dead.

At this moment, at the Yang Residence, a kind passerby, came to inform.

"Yang Qilu is dead, on XX Street, you guys should go check it out."


Stunned, Yang Qilu's sons and daughters were stunned for a few seconds before they reacted, never thought there would be such a day when their father died, this was something they had never thought of ah.

Not long after, the entire Yang residence cried to the heavens.

Yang Fan and the others immediately went to a certain street and saw their father die tragically in the street, the scene instantly made several of the girls faint, including Yang Cai.

"Ahhhh, father."Yang Qilu's several sons tore up their hearts and roared, and there was a large circle of people on the street, everyone pointing and discussing without any concern for the matter.

Tears and wailing and roaring could no longer describe the feelings of Yang Qilu's children.

"Senior Demon King, how is that Wu Longquan?"

"He's still looking around the area where you were just now, trying to find any traces of your escape."

"Hmph, what a delusion, I went straight to the street, where are the traces of a spider."

Just then, Tang Zichen heard the two guests talking at the entrance of the room.

"It's really dead."

"Falling from the sky, the corpse fell on the street, alas, at least a strong Earth Immortal, who was killed by this."

"Who else could it be, nine times out of ten it's Wu Longquan."

"Shh, don't say this nonsense, if Wu Longquan's people hear it, it's over."

"This is the end of Yangfu."


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what does it mean?

Tang Zichen immediately opened the door and asked, "Two brothers, what did you just say?"

"Ah, aren't you the weekender?"


"Your wife's uncle, he was killed."

"Yang Qilu?"


"Don't joke around, two brothers."

"Brother Zhou, how can you joke about such things, I was just there, Yang Qilu's body fell from the sky and hit the street with a thud."

"Oh my god, where was it?"

"Hu Luo Street, you should quickly go and take a look, I'm sure the people from Yangfu have arrived by now."

"Damn it, Wu Longquan."Tang Zichen shouted.

Tang Zichen just went ahead, the devil king said, "Zichen, calm down."

"Calm down my ass, my wife's uncle has been killed and I'm still calm."

"What can you do if you go there, that place, many people must be paying attention now, Wu Longquan can't find you, and will definitely keep an eye on that side, the best thing you can do now is to stay away from the Yang residence, and the Yang family."

"I can't do that."Tang Zichen clenched his fists, feeling a twinge of sadness as he thought of the drawing of Yang Qilu's corpse falling from the sky and dying tragically on the street, at least he was a strong Earth Immortal.Moreover, it wasn't just Yang Qilu that was destroyed, but the entire Yang House.

"What should I do?"Tang Zichen didn't seem to be paying much attention, because Wu Longquan was too strong, and in front of the absolutely strong, any plotting and scheming was superfluous.

Tang Zichen said, "Even if it's a mantis, I still have to fight back."

"Zichen, the best thing for you at this point is to leave, I think it's better for you to go back to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom."

"Go back to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom?Absolutely not, Wu Longquan, you will regret it."Tang Zichen's gaze gnashed his teeth, as he thought of Yun Zi, since Wu Longquan would come to kill him and Mu Qianji and the others, he would naturally kill Yun Zi as well.

"Senior Demon King, help me see where Yun Zi is and how she is doing now."



A few minutes later, the Demon King said, "It's been found, Yun Zi is at the entrance of the Star Clan."

"What's he doing at the Star Clan?"

"Nine times out of ten, he's going to move help."

"That's right, I still have a third level Immortal Master, Yun Zi definitely wants to go to him, but unfortunately, he can't even enter the Star Clan."

"It's okay, I'll help you inform Xing Luo."


But the Demon King had already informed.

"Xing Luo, Tang Zichen is in difficulty."

"Ah."Star Luo was startled.

"That Wu Longquan, who killed Yun Zi's uncle and also wanted to kill those relatives of Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is now in an inn, there's nothing to worry about for now, you help inform Tang Zichen's Immortal Pill Master and see if he has any solutions." Remember the website


Star Luo immediately went to Master Imaha's.

"Miss Star Luo, why do you have time to come to my place."Master Ima Xia asked in confusion.

"Master This Summer, your disciple Zhou Mi is in trouble."

"Wu Longquan?Didn't you already help him out, does Wu Longquan even dare to disrespect you?"

"No, Wu Longquan killed Yang Qilu and tried to kill Zhou Mi's relatives in vain, in that case, I can't say anything."

