The King of Kungfu in school 2056-2060


Chapter 2056

Wang Zhibin turned around and walked away.

However, Wang felt that with every step he took, his body was becoming heavier and heavier.

Finally, when he reached the fifth step, Wang ZhiBin could no longer control it.

"Poof."A mouthful of blood sprayed dozens of meters away, like a fountain in a certain square.

"Ah." some of the spectators who were close to him were sprayed with blood and were depressed.

Wang ZhiBin wanted to die at the moment, he wanted to be strong enough to vomit blood when he got to a place where no one was around, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen's move had such a strong aftermath that he couldn't control it after only five steps.

After spewing blood, Wang Zhi-bin's legs went limp and he no longer had the strength to walk.

The audience was shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Wang Zhi-bin, you don't have a stomachache at all, otherwise how can you explain this mouthful of blood you just vomited?"

Wang Zhi-bin had nothing to say at the moment, having lost so thoroughly, it was no longer convincing to argue that his stomach hurt.

"Zhou Mi, you."Wang ZhiBin's face twisted as he looked at Tang Zichen. The first website

"Hmph, Wang Zhi-bin, if you are still a man, keep your promise, if not, go ahead, I, Zhou, will never force you, goodbye."After saying that, Tang Zichen directly flew away, regardless of whether he slapped himself or not.

However, all the spectators were staring at Wang ZhiBin, Wang ZhiBin really wanted to kill Tang Zichen right now, Tang Zichen had already put his words down here in public, everyone was looking at him, if he didn't slap, he wasn't a man.

"Ahhhh."Wang Zhi Bian shouted, shouting, "Zhou Mi, you wait for me."After shouting, Wang ZhiBin raised his slap with a drum and slapped himself ten times.

After slapping, Wang Zhi-bin looked at Tang Zichen's departing back, his eyes red, and this humiliation, he vowed not to stop until he doubled back on the other day.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen did not return.

For a while, the audience was discussing, looking at Tang Zichen's back, countless girls showed their adoring eyes.

Some girls were even filled with nymphomania as they said, "How great it would be if it was my man."

"Zhou Mi, you're my man god."

There were all kinds of girls.

Star Luo, who was still there, laughed wordlessly when he saw the girls who were flirting with Tang Zichen.However, it was also true that Star Luo was quite impressed with Tang Zichen, and that Tang Zichen was stronger than Star Luo had expected.Of course, Xing Luo didn't think much of that aspect, in her mind, Tang Zichen was a role like her senior brother.

In the crowd, Gu Ronba was uncomfortable seeing Tang Zichen more powerful than she had expected.

Tang Zichen returned to Master This Summer's residence.


"Well, there was a bit of a delay."

"Just now in the ring, you did well."Master Imaha said with a smile.

"Uh, you saw that too?"


"Oh, so how come you're back before me."

"Is that odd."

"Hehe, not strange."

"Zhou Mi, it seems I was right to take you as my disciple, being able to refine pills as well as fight, there aren't many geniuses of this level in the world, if you show off a bit more at the Immortal Pill Conference, your Zhou Mi's peerless name will definitely spread all over the Upper Fey Yan Continent."Master Today Xia said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid that may not be the case, unless, I can defeat the top ten mid Human Immortals."

Master Today Xia asked, "Then, can you defeat the top ten?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's a piece of cake."

Master This Summer was startled, not expecting that Tang Zichen would be so self


"Since you were able to completely amaze everyone in terms of your strength, I thought that your fame would be even greater in the Upper Fellows, so since it's a piece of cake, why not go ahead and challenge it?It starts with the tenth place in the mid Human Immortal rankings.As far as I know, the top ten of the mid Human Immortal ranking list has not changed for over 3,000 years."

"In other words, the current top ten people in the mid Human Immortal ranking list are all veteran powerhouses who have dominated the list for more than 3,000 years."

"Right, if you do succeed in your challenge and defeat one of them, you'll shake the entire continent."

Tang Zichen's heart secretly moved, indeed, a ranking that hadn't changed for more than three thousand years on the Hegemony List would indeed be shocked if Tang Zichen killed one of them.

Currently, Tang Zichen's fame was only spread among some small townspeople and a few noble sons and daughters, and there was no one in the true genius circle of the Upper Fellows Continent who knew about Tang Zichen.

"Let me think."Tang Zichen said.