"Understood, where is Zhou Mi now?"

"At an inn on Gao Lan Street, you should know a few friends in the middle or late Earth Immortal stage, I'll leave the rest to you."

"Don't worry, a mere Wu Longquan dares to touch my disciple, he's tired of living."Grandmaster Ima Xia let out his anger.

Ten minutes later, a late Earth Immortal powerhouse joined up with Master This Summer.

"Master This Summer, summoning me in the middle of the night, I don't know what's the matter, so why don't you just say it."That late Earth Immortal powerhouse politely said.

"Flowing Light senior, I have a Xiantian disciple named Zhou Mi, he was threatened by Wu Longquan, can you settle this matter for me."

"Uh, of course you can, we're friends."

"Thank you."

"Now take me to your disciple."

"Come with me."

Four or five minutes later, while Tang Zichen was still at the inn, two people appeared in the window, one was Master Imha, and one was unknown, but, with a very strong presence, a strong late Earth Immortal.

"Master."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

"Zhou Mi, it's fine, come out."


Tang Zichen immediately flew out of the room.

That late Earth Immortal powerhouse was busy saying, "Master this summer, this is your disciple."

"Exactly, I'm hoping for more teachings from Flowing Light senior."

"Hahaha, it's truly a talent."

Master This Summer introduced to Tang Zichen and said, "Zhou Mi, this is Senior Flowing Light, he is a good friend of mine, you can tell him any difficulties you have, for example, if someone kills you, let him take revenge for you and so on."

Tang Zichen said, "Wu Longquan wants to kill me."

Flowing Light smiled, "I've already swept my immortal sense to where Wu Longquan is, he's thousands of meters away right now, flying in this direction, and by the looks of him, he seems to be looking for someone."

"Exactly looking for me."Tang Zichen said.

Master Imaha asked, "Flowing Light, what do you think should be done about this?Or, just kill Wu Longquan."

Senior Lightning shook his head and said, "Killing Wu Longquan is a matter of great importance, Wu Longquan's wife, who is also a strong Earth Immortal, and Wu

Longquan's father-in-law, who is a late Earth Immortal, is no weaker than me."

Master Ima Xia nodded, not expecting Wu Longquan to have a late Earth Immortal's father-in-law, that would be difficult to do.Senior Flowing Light definitely wouldn't kill a Wu Longquan for a Tang Zichen, even if it was for Master Thisxia.Senior Flowing Light and Master This Summer, they said that they were friends, but in reality, it was some dealings on the Immortal Pill, if this kind of interest relationship, who would take care of anyone.

Right at this moment, Wu Longquan appeared.

Wu Longquan saw Tang Zichen in the sky hundreds of meters away, his face was happy, but in the next moment, his face changed again as he saw a strong man of the late Earth Immortal stage.

With a shout from the Flowing Light Senior, "Brother Longquan."

Wu Longquan flew up and paid his respects, "Longquan pays his respects to Senior Brother Flowing Light."

"Hahaha, Brother Longquan, why are you so polite, what brings you here in the middle of the night."

"This."Wu Longquan looked towards Tang Zichen with a hint of confusion.

Senior Light Flowing smiled, "Wu Longquan, I heard that you've killed Yang Qilu."

Wu Longquan said, "Senior Brother Flowing Light, don't say anything without proof."

"Hahaha, Wu Longquan, Zhou Mi is a disciple of Master Jin Xia, and Master Jin Xia is a friend, can you give me a face, don't hurt Zhou Mi, and his family."Flowing Light Senior said.

Wu Longquan was unhappy inside, but he had never thought that Zhou Mi was a disciple of Master Jin Xia.

Although Wu Longquan's father-in-law was a late Earth Immortal, he didn't dare to go against Flowing Light.

"Since Master Luminescence has spoken, how can I not comply, Senior Brother Luminescence rest assured that I will not harm Zhou Mi and his family again."Wu Longquan gazed at Tang Zichen.

In fact, Wu Longquan was only temporarily not killing, in the future this matter faded, even Flowing Light himself had forgotten, he quietly exterminated Tang Zichen, who knew.

In another 10,000, 100,000 years, who would still remember this.

"Zhou Mi, let you live for another ten thousand years."Wu Longquan said in his heart.

Master This Summer also saw the meaning in Wu Longquan's eyes, but what could he do.

"Then thank you, Old Brother Wu, come to my house for tea when you are free on other days."

"Okay, Senior Brother Flowing Light, then I'll leave first."

"Be my guest."

Wu Longquan looked at Tang Zichen one last time, then flew away.

Senior Flowing Light said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, now you can rest assured, at least within ten thousand years, Wu Longquan shouldn't be able to touch you.Ten thousand years from now, if he hits your attention again, you can come back to me, then it's fine I'll leave first."

"Thank you, Senior."

"No farewell."

The flowing light flew away.

Master Imaha said, "It's fine now, ten thousand years from now, if Wu Longquan comes looking for you again, then let's talk about it."


Ten thousand years was actually a very short time for them Immortals.

Tang Zichen didn't say much, after all, it wasn't his own strength, it was impossible for outsiders to actually exterminate Wu Longquan for him.Moreover, Wu Longquan had a late Earth Immortal's father-in-law, and this force was too strong.

Tang Zichen could only cultivate well, and when he was strong, he wanted Wu Longquan's entire family to die.

Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji and the others, "You guys go home first, or, you've rented a house somewhere else."

"We don't need you to worry, you go and get busy."Mu Qianji said, she knew that Tang Zichen was rushing to the Yang residence at the moment.


Tang Zichen immediately rushed back to the Yang residence.

When he arrived at the Yang House, the Yang House cried to the heavens.


Tang Zichen walked into a large hall of the Yang residence, only to see a coffin in the middle of the hall, and inside the coffin, lay a corpse, which was Yang Qilu.

Around the coffin, there was a group of Yang Qilu's children kneeling, while below, there were rows of Yang House's servants kneeling.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng, also kneeling under the coffin, Yun Zi also sadly weeping, and as for Yun Meng, her eyes were red.

Originally, in a few days, Yang Qilu would have arranged for Yun Meng to meet with that person on a blind date, but now it was good that she was dead.

When everyone saw Tang Zichen come in, some of Yang Qilu's children, immediately pointed their spears at Tang Zichen and said, "It's all because of you, if you didn't have to seek some justice for Yang Cai, my father wouldn't have died, it's all because of you."

Tang Zichen didn't argue, indeed, if he hadn't been nosy, there wouldn't have been anything wrong.

Of course, he couldn't be completely blamed, although he had sought justice for Yang Cai, but this matter Yang Qilu himself also knew, the entire Yang House knew, at that time everyone didn't stop it, instead they thought that Tang Zichen was very righteous, but now it was unfair to blame Tang Zichen when something happened.

Tang Zichen kowtowed a few times to Yang Qilu and said, "Uncle, have a good journey, your revenge, I swear I will avenge you, I will use the lives of Wu Longquan's entire family to pay for it, but please give me time, I will."

Tang Zichen said to Yang Qilu's children, "You are in mourning, if there is anything I need to do, please feel free to do as I command."

"Don't cry cat and fake mercy."One man said.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and turned around and walked away. One second to remember to read the book

However, Tang Zichen hadn't even stepped out of the Damen when a servant from outside hurriedly swooped in and shouted, "Everyone, run away, Wu Longquan is here."

"Ah."Everyone was shaken.

Tang Zichen's face changed and he was busy saying, "Everyone, Wu Longquan definitely wants to cut off the grass and kill you all."

"Son of a bitch, sob."Yang Fan and the others immediately cried out, completely helpless.

Tang Zichen said, "Quick, come with me, don't get scattered, follow me closely."After saying that, Tang Zichen pulled Yun Zi's hand and headed to the Yang residence's backyard.

Yang Qilu's dozens of children immediately followed without notice, they were weeping as they followed Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen contacted the Nine Dao Demon King to help shield Wu Longquan's immortal consciousness, and Tang Zichen led them to escape from the Yang Mansion.

Tang Zichen takes the Yang Mansion and turns left and right in the courtyard, but not in the direction of the back door.

Yun Zi asked, "Where are you going?Isn't it to the back door?"

"Who told you to go to the back door, that's the only way to die, don't ask anything, follow me and don't say a word."


Everyone nervously followed Tang Zichen, not daring to speak, because although Wu Longquan's immortal consciousness was shielded, he could hear voices, in case he heard their voices, he would find them in no time.

Wu Longquan, on the other hand, didn't think of that, and he entered the main hall in a flash right now.