"Of course, there's no rush, after all, challenging someone else, they have the right to kill you, and an unsuccessful challenge means death."

That night, one of Star Luo's girls came to invite Tang Zichen.

"Mr. Zhou, Star Luo is inviting you to a night banquet."

"Good, I'll take a shower and go."


Tang Zichen took a bath, changed into clean clothes, and immediately went forward to Xing Luo's place, after all, the same residence was not far away.

In a gazebo, Xing Luo had prepared a banquet and was waiting for Tang Zichen to come.

"Miss Xing Luo."

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come, I'll starve to death if you don't come."

"Haha, Miss Xing Luo is really joking, how could a fairy be hungry."

"Please sit down, just call me by my name from now on, there's no need to be so polite."

"The proper courtesy is still required."Tang Zichen refused, because Tang Zichen knew that even some strong Earth Immortals had to respectfully call her Miss Xing Luo, if Tang Zichen directly called her by her name, even if Xing Luo didn't care, but what if the other people in the Xing Clan heard?Maybe teach Don Zichen some lessons.

"Suit yourself.Your performance today has surpassed my expectations, Tang Zichen, I now finally understand how extraordinary it is that you were able to go from being a mortal as weak as an ant in the first rank to becoming an Immortal.Perhaps, your extraordinaryness has even surpassed me."

"Miss Xing Luo is too polite, I'm nowhere near as good as you say I am."

"Tang Zichen, what the Devil King's predecessor taught you, but the Silence Art?"

"Right."Tang Zichen nodded.

Miss Starlot said, "When did you pass this on?"

"Uh, it was passed on to me right after I arrived in the Immortal Realm."

"In other words, he passed it on to you when you were only in the early stages of Human Immortality."


"Then you learned it?"

"Of course, now that I've finished practicing all the spells on the first layer, I'll have Senior Demon King, teach me the second layer some other day."

What Tang Zichen didn't notice was that Star Luo's face was changing several times at the moment.

"Right, Miss Star Luo, you should have learned this spell as well, you must have practiced all of them to the second level or higher."Tang Zichen asked.

Startled for a moment, Star Luo said with some difficulty, "Truth be told, I've only just finished practicing the first level."

"Ah, how could that be, you're in the pre-Mortal Immortal stage, and you're that old."

Star Luo was said by Tang Zichen, who was a bit unable to see anyone.

Star Luo smiled bitterly, "That's why I deeply understand how extraordinary it is for you to be able to go from being a mortal, to becoming an immortal."



"Truth be told, Senior Demon King taught me the second level of the Silence Technique, just a few years ago, the Demon King passed on the three divine abilities of the second level, and I still, even the meaning of the first divine ability, still haven't understood."Star Luo was a bit embarrassed to say, she had thought that she was at least an existence that Tang Zichen couldn't touch yet, but she didn't expect that she wasn't much ahead of Tang Zichen in terms of magic.

"It's normal to not understand the meaning, I was just starting out too ah."

"Oh, the Demon King said that it would take me at least a hundred thousand years to be able to practice the three magical powers of the second level."

"Uh, that's so hard, a hundred thousand years."

"Now that you've also finished practicing the first layer, if you want to learn the second layer as well, I can teach it to you."

Tang Zichen busily nodded, "Yes, yes."

The reason why Star Luo wanted to teach it to Tang Zichen was to see if Tang Zichen's comprehension was really that high, to see how well Tang Zichen understood the second layer of magical spells.

When Tang Zichen dueled today, Star Luo found out, it seemed that the Silence Art that Tang Zichen cast was slightly more powerful than the one she cast, and wondered if it was an illusion.

Very quickly, Star Luo taught the first three Avatar of the second level to Tang Zichen, all of them.

These first three Avatars were called the Great Escapement Method, the Great Suppression Method, and the Great Domain Technique. Remember the website

These three Avatar spells, I heard that they were very powerful, especially the Great Domain Art, that was simply awesome.

Tang Zichen got the Avatar spell and previewed it, it was indeed so difficult, no wonder Xing Luo hadn't even understood the meaning yet.However, it didn't reach the level of being completely incomprehensible.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes without realizing it, because once he started, Tang Zichen seemed to have forgotten everything and couldn't stop.

Star Luo didn't disturb Tang Zichen either and closed his eyes as well.

Just like that, they sat opposite each other, and soon, dawn came, but they remained still.

Then it was dark again.

Master This Summer came to look for Tang Zichen, but when he saw Tang Zichen and Xing Luo sitting there motionless, he didn't go up to disturb them.

I don't know how long it took, but Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Star Luo felt Tang Zichen wake up and opened his eyes as well.

"How are you feeling?"Starro asked.

Tang Zichen said, "It is indeed difficult."

"Oh, I've been comprehending it for several years now, and although I haven't understood it yet, I'm quite familiar with it, so you can ask me if you don't understand it."Star Luo said.

Tang Zichen said, "You haven't gained anything in the past few days?We've been sitting here for ten days and ten nights."

"It's only been ten days and ten nights, what can you gain, this second layer, it's all about ten thousand years."

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, the first divine ability of the second layer, the Great Escapement, I've already practiced it."

"Sh, what."Xing Luo ton stood up from his chair.

"Yes, I've already practiced it."

"Gosh, that's impossible."Xing Luo even wondered if Tang Zichen's practice was fake, it had only been ten days and nights since he had finished his first Avatar.

"Hehe, thank you Miss Star Luo for teaching me, or else I wouldn't know when the Devil King will find me.This Great Escapement Technique is truly overbearing and fierce, I must have no opponent in the middle Human Immortal stage, or even, in the late Human Immortal stage, I have the power to fight."Tang Zichen was confident, of course, if Tang Zichen practiced the second Avatar, the Great Suppression Method and the third Great Realm Technique, then Tang Zichen would definitely be able to defeat the Late Human Immortal.Although there was a one day difference in the realm

This method was also one day stronger, and the realm gap could be bridged.

Star Luo couldn't describe how he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stood up and smiled, "It's already been delayed for ten days, I can't delay any longer, I must go to refine the pills, the Immortal Pill Conference will be held in a few days.Miss Xing Luo, then I'll be leaving first ah."

"Oh."Star Luo stared blankly at Tang Zichen's departure.

Only after a long time did Star Luo come back to her senses and said in her heart, "Demon King, Demon King, what kind of person have you found me, why is his comprehension so strong?This is simply not a human.My talent and comprehension are already at the top that level in the Upper Fellows Island, but compared to Tang Zichen, I'm simply."Xing Luo couldn't even describe it.

In fact, Tang Zichen himself didn't know why, he had been particularly talented in this area since he was a child, this was still poor, in the past, in the mortal realm, a martial arts book that was even harder to practice, Tang Zichen read it once and half of it was practiced, it was like playing.

Could it be that Tang Zichen possessed such a perverted comprehension, there really was some hidden secret that even Tang Zichen himself didn't know about?

Don Zichen returned to Master This Summer.


"Zhou Mi, what are you doing with Miss Xing Luo, what took you so long to come back, the Immortal Pill Conference will start in ten days."

"We're practicing a spell, it'll be ten days and nights before we know it."

"Alright, hurry up and prepare for the Immortal Pill Conference, the rest, wait until the conference is over."


Tang Zichen immediately threw himself into the Immortal Pill, studying it, Tang Zichen looked incomparably focused again, and he was also very genius in this regard.

The next day, Master This Summer received a letter.

"Zhou Mi, a letter from you."

"Uh, who gave it to me."

"I don't know, it was sent by someone from the Yang residence."

Tang Zichen immediately knew who it was, it was definitely Yun Zi.

As expected, Yun Zi's letter was full of grudges.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen Yun Zi since that time when he came to Upper Fife Yan Continent, and he didn't go looking for Yun Zi either, making Yun Zi miss her so much.

Therefore, Yun Zi had gone to great lengths to finally send in a letter to be sent within the Xing Clan with the help of his uncle.

If Tang Zichen hadn't seen the letter, he would have almost forgotten about the girl.

"Just go find her."Tang Zichen said to this summer's master, "Master, I won't be refining for a few days, it's useless to temporarily hold the Buddha's feet anyway, rest for a few days and then happily participate in the Immortal Pill Conference."

"Fine, relax."

"Then I'm going to Yangfu, I won't be back for a few days."Tang Zichen said.

"Well, be safe."

Tang Zichen immediately left to go to the Yang Residence, originally Tang Zichen didn't want to go to the Yang Residence, but for the sake of Yun Zi, Tang Zichen would reluctantly go there, no matter what, he had paid his respects to Yun Zi.