In the main hall, there was only one coffin, everyone had run away, and inside the coffin, Yang Qilu's corpse was still lying there.

"Hm?"Wu Longquan's eyebrows furrowed, it was all just now, and all of a sudden where are the people?"

Wu Longquan immediately expanded his Immortal Sense to cover the entire Yang Residence, but Wu Longquan found that the entire Yang Residence had not found any of Yang Qilu's children.

"Strange?Where did it go?One can't leave the Yang residence so quickly."

Wu Longquan flew up into the sky.

At this moment, Tang Zichen just happened to arrive at a well in the Yang Residence.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen jumped into the well, followed by the others.


After the well, it immediately sank to the bottom of the well, and then continued on underground, constantly moving away from Yangfu.

There was the Demon King's Immortal Sense shield, and the underground was invisible to the naked eye, so it really wasn't that easy for Wu Longquan to discover it for a while.

As expected, Wu Longquan searched for ten minutes, and the entire Yang Residence was turned over, but he just didn't find those children of Yang Qilu, only some servants who were fleeing around.

"Zhou Mi, it must be you."Wu Longquan's gaze was cold.

At this time, Tang Zichen and the others, who had already gone to a faraway place, got out somewhere on a street far away.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, now you can't go home anymore, go somewhere else, start over, turn your grief into strength, and one day, I believe you will be able to slay your enemies.Provided it's before me."

"Ooooh."Dozens of people cried, a good home was gone, and they couldn't even come back to this city.

"Don't cry, now is not the time to cry, if we don't leave, it'll be over if Wu Longquan finds out."

Helplessly, dozens of people swiftly headed to the border suburbs of Upper Fernia afterwards.

Only Tang Zichen, Yun Zi, and Yun Meng were left standing in place.

Yun Zi cried and waved goodbye to her cousins and cousins.

However, Yang Cai cried as she walked, taking a few steps and looking back at Tang Zichen, her eyes seemingly filled with reluctance.

With a goodbye today, I don't know if there is still a chance to meet.

In the end, they all disappeared into the night.

Tang Zichen and his three men stood there, their hearts incomparably heavy.

"Wu Longquan."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said three words, then flew off in the direction of the Star Clan.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng could only follow Tang Zichen.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the gate of the Star Clan.

Tang Zichen said, "You two, first stay with me to the Star Clan, where Master Xia is staying this year, and we'll talk about the rest afterwards."

Tang Zichen showed his token and smoothly brought Yun Zi and Yun Meng into the interior of the Star Clan, to the residence of Master Ima Xia.

Master Imaha was a residence of considerable size, with no shortage of one or two rooms.

"Alright, Zhou Mi, calm down and forget about this matter first, don't become a burden to you."

"I know."

"Turn hatred into power, only when power is attained do you have the right to take revenge.From now on, you should also be extra careful and reveal your talent less in the future.The stronger you reveal your talent, the more Wu Longquan will want to kill you."

"Wu Longquan."Tang Zichen's fists clenched and clicked.

Tang Zichen quickly shuffled off to sleep.

The next day, the normal alchemy was done as if nothing had happened.

Yun Zi said, "Husband, Yun Meng and I, have we always lived here?"

"I don't know how to arrange you guys, but in Upper Firs, you Yuns, don't you have any other friends?"

"No more, except for my uncle who is the closest, there are still a few of my father's friends, but they are just friends, not relatives.Why don't Yun Meng and I return to the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom first."Yun Zi suggested.

Tang Zichen asked, "What is Yun Meng doing now?"

"In a daze."


Yun Zi Dao: "Yun Meng is also depressed, my uncle was supposed to arrange for her to meet on a blind date in a few days, but now my uncle is dead."

Tang Zichen asked, "I'm responsible for this, do you know the name of the man who went on a blind date with Yun Meng?I'll go arrange it for her."


"Ah, you can arrange that?"Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen suspiciously.

"Go ahead, what's the name?"

"From what my uncle said, his name is Zhu Wuyou, and he's a late stage Human Immortal."

Tang Zichen said, "When I was still in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, I heard you say that this person was ranked in the top few of the late Human Immortals, right?"

"Yes, but I haven't bothered to find out if it's true or not, because uncle had refused to say anything for fear that Yun Meng wouldn't be able to hold back and take the initiative, until the day before yesterday, when uncle secretly told me about it.Yun Meng still doesn't even know who it is."

"Oh, Yun Meng also has a good tone, it's a good thing to run into one so powerful, if he can really succeed in a blind date."

"Yeah, this Zhu Eyeless, not only is he ranked at the top, but also, his family lineage is not as good as, from what my uncle said, it's a fifth-ranked overlord family."

"A fifth rank overlord family, that's a family of late Earth Immortal powerhouses."

"Mm."Yun Zi Yi nodded.

Tang Zichen was a bit shocked, and inwardly, he didn't believe that Yun Meng, could really marry into the family of a Late Earth Immortal powerhouse?

"Okay, I'll be in charge of this matter regarding Yun Meng's blind date, and I'll do my best to facilitate it."Tang Zichen said. The first website

"Mmhmm, now our Yunluo Immortal Kingdom has lost my uncle to find a helper, so this marriage of Yun Meng must succeed.If it succeeds, our Yunluo Immortal Country will have a fifth class overlord family to back it up."Yun Zi said with anticipation.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room, Yun Meng was indeed staring.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Meng, don't be dazed."

"Who's dazed, thinking too much."

"Don't be sophomoric, I know you're ruined and depressed because of the blind date.But don't worry, I'll take charge of this matter and arrange it for you."

Yun Meng trailed off, "Why would I want you to be responsible for it, you're not my parent."

"Now that Yang Qilu is dead, I'm your temporary parent, you all have to listen to me."

"Do you know who the person I'm on a blind date with is?"Yun Meng asked, before Yang Qilu killed her appetite by not telling, only knowing that it was a late Human Immortal ranked top one.

"Yes, I know, but I can't tell you."


"Oh, would you believe me if I told you that I was afraid you wouldn't be able to stand the loneliness and go to him of your own accord?"

"Get lost, you're the one who's such a bitch."

Tang Zichen said, "I see that you want a husband so badly, you might as well, in case you run to the door yourself, your image will be ruined."

"Tang Zichen, you're humiliating me."

"Hey, you even know my name in this life."

"Hmph, you think it's some kind of secret."

"Alright, no more bullshit with you, wait here, I'm going to help you arrange your blind date."Tang Zichen said and left.

Yun Meng hummed, but she was actually filled with anticipation inside.

"Tang Zichen, where are you going."Just a short distance away from Master This Summer's residence, Tang Zichen was called by someone.

Turning his head, it was Miss Xing Luo.

"Meet Miss Xing Luo, I haven't thanked Miss Xing Luo for yesterday's incident."

"Oh, there's no need to be polite between you and me, Tang Zichen, I don't know if you're free today."

"Please say what Miss Star Luo has ordered."

"That, I would like to discuss with you about the second level of the Great Escapement of the Silence Technique, of course, to be more precise, I am asking you for advice."Star Luo was a bit hard to say, Tang Zichen's heart fluttered when he saw her looking like this, she was truly beautiful.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course, but I have to go do something.


"Can I help you?"

"It's not a big deal, it's just that originally Yang Qilu was about to arrange Yun Meng, a blind date with a man named Zhu No Eye, and now that Yang Qilu is dead, I have the responsibility to do it."

"It's simple, I'll have someone send a letter to the Zhu Clan for you, just ask that Zhu Eyeless out on a date won't you."Star Luo said.

Tang Zichen nodded, since that was the case, Tang Zichen didn't have to make the trip himself.

"Miss Xing Luo, that Zhu Wuyan, do you know him?"

"Knew, but not well, though."

"But what?"

"Are you sure that Yang Qilu arranged for this person?"

"I think, Yun Zi won't hear it wrong."

"Tang Zichen, I won't lie to you, Zhu Wuyou is quite a genius, ranked in the top ten of the late Human Immortals, and, in his family, the strongest person is a late Earth Immortal, these kind of family backgrounds, under normal circumstances, can't look down on a small Immortal Kingdom princess.Ugh."

"As you know, any power in the Immortal Realm would like to find a stronger patron, and even if they can't find a stronger one, they don't want to find a worse one, at least on an equal footing.And Yun Meng is several levels below the family lineage compared to Zhu Wuyou."

"I don't know about that, although Yun Meng's family lineage is average, she's a beautiful woman."

"That's right, the attractiveness of a beautiful woman can offset a lot of family lineage deficiencies."

Star Roman then ordered his servant to send a letter to Zhu, to Zhu Eyeless.