By the way, it's been almost a month since he came to Upper Feyama Island, and I don't know if Princess Yun Meng has met up with that powerful person on a blind date.

Tang Zichen had seen Yun Meng looking like she didn't like Tang Zichen, and also wanted to see what was so powerful about that blind date that made Yun Meng's trifling woman go from being secretly in love with Tang Zichen to looking down on Tang Zichen.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Yang residence.

It was rare for Tang Zichen to be so relaxed, so he stayed at the Yang residence for the next few days to rest and rest until the Immortal Pill Conference began.


"Stop, what man."

"Don't you even know my son?Dog stuff."

Tang Zichen was stopped by two ungrateful servants as soon as he walked into the Yang residence gate.

Just then, Yun Zi ran out from inside and shouted excitedly, "Husband."

"Yun Zi."


Tang Zichen and Yun Zi hugged each other happily.

"Husband, did you get my letter?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, I've been so busy with alchemy these days that I didn't come to see you."

"It's okay."

"Seeing the grudging look in your letter, you still say it's okay, by the way, did you come that day when I went to fight the Wang Zhi bottle and Wang Zhi basin?" One second to remember to read the book

"Of course I have, I've been waiting there for you for days."

"Then why didn't you come out to me."

"You left too soon."

"Alright, let's go in then."

Tang Zichen and Yun Zi, bright and open, walked inside.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, has Yun Meng had a blind date yet?"

"Not yet."

"Why is it taking so long?"

"My uncle said that the fire hasn't arrived yet, and we can't go see that person yet, or the failure rate is high.Right now, no one knows that Yun Meng has arrived in Upper Fellows Yan Continent, and Yun Meng hasn't left the residence all these days."

Tang Zichen came to where Yun Zi lived, in a hall, Tang Zichen saw Yun Meng reading a book there, looking like a very ladylike woman.

Yun Meng saw Tang Zichen, put down the book and said, "You're here, it's been so long, you're finally willing to come see my sister, I thought you'd forgotten you'd married Yun Zi."

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Meng, seeing how you're holding a book in your hand but your heart isn't immersed in it, I guess you've been waiting anxiously, and you can't wait to meet that someone sooner."

"What do you care."Yun Meng snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "It's really an owed day."

"What do you mean?"Yun Meng felt like Tang Zichen was scolding her, but didn't know what it meant.

"It doesn't mean anything."

Tang Zichen said to Yun Violet, "Violet, go into your room."

"Ah, why."Yun Zi was startled, Tang Zichen pulled her into her room, Yun Zi and Yun Meng, the two of them, were arranged to stay here, their rooms, just to the left and right of the hall, the hall was not big, it was very chic.

Yun Meng frowned and continued to read, but after less than ten minutes of reading, Yun Meng felt a strange sound coming from Yun Zi's room.

Yun Meng didn't even think that they would do anything in broad daylight, and Yun Meng was still a relatively pure girl, and wouldn't think one way or the other.

"Cloud Violet, are you alright?"Yun Meng thought Tang Zichen was bullying Yun Zi.

"Ah, I, I'm fine."Yun Zi panicked and responded.

"Then why are you sounding a bit pained."

"I, I'm practicing my gong."

Yun Zi who was in the room was speechless, where was the painful sound she was making.Yun Zi was busy staring at Tang Zichen, but her eyes were filled with love.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen Yun Zi for nearly a month, so naturally he couldn't control himself upon meeting her.

At this time, Yun Meng saw that there were still strange sounds emitted, and didn't think so much about it, walked up and pushed open Yun Zi's door to see what kind of gong was being practiced.

"Ah."Yun Meng saw a scene inside the house, Yun Meng was silly.

"Ah."Yun Zi screamed as well.


Tang Zichen was also depressed, and said to Yun Meng who was stupidly staring there, "Whether you want to come in or go out, if you want to come in and play together, then please come in.If you don't want to come in and play together, then please close the door immediately and don't disturb me."

"Bang."Yun Meng was busy closing the door and running back to her room, her face red.The scene she had just seen lingered in her mind, and it seemed like she couldn't erase it, the impact on her was too great.

At this moment, Yun Zi grumbled, "It's all your fault, how are you going to meet people now."

"Who knew she was so rude, she would come in."Tang Zichen said that Tang Zichen didn't care at all.

"Yun Meng didn't know either before she came in."

"We're all adults, what's there."

The more Yun Meng thought about it, the angrier she became, she felt that her purity had been tainted by Tang Zichen, but speaking of purity, Yun Meng suddenly remembered that her first kiss had been taken away by Tang Zichen before.

"Damn it, this bastard."Yun Meng really wanted to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, but, again, on top of Yun Zi's face, Yun Meng was very depressed.Although it was Yun Meng herself who pushed the door open, but Tang Zichen was already disrespecting her by doing that in the house in broad daylight.

An hour later, Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

Yun Meng glared at him in the hall in anger.

"Why are you looking at me like that, if you want to praise me for being handsome, just say so."Tang Zichen said.

"Zhou Mi, you've gone too far."Yun Meng said furiously.

"I'm too much?It seems like you barged in by yourself, besides, our couple doing things were seen by you, the one who suffered is us, you didn't apologize to us, and you still have such a tone."

Yun Zi came out from the room, embarrassed and said, "Yun Meng, I'm sorry."

"Hmph."Yun Meng turned her head.

Just at this moment, a servant came.

"Miss Yun Zi, the master has set up a banquet and invited Mr. Zhou to come and drink."

Tang Zichen was astonished, "Invite me?"


"Yo, the sun came out in the west, but you invited me, let's go, don't eat for nothing."

Tang Zichen instantly went.

Yun Zi said to Yun Meng, "Yun Meng, do you want to go with me."

"Don't go."Yun Zi still had anger in her heart, defiling her purity, however, Yun Meng was confused inside, why did Yun Zi's uncle suddenly invite Tang Zichen to dinner, before Yun Zi's uncle disliked Tang Zichen very much.Thinking of this, Yun Meng said, "Forget it, I'll go too."

At this moment, in a solemn hall of the Yang residence, Yang Qilu was waiting for Tang Zichen to come.In addition to Yang Qilu, there were some other sons and daughters of the Yang Mansion.

"When Zhou Mi comes later, you all be polite to him, he has a good relationship with Xing Luo of the Xing Clan, and he's also apprenticed to Master Jin Xia, and now he's not what he used to be, he's another mid Human Immortal replacing Wang Zhi Ban as a top 100 genius."Yang Qilu said.

"Oh."Yun Zi's few cousins nodded, all jealous inside, but were not to be denied.

Soon after, Tang Zichen came.

"Nephew Zhou, you're here."Yang Qilu said with an attentive face.

"Uh, really invited me to dinner, I thought that, if I came to stay here for a few days, I would be blown out and be ready to die."Tang Zichen said looking at the large table full of wine and food.

"Oh, Nephew Zhou is joking, now with your talent, how could we dare, besides, you are already Yun Zi's husband, you are already a family member.There were some places in the past where we did not entertain well, I hope that nephew Zhou will not remember this."Yang Qilu said.

"Yes, Zhou Mi, I hope you'll be responsible for the places that offended you in the past, I'll toast to you with this glass of wine."Yun Zi's that cousin Yang Fan raised his wine glass and said.


Tang Zichen saw that they were so polite, it was fine, after all, there was no big festival, besides, they did not look at the monk's face to see the Buddha's face, after all, they were Yun Zi's relatives.

Yun Meng and Yun Zi also came soon after and joined the banquet.

Yun Meng only knew that Tang Zichen was connected to the Xing Clan and had worshipped a third level Immortal Pill Master.

When she learned of this, Yun Meng felt a little bit tasteless inside, and didn't know that the person she was going to meet on a blind date with in a few days, and his status, would be able to spike Tang Zichen a few streets.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

Yang Qilu said to Tang Zichen, "Nephew Zhou, I haven't properly introduced you before, but today I will properly introduce you.This is my son, Yang Fan, this is my daughter, Yang Yun, and this is my daughter, Yang Cai."

Yang Qilu introduced the several sons and daughters present one by one.

Since he wanted to mend relations with Tang Zichen, he naturally had to introduce his son and daughter to Tang Zichen, so that he might be able to be a friend in the future.

Tang Zichen greeted them one by one.

Previously, except for the one called Yang Fan, he wasn't familiar with any of them and hadn't looked at them properly.

Tang Zichen discovered that among Yang Qilu's many children, except for a woman named Yang Cai, all of them were average looking. The first website

That Yang Cai, who looked three times similar to Yun Zi, with a good face and figure, Tang Zichen took a few glances at her.