Tang Zichen was also happy to be free.

After that, Tang Zichen went to Star Luo's cultivation room and began instructing Star Luo in the Great Escapement Method.

This instruction was for a whole day, until it was dark.

"Tang Zichen, let's eat before we leave."

"No, Miss Xing Luo, I'm going back instead."

"Oh, good, then I won't bother you, thank you."

"There's no need to be so polite."

Tang Zichen returned to Master This Summer's residence.

"Husband, you're back."


"Have you made arrangements for the blind date?"

"I'll have news tomorrow."

"Great, I'll go tell Yun Meng the good news."Yun Zi ran off in a panic.

However, Tang Zichen was left with a bit of a lump in his heart.

At this moment, at Zhu Wuyou's house.

Zhu Eyeless looked at the letter and laughed hehehe, "I thought that once Yang Qilu died, this p would be gone, it seems that the p that should be mine is always mine, hahaha."

After laughing, Zhu Wuyou threw the letter away and hummed, "Silly woman, I thought that I was really interested in you, I just heard that you were pretty and wanted to play with it.Not looking at what kind of identity you have, didn't expect ah didn't expect, Yang Qilu is dead, and you still took the initiative to come up here."

Zhu Wuyan immediately replied to a letter that said, "See you at the Sky General Building the morning after tomorrow."

Then, Zhu Wuyan had the letter sent back the way it came.

The next day, Tang Zichen received the letter, sent by Star Luo's maid.

"See you at the Heavenly General's Tower?"Tang Zichen asked the maid, "What is the Heavenly General's House?"

"It's an inn, with both places to eat and drink tea, as well as places to stay."


Tang Zichen immediately contacted the Demon King, "Senior Demon King, do me a favor."


"Help me check out a man named Zhu Eyeless, I want to know if he really wants to meet Yun Meng on a blind date."



Half a day later.

"Tang Zichen."

"Senior Demon King, I'm here, how is it, did you find anything?"

"I just heard, that Zhu Eyeless told one of his servants that he's going to have another beautiful woman to play with tomorrow.He also said that this time he's going to play with them for a few years before throwing them away, pretend to be in love with Yun Meng, and just shoot them when he gets tired of playing with them."

"What? When that's really what he said."

"What did I lie to you about."

"Son of a bitch."Tang Zichen was furious, sure enough Xing Luo was right, Yun Meng wasn't worthy at all, but Zhu Eyeless didn't mind, there was something wrong with this nine times out of ten.

"So are you going to continue to introduce Yun Meng to that Zhu Wuyou now?"

"It's not like I'm stupid, I'd rather stay and play by myself than let Zhu Eyeless get tired of playing and killing."Tang Zichen said.

"Haha, that's a pretty bold idea."

"Alright, I'll leave you alone for now, I have to go talk to Yun Zi." Remember the URL


Tang Zichen found Yun Zi.

"Husband, what can I do for you?Is there news about the blind date with Zhu Eyeless?"

"Yun Zi, that Zhu Eyeless refused the blind date request."


Tang Zichen had to lie to them.

"How come."

"Think about it, your uncle didn't offend Wu Longquan before, and now that your uncle has been killed by Wu Longquan, Zhu Wuyou definitely doesn't want to offend Wu Longquan either."

"That's right, but what does Yun Meng's side say?"

"You talk to Yun Meng properly, let Yun Meng open up a bit."

"Okay, so I'm going to tell him, about Zhu Eyeless?"


Tang Zichen no longer bothered with the matter, trusting that Yun Zi would take care of it.

After that, Tang Zichen went to Star Luo's to teach Star Luo how to practice the Great Escapement.

Star Luo was very grateful.

In the evening, Tang Zichen finished and returned to his place of residence.

Yun Meng sat in front of his house staring at the door, the whole person was listless, nine times out of ten, Yun Zi told her.

Tang Zichen sat down beside Yun Meng.

Yun Meng said, "If you're here to mock me, just say so."

"Why would I mock you, you're my family too."

"Heh."Yun Meng smirked.

"I'm Yun Zi's grandfather, aren't we family?Seeing how depressed you are, I'm sure Yun Zi has already told you about the fact that you were disliked.But you must also understand that that Zhu Wuyou is only because you're pretty, if Yang Qilu hadn't offended Wu Longquan, maybe he would have gone on a blind date with you, but the blind date wouldn't have succeeded, at most he would have slept with you for a few years and then dumped you."