Yang Qilu smiled, "Nephew Zhou, my daughter, Yang Cai, is currently the one that makes me the proudest."

"Oh, is Miss Yang Cai, exceptionally gifted?"

"Hahaha, Yang Cai's talent isn't bad, but that's not the main thing, the main thing is that Yang Cai is engaged to a very talented person.To tell the truth, the one who is currently in the middle Human Immortal stage and ranked ninth is Yang Cai's fiancé."Yang Qilu said with a smug face, having the suspicion of deliberately telling Tang Zichen and pretending to be a match in front of Tang Zichen.

"Oh, the ninth ranked mid Human Immortal ah, that's indeed."Tang Zichen cooperated with the oh, but Tang Zichen's heart was quite disdainful, Tang Zichen could now say that there was no longer any opponent in the middle Human Immortal stage, not to mention those ranked ninth, even if the rankings one to nine were added together, they would not necessarily be Tang Zichen's opponent.

This wasn't Tang Zichen's blow, Tang Zichen had practiced the first divine ability of the second level of the Silence Technique, the Great Escapement, the same level was simply crushing, even if it was one level higher, late Human Immortal, Tang Zichen had the power to fight.

Yang Qilu seemed to be very satisfied and smiled, "Nephew Zhou, you defeated Wang Zhi-bin, you're ranked in the top one hundred at the mid Human Immortal stage.You're already considered good."

"Thank you."

"Oh, in the future, if you have anything you don't understand, you can also go and talk to Yang Cai's fiancé, I think it won't be difficult for Wu Yong to guide you for a few sentences, seeing as Yang Cai and Yun Zi's relationship."

"Haha, that's good."

"Father, don't say it."That Yang Cai said with a shy face.

Just as they were eating, the housekeeper of the Yang House suddenly came.

"Master, it's bad, something big has happened."The housekeeper said loudly.

"What big thing has happened?"

"The Wu family sent someone, to withdraw the marriage."

"What."Yang Qilu stood up as soon as he heard.

Tang Zichen was also startled, the Wu family?Divorce?It can't be the fiancé of Yang Cai who just looked so proud of Yang Qilu, can it?

"Oooooh."In the next second, Yang Cai suddenly cried out.

Tang Zichen looked at that Yang Cai, and sure enough, it really was that fiancé of hers who had come to back out of the marriage.

"How did this happen."The Yang family was busy.

Yang Qilu said, "Where is the Wu family?"

"The Wu family is in the main hall right now."The housekeeper said.

Yang Qilu looked at his crying daughter and said, "Yang Cai, don't worry yet, I'll go see what's going on, maybe there's some misunderstanding, just make it clear."

"Father, Wu Yong doesn't want me anymore, my daughter can't live, sooooo."The woman called Yang Cai cried, first of all, not only the reputation of her daughter's family, but also her love for Wu Yong, she was so fond of him, it was too hard to be abandoned.

"Nonsense, don't think about it so much for now, it'll be fine once the misunderstanding is made clear."Yang Qilu panicked and left the banquet, heading straight to the main hall.

Yun Zi's cousins were also anxious, "What does the Wu family mean, why did you withdraw from the marriage properly, Yang Cai, think for yourself, did you do something wrong to someone ah."

"I didn't, I love him too late, how could I do something wrong to him."Yang Cai said in tears.

Yun Zi was busy comforting, "Sister Yang Cai, don't cry yet, you will figure out the reason."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had an embarrassed expression on the side, just now, Yang Qilu's family was proud of Yang Cai's fiancé, who was ranked ninth, and showed off to Tang Zichen.However, in the next moment, people came to withdraw their marriage, is this, as the legend goes, pretending to be struck by lightning?

Fan Yang said, "Let's go, go to the hall and take a look."After saying that, Yang Fan looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Zhou, you take your time to eat."

"Oh, it's fine, you go busy."Tang Zichen said.

Those cousins of Yun Zi's also left, and even Yang Cai left in tears.

In the restaurant, only Tang Zichen, Yun Zi, and Yun Meng were left.

The three of them looked at each other.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Zi, do you know what's going on?That Yang Cai just now?"

"I don't know why, but my cousin really likes her fiancé, and, as you can see, my uncle's family all like Wu Yong very much, and think that Yang Cai married the best and is proud of it.However, I didn't expect to come to withdraw from the marriage."

Tang Zichen said, "How about we also go to the main hall to see what's going on?"

Yun Meng immediately said, "Don't go, this is their family matter, and they definitely don't want outsiders to know about this kind of thing.Just now when Yang Fan left, he already indirectly told you, to eat slowly here, the implication is that we shouldn't follow."

"Damn, just now Yang Fan told me to eat slowly, is that what he meant?"


Tang Zichen thought that Yang Fan was so polite and was concerned about Tang Zichen after such a big incident at home.

Yun Zi Dao said, "In that case, let's not go, let's finish eating and go back to where we live."

Tang Zichen smiled hehely and said, "Fine, we'll go back after eating and continue."Tang Zichen's eyes were ambiguous as he said to Yun Zi, of course, Tang Zichen was deliberately angry at Yun Meng.

Yun Mengton threatened, "Zhou Mi, if you dare to humiliate me again, don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "That's also called humiliating you, I really doubt you're afraid you won't be able to hold yourself back."


Yun Zi was busy saying, "Alright, alright, Sister Yun Meng, don't worry, it won't happen."

Yun Meng snorted and walked away.


After Yun Meng left, Yun Zi asked, "Why do you want to be angry with her."

"I don't know why, I just feel like being angry with her."Tang Zichen didn't know why this was so, could it be that Tang Zichen still had feelings for Yun Meng, and for her?

Usually there were still feelings before there was still hate, and there was still hate before you wanted to be angry with her.

Tang Zichen couldn't answer that, maybe.

Tang Zichen went back to his place of residence after eating, not going to the main hall, since it was someone's family business, so don't be so curious.

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Yun Zi were cooling off in a pavilion.

Not long after chatting, Yun Zi's cousin Yang Fan was not far away.

Yun Zi immediately shouted, "Cousin Yang Fan, you're here too."

"Uh, Cousin Yun Zi, you guys are also here."Yang Fan saw it and came over.

Tang Zichen looked at Yang Fan's appearance, he didn't seem to be happy.

Yun Zi asked, "Cousin, has the misunderstanding between Sister Yang Cai and her fiancé been resolved?" Remember the URL

"Ugh, forget about it, motherfucker."Yang Fan exhaled a scolding.

"What's wrong?Has the misunderstanding not been cleared up yet?"

"Lift a shit, there was no misunderstanding at all, that son of a bitch."

"Can you say that?If you can't say it, forget it."Yun Zi Dao.

"What can't be said, it's probably going to be spread all over the city soon.That Wu Yong, he fell in love with someone else, that's why he withdrew from Yang Cai."

"No way."

"Hmph, although he doesn't admit it on his lips, I've already investigated it, Wu Yong withdrew his marriage from our Yang Cai in order to go after a woman who is more powerful than his family."

"This Wu Yong, what a shameless man, what about Yang Cai now?"

"What else can I do, Yang Cai was repudiated, and there's still and face.Even if a man is repudiated, he will lose face, let alone a woman.How else will Yang Cai find a partner in the future, everyone knows that Yang Cai has been divorced, everyone else thinks that Yang Cai has done something wrong to the Wu family."

Tang Zichen didn't speak on the side, Tang Zichen couldn't say anything, however, Tang Zichen felt that that Wu Yong, also did have enough courage, because that Yang Cai, who was so beautiful looking was also able to go down and withdraw her marriage.

Yun Zi Dao: "Then we need to persuade Yang Cai more, I'm really afraid that cousin sister she can't think of anything."

"Yes, Yang Cai is usually someone with a weak character.Thanks to my father, he was so satisfied with Wu Yong before, thinking that he had found a worthy son-in-law, but he didn't expect, alas, it's just that, what's the use of talking about it now, who let that Wu Yong be a genius."

Yun Zi asked, "What does it matter if he's genius."

"Nonsense, because Wu Yong is a genius, so it stands on the moral supreme, everyone is on Wu Yong's side, everyone listens to whatever Wu Yong says, Wu Yong said externally that Yang Cai did something wrong to him, of course everyone listens to Wu Yong, who would listen to our Yang family.Now of course, outside, they are all scolding Yang Cai for not knowing how to behave, and being divorced."

"Ah, this Wu Yong is too despicable, don't blackmail Yang Cai like this even if he withdraws his marriage."