"That's what you think, I have confidence in myself, although I'm not as talented as Zhu Wuyou, but I, Yun Meng, am at least ranked number one in the late stage of Human Immortal in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.Together with my beauty, it's not surprising that I match Zhu Eyeless."

"But unfortunately, he doesn't want to take any risks, so you should die too, you'll find a better man than Zhu Eyeless."

"Do you mean you?You're a few streets behind Zhu Eyeless."

"Haha, I'm so bad in your eyes, it's fine, I don't bother theorizing with you, just think what you want."

Yun Meng turned around and walked away, looking lost.

For the next seven or eight days, Tang Zichen went to Star Luo's every day to help Star Luo practice the Great Escapement.

"Tang Zichen, you really don't need to help me every day."Star Luo was very embarrassed and said.

"Miss Star Luo, I don't want to make alchemy or practice on my own anyway, so why don't I come and help you, I also hope that you can practice the Great Escapement Method soon."

"Ugh, make me embarrassed."

"Haha, there's no need for that, the Immortal Pill Conference is starting tomorrow, so I can't come, I'll help you again when I have time after the Conference."

"Thank you, I wish you a successful flag."

"I will."


Master Ima Xia said, "Zhou Mi, how are the preparations going?"

"Don't worry, I'm ready."

Early the next morning, Master This Xia brought Tang Zichen and headed straight to the Upper Fei Yan Continent's Immortal Pill Hall.

The entire Upper Fei Yan Continent was here, including the Immortal Pill masters from various Immortal States, and of course, Master Chen from the Yunluo Immortal State did not come this year, and will not come in the future.

"Master this summer, you're here, this must be your new disciple Zhou Mi."A third level Immortal Pill Master came to greet him.

"It's my disciple, Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi, pay your respects to Master Liu."

"Oh, junior pays his respects to Master Liu."Tang Zichen bowed to that Grandmaster Liu.

"Haha, polite polite."

After meeting many people, Tang Zichen entered inside the Great Hall of Immortals.

Master Ima Xia said, "There are more than a hundred Third Grade Immortal Masters in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, and almost every one of them has disciples, some Third Grade Immortal Masters are powerful themselves, so they don't need to rely on their disciples to add glory to them, while some, they are average themselves, so they want their disciples to add glory to them."

"Oh, Master, so are you powerful, or not?"Tang Zichen asked.

Master This Summer smiled, "I'm among the third-grade Immortal Pill masters, and I only refine third-grade, sixth-grade Immortal Pills once I play the best.Most of the time, normal play is only able to refine third-grade three to fourth-grade quality Immortal Pills."

"Uh, so."

"So, I don't have a very high status in the Upper Fey Yan Continent Immortal Pill World, so you have to fight for me."

"Of course."

Just at this moment, a loud shout came from outside, "Master Green King has arrived."

The entire palace quieted down, everyone looked towards the door, a few seconds later, an old man with green hair, strode in, he was followed by a woman, the woman was incomparably beautiful and had an extremely good figure, it was Tian Xiang.

"Greeting Master Green King."

"Master Green King, hello."

Everyone stammered up to pay their respects.

At this moment, however, Master Thisxia, who was beside Tang Zichen, was looking at him with hatred in his eyes, back then, if it wasn't for the despicable Green King Master, perhaps, now Master Thisxia would already be a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, or even a fifth-grade one.

However, this Xia Master did not dare to show his hatred too much, in case the Green King found out his true identity, the Green King would definitely not let him go.The Green King's hatred for Master This Summer was no less than This Summer's hatred for the Green King.

Back then, if Master This Summer hadn't raped and then killed the Green King's fiancée, the Green King wouldn't have been mentally traumatized, so now he would definitely be a fifth-grade Immortal Pill Master.

In short, both of them hated each other with gritted teeth.

At that moment, Master Tianxiang saw Tang Zichen and actually walked over to Tang Zichen.

"Zhou Mi, you've come too."Master Tianxiang smiled at Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen didn't expect that Tianxiang would take the initiative to greet him, which immediately became a thorn in the side of many young talents in full view of the public.

Continuously so, outside the main hall, many strong geniuses who were not Immortal Pillars looked at Tang Zichen warningly, as if warning Tang Zichen to stay away from Master Tianxiang.


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