"Hmph, if Wu Yong doesn't say that, how can he still go after a woman who is more powerful than our family, he will definitely blame Yang Cai, so no one will say anything about him if he withdraws his marriage."

Tang Zichen said, "This Wu Yong, even I can't bear to see him, such a beautiful woman, just withdraw your marriage, and still go to blackmail people, it's really shameless to the extreme."

Fan Yang clenched both fists and gritted his teeth, "I only hate our Yang family, we don't have a genius that can compare to Wu Yong, otherwise, how could we let him lead the public opinion in the direction."

Tang Zichen said, "A mere ninth ranked mid Human Immortal, and he's arrogant like this."

Fan Yang said, "Zhou Mi, you don't understand at all, any of the top ten ranked ones have countless fans, and those ranked so far ahead are definitely more powerful in the future, and no one wants to offend them, so this world is like that.Anyway, my sister Yang.

Cai, it's hard to wash your hands of it."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Yang, Yun Zi is my woman, and Yang Cai, who is Yun Zi's cousin, if you need my help, I'm obliged."

"Alas, what can you do to help, but thank you."

Yun Zi said to Tang Zichen, "Husband, unless your ranking is also in the top ten, perhaps, you can help clarify this."

Tang Zichen said, "That's simple, let me beat that Wu Yong, to shit in full view of the public, then I can clarify for Miss Yang Cai."

Fan Yang said in shock, "Brother Zhou, you're not amusing me, if you're telling jokes to make me happy, then it's not necessary."

"Joke, alright, Yun Zi, do me a favor, place a challenge letter to Wu Yong, tomorrow at noon, I'll be waiting for him to come at the Thunderbolt Ring."

"Ah, Husband, you're not joking, are you?Are you serious?"Yun Zi was startled.

"Nonsense, hurry up."

"This."Yang Fan was also startled there.

Tang Zichen said, "When I'm in the ring, and I beat Wu Yong into dung, I'll tell everyone that I'm fighting for Miss Yang Cai's sake, and then, I'll give her back her innocence, I don't think there's a better way than this."

Fan Yang said, "Brother Zhou, are you sure you have the strength?You've only recently stepped into the middle Human Immortal stage."

"Hahaha, yes, but will this prevent me from challenging Wu Yong?"

"Don't blame me for being long-winded, it's a big deal, are you sure you want justice for my sister?In case you lose to Wu Yong, but he'll kill you."Fan Yang said.


"Well then, I'm off to place my challenge."Yang Fan busily left.

Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen worriedly.

Tang Zichen stroked Yun Zi's hair and said, "Don't worry."

Tang Zichen laughed, one to nine all together, Tang Zichen didn't even take it seriously, not to mention a ninth one.

Yang Fan immediately ordered his servant, to send a challenge to Wu Yong, at the same time, let people spread this matter in all the restaurants and other public places, tomorrow onlookers, must be as many as possible, so as to completely clarify for his sister, of course, the premise is that Tang Zichen can really defeat Wu Yong.

At this moment, in a certain boudoir of the Yang residence, Yang Cai was still in tears.

"Why is he so cruel, if he wants to withdraw from the marriage, just withdraw, why is he trying to stain my innocence."Yang Cai said in tears.

At this time, a girl walked in and busily said, "Miss, Mr. Zhou Mi Zhou, who is fighting for you, has issued a challenge to Wu Yong."

"Ah, who are you talking about?"

"Zhou Mi, Yun Zi's husband."

"Why would he challenge Wu Yong because of me?Is he crazy?Doesn't he know how risky it is?"

"I don't know about this servant."

Yang Cai said, "I really didn't expect that he would do this for me, there were so many young talents who liked me and pursued me in the past, and none of them were willing to stand up for me in any way to defend me, but he was willing to stand up.Even if it's because of Yun Zi, I'm grateful beyond measure."

At Cloud Violet's residence.

"You want to challenge Wu Yong?"Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen with a ridiculous face when she learned of this.

"Right, do I still need to ask your permission."

"Zhou Mi, I advise you not to seek death, although Miss Yang Cai is indeed beautiful, you are already Yun Zi's husband, if you have any thoughts you shouldn't have again, don't blame me for being rude."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Only dirty people have such dirty thoughts, I'm only looking out for Yun Zi's face."

"Hmph, I don't believe it, because of Yun Zi's face, you would risk your life to prove Miss Yang Cai's innocence."Yun Meng snorted, Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to her and went back to his room.


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